Shakira vs. Elsa Benitez by Amanda

As tall, lanky, Latina supermodel Elsa Benitez slowly sipped her margarita at a trendy south beach nightclub an uneasy feeling came over her. She had been receiving ice cold stares from her rival Latina lovely Shakira all night. The tension had become so thick you could cut it with a knife. It seemed there’d been a heated war of words going on between them after some comment’s Elsa made in a Latino magazine about her being the most beautiful Latina in the entertainment industry.

Naturally, Shakira responded by calling Elsa, “an overrated bimbo whose only talent is standing still and looking pretty.”

Needless to say, after that there was no love lost between the two lovely Latina’s.
As the night wore on Shakira’s effort’s to draw Elsa into a full-blown confrontation were repeatedly thwarted by Elsa’s passive, docile demeanor. The more Shakira stared and taunted, the more Elsa nervously averted her eyes which in turn forced Shakira to re-evaluate her strategy.

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” she thought. “If she doesn’t want to fight, I’ll kill her with kindness.”

Sporting an evil smile, Shakira playfully trotted across the bar to the table where Elsa was sitting. A lump appeared in Elsa’s throat as she saw Shakira moving toward her.

“Maybe she’s just going to the ladies room,” Elsa thought to herself in a subdued state of panic.

Pretending to ignore the sexy diva, Elsa nervously stared down into her drink, hoping Shakira would pass by. But only second’s later Shakira stopped at Elsa’s table.

“Hey Elsa honey, mind if I sit down!!” Shakira shouted in an effort to be heard over the club’s blaring sound system.

“S-s-s-sure” Elsa stammered taken off guard by Shakira’s good-natured approach.

“Omigod I simply love this dress,” Shakira said, running her fingers lightly over Elsa’s back and complimenting her outfit before sitting down. Then in a more serious tone, Shakira continued, “Listen Elsa honey I’m really sorry about all the stuff that the paper’s are saying about us and our stupid rivalry.”

Hearing this coming from Shakira made Elsa feel like the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulder’s.

“It makes me so happy to hear you say that Shakira. I have been a nervous wreck since the whole ordeal started,” Elsa gushed with a huge sigh of relief, still unsuspecting of Shakira’s ulterior motives.

Shakira remembered a friend telling her that Elsa’s dancing abilities closely resembled that of an uncoordinated string bean and she deviously decided that would be the perfect angle of attack to humiliate the talentless beauty queen.
“Come on Elsa, wanna dance?” Shakira asked playfully as she grabbed Elsa’s wrist in a firm hold.

“U-u-uhhh no - that’s OK. You go ahead,” Elsa stammered, looking like a deer in the headlights.

“Aaawwwww c’mon, Elsa it’ll be fun,” Shakira persisted.

“No that’s OK I don’t want to dance. Really!” Elsa whined resist Shakira’s pull.

Shakira was determined to get Elsa on the dance floor and she cunningly employed the help of the crowd that was gathered around there table.

“Hey everybody, how many people wanna see me and Elsa get out there and shake it?” she asked

The crowd, mostly “half-lit” men, went wild.

“C’mon Elsa honey, you heard them,” Shakira urged as Elsa reluctantly got to her feet.

Shakira smiled deviously as her plan began to come to fruition. As the sea of anxious onlooker’s parted, the two lovely Latinas made there way to the dance floor. Shakira led the way looking hot in a pair of tight red leather pants and matching halter top that fit her firm, athletic 5’4-115 lb physique like a glove. Elsa stumbled along behind, struggling to keep up with the rapidly walking Shakira. She too looked absolutely gorgeous, wearing a stapless black designer mini-dress with thigh high stocking’s and matching pumps that really displayed her tall 5’11”, slender 118 lb figure to perfection.

Although Shakira was brimming with confidence, it was Elsa who stole the show once she caught up to Shakira and her long leg’s carried her elegantly toward the dance floor as if she were on a Paris runway. But once the two reached the now empty dance floor, it was no contest. Shakira took over as she gyrated with amazing agility and precision to the pounding music while Elsa struggled to keep up!

Shakira was literally dancing circles around the supermodel and she couldn’t help but laugh as Elsa’s tall, lanky body lurched back and forth in a series of uncoordinated movement’s as she struggled to keep pace with the athletic dance diva. All the while the crowd chanted, “SHA-KI-RA!-SHA-KI-RA!”

“Damn Elsa honey I didn’t know you couldn’t dance,” Shakira ‘apologized.’ Maybe you should stick to doing what you do best,” Shakira added with a smug sneer.

“What’s that?” the embarrassed and frustrated supermodel replied.

“You know...stand there, look pretty and keep your mouth shut,” Shakira taunted playfully.

After hearing Shakira’s brash remark it became glaringly apparent to Elsa this was nothing more than a devious ploy by Shakira to humiliate her. Feeling humiliated and betrayed, Elsa snapped nd grabbed a drink from an onlooker, then threw the alcoholic mixture in the cocky Diva’s face. Shakira’s Latin blood began to boil as she wiped the drink from her eyes.

