Adriana Sklenarikova vs. Elsa Benitez by Fight Fan

Adriana was determined to look extra special that evening for the date with her secret lover. She looked as beautiful and sexy as ever as she applied the finishing touches to her make up, then went to the wardrobe and fetched the outfit she'd chosen. It was mainly a short dress with a plunging neckline; all black and made of a light, clingy material that accented her every curve of her long, curvy body. She put on a bra and encased her long legs in sheer black pantyhose - all that was left was to add her black high heels and she was ready to go.

The taxi then arrived which was to take her to her rendezvous with her secret lover, they chose a small but smart Italian restaurant downtown. Adriana arrived first and was ushered to one of the secluded booths. Each booth had its own little curtain which the occupants could close for added privacy. The waiter returned with the glass of white wine Adriana had ordered and she sat back to await her lover.

However, unknown to Adriana, her lover's wife had overheard him arranging the date. The gorgeous woman couldn't believe what her ears were hearing! But when she heard him call her 'Adriana' she really became livid! She knew the date could only be one woman for the husband was a famous fashion photographer and his wife was none other than the fabulously sexy Latina supermodel, Elsa Benitez!

The scene was set for a classic confrontation; a catfight involving two of the worlds most beautiful supermodels. Apart from being furious and burning with rage that someone was trying to steal her man, it was ten times worse that it was the blonde leg goddess Adriana, herself, a woman Elsa despised with every fiber of her being. Elsa slipped a potion into her husband's drink that night at dinner that ensured he'd sleep a good eight hours, then went to get ready for her confrontation with the blond bitch Adriana.

Elsa decided to wear a tight white silk blouse, snug, fitted black mini-, black stockings and high heels. She was determined to show her rival who was the sexier looking woman before she beat her up.

Adriana was sipping a glass of wine when she felt someone slide into the booth beside her. She looked up and found herself eye to eye with Elsa. They were sitting mere inches apart and Elsa gave Adriana a long look before she ordered a drink from the waiter. He left and she pulled the curtain shut, then moved close until she and Adriana were thigh to thigh. Elsa looked her rival over closely, noting that they were nearly the same height and about the same weight. Each had spectacular legs that seemed to go on forever.

"What's wrong Adriana, you look surprised," snapped Elsa. "Were you perhaps expecting somebody else - like my husband, you dirty two-timing, husband-stealing slut?"

Adriana grinned as she answered, "Look it's simple Elsa, Paul just doesn't love you anymore. He loves ME and there's nothing you, or anyone else, can do about it! Maybe if you could satisfy him..."

"Oh, you think so do you?" snarled Elsa as she sat up erect. "You think I'm going to just step aside and let a cheap tart steal my man? If that's what you're thinking, you'd best forget that right now!"

Elsa turned slightly toward Adriana as she slid a hand behind the blondes back and pulled them close together.

"And what WILL it take?" Elsa whispered as she rubbed herself against Adriana.

"You'll have to fight for him," Adriana replied quietly as she slipped her own arm around Elsa's body.

"I hoped you'd say that," Elsa replied as she rolled onto one hip and pushed a nylon clad leg between Adriana's thighs.

Their legs tangled as the two women clutched at each other in the narrow confines of the booth. Adriana lightly grabbed a handful of Elsa's hair and slowly ran her free hand over Elsa's blouse, then closed her fingers on Elsa's full, firm breast. Elsa tightened her grip on Adriana's shoulders as she grabbed a boob of her own. It was at this tense moment the waiter returned to ask if either wanted to place a dinner order. Slowly untangling themselves, Adriana and Elsa both declined and continued to glare at each other.

After a couple of minutes of silent confrontation, Elsa sighed and muttered, "This place isn't private enough. We better go someplace where we can be alone - to finish this 'conversation'."

Neither of the beauties were known for their aggression or catfighting skills, but if there was one thing they had in common it was the will to fight for the man they wanted.

"You don't scare me," replied Adriana. It'll take more than empty threats to ruin our love!"

"Oh, it's no threat you stupid cow," Elsa gasped as Adriana gave her erect nipple a hard squeeze. "If you don't stay away from him, I'm going to rearrange that pretty face of yours," she snarled through clenched teeth. "There's a little motel just down the road called the Night Owl. It's the sort of place a cheap beanpole slut like you will have no trouble finding. Meet me there - if you dare!"

