Julie Benz vs. Susan Ward by bigfan (NCWL: 2005)

Ring announcer Donna Mills climbs into the ring and says, "Coming to the ring standing 5'4" from Monroe LA Susan Ward!" SR71's "Right Now" begins playing as Susan comes out. She is wearing a denim jacket open in the front with nothing under it and a pair of Daisy Duke Shorts. Susan stops and swings her long brown hair and then throws both hands in the air as sparklers go off. Susan jumps and hops around making her way to the ring.

Fans are excited, but this is kind of a middle of the road match for them they enjoy watching the two competitors they just don't have the strong love or hate for either. Susan climbs threw the ropes and heads to her corner. Jamie Lee Curtis is in the ring already to officiate.

The arena gets dark as Donna does the next introduction "Standing 5'4.5" from Pittsburgh PA Julie Benz!" Concrete Blonde's "Bloodletting" begins as smoke bellows on the stage like a low fog. Coming out in a red bra and panties is Julie Benz. Unlike Susan's jumping around entrance Julie walks a slow slinky walk Julie doesn't pay attention to the fans as she comes down. She watches Susan the entire way. As Julie gets a few feet away from the ring she shoots under the bottom rope very quickly and is back on her feet in the ring showing amazing speed.

Julie and Susan remove their outfits and wait for Jamie's signal; seeing the women are ready Jamie does start the match. Their movements continue to contrasts as Julie moves slowly towards Susan who if jumping up and down making her tits bounce and jiggle. Julie the suddenly shoots towards Susan in an attempt to get behind her, but Susan moves forward and spins to face Julie again. Susan then shoots low at Julie's legs for a takedown but Julie steps back out of range and Susan returns to her vertical base.

Julie then shoots at Susan's left leg, but before she can lock on to it Susan spins to her right. After Susan comes out of her spin she tries rushing Julie before the Blonde can get back to her feet. Julie does not bother trying to stand; she just rolls to her right away from Susan. Julie is in a defensive crouch says to Susan "Ok honey enough dancing lets get this fight going" Julie straightens up and move closer to Susan. They then lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up.

They push and pull against each other both looking for an advantage. Neither gains the position they want so they push away form each other Julie smiles at Susan say "We seem to have equal speed and strength. What's next honey" Susan says "I...." Julie takes a step forward at kicks Susan; the ball of Julie's foot hits right on Susan bellybutton. Susan makes a sound like she might puke as Julie steps beside her and grabs a handful of hair. Julie taunts "You're a stupid bimbo and I'm not. That's what's next."

Julie releases her handful of hair to take hold of Susan's left wrist. Julie pulls the arm over her head placing it across her shoulders and wraps her other arm around Susan's waist. Julie lifts Susan, turns, and falls backwards with Susan in a Samoan Drop. Susan is stunned as the air is knocked out of her. Julie rolls and gets back to her feet.

Susan rolls to her stomach Julie grabs Susan's left ankle and left wrist and sits down. Julie then pulls Susan on to her right side and puts her foot on Susan's back and pulls both wrist and ankle back to her. Susan moans and her limbs are pulled and her back is pushed the other way. Julie easies the pressure then falls back again pull harder. Susan' eyes squeeze shut as she screams. Julie taunts "I think you can scream louder than that honey" Julie pulls until Susan's ankle and wrist cross. Julie then lets go and Susan springs back to her stomach.

Julie takes her time to get up as Susan rolls away from the blonde and gets to her feet as well. Susan grimaces as a sharp pain shoots through her back as she stands. Julie still taking her time sees the face Susan makes taunt "Aw, come here and let Julie kiss it for you honey" Susan looks piss as she glares at the blonde. Julie kicks her foot out as she gets close, but this time Susan catches it and spins the blonde. As Julie's back is to her Susan wraps her arms around Julie's waist and lifts.

Julie grunt as she is lifted from the ground in a reverse bearhug. Susan has balled her right hand into a fist and locks her left hand on her right wrist pulling them into Julie belly. Julie tries to push Susan's arms down to escape. After ten to fifteen seconds of being squeezed Julie is red faced and gasping for air. Julie gives up trying to separate Susan's arms and moves her arms behind her and cups her hand then drives her fingers into Susan's ribs. The first one buys her some air as Susan's hold is relaxed. The second time gets Julie back on the ground as Susan cries out in pain. The third breaks the hold as Susan backs away holding her ribs.

Julie staggers forward a few steps gasping for air. Susan recovers quicker and come behind Julie and taking hold of both the blonde's arms at the elbow pulls her arms back. Susan then kicks Julie in the back of the knee causing the blonde to fall to her knees. Susan plants her knee in Julie's back and pulls back on her arms. Julie face shows the pain, but she makes no noise as Susan works on her back.

Susan then releases Julie's arms and pushes with her knee sending Julie sprawling onto the mat. Susan steps on the back of Julie's legs just above the knee then locks both of Julie's feet on her own shins. Susan bends down and slaps Julie's sides to get her to bring her arms closer. As soon as Julie does Susan grabs both wrist and falls back lifting the blonde up into a surfboard. Fans with the right seats get a wonderful view of both women's pussies as Susan holds the blonde up.

