Camilla Belle vs. Erica Durance (rematch) by The Walkin’ Dude

NOTE: Before you start I’d like to point out - before someone else does - that details in this story do not jibe with fact; namely their ages. There’s too many years separating these two for them to have been in High School together, let alone be seniors the same year. Of course, in the real world they probably don’t know how to execute Leg-Cradle DDT’s or Emerald Fusions either! I tooled with their ages to make the back story I created, so keep that in mind if warning bells start to go off!
Still not quite sure if he was the butt of some practical joke, Charles Dexter Ward turned away from his guests and gazed out on the low, rolling hills that made such a soothing backdrop for his office. Choosing his words carefully, he said, “Let me get this straight. I’ve spent a fortune renovating an entire floor in this place to look like the master suites of some of the most famous hotels on the planet; the Ritz, Chelsea, Plaza, Overlook, Waldorf-Astoria, the Dolphin, Hotel de Paris, or even the Dubai Hotel and you two tell me... you want to wrestle in my back yard?” Ward turned around and looked at his visitors with a mystified glance.

Erica nodded, “That’s right. Inside is too good for what I’m going to do to HER.” She jerked a thumb at Camilla.

The other brunette grimaced and shot back, “Whatever you say Erica. I was just trying to save his cleaning crew from having to scrape bits ‘n’ pieces of you off the walls and out of the carpet when I’m done.”

Before the ladies could continue their debate, Charles looked at the young man seated between them, “And how do YOU fit into this exactly?”

Mark Petrie just shrugged, “Apparently I’m that referee everyone turns to when they have a vendetta what needs settling…not as much fun as you’d think.”

Ward gave him a sarcastic grin, “Oh darn! Women come running when they want to settle a grudge and beat the snot out of each other. The world weeps for you Mark.”

The ref sighed, “Just sayin’ is all...”

Mulling the request, Ward sat back in his chair and asked, “This doesn’t have anything to do with that tape Archer and Nym found in Colorado last summer does it, ladies?”

Durance and Belle both tensed up and Charles could see that he’d hit close to home. Erica answered, “Cam caused me a lot of trouble in high school. She beat me then and I want another shot. Rich suggested we see you.”

“But why not do it in the ring? If I recall, you two already faced one another in December and you won. Shouldn’t that even things up?”

Belle shook her head ‘no.’ “The woods are a lot different than a ring. Don’t ask me why, but our first fight was far different than what folks saw in the ring. Sure, Erica beat me last time, but she couldn’t handle me in the woods then and she can’t be me there now.”

Glaring daggers at her rival, Erica growled, “Dream on Cam...” Camilla glared right back but remained silent.

Ward directed his next question to Mark. “And you’re going along to make sure they don’t kill each other.”

“That’s the plan,” he shrugged.

Satisfied, Charles thought about it for a moment, then said, “There’s a clearing less than a mile from here. Before I was cooped up in this house all the time, I recall it being pretty nice.”

“Is that a yes?” Belle asked.

“On two conditions. First, you let my people set up a cameras so I can watch the tapes later. You’ll still have privacy, but since I’m providing the arena, it seems only fair I’m recompensed in some way. Agreeable?”

Both ladies nodded.

“What’s the other?” Erica queried.

“I get to chose your attire.”

Durance chuckled, “French maids don’t usually fight slutty nurses in the forest.”

Ward burst out laughing, “How very true, Ms. Durance, But I had something else in mind. While I don’t have all the details, it’s clear you’re both angling to create a ‘rematch’ of your initial High School skirmish. Fine by me, but if you’re going to do it, do it right. If memory serves, you were both Cross Country runners correct?” They both nodded. “Awesome. Then if this first altercation happened in during a race, stands to reason you were wearing running uniforms...”

Camilla broke in with “You want us to wear our old outfits?”

“Well, not the exact SAME ones; reasonable facsimiles thereof. It’d provide you with a better range of motion than jeans and T-shirts and it’s more sensible than the stuff you’d wear in a ring. we have a deal?”

“Assuming toothpicks over there agrees, I’m in.” Durance said coldly.

Belle bit back the worst of her reply before she answered, “It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing. I’ll still kick her ass. If she wants to relieve that particular humiliation, I’m not gonna stop her.”

Cam’s last words were so poisonous they had Erica getting out of her chair, but Mark quickly intervened, “Save it for the fight!”

Hands curled into fists, Erica stared a hole through Camilla before turning to Ward, “Make it happen.” She turned and stormed out of his office, disappearing down into the hall.

Returning his gaze to Mark and Camilla, Charles said, “Give me a week to get everything set up. I’ll have someone call you with the specifics in a few days.”

They stood as Mark and Camilla gathered what little they’d brought with them. Heading for the door, Belle said, “Thanks for agreeing to this Charles, I promise not to leave pieces of her all over the clearing.”

Ward smiled and said, “Just make sure you don’t leave too much of yourself there. You’ve got a promising career ahead of you Cam, no need to jeopardize it this early.”

“If I can’t beat Erica I don’t have a career! Enjoy the fight, I know I will.”

She stepped out into the hall, leaving Mark as his last guest. “Keep a sharp eye on them Mark, I think this one’s going to get really nasty before it’s over.”

“You and me both. Don’t worry man, I’ll bring them both back in one piece. Just make sure to have a retrieval crew on standby in case they aren’t capable of walking themselves out.”

“Done and done,” Ward replied.
A week later...
The walk from Ward’s mansion into the woods was quite possibly the single most intense experience of Mark’s life. Walking between Camilla and Erica just didn’t feel safe, but he felt obligated to keep them from tearing into one another till they’d reached the place where Ward had the cameras set up. Luckily, the warring brunettes remained eerily silent as they trod the narrow path to the clearing Ward had provided. Mark didn’t let his guard down for a second though because the tension between Camilla and Erica felt like the air before an electrical storm. They may not be thundering yet, but that could change in a heartbeat.

After what seemed an eternity, the threesome stepped through a copse of trees into the clearing. Despite the bad karma, Mark couldn’t help but whistle because it was a lovely place, or would be in another month or so when the grass would have grown back fully, making the little spot an ideal place for a picnic or other spring activity. As it was, the scenery was pleasant save for the ground which was still bare from the winter snows with only a few threads of green showing. Spotting a glint of one of Ward’s cameras placed back in the trees, Mark turned to the brunette’s and said, “All right ladies, I think this is it. I’m assuming you’re both already wearing the agreed upon togs?”

Erica unzipped her long sleeved sweatshirt and tossed it aside, revealing a form-fitting red tank top. Her eyes never leaving Camilla’s, she peeled off her track pants to expose her red lycra running shorts with thin white stripes up the thigh. Stepping toward Cam, Erica said, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this Cam.”

Belle kept her eyes on Erica as she pulled her long-sleeved T-shirt over her head to reveal a tank top much like Erica’s save hers was a deep midnight blue with a wide bar of sky blue running up each side. Another quick motion doffed her sweatpants, to bare black lycra shorts. Fixing Durance with a defiant glare, Cam replied, “You’re gonna wish you’d waited a LOT longer.”

The tension rose several notches before Mark took it on himself to intervene, “Ladies, please hold on just long enough for me to go over the rules. There’s no ring so there’s no rope breaks and I can’t disqualify you, but if you’re doing something that could cause permanent damage - or is just plain wrong - I expect you to stop when I order you to. If not, I won’t hesitate to pull you apart and call the whole thing off. Clear?” He looked at both of them, but they only had eyes for each other. “Is that clear?” he repeated with a little more edge in his voice. They both nodded, but didn’t say anything. Preparing himself for what was sure to come, he ordered, “All right, ten steps back each of you. I’ll call ya forward in just a second.”

When he had finished explaining the rules, Mark shooed them to opposite ends of the clearing and used the last few seconds of peace to center his thoughts. With nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees urging him on, he glanced from Erica to Camilla and back again before muttering, “Let’s do this!”

Belle didn’t immediately start forward. Instead, she dropped to one knee, reached out and grabbed a loose handful of the damp soil. Rubbing it between her palms, Camilla considered the texture and feel of it before brushing her hands, straightening and savoring the chill of the breeze on her arms and legs as she stalked forward on a beeline for Erica.

Erica didn’t feel the urge or need to get in touch with the battleground, she’d be dumping Camilla in the dirt often enough for both of them. No, all Erica needed to get motivated was to close her eyes and remember that humiliating day several years ago. On that rainy afternoon in Colorado, her Cross Country dreams had ended, mainly because the bitch standing a few feet away was too gutless to admit she was a cheating loser. All things considered though, Erica wasn’t upset anymore. The embarrassing end to their first encounter had set her on the path to becoming a wrestler and now, all these years later, she had a chance to even the score. And even better, now she had the training to make what would have otherwise been a rude but amateurish beating into an ego-shattering humiliation that would trump ANYTHING Camilla could have done to her back in high school.

Enjoying the soft but forceful flush that ran through her during the course of these thoughts, Erica opened her eyes and spied Camilla stalking her. Smoothing out her ponytail, Erica rolled her shoulders, settled into a crouch and whispered, “Come and get it cupcake. Come and get all you want.” A few tense seconds brought the rivals within striking distance and that was when Erica put her hands on her hips and asked loudly, “So Cam, I was wondering if you’d mind telling Mark; what did it feel like when I DROVE your head through the mat with a Test of En-Erica off the second rope?”

