Monica Bellucci vs. Diane Kruger by Fenway

8.30 PM; three nights ago; a few miles outside the village of Hopewell, New Jersey...The place they were to meet was so isolated that the blonde wondered if she would ever find it. She was looking for a small county road the crossed a line of high-bluff hills, misnamed the Sourland Mountains, in the heart of upstate New Jersey. Even though her anger had been steadily building, she still marveled that this wild, desolate countryside she found herself in was just over a half-hour’s drive from New York City. As the darkness slowly fell, few lights glimmered on the hillsides. This was all that showed in this vague, dark world, and the only sounds were the faint distant barking of a sheep dog and the cries of the owls from the border of the brake.

After many wrong turns, the blonde finally turned up the correct road, and within two miles she saw the glint of a large white house ahead, in the glare of her green BMW’s headlights. To the north and west stretched a tangle of heavily wooded land, and to the south were open meadows and the winding stretch of road. She brought her car around onto the gravel drive that curved up to the front door, and parked next to a blue Mercedes.

The house itself was a rambling stone manor two and half stories tall, and most of first floor windows glowed yellow warm from within. On any other winter’s night the house would seem inviting and cheery, but the blonde was here for a much different purpose tonight. She walked briskly up the three steps of the flagstone porch, and pushed open the front door. She didn’t bother knocking or ringing the bell, for she knew it was going to be unlocked for her.

The blonde found herself in the large foyer of the house, the dull shine of marble under her shoes, and wood paneling covered the walls. The radiators banged softly as heat shimmered off of them. The staircase and passage upstairs were darkened, but the large oak double-doors to her right were half-opened and the lights were on, so without thinking twice Diane walked into what was once the book-room of the house and closed the door behind her.

She wasn’t alone.

“You’re late, bitch,” the brunette sneered, the moment the door latch clicked.

Monica was sitting on one of the few pieces of furniture left in the room, a comfy green overstuffed chair, in a silk robe tied loosely at her waist. A triangle of her olive skin glowed under the lamplight. Her mane of thick dark hair hung down a little ways past her shoulders, and if looks could kill, Diane would have been dead the moment she entered.

“You’re lucky I could find this place at all, you whore. You picked a place at the backside of the beyond.”

“That’s so nobody puts an end to our little get-together, especially when you start screaming like an animal and begging me for mercy, you German bitch.” Monica spat out the last two words.

Diane walked until she was standing in front of Monica and five feet away. “In an hour you’ll wish I’d hadn’t shown up at all, you Dago cunt.”

“Get undressed and get ready, because this Italian is going to beat you within an inch of your life, AFTER I pull your fucking tits apart, bitch. You’re going to wish you were never born, Diane.”

Both actresses were going to take each other apart tonight, and each felt that any more talking would take away from what they really longed to do. Diane untied the belt of her Burberry trenchcoat and tossed it over a small reading table next to her, and while keeping an eye on the still-seated Monica, she pulled off her jeans and cashmere sweater. Monica glared at her, but the blonde kept her composure, refusing to rush through. Diane’s lacy black panties and bra made her creamy skin look like polished alabaster, and her blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders before she tied it back. Diane unclipped her earrings and watch, and was just about to twist her rings off of either hand when she noticed Monica’s hands. Monica wore a large ring on either hand, on her middle fingers. Good for punching, Diane thought. The thought of a big amethyst stone hitting her in the face made her re-consider her decision to remove her diamond engagement ring from her right hand or her wedding band from her left.

Monica stood up, and began undoing the belt on her silk robe then letting the blue silk glide off her shoulders. She was completely nude. Diane had anticipated Monica’s move and immediately unsnapped her bra and climbed out of her panties. As if they’d rehearsed it, both women cracked their knuckles loudly.

The two of them stood face to face, in silence. Their differences were going to be settled, right here and now, woman to woman, in a classic blonde against brunette catfight.

They began circling one another warily, their fists doubled up in front of them, their bare feet moving over the room’s huge red oriental rug.

