Camilla Belle vs. Erica Durance by The Walkin' Dude

Christmas was still a few weeks away, but in the bustling Massachusetts town of Innsmouth, the spirit of the season was in full swing. All up and down the residential section of town Christmas lights adorned the old mansions, trees glittered with tinsel and decorations hung from every streetlight. And at the intersection of Main Street and Federal Road, the restored Gilman House was lit up with so many tiny white lights it was a wonder the old building couldn’t be seen from outer space. On streets that smelled of pine and cinnamon, a fairly large group of the locals (not to mention several more tourists vacationing in the area) took the time to stop by the oddly but colorfully named bar at the Gilman House, The Devil’s Reef. In spite of the seeming contrast between name and season, the Reef was a very happening place to be at this time of year, and this night was a special occasion. (As evidenced by the muffled cheers that been pouring out of the building since shortly after nightfall) For on this night, Richard Fannin’s promotion would be making their last stop of the year in Innsmouth and every fan in the area wanted to be in on the action. Aside from the usually spectacular action on the undercard, the still absent Fannin had arranged for a double Main Event. In the first half of the finale, Jennifer Love Hewitt BARELY squeaked by Kristin Kreuk when she countered the brunette’s Kreul Intentions into the Heartbreaker for the three count. And in the second half, Erica Durance was going to face off with the as of yet undefeated Camilla Belle, a girl that few fans knew she had a fairly unpleasant history with. And while no one in the front office had come right out and said it, according to several snatches of conversation heard in the locker room and the stands, both Erica and Jennifer were being put into these especially tough matches because they had seen fit to interfere in the Blair / Gellar title match a few weeks prior. Also unsaid was the possibility that if either Durance or Hewitt lost tonight, their opponent might take their spot in the Fatal Four Way title fight in January. If this was the case, Love had dodged a bullet, now Erica had to do the same. And with that, let’s let the Ring Announcer take over shall we?

Bringing the mic to his lips, the Announcer begins, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for the second half of our Main Event. Introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall; allow me to bring to you…. Erica Durance!” Let Me Out roars to life and the powerful brunette breezes through the curtain. Striding confidently to the ring, Erica is a sight to behold, clad for her battle in a blazing red bikini top and jet-black bottoms encircled by a belt the same color as her top. Her pads and boots are a simple matte black and it provides a striking counterpoint to her lightly bronzed physique and chestnut brown hair. Reaching the edge of the ring, Erica pauses for only a second before leaping onto the apron in one graceful, catlike motion. Entering the ring, she gives the roaring fans one more confidant pose before settling into her corner.

Letting the clamor from Durance’s fans die down, the Announcer brings the mic back up and finishes his shtick. Waiting until Amber’s music dies down, the Announcer resumes his duties. “And her opponent, She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall, she is currently undefeated I give to you Camilla Belle!” All the lights in the Reef fade away to nearly nothing and the fans roar in anticipation of their first live look at the rookie phenom. Then the speakers screech a burst of static and the opening drum roll to Yellow Card’s ‘Lights and Sounds’ kicks in right as a series of multicolored spotlights turn the darkened space into a psychedelic lightshow. When the drum roll hits its crescendo, there’s a massive white blast of pyrotechnics at the top of the stage and a silhouetted figure comes firing up through a hidden trap door in the stage. Landing in a graceful crouch, Camilla pops to her feet and lets the crowd get a look at her. The slender, tanned beauty has shoulder length dark brown hair and a slightly exotic cast to her features. Her ring attire is a simple but sexy pinkish-orange bikini with matching pads and boots. Having given the crowd a moment to take her in, Camilla breaks into motion, speeding for the ring in a stunningly fast spring that ends with her leaping onto the apron, then to the top rope and bringing herself into the ring with a high backflip that lands her a few feet from the startled Announcer. Sticking the dismount, Belle raises her hands in a salute before heading to her corner.

The bell chimed the beginning of the match and for Erica Durance, everything else fell away. Despite all the energy she’d invested in getting into the World Title picture, the shiny gold belt and the other three challengers hardly registered on her radar at this moment. On this night, there were only two things on her mind: Camilla Belle and all the terrible things she was going to visit on that slender brunette who had humiliated her several years ago.

Calming her nerves, Durance tucked a few errant strands of hair behind her ears and whispered, “Tonight’s the night I break you down Cam. And unlike the first time we met, I get to humiliate you in front of an audience.” Then Erica stormed towards her old rival with fire in her eyes and retribution on her mind.

While Erica was mulling thoughts of revenge, Camilla Belle was considering the fact that she might very well be one win away from a shot at the World Title. Of course, Fannin hadn’t guaranteed her anything, but the implication was there; if she bested Erica in this fight, she may very well get to take Durance’s place in the Fatal Four Way. The slender brunette smiled as she pondered this possibility. As if besting her old high school foe in front of a capacity crowd wasn’t pleasure enough, she knew it would damn near KILL Erica if she lost her spot to Belle. Bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet, Camilla muttered, “Hope you can take a repeat of last time Erica. I know I can!” Then strode out of the corner to meet the other brunette’s charge.

A few heartbeats later, they met in the center of the squared circle and there was nothing resembling preamble from Erica’s side of the ring. The moment she was in grasping distance of the other brunette, Durance brought her arms up and lunged forward to lock up with her opponent. But Camilla wasn’t ready for such a straightforward assault just yet, so as Erica closed in, she dropped down and went into a low tumbling roll that brought her back to her feet a couple steps behind the bigger girl. Cursing under her breath as she clenched empty air, Erica whirled around on her heel just as Belle was popping up on her heels. Remembering just how damnably fast Cam could be, Durance shot forward again, hoping to catch her nimble foe off balance.

Alas, this proved a fool’s errand for when Erica got close, Camilla spun to her left in a bit of defense that was equal parts dodge and pirouette. Before Durance could bull passed her, Belle stepped in behind her and wrapped her arms around the tawny brunette’s middle in a tight Waist Lock. Setting her cheek against Erica’s right shoulder, Camilla pointed Erica towards the nearest set of ropes and bulled her forward. It only took a few steps before Durance was pressed chest-first into the cables and she wasted no time in grabbing hold of them to ensure her release. And that was just fine with Camilla, who didn’t want to hurt Erica - yet - she just wanted to send a message.

Tightening up on the Waistlock a bit, Belle nuzzled her chin into Durance’s shoulder and chided, “Still big, slow and clumsy as ever. Apparently nothing has changed.” Unlocking her hands, Cam tapped her fingers against Erica’s gulping belly as she backed away and took up a position near the center of the ring.

Grasping the top rope with white-knuckled hands, Erica snarled at the feel of the other brunette’s light touch on her skin, the sensation brought back too many bad memories. Shoving away from the ropes, she turned to face Belle and said softly, “Big, slow and clumsy? Maybe, but you left out the one undeniable adjective.” She raised her right hand over her head and curled the fingers in Cam’s direction. Smiling slightly, she finished, “Strong!”

Returning her rival’s smile, Camilla cocked her head to the side and said, “I didn’t know we were talking about odors.”

Still curling her fingers, Durance sneered, “Talk all you want Cam, when I get my hands on you, all of these people are going to get a glimpse of what I’m going to do in the Fatal Four Way match.”

