The Dr. Bergson Chronicles #1 - Teri Hatcher and Charlize Theron by Tank

Teri Hatcher, stripped topless, wearing only a pair of sheer white panties and dark thigh-hi's, was snugly seated on Dr. Ingrid Bergson's lap. The doctor, bare breasted in a pair of black panties, was leading Teri through her difficult experiences with 21 year old Charlize while filming "Two Days in The Valley."

"So your catfight with Charlize in the movie led you to these feelings of fear and insecurity toward her, Teri? I don't understand."

Dr. Bergson was greatly enjoying her session, not least because she had sexy Teri Hatcher firmly in her gasp as the slim brunette cuddled on her lap in the winder of late 1996 (not long after the movie with she and the young blond beauty was released.) A life size poster of Charlize in a tawny lioness bra and thong stood nearby in which the tall, blond wore a confident smile. It clearly made the brunette feel very uncomfortable.

"There was a lot of discussion after that scene regarding who would REALLY win a fight between us. There were men involved in the film pushing for us to do it and we both were feeling the pressure. Charlize began to push for it too and she e cornered me in the dressing room between scenes and asked, "So, do you want to fight me? Just to prove who would have really won."

"But you were afraid of her?"

"She was very young...but there was already something...something about her. She was not just taller...she had a look... a wild look... in her eyes I'll never forget. She glared into my eyes as if she could physically dominate me whenever she wanted. I saw her as a sophisticated South African...but beneath that...she had a savage look...a feel...about her...I knew she'd feel at home in a real fight."

Dr. Bergson pushed her breasts against Teri's as she wrapped her arm snug around her and gently nudged until they both were facing the towering image of Charlize Theron.

"You mentioned a dream you had the following evening..." Dr. Bergson probed.

"Yes Doctor. I felt humiliated when I backed down from my own dressing room! That same feeling of physical inferiority carried over into my dream."

"So tell me about your dream of you and Charlize." Ingrid smiled as she clamped both arms tight around Teri's belly, holding her, forcing her to gaze up at Charlize's image above them.

"I dreamed I was...was lost... in a jungle...frightened. I was wearing just a pair of cream colored underwear. There was a small tribe of women... huntresses I think...chasing me. I screamed, but in vain. I tried frantically to escape but they were gaining on me. Then I tripped and as I sprawled on the ground I knew I was doomed. Suddenly, out of nowhere, this wild-woman came swinging through the trees right above me. She swooped down and lifted me in her arms. It was Charlize... dressed just as she is in that image. I was overwhelmed and breathless.... I desperately clung to her."

"So she rescued you from the huntresses?"

"She just swept me off my feet...I felt totally dependent on her...she whisked me through the trees like a Sheena or Tarzan. I clasped my arms around her chest and wrapped my legs around her waist and trembled in her arms....afraid she'd drop me as she carried me with her through the jungle canopy."

Ingrid smiled, her eyes feasting on the picture of the young jungle beauty whose loins were barely covered by the skimpy, sensuous, animal pelt she wore.

"Did your jungle woman say anything to you?"

"No...but I knew she was taking me to her tree house. I looked down and became even more frightened when I saw how high above the ground we were. Although it's hard to believe, I buried my face between her breasts and hung on desperately to her strong, slender, body. I felt totally at her mercy. I remember the sensation of feeling her thigh muscles rippling; so sleek, so strong!"

Ingrid slipped her right hand under Teri's butt and clasped her fingers on her own panties as she continued to stare at the image of the lovely jungle lioness in front of her.

"Go on, Teri," she said breathily.

"Time seemed... elongated, like a sensual version of an El Greco's painting. Maybe it was her long legs - they seemed to never strong...I clamped mine around hers. I was still panting and breathless when she finally carried me inside her jungle tree house and dropped me on the floor."

Ingrid's nipples were hard and erect, her breathing hard and rapid as she gazed raptly at Charlize's image.

"So what did the sexy lioness do then Teri?"