Camilla frowned but she responded quickly, “It didn’t feel too pleasant Erica. Why don’t you tell him how it felt to get bent over my knee and SPANKED till tears were streaming down your face?”

Erica’s face went from smirk to outright murder in less than a heartbeat. Grinding her teeth, she answered, “It felt a lot like THIS!” She stepped forward and lashed out with her left hand, catching the lithe girl across the face with a SLAP that spun her head around on her shoulders. Licking her lips as Cam winced, Erica snarled, “And that’s just the BEGINNING of what you’ve got com…UNNNGH!”

Camilla slapped her right back, tagging her foe with a forehand shot that echoed loudly enough to scare the birds out of the trees. Dark eyes flashing, Camilla stepped forward and growled, “You cost me a lot that day Erica, but you got what you deserved. Now I’m going to make sure you EEERRRRRGH!”

Erica lunged forward and grabbed her right wrist in both hands. Before Cam could protest, Erica had spun her around and folded the captured limb up between her shoulders in a painful Hammerlock. With one hand on her foe’s wrist and another cupping her elbow, Erica reefed back on the hold, forcing Camilla to rise up on her toes to alleviate the pressure. Still feeling the effects of the slap, Erica shook the fog out of her head and asked, “I cost YOU a lot? bitch, in case you don’t recall, I was WINNING that race until you elbowed me off the patAHHHH!”

Demonstrating remarkable skill for someone who’d been wrestling for less than two years, Camilla turned into the pressure of the hold and dipped around behind her opponent. Before Erica could finish her sentence, Cam had trapped HER in a Hammerlock that threatened to break her arm. Unable to believe Erica could delude herself so convincingly, Camilla dug her chin into the taller brunette’s shoulder and hissed, “Let me remind you, I only bumped into you because your poorly conditioned ass ran out of gas and suddenly veered into my way. It’s not my fault they let a girl with two left feet race with the REAL runners.”

Loathing the contempt she heard in her nemesis’ voice, Erica fired back, “REAL RUNNERS? I blew out all those losers and would have won if UNNNGH!” Camilla released her grip on the Hammerlock only to shoot forward and wrap her foe up in a tight Side Headlock. Rising up on her toes before she dropped to one knee, Camilla poured on the pressure as she ground Erica’s skull between her forearm and bicep.

Glaring down at the top of Erica’s head, she asked, “You’d have won if what? If I’d just been AFRAID of you like all the other losers back then? Newsflash sweetie, I’m not afraid of lumbering losers like OFFFFH!”

Erica had had enough of the other brunette’s ranting (the Headlock was starting to get old too) so she balled her right hand into a fist and drove three short, smart shots into the trim curve of her opponent’s midsection. The blows were enough to weaken Cam’s grip and that was all Erica needed to pull her way out of the Headlock. Shaking her head clear, Erica stalked after the shorter brunette and the instant she was within grappling distance, slapped on a temple-grating Side Headlock of her own; scrubbing her arm baaccck and fooorth under Camilla’s chin to do as much damage as possible.

Erica blew some hair out of her face and said, “You feel that princess? That’s what a Side Headlock is SUPPOSED to feel like. If you ever got those pipestem arms of yours to the gym, you might be able to wrestle like this some day.” Grunting as Erica tried to twist her head off her shoulders, Camilla punched away at Erica’s midsection but when that produced no results, she grabbed a handful of the other brunette’s running shorts. She’d just started to tug on the slick material when Erica chided, “Leave those alone baby, I’m not ready to sit on your face yet. But if you’re feeling the need to lay down...” She dropped and tossed Camilla over her hip, slamming the other brunette into the dirt with a basic Headlock Takedown that took less than a second to land. Lying comfortably on the ground, Erica gave the hold another skull-crunching squeeze, drawing a pained gasp from her captive. Smiling as she watched Cam’s bare legs bicycle in the dirt Erica purred, “What’s wrong Cammy? You afraid to get dirty? I thought you liked rolling in the muURRRRK!”

The last word was abruptly cut off when Camilla twisted her hips and snaked her thighs around her tormentor’s head. Crossing her ankles, Camilla cinched on the Headscissors just as she was pulling herself free of Erica’s grip. Taking a quick breath while the other brunette was gurgling, Camilla planted one hand in the earth for balance while the other pressed down on the thigh that cinched across Erica’s windpipe, increasing the pressure of the hold. Flipping some errant strands of hair from her face, Camilla squeezed down even tighter and chided, “I’d much rather roll YOU in the dirt ya skank! I figured this was natural habitat for a pig like you!”

Camilla would have continued in this vein had Erica not bit down on the back of her knee, forcing a quick release of the hold. Scrambling away, Camilla had almost made it to her feet when Erica pounced on her and drove her to her knees. Before Cam could muster a counter, Erica slopped herself across the other brunette’s back and locked up her arms with a basic Full Nelson. Pretty face twisted in hate, Erica rested her cheek between Camilla’s shoulders and she YANKED her to her feet.

Pressing down on Camilla’s neck as hard as she could, Erica twisted her hips left and right, shaking her victim like a fox shakes a rat. More than happy with the pained groans she heard emanating from her foe, Erica stopped torquing the hold long enough to jerk her hips forward to CLAP across Camilla’s butt with a resounding smack. Biting her bottom lip in a coy smile, Erica nuzzled against Camilla’s ear and said, “How’d THAT feel you little bitUNNNGH!”

Camilla whipped her head back, smashing Erica across the chin with an impromptu Headbutt. The brunette’s grip on the Nelson faltered for a heartbeat or two and that was all the time Camilla needed to wrench her way out of the hold and spin behind her foe. Molding herself to Erica’s back, Cam slid her left arm around Erica’s neck while her right hand cupped the top of the bigger girl’s skull. As soon as both arms were in place, Camilla squeezed down tight, bringing an instant flush to Erica’s face with the Sleeper.

Leaning forward in an attempt to make Erica carry her weight, Camilla ground her forearm back and forth across Erica’s lips as she whispered, “THAT’S why you lost to me Erica. Because you were showboating glorywhore; not a runner. Come to think of it, you’re not much of a wrestler eithAHHHHH!

Erica had heard just about enough of Camilla’s taunting and she ended it the only way she knew how. By bringing her right leg up and planting the heel of her shoe against the other brunette’s shin. In the next instant she raaaaaked it down, an underrated but very effective method for breaking free of a Sleeper. Taking in a great, tearing gasp, Erica stumbled forward a few steps before whirling to face her hobbled foe. Finding her voice, Erica said, “Enough of this kiddy shit. You wanna fight? Then let’s do it right.” She ended this statement by raising her hands over her head and curling her fingers in Camilla’s direction.

Never one to back down from a challenge, (and certainly not one from a girl she despised) Cam raised her arms and placed her palms flat against Erica’s. Locking fingers with her nemesis, Camilla tensed her whole frame and muttered, “Show me what you’ve got.”

Erica only glared at her. A split second later, the brunettes surged forward, putting all their considerable strength into winning the first real battle of what was sure to be a vicious war. Their arms humming with the combined exertion of the Test of Strength, Erica and Camilla leaned hard into one another, trying to impose their will as best they could. From his vantage point a few feet away, Mark was the sole witness to this oddly silent spectacle; Fingers clasped while arms quivered and shoulders rolled. Cheeks dampened with sweat and darkened with dirt slid back and forth while their chests were pressed so tightly together they could feel the other’s heart beating. Moving down in the scene, every muscle in the grappler’s abs, hips, buttocks and thighs stood out clearly as the physical stalemate continued all the way down to the shoes that appeared to be growing out of the dark earth.

After several more seconds of this silent contest, Erica shifted her footing the tiniest bit and rose up on her toes before pushing down again. This minuscule change in position was all the bigger girl needed to bend Camilla’s wrists back and start forcing her rival down. Maintaining her downward momentum, Erica pushed forward as well, forcing Camilla to bend back in an awkward arc as she continued to sink. Keeping up the pressure, Erica remained silent until the only parts of her victim touching the ground were the tips of her toes and the crown of her skull.

Watching Cam hold the bridge, Erica tightened her grip on the slender brunette’s hands and taunted, “The NEXT time I bend you over, it’ll be so I can SPANK your nasty ass.” Ignoring Erica’s threat, Camilla focused on pushing back to her feet and, after several seconds of quivery quiet, the bent brunette arched out of the curve into a more vertical base. Locking eyes with her smirking opponent, Erica asked, “Feeling proud of yourself?”

Cam shook her head ‘no.’, and gasped, “Not…just…yet.” The words were still coming out of her mouth when she sat down with Erica’s hands still in her grasp. With the other brunette off balance, Camilla tugged her forward and brought her legs up. The instant Erica’s wrists were between her thighs, Camilla Scissored her legs shut, trapping Erica’s hands between her knees. Letting go of Erica’s hands, Camilla cooed, “NOW I’m feeling proud of myself.”

Tugging furiously to free her hands, Erica grumbled, “LEMME GO!”

Camilla just giggled, “I’d rather slap that stupid look off your face. Say, that gives me an idea...” Balancing on one hand, Camilla reared back with her free arm and tick-tocked Erica’s face back and forth with a scathing pair of Bitchslaps.

