Cori Nadine vs. Monica Bellucci by TommyB

Something great was about to happen at the legendary Earls Court in London. The venue, once famous for rock concerts with the likes of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, had now become a big fight arena, tonight featuring two of the sexiest women in the world and two of the biggest names in catfighting!

First was Italian Goddess Monica Bellucci, continuing in the tradition of women like Silvana Mangano, Sophia Loren and Claudia Cardinale. Italy surely produces some of the worlds most beautiful women and Monica's no exception. Bellucci is big - very big at 5' 10'', the ideal height for catfighting. Her weight, reportedly now up to 145, was also doubtlessly dangerous in catfights (you wouldn't want her lying on top of you in a fight, at least). But Monica was strong too and while her abs aren't as well-defined as some others, she made it up for any supposed lack of 'conditioning' with her great upper body strength. Plus, her legs aren't exactly skinny either! To sum it up, Monica always enters her catfights as a favorite. The few women who HAVE beaten her haven't done so easily and the situations that found her a victim were rare indeed.

But her opponent this evening was no slouch herself; American fitness model Cori Nadine. While Cori wasn't as tall at a 'mere' 5' 7'', that hadn't mattered in most of her fights. She was muscular, far more so than Monica, even though she is today less bulked up than years earlier. Still, her weight is a reported 135 lbs. and while it's less than Monica's, there isn't a pound too much to see. Her abs are flat, hard and strong, her legs are gorgeous and her temper is among the most vicious on the circuit. Many fans remembered fondly her slaughters of Daisy Fuentes, Tiffani Thiessen and many others - yet there were also several notable losses, most remarkably, one to Jeri Ryan in which Nadine was heavily favored, yet despite her strength, she couldn't hold Jeri down and finally got her ass kicked! In her most recent fight, some weeks ago against Karen McDougal, again Cori proved the stronger woman but again she ended the evening sobbing and beaten.

One factor that clearly pleased the crowd tonight was the women's choice of clothing! Cori showed up almost naked, wearing a pink thong and nothin' else. Monica had decided to show up wearing even less! Her naked body was beautiful and the fans, even Cori's - who were slightly in the majority - were in ecstasy.

"That thong's gonna end up inside you tonight, baby," Monica said as she opened the "conversation".

"Fuck you!" Cori wasn't interested in talkin', the thoughts that ran thru her mind were always the same, 'How can I destroy that body, those luscious breasts' and in Monica's case, '…pound that chubby belly.'

The rules were simple, no use of anything but clothing (which drew laughs from the crowd, as the only cloth in the ring was Cori's pink thong), and sexual humiliation was allowed.

"Get it on ladies," the announcer said as he hurriedly left the ring.

The fight started, and both women circled around each other, carefully planning what to do first. It was Cori who fired the opening shot, as usual she was the aggressive one, as she drove a hard punch that slammed into Monica's stomach.

"Oooof!" Monica staggered, more hurt than expected. Could it be her fitness condition wasn't so great?

"Baby, this is fun!" Cori grunted as she hammered another belly buster. Again Cori hammered Monica's belly and the big brunette was staggered. Cori attacked furiously, smashing her third fist deep into Monica's soft belly. As the Italian doubled over gasping, Cori stormed in and pounded a knee to Monica's crotch that lifted her up on her tip-toes, her mouth gaping wide.

But Monica reacted like a champion as she grabbed Cori's shoulders and held on, then with surprising ease pulled Cori into her, clasping her hands together behind Cori's back as she mashed the beauty's body into hers. Cori's head was above Monica's chest, her hands on Monica's hips. Her muscles bulged but for the moment Monica appeared the stronger.

'What the fuck?' Cori thought, trying to force the hold open, but finding she couldn't.

"Could it be, Cori, you've lost that old power?" Monica asked, grinning as she slowly drew her right leg back, then shot it up into Cori's womanhood. But Monica couldn't take advantage as Cori used her own arms, slipping them around behind Monica's back and clamping on her own bearhug. It was a perfect breasts vs. breasts and body vs. body battle. But Cori showed now that she was the stronger woman. As their bodies rubbed and bumped against one another, Cori used her foot and angrily pulled Monica's leg away. Monica stumbled and then fell, but she managed to pull Cori down with her.