Monica’s huge breasts, light olive in color, with nipples the size of silver-dollars, swayed pendulously. Monicai’s breasts provided the perfect contrast to Diane’s smaller globes, around the size of oranges that jiggled lightly with each step she took. Her bright pink nipples and areolas were hard against her white skin.

“I’m really going to enjoy pounding the shit out of you, you arrogant cunt,” Monica said with a trace of a light Italian accent, a merciless look on her ravishing face.

“Fuck you, you whore!” Diane said. “I’m going to rip your tits off. Let’s see how many film offers come your way then!”

“Nothing compared to what I’m going to do to yours. Let’s do what we came here for, bitch” Monica said.

“Bring it, bitch!” said Diane. “Now!!”

Even though Monica was a full twelve years older than Diana, she had lost none of her quickness or strength. Her brown eyes blazing, Monica launched a straight right into her face that Diane barely avoided, the fist just rushing by as Diane swiveled her body to the left and threw the heel of her palm against the side of Monica’s face hard enough to knock the brunette off-balance and off-guard. Not missing a beat, Diane grabbed Monica’s right arm, and almost simultaneously the blonde’s right leg snapped up into Monica’s gut, impacting with such force that Monica’s breath whooshed out of her as the big brunette was lifted up on her toes. Drawing her arm back, Diane smashed a huge punch directly into Monica’s bellybutton, sending the woman staggering back, until her naked back hit the paneled wall. Monica cradled her midsection, hoping to God she had no internal injuries.

Diane came in swiftly again, hammering Monica again in the stomach, but this time with Monica’s back to the wall there was nowhere her body could fall back to, and Diane’s fist sunk deep into the brunette’s body. Doubling over in pain, Monica held onto her wounded middle.

“No, no, Please Diane…Not in my stomach…Not there you bitch…” she mumbled, her eyes closed tight.

“Well, since you called me a bitch…” Diane replied. “…how does THIS feel?”

She smashed another punch deep into the pit of Monica’s stomach and this time Monica didn’t even have enough air to cry out as she clinched her arms loosely around Diane’s hips. Diane wasn’t near finished though. Seizing a handful of Monica’s brown hair, Diane yanked her head around and fired a downward punch that hit the side of Monica’s head, behind her left ear, and down the brunette went on all fours, as Diane stood over her. She pulled Monica up by the hair until she was on her knees, then pulled back her right hand to deal Monica another hard blow, but this time into her face.

She never got the chance, though, because as Diane brought her up, Monica realized she was at eye level with the blonde’s undefended groin, and without hesitating, Monica summoned her strength and smashed Diane as hard as she could in her pussy. The punch wasn’t one of Monica’s finest, but it got the job done. Diane’s eyes went wide with shock and pain as the fist hit her.


Diane didn’t go down, but she stumbled away, her legs bowed apart, and as Monica awkwardly regained her feet she didn’t need an engraved invitation to fire another punch to the same spot. This time Monica’s punch was square-on, a vicious uppercut that ripped into Diane’s sex, her fist parting the blonde’s pussy lips. Diane’s mouth hung open in pain at Monica’s low-blow as she tried to stagger back and away, but Monica had grabbed her by her shoulders, digging her fingers in. Monica did it partly to keep Diane where she wanted her, and partly to remain standing herself. Monica’s head was still reeling from the blonde’s punches, but now she had a few precious seconds to recover as pain coursed through Diane’s body instead.

Diane instinctively brought up her arms and grasped Monica’s, hoping to keep the brunette bitch at bay, but with a loud grunt, Monica lifted her knee hard, directly into the junction of Diane’s legs, lifting the blonde up off her pedicured toes with the force of the blow. Diane screamed in pain as her sex was smashed again, and she fell against Monica’s tanned body as Monica still held tightly onto her. Monica released Diane’s shoulders, letting her fall away but grabbing hold of Diane’s wrists as they came by, and in the same fluid motion let fly a kick that she aimed perfectly into Diane’s crotch. Her foot seemed to guide itself exactly onto her cunt.

“OHHHHHHHHHH GOD!!!!!! MY CUNT!!!” cried Diane, as the kick lifted the hapless blonde’s feet off the floor.