Stepping forward, Camilla raised her palm and placed it against Erica’s. As their fingers locked, she stared the other girl dead in the eyes and asked, “You’re going to let them see you get smacked around and badly outclassed? Maybe you’re braver than I…UUUNGH!”

Unable to hold back and longer, Erica lashed out with her unoccupied hand and cracked Camilla across the face with a SLAP that echoed in the rafters. Her usually charming features twisted into a nightmarish scowl, Erica snarled, “Hope you still know how to run fast Cam, that’s the only way you’re going to get away from…ARRRGH!”

Durance’s taunt gave the other brunette the time she needed to recover and Belle thanked her with a brazenly hateful slap across the mouth that snapped the taller girl’s head back at an evil angle.

Huffing in satisfaction as Erica was rocked; Cam spat, “Fast enough to run rings around you, lumpy.”

Shaking her head in equal parts fury and disbelief, Erica suddenly realized that she and Camilla were still joined at the wrist. Planting her feet, she jerked the other girl forward and blasted a Kneelift just above the agile brunette’s navel. Smiling as the air rushed out of her foe’s lungs, Durance stepped into Belle and wrapped her free arm around the gasping girl’s skull. Wedging Cam’s head into the crook of her elbow, Erica squeezed down tight, forcing a pained gasp from the agile beauty’s lips. Working slowly and patiently, Erica marched around the ring, alternately relieving and increasing the pressure on the Headlock while occasionally executing a short, banging hop to jam Camilla’s temple into the point of Durance’s hip. Nearly purring with delight, Erica switched to a one-armed hold on Belle’s head so she could better embarrass her nemesis.

Tousling Cam’s hair, Erica chided, “C’mon Camilla, all these folks came to see you try your slippery little tricks, is this all you’ve got for them?”

Bristling from a combination of the pain and condescension she heard in Erica’s voice (and being called ‘slippery’ that was very aggravating) Camilla stopped punching into Durance’s abs and instead placed one hand on Erica’s elbow while the other settled in on the small of her back. Digging her feet into the mat, Camilla reared back and shoved forward, breaking the Headlock while simultaneously sending Erica pitching into the ropes. Still trying to shake off the effects of the death-grip on her head, Cam didn’t pay attention to Erica’s recovery and that proved a costly mistake. For when Durance hit the ropes, she corrected her balance, spun around on her heel and shot herself back towards Camilla.

The lithe vixen had just started to comprehend the sound of Erica’s footfalls on the mat when the bigger girl nearly ran through her with a Shoulderblock that caught her right in the sternum. Suddenly breathless, Belle hit the mat with a dull THUD but almost immediately rolled to one knee and got to her feet. Knowing there was no way the other brunette was thinking as quickly as she moved, Erica darted forward and snapped out her right arm, catching Camilla across the top of her cleavage with a Knife Edge Chop that elicited several hearty ‘WOOO! WOOO!’ from those in the stands. Shaking the burn out of her hand, Durance regarded the weak-kneed girl with disdain and demanded to know, “Is that all you got?”

Trying her best to ignore the band of fire that was running across her chest, Camilla turned to glare at Erica and shot back, “The beating I gave you last time would suggest otherwise.”

As Durance’s face crimped in hate, Camilla shot forward and drove a short, cudgel-like shot deep into the pit of the other brunette’s flat stomach. When Erica doubled over, Cam stepped in and whirled around, so that her back was to her opposition. Positioning herself in front of the brunette, Camilla reached over her shoulder, snagged Durance by the sides of her head, then pulled forward and dropped to one knee, sending the taller girl spilling to the canvas with a basic Snap Mare. Standing beside her now sitting foe, Belle reared back with her left leg and snapped it forward, pounding Erica between the shoulders with a Soccer Kick whose THWACK echoed through the arena. Dark eyes blazing in defiance, Camilla slapped the back of Erica’s head and said, “Quitting already E? How typical of you.”

Not bothering to suppress the roar that came boiling out of her mouth, Erica scrambled to her knees and lashed out with her left hand, cinching an iron grip on the surprised girl’s right wrist. Before Cam could even try to pull away, Erica yanked her forward and blasted out her right arm, catching Belle directly across the throat with a Short Arm Clothesline that nearly sent her head careening into the third row. Laying stomach first on the mat, Durance maintained her grip on Camilla’s wrist as she got to one knee. Looking to show off a new move she’d been working on, Erica rolled across Belle’s torso and got to her feet, pulling the lanky grappler along for the ride. Squaring her shoulders, Durance growled, “And let’s go to the replay.”

Acting on her odd statement, she exploded forward and extended her arm a second time, devastating Camilla with another Short Arm Clothesline. This time when she connected, Erica released her victim’s wrist and the fans were treated to the sight of Camilla spinning through the air in glorious 270 degree tumble before landing face first on the canvas. Breathing hard through her nose, Erica treated her fans to a lingering double bicep flex as she sauntered around the moaning remnants of her rival. Feeling much happier with herself after dominating Belle in such convincing fashion, Erica slipped a boot under the brunette’s smoldering chassis and nudged her over onto her back. Letting her shadow lay long over Cam’s midsection, Durance placed her hands on her hips and asked, “Still think I’m big clumsy and slow Camilla?”

She went into a crouch and exploded upward in a vertical leap. In the moment before she started to descend, Erica straightened herself out, making sure she was parallel to the canvas. With that goal reached all she had to do was relax and let gravity did the rest. A second later she came crashing down chest first across Camilla’s belly, viciously driving all the oxygen from Belle’s lungs with nothing but the power of abdominal muscles. Resting heavily across Camilla’s gulping, air-deprived tummy, Erica placed her hands on the mat and did a series of what could best be described as miniature push-ups or Splashes for no other reason than to force her adversary to feel her weight.

Grinning from ear-to-ear, Erica said, “This is what they mean by ground and pound baby. You’re on the ground, and I’m pounding you into it.”

Pulling away from Belle’s torso with a slightly sweaty ‘SLIKKING’ sound, Erica hoisted Camilla to her feet, quickly scooped up the lithe girl and then slammed her down as hard as she could. Camilla groaned and arched her back when she hit the mat, but it seemed that the trip to the canvas had actually revitalized her because the brunette recovered quickly and sprang to her feet, moving forward to meet Erica in the clinch Durance had been looking for earlier. But Erica had a rhythm going now and she wanted to keep the match moving at the pace she dictated.

As Camilla moved forward, she did too, picking up the startled rookie for the second time in as many minutes. Not wasting an instant, Erica tossed Camilla down again, the second Scoop Slam keeping the brunette down a little longer. Feasting on the cheers of the crowd, Erica smiled to her fans and flexed her biceps again, making a point of showing how easy it was for her to ragdoll the dazzling highflier all around the ring. And while posing for the fans was always a nice thing to do, it might have been a little early in the contest for photo-ops because Belle managed to roll over onto her belly and push to her knees while Erica was busy flexing.

Hearing the pitch of the mob change, Durance was instantly all business as she spun around to face the recovering brunette. Regarding Cam with steely eyes, Erica asked, “Back for thirds huh?” She stepped forward a third time and hauled Camilla up onto her shoulder. This time the stronger beauty made a point of showing her strength to the audience, slowly turning around, letting the crowd see the ease with which she held her squirming opponent prone. Tensing her arms a bit, Erica said calmly to her captive “I gotta say Cam, you don’t impress me. After all these years, I’d built this match up in my head as an epic battle and here you are letting me toss your scrawny ass anywhere I want to.”

