Monica Bellucci vs. Sophie Marceau by Regular Visitor

Sophie was in a sour mood watching the Cannes festival highlights on TV from her mansion outside of Paris as the anchor gleefully gushing over new world-wide sensation Monica Bellucci. Not so long ago, Sophie's mere presence would have caused a thousand flashbulbs to explode Popular as she still was, Sophie wasn't covered with the same, shall we say, 'excitement' as was the case a few years earlier! Her face showed disdain over the smiling, svelte and sexy looking Monica as she waved to crowds of adoring fans at Cannes. Sophie wasn't happy; not since the papers and magazines welcomed the Italian twit into her native France - with a red carpet to boot! And the red carpet had been pulled out from under none other than Sophie Marceau; THE French national sex symbol since Brigitte Bardot!!

Thinking of it, Sophie managed a wry smile, "Brigitte whipped Sophia Loren not once, not twice or thrice - but a DOZEN times! And some of it live on Italian TV!!"

Sophie was tired of reading the papers, especially those associated with films. She was sick of Monica stealing attention from her, with her effervescent smile and piercing black eyes, looking oh-so-cute with her curly (sometimes straight) long, long, jet-black mane. Thinking of her rival's olive skin made Sophie feel a pang of jealousy and she finally made up her mind. One night at the villa to see who is the better woman. Leave no doubts, but keep the results between just the two of them. Picking up the phone, Sophie murmured her husky pleading charm into the phone, sure the operator would've wet his pants on merely getting her call.

"Connect me to Monica Bellucci at Cannes," Sophie said then dropped the phone.

When the phone rang back, Sophie picked up and said, "Allo...." then let her voice trail into silence, forcing Monica to speak.

"Who's this calling? Thank You so much for your support ... I love all my fans!!" Monica's warm tone and the strong well-modulated voice burst in Sophie's head.

"Listen, you spaghetti head, I'm NOT your fan! This is Sophie," Sophie hissed into the phone, trying to be her intimidating best.

"Sophie? Sophie WHO? I ... I don't recollect...," Monica's voice trailed off.

"Sophie Marceau, you bitch. THE Sophie Marceau!" Sophie, irritated and angry, couldn't resist screaming into the phone.

"Ohhhh! Sooophie!! How are you? Tell me - what can I do for you?" Monica ignored Sophie's rudeness.

"You're getting way too popular in my native France," Sophie said, her tone livid.

"What? Did I take another role away from you? You pooooor little thing!! Do you have enough work?" Monica's chuckle crackled in Sophie's ears, making her hold the receiver away from her ears.

Sophie couldn't believe it! This chit of a girl, barely breaking into the world of cinema after ages of mindless humping and modeling nude and bikinis, was talking down at HER! Sophie had reigned from the early '80s to the millennium, weathered Binoche and Deneuve to carve her own place in the French cinema firmament - not to mention winning Mel Gibson's erection and more during Braveheart! After Pierce nodded in her favor over the mighty Maria Cuccinotta, Sophie enjoyed international superstardoml! Now, this foreigner in her own very homeland was trying to sympathize at having taken work away from HER!!

"What happened, my dear Sophie! Lost your tongue?" Monica clucked over the phone. "Tell me. What's my jealous little poodle doing all by herself after not even getting an INVITE to Cannes!"

"Listen you ...LISTEN TO ME BITCH! I've had enough of you the last two years. If you have the guts, come down to my place and we'll have a one-on-one on who the better woman really is between us. And don't bother to bring a change of clothes - you'll sleep nude right through the weekend after I spank that olive bottom of yours bright shades of kiwi!" Sophie suddenly laughed into the phone, amazed at her intensity as well as her repertoire.

"Weekend starts tomorrow, bitch. I will come down Saturday night, after collecting my award - and I'll leave Monday morning. Be there ALONE, understand? And don't worry - all I'll get is myself," Monica barked back into the phone before she slammed it down.

Sophie called her son's governess, arranging for him to spend the weekend at her place. She didn't want distractions! Then she ordered the beach cleaning company to comb her private beach to make sure no stones or pebbles were there and the sand was soft and smooth. She next called the pool cleaners, getting the pool drained and refilled with mineral water. She wanted to be so ready for this Italian sausage, so that she'd never ever dare cross Sophie's path - even by accident!