Hissing like an infuriated cobra, Erica wrenched her hands free of Camilla’s scissors only to explode forward in a low tackle that drove Camilla onto her back and into the dirt. Pinning her squirming foe down with a tight straddle, Erica helped herself to a sadistic handful of the other brunette’s hair. Tugging Cam’s head off the ground, Erica balled her free hand into a fist and just RAINED punches onto her adversary’s head. Nearly out of her mind with Camilla-Hate, Erica continued to drop bombs on Cam’s face as she screamed, “THAT’S THE LAST TIME YOU WILL EVER DISRESPECT ME! YOU BETTER BEG ME BEFORE I PUNCH YOUR FUCKING FACE IN!”

Watching the heartless beatdown with a pained grimace, Mark stepped in and told Erica, “Watch it with the closed fists Erica!”

Erica paused for a moment to catch her breath and that’s when Camilla shot her arms up and grabbed her by the shoulder straps. Uttering an infuriated howl, Camilla twisted her hips, rolling Erica onto her back so Camilla could scramble into a mount of her own. Taking hold of the other brunette’s ponytail, Camilla yanked Erica’s face into her fist as she hammered away with punches of her own. Bristling with a rage she’d been kept bottled up for years, Camilla roared, “YOU WON’T DO ANYTHING TO ME BITCH! YOU’VE GOT NOTHING! YOU WERE NOTHING IN HIGH SCHOOL AND YOU’RE NOTHING NOW!”

Just as Mark was going to reprimand her for the punches, Camilla ceased her pugilistic assault only to grab Erica by the head and lift her out of the dirt. Leaning down into Erica’s pained features, Camilla snarled, “You aren’t even worth this, but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying it.”

When Erica’s eyes started to flutter open, Cam pursed her lips and spat directly into her arch-enemy’s face. Savoring the stunned expression on Erica’s face like a sommelier savors a vintage wine, Camilla tugged Erica to her feet, rearranged her grip on the bigger girl’s hair, torqued her hips and proceeded to HURL her through the April air with a Biel Toss. Erica landed flat on her back with a wet THUD almost immediately drowned out her own breathless groan.

Dusting off her hands, Camilla was in the midst of catching her breath when Mark scolded her, “Let’s lay off the spitting huh Cam? That’s just gross.”

Arching an eyebrow in the ref’s direction, she asked, “I had to spit Mark. I figured the dirt was the best place to do it.”

“Ouch.” Mark replied. “Just TRY to keep it clean OK?”

“No promises.”

Turning her attention to the recovering brunette, Camilla dropped into a sprinter’s crouch, waited a second and then charged her nemesis in a dead run. Things were looking great until Erica lowered her shoulder and rushed in to meet her with a shoulder to the gut. As the air burst out of Cam’s lungs, Erica groaned and straightened up draping the lissome beauty across her shoulders in a simple Fireman’s Carry. Taking a few shuffling steps forward, Erica found her voice and growled, “It’s official Cam. I’m going to fucking KILL you.”

With Camilla still wriggling on her shoulders, Erica rose up on her toes and dropped straight back, smashing the full length of Camilla’s back into the dirt compliments of the Samoan Drop. The air burst out of Camilla’s lungs in a single gasp, leaving her starfished and useless on her back. Resting with her shoulders spooned across the other brunette’s middle, Erica took a deep breath and told Mark, “Ya know, losers really do make the best landing-pads.”

When Mark only rolled his eyes and tapped his cheek, Erica remembered what Cam had done to her and she was angry all over again. Shuffling up off the flattened girl, she used the bottom edge of her red top to wipe the last of her foe’s phlegm off her face. Eyes narrowed, nostrils flaring, Erica whirled around to glare down at her nemesis.

As Camilla groaned and struggled to her hands and knees, Erica screamed, “I can’t believe you SPIT on me! Of all the classless, disgusting things I expected out of you... I... I can’t...” Hers fury finally got the best of her and she lashed out with a vicious Soccer Kick that caught the kneeling beauty in the ribs. There was a THUMP like someone had taken a Louisville Slugger to a very wet rug and Camilla was sent rolling. Erica walked down her gutshot victim and demanded, “Get up bitch. I’m not through with you yet.”

Camilla muttered something that was probably a curse and got to her hands and knees again…just as Erica delivered the second Soccer Kick. When Cam collapsed this time, Erica didn’t bother waiting for her to kneel; she just dug her planted foot into the dirt, reared back and STOMPED at Camilla’s ribs, looking for all the world like some mental patient trying to put out a ground fire.

Mark allowed this to continue for several seconds before he said, “Pick a new tactic Erica. I don’t mind you pounding on her, but I’m not just gonna let you curb stomp her into submission.”

Panting, Erica stopped and looked over her shoulder. “That’s all right, I’ve had enough of stepping in shit anyway.” Flashing the bemused ref a saracastic smile, Erica wiped some sweat off her brow and asked, “Hear that Cam? Mark doesn’t mind if I pound on ya! Nice to know I’m not the only one who sees you for the obnoxious bitch you are.”

“That’s not exactly what I meant...,” Mark started and then trailed off.

Erica sank her hands into Camilla’s ponytail and jerked her to her feet. Cam’s resistance was virtually non-existent as Erica wrapped her left arm around the slender beauty’s head and slapped on another mean-spirited Side Headlock. Cupping her victim’s chin with her left hand, Erica curled her right hand into fist and treated Camilla’s forehead to a series of sharp, rapping punches delivered Ric Flair style. Pausing after every few bursts, Erica would griiiind her kruckles back and forth across Camilla’s face, just to make sure the mewling vixen wasn’t getting too used to any one specific torture.

Content to bash on Camilla’s head all day, Erica couldn’t help talking to her as she did, “Ya know Cam (punch punch punch) I was watching some old movie on cable a few nights ago... (punch punch punch) and somebody told an exceptionally ugly girl... (punch punch punch) that they had, and I quote, (punch punch punch) ‘A face like a bulldog chewing on a wasp!’ (punch punch punch) I couldn’t believe it! I nearly fell off the couch laughing because I couldn’t stop thinking... (punch punch punch) That’s Camilla Belle; that fits her perfectly! And speaking of Bulldogs...”

Erica finally ceased her punching so she could secure a two-armed grip on the other brunette. Making sure Mark wasn’t in her way (he wasn’t) Erica took off in a loping run, made it about five steps and then leapt into the air, soaring through the early spring afternoon to come down on her butt while Camilla landed firmly on her face.

Chortling with malicious good humor, Erica rolled the shuddering grappler onto her back and straddled her waist. Lightly slapping Cam’s cheeks, Erica waited until he eyes started to clear before she taunted, “Hey Cam, hope you thought to make a sports bra part of your loser’s uniform, otherwise ol’ Mark over there is going to see your non-existent boobs get their first look at the sun!”

Ignoring Camilla’s frantic twitching, Erica grabbed the bottom edges of her foe’s two-tone blue tank top and YANKED it up over her head. Luckily for Camilla’s frame (and Mark’s sense of modesty) the brunette had elected to wear a sports-bra under her uniform - the same dark blue as her now discarded tank top. Unfortunately, Erica was intent on making her face the same shade of blue which she attempted by wrapping the garment around Camilla’s throat and pulling it tight.

Sighing at the blatant unsubtleness of Erica’s stranglehold, Mark rushed over and demanded, “Cut out the choke Erica.”

Erica looked at him. “What’re you gonna do if I don’t; count me out?”

Mark shook his head ‘no.’ “No, but I might pull you off long enough for Cam to get in a free shot.”

Erica looked wounded. “You’d do that?”

“Not if you stop strangling her.”

“All right.” Erica released the noose from Cam’s neck, allowing the victimized brunette to take her first unhindered breath in several seconds. Getting her feet under her, Erica balled the top up and tossed it aside. Hands on her hips, she glared down at Cam and muttered, “You’re lucky he’s such a nice guy.”

When no response came, Erica slid a shoe under Cam’s side, rolled her opponent onto her stomach and then positioned herself so she was facing Camilla’s head, with one leg on either side of her foe’s torso. Grinning up into the whispering trees, Erica daintily placed one foot and then the other on the small of Camilla’s back. Bouncing just for effect, Erica bent and grabbed hold of her captive’s wrists, one in each hand. Then, with both feet still planted, she pulled up hard, torturing her nemesis with just one of the many Surfboard variants she loved to employ. Erica savored Camilla’s wailing cries echoing through the woods, but she didn’t bother to say anything until she’d had the hold locked in for more than fifteen seconds.

After an especially violent tug, she ground her heels down and chided “Why’re ya crying Cam? You’re face down in the dirt and screaming. I thought this would bring back pleasant memories of all the time you spent down behind the bleachers in High School.” She jerked her arms left and then right, abrading Camilla’s chest against the dirt just because she could.

Gritting her teeth while her chest and shoulders were abused, Camilla shot back, “You’re the one that would know about bleachers Erica! And the parking lot, the principals office, the teachers lounge. Way I hear it, there wasn’t a single place on that campus where you hadn’t defrocked some hapless sophomore. Congratulations on that you dirty slut!”

