Monica Bellucci/Cristina Scabbia vs. Victoria Silvstedt/Marika Johannson by Boeing666

Milan Italy! Italian fans go nuts for Monica Bellucci and Cristina Scabbia who are both from Milan; Cristina’s home town while Monica has lived there many years. Monica weighed in at 145 lbs and Cristina at 105, a total combined weight of 250 lbs but the two brunettes could be in for a rough night as they emerge to the sound of Italian music - Monica in an Italian flag sports bra and tiny black leather thong bikini bottom and her partner Cristina, slightly more modestly dressed with an Italian flag halter top and black mini skirt. Still, she gets plenty of wolf whistles from her fans for the sexy outfit.

A Viking death march plays over the loud speakers and the fans boo as two blonde Amazons Victoria Silvstedt and Marika Johannson, both wearing Viking gear with Hagar the Horrible helmets appear. After her last two defeats at the hands of Monica, Victoria has sworn revenge and revenge is what she wants to bring as she’s put on weight since the last time, bringing her 145 lbs. to the ring; the same as Monica. Yet Victoria has an inch height edge on Monica and the added 5 or so pounds is all muscle! Even worse, Victoria’s professional bodybuilder partner, Marika Johannson, weighs nearly 200 lbs for this match and she’s the same height as Victoria; but her weight is all muscle! The fans boo the blondes as they enter the ring.

Monica glares at both Victoria and at Marika who sneak attacked her after their last match. Marika and Victoria remove their Viking gear to reveal animal skin bikinis. Marika flexes her muscular arms, causing little Cristina to be extremely intimidated as she worriedly goes to Monica and whispers in her ear. But if Monica is intimidated by Marika she isn’t showing it. After all, she’s a many year veteran of the ring and has taken on women as tough, or tougher, than Marika before.

Marika and Cristina go to their respective corners while Monica and Victoria remain behind to face off; each eager to lock up. When the bell sounds, Victoria and Monica immediately grapple as Victoria gives Monica a shove, sending the big brunette backward. They lock up again, but this time it’s Monica shoving the blonde back! Victoria comes right back to lock up with Monica, but instead she sweeps her right arm up and SMACK slaps Monica. The slap can be heard all around the arena and it angers Monica more than hurts her. Monica begins punching Victoria but the ref warns her about hitting with closed fists.

When Monica turns to argue with the ref, Victoria steps around behind and slugs Monica up between the legs with a Low Blow! Monica drops to her knees on the mat holding her crotch. Victoria raises her arms innocently and swears she doesn’t know what happened to cause Monica to suddenly drop as she did.

Victoria grabs Monica by her hair and puts Monica’s head in a Reverse Headlock, then grabs the side of Monica’s black leather thong with her other hand and hoists Monica upside down for a Vertical Suplex. Victoria keeps Monica upside down in the air for a good 20 seconds before finishing her Suplex.

Half of the fans boo Victoria and the other half begin chanting Monica’s name to encourage her as Victoria goes to lift Monica for a Bodyslam. She gets Monica onto her shoulders, but Monica drops down her back and when Victoria turns around, Monica scoops the big blonde up and WHAM Bodyslams her! As Victoria staggers to her feet, Monica Front Kicks her in the stomach, then nails her with a DDT!

Victoria lays sprawled on her back holding her neck while Monica strides over to tag in Milan’s own, Cristina Scabbia! The fans go wild as the diminutive Italian climbs to the top ropes where she waits for Victoria to stand up. When she does, Cristina launches herself off and SMACK slams into Victoria feet first with a Missile Dropkick.

Victoria gets to her feet but Cristina, moving like a whirlwind, hits her again, this time with a Standing Dropkick. But this time Victoria doesn’t fall, although she sways back and forth. Cristina runs to the ropes and uses their spring for added momentum as she goes for a Shoulder Block, but when she slams in to Victoria’s towering body, Cristina is hurt more by the impact than Victoria and she crumples to the mat!

Cristina, looking a little confused, gets up, runs to the rope and launches herself at Victoria for another Shoulder Block but again, Cristina lands on her ass! Frustrated, she again charges Victoria who extends her arm for a Clothesline, but Cristina ducks under it, bounces off of the ropes behind Victoria rebounds and leaps into a Flying Crossbody Block.

