Catherine Bell vs. Britney Spears (with guest appearances) by Scott 01-Apr-00

Like most young phenoms, Britney thought she was a gift to all of mankind. Everyone was telling her how great she was and she believed it. Not only that but she did not think much of anyone else either, especially anyone over 30 years old. She despised most actresses and thought they had little talent.

Catherine Bell was 31 years old and heard Britney's comments and took offense. She knew Britney had wrestled before with some success. She easily wiped out Jennifer Love Hewitt (doesn't everyone), so Catherine challenged her to a wrestling match that was run by a group of high profiled female celebrities. Britney was cocky and thought she could easily beat a 31 one year old woman so she accepted.

Britney kept in fairly good shape and at 18 was in top physical condition. Catherine, although older, was in terrific shape. Catherine was an active skydiver, mountain climber, and active in other sports. Unbeknownst to Britney Catherine also was a kickboxer- and a damn good one. Britney went into the match thinking she have no trouble with Catherine but Catherine KNEW she could have her way with Britney.

Back in the dressing room before the match Catherine was talking with the singer Natalie Merchant with whom she had begun a friendship with after seeing her in concert. Both have a lot in common, they'd both struggled for years before finding success in their fields.

"Did you hear who was going to represent the Celebrity Women of Wrestling Organization tonight as a recorder for the fight?" Natalie asked.

"It's Cameron Diaz! Damn I wish I was fighting her instead." Catherine said.

She hated Britney but she hated Cameron even more. Catherine thought she should have been considered for the Jaclyn Smith or Kate Jackson role in "Charlie's Angels" but was not even considered because America loves dumb blondes like Cameron Diaz.

Natalie chimed in, "And I'd like to get my hands on Britney."

Natalie had bared her soul in her songs for several years and resented the success Britney has enjoyed by singing mindless "pop" songs at such a young age.

"Stick around Natalie, you never know what may develop during the match," Catherine added

Fight night arrived and Britney was the first in the ring. She was wearing boxer shorts and a sports bra with flesh colored tights. She had an impressive looking trim body, with ample breasts. Catherine also wearing boxer shorts and a much needed support bra and blue pantyhose. She looked extremely impressive. In addition, she had long powerful looking legs and was at least 4 inches taller than Britney and 20 pounds heavier. Britney took one look at Catherine and was getting nervous

Few people know that Catherine was born in England (Wales) and is 1/2 Iranian. She really hates Americans, especially superstar snotty teenage girls like Britney Spears. Catherine is also distantly related to the great wrestlers, The SHIEK, The IRON SHIEK, and SABU. Like them, she has a mean streak and doesn't hesitate to torture her opponents. IF Britney had known all of this she might have thought twice against challenging Miss Bell.

Cameron Diaz was representing the Celebrity Wrestling Organization tonight. She was dressed in shorts and halter-top and was wearing white tights. She was not there to referee; just there to record what happened and make sure no one got seriously hurt. The girls did not wear boots or shoes in order to lessen the chance of injury.

Cameron rang the bell and Britney charged out to the middle of the ring. Catherine walked slowly and just stood in front of Britney and made no move.

"What's going on?" Why aren't you fighting?" Britney asked Catherine in disgust.

Catherine just stood there. Catherine just stood there staring at Britney. "Dumb Bitch" Britney hissed and slapped Catherine across the face.

"Fight me you stupid … Oooooofffff!"

Before Britney could finish her sentence Catherine quick as a cat and with great athletic ability snapped her long leg hard into Britney's upper chest with so much force that Britney would have fallen down if not for the ropes. As it was she bounced off the ropes only to be met by a swift kick to her head knocking her down and out. Catherine placed her foot over Britney, who was not moving and after a few seconds turned around and was on her way out of the squared circle.

Cameron met Cat before she got out of the ring.

"Where're you going? You're getting paid a lot of money for tonight and this is pay per view. The audience is going to expect at least 15 minutes of action. I don't care if you have to revive Britney a dozen times, you're going to stretch this thing out."