Growling as Camilla impugned her good name, Erica gave another hard pull on her victim’s wrists before stomping down on Cam’s back once more. Dropping Camilla’s hands, Erica stepped back and sat down on the back of her foe’s thighs, so that her feet rested on either side of Cam’s head. Grabbing Camilla’s feet, Erica bent them at the knees, so that Erica’s legs were now loosely locked in the fork of Cam’s knees. Ready to complete her hold, she leaned forward and took possession of Camilla’s wrists again. Right before she finished the hold, Erica taunted, “At least in MY yearbook I wasn’t voted, ‘MOST LIKELY TO BE MADE SOMEONE’S BITCH! Looks like you’ll have an interesting story to tell when you go back for your first reunion at that shit-splat school of yours.”

Camilla tried to form a response, but she was cut off Erica leaned back as far as she could, putting insidious pressure on the smaller brunette’s back. This new Surfboard variant was much more painful than the first and even more embarrassing, as Camilla was completely tied up and helpless to escape. For now she could only fight the pain as best she could and shake her head violently “no” when Mark knelt down in front of her and asked if she wanted to give it up.

Settled into her perch, the bigger brunette was really enjoying this hold, alternately relaxing and cranking up the pressure to stretch Camilla past her limits. After a monstrous tug had actually pulled Camilla’s torso up off the ground by a few inches, Erica released the hold and stood confidently over her opponent. Tapping the sole of one shoe against Camilla’s upturned rump, Erica mused, “I can’t decide which is more fun. Stretching you or slamming you. There’s a certain visceral joy taken from hearing you whimper and cry in my arms, but I just don’t think it stands against the unmitigated thrill of picking your skinny ass up and hurling it back down. Just to be fair though, I better give it another try...”

Bending down, she slipped her fingers under Camilla’s shoulder straps and pulled her to her feet. With little fanfare, she threw one hand over Camilla’s shoulder while the other reached between her thighs. Taking a deep breath, she lifted Camilla off her feet and over her shoulder, the stall position for a classic Body Slam.

Casting a glance in Mark’s direction she asked, “I’m not standing over an anthill am I Mark?”

Mark checked, “I don’t think so, why?”

“Darn!” Erica said right before she tossed Cam down into the dirt.

Laughing at the helpless way Camilla arched her back, Erica scrambled around to a position that placed her on the right side of her opponent. Keeping her feet at a rough 45-degree angle, Erica dipped in a deep crouch and then exploded up in a vertical leap, at the apex of which she flattened herself out and came crashing down across Camilla’s chest in a Splash. Positively radiant as Camilla gurgled and flopped underneath her, Erica pushed up off of Camilla, loving the slightly greasy, silky feeling of Camilla’s body yielding to her own. Biting her lower lip in a coy smile, Erica treated her foe to a casually cruel Crotch Slap that doubled her up in woozy agony. Pouring herself across the splattered brunette, Erica hooked Cam’s far leg and told Mark, “Count her down!”

More than a little confused, Mark asked, “You want to PIN her?”

“No I’m doing this because it burns calories. Of course I want to pin her!”

Mark dropped down and said, “Whatever. ONE... TWO...”

Camilla rolled a shoulder out of the dirt to stop the count. Exasperated Erica sat on her haunches and commented, “Thanks Mark, that could have been the end of this.”

He just shrugged, “Sorry, I thought it was implied that you were going to beat one another into submission.”

Erica’s frown was replaced with a bright smile, “You’re right ref, that’s a MUCH better idea.”

Rising to her feet, Erica strutted away from her downed adversary before whirling on her heel to settle into a low crouch. Waiting impatiently for Cam to rise, Erica swayed back and forth, just itching for the other brunette to get up and take what was coming to her. A few seconds later, Camilla did get to her feet and Erica took off, busting out with the speed that had made her such a terror in Cross Country meets back in high school. When there was less than three feet between her and Camilla, Erica lowered her shoulder and hurled herself forward, looking to cut her rival in half with a Spear. This would have worked on just about any other opponent, but among her many talents, Camilla had a reaction time that was nothing short of scary.

Realizing what Erica had planned for her, the wounded girl dropped down in a perfect Split that left Erica soaring through the empty space she had just occupied. With nothing to soften her landing, Erica hit the dirt with a dull THUMP that was entirely drowned out by her loud cursing when she came up with a mouthful of earth. Fully aware that she’d just dodged one hell of a bullet, Camilla got to her feet and spun to face the bigger brunette. As Erica pushed her way out of the dirt, Camilla’s pretty face went cold and hard. “My turn!”

She tore up the earth between her and Erica, moving much faster than anyone in the promotion knew she was capable of (and given that she was already regarded as one of the most agile women in the league, that was saying something) As she bore down on the oblivious Erica, Camilla left her feet, tucked both knees under her And simply plowed both unpadded joints right between Erica’s shoulders with an impactful Double Knee Smash. The force of the blow knocked Erica off her feet and sent her sprawling face down in the dirt, a position she didn’t appear to be vacating anytime soon. Camilla got to her feet panting and took a few seconds to assess the worst of her aches and pains.

Once she was sure nothing was broken, the righteously pissed off brunette stalked over to her decimated foe and snarled, “You stretched me pretty good a while ago Erica. But I’m still standing. By the time I’m done, you won’t even be able to do that.”

Getting nothing but a moan from the scuffed-up brunette, Camilla bent down and grabbed Erica’s legs before bending them back and crossing them, forcing them against the brunette’s butt in a rough X. Holding her prey tight, Cam scooted forward, placing both knees against the small of Erica’s back. With one hand she held her captive’s feet in place while she slipped the other under Erica’s chin, cupping it tightly. Hold in place, Camilla pulled back hard, falling to the earth on her back, while bringing Erica up, mercilessly bending her victim over her folded knees. The Bow and Arrow had been applied perfectly and with no ropes for several miles, there was only two ways Erica could escape: Fight her way out... or surrender.

Keeping her dual holds on Erica’s chin and thigh secure, Camilla bounced her knees up and down repeatedly, putting more and more pressure on her rival with each shuddering lift and fall. After about ten seconds of this torture, she steadied herself and demanded, “QUIT!”

Blinking away tears as she was stretched past her considerable limits, Erica refused to concede the battle, she’d lost to Cam in the woods before. It was never going to happen again. Shaking her head ‘no’ she brushed off Mark’s inquiries and growled. “No FUCKING way Cam! You can’t bend me far enouUUUUUUNNNGH!”

The intended word ‘enough’ was transformed into a pained scream when Camilla ratcheted up the pressure on the Bow and Arrow again and Erica was reduced to little more than quivering jelly in her captor’s grasp. Never easing the pressure on the hold, Camilla continued to bounce Erica up and down for more than thirty seconds. When the bigger brunette still wouldn’t answer her, Camilla rolled her off her knees and sat up. Pursing her lips, she slapped the back of Erica’s head and sneered, “Don’t think you’re out of the woods yet.” She paused and looked over at Mark. “Sorry, that just slipped out.”

“You’re forgiven.”

Having made things right with the official, Cam pulled Erica to a sitting position and scooted in behind her. Wrapping her legs around Erica’s waist, Camilla locked her ankles and began to squeeze, applying a hard Body Scissors as just another bit of payback for the torture she’d suffered in Erica’s Surfboards. Loving the feel of her thighs grinding against Erica’s ribs, Camilla placed her palms into the moist earth and pushed up, adding more pressure to the energy draining hold. Rocking her hips to make it even more unbearable, Camilla flipped the hair out of her eyes and asked her captive, “Wanna give it up now softy?”

Pawing desperately at Camilla’s thighs and calves, Erica shook her head ’no’ and growled, “Screw you bitch. We’ll see how soft you think I am when I’m sitting on YOUR FACE!”

Smiling coldly, Camilla increased the pressure on the Scissors and replied, “You’re not going to get that saggy ass anywhere near my face Erica. But if a FaceSit is what you’re looking for, I might be inclined to show you how to do it right.”

Camilla started to twist in a tight circle, rolling her hapless prey around in the dirt several times. Eventually Cam came to a stop and planted her handsin the soil. Pressing up for increased leverage, she looked over her shoulder to make sure that Erica’s shoulders were now pressed firmly into the ground.

Impressed with the bizarre pinning predicament, Mark asked her, “You want me count her down?”

Cam smiled and answered, “Nope. I just like her helpless, that’s all.” Having proved her point, Camilla released the scissors and got to her feet. Brushing the dirt off, she bent down, buried her hands in the brunette’s hair and pulled her to her knees. Forcing Erica’s neck between the thighs, Camilla clamped down on the Standing Headscissors and slowly walked her fingers down the sweating curve of her nemesis’ back.

Pinching Erica’s butt, Camilla smiled the tiniest bit as she purred, “I always thought this was just about who’s the better wrestler Erica. But apparently you want it to be about humiliation too. Well congratulations bitch, you got what you wanted.” She grabbed a HUGE handful of Erica’s waistband and then pulled up as hard as she could, actually lifting Erica’s feet off the mat with the sadistic Wedgie. Yanking on the brunette’s distended shorts as hard as she could, Camilla asked, “You still wanna sit on my face Erica? Or maybe you want me to spit in yours?”

Moaning in anguish as the slick material tried to split her up the middle, Erica howled, “BITCH! WHEN THIS IS OVER I’LL BREAK YOUR FACE!”

She punctuated the threat by trying to wriggle free of the Headscissors, but Camilla cut her off by simply dropping to her knees, forcing Erica’s face back into the dirt in the process.

Finally releasing her hold on the bigger girl’s togs, Camilla sighed, “I don’t think so Erica. But the fact that you’re still trying means I haven’t been playing rough enough. Time to slap some sense into that empty head of yours.”