Bad luck for Cori who landed on her stomach under Monica's big body. The Italian drew her legs up and straddled Cori's waist, her hands pinning her arms as she struggled desperately to prevent Cori's bulging muscles from overwhelming her. It worked, but another region of Monica's body was now exposed! Known for her athletic ability, Cori was able to swing her legs up and her heels hammered into Monica's raised crotch between her spread legs. This was totally unexpected to Monica, and although she wasn't badly hurt, she was irritated and in her anger, she made another mistake that she realized the second after she did it.

Monica moved her right hand down and back, touching her groin. The crowd was in ecstasy and the scene surely looked great - Monica straddling Cori's upper body with Cori with her legs waving in the air, reaching for her opponent's crotch. But now when Monica moved back her arm, Cori arched her back, reached back with her now freed hand and caught Monica's wrist. She painfully twisted it as her other arm out-muscled Monica's and jerked free. Cori gave a shove which reversed their positions as suddenly Monica was on her back, her lower legs arched painfully as she tried to get up.

But Cori had already rolled on top of her although Cori wasn't interested in staying on the mat for long! She forced Monica's legs apart, grabbed each of them and then scrambled to her feet quickly and started to drag the wriggling Italian across the ring. Monica tried to sit up while being dragged, but she couldn't! Now Cori displayed her strength as she stopped pulling, dropped down to her knees at Monica's right side and wrapped one arm around Monica's upper body. The Italian flailed frantically with her legs, but without chance of escape as Cori's scissors were about to come into use as she pushed one leg under Monica's thick body, then slammed the other one down onto her belly, then locked her ankles and squeeeeezed that chubby waist!

There was amazing power in Cori's muscular legs and Monica at this point had no recipe to free herself. But Cori wanted to have some more fun so, leaving Monica breathless, she opened her scissors and jumped up and came down with her full weight on Monica's body. Positioning herself right atop her, Cori's muscular arms easily pinned her opponent's as her naked sweaty breasts swabbed Monica's heaving melons. Cori's weight was pressing Monica's back into the mat as Monica bucked hard with her legs, trying to slam her knee into Cori's crotch. But those gorgeous legs held her firmly in Cori's control.

"Now you're goin' down, you Sophia Loren wannabe. Wanna know something? I've just seen your latest movie. Pathetic. Yeah, baby. And those things you call breasts? Pathetic. Now look at those chubby saggy melons. Getting' old is never easy. Now look at mine. Wanna get a closer look?"

Cori crawled a little forwards on Monica's body, until her chest was right on top of Monica's face. Her pair, big and beautiful and glistering with sweat were all over the Italian's pretty face. BUT! Insiders saw it coming - Cori had got carried a bit away with her fun, away from her own knowledge and experience, fun was what mattered. And as Cori was clearly enjoying herself, rubbing her breasts in Monica's face, the Italian goddess already had her plan in mind, thought over it for a few glimpses of a second, and she attacked.

"AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaargggggggh!" screamed Cori as Monica sank her teeth into the soft flesh of her boobs. In her pain, Cori opened the arm pin and Monica lifted herself up, but not enough yet. "AAAAAAAAAARGGGGH!" For a second time her big teeth cut thru the tender flesh of the strong fitness model's amazing breasts..

Monica freed her legs, and CLACK, scissored them around Cori's powerful waist. And now Monica rolled over, maintaining her body scissors, and pinned down Cori's arms.

"What do I see?" Monica cynically asked. "An…oh my gosh…tear? Could it be my beloved Cori, Queen of Catfighting as you like to see yourself…has a little pretty tear in her eye? Ah, ah, ah. Times they are a-changin' aren't they?"

And right, if you looked closely you could see that the biting attack had indeed hurt Cori, and a tear was there, undoubtedly! Monica's amazing pythons were now wrapped tight around Cori's midsection, crushing her with her full power, while she pressed Cori's head into the canvas with both her hands. Cori was in a lot of pain right now.

"I can end this, Cori," Monica told her, still pinning the Americans arms.