Catherine started to argue with Cameron saying, "I beat the little bitch that's all I have to do."

The ladies continued to argue when all of a sudden Britney awoke and came up from behind Catherine and executed a perfect drop kick to Catherine's back that caused Miss Bell to go over the top rope down to the floor. Britney quickly got up on the top turnbuckle and when Catherine got to her feet Britney jumped and landed right on top of the dark haired beauty. Both dropped to the floor dazed. Britney got to her feet first and helped Catherine up. She then tried to whip her into the steel post. "No you don't" Catherine was too strong for Britney as she grabbed the teenager's right arm, pulled her towards her and dropped her with a clothesline.

Catherine picked up the dazed teen and then grabbed her by the hair and rammed her into the steel post. Britney went down and started moaning. She threw Britney back into the ring and followed her in. She dropped an elbow to Britney's head as Britney was struggling to get up. Then she put her head between her thighs and lifted her up and executed a perfect piledriver. Not satisfied, Catherine repeated the move and drove Britney's head down even harder. Britney's legs twitched just a little and she was again out. Catherine again headed out of the ring only to be met by Cameron.

"That's only 8 minutes. You still have 7 to go. Get your ass back in there"

Catherine was ready to slug Cameron right then and there but knew the penalty would be stiff for striking an official.

Instead Catherine went back to Britney, took off her bra revealing Britney's firm and ample breasts. She then slapped her face a few times.

"Wakey, Wakey little girl."

Catherine now took off her bra revealing her larger more impressive breasts. Britney was crying now to be left alone. Instead what she got was help to her feet where Catherine locked on a bearhug smashing her breasts into Britney's.

"Aaaarrgh!" yelled Britney.

In this hold Catherine was able to put tremendous pressure on Britney's back, squeezing the air out of the teen as she was flattening Britney's breasts like pancakes. Britney tried to claw at Catherine's arms but could not get Catherine to release her vise like hold. Britney was starting to go limp. Out of desperation she raked Catherine's eyes and broke the hold.

While Catherine was rubbing her eyes, Britney was gasping for air trying to recover. She managed to get to her feet while Catherine was still trying to regain her sight. She sent a couple of swift kicks between Catherine's legs and was able to whip her into the turnbuckle back first. Britney charged Catherine and …


Catherine stuck her leg up and hit Britney right in the face knocking her down. Catherine then lifted Britney up over her head and powerbombed her to the mat. Britney was pretty much out of it. Not satisfied Catherine picked up the barely conscious girl and set her up on the top turnbuckle. Catherine climbed the ropes so she was standing in front of Britney and hooked her arms around her necked and flipped the girl over with a superplex. Britney landed hard on the mat and was finished.

"You can finish her now," yelled Cameron.

Cat either did not hear or pretended not to hear. Instead she put one her arms around Britney's head and neck and slapped on the sleeper. Britney's arms spasm up briefly and then right back down as she went out in a few seconds. Cat released the hold and stripped the girl of her shorts, leaving her wearing only the flesh colored tights. Cat then proceeded to stomp her foot into Britney's cunt a couple of times. Britney's body bounced around a few times and she moaned a little but Cat was unhappy that she was not fully awake to feel this punishment.

"I said, 'You can pin her now'," Cameron shouted.

Again Catherine ignored her.

Cat changed tactics and moved Britney so she had her head lying near one of the ring corners against the bottom turnbuckle. Catherine went between Britney's legs and with her sharp nails tore a hole in her tights in the area that was covering Britney's womanhood. Catherine then got hold of the girl's legs and pushed the heel of her nylon cover foot into Britney's crotch. With Britney lying against the turnbuckle Catherine was able to get maximum leverage out of this hold.

"Pleaseeee stop" Britney screamed as the pain awakened her, but was unable to break the hold.