Burying her hands in Erica’s sweaty, dirty mane, Camilla pulled her foe to her feet and then took a single step back to set up her attack. Moving like lightning, Camilla slashed her right hand forward and caught Erica across the face with a blow that was more of a Palm Strike than a slap. But regardless of what you called it, the shot snapped Erica’s head to the side and Camilla remedied that situation by shooting out her left hand and CRACK smacking Erica across the face again. Each SLAP staggered Erica back a step but this didn’t bother Cam in the slightest. She just kept moving forward as Erica stumbled back, quickly and brutally herding the dazed brunette across the clearing on a diagonal with a flurry of stinging, cracking SLAPS! As they neared the edge of the glen, Erica finally tripped over her own feet and she went tumbling down, landing flat on her back in a moaning heap.

Shaking the tingle out of her hands, Cam just smiled and said, “I should’ve done that YEARS ago.”

Grumbling through the stars and whorls that were flooding her vision, Erica sneered, “And I should have FINISHED you back in DecemBEEERRRGGH!”

The aforementioned stars and whorls were swallowed up in a white-hot explosion of agony when Camilla jumped into the air, tucked her knees up under her and came down with both bony joints aimed directly at Erica’s paunch. The downed brunette was bent into a nauseating U as Camilla used every ounce of her weight to wring the air from her lungs.

Offering up a sick little smirk as Erica tried to wriggle out from under her, Cam jostled up and down, digging her knees even deeper into Erica’s belly. Resting her hands on her thighs for balance, Camilla leaned down and whispered, “You feel that sickness deep in the pit of your stomach Erica? That’s your body trying to tell you ya can’t win this fight. Give up right now and MAYBE I’ll let you walk out of here…I mean, I WAS nice enough to let you do it the first time wasn’t I?”

Hating the tears she felt leaking from the corners of her eyes, Erica pushed weakly at Camilla’s knees and gasped, “Geh...Get off... get off me.”

A nasty smile crossed Camilla’s usually pleasant features. “Oh, was that a whimper? Is big bad Erica Erica having trouble breathing? Well that’s TOO... FUCKING... BAD!” She punctuated each word with another ferocious bounce; by the time she fell silent again, Erica was barely able to wheeze out a plea.

Fearing for the taller girl’s safety, Mark stepped in, tapped Camilla on the shoulder and said, “Get to work Cam. I don’t want to carry her out of here with a ruptured gut.”

Taking her eye off her prey, she replied, “This could all be over if she’s just give up.” She turned back to Erica. “Do you give up Erica?”

The flattened wrestler weakly shook her head ‘no.’ “Screw you Cam.”

Sighing, Camilla took hold of Erica’s red and white top and tugged her to her feet. Standing a step or two away from her adversary, Camilla planted her feet, reached out with her right hand and started slapping Erica again. Not the hard, violent strikes of a few minutes prior, but light, taunting smacks that were obviously intended to humiliate instead of hurt. Keeping up her steady, cheek-reddening barrage, Camilla chided, “C’mon Erica FIGHT BACK! You’re the one who wanted to avenge a loss in the woods, I would have been happy kicking your ass in front of a crowd. If you’re not going to try I might as well put you down right now!”

The insolence of the words and the blows finally broke through Erica’s stupor and suddenly she was awake, aware and awesomely ticked off. Curling her left hand into a fist, she reared back and swung for the fences, or Camilla’s jaw to be more accurate. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the other brunette had wanted her to do. As Erica’s fist looped toward her, Camilla stabbed out her right hand and caught her foe’s wrist. Not missing a beat, Camilla yanked Erica forward and looped around behind her, pulling the other brunette’s captured arm across her own throat. As soon as she’d pulled Erica’s arm tight, Camilla dropped to the ground, jerking Erica off the feet only to splatter her against the dirt with the Straightjacket Neckbreaker.

Tossing Erica’s arm aside, Camilla sighed again and turned to Mark and asked, “Why are the pretty ones always so dumb?”

Mark held up both hands in a warding off gesture. “No WAY I’m answering that one.”

Disappointed, Camilla got to her feet, brushed the worst of the dirt off her shorts and then stomped over to Erica’s head. Helping herself to a handful of the other brunette’s ratty ponytail, Camilla stood her up and prepared for her next attack. Setting her sights on her nemesis’ battered stomach, Cam dug her feet into the dirt for a split second before blasting a heartless Toe Kick towards Erica’s naval.

I say ‘towards’ because the strike never reached its destination. At the last possible moment, Erica shot out both hands and grabbed her foe’s ankle. Holding the smaller girl hopping on one foot, Erica grinned and asked her, “Why are the UGLY ones always so mouthy?”

As Cam’s eyes went wide, Erica tugged her forward and released her grip on Camilla’s ankle only to lash out with her right arm, nearly decapitating Camilla with a HARD Standing Clothesline. Camilla was knocked flat on her back, landing folded into a graceless Matchbook that would have most embarrassing if anyone other than Mark or Erica had been there to see it.

Rolling the twinge out of her clotheslining shoulder, Erica glanced at Mark and told him, “That felt so good, I think I’ll do it some more.”

“Hey, I’m not going to stop you.” he answered.

Erica sauntered over to Cam, nudged her into a more managable position and then grabbed her by the wrist. Scraping the spaghetti-legged girl out of the dirt, Erica yanked her forward and blasted out her right arm, catching Camilla across the throat with a Short-Arm Clothesline so stiff that it took Erica off her feet and may very well have sent Camilla’s head soaring off into the trees. Laying stomach first in the dirt, Erica maintained her grip on Camilla’s wrist as she got to one knee. Hoping this move worked as well on dirt as it did on canvas, Erica rolled across Camilla’s torso and got to her feet, pulling the lanky grappler along for the ride. Squaring her shoulders, Erica growled, “Nope, still not tired of this.”

Enjoying her new pastime, she exploded forward and extended her arm a second time, devastating Camilla with the third Short Arm Clothesline in a minute. This time when she connected, Erica released her victim’s wrist and Mark was treated to the sight of Camilla spinning through the air in gloriously sickening 270 degree tumble before she crashed to the dirt with an ignominious THWUMP! Pushing up out of the dust, Erica finally had enough of trying to keep her hair in place so she yanked the band out, letting her dark locks fall loose on her shoulders. Tossing the discarded accessory to Mark she said, “You think she’s done?”

Mark tucked it into his jacket pocket, “I think you mighta busted her jaw.”

Erica laughed. “Camilla with her mouth wired shut would be bliss. But I suppose I’m not that lucky.” A few feet away, Camilla sobbed and rolled onto her side. Erica jerked a thumb in her direction. “See, she’s still making noise. Guess I didn’t hit her hard enough.”

Leaving the bemused ref to mull that one in silence, Erica got to her feet and stalked over to her opponent. Taking hold of Camilla’s wrist, Erica tugged her to her feet and made sure she didn’t immediately collapse. Adding her free hand to the manacle grip on Camilla’s wrist, Erica pointed her towards a spot on the edge of the clearing, planted her feet and whipped Camilla towards it with as much venom as she could muster. Head cocked to the side, Mark muttered, “What the hell are you doing Erica? It’s not like she’s going to rebound off the trees...”

As the words were leaving his mouth, Erica JERKED Camilla back towards her and lowered her shoulder. The instant her footing was good, Erica exploded forward, catching Cam with the Spear she’d missed earlier. The vicious tackle damn near cut Camilla in half as evidenced by the frightening C her body was bent into before she hit the earth with a muffled WHUMP! Mark truly thought Camilla was unconscious and it wasn’t until she groaned a second later that he realized she was still in the fight, if only in the loosest sense of the term.

Sitting back on her haunches, Erica looked down into Camilla’s crumpled face and purred, “I think I was this close (she held her thumb and index finger up to indicate just how close) from driving my shoulder right through your scrawny belly. Seeing as how I wasn’t able to knock the fight out of you, maybe I can crush it out.” She grabbed the waistband of Camilla’s lycra shorts and pulled her to her feet. Still off balance from the barrage of Clotheslines and the Spear, Cam was easy prey for Erica as the big girl surged forward and wrapped up in a tight Bear Hug.

Grimacing as Erica wrung the life out of her ribs, Cam was forced to endure more of Erica’s taunts, “You feel that baby? That’s POWER right there! What the hell ever made you think you could be a wrestler? You were a pretty OK runner with those freakishly thick legs, but to wrestle you need a whole body that works properly, and your puny little upper body just isn’t going to cut it this afternoon.” Camilla snarled and tried to wriggle her arms free, but Erica just squeezed down tighter, increasing the agony of the chest-to-chest clinch. Savoring every bead of sweat and every breathy little grunt she was pulling out of her prey, Erica grinned from ear-to-ear and cooed, “Aww, does you wanna go back to the nasty ol’ dirt? Allow me to see you home!”

Erica tensed her frame and then torqued her hips, yanking Camilla off her feet and sending her crashing back first to the ground with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. If the meeting with the dirt wasn’t bad enough, Cam had what little air remained in her lungs driven out when Erica landed on top of her, using her own weight and momentum to exacerbate the crushing strength of the throw. Momentarily forgetting where she was, Erica reached out, hooked the far leg and trapped Camilla in a tight cradle.