The muscle power of Cori was astonishing, but Monica was able to secure her grip. Her python squeeze was causing enormous pain to Cori who found it hard to breath as Monica's legs were slowly squeezing the air out of her fit body. To her surprise, Cori was unable to power out of the hold! Angrily she buckled her legs, hysterically tried to somehow get rid of those scissors, but no, despite the leg muscles glistering with sweat, well-defined muscles, she couldn't get out of it at that time. Thoughts raced around in Cori's mind, 'This Italian Amazon is indeed a toughie!' She felt her power fading. A long second of panic, 'What if I can't get it out of it?' A loss wasn't just a loss to Cori, it meant a lot more - a loss of pride. Pride was very important; she liked her body and she liked what it could do to other women but right now her body was tortured.

Now Monica started something new, she wanted to have Cori on her back, with her lying on her. To reach this, she lifted Cori's upper body up, having quite some problems to hold her secured but she eventually won the struggle. Monica turned Cori's upper body over her legs, leaving Cori's head pressed face-down on the mat. And still the scissors kept her in control. A normal fighter of the caliber of the model/actresses types like Heidi Klum or Nicole Kidman would surely have passed out from the crushing pain by this time, but Cori wasn't normal...she wouldn't give up; she didn't want to lose to Monica.

Cori gathered her power for one big try to escape AND suddenly, her muscles were back! Monica lost her pin of Cori's upper arms and Cori was able to shoot back her elbow, slamming it into Monica's soft belly. That gave her the second she needed. Due to her athletic ability Cori wrestle her way out of the hold and as Monica flew off, Cori's waist was freed!

Cori crawled away, desperately needing air, after her lungs had been brutally crushed. She gasped! Monica was there again, her foot slammed hard into the small of Cori's back. "Ooooof!" The blow took a lot of energy from the fitness model. Monica jumped on Cori from behind, sitting on Cori's back as she clasped her hands together under Cori's chin and hauled back.

"AAAhhhh!" This was all too much!

Cori the proud fitness model started to sob, straining unsuccessfully to hold back her tears. She couldn't, the pain was simply overwhelming her. Monica released the Cobra Clutch and let Cori's head drop to the mat, clearly exhausted.

"Baby, baby, now it's fun time!" Monica cruelly laughed, as she got up from her seat on Cori's back.

Cori crawled again. Away. Away. Away. But Monica was everywhere! She stood all over Cori, hands on hips, grinning. She grabbed Cori's thong with one hand and jerked her up onto her feet. What amazing power Monica was demonstrating! She wasn't quite able to lift her all the way, though, Cori was just too thick and heavy. But the audience clearly liked it. This was going where nobody had expected this fight to go. Monica was well-known for her Italian vindictiveness and her weight was always an advantage in these fights.

But Cori's fans had thought, "She's an actress and Cori's a fitness model for God's sake. Never mind Bellucci's height and weight, Cori should be able to throw her around the ring."

But Cori apparently didn't know that or was having a bad day or just bad luck, because the current situation was something new for Cori, and her supporters. There was the mighty American fighter, flat on her belly, her ass in the air, her hips dangling from her stretched thong, tears filling her eyes, and she was still panting from the effect of Monica's scissors!

A fan shouted, "Why don't you just goddamn fight, Cori! Get up, baby, get up, you can't be tired. COME ON CORI!"

Monica rolled Cori over on her back, grabbed her by the hair and looked her deep into those beautiful eyes. 'Time for some titty twistin'!'

Monica was in full joy. Cori had one of the greatest bodies she knew, and there it lay, just waiting for her. It was like being locked in a candy store overnight. Cori still wasn't showing any resistance. She knew if she wanted a chance she had to be patient; catch her breath; collect her strength. But to gain that time, she had to live through some torture and, as Monica had said, her breasts were the target!

"Ah-hah, Cori! How lovely, I don't even have to unwrap you; you're already unwrapped. How lovely!" Monica dug her fingernails into the flesh of Cori's breasts where the red scratches left by her bites were still visible. Her strong fingers 'massaged' Cori's breasts, adding new scratches next to the old ones. Cori began to moan from the pain and, after a particularly painful scratch, a yelp was heard. Monica was clearly enjoying herself! She grabbed one of Cori's nipples and painfully twisted it.

"You worthless bitch!" Cori screamed in a rage as Monica continued to dominate the fight.

While the pain in her breasts grew more intense, Cori could feel her strength slowly returning. Once her power was regained, and she had caught her breath, she still felt the shock of the terrible as her nipple was twisted yet again. Time to end this! When Monica's hand reached for her nipples again, Cori was ready! She slapped Monica's hand away from her chest and then easily overpowered her other hand as well. Monica gasped in surprise as both of Cori's strong legs came up and snapped together around her waist!