Unfortunately for Cristina, her 100 lbs isn’t nearly enough to take the 145 lb Victoria off her feet and Victoria catches her in midair without even taking a step back! She holds little Cristina chest high across her body, giving the fans behind her a good look at the mixture of shock and fear on Cristina’s face. It’s an entirely different scene, however, for the fans in front of Victoria. She has a huge evil grin on her face as she adjusts her arms, holding Cristina more by her left arm in Cristina’s armpit while her right hand hikes up Cristina’s little mini-skirt to expose her butt cheeks and black thong.

Cristina kicks wildly, hopelessly trying to break free, but her thrashing does is hike her skirt and thong up more as Victoria’s hand is right in Cristina’s crotch. Without setting Cristina down, Victoria raises the 100 pound Italian high overhead, her arms extended in a Military Press. Cristina’s mouth gapes wide as Victoria starts to walk, taking a complete turn around the ring, deliberately walking right past Monica and saying something to her. Monica is so pissed off, she tries to enter the ring to attack Victoria, but the ref pushes her back into her corner.

Again, Victoria circles back to center ring, then drops Cristina from high overhead behind her back - well over seven feet in the air! Cristina hits THUMP and bounces nearly a foot before settling back down. Marika cheers Victoria as she flexes to loud boos from the Italian crowd.

Cristina struggles to her feet and but once she comes upright, Victoria - already in a three point stance - charges and Cristina never sees her coming! She is spun for a complete loop, the diminutive Italian’s arms and legs spinning in mid-air like a windmill before she crashes on her back after a 450 degree flip. Cristina is probably out cold as she lies still on the mat after the brutal Clothesline.

Victoria laughs and points to Monica as she swaggers over and tags in Marika Johannson who enters and slowly walks over to Cristina who is still laying spread-eagled on her back, not having moved since she stopped bouncing!

This looks like a mismatch of epic proportions; Marika is a foot taller and twice Cristina’s weight. With a sneer on her face, Marika looks down at Cristina, reaches down, grabs the dazed woman by her hair with one hand and Hair Tosses her clear across the ring. Cristina’s momentum would have taken her completely out of the ring but for the turnbuckle which stopped her short! Marika slowly walked over to Cristina, taking her time and letting Cristina crawl on the mat, her hiked up skirt exposing the back of her black and red thong. Marika hoisted Cristina up by the back of her neck to a standing position, then grabbed the front of her thong and lifted her high into the air with one hand, carrying her towards Monica. She launched her into Monica’s corner where Cristina hit with a THUD!

Marika yells, “Don’t waste my time with that little Gnat, get in here Bellucci, I want a challenge but I don’t think that I will get much more of one from you!!!”

Monica tags the very dazed Cristina who just sits down in the corner spread-legged, her head resting on the second turnbuckle, eyes rolled back back in her head. Monica cautiously enters the ring and raises her hands to Lock-up with Marika. They lock up, but with one mighty shove, Marika heaves Monica backward so hard that she rolls over completely onto her stomach. Monica gets up and Marika goes for a Clothesline, but the smaller Italian Amazon ducks under Marika, turns and grabs Marika’s waist, managing to lift her in a Reverse Bearhug, which she turns into a German Suplex.

Marika is shocked that the Italian, who she outweighs by more than 50 lbs, not only lifted her but tossed her! Marika charges again, but Monica ducks and gives her another German Suplex! Marika is really pissed when she gets up - just in time to be Kicked in the stomach by Monica, then given a Snap Suplex. The fans go nuts as Monica stops to pose while Cristina, who still hasn’t moved from her seat in the corner, still sits dazed inside the ring.

Marika, however is very pissed and she kicks the ropes before she charges Monica who again ducks and as Marika spins around, with an amazing move for someone her size, Monica hits a Hurricanrana that takes the muscle maiden down hard! Marika holds her back as she struggles to her feet and Monica points to the turnbuckle, signaling she is ready to go airborne. Monica steps thru the ropes and climbs to the top turnbuckle. When she gets to the top, Marika is on her feet looking for her, but all Marika sees is Cristina, who has finally gotten to all fours and is crawling under the ropes. As Cristina pulls herself to her feet on the apron in her corner, Marika then realizes if Monica is nowhere to be seen, so she must be behind her!

