Battlin' Babes: Jaime Bergman vs. Vanessa Gleason by kit

Scooting back from her desk, Vanessa leaned back in her chair and stretched. Oh, she’d stayed up too late last night watching that movie and now she was paying the price. She glanced at her watch and moaned when she saw that it was only 10 a.m.

"Late night?" asked her co-worker, Dana, from her desk nearby.

"Uh-huh," nodded the brunette, running her hands in her thick locks and trying to shake the sleep from her head.

"Randy?" asked Dana, grinning like a possum.

Vanessa shook out her hair again and smiled back. "Uh, no, 'fraid not...just a movie."

"What's with you two? Are you still seein' him?"

"Sorta, I guess. We're supposed to go out this weekend though," said Vanessa, wondering just why he hadn't gotten in touch with her by now.

"Have ya'll slept together yet?" asked Dana with a twinkling wink in her eye.

Vanessa popped a big grin and sheepishly said, "Nnnoo, not yet. But I'm sure ready!"

Dana kinda sat back, "Why not? He a virgin or somethin'?"

Vanessa gave a laugh and said, "I can't act like a total slut or somethin'. We've only gone out twice!”

Fact was that Vanessa would've already slept with him had he gone beyond just a sweet, couple of good-night kisses both times. Randy and Vanessa worked in the same office building together. He was a young accountant down the hall and she was a receptionist for an insurance agency. Randy had started working there about a month ago, and he and Vanessa had gone out twice so far, but it had been well over a week since their last date.

"Sssooo," teased Dana. “Better hurry up and nail him ‘fore lil' Miss Blondie does."

Vanessa growled inside as she thought of the new blonde girl down the hall in the law office. She’d seen the two talking out in the hall a time or two and even yesterday witnessed him coming out of the law office where she was a receptionist. But so far other than a couple of distant glares, Vanessa hadn't talked with the blonde of two weeks.

"I'm not worried 'bout her," lied Vanessa. "I heard she was engaged or somethin'."

"You heard that from me, and I didn't say she was, I said she was datin' someone," corrected Dana.

"Well, either way; she's taken," said Vanessa.

"Hmph!" grunted Dana. "Don’t mean she won't play the field...test the waters so to speak." Vanessa knew that; she’d dated more than one guy at a time herself, frequently.

"Well, I think I'll take my break now," said Vanessa, standing and stretching again.

Dana jokeingly gave her a hard time about how she’d “…better go down the hall and check on Randy and firm up that date before he asked the sexy, new blonde out.”

"Oh, bite me!" teased Vanessa, leaving the office.

She’d to walk past the law office to get to Randy's office, and as she past by the window she glanced in to check on the blonde, but gulped hard when she saw Randy standing at her desk talking to her. Vanessa stopped, then quickly walked on by, hoping they hadn't seen her. She didn't want either of them to think she was looking for him. Going into the bathroom, Vanessa calmed herself down and just hoped and prayed that Randy and the blonde didn't have something going with each other. She really liked him and had hopes of a long term relationship and perhaps even marriage. She knew she shouldn't be jealous, but she just couldn't help it. She’d always had bad relationships with boyfriends and blondes, and the blonde in the law office was definitely some major competition. Not only was she hot, but she looked to be very sexual in the bed.

Jaime looked into Randy's eyes and knew that she was falling in love again. It had been growing on her ever since they made love last night, and she was pretty sure he was falling for her too. She could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice as he expressed his thoughts of their date and the sex that they had shared.

As Vanessa came out of the bathroom she met Randy in the hall. "Hi, Randy," she beamed, pretending nothing was wrong.

"Hi, Vanessa," he smiled back. They visited briefly and he wondered what she might have been like in the sack. Probably pretty good, he thought and wished he'd of made a move on her before going out with Jaime.

"So, are we still on for Saturday night?" she finally had to ask.

"Oh shit. I can't make it," he said, not letting on he’d just asked Jaime out for that night.

"Oh," sighed the brunette. " 'bout Sunday afternoon?"

"Uh, no, I can't make it then either," he said, hoping he’d be busy in bed with Jaime all day.

"Well...maybe one night next week," she suggested, her mind mulling over the possibilities the blonde was involved.

"Yes, definitely. I do want to go out with you," he said, keeping his options open just in case things didn't work out with Jaime.