Britney raised her upper body but could not to anything but try to claw at Catherine's powerful legs. After a few moments she fell back and could only moan in pain and finally she passed out.

"Alright that's enough" Cameron yelled.

"Just giving the people their money's worth" was Catherine's reply.

She let loose of her hold only to pick Britney back up and lifted the girl up into a torture rack back breaker. Britney was quite the site being stretched out on Catherine's broad shoulders. Her lovely nylon/spandex covered legs being bent down while her breasts were protruding into the air. The pain to Britney's already sore back brought her back to life but also put her into unconsciousness quickly as Catherine started moving her arms up and down as she was pushing down on Britney's body then letting up only to push down again in rabid movements.

Catherine then brought Britney down violently across her outstretch knee in another backbreaker. This time she could hear a snap of some bones.

"Not so cocky now are you little girl?"

Catherine just smiled as she pushed Britney's head back at the same time she was pushing her legs down. Then Catherine dropped the girl to the mat and took her right hand and put a claw hold on Britney's cunt and with her left hand she put a claw hold on Britney's head.

"Eeeeeeee!" Britney shrieked at the pain of her cunt but she was once again losing consciousness from the claw hold on her head.

Even after she was out, Catherine maintained the hold and a little blood starting to flow from between Britney's legs and her head. Britney started to spasm violently. Her legs and body shook so much Catherine had a hard time maintaining the hold but it was an unconscious reaction as Britney was out and after a few moments the spasms were reduced to some quivering and then no movement at all. Along with the blood a little drool was running out of the side of Britney's mouth.

Cameron had seen enough "Break it up Cat."

"Fuck you. You said to fight and I'm fighting," Cat retorted.

Cameron started to kick at Catherine's head, not real hard, just enough to get Catherine off the motionless Britney. Catherine still maintained the hold. Cameron started to kick harder and nailed Catherine in the side of the neck. That was enough for Catherine to break the hold. Catherine got up to her feet facing Cameron.

"Now get out of here before I … Haaaaargh!"

Cameron did not complete the sentence as Catherine brought her hand up between Cameron's legs. After Cameron kicked her Cat knew she was allowed to strike back and she was not going to let this opportunity pass. Cat put her other hand around Cameron's chest and gorilla pressed her over to the ropes where she dropped her neck first over the ropes. Cameron flopped to the mat holding her neck as she grasped for breath. As she did with Britney earlier Catherine picked Cameron up and powerbombed her to the mat. Cameron landed with such force on her back that her momentum carried her over to her stomach where she laid, not moving.

Just then someone was coming down the ring area.

It was Natalie Merchant.

Cat saw her and smiled, "Come join the fun Nat."

Cat then looked down on the barely moving Cameron and quickly gave her a couple of stomps to the head. Then Catherine picked her up and threw her out of the ring onto the arena floor. Catherine motioned Natalie to set up the scorer's table closer to the ring. Cat went over to Cameron and gave her a few for punches to the face. Then she lifted the girl over her shoulders and laid her down on the table.

Cat went back into the ring and climbed to the top turnbuckle and stood on top of it. Natalie held Cameron, very loosely, as Cameron was pretty much out of it, so she could not escape. Catherine dove off the rope and splashed right on top of Cameron breaking the scorer's table in half.

Cameron's body was convulsing as her legs twitched wildly for a few moments. Catherine got off the girl and threw her back in the ring. Cat then went in the ring and before dealing with Cameron noticed Britney was coming around.

"Hey Nat-this little teenage slut isn't finished"

"Do you want the honors?" Natalie eagerly accepted the invitation.

Natalie was not dressed for a fight. She had on a dress and heels. She slowly dropped the dress and then unhooked her bra. And then her shoes. Natalie was now completely naked accept for wearing suntanned colored pantyhose.

