Monica Bellucci vs. Jessica Biel by Boeing666

In the Hollywood Female Wrestling Association (HFWA), many of the American born celebrities were getting sick and tired of the Italian invasion that has been happening. Although the Italians weren’t making much of a dent in the acting world other than Monica Bellucci and Asia Argento, the Italians were taking over the wrestling league. They were hard women to beat due to their Amazon size. Gone is the myth that all Italian women are short when women like Manuela Arcuri are 5’8”, Monica Bellucci and 5’10”, Maria Grazia Cucinotta is 5’11”. This was a very powerful stable consisting of the three ladies mentioned, as well as Cristina Scabbia and Rosella Brescia.

Jessica Biel just coming off her Blade Trinity movie had done a lot of training for it, bulked up considerably mostly in muscle, had gone from just a plain technical wrestler to a real powerhouse and was one who could match Monica nearly in size but definitely in strength. She was tired of the Italians running their mouths off and challenged Monica to a match. Monica sneered at her and gladly accepted saying she was yet another American to “Sleep wit da fishes” when she was done with her.

Monica Bellucci comes out to the ring first receiving loud boos from the American fans. Although she receives some catcalls for her outfit of choice tonight, which was a low cut Italian flag colored leather halter top and a white patent leather thong bikini. Monica at 5’10” 145 lbs was one of the bigger stronger women in the league. Monica stretches in the ring bending over showing her thong clad ass to the fans, but then slapping it and blowing a sarcastic kiss to the crowd as if telling them to kiss her ass.

The recently turned blonde Jessica Biel is announced yet at 5’8” 145 lbs. Although never this heavy before, she returned from filming in tip top shape as the crowd cheered her. Here she was about 20 lbs heavier than when she was last seen in the ring. She was equal weight to Monica, but two inches shorter and while Monica is athletic, she isn’t a hardbody, while Jessica appeared to be all muscle with rock hard abs, broad defined shoulders and bulging biceps. Jessica wore a maroon halter top to the ring with black leather pants.

Jessica and Monica stare eye to eye at each other as the bell is rung. The two of them lock up, their muscles straining, Monica not as noticeable but Jessica’s arms really pumping as veins start to show in her biceps. Jessica with a mighty heave manages to shove Monica back, but only for a few feet. Monica laughs and asks if that is all she got in her.

The two of them lock up again as they strain again as their muscles begin bulging, but this time Monica manages to get some leverage and shove Jessica back. However Jessica doesn’t budge all that much as Monica looks a little bit surprised and Jessica smiles. Monica raises her hands in the air and challenges Jessica to a test of strength. Jessica gladly accepts as the two lock hands. It is apparent now who is stronger as Jessica manages to bring down Monica’s hands bending Monica’s wrists back making her howl in pain. Monica knowing that for once in the HFWA that she cannot out muscle her opponent like she usually does, resorts to another thing she is famous for, which is playing dirty. As Jessica manages to get Monica almost down to her knees, suddenly an Italian flag colored boot flies up into Jessica Biel’s crotch. Jessica is force to let go after Monica hits her with a Low Blow. The ref scolds Monica, but Monica claims that she just kicked Jessica in the stomach and that Jessica is lying as to where the boot went.

However, before the ref can argue back and Jessica can recover, Monica decides to use her advantage right now as she grabs Jessica by the hair and slam her face across her knee. Jessica’s head springs back as she hobbles around on her feet. Monica charges her and clotheslines her down to the mat. As Jessica gets up, Monica floors her again with another running clothesline. This time when Jessica gets up, Monica grabs her under her lower back and thigh holding her on her side and hitting a sidewalk slam.

Monica goes for an early pin as the referee slaps the mat, “ONE… TWO… NO!” Kickout by Jessica!

Monica shouts at the ref for counting too slow. Monica looks to see Jessica getting to her feet and grabs her around her waist and lifts her back in a German suplex. Monica eager to put Jessica away early knowing that the longer this match lasts the advantage would swing in the younger and stronger Jessica’s favor. Monica signals for the “Sleep Wit Da Fishes” finisher as the crowd boos. Monica lifts Jessica on her shoulder and carries her to the corner in preparation to hit the move, but suddenly Jessica hooks her left arm around Monica’s head and swings back hitting a DDT on Monica. Monica lands on her head with her body flipping over to leave her on her back.

Jessica hooks her leg and “ONE… TWO… NO!” Kickout by Monica!