With that she rose up on her toes and hurled Camilla into the canvas, leaving the slender wrestler starfished and groaning after a third consecutive Body Slam. Stepping back to take stock of the situation, Erica smoothed her hair down and decided it would be foolish to prolong this fight any longer than necessary. Though Cam looked pretty out of it at the moment, Durance knew firsthand just how resilient she could be if given the slightest opportunity. Refusing to grant her that opportunity; Erica stalked over to her opponent’s head, hoisted her to her feet and finished her preparations by forcing Belle’s head between her thighs. Wrapping her arms around the brunette’s sweat-dappled midsection, Erica muttered, “No one deserves a lingering, humiliating defeat more than you Cam, but frankly, I’ve got bigger things to worry about and you’re not proving to be a very worthy challenge.”

Bending her knees slightly, Erica lifted up fast, yanking Camilla off the canvas and bringing her into the stall position for a Powerbomb. With Belle’s thighs framing her face, Erica was seconds away from breaking her foe in two when Camilla’s legs clamped down on her neck, cutting off her air. Suddenly choking and almost blind, Erica staggered around the ring with the other brunette stacked up on her shoulders. Realizing she had a very small window to work with, Camilla waited until Erica stumbled to within a few feet of the edge of the ring. Then she leaned back, grabbed hold of the top rope in both hands and pulled as hard as she could. The end result was slightly awkward looking, but dazzling nonetheless. Camilla flipped over the ropes and she took Erica along for the ride, dumping the bigger brunette from the ring to the arena floor with a jury-rigged Hurricanrana.

Ignoring the thunderous cheers from the crowd, Belle demonstrated remarkable upper-body strength by keeping hold on the top rope and pulling herself back into the ring. Breathing hard, she looked down and watched carefully as Erica lay splattered on the thin blue mats surrounding the ring.

When her nemesis started to move, Cam looked out at the audience and said, “Get your cameras ready folks, this is the definition of High Spot.” Falling silent, Camilla returned her focus to Erica and saw that the brunette was only now rising to one knee. Taking another step back she whispered, “Should’ve stayed down longer Erica, getting up is gonna cost you.”

Then she bounded towards the ropes on the other side of the ring before heading back towards Erica’s side a lot faster than anyone would have ever imagined. Just when it appeared that the lissome brunette was going to simply crash into the ropes, Camilla left her feet, executed a crisp 180 degree spin and landed on the top rope with both feet balanced precariously on the wobbling cable. Only vaguely hearing the gasp of the crowd, Camilla bent her knees in a deep crouch then leapt backwards, soaring up in a breathtaking Asai Moonsault. Erica never knew what hit her. The big brunette only managed to get her head part of the way up before Camilla dropped down and absolutely flattened her on the arena floor. Pounding her first against the mat, Camilla popped to her feet and dipped in a low, courtly bow as the crowd screamed, ‘HOLY SHIT!’

Catching her breath, Belle panted, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Intent on fulfilling her prophecy, Camilla jerked Erica up with a handful of tights and rudely muscled the larger girl under the bottom rope, sending Durance rolling into the center of the ring as a pile of loose limbs and quivering muscles. Taking a second to make sure Erica wasn’t going to spring to her feet, Belle hopped up onto the apron and sprinted over to the corner directly in front of her adversary. Moving with a speed most often reserved for jungle cats or other dangerous predators, Cam leapt onto the top rope and sank into a deep crouch, patiently waiting for Erica to peel herself off the canvas.

After several seconds of waiting, the downed brunette became a little more mobile. Rolling over onto her stomach, Erica pressed her hands flat against the canvas and pushed back up to a vertical base. The instant Durance started to get her knees under her; Camilla straightened up and leapt off into the void, hurtling down at the oblivious brunette that was her target.

Still woozy from her tumble to the outside, Erica saw the shadow bearing down on her but she didn’t grasp the significance until it was far too late. Gasping in shock, she pulled her head up just in time to watch Belle smash down across her chest in a frighteningly perfect Flying Crossbody Press. The modified Splash knocked Erica off her feet and drove the air from her lungs as she was violently pancaked between the mat and the other brunette. Switching her gasp of fear to a gasp for breath, Erica struggled to get her shoulders off the mat as the ref dropped down to count, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Durance bucked her legs and tossed Belle free, breaking the count with a second to spare.

Rolling onto one knee, Cam snapped her trunks back into place and mumbled, “Knew you were too dumb to stay down. Too bad, now I have to make you look even worse before I take your spot in the title match.”

Striding over to her foe, Camilla bent down and tugged Erica to her feet with a double handful of hair. Quickly switching her grip to Durance’s wrist, Belle pointed her adversary towards the most convenient corner and sent her careening into the barely-protected steel. Pausing just long enough to confirm that Erica wasn’t faking, Camilla took several steps back and dipped into a low runners crouch. On some silent, prearranged signal, she sprinted forward, eating up the distance between her and Erica at an astonishing rate. When there was less than three feet between her and her rival, Camilla dropped her head and shoulders, going into a low tumble that would have been perfectly harmless to the other brunette had Belle not kept her right leg fully extended.

Camilla’s right heel caught Erica in the center of her forehead with a dull but somehow very ominous THWACK! Inexplicably, the Rolling Heel Kick knocked Erica free of her mooring in the corner and sent her wandering towards the center of the ring. She looked to be about two seconds away from executing an ungainly face-plant when Camilla ran up beside and grabbed her by the shoulders.

Halting Erica’s progress, Cam said cheerfully, “Don’t fall down just yet Erica, I want to show everyone this new move I’ve been working on.”

Belle turned her back on Erica and reached over her shoulders to trap Erica’s head in a loose three quarters Facelock. Nuzzling the taller girl’s chin into the hollow of her shoulder, Camilla planted her right leg in front of Erica’s left leg and leaned back as far as gravity would permit. Just before she lost her balance, the slender brunette YANKED forward; taking Erica off her feet and driving her forehead-first into the canvas with the innovative Snap Mare Driver she’d codenamed ‘The Quiet Riot.’ Durance spasmed as her head whiplashed off the mat, but that was the only resistance she could muster so Cam rolled her onto her back and went for the cover. Hooking Erica’s far leg, Belle nodded in time with the ref’s count of ‘ONE… TWO…’ Erica shot a shoulder off the mat to break the count.

Undaunted, Cam pulled Erica to her feet and confided, “Don’t worry Erica baby, I’ve got plenty of other new moves I’ve been waiting to test out on a bitch like you.”

Belle slid into place on Erica’s left side, looped her right arm across Durance’s shoulders and grabbed the back of her head. Almost done now, Camilla used her left arm to seize Erica’s left wrist and pull it tight across both their bodies while she simultaneously threaded her right leg behind and over Erica’s left leg. All these preparations took her less than a second and when they were completed, she leaned forward the tiniest bit before throwing herself backwards, slamming her opponent down onto the mat with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Though Camilla had delivered the move with a crispness that was something to behold, one would be hard pressed to call anything as classic as the Russian Leg Sweep ‘new.’ It was only when they’d been on the mat for a few seconds that things got interesting. Keeping her grip on Erica’s shoulder and arm tight, Belle quickly popped her legs off the mat and executed a perfect somersault with her quarry still trapped in her clutches.