“You nasty little bitch, your gonna pay for that!” Shakira spat as she headed for Elsa with her fist’s clenched.

Elsa, who’s fighting skill ranked right up there with her dance skill, nervously back-pedaled right into a group of Latino gang member’s who were chanting, “FIGHT!-FIGHT!”

OOOOOOOHHHH!!!” squealed Elsa when one man reached up under her short dress and pinched her ass.

In a frantic effort to escape the testosterone-charged mob, Elsa clumsily stumbled back onto the dance floor where Shakira was patiently waiting for her.

“Okay you big, uncoordinated, beanpole,” Shakira snarled. “You had a dance lesson, now it’s time for a boxing lesson,” Shakira laughed. “C’mon hit me you big sissy,” Shakira taunted, completely un-intimidated by the towering, yet cowering supermodel.

Elsa, feeling she was better off taking her chances with Shakira than fleeing into the sex-crazed mob, awkwardly pulled back her long slender arm and telegraphed a very feminine punch in Shakira’s direction. Shakira slightly amused, but unscathed by Elsa’s feeble attempt, countered by burying a hard right in the tall girl’s slender midriff.

OOOOUUUFFFF!!!” Elsa grunted as she dropped to her knee’s in pain.

Elsa desperately trying to hold on to the last remaining shred of her dignity, struggled back to her feet and charged Shakira who responded by side-stepping and tripping the surprised supermodel - sending her crashing awkwardly to the wooden floor on which she skidded on her stomach for several feet.

Not as quick getting back to her feet, Elsa never-the-less staggered to her feet a second time but this time Shakira pounced first, tackling the tall, lanky girl and driving her back down onto the floor. The two girl’s then began rolling around on the floor, pulling hair, tearing clothes, punching and pinching breasts as they struggled for dominance.
As the two girl’s continued to battle, Shakira began to establish the upper hand, placing Elsa in a well executed camel-clutch although Elsa continued to struggle, thrashing her long legs violently. But Shakira showed the vicious determination of a pit bull and slowly began to squeeze the fight out of the taller but weaker girl. As Elsa’s struggles weakened, her grunts and curses were replaced by whimpers and sobs. Shakira knew it was over and began plotting further humiliation of her hapless victim. She unzipped what was left of Elsa’s dress, pulled it down to her waist and began unsnapping her bra.

NOOOOOO!!” Elsa whimpered “Please Shakira, don’t do this to me!”

The hell-bent diva ignored Elsa’s plea and tossed her bra to the raucous crowd. Then she thought of a hold for a tall, lanky girl like Elsa. Grabbing Elsa’s long slender arms, Shakira planted her boot in the small of Elsa’s back and slowly pulled her back into a painful surfboard submission hold. As Shakira began pulling back violently, she lifted Elsa’s large heaving breasts off the floor and shook them for the world to see. Elsa let out a blood curdling scream, fearing her arms were being pulled out of there sockets.

“P-p-p-please Shakira stop! your hurting me - bad!” the thoroughly beaten and humiliated model cried as tear’s trickled down her mascara stained face.

AAAWWWW! poor baby,” the cocky diva taunted her. “Is little old Shakira hurting you?”

“Yessss! Please just lemme go!” Elsa whined.

“OK, here’s the deal bitch,” Shakira hissed as she loosened her grip. “You come back to my condo with me and we’ll call a press conference first thing in the morning. Then you tell the world who the hottest an sexiest Latina in the world is. Got It!” Shakira spat.

“Y-y-yess,” Elsa conceded, resigning herself to her fate.

“Or you can spend the night with them,” Shakira said, pointing to the group of gang member’s who’d taken liking to Elsa earlier.

“NO-no-no! Not that! OK, I’ll go with you,” Elsa stammered nervously shivering at the thought.

Shakira hair-hauled Elsa to her feet and looked the tall girl up and down, muttering in disgust, “Damn, you look like shit.”

As Elsa stood, her long slender legs quivered like a newborn colt as she hung her head in shame. Her perky tit’s rose and fell rapidly with her excited breathing as they hung out the front of her tattered, once beautiful dress.

“I tell you what,” Shakira offered playfully. “If you’re a good girl and do as you’re told when we get back to my place, in the morning I’ll take you out and buy you a new dress for the press conference. Damn, maybe we can be friends after all. Hell, who knows, maybe by morning we’ll be more than friend’s….if ya know what I mean,” Shakira said ed flirtatiously as she gently plucked at the deeply blushing Elsa’s erect nipples.

Elsa could only nod submissively as Shakira grabbed the once proud glamour queen by the arm and led her through the crowd toward the door. The crowd parted once again, chanting, “SHA-KI-RA!-SHA-KI-RA!” as the triumphant diva pulled her demoralized and outclassed rival out the door into the darkness where who knows what additional humiliation awaited.