"Now; YOU feel the pain you bitch!" Cori began crushing Monica's waist once more, holding Monica's arms in control with both hands. Monica valiantly struggled to get out of the pin but she was unable to overcome Cori's muscles! The American opened her arm pin, allowing Monica time to rub her wrists, trying to restore the circulation and astonished by Cori's strength. Then Cori grabbed Monica's beautiful black hair and - displayed her power again - she opened her legs and hoisted her lovely victim up by her hair using just one hand. The pain in her scalp brought forth loud yips of protest from the Italian goddess, while Cori almost ripped out a handful of her black mane.

With both women standing facing each other it seemed Monica's 5'10'' height gave her an enormous advantage over the 5' 7" Cori and Monica was still determined to win. Oh that famous Italian temper! Monica fired her fists into Cori's abs but, despite the power Monica put into her punches, they didn't really seem to hurt her! Cori didn't even stagger backward, just stood there with both feet firmly on the ground. Still, Cori knew she had to take Monica down, to overcome her height and reach advantages. Monica was still dangerous despite the fact Cori was now absolutely sure she wouldn't make another mistake like the one where she'd stupidly given Monica the chance to bite her breasts. Her chest still hurt like hell but now was time for payback!

Cori attacked! Her leg shot up, aiming for Monica's pussy, but Monica expected it and, lightning fast, she caught Cori's foot in mid-air and pulled Cori into her. Cori was hopping on one foot, but she had a plan and as Monica pulled her forward, Cori powered her right fist square into the center of Monica's pretty face. Totally taken by surprise, and without really wanting to, Monica had to release Cori's leg. The American continued with what she had planned as Monica stood there stupidly holding her bleeding nose with both hands. This time, Monica couldn't grab Cori's incoming leg.

(WHOOOOSH) THUD! With full force, Cori's instep pounded its tender target and Monica's pubic mound exploded in agonizing pain! She tried to protect her crotch from the next kick, but instead Cori's foot swept upward past Monica's shielding hands and smashed into her belly - nowhere near as tautly muscled as Cori's abs.

A loud "WOOOOF" escaped Monica's mouth; the sound of air forced out of her lungs. Now Cori was ready to take her down. Cori lowered her shoulder and rammed into Monica, driving her shoulder into the Italian's still-throbbing womanhood as she wrapped her arms around Monica's thighs. Monica went down like a brick, crashing down hard on her ass, her big bare breasts bouncing wildly on her heaving chest. Cori straightened up and stomped her foot down into Monica's belly three times - each time a loud grunt and cry of agony followed.

"Ah ,Monica baby, looks all different now, doesn't it? Ah, as much as I'd love to chat a little bit with you, I think I've got something else to do," Cori leaned forward over her prey, who now lay helpless in the middle of the ring.

In despair, Monica raised her leg as she saw a chance with Cori standing over her, her cunt unprotected. But Cori nimbly side-stepped and easily avoided the weak kick. Then Cori leaned forward again, took a tight grip on Monica's hair and hauled her up. Once she had her up, she threw her down again. She did it over and over, until poor Monica was really dizzy from the constant up and down, up and down, up and down motion.

When Cori changed her target, she didn't change the things she did with it. She did exactly the same thing she'd done with Monica's hair, only this time using her breasts. She clamped her strong fingers on Monica's stiff nipples and used them to pull her up, then sent her crashing down again. Monica was so disoriented she was unable to think, unable to fight back. She got roughed up big time now. Forgotten were her cruel grin from before, now tears were visible in her eyes as the pain radiated outward from her breasts thru her entire body, totally immobilizing her.

Cori's thoughts now turned to ways she could end this fight. Save the fun for later. She wouldn't get carried away again and make another mistake! She moved her hands from Monica's tits back to her hair again. Establishing a firm grasp, she started to drag the sobbing Monica across the ring toward the corner. Monica knew something bad was going to happen to her! Cori reached the corner where, in yet another show of her strength, she lifted Monica completely in the air, then hung her upside down in The Tree of Woe, her legs wrapped over the top ropes to suspend her upside down in the corner, unable to show any resistance.

