Monica Bellucci vs. Nadia Bjorlin by Boeing666

In part two of the matches this night, the fans of the HFWA would get to see the second main event, this time pitting Monica Bellucci against Nadia Bjorlin. Previously Manuela Arcuri beat Jessica Biel with the help of Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Rosella Brescia after Monica was barred from ringside during that match.

Monica didn’t have much of a desire to face Nadia Bjorlin this night since she’d rather be resting. It’s not that Monica lacked confidence, she was sure she could beat Nadia rather easily despite her being near even in size and a little more toned. As far as Monica felt, this was a waste of time. Still, Nadia came out and interfered in her after match playing with Jessica Biel just as she and Manuela were about to have fun with her. This would be a good opportunity to punish Nadia for involving herself in something that was none of her business. Manuela had beated Jessica despite Jessica having controlled most of the match - and she probably would have destroyed Manuela but for Maria!

Ringside, the announcer first announces Monica Bellucci’s entrance to the ring. The 5’9” 145 lb Italian walks to the ring with a very cocky look on her face, pouting, her big lips in a sarcastic sneer, her long black hair tied up in a pony tail. Monica wears a matching shiny black patent leather thong bikini set; a top with small Italian flags on her breasts and a small flag on the mound of her crotch. Monica ignores the booing and enters the ring, flipping them off and yelling, “VA FAN CULO!!!” (something like “Go fuck yourself” in Italian.) Monica leans on the ropes and stretches as she awaits Nadia.

Nadia Bjorlin comes out to a huge ovation as the large eyed brunette walks with her arms raised. The half Swedish-half Persian beauty high fives fans wearing a red halter top and a matching red hot shorts. She runs to the ring and shows her athleticism by leaping to the apron. Monica rolls her eyes and sarcastically applauds her.

Nadia enters the ring and has a stare down with Monica, then they lock up. Monica puts Nadia in a Headlock before Nadia sends the Italian beauty to the ropes. Monica bounces off and goes for a Shoulder Block, but she bounces off as Nadia doesn’t budge. Monica runs to the ropes and rebounds into another Shoulder Block, but again Nadia doesn’t budge! They two women have a stare down before Monica takes off for the ropes again; this time coming off to leap in the air with a Cross Body Block. This time she takes Nadia down and Monica goes for the pin…

“ONE… TWO… “ Kickout with authority by Nadia.

Monica gets to her feet first and picks Nadia up and body slams her hard to the mat. Monica Irish Whips Nadia to the ropes, then on the rebound she scoops Nadia up and hits her with a Sidewalk Slam. So far it’s all Monica, but as she goes for a Back Suplex, Nadia does a back flip off Monica’s shoulder and throws Monica into the ropes. Monica bounces off and backs into Nadia who goes down on her knees, tripping Monica, rolling her up in a Small Package and going for the pin...

“ONE… TWO…” Kickout by Monica!

Nadia is quick to her feet and makes sure she takes the edge as she hits Monica with a hard Clothesline with an audible smack that drops Monica to the mat. This time it’s Nadia hoisting Monica over her shoulder; she does a 180 turn showing off Monica before she Bodyslams the big Italian beauty so hard the ring shakes. Nadia lifts Monica again, this time over her shoulder, then carries her to the side of the ring and drops Monica’s neck on the top rope. Monica bounces off, only to be lifted again over Nadia’s shoulder and carried across the ring before she’s dropped onto Nadia’s knee in a Shoulder Breaker.

Nadia tosses Monica to the mat where she writhes around holding her shoulder. She struggles to get to her feet, only to have Nadia reach between her legs and arm and scoop her up horizontal, then drive Monica’s back down on her knee in a Backbreaker.

Nadia holds Monica bent across her knee as Monica’s long black hair flows to the ring as she is bent backward over Nadia’s powerful knee. With Monica weakened, Nadia stands Monica up and hoists her on her shoulders to give her a Torture Rack. As Monica hangs over Nadia’s shoulders she screams in pain as the fans cheer. Suddenly, Nadia goes for one of her favorite finishers, the “Bjorlin Airlift” an Inverted F-5 Neckbreaker off of the shoulder, but Monica manages to land on her feet.

Nadia turns around just to be kicked in the stomach by Monica and given a DDT. Monica hooks the leg on the motionless Nadia…

“ONE… TWO…” Kickout by Nadia.

Monica lifts Nadia by her hair, places Nadia’s head between her thighs and hoists her up and hits a Powerbomb on Nadia. Monica again hooks the leg…

“ONE… TWO…” Kickout again by Nadia.