Marika, expecting Monica to attack, slowly turns around bracing herself for impact. She’s partly correct, as Monica attacks from the air instead of the mat. But by the time Marika looks up, the Italian Amazon is already airborne with a Top Rope Crossbody Block! Marika may have been surprised, and had it been Victoria or a girl Monica’s size or smaller it may have worked, but leaping at Marika is like diving into a brick wall!

Monica has nowhere to go as Marika’s arms catch big Bellucci out of mid-air just as Victoria caught Cristina earlier. Marika holds Monica horizontal across her chest as Monica kicks, but all her struggles are futile and Marika just holds her with her right hand wedged deep in Monica’s leather thonged crotch! Then with a grin of smug superiority, Marika falls backward, tossing Monica over her back in a Fall Away Slam that sends Monica flying through the air! She hit the mat breasts first, then bounces once and rolls clear across the ring into the opposite corner.

Monica starts to get up, but Marika is on her like a rash, hoisting her over her shoulder for a Standing Powerslam. WHAM! Monica hits hard and utters a loud moan as she sits up and grabs her aching back. Marika has a big smile on her face as she points to Victoria who starts bouncing up and down like an excited cheerleader!

Marika, starting to swagger a bit as she begins to dominate, grabs the dazed Monica by the throat and pulls her up, holding her with her left hand at her neck, she reaches up between Monica’s jiggling, sweaty, thighs and claps her open hand over Monica’s crotch. Bending her knees, she lifts Monica directly up Pressing her high overhead with full arm extension. The look on Monica’s face is priceless as she’s not used to being handled like that!

If the look on Monica’s face is priceless, the look of shock on Cristina’s face is moreso - not to mention all the fans who’ve never seen their heroine be so dominated. Victoria is jumping up and down, cheering her blonde muscle woman partner to even greater feats of strength. Marika brings Monica down to shoulder height, then powers her back up to full arm extension a second time! She repeats this SIX TIMES, carrying Monica around the ring and displaying her physical prowess to all four sides of the ring as flash bulbs explode from fans and press alike.

Monica Bellucci being beaten is a rare sight, and one many fans relish; but Italian males find the sight of the big breasted beauty Bellucci being DOMINATED really hot! Marika carries Monica to a neutral corner where she drops her neck on the top turnbuckle! Monica’s head snaps upward and her knees buckle but somehow she ends up on her feet, hands clutching her throat as she staggers backward into Marika. The blond drives her fist into Monica’s lower back, the impact bending her over backward awkwardly, making it an easy matter for Marika to wrap her arm around Monica’s head in an Inverted Headlock.

It looks like Marika’s going for a Dragon Sleeper as Monica’s body is bent back nearly double, but then Marika reaches down the front of Monica’s body and grabs the front of her thong, then uses it to lift her into a Reverse Vertical Suplex. Marika holds Monica upside down in the air for a good 25 seconds before falling backward; releasing Monica her at the last second and letting her CRASH to the mat flat on her front. Monica’s huge Italian breasts stick out so far they act as shock absorbers as they impact the mat first and her upper body bounces high the mat. She comes to rest for a brief second on her knees, then her eyes roll back in her head and she topples forward onto her face!

Monica lays face down on the mat, her arms at her sides and her legs splayed. Her fans boo her as Marika steps over and lifts the lifeless brunette to all fours by her black thong. Then with two hands around Monica’s neck, Markia lifts her into a Two Arm Chokehold and then tosses her into the corner. Monica bounces off the corner turnbuckles holding her back and Marika opens her arms as if in greeting, then wraps them around Monica’s waist and lifts her into the air in an Elevated Bearhug. With her feet are well off the ground, Monica’s body folds over Marika’s shoulder turning it into n a Fireman’s Carry.

Marika bounces on her feet, squeezing until Monica moans in pain. Despite Monica’s moans, she shows no sign of submitting, not that Marika cares. She drops Monica from the elevated lift crotch first onto her knee and after Monica bounces off, she hobbles around cupping her throbbing pussy with both hands; her body bent over at the waist. This is fine with Marika for it’s the perfect position for what she has planned. She pulls Monica’s head between her thighs and points up at the ceiling. Then she grabs the waistband of Monica’s thong and lifts her up, the tough Venetian leather digging deep into Monica’s ass and pussy as it has to support her full weigth as she’s turned upside down for an apparent Piledriver.

