Canned! Monica Bellucci vs. Aishwarya Rai by regular visitor

Early into their Hollywood phases, both actresses knew the stakes and desperately wanted their films and work to win here at Cannes. Penelope Cruz and Monica Bellucci were the toast of attention at Cannes, their films being most eagerly discussed, and the two being by far the best looking women amongst the actresses in the movies being screened. Flash bulbs and celebrity attention followed their each move. This year, even the jury was glamorous! Meg Ryan, having been here and done that, held the center stage as the press lapped her up at each event. The stunningly beautiful but yet to be discovered Aishwarya Rai (Ash, as she was called) was also on the jury. A former model, Miss World and now a superstar actress in India, Ash held national attention back home. Here, she looked gorgeous and sensual as usual, but being relatively unknown to fans in the west, hung around the sidelines, more as an audience than as a star.

The dinner ball was its usual glamorous event it is each year, with its galaxy of stars. One could see Penelope and Monica both attracting attention as they walked around and socialized with others. In her black evening gown laced on sleeveless shoulders, Monica looked stunning - her creamy silky skin glowing with the contrasting dress, her erect stance conveying the kind of oomph that comes with beauty, sexiness and confidence bordering on arrogance - like Sharon Stone the year after Basic Instinct!

Dressed in white flowing evening dress that revealed tanned and toned calves, Penelope looked simply gorgeous - her gloved forearms amply highlighting her shapely biceps. She was a picture of grace and confidence, warmly smiling around to more than her usual share of attention. Her slender 5'6" frame accentuated with high heels, Penelope stood tall over Tom like Nicole once did - maybe that was what was bothering Nicole, who had chosen not to attend for even during the day, Nicole barely smiled.

Ash, her 5'7" tall lithe body draped in lemon yellow evening wear that stopped just short of her knees, looked around - she was used to being looked at, not looking over or around!

"My time shall come soon!" thought Ash, looking down to check herself.

Pretty and pedicure feet, with silver nails shining through the open sandals, showed well-toned calves accentuated by medium pinpoint heels. Content with her dress, she walked up to talk to Penelope, the new Cruise. During the meal, Monica had noticed Ash clasping Penelope's one hand in both hers as the two warmly smiled and conversed. Monica gazed at the girl Julia Roberts had said to be "most beautiful women on earth". Monica could see Ash was beautiful all right, but Monica's flushing cheeks betrayed her feline instincts expected when one beauty checks another one out.

"She's the one you need to work on - I'm on your side" the raspy hiss almost caught Monica unawares as Meg, walking up behind Monica and, standing on her side, continued, "You've done a great job in Matrix - not to mention looking your usual sexy self!" Monica beamed at the compliment. The two talked some more and that was that.

The morning sun streaming through tall glass windows on her, Monica was up in her bed the next morning, animatedly discussing her business matters with her agent in LA. They discussed, besides others, the part in the next Bond movie, which was getting finalized. Hanging up, Monica seemed perturbed. She needed a win here, and didn't like the look of Ash's over friendly rendezvous with Penelope last night. She phoned hotel reception to check which room Ash was in, and hung up with a smile. NEXT DOOR!!

After several minutes, Monica hung up and stretched her arms wide, her breasts stretching the creamy satin nightie to its limit. Slumping to normalcy, she now stretched her legs far and wide, the nightie riding up to her creamy thighs, revealing her sexy legs in the sunshine. She got up - there was work to do!

Putting on her slide-in Italian sandals, Monica got up to pay Ash a visit and sort out any differences that might later on cost her the award. She paused at the door, remembering she wore nothing beneath her dress but her impish smile confirmed she probably didn't wish to anyway! Monica stepped out of her room and knocked softly on Ash's door.

"Come in!" Ash said in a crisp and commanding voice. She was ready to take her shower, and was in her hotel bathrobe with a large towel wrapped on her head. She stood near the bathroom door, expecting room service. Instead, she saw Monica, in her satin cream lingerie, her dark bush showing through the thin cloth. Ash could feel her cheeks heat up, seeing Monica in her sexy attire. Even without makeup, Monica made Ash nervous about her own looks. Ash sized up Monica, noticing she was an inch or so shorter, slightly meatier, but with much bigger butt and rounder thighs - a woman's butt.