Diane gagged in pain and stumbled back, still in Monica’s iron grip. Still trying to fall, Diane’s wrists were suddenly freed, only to have Monica instead grab a handful of blonde tresses. Monica’s face was pure hatred as she held the blonde by the hair with her left hand and measured her with the right, then slammed her fist hard against Diane’s face. Monica’s fist smashed above Diane’s left eye, her ring splitting Diane’s eyebrow open as the blonde went sailing back on one leg, before crashing to the carpet hard. Her world went spinning before her, and she found herself face-down on the floor, as she brought up her right hand to her left eye. There was a large splash of blood on her palm and even more was streaming into her eye.

Monica staggered over to the downed blonde, and taking hold of her hair once more, hauled the helpless Diane to her feet. Monica wrapped her arms around Diane in a bearhug, and heaved the blonde up off her feet while crushing Diane’s body. Diane leaned back her head as Monica poured it on with the bearhug, their breasts meeting head-on for the first time in their fight, and to neither’s surprise, Monica’s huge breasts swallowed Diane’s small boobs. Monica crushed her body, but did not wrap her arms around Diane’s, instead going for maximum compression of the blonde.

Diane, fearful that Monica was bringing her up just to drop her pussy down on her knee again, drew back her arms and boxed the brunette’s ears as hard as she possibly could, which, lucky for her, was more than enough. Monica was caught totally unawares as her head suddenly exploded in pain and she could hear herself screaming over her ringing eardrums. She immediately dropped Diane as she clapped both hands to her head. Diane fell to her knees, one hand massaging her smashed sex. With Monica’s hands locked to her ears, the brunette was completely defenseless, and this did not escape the blonde’s attention as she heaved herself to her feet, her right fist already sailing for Monica’s face.

Diane’s fist smashed into Monica’s left cheek, knocking her backward into the center of the room. Monica didn’t go down but ran into Diane’s next punch, a right that hammered her across the jaw that jolted her head sideways on her shoulders, and had the Italian woman sobbing in pain. Diane closed in for the kill. Holding Monica’s chin and slowly lifting it, the fetching blonde smashed her fist as hard as she could into Monica’s face, her diamond ring bursting open Monica’s nose in a spray of red. Monica crashed backwards to the foot of an empty bookcase, staring up at her blonde rival above her. Her head was pounding as Diane hauled her up by her thick brown hair. The younger woman drew back her fist, as Monica sobbed in pain.

“And now for those tits, you bitch…” said Diane, making certain the brunette knew where her next punch was heading.

“Oh God please NO!!!” Monica wailed. “Please....I’ll do ANYthing, just don’t pun….AUUUUUUGGHHHHHH!!!”

Diane began to throw punch after punch into the brunette's larger breasts. Diane's punches smashed into each bare breast, and with every moan of pain from Monica’s lips she could she could feel the firmness of Monica’s gorgeous breasts collapse under her fists as she concentrated on them, crushing each breast against the brunette’s body with all her might. Diane’s rings smashed Monica’s tits, destroying the soft, fleshy mounds. With a vigor borne of pure hatred, Diane worked her chest over, as pressure cuts appeared on the upper slopes of Monica’s breasts, and her round nipples were shredded by Diane’s rings. Diane took extra care to pound Monica’s thick nipples deep into her breasts over and over, then used her knuckles to grind the tits hard against the Italian’s body. Monica’s breasts were being lifted, smashed, and spread all over her chest by Diane’s hard punches.


Diane leaned in close to Monica’s ear, whispering, “Now I end this, you bitch! I’m going to blow your tits apart!”

Diane reached back and smashed the most powerful punch of the fight into Monica’s bludgeoned breast. Monica’s scream when the punch hit her sounded more animal than human. It didn’t make her tit explode, but it felt like it had, as her left areola split as a pressure cut opened on her breast. Angered that her punch didn’t have the desired effect, Diane leaned back to throw another, and Monica realized that if she didn’t turn the tide of this fight fast, this blonde bitch might end up killing her. As Diane’s threw her punch, aimed at Monica’s bleeding left breast, Monica suddenly caught the blonde’s fist in mid-air with her left hand, and staring for a second into Diane’s liquid blue eyes, Monica hit back with everything she had.