Jessica grabs Monica’s hair and shoves her into the corner and begins chopping her across the chest as loud smacks are heard around the arena. Jessica signals to the crowd to be quiet as she raises her open hand in the air and hits an overhead slap across Monica’s upper exposed chest as the sound of hand meeting flesh reverberates around the arena. Jessica backs up as Monica stumbles out of the corner, then flops face first to the mat. Jessica grabs Monica by her long black hair and whips her hard into the corner. Monica hits the corner hard back first and lands on her ass.

Jessica grabs Monica again by her long black hair and whips her, falling to the mat for extra force. Monica heads towards the corner at a high speed. Monica tries to put on the breaks but her head is going faster than her feet causing her head to go forward and Monica to do an almost somersault like flip into the corner. Monica hits the turnbuckle upside down, but the force behind Biel’s muscle causes her to flip out of the ring to the outside mats. Monica lies on the mats face first as she struggles to her feet. Jessica is on top of her immediately outside the ring.

Jessica picks Monica up horizontally and carries her around the outside of the ring and slams her back first into an outside turnbuckle before walking away, hoisting her over her shoulder and Bodyslams the 145 pound Italian to the hard concrete floor. Monica lets out a scream holding her back. Jessica knows not to give Monica any breaks. Monica is too good and too experienced to give any sort of breather too. She is going to have to keep pounding on her if she has any hope of beating her. Jessica whips Monica into the ring steps. Monica trips over the steps and stumbles over them on the other side with a very loud CRASH! Jessica, showing more aggression, Hairhauls Monica to her feet then Hair Mares her against the crowd barrier which stands about three feet high. Monica hurtles headfirst over the barrier into the first row of the crowd, luckily landing upside down in an empty seat with her legs in the air and her head dangling off the front of the seat!

Jessica, showing amazing agility, hops up ON the barrier, then leaps off with a Guillotine Leg Drop across Monica’s neck which flips her right off of the chair. Jessica drags the gagging Monica back over the metal barrier where she picks her up shoulder high, then drops her neck onto the ring apron. Monica flops around on the floor gagging and holding her neck until Jessica rolls her back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Jessica leaps onto the ring apron and vaults ove the top rope where she finds Monica on her knees begging her, “No more” and waving her hands as if asking for a time out. Of course, this is just a ploy by Monica to lure Jessica close and when she move in, she gets a Low Blow as punishment for trusting Monica. Jessica has made her first major mistake against Bellucci, giving her time to recover. Monica gets to her feet as Jessica is hunched over holding her groin.

The ref warns Monica as Monica just tells him ‘Fuck off!’ in Italian and, although the ref is clueless as to what she said, he gets the idea. Monica lifts Jessica onto her shoulders and gives her an Atomic Drop. Jessica lands hard with her ass on Monica’s powerful bony knee. Monica kicks Jessica in the face, then kicks her in the stomach and places Jessica’s head between her thighs and prepares to give her a Piledriver. Monica lifts Jessica partway up, but suddenly a look of shock crosses Monica’s face as Jessica redistributes her weight and manages to get back on her feet. Suddenly, with a mighty heave, Jessica manages to hoist Monica up and over her shoulders with a Back Drop.

Confused, Monica lies on the mat looking around while Jessica hurries over and drags Monica to her feet, then Cunt Kicks her. Clamping both hands onto Monica’s throat, Jessica sets up for her finisher “the Biel Bomb” a Two Hand Chokeslam. She hoists big Bellucci in the air, but Monica no where near being done manages to Kick Jessica in the stomach on the way up forcing Jessica to release and drop her. As Monica is on her way down, she hooks her arm around Jessica’s head putting her in a Headlock and nailing a DDT. Jessica lands on her stomach.

Monica picks Jessica up by her hair, places Jessica’s head between her thighs and hoists her up to an inverted position, preparing to hit the Piledriver she failed to hit before. Monica nails it this time and the fans boo, knowing Monica is going to get the win, yet another victory over a woman in the HFWA. Monica goes for a cocky pin with just one hand on Jessica’s chest.

“ONE…TWO… NO!” Kickout! Monica, pissed, screams at the ref again, blaming him for a slow count but the fans cheer Jessica for kicking out. Monica knows that she shouldn’t have been so cocky in her pin though. Monica whips Jessica to the ropes and hits her with a Clothesline, then Irish Whips her again and hits a big Powerslam! Again, Monica goes for a pin, but this time hooking Jessica’s leg.

“ONE… TWO… NO!” Kickout! Monica tears her hair in frustration as she yells at the ref; half in English, half in Italian. Monica angrily Irish Whips Jessica into the corner which she hits with her back and just slumps against the turnbuckles, looking dazed. Monica, grinning, charges the corner for a Splash but Jessica was merely playing possum and she launches herself out of the corner full speed at the total surprised Monica whose eyes are wide in shock at the instant Jessica practically decapitates the big brunette with a Running Lariat. It turns Bellucci inside out almost in a 360 flip that lands Monica on her huge chest. Monica lies face down on the mat spasming, maybe out cold! Jessica tries to take advantage, heaving the big Amazon onto her back and going for the pin.

