Hollywood Hall Plaything: Catherine "Cat" Bell (5'10") vs. Jessica Simpson (5'3") by SamJ (from an original story by GW)

Cat Bell was the newest member at Hollywood Hall Gym. She'd joined a month ago, but very quickly determined there was entirely too much bullying and hazing going on for her liking and most of the trouble was caused by a handful of the younger members with Jessica Simpson their ringleader. Right now, unobserved, Cat was watching the sadistic game as Jessica toyed with Kelly Clarkson, an even younger girl, in the ring at the center of the gym. Finally, unable to stand idly by any longer,

Cat decided Jessica needed a dose of her own medicine.

The tall, sturdy actress sauntered confidently toward the ring and with her chestnut hair and big blue eyes - not to mention her magnificently developed figure - it was a stunningly beautiful sight. Though not particularly vain, Cat was well aware of the impact her looks had on others and she wasn't above using to her benefit on occasion. She reached the ring without either of the two young singers noticing her and stood watching in dismay, as Jessica bounced the pretty little ingenue off the ropes right into a devastating clothesline.

In her low, sultry, but authoritative voice, Cat said, "That's enough, Jessica! How about showing me some of those holds, and let little Kelly hit the showers?"

Jessica looked up, startled. She'd expected the gym would be deserted at this hour, but the blonde didn't back down. Cat's imposing physique, covered only by her tight gym shorts and bosom hugging T-shirt, was certainly impressive AND intimidating.

Still, Jessica boldly looked the tall actress up and down before she grinned and said snottily, "Sure Miss Bell! I'd be happy to teach you anything I can!"

Disregarding the 23-year-olds arrogant effrontery, Cat vaulted easily over the top rope and landed lithely in the ring.

"We've been wrestling pro rules." Jessica said. "I learned at wrestling camp three years ago. Do you know the pro rules? Is that alright with you?"

Cat was very familiar with the amateur rules, although far from an expert. Most of her fights had been ‘no rules‘ catfights although she had plans to join a new Celebrity Tag Team Wrestling League that was about to form. Besides, with her size advantage over the blonde, Cat was confident she could handle the snotty brat no matter what rules they used!

"Whatever you feel comfortable with, dear!" Cat answered in a sweet, deliberately condescending tone.

"OK! Two falls out of three!" Jessica chirped as she walked back to her corner. "Let me know when you're ready. I mean, soon's you catch your breath from climbing the stairs."

"Ready whenever you are!" Cat replied, as she settled into a crouch while Jessica jumped up and down and gyrated around the ring, reminding Cat of a chimpanzee on speed.

Jessica's antics continued as Cat relaxed and stood upright, watching with a bemused tolerance the antics of the frenetic blonde bimbo. But suddenly, Jessica was swarming all over Cat as, with surprising quickness, Jessica closed in and smashed her forearm across Cat's expansive, high-set bosom. Cat gasped in amazement as she reeled backward. The blow really hurt! Jessica seized Cat's arm and suddenly Cat's world was spinning like a top as Jessica judo tossed her, sending the big Cat sailing through the air.

THUMP! BUMP! "Unnnnnnhhh!" Cat yelped involuntarily as, totally unprepared, she hit the mat hard on her ass, bounced once and then bounced again, coming to rest with her torso bent forward over her V-spread legs, out of breath and red-faced. As she tried to get her bearings, Jessica rushed up behind her, grabbed two handfuls of lustrous, chestnut hair and dragged the beautiful, gasping actress to her feet. Cat squealed as Jessica yanking her hair and as soon as she had the tall, busty actress on her feet, Jessica kneed Cat in the kidneys. Cat groaned, still dizzy and off-balance as Jessica whipped her around and sent her crashing into the turnbuckle. Somehow Cat stayed upright, which only made it easier for Jessica to grab her as she bounced back out of the corner.

Jessica got the bigger woman's arm, and whipped her around into the ropes. This time, when Cat bounced off, Jessica clotheslined her across the throat and the next thing Cat knew, she was flat on the canvas, staring up at the ceiling and gasping for breath. Her throat felt as if it had been permanently crushed. Still pretty dizzy, she was totally surprised and unprepared, when Jessica came sailing through the air and drove her knee into her belly. The washboard-muscled ridges of her abs provided scant protection against even Jessica's slight weight since it was all concentrated in one small spot. Cat would have screamed in shock, if she could've made a sound at all! Again, Cat was helpless as Jessica dragged her to her feet by the hair again.

"Ow...ow...that hurts!" she thought, wanting to protest but only managing a strangled gurgle as the relentless youngster pummeled her head back and forth with a series of forearm smashes. As Cat tottered backward, her long gorgeous legs trembling unsteadily. The actress's legs were quite well muscled and shapely, yet, powerful as they were, Cat now found they could barely support her!

