Monica Bellucci vs. Victoria Silvstedt by Boeing666

Broadcast ‘Live’ from Rome Italy! Monica Bellucci had won the first match in Rome and now it was Victoria who wanted to get even. She comes down to the ring first wearing Viking gear consisting of animal skins and a Viking style helmet. She gets to the ring and removes the gear to reveal that she is wearing a black thong bikini.

Monica Bellucci comes to the ring next to a lot of cheers. Monica wears an Italian flag colored bikini top with a white cotton thong bottom.

The bell rings and Monica and Victoria immediately lock up as Monica forces Victoria back into her corner where the ref calls for a break. Monica pulls the blonde Amazon into a headlock, but then it’s Victoria who sends Monica hurtling forward into the ropes. When Monica comes recoiling off the ropes she shoulder blocks Victoria and knocks her to the mat! Victoria gets up and walks into a big Hip Toss courtesy of Monica. She scoops Victoria up and Body Slams her back to the mat then raises her arms to acknowledge the cheering Italian fans as she struts around the ring, her massive chest thrust out proudly.

Monica watches Victoria get up and then Dropkicks her back down to the mat! This time when Victoria gets up, Monica takes her down with a Spinebuster! Again, Monica takes time out to pose for her adoring Italian fans who are raising the roof at their hero’s dominance so far in the match.

However, while Monica is busy playing to her fans, Victoria sneaks up behind her, reaches one arm up between Monica’s thighs and SMACK Low Blows Monica! Monica’s eyes are wide as saucers as she drops to her knees holding her aching crotch. Victoria grabs Monica’s raven tresses and hair-hauls her up, reaching one hand into Monica’s armpit and putting the other back between Monica’s thighs as she hoists the Italian Goddess up and holds her horizontal before WHAM slamming Monica’s back down over her knee in a Backbreaker!

Victoria holds Monica draped across her knee for a couple minutes, one hand digging into her groin and the other pressing down on her breast as Monica screams in pain but stubbornly refuses to submit. The impatient Swede finally throws Monica off of her knee where she writhes on the mat in pain before she slowly struggles to her feet. Victoria quickly scoops Monica up, this time draping her body across her shoulders as she spins around, showing off her prey to the booing Italian fans before hitting a Death Valley Driver.

Victoria goes for a quick pin, but Monica easily kicks out on two. This infuriates Victoria who gets up and stomps Monica’s breasts, then jumps up and down, making Monica scream. Victoria wraps her hands in Monica’s dark hair and begins swinging Monica around, twirling several times before releasing her and sending Monica spinning across the ring. Victoria smiles as she shakes her fingers, letting clumps of Monica’s hair that came out flutter to the mat while Monica rolls around on the mat, holding her head.

Victoria stands Monica up, bends down and grabs her around the thighs, lifting her straight up, then gives her a Reverse Atomic Drop which splits her legs and once more sends waves of pain radiating out from the same sore spot that just moments earlier received the Low Blow and the Claw hold. Monica lays helpless on her back as Victoria grabs Monica’s legs and spreads them wide as the fans boo. The ref warns Victoria, but the warnings fall on deaf ears! She wishbones Monica’s legs an arms span wide, lifts her foot and CRUNCH stomps Monica’s throbbing crotch.

“AIEEEEEEEE!” Monica lets out a deafening scream and folds up in a fetal position holding herself with both hands.

Victoria laughs at Monica’s predicament and waits for her to stand. Then the blonde Viking warrior easily hoists up the Italian Goddess onto her shoulder and Body Slams her back to the mat. Monica holds her back as she writhes and turns over onto her side. Victoria grabs Monica by the hair again, but this time she leans down and lifts Monica as if she’s going for a Northern Lights Suplex. But Monica pulls out a great cover and hits a vicious DDT on Victoria who lands on her head and flips over onto her back. Monica goes for a pin, however, Victoria kicks out at two and a half.

Monica returns the favor to Victoria by yanking her up by her hair and placing her in a standing headlock lifting her vertical and inverted holding her high before landing a nasty Vertical Suplex. The Italian follows that up with a German Suplex and now the furious Monica begins stomping and kicking Victoria, taking out her frustrations on the blonde Amazon who moments before was roughing her up. She Irish Whips Victoria to the corner and charges in after her, hitting a huge Avalanche, smashing Victoria between her voluptuous body and the hard turnbuckles.

As Victoria slumps to the mat, Monica begins to set her up for her 150 finisher as she tries to lift Victoria onto her shoulders to sit her on the top turnbuckle. But Victoria fights her way out of it and Monica, now angry, hits a huge backhand CRACK to Victoria’s face that echoes through the arena. Victoria grabs her face which has a bright red hand print on it.