But Marika continues the Wedgie Lift until Monica is flipped right up with her legs draped down Marika’s back, sitting on her shoulders with her crotch in Marika’s face. Monica weakly tries to punch down on Markia’s head to escape what appears will be a Powerbomb, but her attempts are futile and Marika grabs her thong waist band again and lifts her straight up into the air off of her shoulders. Marika holds Monia elevated before she sits out in an Elevated Powerbomb (aka Last Ride).

Monica lands on the back of her neck and her legs fly up, flipping her over onto her stomach leaving her face down and motionless. Still Marika hasn’t had enough domination! She pulls Monica up by her hair and marches her backward into a corner, where she delivers a hard SLAP, followed by three more THWAP, THWAP, THWAP to her hulking hooters!

Then with a mighty heave, Monica is Irish Whipped across the ring to the opposite corner where her back hits hard and her head whiplashes backward over the top turnbuckle. Her legs buckle and she topples over, landing flat on her belly. Marika saunters over, grabs Monica by a hanndful of hair and again Irish Whips her cleare across the ring to the far corner, even falling to the mat as she puts a little extra muscle into the move.

Monica heads into the corner at a high speed, but right before her bulging breasts smash into the corner turnbuckle, she falls and ends up diving headfirst into the corner. Her body upends just before the impact and she does a half somersault into the corner. She hits the corner upside down and the backs of her knees fold over either side of the top turnbuckle, hooking under the top rope to leave her dangling upside down like a slab of meat ready for butchering.

Marika does a muscle pose although the fans continue to boo. Monica starts to regain her senses and realizes her predicament. Grunting, she tries to use her legs to let her do a ‘sit up’ in the corner, but Marika charges in with a big Forearm Smash, knocking her back down and leaving her trapped and hanging upside down in the corner. Marika crosses Monica’s ankles under the turnbuckle, cinching her in the Tree of Woe.

With Monica unable to defend herself, Marika gives her a Belly Beating with Forearm Smashes and Punches that rip into Monica’s soft-yet-not-completely-flabby belly. Monica tries to sit up, but Marika just shoves her back down, then Stomps her foot down on Monica’s vulnerable neck while the ref slowly and calmly starts to count five. Marika shoves the ref away and starts Kicking Monica’s stomach and chest until the ref again tries to intervene to free Monica from the Tree of Woe, but Marika will have none of it and this time she shoves the ref so hard he falls down.

Marika heads over to her corner, leaving Monica hanging upside down, too beaten to free herself. She tags in Victoria and they gloat in their corner, watching as Cristina goes into the ring and walks over to Monica to unhook her ankles from the turnbuckle. The ref gets up and joins her, but then Victoria stomps over, pushes the ref aside and slaps Cristina who scurries back to the safety of her corner, leaving Victoria to fire Punches down into Monica’s belly making her cough and gag.

Victoria then grabs the top ropes and jumps up onto the second rope, then places a foot on Monica’s crotch and lifts her other foot, pressing her full 145 pounds on the Italian’s pussy. Victoria grinds her boot on Monica’s womanhood, then Stomps her several times. Monica tries to protect herself and the ref again tries to push Victoria away so Monica can escape the Tree of Woe, but Victoria simply brushes the ref away, gets down on her knees and pulls up Monica’s sports bra down around her face, baring her large natural breasts with slide down under her upside down chin.

Victoria encircles the huge globes with both hands, digging her nails in deep as she begins squeezing as if trying to burst them like a balloon under pressure. After several minutes of squeezing, Victoria steps back and Monica desperately tries to massage the pain in her boobs. The ref is trying desperately to free Monica from the Tree of Woe, but every time he looks like he’ll succeed, Victoria shoves him aside. It’s not until he threatens her with disqualification that she relents.

Victoria helps him uncross Monica’s ankles from under the turnbuckle, then she roughly flips Monica over backward, sending her crashing to the mat face down. Monica moans and holds the back of her head as Victoria steps up onto her back, grabs the back of her thong and starts pulling up, giving her a Wedgie as the tough Italian leather cuts into Monica’s most sensistive crevices. Monica tries kicking her legs, but unfortunately the more she kicks the deeper the tough leather thong digs into her ass!