Jessica seized Cat's arm again and whipped her into the ropes...again. This time as Cat bounced off, Jessica threw herself across the front of Cat's legs and Cat's own momentum flipped her, somersaulting over Jessica turning in mid-air to come crashing down onto her back once more. While Cat lay wheezing and sucking air, Jessica pounced, throwing herself down hard across Cat's breasts, pinning her shoulders. Gamely, the big, beautiful actress tried to buck the smaller girl off her, but Jessica had grabbed one long leg and pulled it up tight. Cat found that Jessica had her shoulders pinned firmly as Jessica began to count....slowly, adding to Cat's humiliation.

When Jessica reached the mandatory "three" she didn't stop but continued counting, even more slowly, all the way to "ten." When Jessica finally got off her, Cat realized to her chagrin, that the insolent young singer could have held her down until she reached "one hundred" if she chose without her ever getting free.

"You better rest awhile before the next fall, huh Kitty?" Jessica said with mock solicitude.

Her face burning in embarrassment, Cat was glad enough to go sit in the corner for a while to get her breath and rethink matters before she faced the young bully again. While she got her breath back, Cat tried to figure out what had gone wrong. At five-foot-ten and a hundred and twenty-eight solidly packed pounds, to Jessica's five-foot-three and one-hundred-eight pounds, Cat was definitely bigger, plus her extra weight was solidly developed muscle, without an ounce of fat. She knew she was far stronger than the singer, but Jessica had thrown her around like a rag-doll.

After a full five minutes break, Jessica called out, "Ready yet, Kitty? Or do you need more time to get your old ass back together?"

It had seemed only a few seconds to Cat, but she was too proud to admit that to the obnoxious singer. Still badly shaken from the first fall; full of secret doubts, Cat confidently answered, "Ready anytime you are, Jessica!" Cat jumped to her feet, though wincing internally, and started to circle cautiously, keeping well out of Jessica's reach.

"Afraid to mix it up, Kitty?" Jessica snickered disparagingly.

Cat gritted her teeth in annoyance at the nasty little bitch, but kept silent. Then, tired of chasing the tall, beautiful actress around the ring, Jessica ran to the ropes and catapulted herself off using the built-up momentum. The move caught Cat by surprise and Jessica piled into her, driving her shoulder in Cat's chest right between those big, beautiful boobs. Cat gasped in pain, then felt the unpleasant sensation of Jessica's hand groping between her legs.

"Omigod, the bitch is touching my pussy!" Cat thought, then she went almost insane, struggling to free herself as Jessica bent the actress's big body over her shoulder. Then with that firm handful of Cat's crotch, she picked the big woman off the canvas.

Cat kicked and yelled, "N-no, no, don't!" as Jessica held her at shoulder height, walking slowly around the ring.

But instead of body slamming Cat, Jessica ran to the corner and threw Cat across the top corner-turnbuckle. The pain in her back took Cat's breath away and she just hung there, afraid to move as Jessica raised her clasped hands overhead and then smashed them down, as hard as she could, in a double ax-handle to Cat's belly. Cat bounced on her precarious perch as Jessica repeated the punch. The third time Jessica hit her, Cat jack-knifed in the middle and dropped to the canvas, hurt and groggy. Still, she valiantly struggled to her feet - only to have Jessica drive her shoulder into her, wrap her arms around Cat's hips and slam her back into the turnbuckles again. Jessica held on and slammed her shoulder into Cat's belly again and again and again!

When Jessica finally let her loose, Cat staggered out of the corner, took two or three steps and collapsed on her knees, hunched over, holding her middle. Jessica deliberately drew back her foot and, as if place-kicking a football, drove her foot into Cat's broad, boldly rounded backside. With a loud cry of shocked indignation, the helpless actress slammed forward onto her tits and face on the canvas. With cruel deliberation, Jessica dropped her knee onto Cat's kidneys making her scream in pain. Jessica stood up and kicked Cat over onto her back and as she stared down at her, it was obvious, just from the look of sick pain on her face, that Cat was a beaten woman!

Jessica straddled the older woman's chest, pinning Cat's shoulders with her knees. The mortified brunette just lay there, her mouth open, gasping, unable to move. The pain was bad, but the humiliation of having this young, upstart blond singer trounce her so thoroughly was devastating. Tears of frustration blurred Cat's eyes and trickled down her pretty cheeks as Jessica sat on top of her, enjoying her moment of triumph.