Rolling his eyes, Mark swooped in and slapped the dirt, ‘ONE... TWO...’ Camilla bucked free of Erica’s grasp, ending the count.

Leveling Erica with an exasperated look, Mark asked her, “Why do you keep going for the pin? I thought we had this conversation already.”

Frowning, Erica said, “It’s the principle of thing dammit. I don’t care if it’s carpet, canvas, sand or cement, instinct is telling me to pin the bitch!”

Mark wasn’t deterred, “Shouldn’t instinct have told you that this is none of those things?”

“Shut up Mark!”

Returning her ire to the other brunette, Erica rolled Camilla onto her belly and straddled her back. Grabbing her victim by the back of the neck, Erica pulled Camilla’s head and shoulders up for a moment as she said, “I know it’s childish, but eat dirt Cam!” She slammed Camilla’s face down into the soil and scraaaapped it back and forth, smearing the slender girl’s features against the ground. Erica didn’t really care if Camilla actually ate any dirt, it was the symbolism of the act that was important to her.

She was relishing Camilla’s twitching gasps and humiliated groans when Mark broke in with, “Let her up Erica, that’s just wrong.”

Incredulous, Erica looked over her shoulder and countered, “Mark, she SPIT in my face. Don’t I deserve a little retribution?”

He thought it over, “You have a point. All right, I’ll give you till five. ONE...TWO... THREE.... FOUR....FIVE!”

Erica used those five seconds to just GRIND Cam’s face into the dirt. By the time Erica pulled her up, Camilla looked like she’d been on the receiving end of a particularly incompetent facial from a third rate day spa. Lightly brushing the worst of the dirt off her nemesis’ features, Erica patted her cheek and asked, “Aren’t you just precious?”

Coughing more than she’d like, Camilla muttered, “Fuck you, bitch.”

Erica chuckled. “Where’s that Orbit gum chick when you really need her?” She hauled Camilla to her feet and spun around behind her. Nuzzling into the wounded girl, Erica wrapped her right arm across Camilla’s throat while her left hand cupped the top of the brunette’s skull. As she started applying pressure to the Sleeper, Erica pressed her lips against Camilla’s ear and said, “I bet the reason you’re so cranky is because you haven’t had your nap yet. Don’t worry honey, I can help with that!”

Feeling the first vestiges of asphyxia settling over her, Camilla knew she had to do something and do it fast. Digging into her reserves, the decimated brunette twisted hard into the hold. The sudden movement was enough to catch Erica off guard and turn the potentially battle ending Sleeper into nothing more unpleasant than a Side Headlock. Free of one trap, Cam wrapped her arms around Erica’s waist in hopes that she could dump the bigger girl on the back of her head with a Belly-to-Back Suplex, but her hopes were dashed when Erica clamped down on the hold and taunted, “I don’t think so Candyass. I’m all for you hitting the dirt again, but you’re going to do it MY way!” Then she Hip Tossed Camilla and followed her down to the ground with the same Headlock Takedown she’d used much earlier, only this time when Camilla slammed into the dirt, Erica let go.

With Camilla still disoriented from the abuse she’d suffered, it didn’t take much effort for Erica to scuttle into position for a Reverse Facesit. Before Camilla knew what hit her, Erica had plopped down on her nose and was mashing her butt (covered with an equal mix of dirt and lycra) onto the pinned girl’s screaming face. Grinding and rubbing with more intent to hurt than humiliate, Erica placed her hands on her thighs and whispered, “Scream my name Cam! Scream for me or I’ll break your nose.”

Trapped in the stifling, lightless world of the Rump Smother, Cam sure couldn’t HEAR Erica’s demand, but all her other senses were currently filled with the other brunette and that was almost more than she could stand. Choking back the bile she felt rising in her throat, Camilla waited for just the right moment and when she got it....

“OUUCCCCHDAMMIT!” Camilla bit down on Erica’s butt cheek and Erica didn’t enjoy it at all. Pulling away from her suddenly unpleasant seat, Erica rubbed her backside gingerly and thought about how she was going to punish Cam for the transgression. Out of the corner of her eye, she could’ve sworn she saw a smile on Petrie’s face, so she whirled toward him and demanded, “Not ONE word out of you!”

Mark kept a straight face as he replied, “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Having put the official in his place, Erica marched back over to Camilla and peeled her out of the dirt. Instantly releasing her hold on the other brunette’s ponytail, Erica seized her neck in a one-handed choke hold and growled, “That is the LAST TIME you’ll get a chance to do something like th…UNNGH!”

Camilla’s left leg, which had been doing nothing a second ago, whipped up in an almost vertical arc, striking Erica under the wrist to break her hold on Camilla’s windpipe. As the taller girl cursed and cradled her abused hand, Cam let both feet leave the earth and before Erica could even get her hands up, Camilla planted the soles of both boots squarely in her opponent’s face with a Standing Dropkick.

Now normally a Standing Dropkick doesn’t do all that much damage, but in normal situations a girl who’s 5’7” isn’t doing it from less than two feet away. The considerable power of Camilla’s gams went into the strike and it paid off nicely, knocking Erica off her feet to send her sprawling in the dirt a few feet back. Getting her legs under her, Camilla popped to her feet and limped to Erica. Taking care to plant a foot in the other brunette’s belly, Camilla walked over her opponent and stopped just on the far side of her. Glancing over her shoulder, she snarled, “You EVER try to sit on my face again and I’ll put my foot through yours. UNDERSTAND?” When Erica just moaned, Cam turned around to face Mark. Flashing him a small smile she said, “Just because there’s only one in the audience doesn’t mean I can’t show off!”

Doing just that, she bent her knees and executed a perfect Back Flip that brought her down tummy-first on Erica’s defenseless chest. Always impressed with the Standing Moonsault, Mark jogged over, dropped down and slapped the mat, ‘ONE... TWO...’

Camilla pulled away, breaking the count of her own accord. “Why’d you count? I’m not going to pin her.”

Mark shrugged. “See, that’s what I thought too, but Erica yelled at me when I didn’t.”

Camilla patted Erica’s stomach in a condescending manner, “Don’t you worry about Erica. The next time she yells at you, she’ll be saying ‘MAKE HER LEMME GO MARK! PLEASE; SHE’S KILLING ME!”

Mark got to his feet. “I don’t think she’ll sound that petulant.”

Camilla got to hers, “Oh yeah? That sounds like a challenge to me Mark. Watch this, then we’ll talk about how petulant she can sound.”

Leaving the ref with his thoughts, Camilla strode to Erica’s feet, grabbed her by the ankles and flipped her onto her belly. Still holding onto Erica’s feet, Camilla lifted her shins up so that Erica’s feet were sticking straight into the air. Moving quickly, Camilla released her grip on the captured limbs and spun around only to plant her feet on either side of Erica’s knees, effectively pinning the downed brunette’s feet in place with the back of her knees. Then, in a demonstration of the ingenuity and flexibility that had made her a rising star over the last year, Camilla arched backward in a beautiful Bridge, not stopping until the crown of her skull was resting firmly between Erica’s shoulders. When Erica’s head was forced up by the pressure, Camilla reached around with both hands and laced them under her victim’s chin. Hold in place, Cam tensed her whole body and puuuulllled back, putting intense pressure on Erica’s back and neck with her inventive take on the Inverted STF.

Rocking up and down on the bridge, Cam offered Mark an inverted smile and said, “Look at her Mark! Doesn’t that look like the sobbing face of a petulant whiner to you!”

Mark had to admit that Erica wasn’t looking all that impressive, but he couldn’t really fault her for it. With Cam’s hands laced under her chin, Erica’s upper-body was being lifted off the ground, bent in a fashion the Good Lord had never intended. The young official would have been more disturbed if she had managed to make the anguish look good. Moving in as close as he dared, Mark asked, “Whadda ya say Erica? Do you want to give up?”

Eyes narrowed to slits, Erica shook her head ‘no’ and gasped, “Fuck... fuck noooERRRRGHH!”

The statement devolved into senseless sobbing as Camilla reefed back on the hold again and demanded, “GIVE IT UP!”

Erica continued her denials and made them a little more emphatic by grabbing hold of Camilla’s hands and jerking them towards her mouth. The instant she felt knuckles brush her lips, Erica opened up and bit down, gnawing on Camilla’s fingers with as much vigor as she could muster. Caught off guard by the fire in her hands, Camilla shrieked and tried to hold the bridge for as long as possible, but she figured the move wasn’t worth her digits so she broke her grip several seconds later and bridged back to perfect verticality without a hitch.

Examining the teeth marks on her hand, Camilla shook off the pain and spat, “Tastes like desperation to me Erica. Guess I’ll just have to bend you with a move ya can’t bite, gnaw or scuttle your way out of.” Searching her arsenal for something that would do the trick, Camilla quickly settled on a classic. Spinning around to face the other brunette, she dropped down grabbed her ankles and lifted them up, tucking one under each armpit. Looking down into Erica’s face, the brunette growled, “You won’t be running your mouth, or anything else for matter in a few minutes. Mark might be running for a phone though, I think you may need an ambulance.”

The words were still coming out of her mouth as Cam turned over and sat down hard, trapping her injured rival in a back-snapping Boston Crab. With the Crab cinched in deep and no ropes for Erica to crawl to, Camilla pulled back as far as physics would allow, putting insidious pressure on Erica’s lower back and legs. Flipping hair out of her eyes, Camilla bounced her butt on Erica’s spine, making the hold the much more unbearable. Unable to consider the fact that Erica could still be resisting, Camilla roared, “GIVE UP!”