Monica quickly closed the door and walked in, stopping just short of a surprised Ash. Their breasts didn't touch, but said it all. Ash was trying to control her erection, but the nipples rose steadily. Monica stood with her larger breasts firmly jutting forward, as if to claim victory through posture alone.

"I saw you with your friend Penelope last night. Just want us to be clear that an award here is important to me.... important enough for me to walk in this way and make sure you understand" Monica stated matter-of-factly.

" you came in expecting me to TAKE YOUR SIDE?" Ash's eyebrows lifted, her face showing disdain over the thought itself. How could someone expect this from competition? Ash continued. "You really ought to get back to your room. We have nothing to discuss on this subject. I shall do as I please. After all, I'm judging you!"

Ash saw a blur and then SLAP! SLAP! Two resounding slaps landed on her cheeks, making her cry out more from shock than pain. Monica was quick! Before Ash could even react, SMACK! Came Monica's fist, finding Ash's belly button, making her step back. SMACK! Another blow and, finally, Ash reacted. She caught Monica's wrists and charged her, pushing Monica back towards the bed, and with every ounce of strength in her, Ash body slammed Monica, sending her sprawling on her back, landing on Ash's bed.

"You bitch!! How DARE you!!" screamed Ash as she quickly mounted the prone Monica, straddling her. With her bathrobe flying backwards, Ash gripped Monica's long hair now, pulling her foe up and down on the bed. "I'll teach you not to mess with me!" Ash continued her screaming.

Monica tried to lift her legs, but Ash moved forward, pressing down Monica's tits. Ash's sexy toned legs curled around her knees as she pressed home her advantage. Monica bucked but Ash managed to stay astride the hot Italian babe. Monica freed her arms from under Ash's legs, while Ash continued to pull Monica by her hair, the two struggling on the bed. Monica's feet rested on the bed, her knees raised and spread, the dress parting to reveal thick luscious bush twisting around with Monica's squirming movements.

Monica raised her hands to grab Ash's breasts, catching Ash off guard. Relaxing her grip on Monica's hair, Ash tried to pry Monica's hands off her breasts, but of no use. Monica squeezed and squeezed hard, even through the thick towel cloth of Ash's dress. Ash was moaning, her chin raised, her face contorted with pain and arousal as Monica's firm hands continued their work. Ash jerked her head, the bath towel coming off, and Ash's silky long black hair falling down her body in cascades. Ash backed off, hoping to get her breasts out of Monica's reach, which turned the tables on her.

Monica raised her feet in the air and quickly locked both her feet around Ash's neck, which came within reach as Ash was arched back. Monica pushed her legs down, and with it, Ash - her neck firmly gripped between Monica's feet locked at the ankles.

"Aaargh!" Ash gargled her screams while her legs straightened, then lifted, as Monica broke the straddle. Monica's hands pried open Ash's bathrobe, the cotton waist tie coming off and falling over the bed on the floor. All Ash could now see were Monica's feet in front of her face. Ash knew she was going down, her robe was parted open, and felt the room air on her body.

Ash was nude inside - her shapely midriff bent, her breasts juggling free under their own weight, her black crop of pussy hair slightly wet with sweat. Monica's nails dug into Ash's belly, sliding down to reach the mound. Had it not been for Monica's feet clasping down Ash's mouth, Ash's screams would have brought in the fire brigade.

"Ooooh! Oh My Gaawd!!!" Ash rambled between lungfuls of anguished screams.

Monica pushed her legs further down, sending Ash off the bed landing on the floor of the room, with Ash's legs flying up in a cyclic motion. Ash fell down in a heap, her bathrobe off her body, completely nude - at Monica's feet.

As Monica climbed off the bed to dig into Ash, she felt a pain rising in her belly, then doubled up when Ash's second kick landed square on Monica's pussy.

"Aaieee!" Monica wailed, clutching her mound with both her hands.

Ash got up on her feet and spun her arms around in tight slaps and punches, landing on Monica's beautiful face left and right, with some landing on Monica's head.

"I'm going to CRUSH you, you old bitch!" Ash snarled while dishing out punishment with both hands, standing tall, beating up Monica Bellucci who was sitting up on the bed, but trying to protect her face from the barrage of blows Ash was hurling down at her.