Victoria gets up as Monica tries to reach back and pick the black thong which is lodged deep in both front and back. Victoria begins Stomping and Kicking the Italian Amazon, then hauls Monica up by her long, black, sweat-soaked hair and heaves her up onto her shoulders for an Airplane Spin, but Monica manages to slide down her back and land on her feet. Victoria turns around and Monica shoves her facefirsdt into the ropes, Victoria bounces off and spins around - too late. Monica Powerslams Victoria to the canvas, then as Victoria writhes in pain, Monica crawls toward her corner where Cristina is desperate to get tagged in.

Monica makes the tag and Cristina, now fully recovered, vaults into the ring and is on to Victoria like lightning, taking her down with a Spin Kick. Cristina waits until Victoria struggles to her feet, then flips her with a Flying Headscissors and locks it on with Victoria down on her side. Victoria desperately tries to pry Cristina’s thighs apart, but despite her small size, Cristina’s legs are very strong and she keeps them locked tight as she sits on the mat. As Victoria’s face turns redder and redder, fans cheer Cristina who pumps her fist to rally them.

Cristina rolls, flipping Victoria onto her stomach as she keeps the vice-0like Headscissors on from behind Victoria, grabbing Victoria’s legs and pulling them back into a modified Boston Crab. Victoria screams and is just seconds from tapping out when Marika yells to her not to give up to the pint size Scabbia. Victoria manages to snag the bottom rope, forcing the referee to make Cristina relinquish her Scissors. Victoria remains on her stomach on the mat, in pain and holding her head while Cristina hops up, bounces off of the ropes and nails a 450 Splash to Victoria’s back. Cristina rolls Victoria over on her back and goes for the upset pin.

“ONE… TWO… NO!”Kickout! Cristina leaps to her feet and hits a quick Standing Moonsault before Victoria has a chance to get up, then hooks her leg tries for another quick pin…

“ONE… TWO… NO!”Again, Victoria kicks out! Cristina, frustrated, runs to the ropes while Victoria struggles just to get to her knees. Rebounding off the strands, Cristina hits a Shining Wizzard, knocking Victoria flat on her back. Once again, Cristina hooks her legs…

“ONE… TWO…NO!!” Incredibly, Victoria kicks out for the third time! Cristina slams her fist on the mat in frustration and argues with the ref about his ‘slow count.’ Her distraction gives Victoria time to get to her feet and when Cristina sees her upright, she leaps up for another Headscissors. Cristina leaps, but she’s caught out of mid-air by her legs, then Victoria tosses Cristina high in the air and steps out from under her to let Cristina crash to the mat. Showing her amazing cat-like ability, Cristina manages twist her body in mid-air and lands on her feet.

But it’s too late! Victoria tags in Marika, who is more than eager to get her hands on Cristina, who is half her size. Marika comes in but looks clumsy as she charges the far quicker Cristina who ducks under her sweeping Clothesline attempt. Marika turns around and charges Cristina again, but this time Cristina does a Baseball Slide between Marika’s legs and pops up behind her.

Marika shouts at the ref and kicks the ropes in disgust, complaining about Cristina’s game of ‘cat and mouse’. Cristina is embarrassing her and Marika doesn’t like it! She turns back around just in time for Cristina to Dropkick her in the chest, knocking the big girl back a few feet although Marika manages to stay upright.

Cristina climbs the nearest turnbuckle determined to put the big blonde on her back and pin her in classic David and Goliath fashion. She perches on the top turnbuckle, then leaps off into a Crossbody - sadly to be caught with one hand around her throat by a sneering Marika. Cristina’s eyes bug out as Marika holds her with a One Hand Choke. Marika extends her arm as high as it will go, using just one hand as the other reaches behind Cristina’s back and lifts her body parallel to the mat. She then Chokeslams her by slamming her to the mat. The impact bounces Cristina completely over onto her stomach and she lays with all four limbs spasming in pain.

Marika decides it’s time to embarrass Cristina and she rips off her black leather skirt, stripping her down to a black cotton thong. Then Marika grabs Cristina’s long black hair and lifts her to her feet. Cristina is dead on her feet as Marika holds her up - the only reason she is upright at all as Marika shows her amazing strength by Pressing the barely 100 pound woman overhead, which isn’t that difficult.