"Fine, let's get going," snapped Adriana as she yanked her hand from Elsa's breast.

They paid for their drinks and left. Once in the parking lot, they got into their cars and headed down the road. Ten minutes later they were pulling into the Night Owl. They arrived at the motel, a cheap trashy place; the kind curb-crawlers and there ilk visited with any cheap tart they could find. The manager couldn't believe his eyes when Elsa and Adriana walked in and asked for a room

"That'll be $40 hon," he smirked. "But I'll give it to ya free if I can watch you two hot honey's get it on."

"Go play with yourself baldy," snarled Elsa.

Both woman were nervous as they climbed the stairs to the second floor, neither really wanted to fight for fear of getting her looks ruined, but at the same time neither wanted to seem weak in front of her rival. The corridor was crowded as they pushed their way to the room and the two long legged beauties caused quite a stir.

"You fuckin' lucky pair of bitches," shouted one man kissing his weekly shag goodnight.

Two scruffy looking fat woman who were obviously lovers, stood and licked their lips at the sight of the two supermodels. They walked over to them and the one who was carrying a thick, strap-on dildo turned to Elsa.

"Hey hon, wanna borrow mine? I reckon it'll make your girlfriend squeal real good," she smiled.

Elsa whispered, "Thanks but no thanks! I'm going to make her squeal alright, but it's not going to be with pleasure. The bitch is trying to steal my man."

The woman looked Adriana up and down, "Mmmm I don't reckon you're gonna have much trouble with that skinny bitch. She don't look like much, but then again, neither do you! You go on an kick her skinny ass, hon," she laughed.

The other woman was busily, checking Adriana out, "Wow you sure are hot blondie. Hell, I wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty in those designer knickers. And check out your legs, are they for real? Shit those babies go forever," she smiled, pinching the back of Adriana's long slender thigh.

"Ouch! Hey, you fat bitch. Keep your filthy hands to yourself," Adriana shouted.

The woman lunged at Adriana and in one swift move, grabbed the blonde by the throat and slammed her back up against the wall.

"You best watch that pretty mouth bimbo or ill snap those skinny legs in two," she snarled through gritted teeth.

"Hey leggo Doreen," the first dyke said. "The ladies got some business needs 'tendin' to."

Doreen released Adriana and the two lesbians went into the room they'd booked, each wishing it was one of the supermodel beauties they were going in with instead of their partner.

Adriana looked at Elsa and sighed, "I don't think this's such a good idea."

"What's wrong you smelly bitch, are you scared?" smiled Elsa.

"No! Noo, of course not. I...I m...mean, do you think we should go somewhere else," Adriana sputtered nervously.

Elsa's nerves were easing and as she studied her, Elsa could see Adriana was getting scared. The idea of teaching her hated rival a lesson had her tingling with excitement. At the same time, Adriana could see the burning hatred in Elsa's eyes and knew she'd have to dominate the fight from the start or risk a bad beating.

Adriana opened the door and Elsa followed her inside. Elsa closed the door and turned to throw the dead bolt but as soon as she turned back toward Adriana, the blonde was on her in a flash. The catfight was ON! Adriana threw herself at Elsa and the two women clinched chest to chest and stomach to stomach, wrapping their arms around each other as they stumbled into the door with a loud CRASH.

Adriana pinned Elsa to the door as both grabbed handfuls of hair and each cried out as the other kicked her in the shins. Gripping each other tightly, they rubbed and writhed their slender bodies together. Getting one foot back against the door, Elsa shoved off and they careened into the room. Elsa forced Adriana to the bed and they fell onto it, breaking apart momentarily but still clutching at each other's hair.

Kicking off her shoes, Elsa went for Adriana with her nylon clad legs. Adriana responded in kind and soon the two women's legs were hopelessly entangled. Locked thigh to thigh, they clinched again and began rolling slowly back and forth across the bed, each fighting to get on top of the other. Elsa managed to wrap her slender nyloned thighs around Adriana's head and she smiled through gritted teeth as she squeezed Adrian's head tightly.

"Give up slut," laughed Elsa as Adriana's long-legged frame desperately thrashed about trying to break free.

