Camilla Belle vs. Amber Tamblyn by The Walkin’ Dude

It was getting on into the latter part of August and things in the small Massachusetts town of Arkham were finally picking up again. Classes at Miskatonic University had started up the week before and the returning crush of college students always brought a little more vitality back to the nearly three hundred year old town. Things at the Yellow Sign Tavern were starting to pick back up again as well. With the college kids back in town, the beer was flowing copiously and the orders for cheeseburgers and chili fries had picked up considerably. But of all the things coming back to the Yellow Sign, the one that most interests us this evening is the return of owner Richard Fannin and his renegade wrestling promotion. After being out of Arkham for nearly two months, the promotion was returning to their home base and they had a hell of a card to say ‘welcome back!’ to the good patrons of the Tavern. As was pre Fannin’s custom the card was loaded from bell to bell and there were plenty of battles worthy of our attention, but in the interest of not keeping you here all evening, the focus of our attention tonight will rest solely on the Main Event…the especially talented, if not somewhat overlooked brunette Amber Tamblyn face the figure behind the mysterious ‘For whom the Belle tolls’ videos that had been airing for the last several weeks.

Standing in the center of the squared circle, the Ring Announcer begins his tried and true shtick. “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for our Main Event! Introducing first, she stands at 5’7”, allow me to present, Amber Tamblyn!”

The opening to ‘Dani California’ by The Red Hot Chili Peppers pours through the speakers and seconds later the curvy brunette breezes through the curtain and heads for the ring. For her battle with the mysterious newcomer, Amber is wearing sporty red bikini bottoms with ‘AMBER’ written across the back in white script. Her top carries on the red and white motif admirably, the pattern consisting of a series of bold vertical bars. Her look is completed with red boots and white kneepads. Reaching the edge of the ring, she rolls under the bottom rope and glides to her feet in one smooth motion. If Amber’s feeling any trepidation about facing an unknown adversary, it doesn’t show. She’s here tonight to play the spoiler and that’ exactly what she tends to do.

Waiting until Amber’s music dies down, the Announcer resumes his duties. “And her opponent. She also stands at 5’7” and is making her debut here tonight. Ladies and gentlemen….Camilla Belle!”

The lights in the Yellow Sign fade away to nearly nothing and for a few seconds the crowd wonders if there’s been a power outage. Then the speakers screech a burst of static and the opening roll to Yellow Card’s ‘Lights and Sounds’ kicks in right as a series of multicolored spotlights turn the darkened space into a psychedelic lightshow. When the drum roll hits its crescendo, there’s a massive white blast of pyrotechnics at the top of the stage and a silhouetted figure comes firing up through a hidden trap door in the stage. Landing in a graceful crouch, Camilla pops to her feet and lets the crowd get a look at her.

The slender, tanned beauty has shoulder length dark brown hair and a slightly exotic cast to her features. Her ring attire is a simple but sexy pinkish-orange bikini with matching pads and boots. Having given the crowd a moment to take her in, Camilla breaks into motion, speeding for the ring in a stunningly fast spring that ends with her leaping onto the apron, then to the top rope and bringing herself into the ring with a high backflip that lands her a few feet from the startled Announcer. Sticking the dismount, Camilla raises her hands in a salute before heading to her corner.

The bell clanged loudly in the small confines of the club and now the gathered mob would get to see if Camilla was as good as the hype machine seemed to indicate she was or if the debuting brunette would have her coming out spoiled by an incredibly well motivated opponent. Staring at Amber from the safety of her corner, Camilla bounced lightly from one foot to the other and whispered, “That’s out cue Amber.” Without another word she pushed away from the turnbuckles and strode toward center ring.

Keeping her eyes locked on the brunette, Amber tucked her hair behind her ears and muttered, “C’mon newbie. Let’s see what you’ve got.” As if the words had summoned her, Camilla stepped from her corner and started towards Amber. Smiling widely, the chestnut haired beauty added, “All right Cam. Let’s you and me dance.” She pushed away from the buckles and headed out to meet her challenger. A moment later, the young ladies respective paths crossed for the first time and the roar of the crowd increased as they waited for the first lock up of the contest.

Not sure if it was the right thing to do or not, Camilla went with her instructs and extended a hand, “I’ve seen your matches.” the newcomer said. “And I know what you can do. This is going to be a very good fight.”

Amber scanned the gesture for any trace of sarcasm or deceit but she found none. Shaking Camilla’s hand, Amber answered, “ I’ve seen your matches too Camilla and I am impressed, I won’t lie. But don’t think for a second I don’t know my role in this particular match. I’m supposed to be just good enough to give you a chance to show off your moves before you finish me off with something flashy and crowd-pleasing. If I lose this bout like everyone expects, you go on to bigger and better things while I go back to working my way up the ranks. Well I’ve met everyone’s expectations for too long now. I get a chance to do something new tonight. I’m gonna play the spoiler and pin the highly touted phenom’s shoulders to the mat during her illustrious debut. Nothing personal Cam, but I’m going to LOVE raining on your parade.”

She pulled her hand away and sank into a tense crouch, waiting to see how the brunette would react to her statements. Camilla’s eyes narrowed noticeably and the smile faded from her face. Dipping into a crouch of her own, she fired back, “Rain all you want Amber. It’s not going to be enough to stop me.”

Staring a hole through the brunette, Amber’s frame seemed to tense up as she said, “We’ll see.” Before the newcomer could voice a reply, Amber shot forward, wrapped her arms around Camilla’s skull and squeezed down tight, slapping on a Head Lock. Biting her bottom lip in a tense, determined smile, Amber bent Camilla over at the waist and rose up on her toes, rudely grating the side of Camilla’s skull against the point of her hip. Deciding it would be best for her to take the new girl down hard and fast, Amber suddenly sat out and tossed Camilla over her hip, slamming the brunette into the canvas with a basic Headlock Takedown that sent her to the mat with a breathy THUMP.

Lying comfortably on the mat, Amber gave the hold another skull-crunching squeeze, provoking a tiny yelp from her captive. Smiling just a little bit as she watched Camilla’s legs beat uselessly against the mat, Amber chided, “You’re gonna have to do better than that if you want to last around here Camilla. If you can’t even escape a Headlock this place is going to eat you alihuurrgghk!“

The last word was abruptly choked off when Camilla torqued her hips and snaked her thighs around her opponent’s head. Locking her ankles, Camilla cinched on the Headscissors just as she was wrenching free from Amber’s grip. Taking a quick breath while the other brunette was gurgling, Camilla got one hand on the canvas for balance while the other pressed down on the thigh that was across Amber’s windpipe, increasing the pressure of the hold. Flipping some errant strands of hair from her face, Chance squeezed down even tighter and fired back, “You mean like this Amber? Is this the kind of escape you had in mind? Maybe you should consider taking your own advice every once in a while.”