"Want some more, bitch!" Ash finally stopped, pausing to rest her arms from this sudden and tiring activity.

"NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" thundered Ash, expecting Monica to comply.

Monica seized this opportunity she was hoping for. Enraged at being humiliated and bettered in the fight, she seethed in rage as she looked up at Ash, and jumped forward. Monica's head smacked into Ash's gut, while Monica's arms caught Ash around her knees. The forward thrust sent Ash flying, her legs lifted, to land on the floor with a loud THUD. Monica got up on her feet and took the four steps to get to Ash who was lying on the floor on her back, her arms clutching her waist by the sides, her face in pain and shock from this last tackle.

Monica kicked her heel into Ash's crotch, bring in loud cries as Ash tried to place her hands down to protect her exposed pussy. "Ooooph! Uiiiieee!!" Ash cried aloud as Monica landed kicks between Ash's twitching legs.

"NOW I'll TAME you, you wimp! COME ON AND FIGHT!" roared Monica, her legs lifting up and down as kicks rained on poor Ash who was already far past pain. She writhed on the floor, crying openly, sobbing loudly as Monica's kicks started at inside of her thighs, and causing more damage.

Finally, Ash bawled out her surrender, "Stop it! STOP IT PLEASE!! Oh stop Monica, PLEASE STOP!!"

But Monica was still furious and she pulled Ash’s arms up as she placed her right foot on her beaten foe's breasts, pulling as hard as she could while Ash screamed and wailed, continuing to plead for mercy.

"So you'll teach me a lesson, huh!" PULL! "Teach ME a lesson!!" Monica growled as she released Ash's arms, letting Ash slump back on the floor. Then Monica bent down and straddled her, sitting on Ash's stomach. "Straddling ME!" Monica screamed as she lashed out vicious slaps that rocked Ash, swivelingher head with each cuffing blow.

"Nooo! I'm sorry..." wailed a sobbing Ash. “Please… PLEASE STOP!!"

Monica stopped, resting her arms on her hips. She then lifted up slightly, taking off her lingerie and flinging it on the floor by her side. She now sat back on Ash's belly, fully nude. Ash felt the warmth and tingling caused by Monica's thick bush. Slowly, Monica eased upwards until she had Ash's arms pinned under her shins. Lifting herself, Monica first placed her bush on Ash's left breast. The nipple vanished into Monica's mound. Ash blushed, closing her eyes in shame and turning her head to one side on the floor. Her sobs and sniffles were subsiding, but no words came to her.

Monica then repeated this with Ash's other breast, and finally pulled back. She caught Ash's chin between her fingers of her left hand, straightening Ash's face to look up at Monica's piercing, triumphant gaze. Monica smiled slowly, glancing down at Ash's glistening wet nipples dipped in her juices.

"Very friendly with Penelope!" Monica slapped Ash on her left cheek with her free right hand, holding Ash's face with her left handed grip. "So now, darling, tell me if you will judge me fairly!" Not getting an answer, Monica punctuated the sentence again, pausing at each word with a tight slap to Ash's face.

Ash cried out "Oh Pleeease! Monica, let me GO!"

Knowing she couldn't leave her until she got her answer, Ash finally sobbed, "Yes! I’ll be fair. I’ll even favor you, if Meg allows!"

"Oh Meg WILL, dear Ash!" Monica mockingly pouted a kiss down at Ash as she got up. "Get on your knees. NOW!" ordered Monica, to the beaten Ash.

Ash rose on her knees, looking up at the lovely goddess who had thrashed her so convincingly in her own room. Picking up the bathrobe cloth belt, Monica looped it around Ash's neck, using it to draw her closer and closer until Ash's nose rubbed Monica's pussy. By instinct, Ash planted a kiss on the superior woman’s pussy; burying her face in the thicker, denser, lusher bush. Ash's nipples grew harder as she ate Monica up! Monica grunting in pleasure till she came on Ash's face, knowing she now had the edge over Penelope.

Wordlessly, she released Ash, slipped on her lingerie and walked out of the room. Ash sat there, feeling belittled, but not knowing whether she felt pain more than pleasure. She slowly got up and went into a long hot shower which she now badly needed.