After a single dizzying spin, both brunettes were back on their feet, but they didn’t stay there for long as Cam immediately dropped back, bouncing Erica’s skull off the mat with a second Russian Leg Sweep. Smiling as the crowd’s applause inched up several decibels; Camilla performed a second somersault and regained her vertical base. Pausing for dramatic effect, she looked from Erica to the crowd and said, “Let’s change it up!”

The words were still hanging in the air when she reared back to complete the trifecta of Leg Sweeps. But the moment she rose up on her toes, Camilla pressed forward, treating Erica to a faceful of canvas compliments of the Inverted Russian Leg Sweep.

Not bothering to go for a pin at the moment, Belle got to her knees and dusted off her hands before returning her attention to Erica. Mussing the other brunette’s sweaty mane with both hands, Cam chided, “Face down, ass up; having any flashbacks to high school yet Erica?”

Getting nothing but a petulant moan in response, the phenomenal highflier took hold of her adversary’s shoulder straps and yanked her to her feet. Deciding it was time for Erica to spend some more time in the corner; Camilla whirled her prey to face the nearest turnbuckle and whipped her towards it. Belle was just about to release her grip when Erica’s fingers dug into her wrist. In less time than it takes to blink, Durance reversed the momentum of the Whip and sent the other brunette careening towards the steel. While an unexpected development, it was nothing Camilla couldn’t handle as she proved by reaching out with both hands, grabbing the top rope and propelling herself into the air in hopes that a charging Erica would pass under her and smash into the turnbuckle.

Sadly, while Cam’s execution and timing were perfect, it was the placement of her opponent that proved to be the most troublesome. Because despite the pounding she had take, Erica knew that her old rival would probably try a showy counter; thusly she hung back instead of charging in blindly. When she saw Camilla shoot herself into the air, Erica lunged forward and stopped just as Belle’s ankles came down on either side of her head. Shooting her arms up, Durance clamped down tight and suddenly Cam found herself suspended a good five feet above the canvas. Savoring the impending THWAM, Erica took a single giant step back and sat out. Belle’s handhold on the top rope was shattered and the helpless brunette’s face, chest and belly were devastated by the force of her opponent’s ingeniously administered Facebuster.

Panting hard thanks to the combined effort of her defense and Camilla’s offense, Erica wiped the sweat off her forehead and took several deep breaths before getting back to her feet. Watching Camilla’s prostrate form with hard eyes, Durance tucked her hair behind her ears and whispered, “Now that you mention it, this does remind me of high school. Only you need to be facedown in the dirt or the varsity squad to make things totally accurate.”

Satisfied with her verbal barb, Erica yanked Camilla up with a handful of tights before spinning the dazed girl around to face her. Sneering angrily, Erica slipped an arm between Cam’s thighs and slung the other over her shoulder before hoisting up onto the point of her shoulder and into position for a Body Slam. But instead of simply slamming Camilla to the canvas, Erica turned until they were both facing the corner on the opposite side of the squared circle. Taking a step or two back, Erica exploded forward, heading for the buckles at a good clip.

When only a few feet separating them from the padded steel, Durance put on the brakes and tossed Camilla up and off her shoulder, leaving her rival to end the journey by dropping face-first onto the top turnbuckle. The whiplash of the Snake Eyes snapped Cam’s neck back at a painful angle and it was only good luck that allowed her to land on her feet in a sloppy stumble and wander back towards the center of the ring.

Her luck ran out a moment later when Erica bounced off the ropes and ran straight for her. Camilla never saw it coming and Erica’s Spear caught her directly over the navel. The phenomenal strength of the tackle lifted both girls off their feet and sent them flying through the air, Erica stretched out straight like a 5’8” torpedo while Cam’s body was bent into an ungodly C in the brief seconds between leaving the canvas and rejoining it.

Getting to her knees, Erica could still feel Camilla’s belly molding over her shoulder and that made her extremely happy. Flipping the hair out of her eyes, Erica planted both palms on either side of Belle’s head and bent down to shout, “COULDN’T DODGE THAT, COULD YA BITCH?”

When the best thing she got was a muted curse, Erica buried her hands in Belle’s dark hair and scraped her off the mat. Nearly trembling with nervous energy, Erica immediately scoops the lighter girl up into position for another Body Slam. Holding Jen belly down across her shoulder, Erica wraps one arm around Hewitt’s waist and the other across the back of her neck. Several of the fans in attendance called for the Test of En-Durance right then, but Erica had something else in mind. Jogging around the edge of the ring, she slowly picks up speed as she initiates a spiral pattern that brings her closer and closer to the center of canvas. When she’s reached her destination, Erica leaps into the air only to drive herself forward and down, nearly sending Camilla through the ring with the explosive force of her Running Power Slam.

Bouncing onto her knees from the sheer impact of the slam, Erica quickly settled into a tight cover across her opponent’s chest and hooked both legs. Nearly folding Camilla in half, Erica bears down as hard as she can, making the other brunette take all her weight. Dropping into place with his usual rapidity, the ref slaps the mat, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Belle wrenched her legs free of Erica’s cradle, halting the count before it could be completed.

Shaking her head in disgust, Durance grabbed her victim by the scruff of the neck and pulled her to her feet. Setting her sights on the nearest set of buckles, Erica marched in that direction and tossed Cam into the steel when they were close enough. Straightening the slender vixen up against the corner, Erica pressed her left forearm across Camilla’s chin and leaned in close, making sure the other beauty would feel her coming. Going nose to nose with her opponent, Erica purred, “We’ve been doing this hard and fast since the beginning and that’s more your game than mine. Now we’re gonna slooooow things down and you can feel what it’s like to be helpless and beaten.”

Ignoring Camilla’s frustrated gurgle, Erica pulled away just far enough to allow her room to swing. Balling her free hand into a fist, Erica lines up her shot and then pounds it forward, impaling Belle’s tummy on her knuckles. Cam lets out a sob and tries to fight free, but Durance works her control methodically and the instant she resets her feet, she blasts that right forward three times in rapid succession, PIK, PAK, PEK!

Absolutely heartless in her subjugation of the other beauty, Erica tilts her head to the side and asks, “Whatsa matter baby, your tummy hurt? Or maybe it’s your ribs!”

Durance punctuates her sentence with another hateful cannonade of punches to Cam’s frame, only this time she bangs the shots home against Belle’s quivering ribs. Always a big proponent of symmetry in the wrestling ring, Erica reloads and adds a matching pair to her sagging nemesis’ left flank. Erica’s in the process of grinding her knuckles against the smaller girl’s ribcage when she becomes aware of the official droning in her ear.

Apparently the zebra has just become aware of the Forearm Choke as he implemented his count. Rolling her eyes in exasperation, Durance pulls her forearm from Camilla’s throat, but not before she drives a short, sadistic pair of uppercuts into undersides of the lithe brunette’s helpless rack. Grinning hungrily into Belle’s pain-ravaged face, Erica spat, “You never could take a punch!”