The word was still in her mouth when Amber forced both hands under Camilla’s thigh and pushed up hard, breaking the hold. The instant her head was free, Amber scrambled to her feet while Camilla rolled to one knee and then pushed back up to her full height. Massaging her throat, Amber quickly regrouped and settled back into her grappling stance. Circling to her left, Amber waited until Camilla’s hands were nearly brushing her own before she lunged forward to engage the brunette in a tight Collar and Elbow Tie-Up.

Planting her feet against the canvas, Amber struggled against the rookie’s strength for several seconds before she was able to grab hold of Camilla’s left wrist in both hands and step back, fully extending the arm with a sharp tug. Nodding briefly as Camilla’s face registered pain, Amber kept up the pressure of the Arm Wringer by wrenching the captive limb in a large, slow circle that soon forced Camilla to one knee. Rising up on her toes, Amber cranked Camilla’s wrist back and asked, “You feel that babe? There’s a storm in the air.”

Camilla shook her head against the pain and replied, “Doesn’t matter. This party continues rain or shine.”

Refusing to waste any more energy on verbal sparring, Camilla turned her attention to escape. With no warning the limber brunette straightened up a standing position only to immediately drop down and tumble forward in a low roll that would quickly and effectively relieve the pain of the Arm Wringer. At least, it would have worked had Amber not anticipated what was coming. When Cam rose up on her toes, Amber shook her head and muttered, “Oh no you don’t Camilla. You’re not getting away just yet.” Releasing one half of her grip on Camilla’s wrist, Amber mimicked her opponent’s move step for step, rolling alongside the brunette in a short tumble and popping to her feet only to immediately resume her two handed grip on Camilla’s wrist. Enjoying the startled surprise she saw on Camilla’s face when they stood up, Amber bore down even tighter on the Arm Wringer and asked, “What’s the matter Camilla? You look disappointed. Get used to the feeling, there’s a whole lot more of it coming.”

Shaking her head ‘no’ Camilla replied, “I’m sure there is, but it won’t be coming from me. I didn’t earn a slot on this roster just to lose my first match to Amber ‘Freakin’’ Tamblyn.”

Irked at the contempt she heard in her foe’s voice, Amber was about to fire off another shot when Camilla suddenly pulled one hand free of Amber’s grip. Before she knew what was happening, Camilla had snaked around behind her and tugged her wrist up between her shoulder blades with a Hammerlock. Pushing up on the simple submission a few times, Camilla promptly released the hold and wrapped both arms around Amber’s bare middle, squeezing her tight with a Waist Lock. Holding Amber in place as the other brunette tried to wriggle free, Camilla pressed her cheek against Amber’s and purred, “How you gonna get out of this one Ambs?”

Gritting her teeth in a thin smile, Amber replied, “Just like this!”

She shot her arms up over her head and twisted hard to her right, floating into a tight Cartwheel. Feeling Amber’s counter before she actually saw it. Doing her best to meld herself to Amber’s hips and back, Camilla twisted with her opponent and rolled along behind her, using Amber’s arms and hands to keep her from crumpling to the mat. When Amber came out of the Cartwheel she was shocked to feel Camilla still bearing down on the Waist Lock. Ignoring the impressed applause of the crowd, Amber grunted in frustration and fired an elbow over her shoulder hoping to catch Camilla in the jaw with a simple, but brutal counter.

Alas, Camilla saw the attack coming and pulled her head aside. Finally releasing the Waist Lock, Camilla grabbed Amber by the shoulder and whirled the other brunette around to face her. Threading an arm through Amber’s thighs, Cam grabbed her foe’s butt and scooped her up onto her shoulder in preparation for a Body Slam. Rising up on her toes, Camilla was in the process of slamming Amber down to the canvas when the trapped brunette wrenched free of her grip and slid down her back. Taking advantage of the brief opening, Amber spun Camilla around so that she could see what was coming. Pulling her right arm back across her chest, Amber lashed out with a Knife Edge Chop that caught Camilla square across the top of her breasts.

There was a resounding CRACK followed by a pained “OOOOH” from the audience as Camilla’s face twisted in pained surprise. Flipping hair out of her eyes, Amber snarled, “How ya like that newbie?”

Shrugging off the pain, Camilla glared at Amber and hissed, “So much I’ll return the favor.” With that she nailed a Chop of her own, taking Amber right across the swell of her chest with a meaty CRACK! Amber grimaced and crossed her arms across her chest. Staring hard at the brunette, Amber growled, “You wanna matching pair bitch? You got it!”

Amber stalked forward and nailed a second chop and Camilla responded in kind. For the next several seconds, the crowd grimaced along with the two wrestlers as they filled the air with a whistling chorus of SLAP! CRACK! SMACK! After nearly a minute of this agonizing standoff, Camilla blocked Amber’s incoming Chop and slipped around behind her.

When Amber spun around to face her, Camilla grabbed Amber by the wrist and whipped her into the ropes. When the other brunette drew within range, Camilla shot her right arm out and exploded forward in a Clothesline. But Amber was not so easily undone and she ducked under the extended limb. Stopping in her tracks, Amber whirled on her heel and drove a boot up into Camilla’s belly right as the brunette was turning around. Grabbing Camilla by the hair, Amber yanked her opponent up straight and grabbed her by the wrist. Planting her feet, Amber Irish Whipped Camilla towards the ropes but had her impending bit of offense dashed when Camilla reversed the momentum and sent her careening into the cables for the second time in as many minutes.

Keeping her head clear as she loped back towards Cam, Amber had to admit she was impressed when Camilla dropped into a perfect Splits so the other brunette could hop over her. But just because she was impressed didn’t mean that Amber didn’t have a counter ready and she proved as much by grinding to a halt and spinning around to face her opponent. In the split second before Camilla could push up out of her split, Amber pulled her right foot back and smashed it forward, driving the point of her boot between Camilla’s shoulders.

Grinning triumphantly as Camilla screeched in pain, Amber panted, “Pretty showy counter Camilla, but all the flash in the world can’t save you from the basics.”

Not waiting for Camilla to answer, Amber grabbed the brunette by the hair and yanked her to her feet. Standing behind Camilla, Amber grabbed a hold of her foe’s pinkish-orange bottoms and cocked her free arm back at a sharp angle. Reeling Camilla in, Amber drove her folded arm forward and smashed her forearm into the base of the brunette’s neck. Camilla let out a stunned groan and sank to her knees. She occupied this position for less than a second before Amber yanked her back to her feet and repeated the maneuver, snapping Camilla’s head forward with another stiff, unprotected shot to the back of her neck. Maintaining her stern grip on the brunette’s togs, Amber put a little more energy into bringing Camilla back to her feet if only to pull Camilla’s tights up in an embarrassing Wedgie. Yanking Camilla towards her, Amber released her grip on Camilla’s tights and wrapped her arms around the brunette’s waist. Wedging her head in between Cam’s left arm and her torso.