It didn't help much, but at least it was some sorta commitment from him Vanessa thought, having no idea that Jaime had already won him over. As she walked past Jaime's office, she and the blonde locked eyes, and in that brief moment of eye contact, they both knew that they needed to talk.

After Vanessa passed, Jaime put her pen in her mouth and started to nibble on it. Randy had told her they'd gone out, but that he hadn't slept with her. Jaime believed him, but now that she'd locked eyes with the sexy brunette, she couldn't see how or why he wouldn't have slept with her. It really didn't matter, but she didn't like the idea of working in the same building with her new boyfriend’s ex-.

‘Oh well,’ she thought. ‘She obviously wasn't good enough to keep him if they did.’ Jaime broke out her compact and smiled at herself before putting on more lipstick. She was hot. She was sexy. And she knew it.

Randy was thinking about Vanessa and the date they were supposed to have had. She sure looked sexy today in her tight dress and swooping neckline. How was it possible that he hadn't made a move on her. He already knew how hot Jaime was, but now felt like he needed to find out if Vanessa was somehow hotter. He guessed she'd be a good piece of ass, and as much as he liked Jaime, he felt he owed it to himself to check out the brunette one more time.

"Hey, Vanessa," he said, calling her within the hour. "You busy tonight?" She was, but lied and said she wasn't. She wasn't exactly sure of the situation involving the three of them, but she wanted to fuck him first and make him forget about going out with Jaime at all. "I'll pick you up about seven?"

‘Screw that,’ she thought. ‘Tonight’s not about dating, it’s about sex and I damn sure want to make sure it happen.’

"Uh, why don't you just bring over a pizza and I'll make a salad. I've got some wine; we can hang out and watch TV…or something."

By 7:15 they were naked and in her bed as she sucked on his cock while he fingered her. "Mmmm," she moaned as his cockhead tickled her tonsils. He pulled her hips over his face and started lapping between her wet folds. Her little peach was ripe and juicy - exactly how the blonde's had been the night before. He sucked her to orgasm, then she spun around and straddled her hips over his. "I like it up the ass," she sighed, guiding his purple head into her tight bunghole.

She wiggled her ass down, and she was really tight, but not long for an orgasm. She felt good, but wasn't able to take in as much as Jaime could. Lifting off, she dropped down and rocked his cock with her hot, pink pussy. No question the brunette could fuck on top just as good as the blonde could. After letting go twice, she rolled off as he took her from behind. He packed her fudge again and slapped on her foxy ass as she twitched her tan hips and took in more of him this time. Ten minutes of ass-pounding and then he banged her doggy-style. She screamed out two orgasms before he flipped her over on her back and stapled her ankles past her ears where they fucked hard and came together. She’d been a great fuck, and even licked his shaft clean and dry when they had done. Like he had done the night before with Jaime, he spent the night with Vanessa and had a quickie with her in the morning.

"Oh, Randy," she said as he pulled out. “That was great. Last night was the best sex ever...mmmmmm, just what I needed."

Jaime had said something similar to him, but he thanked Vanessa and returned the compliment just as he had to Jaime. And it was the truth in both cases. Ten minutes later, Vanessa walked into the office grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Dana grinned back at her. "Well," teased Dana, "I hope you have a good excuse young lady."

"Oh, I think I do," played Vanessa.

Dana smiled big. "Tell, tell; did you do it? Did you?"

"Now, Dana. You know I'm not the sort to fuck and tell," lied the brunette, blushing. "But damn I was HOT!"

They chatted about the sex and then Dana mentioned running into Jaime in the parking lot that morning. "She asked about you," said Dana.

"Oh really?"

"Uh-huh. Seemed pretty interested in your love life." said Dana. Then added, "I'm tellin' ya, if she hasn't gone out with him already, she certainly seems to want too."

"Did she mention him?"

"No, but I can tell."

"Well," said Vanessa. “That's NOT gonna happen. I can tell ya that."

Dana looked at her friend, "You ready to fight her?"

Vanessa shrugged, "If I have too. I've gotta say, I wouldn't mind cleanin' the floor with that blond mop."

"Well, be careful; but I understand - if ya gotta fight, ya gotta fight."

Vanessa went to her desk and wondered how a catfight might go. She figured the blonde would either be a real whimp (which she doubted), or a bitch that could throw down and fight. Either way, she was prepared and willing to do whatever needed doing to make sure the blonde didn't sink her hooks into Randy.

