Carmen Berg (5'7" 115 lbs.) vs. Kata Karkkainen (5'6" 115 lbs.) by Kim and Ginny

Kata Karkkainen was excited as she rode in the Playboy limo from the airport to the Mansion. After her turn as Playmate of the Month in December 1988 the lovely dark-haired Finnish girl had thought she was finished with the empire, but when Hefner had called her and invited her to fly to California to be in a video she'd jumped at the chance. She wondered why they wanted to do what her agent called a "fight video" but she knew that women fighting was becoming the rage and it could give her some much needed exposure in the States.

Kata had been disappointed that, after her reign as Playmate of the Month, offers from movie studios hadn't come flowing in. Finally, her money exhausted, she'd gone back to Finland to resume her career as a model. So, when Playboy called and asked her to appear in one of their new "fightline" videos, she'd leapt at the opportunity. Kata flew to New York where she rested up in a girl friend's apartment, doing some play wrestling with her friend and studied Playboy's pictures of the woman who was to be her "opponent" in the video, Carmen Berg. They were about the same size and Kata was looking forward to meeting Miss July of 1987. She loved the idea of Playboy using her to launch their new line of fighting videos. She hadn't fought anyone since she wrestled the boys as a tike in Finland, but she was fit and felt Berg wouldn't present any difficulty after her girlfriend showed her a few moves.

When she arrived at the Mansion, Kata was directed to the basement studio where the video would be taped. She saw the room had been cleared and mats spread on the floor. Two video cameras were being set up by a crew of 3 men and 2 women. Her guide pointed her to the dressing room which was really the locker room for the pool which filled the other half of the Mansion's basement. "Carmen arrived a couple of minutes before you," the pretty young girl told Kata, "introduce yourself to her. Hef should be down in about 10-15 minutes and then we'll get started."

Kata went through the door into a tiled room with rows of lockers down both walls and a low wooden bench between them. A blonde was sitting on the bench staring down at her hands. Kata recognized her as her opponent for the video fight, Carmen Berg. She walked over and stood in front of the blonde who was so lost in her thoughts she hadn't even heard the black-haired Finlander enter.

"I'm Kata," she said in her accented English. "I know you are Berg. Like Ice Berg, much is hidden. Ya?"

Carmen looked up, her eyes narrowed, "What's that supposed to mean, hidden? You a smart-ass or something?"

Kata laughed at Carmen. "You are still dress. Much is hide by your clothings." She pulled the July 87 issue of Playboy out of her bag. "I study you, yes? By your form not much impressed I was. You're not so pretty as your pictures. I guess they make anyone Playmates now. Or maybe you had a bad year?"

Carmen stood up and leaned into Kata, breast to breast. "I'm looking at you too dearie and I'm not impressed either. You don't look any tougher now than in YOUR spread."

"Good English word you use," Kata said with a laugh as she patted Carmen's hip. "Spread is what you have doing since you pictures. I almos don't know you when I see you."

Carmen muttered as she unbuttoned her blouse, slid it down her arms and hung it carefully in the locker in front of her. Kata smiled and turned around, pulled her sweater over her head and carefully folded it, putting it on the top shelf of her locker after running her hand over it to be sure it was clean. She unsnapped her black lace bra, turned around and thrust out her bosom proudly as she looked down at Carmen who was bent over unfastening the ankle straps of her shoes. When she looked up, Carmen was staring straight at Kata's breast - less than 6" in front of her face. "Mine haven't started to sag yet," Kata said breathily, a smile curling at the corners of her petulant lips.

Irritated by her blatant challenge, Carmen's face reddened and she slapped Kata's breast with the back of her hand. "Get that out of my face before you lose it, bitch!" Kata just laughed. The verbal jousting was an expected part of the pre-fight ritual, just as it had been with her girlfriend in New York. Carmen stood up and unsnapped her short skirt, dropping it and catching it with her toe just before it hit the tile floor. She flipped it up, caught it and hung it on a hook in the locker. She turned to Kata and posed in bra and thong panties with her hands on her hips. "Well, do I look any better now that I'm not hiding?"