Julie is in pain as her head shakes back and forth. Jamie asks if she wants to submit Julie growls "No". Susan is expending a lot of energy holding Julie up so after about fifteen seconds she rolls to her right and drops the blonde to the mat. Julie makes it to her hands and knees, but Susan is already standing over her. Susan hair hauls Julie up. Susan keeps her hips turned so Julie cannot get a shot at her crotch. Once Susan gets Julie upright Susan takes Julie's wrist and Irish whips her to the far corner. Julie hangs on to Susan's wrist and reverses the move. Instead of Julie it is Susan who crashes back first into the turnbuckle.

After the Irish Whip Julie is on one knee near the center of the ring while Susan hangs in the corner both women are hurting. Julie slowly gets to her feet and Susan pushes herself out of the corner as neither could take advantage of the others pain. Susan tries to kick Julie, but Julie blocks it with her own leg and drives a fist into Susan's belly. Susan grunts as she folds around the fist as Julie slowly with drawls it. Susan mouth is open and her eyes are wide as she tries to suck air in. Julie cups Susan's large hanging juggs, but then says "later" leaving the breast unharmed. Julie standing beside Susan pulls the brunette's right arm up and drives a fist into her ribs. Susan's eyes squint and her lips press together as the pain shots through her body.

Julie still holding the arm holds it out straight from Susan's shoulder. Julie the pounds her forearm down on to Susan's out stretched tricep. Susan again cries out and this time tears form in her eyes. Julie then brings her forearm up into Susan's armpit. Julie lets the arm fall and Susan holds her right arm tight against her side with her left hand. Julie steps in front of Susan saying "I'm impressed, you're still on your feet after that most go down as soon as I let go." Susan screams and lashes out with her left hand catching Julie left tit with a backhand blow.

Julie is more stunned than hurt, but it gives Susan time to jab her left into Julie's right tit. Julie screams in pain and turns hold the smashed breast. Susan trying to take advantage of the situation grabs the back of Julie's hair and pulls her back. Susan then tries lifting her right arm, but pain shoots threw the arm and Susan has to release Julie's hair.

Julie turns back around angry and ready for some pay back. Julie pinches Susan's right nipple and pulls the boob out and up then uppercuts the bottom part of the boob. Susan cries out and tries to turn away, but Julie is still holding the nipple and prevents her from doing that. Julie raises her arm like she's about to hammer a nail. Julie's fist plays the part of the hammer and Susan trapped tit plays the nail. The nipple is pulled out of Julie's grasp and Susan sinks to her knees as tears roll down her face. Susan scream filled the arena and now she sobs quietly.

Julie feeling a little better goes behind Susan. Julie mounts Susan's shoulders like a little kid going for a ride on parent's shoulders. Julie squeezes Susan's head between her slender thighs. Julie turns her hips ever few seconds to put extra pressure on Susan's neck. Susan still has some fight in her pushes her shoulders into the back of Julie's legs as she wraps her arms around Julie's shins. Julie manages to catch herself as she falls getting her hand down on the mat first to keep her torso from crashing into the mat. Susan though screams in pain from having to use her right arm.

Julie's legs open enough in the fall for Susan to slip her head out. Susan drops her body on Julie lower back. Susan's belly press against Julie's round ass. Julie tries to push herself up as Susan works her way up Julie's back. Susan gets her hips on top of Julie's ass and Susan begins to punch Julie's ribs with her left hand. Six punches land as Julie moans and groans during the assault and after. Susan then rolls Julie to her back and flops across her chest for the pin. Jamie gets to two before Julie kicks out. Susan is disappointed, but goes back to work on the blonde. Kneeling beside Julie Susan begins mauling Julie's right tit with her left hand. Susan's right arm still hangs at her side barely moving. Julie screams and curses as she tries to pull Susan's hand off her breast.

Julie not having any success removing Susan's hand grab's the brunette right wrist and yanks on the arm. Susan screams and falls back away for Julie clutching the injured arm. Sweat covers both women's body as both are unable to move at the moment. Julie rolls to her stomach and crawls to the ropes to help pull herself up. Susan face is very pale now as she continues to moan as the pain in her arm is all most unbearable.

Julie takes a few seconds after standing to regain her composer, and then she walks over to the brunette. Julie drops to her knees with one on either side of Susan's head looking down at Susan Julie says "Tit mauling works a lot better with two hands honey" Julie then digs her fingers into Susan's large soft tit meat. Susan feet stomp on the mat and she tries to defend herself with her one good arm.

Susan reaches up and latches on to Julie's already red right boob. Julie digs deeper into Susan's rack causing Susan to forget her tit hold. Jamie is asking Susan if she wants to stop the match. Susan may have said yes but before she got here answer out Julie covers Susan's mouth with her hand and pushes herself to her feet. Jamie asks Julie "What are you doing? I didn't get her answer." Julie shrugs "I was just getting up" Jamie is not happy with Julie but there is not a lot she can do.

Susan rack is red from the punishment it just endured. Julie feeling better climbs to the second turnbuckle of the nearest corner and leaps off crashing down on Susan. Susan doesn't have enough air in her to scream after the impact. Julie hooks Susan leg for the cover. Jamie seems to be quick with the count, but it is obvious that it did not matter.

Julie rises to have her arm raised and except the cheer of the fans. Julie does not bother going back to Susan. Julie heads to the back as the medics check on Susan.