Carmen Berg vs. Renee Tenison (fight by Kit with a few parts at the end by Ginny)

After both Carmen and Renee agreed to fight each other, Hef gave them 20 minutes to prepare. Neither had expect to battle the other, but both were more than willing to sink their claws into each other.

Renee told Hef as they left Carmen alone, "I'll rip this bitch apart, just like I did Wendy."

Hef warned her not to take Carmen lightly, but Renee just laughed and said, "Piece of cake."

Carmen had a suit in her locker, but she called her twin sister Rosie. "Rosie babe, I'm gonna be fighting that Berg bitch in about 15 minutes. Get that gym bag from under my bed and bring it down here. I want to make this a night she never forgets."

When it came time for the fight, Renee entered the ring first. She wore a skimpy black bikini that barely kept her round, firm breasts in place. Hope Marie Carlton was there to referee.

"Bitch," said Renee as she walked around the ring, "you best keep your lilly white ass out of this."

"Fuck you," replied Hope with her hands on her hips.

About that time, Carmen came into the room and climbed through the silk ropes. Her trim, sexy body was decked out in a blue and white checked bikini.

"You're going down, bitch," said Renee as Hope walked over and shook Carmen's hand.

"Put this black cunt in her place," said Hope. Adding, "You look great."

"Thanks," said Carmen looking past Hope. "What's she like?"

"Pretty dirty," said Hope. "Be careful, but don't be afraid. I know that you can do it."

Hef climbed into the ring and brought the fighters together. Renee jutted out her superior breast, but Carmen ignored it and kept her eyes locked with Renee's. Hef spoke to them both and then left the ring, ordering the cameras to roll.

Carmen and Renee took a few steps back and began circling each other. Each checked out the other's sleek, trim body and looked for any possible weakness. As they crouched over, Renee extended her hands outward. Carmen

carefully locked her left hand with Renee's and then slowly joined her right with the left. Their fingers bonded together as they asserted pressure and tried to bend back the other's wrists.

"You're mine," huffed Renee as she pushed the blonde back a couple of steps.

"Eat shit and die," answered Carmen as her toes dug into the canvas and halted the movement.

For about a minute both girls remained embedded in one spot as the muscles in their legs, shoulders and arms flexed to their greatest proportions. Finally, the blonde began to give ground. Slowly, but surely Renee pushed her back into the turnbuckle. Having pinned Carmen's back, Renee forced their arms above their heads and she moved her body into Carmen's. With the tips of their noses touching, Renee used her larger breasts to mash against Carmen's.

"Umph...ummm..." moaned the blonde as her tits flattened under the black orbs.

"Your tits ain't shit," laughed Renee as she pulled back and then slammed her globes against Carmen's. The blonde groaned, and Renee repeated the process several more times.

As she backed away to slam again, Carmen quickly threw her right knee up in defense. Intent on catching Renee in the belly, Carmen's knee instead went between Renee's legs and cracked against her cunt.

"UGH!" moaned Renee as she tried to bend over in pain, but Carmen kept her hands glued to Renee's and drove another knee upward that caught the black girl's left melon. "UGH!" grunted Renee as her left tit absorbed the impact.

"Bitch!" yelled Carmen as she pushed Renee backwards and kicked at her.

Carmen's foot caught the doubled-over girl just under the throat. Renee was sent spinning around where she landed face down on the mat. Carmen quickly went on the offensive. Plopping her ass down on Renee's back, she dug her hands into hair and leaned back as far as she could.

"Aaauugghh!!" cried Renee as her head nearly snapped off.

"Who's going down now, bitch?" asked Carmen as she pulled out several black strands of black hair.

Reaching around with both hands, Renee desperately tried to pry her hair free, but when that failed, she began bucking her hips wildly up and down. For several moments, Carmen was able to ride her, but finally Renee bucked and twisted and was able to dislodge her.

As Renee tried to turn around, she was stopped because Carmen still had a firm grasp of her hair. Carmen put her feet against Renee's ribcage and shoved. As Renee was sent sprawling a few feet, Carmen fell onto her back holding two handfuls of black hair.