Elsa's laughing taunts had Adriana seeing red and she did something about it! Elsa suddenly let out a yelp and rolled off the bed when she felt Adriana sink her teeth into her inner thigh. The dark-haired Latina rolled away in agony clutching her thigh until she felt the blonde tugging violently at her hair, shaking her like a rag doll.

Adriana's adrenaline was pumping and she felt an excitement and aggression she'd never experienced before. Far too often she was the victim of jealousy and bullying by other models over her long, lean looks. At first, she'd been afraid to fight Elsa but now she felt she could take on her rival and teach her who was the best woman between the two of them. Elsa was feeling the same excitement and aggression as Adriana and, in a desperate measure to break free, she dragged her sharp fingernails down the outside of Adriana's thigh.

With a scream, Adriana released her hold and fell back clutching her stinging thigh. Elsa threw herself at the blonde, spinning her around with a heavy slap that caught the blonde in the face and knocked her back on the bed.

Elsa dived on Adriana again and they rolled about on the bed, ripping and tugging each other's hair. Elsa wanted to teach Adriana a thing or two, but right now what she wanted most was to strip her naked and get at her most sensitive body parts. Elsa waited until Adriana had wrestled herself on top of her, then she released her handful of Adriana's hair and grabbed her dress in both hands.

All it took was one good pull and the expensive dress was ripped wide open and Adriana's large breasts were dangling above Elsa’s face. Adriana cursed as she groped for Elsa's skirt which had ridden up over her hips as their legs tangled.

Grabbing the hem, Adriana pulled Elsa’s skirt over her head, temporarily blinding her! Elsa was forced to twist and turn her body to free herself and in doing so, she helped Adriana pull the skirt completely off.

Brandishing the skirt over her head, Adriana gave a triumphant shout as she flung it back into the corner of the room. Elsa's breasts swayed left and right as she bucked and pushed up with her arms, struggling to unseat her rival from atop her. She didn’t succeed until she caught a handful of Adriana's long, gold hair and pulled which sent her tumbling over onto her side.

Topless and nude save for pantyhose, the two women rolled and wrestled on the rumpled bed with newfound energy. Bare breasts covered with sweat, rubbed against each other; hard, flat bellies bumped and slapped then parted as sinewy arms gripped slippery backs and nylon encased legs swished and zipped below their waists.

Elsa tried to tear Adriana's pantyhose off, but the slippery nylon was impossible to get a grip on and all she could do was leave long runs in the material and red welts on Adriana’s pale flesh. Adriana had her hand between Elsa’s legs, clawing at the crotch panel of her pantyhose trying to rip it out, but like Elsa she couldn't get a grip on the smooth fabric while her rival was thrashing about.

Both women stopped fighting and paused for short break to catch their breath. As they sat there staring at each other, both began to become aroused by the sight of the other's hard, erect tawny nipples. Edging forward, they met in the middle of the bed, their firm breasts brushing lightly as they kept their hands at their sides.

Adriana glared into Elsa's eyes and snarled, "I'm going to beat you up, bitch," as she rubbed her breasts slowly on Elsa's.

"Just try!" Elsa snapped, as she thrust back into Adriana’s erect mounds of hard flesh.

Back and forth they went, thrusting and scrubbing their breasts together, first lightly then harder as they swayed back and forth on their knees. Suddenly, Adriana reached out and took Elsa by the hips and roughly pulled the brunette into her body. She paused for a moment and then slammed her mouth down on Elsa's, crushing her lips in a hard, open-mouth, kiss. Elsa was more than ready as as Adriana’s lips parted to cover hers, Elsa flicked out her tongue and their moist tongues wrestled inside the blonde’s mouth.

Falling on their sides, the two women resumed the battle, wrapping their legs around each other as they rolling back and forth on the bed. As they fought, they continued the long, hard, grinding kisses and fondled each other's breasts wantonly. They probed each other with their hands, pinching and scratching wherever they found bare flesh. Their smooth thighs pounded deeper and deeper into their opponent’s crotch, leaving them both wet and making them wild with lustful desire to dominate the other sexually as much as physically!

Finally, Adriana managed to roll on top of Elsa who was tiring and couldn’t keep Adriana from pressing her luscious lips down against hers. Adriana broke off the kiss and stared down at her panting rival and smiled confidently.

“Now, it's time to finish you off, " Adriana hissed as she slapped Elsa's flushed, beautiful face. “Had enough? Admit I win?" laughed Adriana.