Monica signals to the crowd motioning for ‘sleep’ which means she is preparing for her finisher, “Sleep Wit Da Fishes,”

She hoists Nadia up onto her shoulder in a Fireman’s Carry, takes her to the turnbuckle and sits her ass on the turnbuckle. As Monica tries to climb to the second turnbuckle to set up her move, Nadia kicks her in the chest knocking Monica off of the turnbuckle and sending her reeling back a few steps. Monica holds her right breast as she charges into the corner, but Nadia is prepared. She leaps from the second turnbuckle with her arm extended and hits Monica across the chest hard with a hard-hitting Clothesline from the ropes. The impact flips Monica 270 degrees and as she cartwheels back to the mat on her chest she appears out of it! Nadia rolls Monica onto her back and hooks her leg…

“ONE…TWO…” Kickout, this time by Monica!

Nadia stands the dazed Monica up in front of her and bends down behind her so that her head is right behind Monica’s thong covered ass. Nadia grabs around Monica’s waist and first lifts Monica on her shoulder then holds her upside down behind her back. Nadia and Monica are back to back but Monica is upside down. Nadia tries to gain her footing so that she can hit the “Bjorlin Wall”, really a Vertebreaker.

Before she can land it, however, Monica manages to roll over and get on her feet. She Kicks Nadia in the back and she grabs her lower back as her body bends back awkwardly. Monica pulls Nadia into a Side Headlock.

Monica grinds her feet into the mat as Nadia tries to lift her. Nadia manages to get Monica off of the mat briefly but doesn’t do much. Nadia and Monica are near the corner as this time Nadia uses every bit of strength resource she has and lifts Monica again from her Headlock position so that a shocked Monica is on Nadia’s shoulder. Nadia charges the corner with Monica on her shoulder in an Atomic Drop position, but instead of her knee, Nadia drops Monica on the top turnbuckle, a hard, exposed metal rod far more painful than any knee.

Monica’s eyes bug out as she tries to scream. Monica holds her aching womanhood. Nadia smiles as the fans cheer and grabs Monica by her long black hair and pulls her downward leaving the Italian Amazon upside down in the corner with her knees draped over the top rope. Nadia wraps Monica’s legs behind the turnbuckle leaving her in the Tree of Woe; the perfect position for Nadia to take control of the match and wear down Monica.

And where better than Monica’s stomach; soft but not flabby; so inviting for belly punching! Nadia takes advantage of Monica’s tied up upside down position leaving that soft belly exposed and ripe for punching. Nadia cranks her arm back and lets loose with a Punch deep into Monica’s belly button. A loud gasp escapes Monica’s chalky face from belly ripping blow.

Nadia fires another powerful Punch that sinks deep in Monica’s stomach, then a series of Punches blasting Monica as she works her breasts like twin speed bags! Monica’s body dangles like a slab of meat getting pounded in an old rerun of ‘Rocky.’

Nadia goes to the opposite corner and charges with a Baseball Slide into Monica’s face as she flops out of the corner onto her stomach. The fans are chanting Nadia’s name and she acknowledges their cheers before she picks up the dazed Monica by the hair and works one hand into the sweaty ‘V’ between Monica’s sweaty thighs; her other hand on her neck. With an audible grunt, Nadia lifts Monica straight up in the air, attempting to Press her overhead, but Monica is too heavy and Nadia struggles to lift her. She briefly balances Monica with her belly on her head, but despite several attempts, she can’t get her arms extended.

Finally, Nadia’s arms give out and Monica frees herself to drop to her feet behind Nadia. She grabs Nadia’s shoulder and whirls her around, then Kicks her in the stomach. Gutted, Nadia folds over and Monica pulls her into a Reverse Headlock, then grabs Nadia’s tights and lifts her by them before she Piledrives Nadia’s face into the canvas using the, “Dracula Impaler DDT.”

Heaving a sigh of relief, Monica goes for the win…

“ONE… TWO…” Kickout by Nadia!

Monica yells at the ref, complaining about the slow count. Then she goes to Irish Whip Nadia, but Nadia Reverses and tries to Powerslam Monica on the rebound. Monica manages to leap over Nadia who charges after Monica but Monica stops, bends over and lifts Nadia onto her shoulders. Monica carries her to the corner where, with amazing strength, the big Italian climbs to the second turnbuckle with Nadia draped over her shoulders.

Monica jumps off, hitting her patented, “Sleep Wit Da Fishes” a Michinoku Driver off the ropes. Monica hooks the leg and although the ref goes to the mat, the count is merely ceremonial…


Monica gets to her feet and raises her hands to the air as the fans boo her. Then she kicks the motionless Nadia in the ribs, rolling her onto her back, making it easier to grab Nadia’s top and pulls it off, leaving her topless. Monica kicks Nadia’s legs together and works down her sweaty red shorts leaving her behind in the ring totally nude as Monica leaves with a new trophy to decorate the Italian’s dressing room trophy case!