Monica Bellucci vs. Katherine “Kat” Heigl by Boeing 666
#Preliminary Match: Jessica Biel vs. Cristina Scabbia

Jessica bursts into Sharon Stone’s office slamming the door. Sharon looks up, “Gee Jess, I know I DO have an open door policy here, but please, don’t break my door.”

Jessica growls, “Look, OK Monica got what she wanted, her title shot against Heigl. You told her if she interfered she wouldn’t get the shot. But you know Bellucci; she has a loophole for everything. The bitch isn’t dumb.”

Sharon answers, “Well, I did tell her if she interfered she wouldn’t get the shot. She did stay back.”

“I know. But she got Arcuri to distract me and Scabbia to attack me. She stayed within the rules - barely. I know what’s going to happen tonight. She’s gonna face Heigl, but she’ll have Cucinotta, Arcuri or Scabbia - or all three - attack Heigl and she’ll end up with the belt.”

Sharon shook her head, “No she won’t. I am making this match a no interference match. I don’t care if the ref is down, I will have a back up ref watching on camera. If the ref is down and an Italian comes out anywhere even near the ring the belt stays around Heigl’s…”

Jessica nods, “That makes sense, but Bellucci’ll probably hire some non-Italian to…”

“NO!” Sharon interrupted. “ANYone attacks Heigl, she keeps the belt. Still, I’m going to keep this fair. If you go out there and attack Bellucci, YOU will NEVER get a title shot against her.”

“I wasn’t going to attack Bellucci… “ Jessica protests. “In fact, I’m kinda hoping she WINS; I know I can beat her. Heigl has been a tough opponent for me in the past.”

Sharon nods, “Besides, you’re going to be busy tonight.”

“What do you mean?”

Sharon points to the program on her desk, “I got you a match right before Bellucci’s.”

“Against who?”

“I knew you’d want some revenge for last week.”

Jessica rolls her eyes, “Not Cucinotta again?”

“No, the woman who caused you to lose against Cucinotta, Cristina Scabbia.”

Jessica sighed, “I thought that you said I was gonna be BUSY!”

Sharon smiled, “Well, she IS a tough opponent.”

“Yeah, right. Look, she’s tough when she’ll have Bellucci returning the favor and interfering for her.”

Sharon shook her head, “Uh-uh. Bellucci’s going to have her hands full of Heigl. I already told her, if any Italian comes to the ring before the bell rings at the end of your match, Monica loses her title shot. She’s NOT going to want to lose that shot.”

“OK. So, when do I get to kick Scabbia’s ass.”

Sharon looked at the clock on the wall, “Ummm right now! In fact, Cristina’s is in the ring now waiting for you.”
Cristina is in the ring wearing a plaid halter/bustier type top with a very short black leather miniskirt and calf length black leather boots. She climbs the turnbuckles flipping off the fans that are booing her.

Suddenly the theme song from 'Blade Trinity' plays as cheers erupt knowing that’s Jessica Biel’s entrance music. She comes down to the ring wearing a maroon leather top and matching briefs. She stares at Cristina with anger as Cristina looks back at her signaling for “lets get it on” as she uses a couple choice Italian curse words for Jessica.

Jessica enters the ring, and Cristina knowing that Jessica is much taller, heavier and stronger than her is going to have to rely on her speed and some of the dirty tricks that Monica has taught her. Jessica barely has a chance to get in the ring and the speedy but smaller Cristina is on top of her with quick fists to the back. Cristina goes for a Drop-kick that drops Jessica hard. Jessica stands up and Cristina leaps onto her shoulders and takes her down with a Hurricanrana. Jessica gets up and charges Cristina, but Cristina ducks under her. Jessica again charges, but the petite Italian cutie ducks under her arms again and, to add a little humiliation, gives her a kick in the butt as she runs past.