One cheek in the dirt, Erica blinked tears out of her eyes as she tried to fight off the crippling pain of the Boston Crab. Not bothering to waste her breath on answering Mark’s inquiries, the battered vixen planted both hands in the earth and prepared herself for what she had to do next. Biting her tongue to keep from screaming, she drew in a deep breath and then PUSHED up while simultaneously THRUSTING out with her legs. The pair of motions caught Camilla flat-footed- she was pulled off her perch and flipped onto her back behind Erica.

Quicker than Mark thought possible, Erica was on her haunches, scooting backwards into a very high Schoolgirl Pin. Bearing down with all her weight across Camilla’s chest, Erica hooked the other brunette’s flailing legs behind the knees and folded her into a tight Matchbook Pin.

Glaring down in Camilla’s stunned face, Erica panted, “You lose, bitcAHHHH!”

Erica wasn’t the only one in the match with phenomenal leg strength as Camilla demonstrated quite admirably as she used nothing but the power of her quads to roll Erica off her perch and into a loose Sunset Flip. At this stage of the game in a normal match, Camilla would have leaned forward as humanly possible, using all her weight to hold Erica down for the three count. As it was, the three count didn’t even occur to Camilla. As soon as she was sure Erica wasn’t going to wriggle away, Cam released Erica’s thighs and scrambled up the taller girls frame, to nuzzle down on her foe’s features in a Front FaceSit.

Enjoying the feel of Erica screaming into her more than she’d ever admit, Camilla craned her head back to gaze into the gray sky. Exhaling a shuddery breath, she gasped, “That’s more like it...”

On the other end of the spectrum, Erica really wasn’t enjoying the view but she had a remedy for that. Digging her nails into her tormentor’s thighs, the trapped grappler surged off her shoulders and sent Camilla tumbling off her perch. Impressed and more than a little aggravated with Erica’s strength, Camilla scrambled to her feet just as Erica was getting to hers. Regarding one another with dark, furious eyes, Camilla curled her fingers toward Erica and chided, “If I’d known your face felt so good there, I’d have done this years ago.”

Literally trembling with fury, Erica answered, “If I’d known you were going to be such a pain in my ass, I would have broken your neck years ago.”

Camilla just beckoned her in, “Come try then.”

Erica obliged her with a murderous bull rush that ended with her rocketing her right foot towards Camilla’s face. I believe I’d mentioned something earlier about Camilla’s incredibly fast reaction time and unfortunately for Erica, the length of the fight hadn’t dulled it any. Moving in a blur, Cam picked Erica’s ankle out of the void and held her up on one foot. Without even thinking about it, she swept out her left foot and sliced Erica’s planted leg out from under her. Erica hit the wet ground with a THUD and before she could even draw a breath, Camilla had grabbed her other ankle and spread her legs in a wide V. Then Camilla leapt into the air, flung both legs straight out in front of her and let gravity bring her back to earth with both heels stabbed into the fork of Erica’s groin. Erica sobbed and rolled over onto her side, instantly curled into the fetal position by a move that would have drawn a disqualification under regular circumstances.

Sick and tired of fooling around with her adversary, Camilla got to her feet and stalked over to Erica’s head. Burying her talons in the wounded girl’s hair, Cam peeled her off the ground only to double her up with a Kick to the Gut. Standing to her victim’s left, Cam grabbed Erica’s left wrist in her right hand and pulled her arm out to her side. In a single, well practiced movement, she lifted her left leg and placed it over Erica’s captured arm while simultaneously using her left arm to trap Erica in a Front Facelock. Preparing for the Camilla-Tine, Camilla panted, “This is going to feel so gooAHHHHH!”

Unwilling to accept an outcome that involved her eating the other brunette’s finisher, Erica reached out with her free hand, grabbed Camilla’s planted ankle and tugged it out from under her, sending the lissome girl to her back in a startled heap. Maintaining her death-grip on Cam’s ankle, Erica held the limb out at a wide angle and replied, “Yes it is.”

She brought her foot up and SMASH down onto her foe’s groin. Camilla screamed in agony and tried to crawl away, but the low blow seemed to have taken all the fight out of her in a single shot. Tossing the suddenly limp leg aside, Erica trudged around behind her opponent, putting several paces between them. Nursing her wounds, Erica suddenly didn’t like the feel of the sweaty, grimy tank top against her skin any more. Grabbing the bottom edge in both hands, she quickly peeled it over her head, leaving her in a red sports bra and the red lycra shorts.

A few feet away Mark cleared his throat and muttered, “Will ya look at that. Things are blooming early this spring.”

Erica shot him a wry glance, “Perv.”


She was about to forgive him when Camilla coughed and rolled over onto her side. Snapping her head in the direction of the noise, Erica settled into an expectant crouch and said, “Apologies will have to wait Mark. I’ve got a bitch to split...”

He wasn’t sure what that meant, but he figured he and Cam would find out soon enough. Luckily, he would only have to witness the carnage. Never once letting her eyes leave the other brunette, Erica stayed perfectly still until Cam got her hands and knees under her. On a signal only she could hear, Erica took off like a shot, heading straight for the recovering wrestler. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The moment after Camilla pushed to her feet, Erica left hers and lowered her shoulder absolutely DRIVING the point of the joint into Camilla’s sternum with the second successful Spear of the evening.

The impact knocked Camilla head over heels and somewhere in the back of Mark’s mind he heard Paul Heyman’s voice screaming, ‘GORE GORE GORE!’

Pulling her shoulder out of Camilla’s gut, Erica stacked Cam up on her shoulders and told Mark, “Count her down!”

Convinced that it was academic, Mark hustled over, dropped to his knees and slapped the ground, ‘ONE... TWO...THR-NO!’

Neither could believe it when Camilla rolled a shoulder out of the dirt to halt the count. Openly incredulous, Mark mumbled, “Christ girl, stay down. Don’t you know what’s good for ya?”

Erica supplied the answer, “Apparently not.”

More than willing to keep pouring on the punishment, Erica pulled Cam up by the straps of her sports-bra and stood beside her. Remaining deathly quiet, Erica laced one hand between Camilla’s legs while the other threaded its way across her captive’s chin. Grunting with the effort, hoisted Camilla off the ground, draping the slender brunette across powerful shoulders in a Torture Rack. Wrenching the hold as hard as she could, Erica trudged around the clearing with Camilla twisting jerking on her shoulders.

Bouncing the hold up and down, Erica warned, “You know damn well that I could break your back right now Camilla. So what I want you to do is look up into the trees and scream my name as loud as you can!”

Offering up the best denial she could, Camilla sputtered, “Nuhh... nuh... never!” in a cracked, halting voice.

In no mood for her opponent’s bullshit, Erica rose up on her toes and then sank into a deep squat, bending Cam’s back even further. Repeating the lift and squar motion several more times, Erica caught her breath and said, “I can keep this up all afternoon if I have to Cammy. Now SAY MY NAME!”

Clinging to the only escape plan she could think of, Camilla drew some air into her lungs and shouted, “ERICA DURANCE...... IS A SLOW ASS, FLAT FOOTED BITCH!”

Before her captor could bend her with another lift and descent, Camilla folded up the arm nearest to Erica’s head and brought the bony joint smashing down on her forehead. Erica shuddered and groaned, but did not release the Torture Rack, so Camilla reloaded and hit her again. And again. And again. Finally, the fourth shot allowed Cam to wriggle her way off Erica’s shoulders and land behind her back. Feeling solid ground underneath her again, Camilla straightened up and tried to go on the offensive only to be blind-sided by a massive burst of pain in her lower back. Unaware that she had screamed aloud, the lithe brunette staggered back a few steps only to be pounced upon by a dazed, bleeding and perhaps most importantly, furious, Erica Durance.

Reeling in the fleeing beauty with a handful of hair, Erica impaled her nemesis with Knee Lift that dropped Camilla to hers. Unable to think clearly anymore, Erica just dug both hands into Camilla’s scalp and pulled her up. Threading one hand through Camilla’s thighs while the other arm hooked her shoulder, Erica let out a wounded sob as she hoisted the other brunette off her feet and onto her shoulder. Holding Camilla like most folks would hold a sack of potatoes, Erica shifted her grasp slightly, looping one arm over her rival’s waist while the other was laced across her shoulders. Turning to Mark, she locked eyes with the flabbergasted official and said, “You’re the only one who gets to see this live, so when they ask, tell em how awesome it was.”

Mark started to reply but by then Erica was already rising up on her toes, preparing to sit-out and drive the back of Camilla’s head and shoulders into the bare earth with a Test of En-Erica. But just as Camilla had fought out of her Torture Rack, she somehow managed to twist just enough to escape Erica’s clutches and slither down the bigger girl’s back, escaping the potentially career-ending maneuver. Her tenacity didn’t help for long though because Erica spun around on her heel and LEVELED Cam with a Standing Clothesline before the agile beauty could even comprehend mounting an offense. Staring down at the wreckage of Camilla Belle with dull, glazed eyes, Erica said softly, “Why won’t you stay down?”