Then Marika adjusts her right hand and balances Cristina with one hand on her stomach, keeping her perfectly centered at full arm extension. The crowd lets out an audible gasp when Marika is pressing Cristina with just one hand, holding her like a waitress with a dinner tray. She slowly turns around in the ring before Marika switches back in traditional Press Slam position using two arms. She walks to the side of the ring, smiles, and then heaves Cristina over the top rope, sending her two rows deep into the crowd which starts a good 8 feet from ringside. Cristina is a fan favorite and her fans try to make the landing smooth, but there’s only so much they can do to cushion her descent!

Monica has seen enough and she scrambles into the ring, charges Marika and Clotheslines her. Victoria enters the ring to help her partner, and she gets Clotheslined by Monica too! Marika is back up but she’s quickly back down again thanks to another Monica Clothesline.

The fun comes to an abrupt end when Victoria gets up and Low Blows Monica from behind! Monica bends over and Victoria tries to lift Monica. She places a hand at Monica’s bare chest and the other takes a tight grip between her thighs, then she lifts her up to shoulder height and rests Monica with her belly on Victoria’s head. Victoria straining as, with a loud grunt, she tries to extend her arms but barely manages to get Monica up a few more inches overhead. Still, she carries her to the edge of the ring, then drops Monica outside. Monica slams naked tits first on the floor, then rolls off the outside mats, ending up a few feet from the entry aisle.

Victoria and Marika leave the ring and while Victoria turns her attention to Cristina, Marika goes after Monica. Marika grabs Monica by the hair and slams her face on the ring apron, then hoists Monica up high overhead. Victoria drags Cristina out of the crowd and does the same to her. They hold the Italians fully arms extended and toss them back into the ring over the top rope. Cristina and Monica both land hard, then roll into a sweaty pile in the middle of the ring. Victoria and Marika return to the ring and Victoria yanks Monica to her feet by her hair as Monica’s eyes roll in her head.

From behind, Marika yanks down Monica’s black leather thong and pulls it off, leaving her totally naked. Marika waves the thong in the air to a mixture of cheers and boos. Victoria lifts Monica up onto her shoulders as if to give an Inverted Atomic Drop or a Spinebuster, but instead she runs to the corner, slamming Monica backfirst into the turnbuckles. She lifts Monica’s right leg over and behind the second rope and repeats it with Monica’s left leg, leaving her spread wide and hooked in the ropes. Marika laughs as Victoria runs across the ring to deliver a devastating Cunt Punt to Monica that would do any footballer proud! Monica’s mouth shoots wide open but she’s unable to make a sound after a vicious Shattered Dreams by Victoria. Monica slumps down, her body still tangled up. Victoria goes outside the ring and pulls Monica’s head back by the hair.

In the meantime, Marika pulls down Cristina’s black thong and jerks off her top, leaving little Cristina nude. Marika puts Cristina’s head between her thighs as if for a Powerbomb, but instead she lifts Cristina on her right shoulder in a Canadian Backbreaker. Marika charges into the corner where Monica is while Victoria holds Monica’s head up by the hair. Marika holds Cristina’s body upside down as she drives her into Monica. They slam into each other face-to-face. Cristina’s chest doesn’t hit the turnbuckle, it slams into Monica’s belly!

Marika drapes Cristina’s thighs over the top rope so her crotch is right in Monica’s face, and Cristina’s nose is wedged right in Monica’s crotch in a Corner Upright 69.

Victoria adds insult to injury as she takes Monica’s hair and forces her face down into Cristina’s crotch while the upside down Cristina gets Marika’s foot on the back of her head, forcing her nose deep into Monica’s crotch. Cristina is finally dragged off of the turnbuckle and tossed over Marika’s shoulder, then she charges the corner at the opposite side, slamming Cristina’s back into that turnbuckle. Marika bounces off, turns around and charges toward the corner where Monica is hung up, and slams Cristina into Monica so hard that Cristina’s ass smacks Monica’s face! Marika backs up and charges the corner again, lowering Cristina and Slams Monica again before she releases her back first into the top turnbuckle.

