Jennifer O'Dell vs. Jamie Bergman by bigfan (2005)

Donna Mills makes the introductions. "From Ridgecrest, CA; she is 5’7” tall…..Jennifer O'Dell!" Linkin Parks "In the End" plays as Jen comes out wearing a light blue bikini top and light blue thong. Jen waves to the fans as she gets to the ring area Jen sees David Boreanaz a few rows back Jen screams: "You better get use to jerking off; 'cause when I'm done with Jamie you're not going to be getting any for a long while"

David laughs yelling back, "I told Jamie to make sure your pussy is facing my way when she slaps her tits on your face!"

Jennifer is now up against the railing, leaning into the crowd, "I'll make sure you get a good view of me embarrassing your no-talent wife."

David waves Jen away, telling her, "Get in the ring already."

Jen turns and climbs into the ring where Loni Anderson leans in a corner waiting to referee as Donna continues: "Standing 5’5”, from Salt Lake City, UT… Jamie Bergman!" The Theme to Angel begins to play as Jamie comes out wearing a black thong and a coat like the long leather one David wore as Angel. Jamie walks to the ring and looks up to here Husband. David just handed a wade of cash to a man and gets a stub in return. Jamie waves and David gives her the thumbs up and yells "go get her babe!" Jamie smiles and blows him a kiss. Jamie removes her jacket out side the ring and climbs in.

Jen and Jamie finish getting naked and Loni starts the match. Jen stays in her corner but yells across to Jamie,"That's pathetic coming out here to his music wearing, his coat, maybe he'll take the ass kicking for you?"

Jamie looks angry and yells back "You're just jealous, I don't see anyone up in the stands waiting for you."

Jen starts moving towards Jamie saying "I'm going to love destroying you in front of him." As they come together Jamie's hands shoot straight for Jen tits. Jen sweeps her left arm in front of her knocking both of Jamie hands away. Jen steps so she is now behind Jamie and wraps her arms around Jamie waist. Jamie squeals as Jen lifts her and takes her down to the mat. Jen throws all of her weight on Jamie's back. Jen puts a forearm on the back of Jamie's neck and grinds it back and forth. Jen has also wrapped her legs around Jamie's and slowly spreads her legs apart. Jen places her hands on Jamie's back push as hard as she can down on Jamie. Jamie's big boobs push out past her sides as Jen puts the pressure on. Jamie is trying to push back against having her tit flatten. Jen untangles her legs and stands say "you're pathetic" as Jamie crawls away and gets back to her feet.

Jamie charges Jen and is sent flying by the arm drag Jen uses. Jen gets to Jamie and kicks her back. Jamie cries out Jen then lifts Jamie up and pushes her into the nearest corner. Jen grabs Jamie by the chin Jen digs her thumb into one cheek and her other fingers into the other. Jamie's lips stick out like a fishes.

Jen hisses, "Are you this bad in bed too? Maybe I should go see David after the match"

Jamie's eyes flare with anger but Jen drives a knee low into her stomach causing Jamie to gasp and make a funny noise. The Noise may have been caused by Jen still digging her fingers into Jamie's cheeks.

Loni orders Jen out of the corner and she obeys by Irish Whipping Jamie clear across to the opposite corner. Jamie cries out again as her back slams into the turnbuckle. Jen runs at Jamie and jumps on her thighs and grabs the back of her head. Jamie goes flying and Jen monkey flips her. Jamie crashes to the mat near the center. Jen quickly gets up and walks over to Jamie who has rolled onto her stomach.

Jen straddles Jamie facing her feet. Picking up both of Jamie's ankles Jen sits back in a Boston Crab. Jen is pulling back hard as Jamie's fist beat the mat. Jen looking into the crowd stands up and turns Jamie so David gets a good view of Jamie's pussy. Jen turns her head telling Jamie "I know he gets to see it all the time, He's probably sick of it by now" Jamie in pain has nothing to come back with at the moment. Jen drops Jamie's left leg but pulls her right leg higher and rubs Jamie's pussy as she taunts, "You know after I'm done with you I may have to give David a mercy fuck since you'll be out of commission."