She helped herself to a handful of tights and pulled Camilla to her feet. She’d had been vertical less than a second when Erica lowered her shoulder and muscled her foe onto her shoulders in a simple Fireman’s Carry. Too out of it to pay attention to the official, Erica just started spinning and Mark would have been caught a solid shot by Camilla’s boots or head if he hadn’t been fast on his feet.

Shaking his head in disbelief as Erica tried to end the match with an Airplane Spin, Mark muttered, “I don’t fucking believe it!.” His disbelief didn’t stop it from being true though, and for the better part of a thirty seconds, Erica spun as fast as she could, hoping that the staple of pro-wrestling would be enough to make Camilla helpless to stop whatever she had planned next.

Finally, when the spinning got to be too much even for her (during the last few revolutions she would’ve swore there were two silent figures watching from the woods, but that didn’t make any sense at all) Erica dumped Camilla off and let the woozy brunette stagger away in a drunken swoon. Closing her eyes to get her body under control, Erica counted to three and when she opened her eyes, the waver had gone out of the world. Setting a bulls-eye on Camilla’s jaw, Erica cooed, “I’m the only one that walks out of the woods this time baby.”

The prediction was still hanging in the air when she exploded forward and sent another Big Boot (or was it Big Shoe in this instance) whistling towards Camilla’s face. But damned if the haze clouding Camilla’s eyes didn’t clear just a second before the kick connected. As the strike rushed in, Cam dipped her shoulders and whirled aside, letting Erica charge harmlessly past. Cursing, she spun around to prepare for a second pass only to find herself hoisted into the same Fireman’s Carry she’d used moments earlier.

Unable to find her voice for a moment, Camilla held her foe prone until she could gasp, “You were always slower than me Erica. That’s why you lost.”

Starting her own spin, Camilla completed three whole revolutions before she stopped in her tracks and hurled Erica’s legs out behind her in a wide, looping arc. As Erica’s body swung out behind her, Cam used her recently freed hand to lock up Erica’s head in a Three-Quarter Facelock then as Erica was starting to fall, Camilla dropped to the ground, drilling Erica face-first into the dirt with the modified Neckbreaker known as the TKO.

Erica flopped once, then rolled onto her back and lay still, but for Camilla, that was far too much activity. Using up the last of her reserves, Camilla got to her feet and hoisted Erica to hers. Standing in front of the taller girl, she spun around so that her back was molded against Erica’s chest. Then she reached over her shoulder with both hands and secured another Three-Quarters Facelock. Planting her right leg in front of Erica’s left leg, she reared back as far as she could, then pulled straight forward and down, sweeping Erica’s legs out from under her to drive her head back into the ground with the Snap Mare Driver she called The Quiet Riot.

Erica’s forehead hit the earth with a muted THUD and then she rolled onto her back in a drunken somersault. Camilla would have considered it done at that point, but then Erica rolled onto her side and that meant she had more work to do. Shoving Mark aside, Cam’s shoulders were rising and falling in great tearing lifts as she grabbed Erica by the front of her sports-bra and tugged her to her feet. Not bothering with the kick this time, Camilla just forced Erica to bend over to recieve what was coming.

Going through the same motions she’d attempted once before, Cam took Erica’s left wrist in her right hand and pulled the limp arm out as far as it would go. With far less grace than the first time around, she raised her left leg and placed it over Erica’s stretched arm while her left arm tied Erica up in a Front Facelock. Holding on for dear life, Camilla hopped once, twice, three times and then dropped straight back, using her momentum to yank Erica off her feet and face-first into the dirt with the Leg Cradle DDT she called the Camilla-Tine. This time when Erica hit, there was a spasm followed by.... nothing; no twitching, groaning or spasming, just the rapid, steady rise and fall of her back to indicate she was still breathing.

Nearly knocked into a stupor by what he’d just seen, Mark Mark fought his way out of the mental fog and barked, “STAY OFF HER CAM! SHE’S OUT! YOU WON ALREADY, SO JUST STAY OFF HER!” Camilla didn’t need to be told twice. Hitting the Camilla-Tine had taken everything she had left and now even sitting seemed to be too much for her to deal with.

Making his way over to Erica, Mark knelt, rolled her onto her back and made sure there was no immediately visible damage. Convinced there was nothing broken, the official reached into his pocket and grabbed the small walkie-talkie that would put him back in touch with Ward. Hitting a button, he waited a moment and then said, “The fight’s over and both participants are OK, but I’m going to need a crew out here to help them back to the house. There’s no way they’re making it under their own power.”

Silence for a second before Ward replied, “A crew is on their way Mark. How was the fight?”

Mark could do nothing but shake his head. There didn’t seem to be words that fit what he’d seen. Not wanting to leave Charles hanging, he finally replied, “The tapes won’t do it justice. You had to be there.”

From the other end of the line came a heavy sigh, “That’s what I was afraid of. Oh well, I want to hear all about it when you get back. Don’t go wandering off, OK?”

Mark cast a glance between the unconscious Erica and the silent Camilla. “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem my friend. Just get that crew out here fast.”
A few hours later...aching but triumphant, Camilla pushed through the double doors of Charles Dexter Ward’s mansion and wandered out to the loop that served as the gigantic house’s driveway. She was looking for the limo Ward had promised her, but she saw no such transport. The only car present was indeed shiny and black, but it was at least forty years old and certainly more sports car than luxury ride. Casting around to make sure the limo wasn’t hiding anywhere, Cam sighed and said, “Well, Rich said he was eccentric.”

Making her way towards the idling car, Camilla was about to hail the driver when both doors swung open. From the driver’s side stepped a pretty blonde she recognized as Elizabeth Harnois. Cam was a little less sure of her brunette companion, but she was fairly sure she was Alexz Johnson, the rookie phenom that had given Lacey Chabert fits last week. Both young women smiled pleasantly as Camilla put her bag down and said, “You’re not a limousine.”

Beth’s smile got much wider, “No, I’m more of a Toronado, like my car here. A 1966 Toronado to be exact.”

Alexz chimed in, “And I’m a Mustang, or maybe a Thunderbird. No, I like Mustang better. And you’re not a limo either. You’re something sporty and stylish, something like a Camero or Cobra. But certainly no limo.”

“Certainly not,” Beth agreed.

Not sure of just what the hell she had stumbled into, Camilla was silent for a moment then said, “OK. Thanks I think. Why are you two here?”

Harnois patted the car, “To give you a ride back to town silly. We sent the limo off a few minutes ago.”

“Why would you do that?”

Alexz answered, “Because the boss wants to talk to you, Camilla. And we want you to talk to the boss.”

“Who’s the boss?” Camilla asked her.

Johnson looked at her like she was dense. “Tony Danza of course. But he’s not OUR boss. Our boss is a she. And she wants to talk to you.”

Camilla regarded the pair warily. Outwardly they didn’t look all that menacing, but their elliptical answers were somewhat unnerving. “And why does the boss want to talk to me?”

Beth replied, “We saw what you did to Erica this afternoon, and when we told the boss, she was very impressed. Erica has been sort of a disappointment to her so it was nice to see her put in her place.”

“I still don’t understand what you want with me.”

Harnois spoke slowly, as if explaining an obvious concept to a slow child, “We’re planning a party Camilla. And eventually, everyone will be invited; but for right now, the boss in charge of lining up the entertainment and she wants YOU to help US plan it.”

It was subtle, but there was an undercurrent of menace in that statement and Camilla didn’t like it one bit. “And what if I say no?”

Alexz purred, “It’s very simple Cam. You can play with us now - or we play with you later. Either way, WE’LL have lots of fun.”

Camilla hated to admit it, but she was intrigued. Glancing between the blonde and the brunette she asked, “Before I make any decision I want to know who you’re boss is and why you’re working for her.”

Harnois shook her head, “No can do on the first one. You only meet the boss if you’re in. As for a motive, I’ll let Alexz clue you in.”

Camilla expected another riddle, but what came was even more surprising. Johnson started to sing, in a low pretty alto. “People cry and people moan,

look for dry place to call their home,

try to find a place to rest their bones while the angels and the devils try to make ‘em their own.”

When Alexz fell silent, Camilla asked, “So, what are you two; angels or devils?”

Beth and Alexz grinned from ear-to-ear, “Who says we can’t be both?” they asked simultaneously.

Camilla couldn’t say why, but she wanted to know more. “All right, your weirdness may be infecting my brain, but let’s go meet this boss of yours.”

Harnois clapped her on the shoulder and exclaimed, “Delightful.” Taking Cam’s bag, she popped the Toronado’s trunk and tossed it in. Slamming it back into place, Beth added, “Sorry Cam, but Alexz’s CD collection is taking up the back seat and the newbie’s have to ride middle.”

Groaning, Camilla slipped into car and waited as Alexz and Beth piled in around her. Dealing with the tight fit, she said, “I can’t believe the music gets a better seat than me.”

As Elizabeth started the Toronado rolling, Alexz and Beth each placed a hand on her thighs and gave them a squeeze. Smiling, Beth said, “Don’t worry Cam. Only the new girl rides middle; and at the rate we’re moving, you won’t be there for long.”

Camilla was about to answer her when Beth floored it and conversation was drowned out by the throaty rumble of the engine. Riding in silence as the woods whizzed past, Camilla decided to lean back and let things (and Alexz and Beth’s hands) take their course. The two were definitely weird, but they wanted to hang out with her, so they couldn’t be too strange, right?