Extreme Bare Knuckled Belly Fight: Scarlett Johansson vs. Monica Bellucci by Danofclubs
22 year old Scarlett Johansson was riding a wave of success. Her recent facile victories in front of the well-heeled patrons of the Posh Fight Club had her eagerly looking forward to her next engagment. She couldn't accept quicky enough when her manager informed her of the challenge just received from Monica Bellucci for a topless Belly Fight! The Italian film star, still a sex symbol at the 'advanced' age of 42, had been absent from the "FemFight" scene for a few years but recently returned and impressed the PFC promoters with her strength and toughness.

In Scarlett’s recent triumphs, such as her victory over the weaker, slower, Aria Giovanni, and the inexperienced Sarah Paulson, Scarlett had discovered her "forte" in the glamorous world of Fighting Females...her fists! Now the word was out, "Scarlett the Puncher" was a force to be reckoned with! And the blow she enjoyed delivering most of all was her marvelously effective belly punch. She would later admit that she actually felt the twitching and tingling of sexual arousal when she buried her fist in an opponent's vulnerable belly.

"Bellucci! That ancient thing?" Scarlett thought, smiling broadly. "She's got one of the softest, most punchable bellies of any woman I know!"

Despite the eager anticipation of having Monica's soft, full belly as a prime target for her powerful punches, Scarlett's enthusiasm for the upcoming battle was tempered with the realization that this might be her toughest test yet. Monica was an savvy, veteran competitor, who had compiled an enviable record some years back at the HFWA (Hollywood Female Wrestling Association) and other women's fighting venues. And her recent arrival at the Posh Fight Club has been marked by two impressive victories. At 5' 10", 145 lbs., the beautiful olive-skinned Italian has decided size, strength and experience advantages over Scarlett. Monica is also an accomplished fist fighter and body puncher in her own right. Scarlett approached the fight with confidence, but at the same time, knew that she will have to be at her best to win.

A topless Belly Fight wasn’t often scheduled at the Club and both combatants were made aware of the rules:
1) Six 3-minute rounds with a 1 minute break between rounds,
2) Punches ONLY allowed anywhere below the neck,
3) The bikini bottom that each wears must have at least 4” of belly between it and the navel,
4) A KO requires a countout of 20,
5) If neither fighter scores a KO the winner will be determined by "points",
6) Two judges score the fight as follows: each belly punch landed from two inches above the navel to the top of the bikini earns between 1-3 points depending on the judge's determination of its effectiveness,

7) If there is NO KO - and the judges score it a draw, a 7th round will be added.


As she stood in her corner, waiting for the opening bell, Scarlett was sure her approach to the fight was thr correct one. "I'm going for the knockout...the silly belly points will take care of themselves...dumb rule...if she's still standing after six, she deserves the win"

The lovely, young, pale-skinned blonde, attired only in a black thong, flexed the powerful muscles in her arms, shoulders and thighs. She liked what she felt. One advantage that she knew she had was that her strong musculature was hidden from her opponents by an outer layer of feminine softness...especially a soft little paunch that was centered her deep navel. Her rounded, pale-skinned belly, however, only gave the APPEARANCE of weakness. Her opponents soon discovered the "truth" of her surprising toughness as their fights progressed

Across the ring, Monica was also confident. Her beautifully impressive body was clad in a tiny white thong, which accentuated the generous outward curve of her full belly. Her breasts, with their dark, very large nipples and areolas were simply stunning. Long powerful thighs and impressive shoulders were just part of the gorgeous olive-hued package that delighted the wealthy audience.


Both women came out slugging! Scarlett faked a right to the belly and as Monica lowered her guard, smashed her right breast against her ribs with a fine left jab. Monica countered immediately with a right to the blonde's ribs, and a left that only partially landed in her solar plexus. Scarlett kept jabbing with her left....keeping distance between them.....then landed an uppercut that powered its way through Monica's defense, and thudded nicely into her dark-skinned belly. "UMMPHH" The brunette groaned and fired back,catching Scarlettwith an effective left, just above her thong. The tall Italian managed to back Scarlett into the ropes, but then made her first mistake.

She thought she saw another opening to the young blonde's belly, and brought her right fist back behind her body and low.....ready to throw one of her trademark "gut-busters"....But this left her right side WIDE OPEN. Scarlett quickly buried two left jabs into her magnificent right breast, landing one flush on the nipple, her fist making a deep indentation in the breast's roundness.

"AAUUGGHH!" Monica straightened up for a moment, exposing her body for the beautiful blonde who blasted her with a solid punch to her thong, crunching her mons!

"UUGGHHH!" Monica let out a loud cry and backed away as her body folded forward.