"Yes, yes,” sobbed the brunette. “OK, you won," she gasped, her body shuddering.

Adriana rolled off and kneeled over the body of the sobbing brunette, smiling smugly. Then, grabbing Elsa by the hair, she pulled her to her feet and walked her across the room holding her bent forward. Turning Elsa, Adriana slammed her back up against the wall and leaned into her with her knee pressed between Elsa’s trembling thighs to hold her in place. Adriana was in total control now and she wanted to punish and humiliate her sobbing rival further.

"You’re so pathetic, Elsa,” she sneered. “Just lookit you. No wonder your man wants me. I mean, face it dearie, I'm so much better looking than you.”


Adriana laughed as she slapped Elsa across the face, then followed up with an uppercut punch to the stomach just below Elsa’s cute little belly button. The brunette stunner’s long legs buckled as she gasped for breath and she would have fallen but for Adriana’s knee wedged between her legs holding her up. Adriana held Elsa by the throat, pinning her on the wall as she pressed her face close to Elsa’s and licked the tears from her blushing cheeks. Adriana was feeling horny again as her thighs rubbed on Elsa's thighs. She was just about to kiss Elsa when the brunette struck back!

Elsa snapped her knee up and it cracked hard into Adriana's crotch, lifting her onto her toes. The blonde's face contorted with pain and her long legs began to buckle as she staggered backward holding her wounded pussy. Elsa pushed off the wall, kicking Adriana across the back of her leg sending her crashing to the floor on her knees. But Adriana was quickly flat on her back when Elsa kicked her in the face. Adriana flopped over on her back - out cold!

Elsa looked down at her rival and gave her a hard kick in the ribs to be sure she was really out. Wincing in pain, Elsa started collecting her clothes from the floor. She got dressed as Adriana began to come around, groaning and moaning. Whenever it looked to Elsa like Adriana was about to regain consciousness, she’d give her another kick!

"Shut your whining mouth, slut," Elsa would shout each time she kicked Adriana.

After Elsa was dressed, she reached down, grabbed a handful of Adriana's thick blonde hair and pulled the sobbing, whimpering blonde to her feet.

"Get up you cheap, slut," Elsa screamed as she slammed the beaten blonde’s body against the wall and slapped her face.

"Aghhhhh! more! Please don't hurt me any more," Adriana sobbed, raising her hands defensively.

"Nobody steals my man,” Elsa screamed. “Especially a cheap, smelly piece of trash like you! Where I come from we fight for our men and I swear, I'm going to beat you up any time I see you within ten feet of my man, you understand blondie?"

"Yes! Yes! Please no more! Aghhhh, aghhhhhh. Noooooooo!" Adriana bawled as Elsa laid into her again with her fists and knees.

When she was finished, Elsa coolly opened the door and walked out leaving the battered blonde leg goddess sprawled in a heap on the floor, naked and bawling her eyes out. The two fat lesbians were waiting outside in the hall for a progress report.

"How'd it go hon? There was a hell of a racket comin' from in there," one asked as she peeked over Elsa’s shoulder at Adriana.

"Jeez that pretty face o' yours has taken a few knocks," said the other, running her fingertips lightly over Elsa's cheek.

Frowning, Elsa brushed her hand, then grinned and laughed, "Yeah, but you should see the slut in there!"

As Elsa strutted proudly away, the two fat women went into the room and locked it behind them as Adriana was struggling to get to her feet.

Elsa waited in the hall, then started laughing as she heard Adriana scream, "NO! Get away from me! STOP THAT!"

She thought of one last humiliation for the whore Adriana. Elsa called the police from her cell phone and reported there was a prostitution operation in the hotel and gave them the address and room number. The next morning, she was having breakfast by the pool and when she opened the newspaper and read the front page, she roared with laughter at the headline.


Elsa's husband looked up in surprise at her outburst of mirth, "What's up, honey?"

She showed him the headlines which left him staring in shock.

"Why what's wrong dear?" asked Elsa.

"Huh.... Huh, nuttin' honey. Just…well, I was supposed to do a photo shoot with Adriana in the Caribbean this week."

"Oh," Elsa smiled. "Well don’t worry, I'M available! I'll start packing," she grinned.

The last anyone heard from Adriana, she was doing six months in the woman's prison, sharing a cell with two fat women.