Monica slammed the phone and looked down at Ash who was on her knees at her feet doing her toenails. Ash looked up in awe, her sexy lips parted, her wheat shaped teeth showing lightly, her mouth slightly agape. Sophie Marceau? The tough French bitch who'd done two of her peers single-handedly at a hotel when she visited India? And Monica could talk down the way she had to this international star, and bang the phone on her!! Ash continued cleaning Monica's feet with renewed energy as Monica stroked her gently on her head.

"Good finish it up quickly before I change my mind on what else I want you to do for me today!!"

Monica knew this always speeded Ash up even though her panties would quickly moisten at the thought of the 'else' Monica might have in store for her! Ash left Monica and went back to her room without incident. Monica didn't feel like it today, Ash knew; besides, she would spend the afternoon trimming that thick bush of hers for tomorrow.

It was Saturday evening. Night had fallen, leaving the quiet sea facing neighborhood tranquil behind shut doors and windows separated by huge mansions. Sophie licked her fingers clean, wiping them on her apron after she finished sprinkling olive oil and vinegar on the salad. She'd thought deeply since the talk with Monica the day before. Monica sounded forthright, yet not yielding an inch of respect to Sophie. And why should she?

Sophie spent the day tending to her lawn, the pool and the small stretch of beach behind her home, making sure they were catfight ready. She wanted to maul Monica, even have fun with her, but she certainly wouldn't risk injury to either of them. Then Sophie had worked out in her gym, leaving her tights wet with her sweat after her stair master and treadmill workout. Then she'd done mild weights to accentuate her toned biceps that looked smashing in the mirror. Naturally, during her ensuing shower, she'd taken extra care to carefully shampoo her thick pelt.

Now standing in front of her full body mirror as five heavy arc lamps blazing harshly down her sexy nude body, Sophie checked herself out carefully in the mirror. Her breasts, pear shaped with large brown areola and medium sized thick nipples, looked delicious as always. Her bush was thick, jet black and showing a light crease that was her pussy. Her legs were firm, her thighs fit and thick from years of ballet dance. She had strong calves and firm, bony, bare feet. Sophie creamed her body with a variety of lotions, finishing up with her angelic innocent face that made her nymph acts on screen such a delight. Finally, she ran her hands through the straight, dark brown hair that fell to the middle of her back.

Then Sophie stepped away from the mirror and put on dark blue French-cut panties and a matching bra that accentuated her full, firm bosom. At 5'8" and just a bit over 130 lbs., Sophie was a fit and sexy young woman; beautiful enough to give the far younger Miss Worlds and Miss Universes a deep insecurity complex. She slipped on her one-piece light pink lingerie, then headed to the kitchen to arrange dinner. Hearing a roaring motorcar stop outside her door, she walked barefoot to the door, which she opened just as the bell chimed.

Monica was surprised at how suddenly the door opened and for a moment she stood there clad in a dark brown knee length skirt with matching belt and a cream sleeveless top twirling her car keys on her right index finger. Monica smiled a plastic, sarcastic smile as Sophie stepped back to admit her and said "Expecting me so eagerly my poodle? So anxious you can barely control your orgasm in your rush to take me in?"

Sophie made a face, ignored the inviting comment, and turned her back to Monica, saying, "Close the door when you get in. There's dinner on the table. The restroom is to your right. When you've freshened up, we'll continue this chat in my room."

With that, Sophie walked upstairs, wiggling her ass provocatively, leaving Monica in her wake fuming. Monica took off her boots, her feet still redolent with the musk of sweat from the long drive. Without changing, she bounded upstairs where she found Sophie. Monica was hungry, but she expected to be served properly, something she'd make Sophie do after a small 'appetizer' fight. She found Sophie sitting on her bed in a large bedroom, the blinds pulled down. There was a large rubber mattress on the floor and most small furniture was already pushed against one wall.

"Ready to get some from me right away?" purred Sophie. "Come then. Let's get undressed."