Scarlett advanced...but carelessly...her guard inexplicably down as Monica rifled a quick jab into the rose colored nipple of her plump left breast.

"AAIIYYEEE!" Flew out of the young blonde's mouth as her hands rose to protect her chest.

The olive-skinned fighter drove a pretty uppercut solidly into Scarlett's beautiful belly that opened her mouth in a pefect pouting "o" as she gasped and bent over at the waist clutching the point of impact.

In a rising arc, Monica's right fist was headed towards the folded-up blonde's soft hanging breasts. Scarlett was jolted upright, but she quickly reacted and blasted the astonished Italian with a powerful cunt-busting uppercut of her own!

Monica never saw the fist but she felt it as it shot up between her parted thighs and crushed her labia against her pubic bone.

“OHHHHHHHGGGAAAAAGGGHHHH!” Monica wailed in agony and grabbed her tender crotch.

Scarlett went straight after her but the tanned brunette skillfully blocked Scarlett's next two punches and then counted, catching the blonde with a combination that surprised Scarlett. A solid shot to her ribs and a right deep into Scatlett's belly, just below its deep navel.

"OUUUFFF.." Scarlett was bent double, clutching her gut. With Scarlett’s hands gripping her middle, Monica sent two big uppercuts into the younger woman's heavy, hanging, breasts. The blonde cupped her pain-filled tits in the palms of her gloves, leaving Monica a free path to her wide open gut! Monica buried a sharp left deep to the blonde's round little belly!

"OOUUFFFF!!" Scarlett silently berated herself for her carelessness. "Tense, dammit...I've got to keep my belly muscles TENSE! This woman's no pushover. Damn....I...I..can't BREATHE"

While doubled over in pain, Scarlett showed the amazing toughness that had won her so many adoring fans. She lashed out with a good punch of her own that landed with a THUMP in the pillowly softness of Monica's belly…leaving a deep indentation in the fullness around the navel.

Then Scarlett punched up into the soft underside of the brunette's large left breast that sent it bouncing and flopping! The older woman cried out as she fell back against the ropes.

But Monica found Scarlett's full right breast with a left of her own, although it didn't slow the beautiful blonde. Her quick fists continued to pound Monica's magnificent breasts. Then as the olive-skinned fighter arched her back over the top ropes trying to keep her tits out of harm's way, the blond youngster buried a hard right that sank wrist-deep in the vulnerable softness of the Italian’s wide open belly!!!

"OOOUUUUGGGHHH!" Monica gasped, 'bug-eyed' as she folded up wheezing loudly as she tried to get air back into her lungs. Scarlett kept her pinned on the ropes and grabbed her shoulder to straighten her up as she fired more damaging blows into the the older woman's soft belly and ribs. Scarlett hurt Monica to the breasts with short, stabbing, punches that scored bulls-eyes to each nipple.

How much could the taller woman take? Thankfully for Monica the bell to end the first round sounded; giving her a minute to regroup.


"Scarlett the Puncher" seemed to have all the advantage as Round Two began. The lovely blonde warrior went right on the attack, sinking her fists into her opponent's soft breasts and softer tummy. Monica clutched her tits, then clawed at her belly, then grabbed her breasts again, her face twisted in pain. She threw a right, low, but managed only a glancing blow to the front of Scarlett's thong. The younger woman countered with a punishing blow to Monica's crotch, and a beautiful uppercut that hammered her exposed right breast. With her hands holding her battered breast, Monica's soft, vunerable belly was exposed yet again, an invitation that the Scarlett was eager to accept. Bringing her arm back as far as she could, and swinging it with all the force she could muster, the blonde drove her bare-knuckled fist deep into the Monica's belly, two inches below her navel, her fist disappearing into the beautiful brunette's marshmallow softness.

"AAUUUGGGHHH!!” Monica folded up, dropped to her knees, then curled into a fetal pose; grabbing her gut, groaning and gasping, her face a deep crimson. She was straining - but unable - to breathe! She finally struggled to her feet as the referee counted "16." But Monica is a "pro's pro"...she's been hurt before, and Scarlett knew she wouldn't "go quietly". She got to her knees as her younger foe approached her...

WHUMMP! "AARRGGGHH" Monica’s uppercut caught Scarlett flush, right between her silken thighs!!

"AAUUGGGHHH!" Scarlett croaked again as Monica planted another fist on the delicate, moist, softness of her cunt!! "OOUUFFFGGGHHH!" Monica belted Scarlett twice more; once in the ribs and another in her gut.

The invasion of her pussy caused Scarlett’s abs totally relax and Monica’s punishing fist met no resistance as it sank up to her wrist in Scarlett's soft belly!