Natalie had gained some weight in the last few years. She looked to be carrying about 140 pounds on a 5'4'' frame, but she was all woman. She had large firm breasts and like most Italian women (Natalie is 1/2 Italian) she had a big round butt. And that beautiful face with all the long dark hair. Natalie was no wrestler and when she came up to Britney, who was just starting to regain her senses, all Natalie did was drop down on the girl's stomach butt first causing Britney to convulse upwards as all the air escape her body.

Then Natalie grabbed Britney's nose with one hand and covered her mouth with the other, smothering the teen. After the beating Britney had taken and with 140 lbs. of woman on her she could not fight back. Natalie shoved her head back to the mat and moved up on Britney's chest. After a few moments of squirming Britney was out again. Natalie got up and looked at the pretty girl dressed only in flesh colored tights. Britney did look pretty good lying there. Natalie must love thought so too because she started to lick her lips in anticipation of what she had planned.

Meanwhile Catherine picked Cameron back up by the throat and choked slammed her to the mat and followed that with a viscous right fist to the side of her head knocking the blonde loopy again. Then she picked up Cameron and dropped her crotch first on the top rope.


The pain between Cameron's legs woke her up as she reached down between her legs trying to rub away the pain, but she was too week to escape what was coming up next.

"Hey Nat before you have your fun can I ask you for one more favor?"

Without asking what it was Natalie knew what Catherine wanted.

Natalie grabbed the steel chair and held it in front of Cameron's face as she sat on the top rope. Catherine then climbed to the top turnbuckle and proceeded to jump feet first slamming the chair in Cameron's face. Cameron fell off the top rope and was knocked out. The force of the chair hitting Cameron's head caused some blood to flow from her forehead. Catherine went over and gave a few stomps to Cameron's stomach and chest. She then picked Cameron up and threw her hard into the turnbuckle. Cameron tried to kick at Catherine when Catherine charged her but it was a weak effort and Catherine grabbed her leg and slammed her elbow on it driving Cameron to the mat.

"AHHHHHGGGH!" Cameron felt like her leg might be broken.

"You dumb slut!"

Catherine then ripped off the padding of the top turnbuckle leaving only the sharp steel portion showing. She then helped Cameron to her feet and drove her against the turnbuckle headfirst causing Cameron's small cut to enlarge as blood flowed more freely.

She then turned the beaten blonde around and …




Catherine threw chop after chop into Cameron's chest. Any one blow was strong enough to knock the girl down but Catherine kept pulling her back up. Then Catherine raked her sharp nails against Cameron's forehead further damaging Cameron's once pretty forehead.

"Eeeeeeeee!" Cameron was screaming in pain and tried to punch at Catherine.

Catherine responded with much harder punches to Cameron's face knocking the girl loopy. Catherine then starting biting at Cameron's cut as the blood was flowing at a rapid pace down the pretty girl's face. The red blood mixed with Cameron's blonde hair made for quite a contrast. The sweat and blood also got into Cameron's eyes and she started to go in shock and began to swing wildly hoping to hit something.

"You pathetic creature" Catherine taunted her opponent before slipping behind Cameron and slapping on a full nelson.

Cameron tried frantically to escape but Catherine locked the hold on tight and started to kick Cameron in the legs right behind her knee causing the girl to fall. Catherine held the full nelson and brought Cameron back up only to kick her legs again driving Cameron back down to the mat. Cameron was screaming as she felt the blood run down her face and she was helpless to stop this punishment. Catherine then lifted Cameron up so her feet were off the mat and increased the pressure on her neck.


Cameron was trying to kick at Catherine's legs but she was losing strength fast.

Catherine then swung the pretty blonde back and forth in the air and soon Cameron's body went limp, as her body could take no further abuse. Catherine disgustingly threw her down to the mat where she lay unconscious. While all of this was going on Natalie was working over Britney.