Monica stood 5'10" in her bare feet and she'd worn her hair straight today, tied back in a casual knot just down to her waist. She unhooked her top without a word, then her white bra, slipping it off her shoulders and down her arm, exposing large, mesmerizing pale cream breasts with large dark nipples on smallish aureoles. Sophie took in the size and shape of Monica's firm breasts and bit her lip in dismay as she watched Monica unhook and remove her belt, flinging on the bed near the lamp post before she unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. It fell in a rustling heap at her feet when Monica wiggled her shapely hips leaving her in white cotton panties that showed her marvelous legs with sumptuous thighs; meaty but toned calves, and the wonderfully petal-like but currently smelly bare reddish feet.

Monica smiled at Sophie who involuntarily drew a breath, then Monica delicately rolled her panties down her hips and legs, kicking them playfully at Sophie and revealing a really thick black bush full of curly long hair, her mound not even visible. Sophie caught Monica's panties in her left hand, giving her guest a murderous glare for her indecent behavior.

"Smell it, my cute little poodle!" Monica purred. "My musk will make your own pussy moist with shame."

Monica dared continue talking down to Sophie - even in her own house!

"How dare you!" Sophie almost threw the panties back at Monica, but then as if in a trance, she lifted it to her nose and inhaled deeply with her eyes closed. Monica's musky aroma WAS sweet and Sophie realized she adored the smell it even as she felt her panties growing moist from the heady aroma!

"Are you going to just smell it from a distance, or will you get your clothes off so I can have you eat me and enjoy yourself even more!" Monica said curtly, her tone teasing yet matter-of-fact and showing she had no doubt how this meeting would end.

Sophie finally lifted her gown off her body, showing her bra and thin, almost invisible panties. Taking the bra off, Sophie paused to lift her breasts in her hands, then slid her arms down and curled her panties off her bottom. Making an effort to wiggle back at her adversary, Sophie stared hard at Monica, who appeared to be amused with the little show. True, Sophie's breasts were marvelous and her dark nipples were already beginning to harden; her pear shaped breasts trying their best to rise but were obviously far too small to compete with Monica's lovely pair. And Sophie's bush, the hairs swaying slightly in the air-conditioning breeze, were thick and lush, yet nowhere near as thick and lush as Monica's.

Shuffling her feet to free the panties from her feet, Sophie swung her right leg up straight, sending her panties flying across the space between them into Monica's amused face. Her smile instantly disappeared with the demeaning gesture and Monica quickly pulled Sophie's panty off her face with her right hand, her eyes glaring at her now nude host. Monica briefly sniffed Sophie's panty, which was redolent more of sweat than musk - yet already moistened by the small dose of juice that Sophie had expressed when she smelled Monica's panties. Monica found Sophie's panties a wee bit pungent, though mostly smelling like her own. She flung it aside and stepped forward.

"I know you'd like to go over the rules now, but I am hungry. So I'll just serve you an appetizer of punishment before I ease up a little".

Sophie took her own step forward and the two met halfway; their bodies almost brushing the others as they held their gaze and stared into their opponents face. Then Monica slammed her fist deep into Sophie's relaxed stomach!

"Oooomph!" Sophie crouched and clasped both her hands to her belly, just as Monica kicked her in the shin. Sophie bent lower, defensively raising her feet to tangle with Monica's just as another hard punch rocked her under her chin. THUD! Sophie grimaced at the sudden attack which was getting rougher by the minute. She cried out and stepped back a few paces but Monica charged forward and kept landing slaps and punches to Sophie's shoulders and back. Once Monica caught Sophie smack on her cheeks as a slap got through Sophie's protectively raised hands.

Smiling, Monica found it way too easy as she raised her left foot to kick Sophie again. Sophie saw it coming, dodged to one side and shoved Monica in her chest. With one leg raised, Monica was send backward staggering a few steps, then bending to keep from falling on the mat. That was all Sophie needed! She lunged forward, delivering a stunning right kick with her foot that hit Monica square on the jaw!

Monica shrieked "Aiieeeee!" seeing stars. Another side kick from the other foot struck Monica's butt and she hollered as the pain shot up her spine; Sophie's toes actually invading her asshole. "Aaaargh!"

Sophie grabbed Monica by her hair with her right hand, and delivered rapid punches to Monica's breasts with her left. The creamy mounds danced on contact and Monica cried out in pain each time her luscious orbs were flattened. Looking into Sophie's gleaming eyes through the hair Sophie was pulling down over her eyes, Monica gasped between sobs, "I'll get you for this, you ...."

SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Three quick punches to Monica's gut cut off the tall brunette's threats in mid-word.

"Uiiieeeee! Aaaah! Oh Pleeeeasseee!" Monica wailed, her attitude softening as she was not only in serious pain, but serious trouble.

Sophie swung Monica around by her hair four or five times, then released her and Monica flew across the room onto the bed.

"Some luck!" hissed Sophie as she prepared to continue her relentless assault.

Monica's eyes were filled with tears from the vicious hair pulling, but otherwise she was furious with Sophie. She quickly got up on her knees on the bed as Sophie approached and as Sophie pounced on her Monica turned her side to Sophie and grabbed Sophie's left wrist with her right hand, wrapping the other arm around Sophie's waist. Monica forced Sophie down onto the bed using her own momentum and Sophie crashed on the plush firm mattress, bouncing up and down on her stomach. Monica lifted off the bed, gripping both hands together, and slammed her doubled fists down on the bouncing Sophie's back. THUMP!

Sophie screamed so loud Monica paused a second thinking she was badly hurt. But when Sophie rolled over on the bed, her one breast popping out as she rubbed her back with her left hand, Monica brought another double fist crashing down on Sophie's back, this time a little lower. Sophie's cries turned into loud wails, her back hurting badly from Monica's hammer-fisted blows. Monica took Sophie's wrist of the arm she was rubbing her back with and, twisting it roughly, levered the arm up her back!

"AAAAArghh! Aaaieee!!" Sophie's grunting wail turned to squeals of pain as her sore arm was hammer-locked!

Monica's free hand grabbed Sophie's neck and pushed her face into the mattress, the other hand mercilessly twisting Sophie's wrist as Sophie thrashed on the bed running out of breath. Her legs flailed up and down, her body squirming on her own bed as Monica took full control of Sophie's body.

"Leave me alone, you bitch"! Sophie cried, her saliva dribbling from corner of her mouth.

Monica levered the armlock another few inches and asked, "What'd you say bitch?"

Sophie cried at the increased pain from the higher arm lock as Monica mounted her bent arm, freeing her own hands from under her pussy as she kept Sophie pinned face down with one arm firmly secured behind her back. Monica sat in a reverse straddle, gazing down at first Sophie’s lovely tanned and muscular thighs and calves as they did a rhythmic up and down bounce trying to relieve some of her pain, Monica, both hands now completely free, grabbed Sophie’s ass cheeks, forcing her hands down between the Frenchie’s squeezing thighs. Sophie bucked at the sudden intrusion but before she could react further, she felt the hair being ripped from her exposed pussy.

Sophie wailed for mercy, lifting her head and letting out a full throated scream that conveyed her pain. Sophie’s face contorted, her eyes squeeze shut as tears ran freely down to join the saliva dripping both sides of her mouth; her free arm in front of her with the palm flat on the bed, Sophie could do nothing as Monica's hands ripped her pussy. She screamed twice more, then buried her face in the comforter and sniffled loud sobs, occasionally opening her mouth to wail as she had in her childhood. It was painful!

Monica, on the other hand, was taking a wonderful time; straddling Sophie's back, ripping her pubic hair. Then started to occasionally turn her finger in an O formation inside Sophie, sometimes jabbing it into Sophie's pussy with a quick stabbing motion, as she continued her attack on Sophie's pubic hair. Black curlies littered the bed between Sophie's thrashing legs which continued to flail with no hope of saving herself but in involuntary squirming merely to ease the throbbing pain in her pussy.

Monica caught one of Sophie's legs, then the other, grabbing her ankles and pulled them towards her, curling her legs back and bending her body in a C shape. Sophie’s hips lifted off the bed, the severe stretching causing her belly to feel even more pain.

"Ooooooh!! Uiiieeeeeee! Aaaargh!!!" Sophie managed to find her voice as she switched from sniffles to full throated screaming. "Mercy! Have mercy! Please stop, Monica!!" Sophie pleaded from under Monica; facing her empty bedroom, her head craning upward, eyes still shut tight, teeth clenched in a grimace against the horrendous torture.

Monica laughed, “You can't you free your LEGS from my HANDS?"

Sophie couldn't. She was trussed up like a turkey, her legs bent back, folded under her knees, her pussy throbbing although Monica's hands were no longer anywhere near it.