Jessica was just about to start counting, when it occurred to her, "Hell, this is too much fun to stop now!" She slapped Cat's cheek, contemptuously, snickering, "Ohhhhh, don't cry little Kitty!" She rolled Cat back onto her chest and stomach as Cat weakly slapped at the blonde's hands. Jessica just laughed at her feeble efforts as she stepped between Cat's splayed legs and picked them up, tucking one under each arm.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Cat whimpered, almost blubbering, helpless to resist, as Jessica sat back and bent the might Cat's body into a Boston Crab. Before she knew it, Jessica was bending her back so far, Cat was terrified the little bitch would break it and as the pain increased, Cat began to scream, "STOP!! Ohhhh stop I give....I give! Pleeeeezz! Let me go!"

Jessica just ignored the brunette's sobbing pleas and poured on the pressure until Cat's screams became hysterical, only then did she release her legs, letting them flop limp to the mat. After laying there several seconds, Cat raised up on her elbows and tried to drag herself, pulling her unresponsive legs along behind, toward the ropes. Jessica stood over her as she crawled, waiting for just the right moment, then reached down and grabbed Cat by the hair and the waistband of her shorts and dragged her back to the middle of the ring.

"Where ya goin', Kitty-Cat?" she chortled. "We're not done yet, are we? Don't you want to play with me anymore?"

"Let me go!" Cat whimpered; Jessica was really starting to scare her.

Jessica just laughed some more and used the handful of Cat's hair to walk her on her hands and knees to the ropes. She pulled her up and shoved her back against them. Cat tried to fight her off with her hands, but she was sick to her stomach and couldn't muster any strength. She struggled briefly, then allowed Jessica to wrap her arms over the top rope, then down between it and the middle strand which she pulled up, tying Cat's limp arms up securely. Not only was she helpless, but the arch her back was forced into, thrust Cat's very large boobs up into even greater prominence. Jessica stared at them, licking her lips in eager anticipation as she slowly rolled Cat's T-shirt up, exposed a large, substantial and immaculate white bra.

"Wha....what are you DOing?" Cat cried, starting to squirm and wriggle in a desperate, albeit belated, attempt to free her trapped arms. "STOP! Please....stop....Ohmygod, you're CRAZY!!" Cat wept fearfully, unable to speak any longer once Jessica cut off her frightened babbling by leaning into the helpless actress and grabbing her and holding her head by the hair over her ears as she kissed her hard on the lips, grinding her mouth on Cat's as the brunette bucked against her. “Mmmmffffff!" Cat gurgled.

Jessica let go of Cat's hair as she broke the kiss, keeping her belly thrust against Cat's body as she reached around behind the trembling actress and released the catch of her bra. Cat gasped as Jessica pulled it down unleashing Cat's enormous breasts which bounced on her chest with a tight elasticity, supported by Cat's well-defined pectoral muscles as Jessica stepped back, cocked her hip with one hand on it as she brought the other to her chin, tilted her head and cast a long, cooly appreciative gaze at her brunette captive.

"Boy, Kitty! You sure got tits! Everyone thinks you got implants, but they feel real enough!" Jessica observed clinically as she pinched a nipple and used it to lift the breast, flattening the breast with her other hand, flattening the soft mound as she rotated her hand slowly as if doing a breast exam while the red-faced Cat squawked in outrage.

"Jeez, they're real too! No silicone! Wait'll I tell everyone you're the real deal!"

"Get away from me, you nasty little pervert!" Cat wept.

Jessica ignored Cat's protest and went right on taunting, "It's amazing! These great big boobs don't sag much either; just like two helium balloons at the circus. I bet you love it when people play with 'em! Don't you?" she added, boldly fondling the round, high-set melons. "You probably wouldn't believe all the stories I've heard about how you, Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Ashley Judd get together to give each other 'physicals' - and if you knew what the girls in the locker rooms say about you and Charlize Theron...well, my oh my, you'd blush so bad..."

And indeed, Cat's face had turned beet-red in horrified indignation at the very notion that people in Hollywood were gossiping about how she - of all people - would indulge in such things! Not that there wasn't (perhaps) a kernal of truth in what Jessica was saying, she DID love to get together with Charlize on occasion, but not like THAT! And her weekly luncheons with 'the girls' (Angelina, Ashley and Cath) were just that...more or less.

"Nuh...no! I don't! St...STOP THAT!!! What do you think you're doing?" Cat stammered tearfully as Jessica continued to caress or tug playfully her nipples or flick her thumbnails on Cat's stiff, erect nipples..

"I'm playing with your tits, Kitty Cat! What do you think I'm doing? Hey Kitty-Cat, I bet with big tits like these, you've got a real pretty pussy too! Right?"