Britney had just started to come around when she saw Natalie standing above her with her nylon covered legs. Natalie slowly descended onto Britney's belly, sighing with pleasure as her weight overwhelmed the lighter girl. Natalie's nylon covered bottom sank into Britney's stomach, causing the air to expel from her lungs. Britney wiggled and panted as she fought to unseat Natalie but she was too weak to move the large woman and gasped as Natalie moved up on her body. Natalie started to rub up and down Britney's neck and lower face and Britney could smell the nylon of Natalie's soft silky hose. Natalie face was filled with ecstasy, as the Britney lay helpless beneath her. Britney was now wheezing from trying to support Natalie's weight

In a surprise showing of brutality Natalie put her hands around Britney's pretty neck and started choking her. Britney started coughing and gasped for air. After a few moments her tongue protruded from her mouth as Natalie started to move her hands up and down the teen's throat. Just before Britney went out, Natalie released the chokehold and then reached for the back of Britney's head and brought her larger and fuller breasts on Britney's face. Britney could do nothing but shuffle her legs and flail her arms a little. She tried to lift her arms but she had no energy and they flopped uselessly at her side. Natalie kept up the breast smother for a few minuets more as she enjoyed rubbing her large breasts on the young girl.

Natalie then got off the teen and rolled her to her side. Natalie laid Britney's arms over her head then slipped her left arm underneath Britney's head but above her arms so Britney could not move them. She then wrapped her silky nylon legs around Britney's legs and held them in a grapevine. Then Natalie started to lick Britney's nipples with her tongue. Britney started to moan as she felt Natalie's skillful tongue perform this pleasurable torture. Natalie then began sucking the nipple and at the same time rubbed Britney's bush.


Britney started to moan louder but Natalie kept up the sucking and began to go at a feverish pitch. Then Natalie inserted 2 fingers into Britney's cunt and started to thrust her fingers in and out of the girl. Britney squirm as best she could but was helpless in Natalie's hold. After a few moments Britney was shaking her arms frantically above her head and the rest of her body was bucking wildly, her hips trusting into Natalie's skillful fingers. Still Natalie kept up the sucking on Britney's tit like a piglet sucks on its mama. Natalie also increased her thrusting in and out of Britney's cunt. After a few for moments it happened

"AAAAHHH!" Britney exploded over Natalie's fingers as her body convulsed for a few seconds and then went limp.

Natalie released her fingers but kept sucking the young singer's tit. The only sound now heard was the slurping sound of Natalie's mouth as she continued to suck the teen. Finally Natalie got want she wanted as some tit juice escaped from Britney's breast.

Natalie got off the girl and once again sat right on Britney's chest flattening them like pancakes. As she sat on Britney's right tit a little more juice squirted out. "You taste pretty good for a slut" Natalie cruelly teased the girl.

"Now you get to taste me," Natalie started to rub on Britney's neck slowly.

"Please don't," Britney pleaded as she could feel the bottom of Natalie's nylon covered crotch was wet.

Natalie ignored her pleas and gently eased her cunt over Britney's nose first without putting any weight on the girl. She was just gently rubbing back and forth getting herself hotter as she felt Britney's nose rub against her womanhood. The nylon that stood between Natalie and Britney's nose made Natalie even hotter and after a minute Natalie could not stand the waiting and she just plunged her weight on Britney. First rubbing slowing and then picking up speed.

"OOOHHHH!" Natalie was really getting hot now.

"MMMPPPPH!" Natalie could hear Britney whimpering under her but that only added to her excitement.

She then grabbed the back of Britney's head and pulled her head in further up her nylon covered cunt. Britney was being smothered out as the combination of Natalie's sex and wet nylon was proving too much.



Natalie had an incredible orgasm over Britney's face as the girl passed out.

Not done Natalie got up and put her in position for a reverse face sit. Her ample ass just about covered Britney's entire face. Britney's eye's fluttered as she saw Natalie come down on her but after a few moments the smell of Natalie's scent along with her great weight rubbing back and forth proved to much for Britney. The teen could do nothing more than shuffle her legs before going out. After a few more minutes of rubbing Natalie came again on the unconscious girl. Britney's legs spasm involuntary but she was out. Natalie rocked back and forth as she was now satisfied. She then looked over to see what Catherine was up to.