Monica’s fist smashed Diane across the face, her knuckles and rings smashing the blonde’ lips into bloody pulp against her teeth. Taking a powerful grip on Diane’s lank blonde hair, Monica held her face in position as she clubbed her fist across Diane’s face again. This time Monica’s strong punch brought a spray of red mist from Diane’s mouth, as both her lips exploded. Monica smashed the blonde two more times in the mouth, each punch splattering saliva and blood as the blonde’s lips burst apart. Monica's huge breasts swung violently from side to side as she threw her fists into the blonde, while Diane's smaller breasts flew out of control as her beautiful face was smashed by Monica’s punches.


Diane doubled over in pain as Monica took a break from her face and instead buried her fist into Diane’s toned belly, the brunette’s fist landing hard and solid into the blonde’s mid-section. Monica could feel her fists smashing through the firm wall of Diane's toned abs, her punches driving in so deep into Diane that she could swear she could feel the blonde’s spine. Now it was Diane’s moans that sounded more animal than human as her flat belly was not only smashed, but Monica would leave her fist buried in Diane’s gut and then grind it hard into the yielding flesh, assaulting Diane's battered body. Sweat poured off Diane, running down the cleavage between her breasts as she braced herself for more.

Diane tried to cover up her middle from Monica’s next punch, but she wasn’t fast enough as Monica landed an extremely hard punch into her stomach, her fist impacting above her navel. Spit sprayed forcefully out of Diane’s bloody mouth as Monica’s punches sank in deep, vigorously re-arranging her innards. Gasping in pain, Diane stumbled into Monica, clinching with the big brunette by tossing her slender arms around her shoulders, desperately attempting to get some air into her winded lungs. Monica was also breathing heavily, and her tits were throbbing in agony as she bent her head and whispered into the blonde’s ear:

“How do you like THIS Diane??? ” Monica asked derisively through clenched teeth as she drove yet another punch into Diane's beautiful body. Monica smashed a hard powered punch low into Diane's tummy, this time directly into Diane’s pussy. From the look on the blonde actress’s face, Monica could tell that the blow had really hurt her, and Diane folded into Monica's waiting arms, crying out in pain from the low blow. “How’s your cunt feel, you bitch??? How about another one???” Monica asked sadistically.

“Oh God Monica, Oh God please no!!!…I wanna have children… Don’t!!!” Diane gasped out, before Monica smashed her womb with the hardest punch she could throw. Diane gagged in ultimate pain as Monica almost destroyed her womanhood.

Monica shoved her back a few feet into the paneled wall, until the blonde’s back was flat against it. Monica began hammering her fists into Diane’s midsection, really putting her shoulders behind the punches as she drew her fist back and uppercutted them into the blonde’s middle. More blood and saliva sprayed from Diane’s sensuous mouth, and Monica’s shoulders quickly became coated with Diane’s blood. Diane moaned in pain as Monica beat her, but she managed to stay on her feet. Monica put a hard punch into her left side of her weakening stomach, and putting a manicured hand on Diane's shoulder, Monica hit the blonde hard directly in her belly button. Diane’s whole body spasmed hard as the shock of Monica’s punches drove through her; drool running down her chin.

“Oh...fucking....bitch...” was all Diane could pant as Monica let her have it again; driving her fist deep into her mid-section again, making her wonder if Monica had injured her reproductive organs.

Diane’s legs buckled as she sank to her knees in front of the brunette, her arms cradling her destroyed stomach, knowing that if she didn’t do something, the fight would belong to this brunette bitch. Towering over her blonde foe, Monica was ready to end Diane. She raised her right leg high, before letting it drop over Diane’s body, her heel racing down with gravity’s help to shatter Diane’s spine. With her head bowed, Diane of course could not see this coming, but the second before Monica expected to feel the crack of her heel on Diane’s back, she instead felt pure pain shooting through every nerve ending in her body. Monica’s leg missed Diane as she choked in pain and collapsed onto the carpet, her hands clutching her crotch as it erupted in agony.