Sophie pleaded again "Please, Monica! Aaargh! Pleaseeeee"

The veins bulged at the sides of Sophie’s neck as her lips curled in pouts of a beaten girl in painful misery, yet she was still praying Monica would let go so she could fight back! Suddenly, Monica lifted and twisted both Sophie's legs, rolling her sideways, her torso twisted at her slim waist. Keeping her legs still folded, Monica struggled to get Sophie over onto her back. Sophie knew if Monica flipped her, she'd have to give up so she struggled back, thrashing around the bed to free herself from Monica's grip and unseat her weight while as Monica strained to stay mounted.

Two pairs of lovely breasts swayed side to side, slapping each other in a SPLAT as their struggle focused on control until Sophie flexed her legs and wiggled them under Monica, then straightened them with her feet planted on Monica's breasts. They were still thrashing around in the bed when Sophie summoned all her strength and kicked Monica off of her. She flew off the bed and landed on her rump on the floor with a surprised grunt!

"Why you stupid little bitch!" roared Monica "You're done baby, you're done!"

Sophie didn't waste time talking or massaging her sore body. She slid off the bed onto the floor and paced toward Monica who was sitting on her butt trying to get up as her glaring eyes watched the approaching Sophie. Pursing her lips with her jaw taut, Sophie kicked Monica in her face.

"Aaargh!" grunted Monica as she tumbled over backward.

Sophie stepped in and delivered several hard kicks to the inside of Monica’s thighs. As she lay on her back, Monica flailed he legs to take the sting out of Sophie's kicks, swinging her legs in the air frantically trying to protect her pussy from Sophie's feet. They locked legs several times, with Monica crying out loud twice when Sophie's foot landed under her calf. Sophie faked some kicks and then kicked Monica's protective legs away from her pussy to land one - then another - kick flush on her tormented twat!

Monica howled, then screamed, "Aaaaiieeeee! Oh! Aaaargh!!!"

Her pussy ached and she grabbed herself with both her hands trying to protect her still hidden lips as she lay tossing on the floor, her legs wide apart her feet dangling in mid-air, bent over Sophie’s knees. Monica was crying tears of real pain as she rocked and tossed around in pain.

"Know how bad it hurts!" screamed Sophie as she repeatedly kicked Monica in her butt and stomped those creamy, fleshy, sexy round thighs that she kept propped open like the wings of a flamingo. Sophie's breasts bounced on her chest as she kicked harder and harder! "Take that! And that! And THAT!!"

Monica's cries filled the room, her tears forming a small puddle on the floor beneath her as Sophie, her breasts swaying, proved every bit as ruthless as Monica had been to her - inflicting punishment on her fallen foe. Tiring after several strong kicks more, Sophie bent down and grabbed Monica’s breasts, squeezing hard as she tried to drag Monica up with a breast pull. Monica tried squirming away, raising a hand to fend off Sophie's hands but of no avail.

Sophie elbowed Monica's hand aside while continuing to pull her up. Monica’s eyes lit on Sophie's swinging breasts which were slapping her face as Sophie was busy mauling Monica's. Monica pushed her face up and forward, then bit into one of Sophie's breasts! She bit down sharply once, repositioning her mouth back a little, and bit down again even harder!

"Owwww! Aaaargh!" Sophie felt such a sharp pain in her left breast that she loosened her grip instinctively and looked down on her chest. Her entire areola was inside Monica's mouth and she was chewing on her nipple! "Aaaieeee!" she cried, shuffling her bare feet on the floor as she winced in pain.

Sophie immediately let go of Monica's breasts and pushed her head down, trying to pull her breast out of her mouth. When she finally managed to pull free, Sophie fell to one knee clutching her tit which showed a ring of angry red teeth marks. Wincing in pain, she didn't seem to care about Monica, who was now free and rising to her full height.

SMACK! SMACK! Two loud smacks echoed in the room as Monica landed stinging roundhouse slaps on the bent over Sophie!

"Owwww!" yelped Sophie, looking up just in time to get the third roundhouse slap on her cheek as she tried to straighten up and defend herself.