Digging her clasped hands into Camilla’s navel, Amber bent her knees into a tense crouch and said, “You wanna see some fancy stuff Cam? Lemme show ya what I can do. Now hold onto your head bitch, otherwise you just might lose it.”

As the words left her mouth, Alexis lifted her victim up into the air and hoisted her onto her shoulder in the beginnings of a typical Back Drop Suplex. It was only at the apex of her lift that Amber’s attack started to differ from the norm. As gravity started to bring them both back to the mat, Amber threw herself back and sat out, adding a whole lot of momentum to their descent. Less than a second later, Camilla landed full force on the back of her head and neck with a ring shaking WHAM!

Amber’s Back Drop Driver sent Camilla flopping over onto her belly in some sort of half assed somersault and she didn’t move for several seconds after the move connected. Pleased that the high impact maneuver had flattened Camilla out so effectively, Amber popped to her feet gave the crowd an arm pumping salute and shouted, “LET’S GET THIS CHUMP OUT OF HERE FAST!”

Encouraged by the loud response, Amber pulled Cam to her feet and wrapped both arms around Camilla’s waist. Forcing her head between Camilla’s torso and her left arm, Amber tightened her grip around the brunette‘s middle. Preparations complete, Amber bridged up and back once again, this time dropping Camilla forcefully onto her back with a shockingly fast Northern Lights Suplex. Holding the svelte brunette shoulders down on the canvas, Amber bridged up even further and waited for the ref to swoop in and make his count. In this she did not have to wait very long, but she wasn’t able to hear the whole thing because Camilla bucked violently just after ‘ONE’ and was able to break up the attempt.

Rolling her eyes, Amber got to her feet and yanked Amber to hers. Scooping Camilla up on her shoulder for a Body Slam, Amber sauntered to the middle of the ring and said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better opponent Cam. What better way to prove how good I am than by exposing an over-hyped, under talented yutz like you?”

Amber tossed Camilla onto the mat, leaving the brunette smeared all over the canvas courtesy of the Body Slam. Standing at Camilla’s head, Amber bounced into the ropes and sprinted towards her downed rival. When she was a few feet removed from Camilla, Amber left her feet and dropped the full weight of her right thigh across Camilla’s windpipe with a Leg Drop.

Rising to her knees, Amber scooted in behind Camilla and pulled her to a sitting position. Threading her legs around the brunette’s waist, Amber locked her ankles and started to squeeze, putting intense pressure on Camilla’s waist with the Body Scissors.

Feeling the her rival squirm in her grasp Leaning across her opponent’s back, Amber whispered, “Do you hear that Camilla? That’s thunder in the distance. Your parade’s about to come to a screeching halt.”

Pulling back a bit, Amber planted her hands on the mat and started to twist in a tight circle, rolling the disoriented brunette around on the mat several times. After several rotations Amber came to a stop and planted her hands on the canvas. Pressing up for increased leverage, she looked over her shoulder to make sure that Camilla’s shoulders were now pressed firmly into the mat. Seeing that this was indeed the case, Amber nodded along as the ref counted, “ONE… TWO…” Camilla wrenched out of the Body Scissors and quickly rolled onto her side.

Annoyed, but not really surprised, Amber buried her hands in Camilla’s hair, got to her feet and helped the brunette to hers. Keeping her grip on Camilla’s locks firm, Amber forced her opponent to bend over in front of her; a task that Amber didn’t make an easier when she started firing a machine-gun like series of Knee Lifts up into Cam’s forehead. There was a methodical repetition pf meaty THUDs. After every skull-jarring impact, Camilla’s strong legs grew a bit weaker until finally she collapsed to her knees - held up only by Amber’s diabolical firm grip on her hair.

Feeling more and more of the fight leave her foe with each landed blow, Amber finished her series with an exceptionally hard shot that caught the brunette under the chin. Camilla’s teeth clacked together and the rookie started to tumble onto her side, but again, Amber jerked her head back up straight to keep her trapped in that penitent position. Pausing to catch her breath (and to let the dull ache fade from her knee) Amber slowly pulled Camilla to her feet and muscled the spaghetti-legged vixen onto her shoulders without incident.

Holding Camilla prone in the Fireman’s Carry, the dominant brunette turned in a slow circle, allowing the audience to see that she could do exactly what she wanted to her ingénue rival. What that was exactly remained a mystery until Amber declared, “Most girls only use one knee when they hit this next move, but I found a way to use both. Tell me what you think of it, because I don’t think Cam’s going to be able!”

As the audience started to buzz, Amber pushed Camilla straight up and off her shoulders, leaving her suspended in the air for a split second. In that second, Amber executed a small hop, leaned back hard and tucked her knees in across her chest. Amber hit the mat back first with nothing more than a little ‘ugh’ that went totally unheard by the mob thanks to Camilla’s breathy scream when she landed gut first across both of Amber’s folded knees. The inventive twist on the Gutbuster left Camilla rolled up in the fetal position, arms crossed protectively across her injured abdomen and legs curled up tight in a vain attempt to protect herself to shield herself from any more harm. This proved to be a pointless effort because Camilla had been on the mat for less than five seconds before Amber grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Backing the gutshot brunette into the ropes, Amber grabbed Camilla by the wrist and clamped down tight.

Getting right into the rookie’s face, Amber delivered a light, taunting kiss to the tip of her victim’s nose and whispered, “Don’t worry babe. This will all be over soon.”

Attempting to carry out her prophecy, the brunette whipped Camilla into the ropes then waited a beat before bouncing off the ropes behind her to meet her victim’s charge. With about six feet between them, Amber left her feet in a high vertical leap and flung herself at Camilla with a Flying Crossbody Press. A moment later, the high flying tactic connected perfectly, but Amber started to realize something was wrong when she didn’t feel the brunette leave her feet and land painfully on the canvas. In fact, all she felt was Camilla’s hands; one digging into her shoulder while another had a pretty good grip on her butt.

Trying to fight down the panic she felt building, Amber’s mental state wasn’t helped any when she heard Camilla pant, “Looks like this isn’t going to be over as soon as you’d thought Amber. In fact, I bet this match goes on a lot longer than you ever wanted it to.”

Ignoring Amber’s impotent threats, Camilla snugged the writhing brunette in a bit closer to her chest and started walking quickly to the nearest corner. Getting in close to the buckles, Cam lowered Amber a little bit and rudely stuffed her protesting rival in the space between the second middle and top ropes. Pulling away from Amber, Camilla surveyed her handiwork and was pleased to see that she wasn’t going anywhere until the brunette gave her approval.

Struggling furiously in the awkward position, Amber glared angrily at her rival and snarled, “Get me out of here!”