Monica, wanting to wear down Victoria some more sends her once again into the corner with a Irish Whip with some Italian Amazon power behind it. Monica charges in for another Avalanche, but this time Victoria catches her by surprise, coming out of the corner full speed with her arm extended…SPLAT…Victoria’s arm slams into Monica’s big chest and the force of the two meeting sends the big Italian in a 270 flip through the air that ends with Monica crashing chest first on the mat!

Victoria hair-hauls Monica to her feet. Monica looks to be in a daze after the huge Clothesline; her eyes rolling around in her head. However, that isn’t all that’s rolling around - one of her large breasts has spilled out of her flimsy bikini. Victoria shoves Monica’s head down between her thighs, forcing Monica to bend over and giving the fans a very good view of her perfect thong-clad ass. Victoria hoists Monica up at her stomach and lifts her into a stall position now so that the 5’10” Italian is seated on Victoria’s shoulders. Victoria demonstrates her strength by holding the 145 lb Italian Amazon in the stall position with Monica’s crotch pressed against her face before she sits out - slamming Monica to the mat with a hard hitting Sit Out Powerbomb, which bounces Bellucci nearly a foot in the air and jettisons her still covered left breast right up and out of her top, leaving it (like the right one) totally exposed!

Victoria pulls off Monica’s top and wraps it around Monica’s neck choking her with it. Victoria uses the top to swing Monica around the ring before releasing her sending her spinning across the mat. Victoria once again lifts Monica up and hoists her up in the air over her shoulder and bodyslams her hard to the mat shaking the ring. Monica rolls around moaning as the fans now sound silent seeing Monica being decimated the past few minutes. Victoria goes to whip Monica to the ropes, but Monica suddenly reverses to loud cheers from the fans.

Victoria bounces off the ropes and Monica drops to the mat ducking under Victoria who leaps over Monica’s body. Monica scrambles back to her feet as Victoria again rebounds off the ropes When she returns, Monica springs into the air attempting to Leap Frog over Victoria, but the big blonde stops and catches Monica in mid-air! Victoria then drops her cunt down on her outstretched knee in a perfect Inverted Atomic Drop. Monica bounces off her knee and staggers around holding her crotch.

Victoria grabs Monica, spins her around and then lifts Monica up and hits her with a regular Atomic Drop, driving Monica’s Tricolori thonged ass down onto her knee. Monica sags back against Victoria’s hulking bosom, her mouth gaping as she tries to suck air into her tortured lungs.

Victoria lifts Monica again as if for another Atomic Drop, but instead carries her to the corner where she lifts Monica up and slams her crotch down on the top turnbuckle. Monica opens her mouth in a silent scream as her thinly clad crotch meets the hard metal of the turnbuckle. Monica sits slumped over on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd, but she doesn’t stay there for long!

Victoria grabs a handful of lush black hair and roughly pulls, tumbling Monica over backward against the corner turnbuckles. The backs of Monica’s knees hook over the top rope, preventing her from falling straight to the mat, where she instead hangs upside down in the corner in the infamous ‘Tree of Woe’; totally at Victoria’s mercy.

Victoria examines the inverted Italian Goddess for a few moments as Monica struggles trying to sit up, but her struggles are futile as Victoria stomps and kicks her beautiful topless body. Then Victoria begins to rain punches down, her fists driving deep into Monica’s soft-but-not-flabby belly. Monica grunts as each punch lands and with each punch, her large Italian breasts shake and bounce.

Next, Victoria turns her attention to Monica’s exposed crotch! She climbs up the ropes on either side of Monica’s upside down body and plants a foot on Monica’s pussy as she holds the top rope. Victoria takes her other foot off of the rope, resting all her 140+ pounds on the foot on Monica’s snatch. Victoria grinds her foot into Monica’s crotch before jumping up and down a couple times.

Finally, Victoria climbs down and Monica moans softly as her hands weakly raise to massage her crotch. Her hands disappear up under her thong as she tries to rub away the pain in her tenderized twat. While Monica is rubbing herself, Victoria leaves the ring, finds Monica’s bikini top and brings it back into the ring with her. She uses it to choke the still upside down Monica as the impotent ref yells at her to stop.

Victoria runs across the ring, turns and charges toward Monica and lands a huge spear to her stomach. The impact frees the raven haired Italian from the Tree of Woe but she doesn’t get a break because Victoria quickly stands her up and pushes her back into the corner where she lifts Monica’s right leg and hooks it over the middle rope, then does the same to her left leg; leaving Monica in an awkward position seated on the turnbuckle with her legs spread wide while Victoria retreats back across the ring, turns and goes for a kick that resembles a football kicker making a punt… however the football in this case is Monica’s abused snatch! WHUMP!

Monica’s body lifts into the air, then as it settles back it starts to slump forward. But Victoria grabs her by her thong and pulls her back up. Monica still remains spread-eagled in the corner with her legs over the middle ropes as Victoria pulls and tugs Monica’s thong - hard - giving her a painful Wedgie as the material painfully cuts into the V of Monica’s already sore pussy. She moans as the cotton material disappears into her crotch, exposing both labia which drape over both sides of the thin ribbon of cloth.