Both women were tiring although now Monica sensed victory. They traded open slaps standing up, both their arms flailing down on the other's body. While Sophie's slaps were growing weaker and rarely went below Monica's arms and shoulders, hers were landing hard to Sophie's face time and again. Sophie's face was bowed, unable to avoid contact and her cheeks and ears continued to grow redder and redder from the constant rain of slaps and blows. Finally, Monica caught Sophie's arms which were feebly waving in front of her and taking her by both wrists, Monica pulled her arms inward. Their bodies collided with a loud SMACK as their sweaty bellies slapped together as Monica thruste herself hard into Sophie.

"Ummmph!" Sophie grunted as her tits were crushed flat by Monica's bigger, firmer pair.

Monica repeated this several times, staring down at Sophie who was trying to avoid meeting her gaze. Sophie tried a couple of times to pull her hands from Monica's grip but Monica simply smiled and said "You're not going anywhere until I let you go!"

Then Monica pushed Sophie back into the wall and raised her knee as she drove it forward and up, slamming her heavy thigh into Sophie's vulnerable pussy.

"Oh God! Oohhh! Pleaseeeee Noooooooo!" Sophie shrieked as Monica held her knee on her pussy, scrubbing it on her crotch, forcing the labia to fold inward on themselves. "STOP!" begged Sophie, her pussy aching again from the knee hammered and then rubbed hard into her!

Monica released Sophie’s wrists and she jerked them free, immediately clapping her hands on her throbbing pussy. Sophie tended to the ache in her pussy for a few seconds while Monica caught her breath, winding her disarrayed hair back into a bun. Still bent over, Sophie looked up at Monica, her tearful eyes saying it all.

"Please stop, Monica! I can't fight any more!!" pleaded Sophie, tired and exhausted; her entire body in pain from the beating she’d taken.

"I don't WANT to stop," Monica said, calmly as she lowered her hands from her bun and advanced on Sophie who backed away, sliding along the wall a few steps as she repeated her plea for mercy. "Oh Monica! Please Stop! I'm done!"

"I know you are, my little poodle!" Monica said, flashing a big smile, her eyes shining brightly as she advanced slowly.

Sophie continued to back up with the cold wall at her back. Monica was still advancing, making a mock threatening face while her shining eyes conveyed triumph. With nowhere to go, Sophie tried to fight off Monica when she got close. Surprised, Monica quickly recaptured Sophie's flailing arms, catching them by the wrists again and this time, pinning them to the wall over Sophie's head.

"I'll nail you this time,” Monica sneered. “Enough is enough!"

She raised her knee again. The defenseless Sophie shuffled her feet, staring wide-eyed down at the knee as it came crashing up into her battered pussy again. With her arms pinned firmly over her head, Sophie couldn't do anything at all except feel the ripples of the concussion roll up her body. She couldn't even fall to the floor although her knees buckled when Monica hit her pink bull's eye again! Half sobbing and half babbling, tears streamed down Sophie’s red face and she cried like a little girl, pleading with Monica to let her go. Monica let Sophie cry for several minutes before she released her arms and let Sophie slowly, crying and sniffling, sink to the floor where she squatted holding her pussy and staring at Monica's feet.

Sophie felt Monica tousle her hair as she said, "So my poor little poddle Sophie is DONE! Now what will people say to THAT!?" Sophie tried to look up but Monica held her head down, forcing her to remain in squatting with her head bowed, looking at her bare feet.

"No, stay there and tend to that pussy with care, my poodle. Get it nice and warm and juicy - else I’ll remove those few remaining hairs… and I won't use a razor for it either!"

Monica's voice was firm, not loud but her threat came through very clear. Sophie nodded and stayed there for some time before she looked up. Monica had walked off into the bath room and Sophie got up wiping the tears from her eyes, cleaning lots of pulled hair off her head and thanked her stars Monica hadn't done anything naughtier. Sophie had always felt Monica was better looking and sexier than she and she resented that. Now, she’d found out that Monica was also more powerful as well - almost like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Liz Hurley. Or was Liz still as strong? It HAD been a while since Sophie had been so badly beaten by the more beautiful, more powerful but similarly built British actress. Sophie looked up as Monica came out of the bath room wiping her face and arms with a towel. She tossed the towel to Sophie and told her to get cleaned and freshen up while she fixed them dinner.

Over the dinner, Monica casually mentioned, adding with a wink, "You KNOW we're going to be together all night and all day tomorrow, right?"