Cristina slides down the turnbuckle and her legs flop back over the top ropes, leaving her hanging upside down in the dreaded Tree of Woe. Victoria frees Monica from her corner, spins her around and lifts her for an Atomic Drop, then slams her on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd. Victoria pulls Monica’s long black hair, slamming her back down against the turnbuckles while her legs remain tangled in the turnbuckle. Like Cristina, Monica is now hanging upside down in the Tree of Woe.

Marika and Victoria climb up and stand on the Italian’s bare crotches, bouncing up and down before jumping down. Monica and Cristina are too out of it now to even massage their crotches as they just hang upside down with their arms hanging limp down to the mat.

Victoria and Marika jump down and stand in the middle of the ring. Marika holds Victoria’s head under her arm in a Headlock position, then runs into the corner so Victoria’s head slams into Cristina’s belly, the Viking Battering Ram.

Cristina flips out of the Tree of Woe and lands on the mat on her stomach. Victoria and Marika go back to the center of the ring as the inverted Monica looks on with a worried look. This time, Victoria takes Marika’s arm and swings her around twice, building up speed. She lets go and the 200 lb bodybuilder hurtles into the corner full force, a move called “The Viking Oar” - an assisted Spear into the corner! Marika’s head slams Monica in the crotch and she tumbles out of the corner, landing on her head, then toppling like freshly cut timber onto her belly.

Monica and Cristina are both out of it at this point, so Marika and Victoria call for a finish. Marika goes to Cristina while Victoria climbs the turnbuckle. Marika sets up for their tag team finisher known as “Odin’s Wrath.” She Presses Cristina overhead, tosses her up with a spin so she comes back down belly first on her shoulder jusdt as Marika drops to the mat, giving Cristina a Tombstone Piledriver.

Cristina lands headfirst on the mat and falls on her back where she lays spasming. Victoria leaps off the corner with a Leg Drop onto Cristina’s neck. Marika and Victoria leave Cristina out cold going through limb spasms and turn their attention to Monica. Victoria climbs the turnbuckle as Marika lifts Monica by the hair and puts her in a Headlock. Victoria stands on the top rope and Marika turns her back to Victoria as she hoists Monica up as if to Suplex her.

Since Monica no longer has her thong on, Marika lifts her by her legs and holds her upside down in a stall position as she backs towardsthe corner. Victoria grabs Monica and holds her upside down with the back of Monica’s knees draped over her shoulders. While Monica hangs upside down from Victoria’s shoulders, Marika climbs the ropes, takes one of Monica’s legs then they both leap off of the turnbuckle together, driving Monica’s head into the mat with a brutal Double Piledriver off of the top rope, aka “The Hammer of Thor.”

Monica’s head hits the mat and she bounces nearly a foot in the air, knocking her out cold! She literally bounces halfway across the ring from the impact before she comes to rest on her stomach. Victoria rolls Monica onto her back and folds her up in a Matchbook Pin with her legs folded back over her head and her bare butt wiggling in the air…


The Milan fans boo and throw trash as Victoria gets up. Monica has been knocked into the next century and she remains folded like a pretzel with her ass pointing toward the overhead lights, her pubic mound on lewd display between her limp thighs. Victoria picks up Monica’s sports bra and rubs it between her very sweaty thighs, then tosses it into the crowd where several fans fight for possession of the much desired souvenir.

Victoria kicks Monica flat so she is spread-eagled while Marika pulls Cristina by her legs and drops her across Monica, forming an “X” with their bodies. Then Cristina’s sweaty moist black cotton thong is wadded up and stuffed in Monica’s open mouth so far it’s no longer visible. Victoria goes to the corner and retrieves Monica’s black leather thong. She inhales deeply, then with a smile shares it with Marika. They debate whether they should keep it in their trophy collection or do something else with it… but tossing it to the fans is definitely NOT an option since they have been booing her all night.

Victoria takes the wet leather garment and stuffs it in Cristina’s mouth the best that she can, but at least the part that matters is wedged tightly into Cristina’s small mouth. Then Victoria and Marika pose over the out cold Italians while the fans toss everything they can their hands on at the Swedes - including hot-dogs, and one irate fan even throws his cell phone!

Ringside personnel and medics rush to the ring as soon as Victoria and Marika leave laughing and chuckling at their destruction of the Italian duo.