Again, Victoria runs to the opposite site of the ring and charges across again with a huge boot to the snatch, this time knocking Monica out of the corner. She crashes chest first to the mat with her feet still draped over the middle ropes; the victim of a second “Shattered Dreams” Cunt Punt! She rolls around on the mat in pain as her loyal Italian fans boo the ref for not disqualifying Victoria for that move. Other fans, nod their agreement with the ‘no call’ finding that Monica looks delicious when she’s all weepy and in pain.

Now firmly in control of the match, Victoria pulls up Monica by the hair and stands her up. She grabs Monica by her waist and lifts her into a big Bearhug in a show of her dominant strength. This woman is pretty much equal in size to Monica, but the way she lifts Monica in the air as she holds her in the Bearhug, squeezing the life out of her, is impressive.

Still, Monica refuses to give up although her arms start to drop limp at her sides and her eyes flutter closed. The Italian fans begin to chant “MON-I-CA“ “MON-I-CA!“ and it seems to wake the groggy Italian Goddess. She begins punching Victoria in the head trying to get her to release. It doesn’t work at first, but after a couple of punches she manages to get Victoria to release her and she crumples to the mat where she lays trying to recover as her fans cheer for her to get up.

Victoria in the meantime holds her head after the punches she received from Monica. Victoria climbs up the turnbuckle as the fans chant Monica’s name, trying to get her to get up and stop Victoria. Monica seems to react to the fans as she suddenly gets to her feet and runs to the corner where Victoria is standing and Monica shakes the ropes, making the voluptuous blonde lose her footing. Victoria drops straight down, landing with her crotch impaled on the top turnbuckle.

Suddenly the fans cheer loudly with more “Monica” chants as Monica signals for her finisher – “Sleep Wit Da Fishes”, her top rope Michinoku Driver. Monica hits the move and then schoolgirl pins Victoria, ripping off Victoria’s top before moving up into a perfect Facesit Pin, wedging her thronged crotch over Victoria’s nose as the ref counts ONE! TWO! THREE!

Monica gets up and celebrates, blowing kisses to her fans, as the Italian fans throw her roses for once again defeating the big Swede. But while Monica is celebrating her victory, she doesn’t see another blonde enter the ring. The Italian fans have no clue as to who it is either as this woman waits patiently in a three point stance until Monica turns around. The fans try to warn her and Monica foolishly turns around, confused, just as the muscular blonde woman charges across the ring! She spears Monica in the stomach, flipping her in the air through a complete 360. The force of the running spear knocked the wind out of Monica and she hits the mat hard, then lays rolling on her side, holding her sore stomach.

The large blonde woman, still unknown to the fans, puts Monica’s head between her thighs and with ease lifts her up as if she is going to hit a Powerbomb, but instead she swings Monica over her back, catching her under the armpits, then lifts her high overhead in a crucifix position (Razors Edge, Outsiders Edge position). The muscular blonde charges across the ring and gives Monica a running Outsiders Edge Powerbomb, which lands Monica on her head, then flips over. Only the corner turnbuckle prevents Monica from flipping over onto her stomach, instead she lands awkwardly face down with her feet on the turnbuckle in a near inverted position.

The blonde Amazon that had just had her way with Monica goes over to Victoria, who is starting to come to and helps her up. Victoria hugs the big blonde, who is dressed in a white tank top and blue jeans. Victoria introduces the big Amazon as Marika Johannson, the newest addition to the blonde side and tells the Italian fans their brunettes will not stand a chance against this new force.

Marika goes over to where Monica still lays almost unconscious, grabs her by her hair and lifts her roughly to her feet. Marika then places a hand at Monica’s chest and another between her thighs and presses the Italian Goddess effortlessly over her head. Marika does a slow turn, showing off her prey like a trophy, then walks around the ring holding Monica overhead before violently dropping Monica onto her shoulder before shifting into a Tombstone Piledriver that leaves Monica KO’d on the mat and her body spasming.

Victoria and Marika stare down at the out-cold, sweaty, topless Monica, then with an evil smile they remove Monica’s thong and stuff it in her mouth. They pose over her, Victoria with her foot flattening Monica’s left breast and Marika with her foot slowly grinding Monica’s bare crotch.

The irate Italian fans continue to boo until Victoria pulls the thong from Monica’s mouth and holds it in air, showing it to the booing crowd who realize they won’t get the infamous thong. And they’re right! Victoria takes it back to her locker room and hangs it in her trophy case next to the one that had once been worn by Charlize Theron. But this thong is different; Victoria didn’t won Monica’s thong - she hadn’t even won the match. She got help to get this thong - not that it matters to Monica who lays spread-eagled in the ring, motionless; waiting to be rescued by the ringside safety personnel.