Sophie almost choked at the thought; then washing down a mouthful of food with a swig of Merlot, she said, "You mean you're not through with me yet? I really can't defend myself - so please...."

Before she could finish, Sophie felt Monica's strong fingers grab the inside of her thigh and slide slowly upward until Monica had a firm grip on a handful of her bush. Sophie squirmed uncomfortably, but she was too cowed to resist.

"We have a FULL night ahead of us,” Monica purred. “And just because I'm being civil right now, don't think you're going to get off easy!" Monica smiled, her dazzling smile and flashing eyes betraying her plans for poor trembling Sophie.

"I'm going to take a few calls, so go get cleaned up for tonight and be waiting for me in bed when I get there," Monica said.

Leaving Sophie to clean up in the kitchen, Monica strode into the living room with her cell phone. Both women were, of course, still nude, there being no reason to dress. Sophie finished cleaning and went to take a quick hot shower; her battered body needed it. Musing about Monica’s plans for her, Sophie found her breasts rising and her nipples hardening with excitement as the hot water ran down over her body in the shower. She continued standing under the water, her body soaking the heat, healing the stiffness from their fight that she felt all over. She closed her eyes and thought of Monica as she slowly stroked her pussy as she relaxed in the hot stinging spray.

Suddenly, the shower opened and Sophie’s eyes shot open to see Monica standing there, a hand on her hip, the other raised leaning on the open shower door. Without warning, Monica yanked Sophie’s hair and pulled her squealing from the shower. Dripping wet, Sophie reacted to this new, rough vicious hair pulling by pleading, "No Monica! Not any more Monica, pleaseee!"

"I'd said BE IN BED when I get back," Monica hissed. “Not wanking that poor bedraggled pussy in the shower.”
Monica dragged the dripping Sophie by her hair, forcing her head down and forward, into the bedroom! She released Sophie's hair and shoved her forward.

SMACK! A hard spank to Sophie's ass almost drowned out Monica's command, "MOVE!"

Sophie quickened her walk to the bed and threw herself into it on her belly, wetting the sheets with the water from her still-wet-from-the-shower-body. She rolled onto her back, facing the skylight, with her knees dangling over the bedside.

"Up!" snapped Monica and, instinctively, Sophie raised her legs and pushed herself up on the bed, lying down straight out on her back. Monica mounted the bed on her knees, her silky breasts firm with arousal, her long, thick, nipples taut and jutting out as she stroked her pussy, massaging the slit hidden beneath the thick forest as she moved forward on her knees and sat on Sophie's chest. Neither spoke, though Sophie wanted to ask what she should do next.

"My poodle is all wet!" SPLAT! Monica slapped Sophie on the side of her thigh, then smiled down at her, "So what to do now? It’s been a long, tiring drive but I just HAD to see you!" laughed Monica.

"We could go for a skinny dip in the pool - or the ocean - I hope we're not going to fight anymore!" pleaded Sophie.

"You my lovely poodle, CAN'T fight me. Even if you wanted to. Right?" challenged Monica.

"Right," Sophie pouted, avoiding Monica's piercing gaze and catty smile.

"Then lets see how well you perform these days, Sophie! Famke’s been raving non-stop about your butt and Maria simply slurps whenever she recounts the story of her last encounter with you! I swear, they both talk more about you than that blonde bimbo Theron!"

Monica rolled off to lay on her side next to Sophie, one hand slowly and gently caressing Sophie's breasts and the other tickling Sophie's lovely stretched out legs. Sophie could feel her cheeks warming, blushing deep red at hearing of how her embarrassing encounters at the Bond Girls poolside party made for such entertaining banter among her rivals. She and Famke Janssen had horsed around after a couple of drinks, only to land in Maria's lap. Sophie was drunk enough to challenge Maria and not content with the humiliating poolside head she’d been forced to give Cuccinota, she'd then tried getting even with Famke! The spanking she got had brought her back into her senses, thankfully! Not getting a response to her commnet about ‘performing’ Monica forced her hand between Sophie's legs, cupped her pussy and squeezed - hard.

"Owww!" Sophie protested, her mind snapping back to her current predicament. "Sorry....Yes, I can still perform! Just lay back and see for yourself!"