Jamie tries to ignore the excitement she's feeling having her pussy rubbed but then makes the unwise decision to respond. "I wouldn't want his dick falling off after fucking a skank like you."

Jamie was not in the best position to be insulting someone, Jen balls up her fist and slams it into Jamie's pussy. Jamie's face pales and her scream turns into a choking cough as Jen drops is other leg. Jamie's hands wedge themselves between her thighs as Jen hair hauls Jamie up and pushes Jamie into the corner again this time Jen goes after Jamie large melons. Jen tees off hitting Jamie with punch after punch to the juggs. Jamie collapses in the corner.

Jen standing over her says "You little bitch, I don't know what made you think you could ever get in the ring with me, but now your going to pay!"

She drags Jamie out to the center of the ring by the ankles as Jamie kicks weakly trying to shake her legs free. Jen turns Jamie so her feet are towards David and then sits her up. Jen sits down behind her and wraps her long lean legs around Jamie's waist. After locking her ankle Jen reaches under Jamie's arms to her soft tits. Jamie moans as she is crushed between Jen's thighs and her breast are being mangled.

Loni ask Jamie if she wants to quit and, for some unknown reason, Jamie says, "No."

Loni ask again saying, "Jamie come on you've had enough let me end the match."

This time Jamie says a little louder, "No!"

Jen laughs. "That's it Jamie, take it like the woman you are."

Jen then leans all the way back still holding Jamie's tits. Once Jen has Jamie pulled the whole way back she unlocks her ankle and drives her right heel into Jamie's crotch. Jamie screams as Jen rolls her off to the side where Jamie curls up into a fetal position.

Jen walks over to the ropes nearest David and yells, "Your wife's having a bad day and it's about to get worse." Jamie has not moved as Jen returns, she must be conscious still as Loni is talking to her. Jen rolls Jamie to her back with her foot. Then Jen sits on Jamie's stomach facing Jamie's head. Jen looks down at Jamie's already red titties and says "Go ahead and scream, 'cause this is gonna hurt!"

Jen goes back to work on Jamie impressive rack but Jamie just moans as Jen works over her defenseless breasts. Jen then switched her seat but she doesn't go for the expected pussy claw, instead she fish-hooks her pussy lips! Each of Jen's index fingers hooks one side of Jamie's pussy and stretches the labia outward. Jamie sobs quietly unable to prevent anything Jen wants to do to her. Jen, after about thirty seconds, and hearing three times Jamie refuses to give up releases the hold and decides to have a little chat with Jamie. She places her large tits on Jamie's so the two are face to face. Jen can feel the heat coming off Jamie breast as she smashs Jamie's underneath.

Jen asks, "So Jamie why haven't you submitted you like getting tits and pussy beat." Jamie doesn't answer. Loni begins the pinfall count. Jen rubs her big tits on Jamie's causing fresh moans to come form Jamie. Just before the Loni counts three Jamie rolls her shoulder enough to break the count.

Jen looks at Jamie, "You're kidding right?" She is starting to get upset as she slides up Jamie's body and plants her big rack on Jamie's face. Jamie struggles weakly, and then stops moving altogether. Loni checks Jamie's arm three times and after the third time her arm drops limp, Loni ends the match. Jen stands up and has her hand raised.

As she exits the ring, she yells at David, "That's what you get for marrying a Playboy bimbo!"

While Jen heads to the back, smelling salts get Jamie back on her feet and she starts heading to the rear. The man that David gave the money to comes back with a wad double the size and asks David, "How could you bet against your wife?"

David smiles, "Easy. She was scared to death to face Jen. It's all I heard the last couple of nights; how worried she was to face Jen. Jamie convinced herself she couldn't win."

He pockets the money after give the guy a tip and sits back waiting for the next match.