That infuriates Jessica, but that is what Cristina intended to do as Jessica charges her only to get a drop toe hold on her. The crowd is shocked at how well the small Italian is handling Jessica. Cristina appears too fast for her as Jessica gets up and gets a Drop-kick to the face again. Suddenly Cristina changes tactics. She challenges Jessica to a Test of Strength, which could be the most foolish thing Cristina has ever done because Jessica would just drive Cristina right through the mat.

But Cristina raises her hands for a Test of Strength as Jessica raises hers. Cristina jumps up and down, trying to reach Jessica’s hands but with her arms extended, Jessica is a good six inches taller. Cristina angry curses in Italian and signals Jessica to the corner. Jessica looks at the corner, trying to figure out what Cristina has in mind. Finally, she shrugs and follows Cristina to the corner where Cristina climbs to the top turnbuckle and looks out at the fans, then points to her head like she is about to do something smart.

Jessica again raises her arms for a Test of Strength and Cristina appears to do the same. Suddenly, Cristina leaps off of the top rope at Jessica with a Cross Body Block! Jessica, who seemed to be ready for it, catches Cristina out of the air and holds her across her chest. Cristina’s face wears a look of shock as Jessica holds her horizontally at her chest with Cristina’s short black skirt riding up to reveal her black cotton thong beneath. Jessica turns around, showing off Cristina in her grip with a sneer on her face, then suddenly pumping her directly up overhead like she weighs nothing. She holds Cristina high overhead in a Gorilla Press, her arms fully extended, then does 10 reps with Cristina’s 100 lb. body.

Cristina begins begging loudly “Put me down!!! Put me down!!!”

Jessica responds, “So you want to go down? Alright!”

She tosses Cristina who lands with her legs straddling the top rope. Jessica laughs as Cristina tries to relieve herself from sitting on the rough rope but Jessica grabs the rope, jerking it upward and launching Cristina halfway across the ring.


Cristina gets up slowly, holding her aching crotch, Jessica charges her sending Cristina into a Back Flip with a Clothesline that leaves her spread-eagled on the mat. Jessica grabs a handful of raven black hair, drags her up and Hair Mares her across the ring. Cristina gets to her knees holding her hands up, begging off, but Jessica Snap Kicks her in the belly, then Hairhauls Cristina up over her right shoulder into a Canadian Backbreaker! Jessica charges into the corner and slams Cristina’s chest into the turnbuckle - inverted!

Jessica lets go of Cristina as she slowly slides down the turnbuckle until her thighs snag the top rope, leaving her in a Reverse Tree of Woe with her face against the turnbuckle. Jessica pulls back Cristina’s short black leather skirt; revealing her thong clad butt, then fires a hard punch into each butt cheek - sure to leave bruises. Cristina moans as she hangs in the corner. Jessica charges the corner and gives Cristina a Spear across the back, freeing her from the corner in an abbreviated version of “Trinity Blade.” Cristina tumbles to the mat holding her back.

Jessica could probably put Cristina away right now, however first and foremost she wants to send Cristina a message for costing her the match with Maria Grazia Cucinotta and a future title shot, but also wants to send a message to Monica Bellucci that should she win the belt tonight, she is next. Jessica grabs Cristina by her black hair, which is now starting to get wet with sweat from the beating she is taking. Jessica hoists Cristina’s petite body up high over her head again in another Gorilla Press and carries her to the corner and launches Cristina so that she lands crotch first on the metal rod connecting the turnbuckle to the metal upright in the corner. Cristina groans with a look of agony on her face as she sits facing the crowd.

Jessica grabs a handful of black hair and pulls Cristina down so the back of her knees are hooked over the top rope and her body is inverted in the infamous Tree of Woe. Jessica begins punching the upside down small Italian all over her body as she hangs, focusing a lot on her exposed belly. Jessica climbs up to the second rope and raises her hands to the air as the fans cheer then places her foot on Cristina’s thin thong panty covered crotch and stands on it with all her weight as Cristina screams out in pain. Jessica jumps up and down a few times and then grinds the toe of her boot into Cristina’s pussy driving the thong panty up into her.

