Monica Bellucci vs Catherine Zeta Jones by NewGuy 04-Jun-00

This fight will take place in an abandoned warehouse, and their is a ring set up in the middle of the empty place. Monica enters the ring first wearing a pair of khaki shorts, a shirt, and a pair of shoes.

Then Catherine enters the ring wearing a pair of spandex shorts, a sports bra, and a pair of cross training shoes. Monica says to Cat after she enters the ring, "You are going to lose badly you stupid bitch!"

Then Cat says, "You should stop talking and try doing it, but you are the one that's going to lose! I will be sitting on your face for the three count."

The referee calls for the bell, and she is pushed out of the way by Monica as she charges at Cat. Monica dives at Cat, and now both women are on the floor pulling each others hair. Monica gets the advantage by ending up on top of Cat. Monica is bitch slapping Cat over and over again. Then Monica slammed both fists into Cat's chest, and then starts pound Cat's tits. Monica pulls Cat's shirt up and she twists Cat's nipples.

Of course Cat would not allow herself to be woman handled so easily and she returns the favor to Monica by lifting her shirt and twisting her nipples. It is obvious that both celebs won't get anywhere and they both give up.

Monica gets up before Cat and she charges at Cat before she is done getting up. Monica is on top of Cat again, but Cat grabs Monica's pussy before she able to do anything Cat. Cat pushes Monica aside, and Cat gets up. Cat grabs Monica's head and puts it between her legs. Cat puts her arms around Monica's body and she lifts Monica up for a power bomb. Monica bounces off of the mat.

Cat grabs Monica's shorts and pulls them down and off to bare Monica's uncovered pussy. Cat drops a few punches between Monica's legs, then Cat lifts Monica up and whips her into the turnbuckle. Cat charges at Monica and she gives her a knee into the cunt. Monica bends over, but Cat sends another knee but into Monica's face. Cat lifts Monica up and sits her on top of the turnbuckle. Cat does a superplex from the top of the turnbuckle.

Monica bounces off of the mat, hitting her head hard. Cat goes back onto the turnbuckle and she jumps up only to land on Monica with both feet. Cat lands on Monica's tits, squishing them around her feet. Cat lifts Monica up again and she runs towards the ropes.

When Cat bounces off the ropes, she jumps up to dropkick Monica, but she is ready for Cat, and she lifts up her right foot and hits Cat in the cunt. Cat drops the to floor holding her cunt. Monica waits a little to rub her aching body before she gives Cat the beating she deserves. Monica walks over to Cat, she lifts Cat up, and she knees Cat repeatedly in the cunt. Then Monica gives Cat a snap mare, and she pulls Cat's shirt over her head. Monica keeps the shirt in place, trapping Cat's arms in it. Monica sits on Cat's arms, and scratches Cat's bare tits. Monica does not leave a spot on Cat's tits without a scratch before she went on to pinching the bloody tits.

Cat is screaming very loudly, "You damn bitch! Now I'm going to really have to kick your Italian, pile of monkey shit ass! You goddamn son of a bitch!"

Monica ends the breast torture, and she lifts Cat up. Monica pulls Cat's shirt off, and then she gives Cat a low blow from behind. Cat falls on her face, and Monica gets the T-shirt, and she ties Cat's arms behind her back with it. Monica turns Cat around onto her back and Monica goes over to pull Cat's shorts off. Cat is kicking wildly, so Monica gets a few kicks on her legs and a few in her groin. But Monica managed to ignore the pain and to pull down the shorts. Monica gives Cat a cunt squeeze with all of her strength. The hold gets stronger as Monica hears Cat's screams become louder and louder. Monica does not want to end Cat's torture, but she ended the match. Monica still held Cat's clit while she pinned her.

After the three count, Monica lets go of the hold. Monica pulls Cat's shorts off from her ankles, and Monica grabs both ankles. Monica puts both ankles together, and then she pulls them apart as wide as she can. Then Monica stomps Cat repeatedly in the cunt. Monica drops Cat's legs and she picks her up. Monica lifts Cat up and she drops Cat on the top rope. Monica started to shake the ropes up and down, the rope is digging deep into Cat's cunt. Cat falls back into the ring, and she sits on Cat's face. Monica rubs her pussy on Cat's nose and over her mouth.

Then, all of a sudden, Monica was thrown backwards with a kick into the face. Maria Checa is now kicking Monica's tits. Of course, Monica had to have some help as well, and Anna Falchi entered the ring, and she grabbed Maria and threw her over to the other side of the ring. Maria was going to beat Monica up a little before helping Cat and getting the hell out of there right away, but that did not happen.

Anna, who beat the hell out of Maria, was going to finish what she started before Jenny intervened. Maria's plan was also Patricia Velasquez' plan. She introduced Monica with a metal bat to the head, and then to Anna's head. Maria helped Cat get her arms free and get out of there while Patricia hit each Italian in the cunt. Another Italian came to the ring, Sabrina Salerno; but Patricia got some more batting practice.

The three Latinas left, hoping Monica did not have anymore Italian bitches hiding in the audience. More celebs are joining, and there is no doubt that the other Italians who beat up Salma and Catherine during the final Tag Team Championship match are going to join in. This is going to be a big war.