Randy sat at his desk thinking about the blonde and brunette. They were both very attractive young women with killer bodies, and bodies that they knew how to use in bed. He liked them both very much, but was leaning towards Jaime since he had a bigger things for blondes.

Jaime was every guys “blond bombshell.” She had soft, silky hair falling gently over her freckled shoulders to the tops of firm, perky breasts; beautiful blue cat-like eyes; a sweet face and tempting, full lips. Her areolas were pretty-pink and very large with oblong-shaped nipples that poked out. She had a smooth stomach; tight, round ass; tender, succulent tan legs; and a hot box with a generous thatch of natural blond fur. Jaime was 5’5”, 110 pounds and a sizzling 34C-23-34.

Still, he thought he'd like to see Vanessa again before spending the weekend with Jaime, after all, the brunette didn't take a backseat to the blonde in looks or the bed. Vanessa had shaggy, rich chestnut hair with auburn streaks and the thick tresses fell to rounded shoulders and framed her pretty face perfectly. She had enticing dark eyes, a soft face, and sweet, full lips. Her 34D's were young and firm, well sloped and capped by nice areolas and tart nips. Her 24" waist was toned and tanned, and her brown legs shapely and sexy. Around back, she packed a tight, small 32" ass gently curved and perfect to cup. Best of all, between her tight thighs she sported a trim, kinky strip of sexy black bush. Like Jaime, she too stood 5’5” and weighed 110 pounds of pure, hot, honey.

‘What the hell,’ Randy figured. He might as well fuck them both while he had the chance because sooner or later they'd find out about each other and then he'd pick Jaime. "Busy tonight?" he asked Vanessa over the phone.

Vanessa blushed. "You have somethin' in mind?"

"Round two," he said, and she accepted.

Jaime had already locked eyes with Vanessa twice that morning as the brunette walked past her window. The blonde sensed that Randy had been with Vanessa last night because he had never answered his phone when she’d called him a couple of times. The thought of sharing him with the brunette wasn't pleasing, but she figured after he had a weekend with her, then he'd forget all about Vanessa and date just her.

After Vanessa got off the phone with Randy, she decided to take a break and go see him. Passing the blonde's window for the third time, they locked eyes as usual, but this time there was a definite spark between them. Jaime wheeled her chair around as this time she was going to follow the brunette down the hall and hopefully into the bathroom where they could 'girl-talk'.

Randy stepped out into the hall just as Vanessa was about to open the door. "Oops!"

"Oh, Randy," purred the brunette, "I was jest comin' to see you."

"Vanessa!" he gulped, spotting Jaime coming out of the law office. His face flushed and he knew he was a dead-man if he didn't get out of this situation. "Uh, uh...not now. I gotta go to the bathroom," he stammered, moving around the brunette and heading into the can.

"Randy!" shouted Jaime as he was about to go in. Vanessa wheeled on her heels.

"Hi," he said back as he quickly ducked inside.

Jaime stopped short as it was now just her and the brunette in the hallway about 40 feet apart. Vanessa cocked out her hip and rested her right hand on it as Jaime braced her knees and kept her hands at her sides ready to 'draw'. A cold wind barreled down the hallway, and a few tumbled weeds blew in the background as the two rivals fired bullets with their eyes. They stood still for several seconds, focusing only on each other as their impromptu showdown unfolded.

Vanessa was smokin’ in a tight, white sleeveless summer sweater with a deep V-neck with a black skirt both short and snug, showing a lot of leg that ended in matching 3" heels. Jaime was dropping bombs in her body-hugging sleeveless pink mini-dress with swooping neckline. Her legs raced from beneath the short hemline into white 3" heels. Their eyes fired off more rounds as suddenly Vanessa cut her glare towards the ladies restroom. Jaime's eyes cut as well, and she stepped forward as the brunette turned in that direction.

Entering the bathroom first, Vanessa stopped in the center and put her hands on her hips as she locked her knees and shook back her hair. Three stalls were on her left and the two-sink countertop on the right. Goosebumps cropped across her body and her areolas pasted over and popped out her nipples. Jaime's sharp heels clicked on the floor and she could hear her heart beating between her wide cleavage. She licked her lips and wiped her hands on her dress as her areolas swelled up and made her nipples stick out.

"You whore," growled Jaime, bursting thru the door.