Changing her tactics, the brawny beauty bent at the waist and wrapped both arms around Cam’s midsection. When her hands were locked, Durance hauled her nemesis up and sat her on the top turnbuckle. Shooing the ref away with a glance, Erica gripped the top rope in both hands and climbed up onto the middle buckle. Releasing her hold on the cables, she reapplied the loose Bear Hug on Camilla and lifted her up just enough to get her feet onto the top buckle.

As soon as Cam’s feet were clear, Erica fell back and took Camilla with her, tossing the lighter grappler nearly three quarters of the way across the ring with a Belly to Belly Suplex delivered off the second rope. Enjoying the loud WHAM that accompanied Camilla’s return to terra firma, Erica got to her knees and scrambled over to her aching adversary. Forgoing any cute taunts, she pounced on her rival and hooked the far leg; breathing a sigh of relief after nearly getting flattened by Camilla’s descent.

The official sank to his knees and counted off, ‘ONE… TWO…’ but Belle snapped a weak but still fairly effective punch into the side of Erica’s head and the taller girl groaned and rolled clear, ending the pin.

Brushing off Camilla’s last bit of defense, Erica got to her feet and growled, “So you wanna exchange shots to the head now? Baby, you’re not gonna last five seconds against me.”

Stalking over to Belle’s head, she helped herself to a double handful of Camilla’s hair and hauled her to her knees. Watching the dazed beauty’s face with a barely contained rage, Durance’s pretty face was set in a grim, working woman’s sneer as she driving her barely padded knees into Camilla’s forehead and cheeks. Left, right, left, right, left right; Erica connected with nearly a dozen of these heinous blows before she tugged Cam up and took possession of her right wrist. Planting her feet, Durance Whipped her stunned nemesis into the ropes and waited patiently for her to return. When Belle was only a few paces away from a head on collision, Erica ducked down so she could toss her up into the lights with a Back Body Drop.

But Durance had made a big mistake in taking her eyes off the other wrestler and Camilla was going to make her pay most dearly for it. When she saw Erica’s head go down, Belle sped up and executed a short, rolling leap that sent her tumbling across Durance’s back in a move that would have looked more at home on the dance floor of some swanky club as opposed to a wrestling ring. Regardless of appearances, Cam landed on her feet only a few steps behind Erica and she immediately settled into a light, bouncing martial arts stance.

The moment Erica turned around, Camilla stepped forward and shot her right leg up, BWAM, the sole of her boot caught the beautiful brunette square in the face with a straight High Kick that weakened Erica’s knees and crossed her eyes in an instant. Resetting her feet after the kick connected, Cam flipped the hair off her face and snarled, “I won’t last five seconds with you Erica? You’ll be lucky to be standing after five seconds.”

Darting forward with viper-speed, Camilla pulled her arms up, slashed the right one forward and cracked Erica across the cheek with a blow that was more of a Palm Strike than a true slap. No matter what its called, the blow rocked Erica’s head to the side, a problem Camilla corrected by shooting out her left hand and CRACK, hitting Durance’s face again. Each Slap rocked Erica back a step, which didn’t bother Cam in the slightest. She had the patience and the timing to walk her girl down, quickly and brutally herding the dazed brunette across the ring on a diagonal with a rainstorm of stinging, cracking SLAPS!

As they neared the corner, Erica finally tripped over her own feet and she went tumbling backwards only to land against the turnbuckles in a wounded, helpless sprawl. Treating the red faced beauty to a final pair of head turning Slaps, Belle closed in on her nemesis and purred, “Last time I got to smack you that hard, you didn’t sit down for a week. I can’t decide which end of you I like paddling more.”

Turning her attention to the task at hand, Camilla lowered her shoulder, wrapped her arms around Erica’s waist and hauled the bigger girl up into a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Most members of the audience thought Belle was going to repay her foe for that Belly-to-Belly Suplex off the second rope, but Cam surprised them by keeping both feet rooted firmly on the mat. Instead, she took Erica’s right leg in both hands, securing her grip just under Durance’s ankle and knee. Suppressing a small smile, Camilla lifted Erica’s leg up to about chest level; then she yanked back and fell to her left, dropping to the canvas in a graceful little dive. There was nothing graceful about Erica’s return to the mat however. Cam’s violent tug jerked her off the buckle, dumped her on the canvas and if that wasn’t enough, nearly wrenched her knee out of joint as well. Nodding her satisfaction with the Dragon Screw’s effectiveness, Belle popped to her feet and jogged over to the recently vacated turnbuckle.

Treating Erica to the briefest of glances, Camilla hopped onto the top rope and whirled to face the ring all in one smooth motion before transitioning from a crouch to her full height in less than a second.

Belle glared down at her mewling adversary and asked, “You know why I’ll always win when we fight Erica? Because I can FLY.”

To prove her point, she sprang off the top rope and came crashing down with the full weight of her back landing across Durance’s quivering chest and belly. The no-frills Senton Splash connected beautifully and all of the air in Erica’s lungs was expelled in a single violent, shuddering instant. Shaking off the minor after-effects of the landing, Camilla rolled onto her knees and shoved Erica over onto her back. Flopping across the breathless vixen, she hooked the far leg and nodded in time with the ref counting, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Durance shot an arm into the air, breaking the count with less than a second to spare.

Favoring the ref with an irritated scowl, Camilla sank both hands into Erica’s sweaty locks and pulled the larger girl to her feet. She was in the process of switching her grip from Erica’s hair to her wrist when Durance jabbed her right hand forward and raked Belle’s face with her talons. Voicing a happy little growl as Cam stumbled away rubbing at her eyes, Erica easily caught up with the blinded girl and doubled her over with a Right Cross to the belly. Not even waiting for the slender girl to finish gasping, Erica treated herself to a handful of Belle’s hair and straightened her up fast.

Curling her free hand into a fist, Erica sneered into her opponent’s face and whispered, “You had the chance to stay down Cam. Now I’ll make sure to take my time with breaking you down.”

Contrary to her words, Durance moved with startling speed as she snapped her fist forward and banged several rapid-fire jabs off the lighter brunette’s face. Camilla started to wilt under the heavy fire and she tried to pull away, but every time she did, Erica just reeled her back in and BAM! BAM! BAM! tenderized her face with another trio of jabs. After this scene played out almost half a dozen times, Erica released her hold on Belle’s hair and gripped her around the wrist. Pointing her punch-drunk partner into the cables, Erica set her feet and sent her staggering with a hard Irish Whip.

Erica’s arm was fully extended and she was a few heartbeats from letting Camilla go when the other brunette planted her feet, stopping dead in her tracks. In the blink of an eye, Camilla yanked Erica forward and looped around behind her, pulling the brunette’s left arm across her own throat. As soon as she’d pulled Durance’s arm tight, Belle dropped to the mat, jerking Erica off her feet only to splatter her against the canvas with a Straightjacket Neckbreaker.

Releasing Erica’s suddenly limp wrist, Camilla scrambled to her knees and pounced across the downed brunette’s middle, hooking the far leg in the process. Amazed at the speed in which Belle had delivered her counter, the official dropped down and counted off, ‘ONE… TWO… THR-NO!’ Erica muscled Cam off her chest, ensuring that the fight would continue a little while longer.