At the last second, Diane had clenched her right hand into a fist with a raised thumb, and blindly thrown it up into Monica’s groin as hard as she could. Diane’s manicured thumbnail had sliced straight in Monica’s pussy, scratching her vaginal wall and ripping up her cunt. The brunette’s face had turned ashen as she crashed to the floor. Diane’s face, on the other hand, was a gory mess as she sat on the floor, sobbing in pain. Struggling to her knees, Diane crawled over to where Monica lay, and drawing back her fist, punched Monica in the pussy as hard as she could~ Monica’s body jolted on the floor as Diane another delivered a vicious shot to the cunt, crying out in the pain. Diane pushed Monica’s knees apart with her hands, really spreading the brunette open as her body quivered but put up no resistance. Then Diane savagely smashed her fist again into Monica’s pussy again, crushing Monica’s red and swollen cunt lips. Having tenderized Monica’s cunt nicely, Diane reached into Monica's groin, and with a look of utter contempt on her face, she curled her fingers into claws and began scratching away at her pussy, paying her back for all the damage she caused to Diane’s cunt.

If Diane’s pussy punches didn’t get a reaction out of Monica, this did. With a scream of pain Monica sat up as Diane violated her, as the blonde tried to shred her pussy with her fingernails. Diane’s manicured nails ripped hard and deep into Monica’s sex, opening gashes and cuts as Monica moaned in complete pain. But Monica had done a real number on Diane’s pussy, and since Diane knew it would be weeks before her vagina healed, she wanted to know that Monica was going through the same kind of hell.

“Liked kicking me in the cunt, Monica?” Diane asked as Monica moaned in pain. “Just for that, I’m going to guarantee that you can’t have sex for months!!!”

“Wha…what are…are you going…to do,” Monica gasped gamely despite her pain. “Keep your…husband at home?” she hissed, infuriating the blonde even more.

Monica screamed as Diane suddenly withdrew her hand from her vagina before sending it back again as a fist, crunching hard against Monica's pussy. Monica felt like Diane had just smashed her cunt up into her throat.

"UUUNNNNNGGGHHHH!!!!! OHHHH !! MY CUNT!!!!" Monica screamed out again, but that pain seemed like nothing when Diane drove her fingers into Monica's pussy and ripped her hard nails into the walls of Monica's cunt. Diane tore at Monica’s cunt with abandon, burying her hand deep into the brunette’s sex, ripping her nails around inside as blood started to make it's way down her arm as it dripped from Monica's ravaged pussy walls. Monica was beginning to convulse in pain as Diane rammed her manicured fingers deeper into her. She pulled desperately at the blonde’s wrist, her face a white sheet of agony.

Diane ripped her hand out but sent it plunging back in again forcing her index finger deep inside the Italian woman’s cunt. Monica moaned loud in pain while Diane was busy plunging and raking at Monica's pussy. Diane thrust her fingers hard and deep, digging as far as she could before slowly removing them while tearing at her vagina with her nails. Monica was writhing torment as she convulsed on the floor, tears streaming down her face and begging Diane to stop. Instead, Diane jammed all four fingers into her sex, force-stretching her pussy to stretch wide, causing Monica to scream out in agony.

With a screaming effort, Monica managed to heave herself into a sitting position and make a grab at Diane’s hair, burying her left hand into the German’s thick blonde tresses. An enraged Monica smashed her forearm across Diane’s pretty face, clubbing it so hard that Diane’s invading fingers slipped out and free of her pussy. With her hand still locked into Diane’s hair, Monica cocked back her leg before sending her heel crashing full-force into Diane’s left breast, bludgeoning her breast and throwing Diane halfway across the room. Diane came down on her chest, her bleeding areolas and smashed nipples sending waves of pain through her body as she moaned out in pain.