"Blond slut," Vanessa snarled at the exact same time.

Jaime and Vanessa threw themselves together as they filled their hands with each other's hair and started catfighting. The slick tile made it difficult to stand as they fell against the countertop and then came off it and up against the wall. Both girls were swearing under their breathes as they each pulled on a big fist of hair and tugged on the front of their necklines. Jaime stretched out Vanessa's V-neck as the brunette jerked on the blonde's swooping neckline. Jaime drove Vanessa's backside against the wall and their tops started to tear as they lost their footing and slipped to the floor fighting.

"Oooo, you slut!" huffed Vanessa, beneath the blonde, but yanking back on her fine locks and pulling her neckline past her pink bra.

"Oouuch...fuckin' cunt!" winced Jaime, now being pulled off by the hair, but pulling Vanessa's head over so that her chin was now buried in her (Vanessa) chest as more of the V-neck sweater ripped down the middle.

Vanessa threw her leg over Jaime's hip and completed her roll on top, but the blonde whipped her leg back across the brunette's leg and pulled her back off. With a leg now locked, the blonde and brunette lay sideways pulling like hell on a fist of hair as they shoved their other hand inside the stretched and torn necklines. Vanessa cupped and squeezed Jaime's right, lace cup as the blonde clamped down on the brunette's left, white satin cup. Both girls winced and gritted their teeth as they pulled back on hair and squeezed a firm orb. Their tan thighs flexed on each other as their little hemlines were riding up over their ass cheeks to expose their thongs.

"Fuckin' slut," grumbled Jaime as they fought. Vanessa hissed back as they went into a tight, hip-grinding roll; each pulling at the other's tits and sinking their nails into the tender flesh. "Uuunnnggg," she groaned again as her large areola was twisted.

"Aaaahhhh," the brunette winced as the blonde's nails worked in her flesh.

"Oohh gawd!" yelped the blonde in the brunette's hair as her nipple was stabbed by a sharp fingernail.

Vanessa rolled on top of the bucking blonde and really gave her breast a painful pinch. Jaime, bucked her hips as she yanked the brunette’s hair. Both lost a heel as they unlocked legs and each other up to their knees by the hair, then yanked bras and pulled them lower.

"You fuckin' slut!" swore Vanessa as they draped an arm around the other's neck and bent over at the waist on their knees.

"Fuck you, bitch!" the blonde cussed back while they went into a dual headlock and took each other by a tit again. Cheek-to-cheek they moaned as Vanessa's left tit was squeezed and Jaime's right tit twisted. Their eyes watered and a few tears ran down their rosey cheeks as they traded agonizing nipple pinches.

"Oooo...sshhit!" winced Jaime as her big, pink areola was turning blue.

" fuckin' slut!" swore Vanessa, biting her bottom lip as her tender, pink flesh was stretched.

"Oooww...STOP…it...hurts!" moaned the blonde, still pulling the brunette's nipple.

"Uunngg...leee'...gggooo," Vanessa's breast shook as she continued twisting Jaime's areola around and around. They grabbed each other by the top of the hair and pulled as they exchanged one last painful pinch, pull and twist.

Falling back on their butts next to each other, they still had a handful of hair as they started slapping each other across the cheek. Jaime slapped Vanessa first. Vanessa slapped her back. Jaime slapped Vanessa again. Vanessa slapped Jaime again, this time slapping her hard enough to cause her to fall backwards on her shoulders. Jaime, still with a handful of Vanessa's hair, dragged the brunette down on top of her and tried to get her legs around her waist. But the brunette's legs caught the blonde's legs as she fell fully on top of Jaime and pinned her down good.

"Get off, fat-ass," huffed Jaime, letting go of Vanessa's hair and trying to push her off.

Vanessa grabbed the blonde's wrists and nailed them over her head as she squared up her body and let all her weight down.

"You fuckin' blond bitch," snarled Vanessa, nose-to-nose with Jaime.

Jaime swore back at her as Vanessa now started to rub tits with her while grinding with her hips. Down but not out, Jaime's hot body battled the brunette's hot body as they vigorously went at it with their breasts and hips. Although their breasts weren't completely exposed, yet, a lot of flesh was showing; enough that they went nipple-to-nipple (Jaime's right, Vanessa's left) while mashing their tits together.

"Bitch! He's mine!" said Vanessa as their sore nipples tangled deep within breast flesh.