Kata slowly looked her opponent up and down, then reached out and ran her fingernails down Carmen's torso from bra to the waist of her panties. She noted the soft swell of Carmen's belly and gently prodded to test if the muscles beneath were as firm as they had looked in her centerfold picture. She was glad that they didn't seem as hard as she had expected them to be and suppressed a grin as she said, "Done worry, I take it easy on you. Happy I am they give older woman a chance to be Playmate. I respect elders an not hurt old womans in our fights."

Carmen's face turned beet red. "Old? You calling ME old? Why you bitch! You think FIVE years is a big deal?" Her predictable over reaction made Kata giggle as she bent forward from the waist and rolled her slacks down over her hips to her knees. As she bent, her firm breasts swung away from her chest. Her nipples were hard with thoughts of the upcoming fight with this blonde and of rolling around naked with her on the Playboy mats.

Laughing, Kata reached up and ran her fingers through Carmen's hair, held her by the back of the neck and pulled her face to her. "Oh, I just teasing you 'bout being old. You are sexy." Carmen was pulled forward until her breasts touched Kata's, hard nipple pressed against hard nipple. "Hey, wha...?" Carmen began, but her words were muffled as Kata kissed her, hard. Carmen was surprised by Kata's unexpected move, but her hands came up and she cupped Kata's firm breasts, pulling the dark-haired Finnish girl over the low bench and stretching her out as she struggled to maintain lip contact with the blonde.

With Carmen's lips covering Kata's mouth there was just a muffled grunt when the blond vixen snapped her knee up into Kata's exposed belly. She doubled up and dropped face down over the bench that separated them, her head and shoulders on Carmen's side and her hips and legs sprawled on the floor in front of her locker.

Carmen giggled as she lifted Kata by the hair and dumped her on her back on the floor. The dark-haired girls face was beet red as her mouth opened and closed while she tried to get air back in her lungs. "Ohhhhhhh," she moaned as Carmen turned her back and finished undressing, slipping off her lace bra and matching thong panties. She turned back around as Kata struggled to sit up, holding the bench with her right hand as her legs slowly folded under her. She pulled and pushed herself up into a crouching position, bent from the waist and holding her churning belly.

"Let that be a lesson to you," Carmen hissed. "You don't want to mess with me honeychile."

Kata struggled to her feet. Her panties had slipped down to the tops of her thighs, but she ignored her state of undress and rubbed her tummy, sucking in mouthfuls of air and considering her next move. Suddenly, without warning, Kata's right hand flashed out - "smack" - against Carmen's cheek. She reeled back, slamming into the metal lockers, caught off balance. Kata was emboldened by her success and climbed over the bench after Carmen without stopping to pull up her slacks or panties.

Carmen was stunned by Kata's resistance but she pushed off the row of lockers and, ducking her head, slammed a shoulder into Kata's chest just as she came over the low bench between them. Kata was flipped over backward, falling backward over the low bench and landing on her back. Her head hit the tiled floor hard and she lay semi-conscious with her legs draped over the bench and her arms spread on the floor. Her beautiful eyes fluttered, barely conscious after her head's collision with the hard tile.

Carmen didn't hesitate to follow up on her advantage, leaping over the bench and squatting with her knee on Kata's chest, pinning her helplessly on her back. Kata's legs kicked weakly as she tried to get her feet out of her slacks and free her feet so she could fight back but Carmen grabbed her hair with one hand and punched Kata in the pit of the stomach knocking the breath out of her.

Carmen stood up and looked down at Kata who lay stunned on her back with her legs draped over the bench, her slacks tangled around her ankles. She moaned and held her head as Carmen stepped over the bench and picked her head up by the hair and pushed her nose against Kata's. The dark-haired Finn's eyes couldn't focus and Carmen's voice sounded like it was coming from the bottom of a very deep bucket. "Now you slut, let's see how tough you really are."