Catherine had stripped Cameron of all her clothes including her tights leaving the blonde naked. She rolled Cameron on her stomach and placed the beauty in a camel clutch. Cameron was too weak to even scream. Her arms fluttered uselessly as they lay on top of Catherine's legs but she was out.

Catherine then turned Cameron over and was ready to do more damage when, "Baaaang!"

Catherine looked up to see Julia Roberts had come into the ring and hit Natalie with a steel chair on the head knocking her out.

Julia and Cameron became friends during "My Best Friend's Wedding" and she could not take anymore of the punishment that was being dished out to her friend.

Catherine turned around but could not rise to her feet in time to defend herself as Julia rushed towards her. Catherine was able to get her arms up to block some of the blow of the chair but she still went down to the mat. Julia picked up Cameron's discarded tights and wrapped them around Catherine's throat choking her.

"How's that feel you fucking bitch?"

Catherine struggled to her hand and knees and was able to get to her feet but Julia was just as tall and kept up the strangle and pulled tighter. Catherine was gasping for air and loosing strength fast. Soon she dropped her knees and her arms began to slump.

Out of the corner of her eye Julia could see Sela Ward running to the ring. Sela, like Catherine was a late bloomer in Hollywood and despised younger, more successful actresses.

"I'll finish this later sweetie," Julia scowled before releasing her strangle hold and running out of the ring before Sela could get to her.

As Julia ran passed Natalie, Natalie was just beginning to regain consciousness. Natalie was able to reach out with a hand and trip Julia. Julia fell hard to the mat. That allowed Sela to catch up to her. Sela, in anticipation of some fun later on was just dressed in blue pantyhose. Sela dove for Julia and the two of them struggled as they rolled around the ring. Julia was able to get to her feet but Sela grabbed her leg and would not let go.

Then "Thhhuummp!" Catherine recovered and came from behind Julia and hammered her with a hard punch to the back of Julia's neck.

Julia went down and Sela and Catherine started to stomp and kick her. Catherine put her foot across Julia's neck and used the ropes for leverage as Sela drove knees to Julia's cunt a half dozen times. Julia could only make squeaking sounds as she was being choke out be Catherine's foot.

Just as Julia was about to pass out Catherine and Sela lifted the brunette by her arms and twisted her arms causing the girl to squeal and cry in pain.

"Eeeeeee Stop … Please!"

Catherine and Sela did stop - by crashing elbows into Julia's upper arms and shoulders as they drove her hard to the mat. They picked up Julia and repeated the move causing Julia to scream in pain as her shoulders may have been dislocated. Catherine and Sela then took a couple of turns dropping knees to the back of Julia's head and her body began to convulse.

Natalie was now fully awake and walked over to the action.

"May I join the fun? I owe her one."

"Sure, do your thing Nat," Catherine suggested.

The two women turned Julia over as Catherine wrapped her powerful legs around Julia's neck in a figure four headscissors and grabbed her arms back and over Julia's head. Sela wrapped her shapely nylon legs around Julia's in a figure four leg lock. Neither girl put to much pressure on. They wanted Julia awake for what was coming up next.

Natalie than ran off the ropes to get some momentum and landed a butt drop on Julia's stomach. Julia tried to squirm out of the holds in panic as she saw Natalie coming but both Catherine and Sela tighten their holds around Julia just before Natalie landed. With nearly all her body under control she could not even rise up after the impact, which caused even more damage to the actress.

"One more time," Sela urged Natalie.

Natalie repeated the butt dropped on Julia's chest and Julia's body tried to shake but with her legs and head locked up tight she was helpless.

"I think I heard a rib crack that time," Natalie said as Julia gurgled and then passed out from the pain.

The three women then striped Julia of her clothing.

"Thanks for everything Cat, this was fun."