“ONE… TWO… TH…NO!” Monica kicks out at the last second!

Now it’s Jessica getting after the ref for counting too slow! She pulls Monica’s head under her armpit and hits a Snap Suplex to quickly follow that up with putting Monica’s head under her arm again and grabbing her white leather thong hoisting her upside down and holding Monica in a Stalling Vertical Suplex for a good thirty seconds before finally falling back. WHAM!

Monica bounces off the mat and sits up holding her back. Jessica once again Hairhauls Monica back to her feet, then lowers her head and underhooks her arms holding Monica bent over with her arms behind her back locked by Jessica as she lifts and nails Monica with an Overhead Double Underhook Release Suplex that sends Monica into the corner slamming her crotch into the bottom turnbuckle. SMACK!

Monica lets out a yelp and holds her crotch in pain. Jessica points to the sky as the crowd cheers. Jessica grabs Monica by the hair as the fans get loud and attempts something that can rarely be done. Jessica places one hand between Monica’s thighs and the other at her neck and attempts to Military Press Monica Bellucci overhead. Jessica manages to get Monica to shoulder level and slightly up more, resting Monica’s stomach on her head. Jessica grunts and shifts her feet while pressing up, thrusting her arms until Monica’s weight is no longer resting on her head. As Jessica tries to extend her arms, her leg gives out and she drops Monica - who lands on her feet!

Monica Kicks Jessica in the belly, then hits a Scissors Kick which drops Jessica to the mat. Monica uses this time to leave the ring and start climbing the turnbuckle from the outside. Monica not known for being an aerialist might be making a mistake her as she slowly gets to the top rope and Jessica gets to her feet. The crowd boos Monica. Monica watches Jessica get to her feet and raises her arms over her head connecting her hands together and leaps off with a Flying Ax-handle. However, Monica again should realize that the top rope isn’t the best place for her because the fully recovered Jessica catches her on her shoulder in mid-air. Monica’s eyes are wide open as she can be seen mouthing, “OH SHIT” as Jessica carries her on her shoulder, then repositions her across her shoulders as she tucks her head under her arm.

Jessica falls to her side and hits a Death Valley Driver, the pins Monica… “ONE… TWO...NO!”

Kickout! Even though Monica managed to kick out of the Death Valley Driver, Jessica thinks that she has Monica now and that Monica is worn out from the match. It is time to put Monica away once and for all. Jessica pulls the big Italian to her feet by her hair, wraps her hands around Monica’s neck and lifts her into the air with a Two Arm Choke Lift. She holds Monica for a few seconds as the fans try to get used to something they haven’t seen before, Monica Bellucci being woman-handled! Then Jessica sits out, landing spread-legged with Monica being driven into the canvas on her back. SLAM! The impact of the Two Arm Chokeslam/Powerbomb combo actually propels Monica’s huge breasts right up and out of her top.

Jessica goes for a pin on the now out cold Monica hooking a leg… “ONE… TWO… … … …?”

The ref is suddenly grabbed by the ankle and dragged out of the ring by a tall brunette in a black halter top and skin-tight blue jeans…Manuela Arcuri! Jessica waits for the bell to ring and once she realizes she didn’t get the three count, she looks around for the ref. The fans booing gives her a clue that he’s been distracted. The ref climbs back into the ring, turning to continue berating Manuela who is standing outside on the floor. Jessica gets to her feet, leaving Monica starfished on the mat, her big bare boobs lolling and rolling on her heaving chest.

Jessica goes to the side of the ring and starts yelling at the ref about not completing the count then points at Manuela threatening her not to get involved. Manuela backs up and makes a face at Jessica. This is enough time for Monica to get up behind Jessica and roll her up for a pin.


Kickout! Monica is in shock. She thought Manuela’s distraction would be good enough to get a cheap quick pin. She tosses Jessica out of the ring hard by the hair and Jessica lands outside nearly on her head. Monica distracts the ref by pointing to her bare breasts and the ref’s eyes are wide as he ogles the impressive sight. Monica claims Jessica was playing dirty and pulled her top down. The ref doesn’t say anything, just continues to stare until Monica yells, “Hey! Eyes up here!” pointing to her face!!