"UUMMMPPHHH!" The blonde's eyes shot wide as she clutched her belly; bent forward from the waist.

Monica unloaded an bruising uppercut that flattened her right breast, and another fist caught the the blonde in the center of her black thong sending waves of excruciating pain through her already bruised pussy!

"AAUUUMMPPPH!" Scarlett groaned horribly, and curled completely up and fell -breathless.

Scarlett was up, but on wobbly legs, just after the referee counted “10” but good fortune smiled on her; Monica was too hurt to immediately press her advantage, thankfully allowing Scarlett time to recover. Perhaps her age WAS a factor, as Monica's comeback proved to be short-lived when Scarlett managed to drive her fist into her left breast, then another into her ribs.

The tall brunette responded by punishing Scarletts round belly with another uppercut, her fist digging into the young blonde's gut right below her navel.

"OOOOMMPPM!" Scarlett screamed in pain as the dark-skinned lovely found her pubic mound with her next blow. Her fist slamming into the very bottom of her black thong with devastating force. But the Italian sex goddess lost her balance slightly as she overswung in an attempt to permanently crush her opponent's cunt.

Scarlett made no such mistake as she ignored the searing pain in her pussy and attacked her off balance opponent. A huge right caught Monica in the solar plexus. Stunned, unable to breathe for a few seconds, Monica was defenseless, and in a world of hurt. Scarlett continued her brutal assault with a right jab to Monica's full left breast; followed by a left hook that blasted her ribs. Finally, a wicked uppercut disappeared into the soft mound of Monica's belly!

Monica screamed and groaned as she doubled up...her hands gripping her aching belly as she dropped heavily on the canvas. The refer began to count as the bruised, dark-skinned battler, struggled to reach her feet - shakily - by the count of "14." But Scarlett gave her no respite and immediately pounded another fist into the soft swell of Monica's heaving belly.

"OOOUUFFF!" All the air in her lungs was forced out as she doubled over in agony. Another smash from the rejuvenated blonde came up between the reeling woman's spread legs, crushing her cunt!

"AAUUGGGHH!" the distressd woman bellowed as she folded over again. Monica fell back with her butt in the ropes, doubled up in overwhelming pain. Scarlett didn't let up. Her next blow swept up from underneath, slamming the bent over beauty’s swaying left breast flat against her chest. Another croaking cry of pain escaped Monicas gaping mouth, sending a spray of fine blood onto Scarlett’s heaving breasts. Scarlett's face beamed with sheer delight as she plunged another punch into Monica's, exposed, vulnerable belly.

"Uuuoooggghhhhhh!" Monica dropped with her body tucked in fetal position, then rolled over against the ropes. There, courageously, she used the ropes to help herself up at the count of "17."

Monica spent the last few seconds of the second round fighting in a deep crouch, desperately trying to protect her agonized body from Scarlett's punishing punches.


Monica tried valiantly to battle back in round three, but with her agonized body she managed only weak blows that the younger blonde easily blocked and/or countered and the match was over in less than one minute of the round!

Bravely, the battered brunette advanced throwing desperation punches which Scarlett deftly blocked or moved away from, staying out of harm's way. As her older opponent kept moving forward, Scarlett unleashed a solid right that caught Monica full in the soft gut in mid-stride. Scarlett’s next punch plowed deep into the taller woman's solar plexus, completely stunning her.

Now Scarlett had Monica at her mercy! Her fists hammered the brunette's full breasts, taking her breath away before she buried another hard fist in the defenseless brunette's belly. Pain exploded in Monica's guts with cries of distress, moans and grunts of pain.

“Uuugghh...oouff...augghh...aeegghh...” Her gasps mixed with the sound of Scarlett’s fists thudding violently into lovely female flesh. Yet Monica wouldn't FALL…

until a sweeping underhand right uppercut to her pussy and another brutal belly punch sent the pain-wracked Italian sprawling on the canvas. The referee’s count to "20" was merely a formality.

Scarlett exulted in her hard-earned triumph, raising her hands high over her hear as she strutted slowly around to ring to the raucous cheering of the small crowd. She was overjoyed, and exhausted, after her fifth smashing win in a row. As Scarlett high-fived with her fans as she strutted up the aisle toward her dressing room, many noted the glistening moisture on the insides of her thighs - proof positive that the little blonde really did ‘get off’ on beating another woman into submission!

Monica, her valiant effort thwarted by age and diminished skill, lay moaning on the canvas for several minutes. Then, her face still wearing a twisted mask of pain, she was supported by her seconds as she struggled, slowly, back to her dressing room where her battered, bruised body would receive the attention it needed from her friends.