"You guys look to be in control of the situation," Natalie said as she left the women to deal with Miss Roberts.

Before leaving Natalie went over to Cameron who was regaining consciousness. Cameron was moaning and crying.

"Boy are you a mess Cameron," Natalie teased making cruel fun of Cameron's condition.

"I hate blondes," Natalie said as she sat behind Cameron's head and wrapped her powerful legs around Cameron's head in a figure 4 headscissors.

After flopping around a few seconds Cameron's body went limp once again.

Just as Cameron went out Britney started to moan as she awakened from her slumber. Natalie went over to Britney.

"No more please," Britney whimpered as she saw Natalie menacingly moving towards her but Natalie could not help herself.

She put her nylon foot on Britney's neck choking the girl and rubbed her other silky foot across Britney's face. Britney was choking for air and Natalie let up on the pressure. Natalie then dropped down to Britney's side as she put Britney in a head scissors so the teen's face was facing Natalie's cunt. Natalie squeezed hard as Britney turned blue until knocking the girl out again. Once again Natalie started to hump the girl's face.

"Aaah, Aaah, Aaah," Natalie started to moan loudly and Sela and Catherine stopped their punishment of Julia to take a look.

"Go girl," yelled Catherine.

"Ride em cowboy," encouraged Sela.

Britney's face was already wet with sweat, a little blood and juices from Natalie's previous work, as she was once again pushed into the warm, wet darkness of Miss Merchant's sex. Natalie was more thrilled then ever as she loved the feeling of her wet silky hose rubbing against Britney's equally wet slimy face. She began thrusting her hips rapidly as she had her most powerful orgasm yet. She then made a few more slow, powerful thrusts on Miss Spears as the juices spilled through her pantyhose and over Britney's face which now contained three layers of Natalie's love juices.

"Thanks for the fun, we'll have to do this again" Natalie said as she left Britney laying on the mat.

Britney's tights were soaked with her own juices, her hair was clinging to her face as she was literally creamed by Natalie.

"You know, what Natalie was doing looked like fun," Sela said to Cat.

"Yeah it does, but Cameron's a mess" Do you mind if I share Julia with you?" Cat asked Sela.

"Be my pleasure," responded Sela.

Catherine did a reverse face sit on Julia who could only look up in helplessness at Catherine's nylon covered ass descending on her. Sela meanwhile was fingering Julia.

"Aaaahhhhh" your nose feels good rubbing against my butt" Catherine taunted Julia as she began rubbing faster.

"MMMMPPPH" Julia could just cry underneath and weakly slap at Catherine's butt as Catherine was leaving her scent on her.

If she expected mercy she was with the wrong women. After a few moments, Julia came to an orgasm via Sela's hands and Catherine followed with her own powerful orgasm on Julia's face. Julia's body was thrashing wildly and only died down when Catherine grounded her ass onto Julia's face smothering her out. Sela and Catherine then reversed positions.

Julia was out and could not even feel Sela's hot sex on her face as Sela rubbed slowly in a front face sit shoving the pretty women's face deep into her crotch. Then Sela humped faster and faster as she too came to an orgasm spilling her juices through her hose and all over Julia's pretty face. At the same time Catherine brought Julia to another unconscious orgasm as Julia' arms and legs convulsed from the abuse her body was suffering before going limp. When Sela got up Julia's face and hair were soaking wet, covered with the juices of her tormentor's.

"Maybe you'll think twice before messing with us," Sela said to her unconscious victim.

Satisfied with the destruction of three women Catherine and Sela left the ring. On their way to their dressing room Sela ask Catherine "Do you smell dead fish?" as they bumped into the Italian team of Monica Bellucci and Maria Grazia Cucinotta who were arriving for their scheduled match.

"Watch where your going stupid bitches," Maria hissed

"Shut up you filthy whores or you'll be next," responded Catherine.

The Italians had a match and decided to let things pass- for now.

The End