Grabbing the top rope in both hands, Camilla answered, “I was just waiting for you to ask.” She leapt up, tucked her knees in close and came crashing down across Amber’s exposed midsection. The force of the landing drove the trapped brunette from her perch and sent her tumbling to the mat in stunned, gasping pile. With Amber laid out at her feet, Camilla took the opportunity to snap her briefs back into the proper alignment across her hips and favor the crowd with an appreciative smile. Raising her right arm in salute, Cam said, “If you thought that was cool, stick around. There’s plenty more to come.”

Ending her communiqué, Camilla bent down and pulled Amber up with a handful of hair and shoulder strap. Pivoting the other brunette around so her back was facing towards the center of the ring, Camilla pushed her back a few steps to ensure she had enough room to work comfortably. Reaching out with one hand, she pinched Amber’s chin between her thumb and forefinger and titled the brunette’s head up so she could look into her eyes.

Her voice calm, Camilla said, “You think I’m an over-hyped, under talented yutz Amber? I wonder if you’ll still feel that way after I’ve slapped some of the stupid out of ya.”

Moving like lightning, Camilla jerked her hand away from the other brunette’s chin only to slash it forward and catch her across the face with a blow that was more of a Palm Strike than an actual slap. Regardless of what you called it, the shot snapped Amber’s head to the side and Camilla fixed that problem by shooting out her other hand and cracking Amber across the face again. Each SLAP staggered Amber back a step but this didn’t bother Camilla in the slightest. She kept moving forward as Amber moved back, quickly and brutally pushing the dazed brunette across the ring on a diagonal with a flurry of stinging, cracking SLAPs! As they neared the corner, Amber finally tripped over her own feet and she went tumbling backward only to land against the turnbuckles in a wounded, helpless sprawl. Treating the red faced beauty to a final pair of head turning SLAPs, Belle chested into her rival and purred, “Don’t cry Amber, I’m not going to slap your pretty little face anymore. Right now, I think some kicking is an order.”

Stepping back fast, Camilla gave Amber a hard Two Handed Shove to the chest, just to make sure her opponent wasn’t going anywhere. When Amber just stayed slumped in the corner, Camilla backed out to center ring and sank into a low runners crouch. On some silent signal, she charged forward, eating up the distance between her and Amber at an astonishing rate. When there was less than three feet between her and her target, Camilla dipped her and shoulders, going into a low tumble that would have been perfectly harmless to the brunette had Camilla not kept her right leg fully extended. As it was, the brunette’s right heel caught Amber in the center of her forehead with a dull but somehow very ominous THWACK!

Inexplicably, the Rolling Heel Kick knocked Amber free of her mooring in the corner and sent her wandering towards the center of the ring. She had nearly got there when her legs gave out on her and she tumbled face first to the canvas in a motion reminiscent of the classic ‘Flair Flop.’ Back near the corner, Camilla was watching Amber’s doomed progress with a confident smile. When Amber went sprawling onto the mat, Cam got to her feet and sauntered over to where the other brunette had laid herself out. Standing next to Amber’s head, Camilla bent down, grabbed her foe by the left wrist and slowly tugged her to her feet. Keeping her grip on Amber’s wrist firm, Camilla took a step back, fully extending the captured limb.

Locking eyes with her adversary, Camilla asked, “Where’s that storm of yours now Amber? I thought you were going to rain on my parade, what with me being an over-hyped loser and all. Or maybe you finally realized you’re not going to win this fight and have already given up. I’m not sure which option is the most pathetic.”

Hearing Camilla’s voice in her ears was enough to clear the worst of the fog in Amber’s head. Looking towards the brunette with rage in her eyes, Amber replied, “The storm’s still comin’ bitch. I‘m gonna send you limping back to the minor leagues.”

Shaking her head ‘no’ Camilla fired back, “I don‘t think so. You don‘t have what it takes to stop me.”

As the last words came out of her mouth, Camilla yanked Amber forward and looped around behind her, pulling the brunette’s left arm across her own throat. As soon as she’d pulled Amber’s arm tight, Camilla dropped to the mat, jerking Amber off the feet only to splatter her against the canvas with a Straightjacket Neckbreaker. Releasing Amber’s suddenly limp wrist, Camilla scrambled to her knees and draped herself across the downed brunette’s middle, hooking the far leg in the process. Seeing the cover initiated, the official dropped to his knees and counted off, ‘ONE… TWO…’ Amber shot a shoulder up, breaking the count.

Sitting on her haunches, Camilla ran both hands through her hair and thought about the best way to punish her adversary. Looking towards the corner, inspiration stuck almost immediately so she pulled Amber to her feet and marched the woozy girl into the buckles. After placing her opponent face and chest first against the thinly padded steel, Camilla stood to Amber’s right and grabbed the top rope in both hands for balance. Taking a moment to adjust her aim, Camilla brought her leg snapping up in a fast, High Kick that smashed across the back of Amber’s head. The hurt brunette let out a groan of pain and sagged forward but that didn’t stop Camilla from firing off another two picture perfect kicks, the last of which nearly had the brunette out on her feet. Still standing to Amber’s right, Camilla grabbed her captive by the hair and pulled her a few feet away from the corner.

Still stewing over the way Amber had been hoping to thwart her debut effort, Camilla chided, “I’m going to put you out of your misery now Amber, but don’t feel too bad about losing. With any luck, the next rookie you have to fight will be a lot less talented than I am.”

When no cogent response came, Camilla grabbed a fistful of Amber’s sweaty hair and bent her backwards at a sharp angle. Holding her victim at just the right place to keep her vertical, Camilla brought up her right leg, quickly placed it across Amber’s throat and sat out, dropping her foe to the mat with an odd combination Slam and Leg Drop. With Amber spread out and unmoving on the mat, Camilla decided it might be time to put the obviously outclassed (at least in her mind) beauty away and she had just the move to do it. Getting a hold of Amber’s wrists, Camilla tugged Amber into the proper position near the corner, then released her hold and let her limbs fall limp to the mat. Jogging to the middle of the ring, Cam allowed herself a few deep breaths and then sprinted forward, heading for the corner and Amber at a dead run. When it appeared as if she was going to simply run over the downed brunette, Camilla left her feet in a high Vertical Leap at the apex of which she went into a perfect Split. As she came down, the brunette landed with one thigh on each of the turnbuckles and used the ropes to initiate a tight little Backflip that ended with her landing chest first across Amber’s belly. The Split-Legged Moonsault hit beautifully as evidenced by the crowd’s appreciative cheering and Amber’s pained wailing. Maintaining her position on Amber’s chest, Camilla hooked both legs behind the knees and bore down hard on the cover. But as impressive and devastating as the maneuver had been, it wasn’t enough to keep Amber down for the night as she kicked out right after ‘TWO’ had been reached.

Shaking her head in frustration, Camilla got to her feet and muttered, “Well you’re tougher than you look, I’ll give you that. Though given the way you look, I suppose you’d have to be.”