Monica crawled over to where the blonde lay, flipped Diane over onto her back, and Monica climbed on top of her and savagely raked her nails across Diane's much smaller breasts as Diane gasped in pain. Monica slapped Diane’s breasts hard with vicious smacks into the outside of Diane's firm left breast and had Diane literally white with pain. With no other options left her, Diane reached up and clapped her manicured hands onto Monica’s massive breasts, swaying above her, and wrenched the Italian’s boobs painfully to one side, then the other. Monica moaned as Diane’s strong fingers and hands tore apart muscle in her breasts, and re-doubled her efforts to destroy her blonde adversary’s chest first.

Diane felt Monica’s breast attack lessen as she kept her fingers locked on her boobs, and then she shifted her assault directly onto the bigger woman’s nipples. Monica’s brown nipples stood out proudly, presenting perfect targets as Diane drove her manicured nails harshly into them, ripping them into and through Monica’s breasts.

Monica moaned in pain as her supersensitive nipples were destroyed as Diane attempted to claw off one of Monica's saucer-like nipples, sending the pain searing through the brunette's body. Diane crushed the larger breasts hard into her nails, as Monica hands dropped from Diane’s boobs to try and pull the blonde's hands away. Nearly blind with pain, Monica clamped her strong hand around Diane's left breast and tugged the small mammary down with all her strength, getting a cry of pain from Diane and felt her nipple-mauling lessen.

Monica kept her fingers tightly gripped around Diane's breast, twisting and jerking around the smaller nipple hard, so hard that now Diane thought the bitch might rip it off her breast completely. Diane moaned in pain, as Monica pulled her pink nipple away from her chest. Painfully pulling Diane’s mouthwatering nipple around, Monica ripped and tore at Diane's breast, the nipple now bleeding where Monica's sharp fingernails had sunk into it.

A furious Diane gripped both of Monica’s breasts, mashing each of her thick nipples flat between her strong fingers, and smashed the Italian’s breasts together hard, and with each wet-sounding slap Monica moaned out in pain, as Monica’s eyes rolled back into her head as her body began to go limp. Diane climbed over a destroyed Monica, sitting down hard onto her soft breasts, and put a knee on either side of Monica’s head straddling the brunette. Threading her left hand deeply into Monica’s thick brown hair, Diane pulled Monica’s head off the floor and cocked her fist back.

“Let’s see how you like THIS, you bitch!” Diane threatened as Monica’s eyes widened in fear.

Diane’s punch rocked Monica’s world as she tugged Monica’s face directly into her solid fist. Monica moaned in pain as Diane hauled back again and again as she smashed her face into hamburger, Diane’s diamond ring opened up cuts on the brunette’s cheeks, and split both of her eyebrows. Monica screamed in utter pain as Diane’s hard fist shattered her nose and blood spilled down her chin. Monica’s hands had been semi-trapped under Diane’s legs, but as the blonde pounded her, Monica struggled to free them while Diane fought to keep the brunette’s hands underneath her.

Monica finally managed to get her right hand up in between their bodies, and immediately went for Diane’s sex. Knowing the mauling she put it through earlier in their fight, Monica knew Diane’s pussy couldn’t take much more. And she was rewarded as Diane’s cunt sank onto her sharp thumbnail, and the blonde screamed as an explosion of pain tore through her lithe body. Diane’s punches stopped instantly as her hands clutched her mangled sex as she continued to gasp in agony. Which was all the opening Monica needed!

She pulled her left hand out from under the blonde’s knee and clapped both free hands onto Diane’s round, solid breasts, screwing her nails in deeply before ripping them down over Diane’s thick, bleeding nipples. Diane pleaded with her stop, begging for mercy. But there wasn’t going to be any mercy for the blonde...not this night! Monica knelt beside Diane, grasped her left hand in her right, closing her fist around three of Diane’s fingers. Just as Diane shook her head dizzily as she comprehended what Monica was about to do, Monica sadistically thrust all three digits backwards, far beyond their breaking point, and Diane screamed in horrific pain as Monica broke her fingers badly, leaving her left hand completely useless.

Diane's cries of pain are soon replaced with sobs as then Monica rips punch after punch into each of the blonde's swollen and battered breasts, each of the brunette’s trip-hammer punches pounding her breasts. With each savage breast punch, Monica screams at Diane to give up, emphasizing each word with a mallet-fist to her tit.