Jessica jumps down, looks down at Cristina and says, “Look, you ruined a perfectly good pair of boots!” She rubs the toe of her boot in Cristina’s face and says, “I need to clean my boot now CriSTINKa!!!!”

Jessica grabs a handful of Cristina’s wet sweaty hair and holds her parallel to the mat, with Cristina’s legs still over the ropes and places her head in a Headlock and gives Cristina an Inverted DDT. Cristina hits her head on the mat and flips over onto her stomach.

Jessica grabs her by her hair and places Cristina across her shoulders in a fireman’s carry position then spins her around and hits the Spinning Sidewalk Slam she calls, “The Illusionist.” Cristina lays on her back, legs spread with her thong showing under her skirt, chest heaving. Jessica hoists her across her shoulders in a torture rack and parades her around the ring before grabbing her by her ass and back of neck and pressing her up in an inverted press and dropping her in front of her with her knee up so Cristina lands back first across Jessica’s knee. Cristina rolls and spasms on the mat screaming in pain holding her back after Jessica nails her with “The Biel Breaker.”

Jessica signals that this is the end. Jessica grabs Cristina by her throat with both hands and lifts her high preparing for the Biel Bomb, before sitting out slamming Cristina down hard with the Sit-out Double Chokebomb! Cristina lies on the mat out cold and spread-eagled as Jessica in almost mocking fashion hooks the leg and the ref counts.



Jessica rolls Cristina over to stop the count. The ref yells as Jessica about not completing the pin when the match should be done. Jessica grabs Cristina now by her dripping wet hair and stands her pretty much out cold body up and Presses Cristina overhead, then drops her, catching her across her shoulders in the modified F-5 she calls “7th Hell”

Cristina lies out on the mat like she is dead. This time Jessica places her foot on Cristina’s stomach as the ref counts…




But Jessica suddenly kicks Cristina onto her side, again stopping the count!

Cristina doesn’t move, just lays motionless on her side as her black sodden thong rides up between her ass cheeks. Jessica grabs Cristina by her hair and thong and hoists her up by her thong and sits her up on the top turnbuckle. Cristina, completely out cold just slumps forward on the turnbuckle as Jessica positions her onto her back with Cristina’s legs over her shoulders. Jessica sits out, driving Cristina headfirst into the mat with a move she calls, “Next” (see Samoa Joe’s Muscle Buster). Cristina is on the mat folded up like an accordion so the back of her head and shoulders are on the mat, but her body curves unnaturally so that her crotch is directly over her own face and legs over her head. Jessica pins her a third time.




This time Cristina is not only counted out - she is REALLY out! She remains folded up in that awkward position as the move knocked her into next year. Jessica celebrates walking around the ring while Cristina has not moved.

Suddenly, Monica Bellucci shows up at the entranceway and her and Jessica’s eyes meet. Monica heads down to the ring right before her Championship match is about to take place. She and Biel glare at each other as she heads to the ring. Monica enters as Jessica stands next to the out cold Cristina. Jessica signals for a mic as Monica also gets one.

“So Monica, you coming down for the match I was supposed to have right now?”

Monica smiles, “You weren’t supposed to have a match now - you lost, remember?”

Jessica’s face reddens, “Yes, because you sent this little slut to interfere in my match with Maria after I had her beaten.”

Monica shakes her head, “You wouldn’t have beaten Maria.”

Jessica ignores her and snaps, “Instead this week I had to beat this little pint-size Italian joke to prove a point to her; don’t interfere in my matches - and to you; that you aren’t so tough, next title or not!!

“Get out of my ring, Biel!”

Jessica protests, “This is MY ring… and this SHOULD BE MY match with Heigl… instead I got Cristinka… that name’s appropriate for her dontcha think? You see what I did to her?”

Monica smirks, “Ooh you are SO tough; beating a woman what, half your size?”

Jessica puffs out her chest, “And I really beat her too… I beat it out of her… I think she pissed herself after that last move!”

