Salma Hayek vs. Monica Bellucci by NewGUY 30-Apr-00

The fight between these two, Salma and Monica, will be in the woods near a river. The fight takes place early in the morning, just when the sun has come up. When both of the catfighters arrive at the scene of the match, they see that there are about 50 people there to watch them fight.

When both of them get out of their cars, they feel the cold and they both start stretching. The have now stretched out, and warmed up. Monica is wearing a white T-shirt and spandex shorts that shows a visible panty line (it looks like she may be wearing a thong), and a pair of running shoes.

Salma is also wearing a pair of running shoes, spandex shorts with a visible panty line (it looks like she is also wearing a thong), and a sweater. Salma takes off the sweater, and under, she has a tanktop that is semi see-thru and barely covers her nipples. Salma's nipples are even more visible because of the cold.

Monica calls Salma a slut before they go to the spot where they will begin. It has been raining since the night before and there has been some scattered drizzle in the morning. The spot that they begin by is very close to the river and it is a very muddy where they are. It is a mud fight. Requested again by Salma, referee Jennifer Lopez tells the two to begin and they lock up.

They try to push each other down into the mud, but they both stay up until Monica kicks Salma in the cunt. Salma doubles-over and Monica kicks Salma in the face making Salma fall back on her ass. Salma's shorts are now muddy on the back.

Monica stands over Salma and talks to her. "You are a little bitch. I will show you why Italians are the best people on Earth."

Monica charges at Salma, forgetting that she could slip. Salma gets off her ass in time and Monica slips and falls on her ass. Now they both have muddy asses. Monica gets up and tries to lure Salma away from the muddier places, and she gets closer to the river.

Salma charges at Monica, and Monica tries to get out of the way, but she doesn't get out of the way in time. Salma hits Monica in the stomach with her shoulder and they both fall in the river. There they pop out of the water and gasp for air and then they start fighting in the water.

Each one punches the other in the head a few times. The felt very cold in the river and they both decided to get out of the river. Monica's hard nipples are now visible through her shirt, but Salma's very hard nipples can be seen clearly trough the wet tank. Monica trips Salma and she falls into the mud. Salma gets mud on the front of her body, but she put her arms in front of her to prevent mud from getting onto her face.

Monica kicks Salma in the stomach, flipping her on her back. Monica sits on Salma's stomach and pins Salma's arms under her body. Then Monica rips Salma's tank open and unleashes punch after punch on Salma's muddy tits. Monica then pulls on Salma's hard nipples up and down. Salma screams as she struggles hard to get her arms free, and because the pain in her nipples.

Because of the slippery mud, Salma was able to slide her arms free. Salma tries to counter against Monica by twisting Monica's nipples through her shirt. Both women are pulled on each other's nipples for a few minutes, trying to get an advantage, but they gave up because both of them were not getting the advantage and they let go. Monica gets off of Salma, allowing Salma to get up.

Salma takes off the rest of the tank, leaving her topless. Salma then she charges at Monica. Monica this time gets out of the way in time and she trips Salma, making her fall onto her face. This time, Salma's face is full of mud and her breasts are even muddier. Salma gets up gets up and she goes after Monica again. Salma fakes to one side, Monica moves to the other side, but Salma still pushed her down onto the mud.

Salma punches Monica in her left tit and then she pulls Monica's shorts, leaving her in a her black panties. Salma punches Monica in the pussy a few times. Salma then gets up as Monica rubs her pussy, Salma jumps up and lands with both knees onto Monica's tits. All of Monica's air is forced out, and she is now having a hard time breathing. Monica tries to crawl away from Salma, but she kicks Monica in her muddy ass, and Monica finally gets mud in her face too. Salma walks up to Monica. Monica hears the mud squish under Salma's feet and then she slings mud into Salma's eyes.

Salma turns away and she tries to rub the mud out of her eyes until it is too late. Monica comes up behind Salma and she grabs Salma's tight shorts and pulls them down. Now, everyone can see Salma's red thong, that shows off her great ass. Monica keeps the shorts around Salma's ankles and trips Salma right onto her face again. Monica sits on Salma's back and she starts to slap Salma's ass a few times. Salma reaches back and pulls Monica's hair to stop her ass slapping. Salma pulls Monica off of her.

Salma tries to pull her shorts up, but they are stuck on her shoes. Monica stomps on Salma's chest a few times, but Salma counters again. Salma tripped Monica, and she landed on her ass. Salma is able to get her shorts off leaving her in a thong. Monica gets up, she tries to punch Salma in the face, but she misses. Salma tries the same, but she misses and Monica tried an uppercut and she connected with Salma's jaw. Salma falls again onto the slippery mud and gets her ass muddy.