Cat looked at the horrid youngster, her face going from bright red to ashen with shock. Surely this blonde wasn't going to...? But of course, Jessica was going to! She slid Cat's shorts down her muscular thighs, pulling her white panties down with them, baring Cat's chestnut fringed and firm-lipped pussy. Jessica sighed happily as she knelt down and greedily fingered it while Cat moaned in terror.

"Oh shut up!" Jessica snarled. "... or I'll really hurt you!"

Jessica's nasty tone quickly scared Cat into compliant silence. Although Jessica was down on her knees between her muscular thighs, Cat still couldn't work her arms loose from the taut ropes. She had slumped down until her solid butt was on the canvas, her arms stretched above her head, her red face turned away, unable to watch as Jessica worked the three middle fingers of her left hand slowly into Cat's pussy, then began to play with her. While her left hand was warm and snug inside Cat's pussy, Jessica slid her right hand inside her own shorts and began to masturbate herself. Cat heard Jessica's heavy breathing and when she realized what the panting blonde was doing, she gagged in disgust. Cat wanted to shriek in protest at being violated like this, but by the time she realized that if she cried out someone might come in and find them, which would be far more humiliating than anything Jessica was doing to her in private, Jessica pressed her mouth to Cat's soft., trembling lips, silencing her softly whimpered protests anyway.

Jessica was surprisingly skillful and as hard as she tried, Cat couldn't keep her body from responding to the blondes skilled fingering. Soon, Cat's big bottom was bouncing up and down, slapping the canvas. SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Then, just as Cat was about to climax, Jessica came herself and as soon as she satisfied her own passion, Jessica pulled her plundering hand from Cat's wet pussy, leaving the actress on the brink of release, her body trembling helplessly unfulfilled! Still hanging from the ropes, Cat's massive breasts jiggled as her chest heaved with despairing, racking, sobs.

Jessica calmly stood up, straightened her shorts and started to walk to the far corner of the ring, then, just before she climbed out through the ropes, Jessica turned and told the shivering Cat, "Well Kitty, it's been fun. Now I promise IF you don't tell anyone what happened here, I won't either." Cat heaved a sigh of relief, at least she could maintain the fiction of invincibility as long as Jessica kept their secret. Then Cat's heart sank as Jessica added with a leering grin, "That is, I won't tell anyone as long as we can meet to wrestle again from time to time! Otherwise, you can look for an exclusive in the tabloids! Oh, and with pictures," she added with a chuckle, pointing to the closed circuit cameras mounted (for insurance reasons) in the ceiling at all four corners of the room). "See you around soon, Kitty Cat!" she laughed. "Taa-taa, Miss Taa-Taa's!"

Jessica left poor Cat dangling from the ropes with her shorts at her ankles, her bra pushed up around her neck and her body quivering with unfulfilled passion. Cat could hear the nasty little bitch's laughter all the way to the door of the gym as she left. It took several minutes to finally work her arms free and the first thing she did was plunge her fingers into her pussy and get herself off. After catching her breath, Cat stood up shakily, pulled her gym shorts and panties up and repositioned her bra. But her hands were shaking so bad, she couldn't fasten it in back, so she gave up and just pulled her T-shirt down over it. And as she limped out of the gym, the crotch of her shorts sported a still-spreading stain.

It was one badly chastened, terribly humiliated, Cat Bell who slunk out of the gym that night, destined ("from time to time" as Jessica said) to relive the worst beating and most terrible mortification of her long and distinguished career. But in one way, it proved a blessing to Cat (who still hasn't beaten Jessica in their monthly meetings) for she at last feels a weight has been lifted from her shoulders; the need to maintain her 'aura of rectitude and responsibility.' After this, Cat would throw herself wholeheartedly into the 'Hollywood Social Scene' as never before, attending parties with her galpals Angelina, Ashley and CZJ without regard to what people said or thought about her personal life. She also became a regular attendee at the "Porn Star Fight Club" fight nights and she was frequently seen on the mat at the "Put Up or Shut Up Club" where Bruce Willis often scheduled her for matches with other celebrities.

But the great joy of Cat’s new life was that it freed her to pursue the woman she loved to dominate more than any other, Charlize Theron! No longer feeling the need to keep her 'underground life' a secret, Cat pursued Charlize from club to club, town to town, venue to venue; picking fights with her whenever, and wherever she could. When Charlize joined a boxing federation, Cat was there; when a celebrity wrestling league formed, Cat was there; and when they recently announced a new, Celebrity Tag Team Wrestling League with Charlize teaming up with Cameron Diaz as her partner, Cat was on the phone to Shannon Elizabeth the next day to get them in as well! Still, Cat just couldn’t figure out why or how Jessica Simpson was able to dominate her as easily as she did. One day, maybe, Cat would figure it out!!