Monica shrugs, “You can’t intimidate me. It’d be you soiling yourself right now if you knew you really were going to face me!”

Jessica reaches into the still folded up Cristina’s skirt and removes the black sweaty thong briefly exposing her bare ass before Jessica kicks Cristina flat, her skirt covering up her pussy much to the disappointment of the fans. Jessica holds the black thong in the air.

“You should find out for yourself Monica… here, smell Cristina’s fear…” she dangles the thong in front of Monica’s red face. “Monica… you’re NEXT!!”

Jessica throws Cristina’s match worn, unsavory, moist thong in Monica’s face. She just glares at Jessica as she leaves the ring laughing. Ringside personnel attend to Cristina who hasn’t moved. Monica, left holding the thong, finally drops it on the ring apron as Federica Ridolfi, Manuela Arcuri and Giorgia Palmas come to the ring, pick up the lifeless Cristina and carry her away. Monica watches her fellow Italians carrying Cristina back to the Bellucci Family dressing room, then turns and calmly awaits the arrival of Kat Heigl.
Main Event: Monica Bellucci vs. Kat Heigl

“Sweet Dreams” plays over the speakers as Kat comes down to the ring to cheers from the fans wearing a red bikini. Monica glares at her while she removes her leather trench coat to reveal her black cotton thong bikini with white vertical pinstripes.

Monica continues the stare down with Kat and points at her belt and signals that it will be around her waist.

“Just hand it over now,” says Monica. “Save yourself the trouble and pain”

“It won’t fit around your fat waist,” says Kat.

“You should talk,” responds Monica.

“All Right, lets save the energy for this match” scolds the ref.

Monica and Kat lock up as Monica manages to push Kat back into the corner, but the ref orders her to break. Monica does break and back away but not before slapping Kat across the face. Kat will have none of that though and she charges out of the corner and clotheslines Monica down. The two begin rolling around on the mat almost like a cheesy catfight, where one woman stole the other woman’s man. Kat ends up on top and pounds on Monica’s head while she does her best to cover up.

The ref orders the women to stop and Kat gets up. Monica tries to get up too and Kat gives her a hand as she then Whips Monica to the ropes. On the rebound Kat hits Monica with a hard Clothesline across the chest dropping Monica to the mat. Kat Whips Monica again, and this time takes Monica down with a Scoop Powerslam. Kat doesn’t let up on the Italian Amazon; she bends Monica over, hooks her arms and falls back giving Monica a Release Double Underhook Suplex that sends her flying! Monica lands on her thong-clad butt and, with eyes wide, grabs her sore ass as she tries to get back up - only to be hoisted up high in the air and Body Slammed so hard the ring shakes!

Monica starts begging off and as Kat approaches her, Monica does the oldest trick in the book and gives Kat a Low Blow! Then Monica gets up and starts Stomping Kat. The ref warns her, but Monica tells him to fuck off in Italian, shoving him away. Monica resumes kicking Kat, this time in her back and, as she tries to roll away, once in the stomach! Monica stands Kat up and spins her around, then lifts her up and hits a German Suplex! On a roll now, Monica follows with a Snap Suplex.

Monica whips the blonde Amazon to the ropes, and on the rebound the big Italian brunette leaps in the air and takes down Kat with a flying shoulder tackle. Monica picks up Kat and Bodyslams her to the mat and then gets down on her knees next to Kat and wraps her hands around the blonde’s neck and begins Choking her.

“That’s enough Monica,” the ref warns. “Let her go or you’ll get disqualified.”

“Shut up!!” responds Monica.

Monica gets up and shoves the ref away, then grabs Kat by her hair and kicks her in the stomach. Kat gets her head shoved between Monica’s powerful thighs and gets lifted at her waist and dropped on her head in a classic Piledriver. Monica goes for the pin.



Kick out! Monica gets up and shoves the ref.

“Can you count any fucking slower??” Yells Monica at the ref.