Then the pummeling began! Cori took her time, targeting every part of Monica's body in turn. Leg to crotch. Leg to belly. Leg to face. Then her fists slammed into Monica's soft body like there was no tomorrow as Cori hammered blow after blow into Monica's unable-to-defend-herself body!

"STOP IT! Stop it!" Monica pleaded, panicking as blood rushed to her head from being hung upside down. Her nose bled. Her stomach was battered. Her tortured lungs needed air, but couldn't get it, as every time she thought there would be a time to recover, Cori resumed her demolition of proud Monica's prize-worthy body. When Cori finished, Monica's first-class tits had been battered black and blue and she was near to passing out. Just then the torture stopped and Cori turned Monica right side up again. But only momentarily, before she sent the mighty Italian crashing down again.

"Stand up, you weakling!" Cori screamed as she hoisted her up again.

Monica's face was wet but she wasn't just sobbing anymore, these were uncontrollable tears. Agony. Fear. Pain. Humiliation. The emotions all came together. The time when Monica stood hands on hips over Cori, or when she had crushed the air out of the fitness model; these times were long past, forgotten…at least in Monica's mind, but NOT in Cori's. She well remembered how Monica had scissored her almost unconscious; the titty twister and how she'd crawled away from Monica like a helpless little baby.

Now, the situation had changed. Cori had her victim in total control. It was payback time! She lifted Monica up again, ready for her most favorite move: a Crushing Bearhug. Cori just loved crushing the big body of a big opponent, overcoming her tits, picking her up and carrying her around the ring in triumph; showing everybody how strong she was. In this situation, it was all too easy. Monica was already near to dreamland, there was no resistance to offer. The fitness model set the actress in the bearhug quickly, her hands together behind Monica's thick body, just above her big beautiful ass. Cori dipped her knees, grunted, then with all her strength she lifted Monica straight up...then let her crash down on the mat.

Monica crumpled to the mat where she writhed in mindless agony, her back arched, breasts thrust outward, both hands holding the small of her back. The fight was over - everybody knew it - Cori had finally broken the resistance of this big Italian. True, the FIGHT may be over, but the FUN was just starting! From the audience the voices of the Bellucci supporters were barely heard any more. Even they knew their beloved Monica wouldn't be getting up again. For Cori, fun time was just about to begin. She dropped to her knees at Monica's left side where the Italian's arms were flung out on the canvas, useless. She wasn't in any condition to resist as Cori's strong fingers found the tender flesh of Monica's boobs. Cori kept her fingernails even longer than Monica's, and sharper! The pain they caused cutting into flesh was far greater then when Monica had done it to her.

"Ah, my God, this is just beautiful!" Cori sighed as she rubbed her own breasts on Monica's face, but this time no teeth clacked together.

Cori grabbed Monica's wrists and twisted her hands behind her back under Monica's waist. Then slowly, Cori ran her tongue over Monica's body, licking her breasts, sucking at the nipples, bringing them to full erection….then she BIT her boobs, clamping her teeth tight and shaking them like a dog with a bone. Revenge was sweet! Cori had still another target in mind, however! Going down under, Cori's hands found their way down Monica's body, moving slowly from her breasts over to her battered belly to her ultimate target, Monica's womanhood! The biggest humiliation of the night for Monica Bellucci followed.

Cori's fingers rubbed her crotch inside and out, fingering her to a moaning orgasm, accompanied by Monica's little yelps of pain and enjoyment. She was still awake, barely - but awake. Cori wanted to make her domination perfect, which meant Monica had to pass out. The American fitness model moved her ass onto Monica's tear-streaked face, rubbed it playfully on Monica's pretty features, then sat down hard, pressing her into the mat. Monica couldn't take the pain and power of Cori's ass for long and she soon passed out - to Cori's delight! Cori gave her another nipple twist, then stomped twice on her chest before, as a goodbye greeting, she moved her foot to Monica's crotch and gave it another kick before she left Monica alone.

Cori posed for the yelling crowd, standing over her beaten foe with her hands on hips, then grabbing her breasts and shaking them, she flexed her muscles for each of the four sides of the ring to enjoy before she left the ring in triumph; ready to show her dominance, strength and power to anyone else who doubted her; leaving Monica quietly sleeping!