Sophie had been in the shower thinking of being mauled and especially turned her on when Monica nailed her in the pussy against the wall. Monica nodded, and lay on her back next to Sophie, spreading her legs. Sophie got up on her knees and curled her tongue around Monica's nipples, giving them a mock bite before suckling them. Then she slid her hands between Monica's legs to feel that thick, lush bush and, blushing at the thought of her own loss of hair earlier in the fight, Sophie turned both palms to the sides and pushed Monica’s legs wide, raising her butt while leaning forward on her knees.

Sophie snaked her tongue down to find a deep, tight belly button and caressing it brought a soft moan out of Monica. Sliding down further, Sophie’s tongue deleved into the thick bush that had sent tingles through her when she'd touched it moments ago. She enjoyed the musky aroma rising from Monica's steaming pussy and, rolling her tongue inside, she kissed the thick lips she couldn't see but could only feel. Monica's moans were growing louder by the mouthful, and when Sophie continued the moans were grunts. Sophie could feel herself being aroused by this, her thighs wet even though the shower water had dried; the heat surging in her loins as she ate her conqueror's superior pussy lighting her like a fire! Monica and Sophie came together to their orgasms. Monica's juices spilled into Sophie's waiting open and kissing mouth, while her own juices rolled in waves across Sophie’s expensive bed linen.

"Wow!" Monica gasped as Sophie sat back up and slid down on the bed beside her; facing Monica who'd turned to face Sophie on her side; their hands on each others' hips, stroking and circling.

"That was WONDERFUL, poodle!" Monica sighed as she slipped her hand from Sophie's butt to rub her poodle’s pussy. Finding it wet, Monica smiled, "Mmmmm! So you came too! Oh my poor little wet French poodle!!"

Sophie tried to pull away Monica's hand away, but Monica didn't budge. Sophie didn't try very hard out of fear, or perhaps she’d started to enjoy the feel of Monica's skilled fingers filling a void as they worked magic inside her.

"Do you have a dildo?" asked Monica.

"No!" answered Sophie.

"Well, then I’ll get mine then," Monica said as she got up and quickly returned with one of several she'd brought with her 'just in case.'

Watching her strap on the dildo, Sophie felt the hairs at the back of her neck rise at the sight of the two-way, nearly two foot long rubber beauty. Before she could think more, she felt Monica pushing her shoulders down into the bed, mounted her and began to hump away. Sophie rhythmically bounced on the mattress beneath Monica as both enjoyed the sensation with their eyes locked into each other. Monica soon had the dildo all the way up in Sophie, who squirmed in ecstasy until, too soon; she climaxed in waves and star-bursts! Monica slowly withdrew her toy only to replace it with three fingers, drawing out some of Sophie’s sweet juices.

"Here, eat this too!" Monica snapped, presenting the fingers which Sophie quickly licked clean.

They lay there, recovering from all this fun, when Sophie said, "Lets go to bed now!"

"Aren't you going to worship and say your prayers before?" Monica asked, her tone conveying what Monica expected from her. “After all, I simply let you go twice earlier today - once when I had nailed you, then again in the shower."

Sophie got up on the bed, and placed her head at Monica's feet. Kissing her lovely toes; slowly kissing nad licking as she worked her way all the way to that lovely bush again. Then Monica spread her legs and rested her calves on Sophie's shoulders as Sophie bent and kissed her superior’s pussy, then ate again.

"All right, poodle, come across my lap and I'll put you to bed!" Monica commanded.

Reluctantly, Sophie spread herself across Monica's marvelously silky legs, her face pressed against the back of Monica's thigh as she slid forward, raised her hips and offering her derriere for Monica's discipline. Monica pressed Sophie down, then started spanking her lovely bottom - hard!. At first, as each sharp spank landed was a SPLAT on her ass cheeks, Sophie moaned. Soon, her moans became real cries as the spanking continued far past her comfort level.

"Pleaseee! Monica, please stop now! I can't bear any more!!" sobbed Sophie, tears dripping on her precious bed linen.

Finally, Monica let Sophie up and said, "Good night, poodle. We'll continue this in the morning."

Sophie lay beside Monica, one hand on her forehead, the other rubbing her still warm ass cheeks as she wondered, "Oh why did I ask her over!" before falling into a deep slumber while staring out of her skylight at the twinkling stars in the heavens above.