Monica goes to whip Kat to the ropes, but Kat suddenly reverses sending Monica fast into the ropes. Monica rebounds as Kat is prepared to hit a Clothesline on Monica, but the big Italian ducks underneath the clothesline and bounces off the other ropes. Monica rebounds back towards Kat who is just turning around. Monica leaps in the air for a Crossbody thinking for sure she’ll level the big blonde, but Kat had other plans!

Kat amazes not only Monica but herself and anyone watching by catching Bellucci in air. Of course she staggers a few steps backward but still manages to keep her balance as she holds onto Monica who has a look of complete shock mixed with fear on her face. Kat smiles as she adjusts her hand between Monica’s thighs as the camera zooms in on Monica’s pinstripe clad butt. Two of Kat’s fingers reach around, pushing the cotton material of Monica’s thong up into her ass, the only thing keeping Kat’s fingers from going all the way into Monica’s asshole.

Kat does a turn holding Monica before falling back and sending Monica flying through the air in a Release Fallaway Slam that sends Monica rolling across the ring coming to a stop on the edge of the ring. Then Kat lifts Monica, putting her in a Headlock and then she drops to the mat, giving Bellucci a DDT that actually stands her on her head a second before she tumbles over onto her back.

Kat places Monica’s head between her thighs and hoists her up so that Monica is bent back first over Kat’s right shoulder in a Canadian Backbreaker. She carries Monica around before dropping down and Slamming Monica’s shoulder against her knee in the “Heigl Hangover.”

Kat goes for a pin.




Monica kicks out as the referee’s hand is on the way down! Kat looks in shock as very few have kicked out of that move. Monica gets up slowly, holding her right shoulder. Kat grabs Monica and places a hand at her chest and another between her thighs and begins hoisting Monica up as if she may be going for a Gorilla Press, but Kat only manages to get her head high before Monica wriggles out of her grip, turns and Clotheslines Kat!

Monica scoops Kat up and gives her an Atomic Drop that leaves Kat bent over holding her ass. Monica takes Kat down with a Sidewalk Slam, then sends Kat to the ropes and twirls the big woman down with a Tilt-A-Whirl, stopping halfway to hit “The Italian Suplex.”

Then Monica goes for the pin.



Kick out by Kat! Monica pulls at her own hair and yells at the ref, frustrated that someone kicked out of her big move.

Monica angry begins choking Kat on the mat as the ref tries to pry Monica’s hands away. Monica gets up and shoves the ref and is so frustrated she yells at the ref in Italian. The ref is clueless as to what Monica is yelling about. Monica charges at Kat, but Kat suddenly gives Monica a Drop Toe Hold, sending Monica facefirst into the mat! Monica lies on the mat chest down as Kat gives Monica a Leg Drop on the back of the head.

Kat hoists Monica up, places her in a Headlock and grabs Monica’s thong, giving her a Wedgie as she lifts Monica overhead in a Vertical Suplex position. Kat stalls a few seconds before completing the Suplex with Monica landing, sitting up and grabbing her aching back. Kat lifts Monica up again looking like she is going for another Vertical Suplex. As Monica is held upside down, Kat lets the blood once again rush to Monica’s head before she pushes Monica’s head out and sits down in what became a Vertical Suplex turned into a Powerbomb variation known as the “Kataclysm!” Kat goes for the pin again…



But the ref taps Kat on the shoulder and points at Monica’s foot draped on the ropes. Kat goes and Whips Monica towards a corner, but Monica puts on the brakes and Reverses, sending Kat crashing into the corner. Monica charges the corner and leaps giving Kat a Stinger Splash in the corner. Kat starts to stumble forward but remains on her feet, so Monica goes to Whip her again, but this time Kat Reverses and drops to the mat, using the extra force to send Monica at a high speed into the turnbuckle. The force is so great that Monica flips head over heels as she approaches the turnbuckle and lands with the back of her knees bent over the top ropes in the corner, leaving her upside down helpless in the corner. Monica tries to get herself out of the dangerous predicament, but Kat is on her like white on rice. She Kicks Monica a few times but the ref backs her off trying to free Monica from the Tree of Woe.