Monica kicks Salma in her face, turning her over onto her stomach. Monica pushes Salma down onto the mud, she tries to finish what she started. Monica gives Salma a mean wedgie by pulling with all of her might on Salma's thong. Salma's thong disappears into her ass and her pussy. Salma is screaming bloody murder, for a few minutes until the thong gives way and rips. Salma is left nude in the mud. Monica picks up Salma and grabs her clit. Monica holds Salma's clit hard and Salma is trying to claw at Monica's hands to let her lose her grip.

Salma starts to kick wildly, and she hits Monica in her pussy, causing her to lose her grip. Salma falls in the mud and she cups her pussy and she massages it. Monica does the same. Even though Salma can't take this no more, she doesn't quit until Monica does.

Salma gets up on her wobbly legs, her pussy aching and she says, "You bitch!"

Salma is really pissed. Salma gets up, stands over Monica, and she starts hammering Monica with lefts, rights, and uppercuts to her face, tits, and pussy. Salma grabs Monica's shirt and pulls it over Monica's head. Salma punches Monica's tits over and over again. Salma takes Monica's thong off, leaving her nude as well, and Salma grabs Monica's legs and spreads them.

Salma kicks Monica's pussy repeatedly, over and over again. Salma must have stomped Monica's pussy about 50 times before changing her attack. Salma frees Monica's arms by pulling the shirt off all the way. Salma stands over Monica's face, and then she lowers her pussy onto Monica's face to smother her. Salma tells Monica to say that she quits, but she bites Salma's pussy instead.

Salma screams and she gets away from Monica. Salma just won't quit, she is really determined. She has gotten stronger with all of the catfights that she has had. Salma charges at Monica, but she is met with an clothesline by Jennifer!

The one who helped Salma in the fight against Maria Grazia Cucinotta, is now helping Maria's friend, Monica. Jennifer holds Salma's arms and Monica is confused, but she begins to uppercut Salma's tits. Each tit is sent to the side with each punch. Jennifer had gained Salma's trust in the previous catfight, just to mess her up in the next one.

Jennifer didn't try anything on Salma during the fight with Maria because she thought Salma would have someone watch her back. Jennifer thought that Salma having trust in her, Salma would not have anyone else there, but Jennifer was wrong. A minute has barely passed, when Jennifer betrayed Salma when Catherine Zeta Jones came up behind Jennifer and grabbed her pussy. Jennifer screamed as she grabs Catherine's hands that are clutched on her pussy lets go of Salma's arms.

Monica was going to help, but she is grabbed by Talisa Soto, turned around and kicked in the cunt. Catherine is squishing Jennifer's pussy while Talisa punches and kicks Monica all over her body. Catherine squeezes harder, and then tells Jennifer to declare Salma the winner.

Jennifer screams out loud, "Salma is the winner! There I said it, now let me go slut!"

Catherine says, "You shouldn't have said that! Now you are going to pay, especially for double crossing one of our friends!"

Catherine lets go of her hold and she grabs Jennifer's tits. Catherine lifts Jennifer by her tits.

Jennifer screams, "Let Please let me go!"

Catherine lets her go, but she pulls down Jennifer's pants, and she pulls Jennifer's panties up. Jennifer screams again, but much louder that wolves in the woods start to howl. Salma goes up to Jennifer who is in the air, and she rips Jennifer's referee shirt from behind. Salma twists each nipple as hard as she can. Then Salma starts pulling and Jennifer's legs while Catherine pulls up on the panties. Jennifer screams again, making wolves howl again.

The panties rip and Jennifer falls on her bare ass into the mud Salma grabs Jennifer's tits, Catherine grabs Jennifer's pussy, and they pull her up and then slam her down onto her face by her tits and pussy. Jennifer's face is full of mud and she does not move, but Salma and Catherine can hear her moan.

At the same time that Jennifer got her beating, Monica was black and blue all over from all of the kicks given to her by Talisa. Salma walked up to Monica, that was on her hands and knees and Salma told her to look up. Monica was forced to look up into Salma's face. Salma's crotch was at the same height as Monica's face.

Catherine said, "Lick Salma's muddy pussy clean."

Of course Monica could not refuse, and she did so as she was asked too. Monica moved her head slowly, but Talisa shoved Monica's face into Salma's pussy. Monica licked and licked while she heard Salma moan. When Salma was clean, she shoved Monica's head in to her crotch, and suffocated her.

Salma kicked the unconscious Monica into the mud and Salma, Talisa, and Catherine left the Italian bitch and the betraying bitch in the mud.

All of the spectators had cheered throughout the match for both catfighers, but towards the end, they cheered the most for Salma, Catherine and Talisa. The spectators and officials left after the three women and they took with them Jennifer and Monica with them.