Cradling her head with both hands in a valiant attempt to subdue the pain of Durance’s fistic assault, Camilla rested on her knees for several seconds before getting her feet under her. More than a little pissed at the way Erica had attempted to regain control of the match, Cam leaned down into her rival’s face and said sternly, “You see that Erica? See how fast I put you on your back again? If you take your eyes off me for a second, it’s going to cost you your fucking head!”

Tagging Durance’s left cheek with a light SLAP, Camilla scraped her opponent off the mat and assumed another tight grip on her wrist. Pivoting around until she found an angle she liked, Belle sank into a crouch and sent the bigger brunette roaring towards the buckles. But much like Camilla herself had done only moments ago, Erica managed to reverse the momentum on the Whip at the last possible moment and it was Cam that went for the ride towards the turnbuckles and as an added incentive, Erica was hot on her heels.

Cursing the stronger wrestler’s tenacity, the highflier kept her wits about her as the steel closed in. Picking her spot, Camilla left her feet and soared in the rest of the way, landing easily on the top rope. Hoping to catch Erica off guard, Belle immediately sprang backwards, turning as she did so to drop the taller girl with another Flying Crossbody. In this she was unsuccessful because Durance had the presence of mind to go low when she was following Cam in, thusly the agile beauty only brushed the top of her foe’s head with her passing. Despite the miscalculation, Belle corrected herself in midair and landed on her feet with nothing more than a little ‘ungh’ of exertion. Intent on taking the fight back to Erica, she whirled on her heel and THWACK, walked right into a hideous Big Boot that dropped her onto the mat without even a whimper of protest.

Chuckling, Erica Durance snapped her bottoms back into place and chided, “You may be able to move like a hummingbird Cam, but all I need to do is connect once and your chirping, hyperactive ass isn’t going anywhere.” Sauntering over behind the devastated brunette, Erica dropped to one knee in behind Belle’s head. Hoisting her to a sitting position, Erica added, “That’s the problem with pretty, fast moving toys. One good smack and they break like glass.”

Erica yanked back on Camilla’s hair and easily tucked the other brunette’s chin into the crook of her right armpit, and made sure her arm was also looped over Camilla’s right arm. With her left arm, she reached under Camilla’s body and locked her hands, closing the loop tight to apply the Dragon Sleeper. Rising to one knee, Erica leaned back as hard as she could, putting sadistic pressure on Cam’s neck and back. Jerking back on the hold a little bit, Erica wrenched Camilla’s neck as far as popular thinking said it could, then she wrenched it a little bit more!

Feeling her captive thrash and scream, Durance bounced the Sleeper up and down before she asked, “Pain getting to be too much to bear Camilla? You want this to end? Just scream ‘I’M ERICA’S BITCH’ as loud as you can and I’ll let you go!”

Sobbing through the pain brought on by the devilishly simple hold, Belle dug her free hand into Erica’s arm and howled, “NOT ON YOUR LIFE ASSHOLE!”

In far too much pain to up something more artistic, Camilla bellowed in agonized fury and planted her feet on the mat. Chocking down her cries as best she could, Cam pushed up again, slowly forcing both girls back to a more vertical base. Shaking her head in disbelief, not just at Camilla’s resilience but her damnable flexibility, Erica was almost caught flat-footed when Camilla started to twist into the pressure of the submission, a tactic that would have turned the Dragon Sleeper into nothing more than a simple Front Facelock. Recalling that both Natalie Portman and Jennifer Love Hewitt had used this tactic on her, Erica planted her feet and jerked Belle back into place, keeping the Dragon Sleeper locked in for duration. Shaking her head ‘no’ several times, Erica panted. “What’s the matter Camilla, not slippery enough to wriggle free of this one? Maybe I should show a little compassion and let you out the easy. Just be warned, the easy way still hurts like hell.”

Maintaining her position, Durance suddenly unclasped her hands but did not pull Cam free of the Inverted Face-Lock. With her newly freed left hand she grabbed a hold of Belle’s bottom. She held this position just long enough to catch her breath and then she pulled the lithe brunette up and off her feet, holding Camilla extended and aloft directly over her head. When Belle’s weight began to wear on her, Erica fell back, completing the Inverted Vertical Suplex. Camilla was driven into the mat, her deliciously defenseless chest and midsection absorbing the brunt of the impact. Gagging and very close to spewing her guts on Durance’s boots, Camilla was completely at Erica’s mercy. Unfortunately for Cam, the most merciful thing Erica did was shove her over onto her back and go for the cover. Grinding her forearm on the bridge of Belle’s nose, Erica’s face was a portrait of grim determination as the ref counted off, ‘ONE… TWO... TH-NO!’ Camilla jerked a shoulder off the mat, saving herself from defeat with very little time to spare.

Throwing the ref a dirty look of her own, Erica got to her feet and helped Cam to hers with a clawful of tights. Going nose-to-nose with the wounded girl, Erica cooed, “Go ahead Cam, keep kicking out. Keep resisting me. I want you to give me everything you’ve got, because then I can WRING every last drop from you and throw away what’s left.”

Pushing her nemesis away, Erica snagged Camilla’s left wrist and sent her careening into the turnbuckles. This time there were no acrobatics from the other brunette. Aside from a weary half turn that kept her chest away from the steel, she hit the buckles at a full gallop only to be bounced out of the corner and sent staggering back towards her patiently waiting tormentor. Nodding in silent approval as Belle came staggering back into range; Durance helped herself to a second serving of slender brunette wrist and Irish Whipped Cam into the opposite set of corners. The location may have been different but the results were the same. Belle hit the steel with a weary groan and forced back towards the center by nothing more than the force of the impact.

This time when Camilla got close, Erica had a new plan in mind. Sweeping the lissome beauty up in her arms, Durance pulled her in tight, mashing the highflier’s durable carriage against her own equally taut physique. With the Bear Hug cinched on tight, Erica knew it was only a matter of time before she sealed this match and she wanted to make damn sure that Camilla knew it too. Both tormentor and victim where drenched in perspiration as Durance tightened the hold and ground her ample chest into Belle’s more modest (but nonetheless impressive) décolletage.

Jerking back on the hold, Erica glared hatefully into Camilla’s face and growled, “When this match started, I was actually worried that you might be able to beat me a second time. I’m glad to say you’ve proved that particular fear groundless.”

Adjusting her grip, Erica reared back and wrenched her hips left and right, shaking Camilla like a sock monkey in the grasp of a sugar buzzed five year old. Unable to bite back a scream as Erica crushed the fight out of her, Camilla’s flagging consciousness settled on the only tactic she believed would save her. Digging her hands into Erica’s lank curls, Camilla darted her head forward and bit down hard on Erica’s nose. Durance shrieked in pain and surprise, but even the blinding pain at the end of her face wasn’t enough to make her relinquish the hold.

Tightening her hold on Camilla’s waist, Erica bent her knees and exploded up and back, tossing Cam nearly three quarters of the way across the ring with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Bell hit the canvas with a sweaty THUD that was nearly drowned out by the enthusiastic cheers of the mob. Inspecting her nose and finding no real damage, Durance turned a hard eye on Camilla Belle and stalked over to where the other brunette was splayed on the mat.