Not getting any response, the brunette pulled Amber to her feet and took possession of her right wrist. Pointing the wounded brunette towards the far side of the ring, Camilla planted her feet and whipped Amber towards the cables. She was moments away from releasing her grip on Amber’s wrist when her opponent clamped down on her wrist and planted her feet against the mat. In the blink of an eye, Amber had reversed the momentum on the Irish Whip and was pulling a startled Camilla towards her in a staggering lurch. Seeing a chance to make the brunette suffer, Amber went low and scissored her legs through Cam’s, taking her rival to the mat with a Drop Toe Hold.

Knowing she had to move fast if she was going to make this work, Amber grabbed Camilla’s ankles and folded her legs up, crossing her ankles and pressing down tightly so they were jammed tight against Camilla’s rump. Releasing one half of her grip, Amber spread out at Camilla’s side, resting the back of her head against the small of the brunette’s back. Almost done now, Amber reached out with her free hand and snaked it under Camilla’s chin.

Grinning up into the lights, Amber snarled, “Here comes the storm bitch.”

She planted both feet on the mat and bridged up while simultaneously pulling up on Camilla’s chin. With her head jammed against the small of the brunette’s spine, the effect was a sort of Inverted Bow and Arrow that had Camilla shrieking with pain in mere seconds. Working hard to maintain the bridge, Amber rose up and down several times to first relax and then increase the pressure on her foe’s neck and back. Feeling Camilla scrabbling uselessly at her wrist, Amber pulled back as hard as she could and demanded, “Give up!” She added to the force of this statement by grinding the top of her skull into the base of Camilla’s spine, compounding her rival’s agony.

Blinking back tears as she struggled against Amber’s torturous hold, Camilla shook her head wildly ‘no’ at the ref’s inquiries of submission and screamed back at Amber, “Not a chance Amber! I’ll never give you the satisfaction!”

Getting that off her chest Camilla went back to work trying to find a way out of her current predicament. Calming her nerves as best she could, the brunette got a hold of the hand wrenching back on her chin and pulled it up just enough to bring Amber’s fingers into contact with her lips. With no hesitation whatsoever, Camilla opened her mouth and bit Amber’s fingers! Not prepared for this kind out counter to the hold, Amber roared in surprised pain and quickly released the hold.

Jerking her hand free of Camilla’s maw, she rolled to one knee and observed the tiny red crescent of bite marks on her fingers with a growing anger. Getting to her feet, Amber buried a hand in Camilla’s hair and pulled the mewling rookie to her feet. Stepping in close behind her opponent, Amber grabbed a handful of Camilla’s tights and took a step back. Drawing a bead on the center of Camilla’s back, Amber violently tugged the brunette backwards while simultaneously shooting her arm forward, smashing the full length of her forearm across the small of Camilla’s back. Savoring the high-pitched moan that escaped Camilla’s lips, Amber dug her chin against the brunette’s shoulder and taunted, “You want to play rough sweetie? Well I’m more than happy to show you what rough is all about.”

Pulling back a second time, the vindictive brunette drove another hard-hearted forearm into Camilla’s battered back and then quickly transitioned to a Waist Lock. Letting her hips grind slowly against Cam’s quivering backside, Amber pointed her opponent towards the corner and muttered, “Here’s another new twist on an old favorite that I’ve been working on. If you still have any voice left after it connects, tell me what you thought of it.”

She charged forward fast, propelling Camilla in front of her thanks to the Waist Lock. Seconds later they reached the corner and Camilla was driven chest-first into the top turnbuckle. The trapped brunette only had a second to register this pain though because Amber used the force of the impact to bounce back several steps and take her captive up and over with some sort of makeshift somersault. Camilla’s shoulders were on the mat for a heartbeat or two when Amber rolled over her, landed on her feet and hoisted the dazed brunette back to her feet. Now totally disoriented, Camilla offered no resistance when Amber bridged up and back again this time dropping Camilla skull and back first on the mat to complete the Rolling German Suplex. Knowing that her opponent’s shoulders were stacked up on mat, Amber bridged up hard, attempting to keep the brunette down on the mat for the three.

Well she got pretty close, but despite the abuse she’d heaped on Camilla over the last minute or so, the tenacious newcomer still managed to get a shoulder off the mat right as the ref’s hand was coming down for the final time. Releasing the bridge, Amber rested on her knees and took a breather; even though she was in control now, Camilla had hammered her pretty badly over the last several minutes and she still wasn’t feeling one hundred percent. After nearly ten seconds of uninterrupted rest, Amber started to feel her reserves kicking in and thusly she was ready to start punishing the brunette again. Getting her feet under her, Amber grabbed a rude handful of Camilla’s briefs and hoisted the other girl to her feet. Doubling the other brunette up with a hard punch over the navel, Amber laced each of her arms under Camilla’s arms and clasped her hands across Camilla’s back.

Making sure her hands were locked tightly, Amber looked out at the crowd and shouted, “It looks like tonight the bell tolls for this dope!” As the crowd egged her on, Amber lifted up and fell backwards, sending the full length of Camilla’s injured back into the canvas with a Double Underhook Suplex. But if the crowd thought that was all Amber had in mind, they were in for an intriguing surprise. No sooner had the Suplex landed did Amber plant her feet on the mat and push off, rolling back to land heavily on Camilla’s lap. With the brunette’s arms still locked up, Amber forced Camilla’s head into the crook of her armpit and scissored her legs around Camilla’s waist. Crossing her ankles, Amber squeezed as hard as she could, putting tremendous pressure on Camilla’s head and ribs with the innocently named and agonizingly painful Butterfly Lock Bouncing savagely on Camilla’s lap, Amber poured the pressure into the Scissors even as she was leaning back, torturing her helpless captive on two fronts at once. Keeping her face away from Camilla’s flailing hands, Amber flipped some hair out of her eyes and screamed, “GIVE UP CAMILLA! THERE’S NO WAY OUT OF THIS!” She added to the veracity of this statement by grinding her thighs back and forth against the brunette’s sweat slicked ribs.

Trying and failing to hold in a scream of anguish, Camilla shook her head’ no’ as best she could and replied, “I TOLD YOU I WOULDN’T TAP! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TRY SOMETHING ELSE!”

Ignoring Amber’s infuriated reply, Camilla cast her glance from side to side and just happened to see that the ropes were only a few feet away. Normally the trip to safety wouldn’t have been all that difficult for a wrestler of her caliber, but even a few feet seemed like a mile when her arms were tied up and an angry brunette was sitting on her lap, trying to snap her ribs. Seeking to rise to the challenge, Camilla put all her strength into a series of graceless jerks and tugs that managed to get the job done despite being remarkably ungainly. Even though she couldn’t see the ropes thanks to her position, she could sure as hell feel them and she wasted no time in demanding to the official, “GET HER OFFA ME!”