The blonde rolled to her feet and got up. Handing the hair to Hope, she asked, "How am I doing," with a sly grin.

"Kick her ass," said Hope smiling.

With Renee on her knees and elbows rubbing her scalp, Carmen took her time in going after her. She circled her once before giving her a foot to the ribs. Renee was sent rolling onto her back holding her side. Carmen then stood on Renee's hair, leaned over and ripped off her bikini top.

"Tear 'em off," said Hope as Carmen tossed her the top.

"I had that in mind," said Carmen as she leaned back down and clamped her fingers around Renee's brown areolas.

"EEEEEE!!!" screamed Renee as she was being arched from the mat. Grabbing Carmen's wrists, Renee tore her tits free just as her sister Rosie walked in wearing a miniskirt and a sleeveless cotton blouse. She stopped in shock at the sight of her twin sister being handled roughly by this blonde. She dropped the bag she was carrying and ran to the side of the ring.

"Come on sis, git up and whip that cheap whore!"

But instead, Carmen picked up the Black fox by the hair and gave her another knee to the chest. Renee flew into the ropes and bounced back towards Carmen who gave her a clothesline across the throat. Renee landed on her back with a thud.

This time Carmen straddled Renee's waist and pinned the black girl's arms under her legs. In great pain and totally defenseless, Renee was at the mercy of the blonde.

"Oh, please!" she cried. "Please don't."

"Let's see how proud you are of these fuckers when I'm done," Carmen aid as she pulled and twisted the shit out of Renee's nipples. Renee screamed like a madwoman, and Carmen slammed her jaws closed with a fist that drew blood from the corner of her mouth.

"You Black bitch," said Carmen as she raked her sharp nails across the big black tits, leaving a series of red trails that would be tender for days to come.

As Renee bucked in agony, Carmen's attention was directed behind her. Twisting halfway around, she eyed Renee's bouncing pussy. Slipping her slender hand into the black bikini bottoms, her long fingers found Renee's love nest. Curling several fingers full of the black bush, Carmen gave a quick yank that sent Renee into mad hysterics. Renee's whole body blew up as her lower region shot several inches off the mat, throwing the blonde off.

Seeing Renee could no longer fight back, much less protect herself, Rosie climbed into the ring and pulled Carmen off her twin sister as she kicked Renee in the ass and ribs several times.

Hope ran over and smashed Rosie on the face with her elbow, knocking her to the mat holding her face in her hands. Blood was coming from her mouth as she rolled over and tried to get up, but Hope kicked her in the stomach and dropped her to the mat curled up and gasping for air.

Carmen ripped off Rosie's blouse, baring a pair of breasts that looked exactly like Renee's except for the injuries. She decided to remedy that "defect" and raked her fingernails across Rosie's chest as she screamed in pain.

Hope tore Rosie's blouse into strips and she and Carmen used them to tie the twins together in the middle of the ring, back to back. While Carmen leaned on the ropes and tried to think what to do next, Hope hopped down and looked in the bag Rosie had brought with her.

"Hey, look. She brought toys!" Hope held up a collection of strap-on dildos and vibrators. "Let's put them to work. I think Rosie brought 'em because they want us to use 'em on them. Right Renee?"

Hope stepped back into the ring, but Hef scrambled in and stopped her. "That's enough Hope. You're supposed to be an impartial referee, not a participant. Alright, this's gone far enough. Untie them."

Hope and Carmen untied the twins and Hope and gave Carmen a big hug and raised her arm in victory. The two of them danced around the beaten black playmate and her sister who lay on their sides; Rosie with her head hanging forward semi-conscious and Renee moving her legs slowly up and down trying to ease the pain in her battered crotch.

Later, during the obligatory on-camera interview, Renee admitted she'd taken Carmen lightly. When he asked if she wanted a re-match, she blushed, shook her head and mumbled, "No, no way."

When Wendy Kaye heard what happened she was ecstatic! She and Hope took Carmen on an afternoon shopping spree and treated her to a wonderful lunch. "I can't think of anyone who deserved it more," she sighed, "It's too bad Hef stopped you two. That would have been one great video, a best seller probably."

(Note: Berg won the voting ? to ?)