Pulling Belle up again, Erica gripped her throat with one hand. Her grip the only thing keeping Cam from falling down, Erica held her tightly and pulled her close. Staring into her foe’s glazed eyes, Erica whispered, “Why don’t you just stay down Camilla? All you have to do is stay down for three seconds. That’s a hell of a lot nicer offer than you ever gave me. Come to think of it, fuck that offer. Do what you want, I’m gonna kick your ass til I get tired.”

Using her free hand, Erica planted it in Camilla’s crotch before lifting her high overhead, holding the smaller woman prone in a textbook Military Press Slam. Keeping Cam up, Erica began to walk around the ring, holding Belle high, all the while letting the audience drink in the rookie’s total helplessness. With Camilla’s weight finally causing her arms to tremble, Erica pushed Camilla up one final time and stepped forward, leaving Belle to fall almost eight feet straight down, landing stomach and chest first on the mat. Seeing Cam bounce over onto her back, Erica dipped her knees in a deep crouch and then exploded up in a vertical leap, at the apex of which she flattened herself out and came crashing down across Camilla’s chest in a Splash. Laughing loudly as Cam flopped like a shock therapy patient; Erica bore down on her opponent and hooked the far leg. Savoring the feel of Belle’s sweat-tacky tummy faltering against her own, Durance ground down on her prey and chided, “I guess THIS is what it feels like when all the fight leaks out of someone like you.”

Paying no attention to Erica’s taunting, the zebra dropped to his knees and, ‘ONE… TWO…THR-NO!’ Camilla pulled her legs free, halting the count at the last moment.

Getting to her knees, Erica smacked both fists against the mat and muttered, “Time to test your limits Cam.” Pushing up to her full height, Erica strode over to Camilla and jerked her up with a handful of hair. Holding the woozy girl at arms length, Durance drew a thumb across her throat and shouted, “I hope you three losers are watching!”

Erica reached through Camilla’s legs, threw her other arm over Belle’s shoulder and lifted the slender girl up onto her shoulder. Holding Camilla belly down across her shoulder, Erica wrapped one arm around Belle’s waist and the other across the back of her neck. Set-up complete, Durance rose up on her toes but before she could sit out, Cam started wriggling furiously on her shoulder and the other brunette was able to pull away from her captor’s grasp. Snarling under her breath, Erica whirled around and snagged Camilla’s wrist as she was trying to stagger away. Pulling her in close Erica sneered, “You don’t go anywhere unless I tell you to. Got that bitch?”

Erica gave Belle her marching orders and sent her charging towards a corner on the far side of the ring. Watching in horror as the buckles rushed in to meet her once again, Cam knew that if she wanted to regain control of this match, she’d have to stop letting Erica smash her from pillar to post. Keeping that thought in mind, she summoned up her reserves and left her feet, landing on the middle rope so neatly you’d have thought the match was less than a minute old.

Looking over her shoulder, Belle saw Erica rushing in and suddenly she had her plan. Grabbing the top rope in both hands, the lissome brunette bounced hard on the rope and jerked back, executing an incredibly believable feint. But it wouldn’t matter how realistic it was if Erica herself didn’t fall for it. Luckily for Belle, Durance’s eyes went wide and she dropped to the mat in a flash, laying on her belly in hopes of avoiding whatever airborne nastiness Camilla had in store.

Seizing her opportunity, the highflier executed a second bounce, this one for real. At the apex of her momentum, Cam went into a beautiful split and released her grip on the top rope. As she came down, the brunette landed with one thigh on each of the turnbuckle and she used the ropes to initiate a tight little Backflip that ended with her landing chest first across Erica’s back, which her foe had so generously offered up. The Split-Legged Moonsault hit perfectly and all of Erica’s thoughts of finishing Cam off went out the window as she was suddenly more occupied with the crushing weight that had nearly driven her through the canvas.

Ignoring the pain in her ribs for the time-being, Camilla pushed to her feet and scooted around to Erica’s head and peeled the shell-shocked beauty off the mat. Wheeling Durance around to face her, Belle thought about chiding her foe and decided against it. Better to wait til after the match was over and victory was already hers. Lowering her shoulder, Camilla pulled Erica into her and hoisted the bigger girl up across her shoulders in a simple Fireman’s Carry.

Trudging to the center of their battleground, Camilla turned in a slow circle and shouted, “This isn’t the sort of Technical Knockout you’d see in a boxing match, but I still think my version gets the job done!”

Keeping her rotations nice and steady, Belle spun around nearly half a dozen times, increasing her velocity with every new iteration. When at last she put on the brakes, she flung Erica’s legs off her shoulder and sent the majority of the stunned brunette’s body trailing out behind her. Acting fast, Cam trapped Erica’s head in a Three-Quarters Face-Lock and sat out hard, driving the full length of Durance’s torso into the mat with the sadistically modified Neckbreaker known as the TKO.

Shoving Erica over onto her back, Camilla hooked the far leg and waited for the ref to appear. A moment later he did just that and slapped the mat, “ONE… TWO… THR-NO!”

Erica twitched a shoulder off the mat at the very last second, much to the Camilla’s chagrin and the audience’s surprise. Groaning in frustration, Belle shot to her feet and made a violent slashing motion with both arms. Regarding the crowd with wide, enthusiastic eyes Camilla proclaimed, “OFF WITH HER HEAD!” the signal for the Camilla-Tine. When they heard it, the crowd went nuts and Cam went to work. As the mob urged her on, Camilla hoisted Erica to her feet, doubled her over with a hard Knee Lift to the abdomen and then took a position in front of and slightly to the left of her prey.

Grabbing Erica’s left arm by the wrist, Camilla pulled the limp limb out to Durance’s side, and quickly stepped over it with her left leg, resting her thigh just above Erica’s elbow. In the same motion, Belle reached up with her right hand and took hold of her captive’s wrist, leaving her left arm free to wrap up Erica’s head in a grinding Front Facelock. Camilla-tine in place, all Belle had to do was rise up and fall back - which she would have if Erica hadn’t balled her free hand in a fist and drove several short, vile punches into the controlling brunette’s exposed ribs!

Cam’s complicated grip fell away and Erica was able to stagger free from certain defeat, but she didn’t get too far. Durance had made it less than five steps when Belle grabbed her by the shoulders and whirled her around. Before Erica could blink, Camilla fired a sadistic Toe Kick into the bigger girl’s navel, doubling her over in breathless, panting anguish. Breathing pretty hard herself, Camilla slapped another Front Facelock on her nemesis and panted, “Struggle all you want Erica, no matter what you try, I’m still going to walk away from this ring the winner.”

Keeping the Face Lock cinched in tight, Camilla reached down with her free hand and hooked Erica’s left leg with her right arm. Bending her knees slightly, Belle had lifted Erica off the mat by no more than a few inches before she twisted her body violently to the right and dropped down, slamming the back of Durance’s head and neck into the canvas with a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker. Erica let out a single groan and then lay still. She was starfished and prone in the middle of the ring and that’s exactly where the impressive rookie wanted her old rival. Resting on her knees, Belle thought about going for her finisher again, and then decided to try something else. Getting to her feet, Cam pointed to the most convenient set of turnbuckles and told the audience, “This might not be the Camilla-Tine, but it’ll sure as hell separate her head from the rest of her!”