Still sitting pretty on Camilla’s lap, Amber glared angrily at the referee and kept the hold locked in until he’d reached ‘FOUR’ on his count. Then she unclasped her hands, pushed up off the brunette and stepped back, but not before she’d allowed herself a taunting little kick into Camilla’s undefended belly. Circling tensely in the middle of the ring, Amber was watching Camilla use the ropes to pull herself up when she decided that the mouthy rookie hadn’t earned the right to a reprieve just yet. Cracking her knuckles ominously, Amber stalked in close and hauled the weary brunette to her feet only to scoop her up onto her shoulder for a Body Slam. But instead of dropping Camilla back down to the mat, Amber sauntered over to the closest corner and planted the weakened brunette against the buckles, tying her to the aptly named Tree of Woe. Stepping back to admire her work, Amber placed a boot against Camilla’s inverted chest and ground her toes back and forth. Savoring the ingénue’s cry of pained indignation, Amber snarled, “I’m not just gonna make you tap Cam, I’m gonna make you SUBMIT!”

Taking another step towards her goal, Amber pulled away from her hanging opposition and jogged over to the opposite corner. Glancing out at the redlining audience, Amber rewarded them with a winning smile and then she was off like a shot, streaking towards her victim at a disturbingly high rate of speed. From her terribly uncomfortable position in the corner, Camilla knew that the match would more than likely be over if Amber was allowed to land an unprotected shot. Digging deep into her reserves, Camilla waited until Amber was only a few feet away and then she pulled up fast, performing something like a jury rigged Abdominal Crunch in the corner even as her feet were still locked up under the top rope. From her higher vantage point, Camilla was able to reach out behind her and snag the startled brunette in a tight Three-Quarters Face-Lock.

With Amber’s chin resting against the point of her shoulder, Camilla untangled her legs from the ropes and pushed out of the corner. Before the crowd even knew what had happened, she landed on her butt and drove Amber’s chin down against her shoulder with a perfectly applied, but out of nowhere application of the Stunner. Amber’s head snapped back and she was knocked head over heels before coming to rest face down a few feet away from her brunette opponent. Still suffering the effects of the Butterfly Lock, it took Camilla most of the zebra’s count to get to her feet and even then she wasn’t feeling all that great.

It was only when she saw Amber starting to recover that the fires in her eyes started to blaze once again. Running both hands through her battle tousled hair, Camilla sank into a crouch and called out, “Hey dork, how your chin feeling?”

Amber looked up fast and scowled at her opponent. Forcing herself not to rub her jaw, Amber shot back, “About as good as your neck I bet. Tell me, do you always sob so loud when you’re losing?”

“Only when the girl I’m wrestling has never heard of deodorant. Seriously Amber, they’ve come up with an invisible roll-on solid, you should really look into it.”

Starting to advance on her foe now, Amber taunted, “Keep running your mouth, asshole. When this is over, I’ll smell like a winner while you’ll be trying to scrub off the funk of pathetic loser for the next few days.”

Camilla wanted to voice a reply, but by then Amber had drawn within grappling range so the brunette settled for letting her actions speak for her. Settling into a tight, sweaty Collar and Elbow Lock-Up, Amber and Camilla pushed hard against one another’s shoulder for several seconds before Camilla shifted her grip and took possession of Amber’s arm. Forgoing words, she planted her feet and whipped the other brunette towards the ropes only to have Amber reverse the momentum and send her hurling towards the cables. Keeping her wits about her, Camilla never slowed as she reached the edge of the ring, instead she bent her knees and executed a quick jump, clearing the top rope to land on the apron in one easy movement.

Ignoring the cheers of the crowd, Cam spun around to face her rival and grinned smugly when she saw the surprise on Amber’s face. “What’s the matter baby, didn’t think I had that in me? Why don’t you bring your ditzy little head over here and try to knock me off my perch?”

Shaking her head at the newcomer’s gall, Amber muttered, “Be careful what you wish for dumbass.”

She sprinted forward with claws extended, meaning to either shove Camilla off the apron or yank her back into the ring by her roots, whichever felt better. Unfortunately for her, neither option would play out well because Camilla shot her right leg up in a stunningly High Kick that caught Amber flush in the face as she was coming in. Amber let out a low, startled grunt and stumbled back several paces, holding both hands over her battered face.

Waiting patiently on the apron, Camilla whispered, “All right Amber, now you get to see what happens when the parade really starts rolling.”

Grasping the top rope in both hands she pulled herself back as far as she could before leaping forward and landing on the top rope. As soon as she was balanced on the rope she jumped again, this time towards the recovering Amber. Flying toward her victim, Camilla spread her legs and then locked them around Amber’s head. With one final twist she fell back tossing her foe halfway across the ring. The crowd roared at the rookie phenom’s athleticism, a Springboard Hurricanrana wasn’t something just anyone could pull off. Popping to her feet, Camilla spun around on her heel and dropped into a deep bow, thanking the crowd for their applause. Straightening back up, she called out, “If you thought THAT was cool, wait til you get a load of my NEXT trick!”

Jogging over to where Amber was sprawled on the canvas, Camilla pulled Amber to her feet and applied a tight Arm Wringer. With Amber’s arm tied up, Camilla quickly paced back until she was standing in the nearest corner. Without missing a beat, Camilla scaled the buckles, not coming to a stop until she was standing tall on the top buckle with Amber’s wrist still in her grip. Listening to the mob buzz in anticipation, Camilla found her balance and slowly began to walk across the top cable like a tightrope, all the while dragging her protesting foe along for the ride. When the vertically augmented brunette was satisfied with her position, she bent her knees slightly and then leapt off the ropes, aiming right for her opponent. She had been in the air for less than a second when she snapped her legs open and then slammed them closed around Amber’s head. In the next instant she twisted her hips and fell back, tossing her rival three quarters of the way across the ring with a second Hurricanrana hit from out of nowhere.

The Rope Walking Hurricanrana had the crowd on its feet and oddly enough, so was Amber. Though truth be told, the pale brunette was staggering awkwardly around the ring with a blank look on her face. She might have been vertical, but it was just coincidence; Camilla could have just nudged her and Amber would have gone tumbling to the mat. Tragically, Camilla had something a lot stronger than a nudge in mind, as evidenced when she hauled her hapless foe up onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry. Walking to center ring, Camilla turned in a slow circle and explained, “This isn’t my finisher, but I’ve never been one for piling on the punishment. You’ll see my finish when I get a tougher opponent!” Continuing her rotations, Camilla spun around nearly half a dozen times, picking up speed with each revolution. When she put on the brakes, she flung Amber’s legs off her shoulder and sent the majority of the stunned brunette’s body trailing out behind her. Acting fast, Cam trapped Amber’s head in another Three-Quarters Face-Lock and sat out hard, driving the full length of Amber’s torso into the mat with the sadistically modified Neckbreaker known as the TKO. Shoving Amber over onto her back, Camilla hooked the far leg and waited for the ref to appear. A moment later he did just that and slapped the mat, “ONE…TWO…THR…NO!” Amber shot a shoulder off the canvas, much to the surprise of Camilla and the gathered spectators.