Kat goes for a move she calls the “Kat o’ Nine Tails” as Monica hangs from the Tree of Woe and begins hitting open handed SLAPs all over Monica’s body; her belly, her breasts, her crotch, her ass and her thighs. Which each SMACK, Monica yelps and her body quivers as each SMACK leaves visible red hand prints on her tawny, soft, body. Kat then reaches with her fingers around Monica’s pussy and locks in a Claw Hold she calls the “Kat’s Klaw.”

Monica shrieks in pain as the sides of her pussy burn due to the claw hold. With Kat’s other free hand she locks on a stomach claw on Monica making Monica wail more. The ref orders Kat away from Monica and he once again unsuccessfully doesn’t free her from the Tree of Woe.

“Hey Ref” shouts Kat. “THIS’s how you do it!”

She backs up and charges forward sending a Big Boot to Monica’s stomach folding her up and dropping her out of the Tree of Woe onto her head. Monica lies on the mat gasping for air holding her stomach. Kat grabs hold of Monica’s thong and her hair and reaches between her thighs and hoists Monica up, pressing the Italian beauty overhead! Although she has Monica up, she can’t quite manage to extend her arms more than halfway before Slamming Monica on her back so hard it shakes the ring. It doesn’t make a difference how high though as the Press Slam did enough damage. Kat hooks Monica’s leg and goes for the pin...




Kick out by Monica!

Kat picks Monica by her hair and signals for a Heigl Hangover and hoists Monica onto her shoulder drops down so Monica’s shoulder hits her knee, but then drops to both knees jarring Monica’s back and bending Monica’s body in the way it was not designed to bend in a backwards U before standing up and walking across the ring and giving Monica what looks to be a Reverse Powerslam as she charges with Monica in the Canadian Backbreaker before flipping Monica over so she lands tits first onto the mat.





The ref notices Monica’s foot again on the ropes after what surely looked like the end for Monica and that Kat would surely keep the belt! Kat picks Monica up again going for another Heigl Hangover, but somehow Monica this time slips out and hits a Reverse Neckbreaker on Kat. Monica gets to her feet while Kat rolls around on the mat holding the back of her head.

Monica waits in a crouched position as Kat gets up. Suddenly Monica charges Kat and nails her in the stomach with a Spear that Monica calls “The Roman Spear”. Kat coughs and holds her stomach as Monica lifts her onto her shoulders and carries her to the corner setting her up on the top rope. Monica climbs the ropes and places Kat across her shoulders and hits the “Sleep Wit Da Fishes” on Kat.

Monica lands in a Reverse Facesit with her thong-bisected butt on Kat’s nose.

The ref counts.




Monica remains seated on Kat’s face and the fans continue to boo as the ref hands the smiling Monica the world title belt. She holds up and the boos increase in volume. Still, Monica won the match rather cleanly but she still isn’t done! She proceeds to pound on Kat after the match despite the bells constant ringing and the ref yelling at her. Monica goes to the edge of the ring where she picks up Cristina Scabbia’s sweaty black thong from the previous match and stuffs it into Kat’s mouth! Monica stands above Kat posing with her foot on Kat’s chest.

Suddenly Kristanna Loken runs down to the ring as Monica high tails it out of the ring. Kristanna grabs a microphone. “Monica, I’m sick and tired of your gang of Italian thugs trying to control the league. Sharon Stone may be intimidated by you, but I certainly am NOT…and I have plenty of people willing to back me up on this! We’re gonna run you Italians back out in the same illegal boat you snuck in on!!”

Monica walks backwards making stereotypical obscene Italian hand gestures at Kristanna while she holds up her title belt with a cocky smile. Monica is looking forward to the day when Kristanna Loken tries to back her bold talk with actions.