Sprinting across the ring, Camilla leapt to the top rope in one easy motion and then turned to face towards the ring. Not bothering to preen for the crowd this time, Belle crouched down and then launched into the void, soaring through the air like a guided missile before she began a sharp, angular descent; dive-bombing toward her nemesis with her right leg fully extended. A second later, the Guillotine Leg Drop slammed down across Erica’s face and the helpless brunette flopped pitifully for a few seconds before laying still. Rubbing her aching tailbone, the brunette draped herself across Erica’s chest and hooked the far leg. Snarling down into Durance’s face, as the ref did his thing, Camilla taunted, “That’s why you should have stayed down Erica.”

Ignoring the highflier’s conversation with her prey, the official counted off, ‘ONE… TWO…THRE-NO, NO!’

Erica had snapped a shoulder up and rolled to break the count with less than an inch between the ref’s hand and the canvas. Shaking her head in abject disbelief Camilla got to her feet and brushed passed the official without even looking at him. Going with what she knew best, Cam went back to the corner and hopped up onto the top rope. Settling into a tense crouch, Belle surveyed the ring with a falcon’s cold eye, waiting patiently for Erica to get up off mat so she could swoop down on her one more time. Down on the mat, Erica’s head was spinning and every instinct was telling her to roll out of the ring, but her traitorous frame just didn’t want to listen.

Mustering what little reserves she had left, Durance turned her head to the side and saw Camilla perched on the buckles, waiting for her to move. Despite all the pain she was in, Erica managed a smile and thought, ‘You just made a big mistake sweetie.’ Letting loose with an exaggerated (but not by too much) groan, Erica rolled over onto her belly and rose up on her hands and knees. Paying close attention to the crowd noise to make sure Belle wasn’t about to come crashing down on her, Erica took a few more deep breaths and waited until she was sure she could pull off her plan. Steadying her nerves, the wounded brunette pushed up onto her knees and suddenly exploded to her feet. Not having the time to make sure Cam wasn’t airborne; Erica hurtled towards the ropes on her right and plowed into them with all her remaining strength. The idea wasn’t to use the cables for leverage, but upset the highflier’s balance and that’s exactly what she did!

Durance’s seemingly miraculous burst of motion caught Belle totally off guard and she was paralyzed with indecision until Erica shook the ropes and took the choice away from her. Uttering a startled little cry, Camilla lost her footing and fell straight down, only to find herself forcefully and evilly crotched on the top buckle. Sobbing aloud, Belle cradled her injured center and tried to will herself out of this terribly unpleasant position.

Unfortunately, she was still there when Erica stalked over and climbed onto the second rope; maneuvering around so that her back was to the other brunette. “You’re not the only one that can hit moves off the top Cam,” Erica said. “Check THIS out!”

Leaning back, Erica scooped Camilla from the buckles to her shoulder in one speedy but somewhat awkward looking move. Satisfied, Erica wrapped her left arm across the bare expanse of Camilla’s back, right above her dangling arms. She then used her right arm to cup the back of Belle’s neck, positioning her so that her head was just about even with Erica’s hip. Preparations complete, Erica rose up and leapt off into the void. A second later, she came down with a ring shaking WHAM, driving the back of Camilla’s head and neck into the canvas with a ‘Test of En-Durance’ from the second rope!

At this point it was very likely that Belle was out of it; the Test of En-Durance was already an impressive move, but to add several more feet to the fall made it nigh unbeatable. Still, Erica had a lot of unfinished business with the brunette pooled beside her. Once upon a time she’d thought Camilla was down and out only to have her come back and hand Erica the first and most humiliating defeat of her young life. Refusing to ever let that happen again, Durance buried her hands in Cam’s hair and pulled her to her knees. After giving her foe’s head a few sharp tugs, Erica yanked her forward and applied a Standing Headscissors.

Circling her arms around Cam’s sweat soaked belly, Erica lifted her up high, until the small of Belle’s back came to rest on the point of Erica’s shoulder. With her hands clasped firmly just below the rookie’s breasts, Erica started to spin in a circle, picking up speed until her rotations were of a dizzying speed. Just when she was nearing the point of nausea, she did two things…

First, she flipped Camilla forward and off her shoulder while still gripping her around the chest; then she sat out, landing hard on her butt. The effect of the devastating move was to smash the full length of her victim’s face, chest, stomach and legs into the mat with mind numbing force. The impact of the ‘Durance Driver’ actually knocked Camilla back up into the air just high enough to flip her over onto her back. Confident the match was all but over, Erica pounced on her insensate foe and applied a Double Leg Grapevine. Wrapping her legs over Cam’s then locking her feet inside Belle’s shins, Erica wrenches her legs open at a near perfect 45 degree angle and subjecting her nemesis to the humiliating plight of the Full Body Pin.

Smashing the whole of her chassis down onto Camilla in time with the ref’s count, Durance purred, “THIS IS HOW… YOU EVEN… A SCORE!”

Working hard to keep his eyes from roving away from Camilla’s supine shoulders, the official slapped the mat, ‘ONE… TWO… THREE!’


The bell rang announcing Erica as the winner, but she wasn’t quite done yet. Maintaining the grapevine for several seconds longer than she had to, Erica finally released the hold, but didn’t get up off Cam’s waist. Cupping the beaten brunette’s face in both hands, Durance glared down and said, “There’s nothing I’d love more than to hang out here and spend the rest of the night humiliating you, but the fact is, you’re a loser and I’ve got a title to win. Still…”

Then she scooted up Camilla’s body and came to a stop with her butt resting heavily on the swell of Belle’s chest. Letting her thighs frame the other brunette’s face, Erica subjected her rival to a very high schoolgirl pin; if she moved up another inch, it would be a full on Face Sit. Enjoying the feel of Cam’s chin pressing against her center, Durance wiped a bead of sweat off her belly and dabbed it onto Camilla’s nose. Licking her lips, Erica whispered, “If you ever want a rematch, look me up after I win the title. Beating you with gold on the line is the only thing that could be sweeter than this.”

Getting no response, Erica made a small show of snapping her bottoms back into place, adjusting the edges of her top and generally straightening her appearance all while she was still nuzzled up against her beaten foe’s chin. Eventually she was satisfied with the alterations so she got to her feet. Standing over her longtime nemesis, Erica placed her right boot on Cam’s gently rising chest and rewarded the crowd with a lingering flex of her biceps.

Bringing her hands down, Erica tapped her abs with one finger as she said, “See this waist folks? This is the new home of that World Title. And I can’t wait to prove it to the three douche-bags standing in my way.”

The words had just left her mouth when the exhaustion of the fight finally caught up with her. Doing her best not to limp, Erica Durance left the ring and headed up the ramp. After her convincing win over the rookie sensation, it was going to hard for even the staunchest of Durance haters to bet against the powerful brunette in the championship match.
Note from RF - In case anyone was wondering, I DID write a piece explaining the bad blood between these two but refrained from posting it here because fightless stories tend to go over like a lead balloon. Anyhoo, if you'd be If any of you are interested in finding out more about the backstory between Camilla and Erica, just lemme know by posting a note on Kim & Ginny's Message Board with your e-mail and I'll send it your way.