Impressed with the other brunette’s fortitude, Camilla chided, “Hmh, maybe they will get a chance to see my finisher.”

Getting to her feet, Camilla looked to all sides of the ring, trying to decide upon the best avenue for her next attack. After a few scans of the squared circle, her eyes stopped upon the corner behind Amber and the rookie smiled knowingly. Hopping over Amber’s decimated form she said to herself, “This is going to be good.”

She sprinted towards the corner and without slowing leapt onto the turnbuckle in one smooth motion. Turning to face the ring, Camilla crouched down and waited for Amber to get to her feet. A few seconds later, she did just that and Camilla stood up straight, preparing to leave her perch. But the moment she locked eyes with Amber, things started to go wrong. The haze suddenly left the other brunette’s gaze and she exploded forward in a dead run that put her on a collision course with the corner. Stunned by her rival’s sudden movement, Camilla remained on the top rope, not exactly sure how she was going to counter this burst of energy. Amber solved that problem for her because when she reached the corner she hopped onto the middle rope with both feet and then placed one foot on the top rope.

Glaring up at the other brunette, Amber wrapped both arms around Camilla’s waist, locked her hands and panted, “Time for you to fly baby.”

Camilla understood what was coming and tried to wriggle free but Amber was already dropping back towards the mat and tossing Camilla up and over with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex from the top rope. Camilla soared across a good three quarters of the ring before she crashed down with ring-rattling CRASH! The impact of the viciously augmented suplex knocked her back up into the air by several inches and brought her down on her side, where she remained in a battered, moaning pile of hurt.

Several feet away, Amber was caressing her back and wincing with pain, but the uproarious cheers of the crowd helped dull the ache of her landing quite nicely. Knowing she’d dealt Camilla a huge blow with her last counter, Amber gritted her teeth, rolled onto her side and pushed slowly to her feet. Still working out the kinks, she ran her hands through her hair and adjusted the edges of her outfit before rewarding the crowd with a victorious smile and raised fist.

Turning her attention to Camilla, Amber said to the audience, “I was hoping she’d make it from corner to corner, but apparently I didn’t throw her hard enough. Guess I should finish what I started.” On the tide of their applause, Amber limped over to where Cam was splayed out and pulled her to her feet. Maneuvering around so that her back was pointed towards the corner, Amber grabbed Camilla’s head in both hands and said, “You got out of this earlier, but after falling out of the sky, I don’t think you’ve got any more tricks left in ya.”

When Camilla only groaned, Amber reached around the left side of Camilla’s body and then wrapped her arms around Camilla’s abdomen to complete the Waist Lock. Flexing her knees a bit, Amber lifted up and then fell back, tossing Camilla through the air to send her crashing head and back first into the corner, compliments of the Gutwrench Suplex. Nasty as Camilla’s landing was, the worst was yet to come! When she smashed against the buckles, her legs got wrapped up in the top cable and she ended up suspended in the Tree of Woe for the second time in the match; right where Amber wanted her!

Pushing to her feet, Amber regarded Camilla’s face carefully, trying to discern whether or not the other brunette had some crafty trick up her sleeve. Finding nothing but dazed anguish in her opponent’s eyes, Amber spun around on her heel and headed for the other side of the ring. Reaching her destination, Amber took less than a second to turn around and line up with the inverted brunette. Already feeling Camilla’s face under her boots, Amber charged forward again and when she was just past the middle of the ring, she left her feet in a high leap and pulled her knees in tight against her chest. As she started to come down, she shot her feet out and slammed them into Camilla‘s face, smashing the back of the other brunette’s unguarded face against the thinly padded steel. Camilla’s whole body trembled once, it was just enough to pull her free of the Tree of Woe and she tumbled to the mat like a puppet with cut strings. Hopping back to her feet, Amber grinned savagely at the crowd as she slowly drew a thumb across her throat.

“TIME TO TANGLE HER UP!” she roared. Turning her attention back to Camilla, Amber grabbed the other brunette’s wrists and tugged her slowly to the middle of the ring where she released her grip and let Camilla lie flat on her face. Moving around to Camilla’s head, Amber grabbed her foe by the hair and pulled her to a kneeling position just before she took a seat directly in front of her victim. Taking hold of Camilla’s wrists again, Amber scissored her legs around the brunette’s waist, but did not lock her ankles. Preparing to cinch in her finisher, Amber glared hard at her battered rival and snarled, “You’re going to have to look in my eyes as I make you submit. Hope you enjoyed your first night on the job Cam.”

Going to work, Amber leaned back, almost laying flat on the canvas, but not quite, Making sure to keep one of her shoulders slightly elevated, Amber planted both feet on the mat, making sure each of her ankles was laced tightly with her opponent’s. Feeling Camilla’s legs locked in place by her own, Amber shifted her grip on Camilla’s hands to just above her elbows, digging her fingers in deep to make sure Camilla couldn’t wriggle free. With the hardest part out of the way, Amber muttered, “One, two, three, LIFT!”

She leaned back all the way and pushed up with her arms and legs. The resulting shove lifted Camilla off the mat entirely, suspending the trapped brunette in an awkward starfish shape directly above her domineering foe. The crowd roared and Camilla screamed as Amber cinched on her finisher, an Inverted Ceiling Hold she liked to call ‘The Amber Tangle.’ Glaring up into Camilla’s pain drenched face, Amber jostled the hold repeatedly, putting intense pressure on the other brunette’s shoulders, back and legs. Working the hold hard, Amber growled, “Give it up! If you don’t your career’s going to end before it even got started.”

Shaking her head frantically ‘no’ Camilla groaned, “THAT all ya got Amber? I thought you were gonna try an stretch me out.”

Infuriated that Camilla still had will enough to taunt her, Amber poured more pressure onto the hold, doing her damndest to send Camilla home with a sprained shoulders, pulled hamstrings and a broken back. But in her haste to end the match, Amber got a little too forceful with her application of the hold and Camilla somehow managed to slip her ankles free of Amber’s grip. The next thing Amber knew, Camilla had crashed down on her lap and the ref was swooping in to count because her shoulders were flat on the canvas again. Galled that defeat could be snatched from the jaws of victory so quick, Amber released her grip on Camilla’s arms and shoved the other brunette off of her, getting free of the pin just before the ref reached ‘THREE.’

Shaking her head in disgust, Amber got to her feet and grabbed a huge handful of Camilla’s hair. Yanking the limp-kneed brunette to her feet, Amber snarled, “Guess I’ll have to do this the old fashioned way.”