"He wants me, slut!" said the blonde, her hips thrusting against the brunette's plunging hips.

"The hell he does, bitch!" said Vanessa, her nipple inverting Jaime's nipple. "He's fuckin' me tonight."

"Uuummm," groaned Jaime as her nipple bent back. "I'm fuckin' him this weekend."

"Oh no you're not, bitch," growled the brunette, grinding tits and hips.

"Am so!" snarled the blonde, matching her rival’s intensity.

"Aaahh," Vanessa groaned as her nipple was bent over. Vanessa's left tit slipped sideways over Jaime's ribs at the time when the blonde jerked her right arm free. Balling her fist, Jaime drilled her fist into the side of the tit, causing Vanessa to groan hoarsely as she lost her body press.

"Get your fat ass off me, slut," said Jaime, shoving Vanessa in the ribs/hips. The brunette was forced to the side as the blonde swung her legs around and scissored them around her neck and throat. They both had awesome legs, great to be between during sex, but deadly to be between in a catfight. Clamping her tanned, toned thighs and locking her ankles, Jaime strained with her muscles as she grabbed both of Vanessa's titties and squeezed.

"Uuunnggg!" groaned the brunette, her wind cut off and her other tit pulled out. Now both boobs felt the wrath of Jaime's flashing fingernails as they dug deep into the soft underside and ripped upward.

"I'm gonna rip these motherfuckers off!" promised Jaime, huffing and flexing and clawing.

Vanessa reached past her head and found the blonde's dangling breasts. Latching on to each one, she too put her nails into the skin as Jaime's other tit flopped out free and exposed.

For nearly a full minute, Vanessa and Jaime struggled on the tile floor of the bathroom as Jaime tried to snap Vanessa's spirit and Vanessa just tried to hang on.

Twisting and turning her body, the brunette just couldn't escape the blonde's strong, sexy legs as they both gritted their teeth and dug their nails back and forth in each other's breasts. Jaime knew that Vanessa was close to passing out, but Vanessa was really tearing up her tits and just about to make her let go.

"Uuummpphh!" grunted and gasped Vanessa as she turned to Jaime's thigh and ripped ten tracks over the smooth, flexing flesh.

"Aaarrrggg!" cried Jaime, forced to release her Scissors to grab her tits. Vanessa rolled out from between the blonde's succulent limbs, and in her drunken haste to stand, she fell back against the bathroom door BANG as her buttocks smashed and flattened out.

Hopping quickly to her feet, Jaime went for the kill! She clenched her fists and sprang at the brunette. Still groggy from lack of oxygen, Vanessa just managed to SMACK slap the blonde's cheek as Jaime WHUMP drilled her left tit flat with her fist. The blonde's hair flew around her face as the brunette doubled over and pitched forward into her arms.

"Cunt!" shouted Jaime, stepping back and unleashing a right uppercut that jarred Vanessa upright. The blonde's knuckles sliced open Vanessa’s lower lip and pulped the upper. Both girls staggered as Vanessa was knocked silly and Jaime lost her footing. Regaining her balance, Jaime hooked a left into Vanessa's belly, dropping the brunette to her knees folded over with her forehead on the floor between Jaime’s feet.

"Jaime!" barked Randy, bursting into the restroom to find Vanessa on all-fours at Jaime's feet, gasping and gagging for air.

Jaime stepped back and tried to kick Vanessa, but she missed as the brunette rolled over when Randy stepped over her to interpose himself between them. He saw the drool of blood running from Vanessa's busted mouth; her cheeks red and her hair disheveled; her boobs were exposed, deflated and covered with scratches. He looked up at Jaime and saw her flushed cheeks and ruined hair and, like Vanessa, Jaime’s tits were hanging out, heaving up and down. Hers too had multiple scratches and both areola were discolored with dark bruises.

"What in the HELL are you doin'?" he said, more as a statement than a question.

Jaime pushed back her hair; her breasts tall, firm, and proud. "We're...fightin'"

"He…he's...your's…you...won…ta…take...him," mumbled Vanessa, covering her face.

Randy looked at Jaime and she looked at him. Her eyes wondering if winning a fight could win him over.

"Oh, Jaime...sweetheart," he said hugging her, "I’d have chosen you anyway."

Vanessa erupted in an explosion of tears and wailing sobs, pounding her fists on the floor in frustration and disappointment.