"Nooooooo," Kata moaned as Carmen slammed her head back down on the tiles, knocking her out cold. Carmen stood up and dusted her hands as if to say, "Well, that was sure easy." Then she started to pull off Kata's slacks and then her panties. Carmen picked up Kata's limp body and arranged her on her back on the wooden bench. She ripped Kata's panties and used them to tie her ankles together beneath the bench, then took off her own bra and used it to tie Kata's hands together over her head to the bench. Now her dark-haired opponent was stretched out full length on the bench and Carmen knew she could take her time with punishing her.

With her erstwhile opponent stretched out nude and helpless, Carmen slipped off her own panties and stuffed them into Kata's mouth to silence her screams while she went to work pummeling her foes soft breasts and belly. "When I'm finished with you, bitch, you won't feel like fighting anyone for a long time. Let this be a lesson to you about shooting off that big mouth of yours."

Carmen looked down at the beautiful, but helpless brunette as she thought of what to do next. Kata had not responded for over a minute and the blonde suddenly became worried that Kata may be seriously injured. In an effort to bring her around, she started to twist her nipples. Carmen pulled hard enough that she lifted Kata's chest and shoulders up off the bench. Kata finally moaned through her gag, relieving Carmen's concerns yet at the same time bringing a cruel smile to her lips.

It was more than ten minutes later that Hef came into the locker room to find out what was holding up the start of the fight. He stopped just inside the doorway and watched for several minutes, excited by the sight of Carmen sitting astride Kata's waist - working on her firm breasts with both hands. It wasn't until Carmen looked up and saw him that she stopped beating on Kata and walked over to him with a proud grin.

"I hope you realize you've ruined my taping," he said.

Carmen grinned and shrugged. "C'est la vie," she giggled. "You should have brought me someone tougher. This poor thing just fell apart. Pre-fight jitters, I guess. Don't worry Hef, I'll make it up to you."

Just then, Renee Tenison, Hef's guest for the day, came in looking for him. "Cummon Hef, everyone's getting restless. What's holding this up, did they back out like I said they would?" Then she saw Kata squirming on the bench, bound and gagged, and she started to laugh. "What's so funny bitch?" Carmen said, full of herself after the easy win. Renee bristled at the woman's attitude.

"I'm glad you want to make it up to me Carmen," Hef said with a smile. "I've got your opponent right here." He pointed to Renee, "Since you seem to think you're such hot stuff."

Renee said, "Thanks Hef. I'm always grateful for another blonde to beat up. God, it's so much fun."

Carmen just chuckled at the comment. She'd heard what Renee did to Wendy and there had been rumors about what Renee did after the fight to Hope. Carmen said, "So what? I've seen Wendy. She's pretty alright, but not too tough. If I were you, I wouldn't get too full of yourself about beating her. Anyone could do that."

Hef explained that he was going to cancel the taping for that afternoon and as soon as possible he'd schedule Carmen and Renee. "Why wait?" Renee asked, "I'm here now. It won't take me a second to get out of these things."

Hef smiled. "I'd love you to fill in for Kata, she's in no condition to fight. Do you think you can fight Carmen and give me a good tape? I hate to pay the cameramen for a wasted day."

Renee looks at Carmen and chuckled. "Sure. You must have heard what I did to Wendy. Heck Hef, this is just another weak white bitch to me to dominate. I'll kick that fat ass all around the ring for you."

Hef saw Carmen bristle at Renee's attitude. "Do you think you can do another fight today Carmen? I don't want any excuses from you if you lose."

"Well, uhhhhh, OK. I guess that's alright."

Renee stepped beside Carmen and slowly looked her up and down. "Yummmm, this is going to be fun."

Excitedly, Hef opened the door and called in a couple of nurses to untie Kata and get her upstairs to the first aid room. "Then get right back down here. You're going to be needed."

He watched as Renee practically ripped off her clothes in her eagerness to get Carmen into the ring. As the two nude women strode toward the exit of the locker room, Hef positioned himself between them. "I'm not going to miss the next fight for anything."

(Continues with Berg-Tenison)

[Note: Final vote total: Carmen 111, Kata 68]