Looking to end the match before Camilla dug out some other esoteric counter, Amber slapped a tight Front Face-Lock on Camilla and tugged her to the middle of the ring. Leaning forward over her foe, Amber lifted one leg off the mat and held it out in front of her like she was preparing for a slow motion kick. Without any warning, she snapped the leg back and dropped all her weight down and back. The Snap DDT drove Camilla’s forehead into the mat with resounding force, and the decimated brunette actually rested on her injured head for a moment before falling gracelessly forward, landing sprawled on her back. Wanting nothing more than to officially put the other brunette away, Amber straddled Camilla’s waist and hooked both of her legs before leaning forward to stack Camilla up with a Matchbook pin. Watching Amber fold her victim up, the ref dropped down and counted off, “ONE… TWO…THR…NO!”

Somehow, some way, Camilla bucked Amber off of her, breaking up the pin and prolonging the battle for a few more seconds at least. Shaking her head incredulously, Amber spat, “How can a girl so dumb be so damn resilient?” Hoping that her escape had drained the last of Camilla’s reserves, Amber hauled her opponent to her feet and applied another Front Face-Lock. Pausing to catch her breath, Amber said, “You may have kicked out of one, but NOBODY can take two of theEERRGGH!”

Amber’s statement was probably correct, but the audience never got to find out one way or another because right as the controlling brunette was finishing her missive, the supposedly beaten Camilla fired her leg up off the mat and kicked Amber in the face while she was still trapped in the Front Face-Lock. There was a moment of dead silence and then the crowd exploded, they hadn’t seen anyone display that kind of flexibility in who knows how long. Perhaps the only person in attendance who wasn’t impressed was Amber herself, but that’s only because no one likes being on the receiving end of a kick to the face, no matter how fancy in might be. Blinded and stunned by the unexpected counter, Amber released the Face-Lock and staggered back, both hands holding her injured nose.

She’d only made it a short distance when a revived and remarkably angry looking Camilla grabbed her by the hair and reeled her in close. Trapping Amber in a Front Face Lock of her own, Camilla looked like she was about to say something and then decided against it. Keeping the Face Lock cinched in tight, Camilla reached down with her free hand and hooked Amber’s left leg with her right arm. Bending her knees slightly, Camilla had lifted Amber off the mat by no more than a few inches before she twisted her body violently to the right and dropped down, slamming the back of Amber’s head and neck into the canvas with a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker. The crowd roared like they’d just witnessed Camilla’s finisher, but that was not the case. For the crowd and Amber respectively, the best and worst were yet to come.

Getting quickly to her feet, Camilla hauled a gutshot Amber up with her and held the other brunette steady with one hand. With her other hand, she cupped her ear and asked the crowd, “You hear that don’t you? That’s the bell tolling for Amber!”

As the mob urged her on, Camilla bent Amber over and stood slightly to her left. Grabbing Amber’s left arm by the wrist, Camilla pulled the limp limb out to Amber’s side, and quickly stepped over it with her left leg, resting her thigh just above Amber’s elbow. In the same motion, Camilla reached up with her right hand and took hold of Amber’s captive wrist, leaving her left arm free to wrap up Amber’s head in a grinding Front Face-Lock. Almost done now, Camilla leaned forward as far as she could go and then yanked back, jerking them both off their feet and down to the mat, where Amber was driven face-first into the canvas with the added force of Camilla’s weight doing nothing to soften the landing. Amber’s head hit the mat with a bone-jarring THUD and she spasmed once before laying still, unequivocally, unquestionably out cold.

The ‘HOLY SHIT!’ chants started almost immediately, not a single person in the audience had even seen that particular move executed before and it would still be several hours before any of them knew it had been dubbed ‘The Camilla-tine.’ Getting to her knees, Camilla shoved Amber over onto her back and straddled her waist. Looking down at the other brunette’s pale, sweat beaded face, Camilla said, “I’m not usually so vindictive, but you talked a lot of shit tonight, so I won’t feel too guilty about doing this.” Speaking no more, she scooted forward and then spun around bringing the full weight of her butt down on Amber’s nose in a Reverse Face Sit. Tucking her boots against either side of Amber’s head, Camilla rested her hands on Amber’s defenseless belly and gently ground away as the ref counted off “ONE… TWO… THREE!”

Shortly thereafter, the bell really did toll and it signaled Camilla as the winner of the match. Relinquishing her perch on Amber’s face after a few more grinds of her hips, Camilla got to her feet and raised both arms high over head. Glowing with the exertion of her win, Cam made a few short circuits around the ring and was about to climb onto the buckles for another salute when a familiar voice addressed her from the stage, “Hey Cam, long time no see.”

Startled, Camilla turned towards the sound of the voice and easily located Erica Durance watching her from the top of the ramp. The tall brunette was clad in her street clothes (tight faded jeans and an equally formfitting red tank top) but that didn’t stop her fans from urging her to hit the ring and go face-to-face with the victorious rookie. Realizing there was more to come from her old adversary, Camilla stalked over to the Announcer and took possession of his mic.

Her voice appropriately enhanced, Camilla returned her attention to the interloper and replied, “How are you Erica? Did you come out to congratulate me on my first win? Honestly I would have thought a cheating whiner like you would have tried to interfere on Amber‘s behalf.”

The phrase ‘cheating whiner’ seemed to infuriate Erica more than one thought it should have. Snarling silently, Durance stalked forward a few steps and fired back, “Cheating Whiner? I’m a cheating whiner? Last time I checked, you’re the one who cost me a match. I had Piper BEAT at the Fourth of July Party and you cost me a win…”

Erica’s insinuation brought Camilla storming to the edge of the ring. “I did no such thing! I was just sitting in the audience, minding my own business. It’s not my fault you’ve got the attention span of hyperactive three year old. And as long as were talking about the party, at least I’m not so poor a loser that I’d have to tackle an innocent bystander and go tumbling into the water! You’re pathetic Erica! You were pathetic in high school and you’re pathetic now. You couldn’t ever beat me fair and square, so you always had to make excuses for…“

“EXCUSES!?” Erica was screaming now. “I had you beat and you know it! You’re a liar and fuckin’ cheat and I thank God you showed up in this promotion because I’m finally gonna put you in your place, and this time there’s gonna be a whole arena full of people to witness me kicking your ass.”

Sitting on the middle rope, Camilla beckoned for Erica to come on down as she said, “Care to try right now Erica? Or are you afraid of letting all these people watch me SPANK your fat ass?”

All the color drained out of Erica’s face and if looks could kill, Camilla would have fallen dead right there. Bringing the microphone to her lips, Durance said, “I’m gonna hurt you Camilla. In fact, I’m probably going to break you. But I’ll do it on MY terms. And after I’ve exposed you to the world for the nothing you are, I’m gonna paddle your nasty ass raw. See you in the ring, bitch.”

Erica dropped her mic and whirled around, disappearing through the curtain without another word. Watching her old rival go, Camilla shook her head and whispered, “No chance in hell Erica. You couldn’t beat me when I wasn’t a wrestler and you can’t beat me now.”

Camilla slid out of the ring and started up the ramp. Durance could be dealt with later, for now she had a win to celebrate.