"GIVE...UP…YOU…FUCKIN’…BITCH!!" Monica screamed, banging her fist as hard as she could into Diane's flattened breasts; knowing it was just a matter of time before the blonde's tits exploded.

Monica painfully drove Diane's nipple hard and flat against the blonde's chest, Diane let out an ear-splitting scream of total pain. Monica savagely ripped Diane's breasts open and sank her fingers deeply into Diane's tiny tits; Monica was grinding the blonde’s once unblemished white breasts between her fingers and rings. As Monica rolled and kneaded Diane’s breasts, swollen breast clear drops of fluid began running from Diane's raw and rubbery nipples.

“What’s wrong, Diane?" Monica asked. "I thought you were going to rip MY tits off but now I can feel yours coming apart in my hands.”

As Diane groaned in anguish, Monica hefted the blonde starlet violently to her feet. With no let-up, the brunette woman began to pump her fists into the blonde's body, delivering a gut-wrenching right hook that impacted directly into Diane's navel, and then a solid left into the breast. Monica hurled a punch across Diane's face as another thin spray of blood left a grotesque pattern of red on the wall next to her. Monica reached across and wrapped her hands around Diane’s shining breasts; her face soaked with blood, Diane offered no resistance.

“Still want to have children Diane?” Monica asked. “Well, you won’t!”

She began to throw her knee as hard as she could against Diane's moist cunt, mulching the blonde girl's sex, and grinding Diane's swollen clitoris against her hard pubic bone. Tears of pain streamed down Diane’s face as Monica worked her over. Keeping her upright with her shoulder, Monica brutally beat Diane, her fists working over her vulva, then the womb.

Not satisfied yet, after battering Diane's groin, Monica turned to her face. Swinging freely, Monica battered Diane's pretty face, reducing it to a bloody mask. Globules of gore splattered over her own body as her fists opened up Diane, pulping her sensuous lips, and crushing her nose. Diane slumped against the wall, her body convulsing each time she was struck, her cries reduced to mere sobs now. A massive uppercut jolted Diane's head back and blackness came at last. The blonde crashed to the floor, face-first onto what was left of her breasts, making no effort to break her fall.

Monica knelt down next to the blonde’s defeated body, knowing what she had to do. Her beautiful, bloody face still glowing with hatred for this blonde slut beneath her, Monica pumped her ringed fists hard into Diane's creamy breasts, beating the small firm mounds to pulp. Blood now began to seep from Diane's battered thick nipples, as Monica’s heavy punches pounded the blonde’s breasts. Monica could feel her knuckles going deeper with every punch, as she crushed the sensitive glands in each breast. She ground her fists into each breast, making Diane moan out in ultimate pain, Monica’s knuckles coming away smeared with Diane's blood as she destroyed the blonde’s milk-bags.

With a yell, Monica fell onto the defeated Diane, her hands smashing down against her destroyed breasts. Monica’s grunts had turned into primal screams as she wrecked what was left of Diane’s breasts, closing her hands around the blonde’s tits and squeezing hard. As Monica wrenched the reddened breasts upwards and to the sides, she could feel the breasts deflate, and with each pull the blonde’s globes lost more and more of their firmness, and Monica was able to grasp more and more of Diane’s breasts in her hands. The brunette knew the reason. She had long since pulverized all the muscle, destroyed the glands, and collapsed the milk ducts inside this bitch’s breasts. Diane’s rack has been completely wrecked.

“How’s it feel bitch? How’s it feel to get your tits ripped off?” Monica whispered; neither receiving nor expecting an answer.

The first grey streaks of dawn could be seen in the Eastern sky when Monica began pulling her clothes on over her battered body. Diane’s deadened body was starting to show some signs of life again, as she softly whimpered with every breath she took. Monica knew it would be hours before Diane recovered enough just to crawl, much less stand, but that wasn’t her problem. Monica Bellucci had not only defeated Diane Kruger - she had destroyed her!