The ploy works because while the referee is distracted, Manuela Arcuri has been stomping and kicking Jessica outside on the arena floor. Unable to defend herself, Jessica is subjected to brutal Kicks to the stomach by Monica’s Italian tag partner who keeps her top down because as long as her breasts are exposed, she has the refs undivided attention and Manuela can do whatever she wants…

In fact, the entire Italian stable could attack while a bomb goes off and a plane crashes into the arena because the ref’s eyes would still be glued on Monica’s heaving bosomt. Finally, Monica pulls her top up, covering her breasts and shocking the ref out of his dreamlike state.

She heads outside the ring to join Manuela who backs off so the ref doesn’t decide to disqualify Monica who grabs Jessica by the hair, drags her neck across the crowd barrier and begins bouncing up and down on her shoulders, choking her. The ref warns Monica to get back in the ring, but she keeps choking Jessica until the count of 9 ˝ before she sends Jessica rolling back into the ring and climbs in herself.

Monica drapes Jessica’s throat over the middle rope and jumps on the back of her head, Choking her against the ropes. The ref shouts at Monica, threatening to disqualify her but she shoves the ref away, then distracts him by arguing while Manuela gets involved again, Raking Jessica’s face and using two handfuls of hair to Choke her over the rope again.

The ref turns around and Manuela quickly backs away. The ref points at Manuela, but she holds her hands up claiming she’s ‘innocent’. Monica grabs Jessica’s hair and stands her up, then grabs Jessica by the neck and lifts her for a Chokeslam, but partway up Jessica Kicks Monica in the stomach. She doubles over holding her stomach which gives Jessica a chance to place Monica’s arm between her own legs before she lifts Monica up onto her shoulder with a Pump Handle Slam.

Monica lays spread-eagled on her back motionless as Jessica runs to the ropes for her next move but Manuela reaches under the bottom rope and trips Jessica who’s had enough of her interference!! Jessica leans over the ropes as Manuela begs off so Jessica climbs out of the ring and chases her around the ring as Manuela hustles to keep away from the irate Biel!

Finally, Jessica climbs the steps to the ring and finds Monica is still down inside the ring. Jessica climbs the turnbuckle and prepares to land a top rope move on Monica but Manuela runs up the steps, grabs Jessica’s legs and jerks her feet out from under her, Crotching Jessica on the top turnbuckle!

The ref had his back turned checking on Monica, so he’s the only one who DOESN’T see what happened! Monica suddenly comes alive and springs to her feet and, using quite an athletic move for someone her size, springs to the second turnbuckle. She pulls Jessica over her shoulder and hits her legendary, “Sleep Wit Da Fishes” - a Top Rope Michinoku Driver!

Monica confidently settles in to Facesit Jessica while the ref counts… “ONE…TWO…THREE!”

Manuela Arcuri comes in to celebrate with Monica and four full, firm, Italian breasts are mushroomed between them as they hug! The crowd is ready to riot as they throw stuff at Monica and Manuela, not stopping until Monica calls for a microphone.

“I told you American losers Biel would be the next American slut to Sleep Wit Da Fishes! I am ready to make every American weakling in the HFWA ‘Sleep Wit Da Fishes’!!” Just then, SPLAT, Monica is hit in the back of the head with a Coney Island hotdog, getting onions and chilly in her hair and desecrating the Italian flag with mustard that dribbles down onto her bosom. “Basta! I was going to let Biel Sleep Wit Da Fishes peacefully, but now YOU have pissed me off, defaced my flag… Manuela! Come, we wake her up and destroy her some more!”

THUMP! Monica throws down the mic and then she and Manuela begin to stomp and kick Jessica again. Manuela gleefully tears away Jessica’s maroon top and the crowd rises as one to stare in rapture at the firm young breasts bobbing and bouncing on her chest. Manuala bounces around the ring, twirling Biel’s tattered top overhead. Typically, the ref is once again in a daze at the sight of the now topless Jessica and loses track of his mission, i.e., to stop the Double Teaming after a match.

Suddenly, the crowd erupts in loud cheers as a big brunette, and by BIG we mean she’s close to Monica in size, comes sprinting down to the aisle to ring. It is Nadia Bjorlin!

Monica and Manuela take one look at the expression on Nadia’s face, glance at one another, then in tandem they beat a hasty exit out one side while Nadia climbs into the other side of the ring. Monica and Manuela prance and posture, threatening Nadia from the safety of the arena floor; telling her, “You’ll be our next victim.”

Nadia challenges them to enter the ring and, “Let’s do it right now” but they wisely stay outside. Nadia stands with her strong, legs straddling Jessica’s topless body as she lays curled in the fetal position, her hands clutching her belly, her bare breasts heaving as a few tears moisten her flushed cheeks.