"She calmly pointed her finger in my face and told me, "Stay!" Just like that, like I was her pet or something. I was terrified when I spotted a lion curled up in the corner. It growled at me and began to move toward me. Suddenly, Charlize flew thru the air and landed on its back. They began to fight and ss I watched, I didn't know which I was more afraid of. But, of course, Charlize wrestled the lion into submission, then released it and SHE began to stalk toward me. I cringed in a corner as she came over and stood towering over me. She said she wouldn't hurt me if I proved myself, '... a good and faithful slave girl'."

"Wha...what happened next?" her doctor gasped, her excitement palpable.

"A woman walked into the room and when Charlize looked up and saw her, she reprimanded her for not doing her job. She rose and began slapping the poor woman around."

"Did you recognise her...this other woman?"

"Oh, yes, it was Demi Moore. She was topless and wearing a pair of red panties. seemed...took pleasure in dominating her. I watched her wrestle Demi to the floor and then wrap her long legs around her. Demi was totally helpless; moaning and pleading for Charlize to release her.

"Not till you learn to obey MY will and not YOUR own desires," Charlize told her firmly.

"How interesting!" Ingrid grew more excited by Teri's erotic dream with each passing moment. "Go on, Teri."

"Charlize flexed her thighs around Demi and she could do nothing about it. I got the impression she wrestled her into submission every day. Charlize smirked as Demi struggled helpless in her clutches. Then this 'golden goddess' tossed her bra on the floor and rolled Demi onto her back, pinning her. Charlize laid her breasts on Demi's; her lioness skin thong pressed into Demi's red panties. I saw Demi's mouth open as Charlize's breasts and nipples pressed down, grinding into hers. It was breathtaking. Charlize's breasts were controlling Demi's totally. She was telling Demi that although hers were smaller, they were more powerful and could dominate hers at will."

Ingrid was getting hot listening to Teri's tale and she smiled at her mental image of this savage jungle goddess. The doctor took a deep breath and there was a tremor in her voice as she encouraged Teri, "...go on."

"After she had her fill of Demi, she motioned me to follow her. 'Let me show you my collection,' she smiled. She walked so confidently....with a very sensuous she knew she could conquer anything and everything in her path. She led me to rows of cages where beautiful women were imprisoned. I understood without her saying it that these were her conquests. She opened one that held two muscular women and walked inside without any fear.

"I recognised they were wrestlers, Victoria and Chyna. They dropped to their knees before her and Charlize sat on a bench, then stretched her out legs. She wrapped her calves around Chyna's face and pulled Victoria onto her lap and Armlocked her to hold her in position. I watched these two muscular woman with dread: Chyna bawling like a helpless little girl when Charlize flexed her calve muscles around her cheekbones and Victoria pleading for release her as her tormentor just smiled."

"Who else did the sexy goddess dominate," the Doctor asked, her voice so soft Teri had to strain to hear it.

"Well, she walked into one cage and there was a blond. When she turned around, I recognised Sharon Stone."

"Why do you keep us here?" Stone whined. "What have we done to you?" Sharon, like the others, was topless, but she wore light blue panties. Charlize walked in and just yanked Sharon to her, then wrapped her arms around Sharon until her breasts and nipples were almost penetrating Sharon's softer breasts. Charlize seemed to console Sharon who rested her head on her shoulder and sobbed. But then I saw Sharon slip her hand down Charlize's thong as the lioness corraled her in a corner. Charlize gasped and sighed as Sharon fingered her, Charlize's eyes were closed...she looked vulnerable at that moment, but Sharon didn't try to take advantage of her moment of weakness.

"If you care about me," Sharon whimpered. "Why do you allow Demi inside the cage with me?" she asked with much emotion in her voice. "Do you enjoy watching her dominate me?" she whined.

Charlize's body shuddered and after a few moments she opened her eyes, reached down and pulled Sharon's hand out of her thong. She gently led Shron back over to her bed and tucked her in, the she laid with Sharon for some time before leaving her alone in the cage."

"Oh my goodness!" Dr. Bergson exclaimed. She thought, "I wouldn't mind being in one of Theron's cages...for a night! Or better, put her in one of her OWN cages!"

"Tell me, Teri, what happened next?"

"Doctor, I was amazed at all Charlize had going on in that jungle tree house. One thing I remember was her setting me on her lap as we sat beside Sharon's cage. I remember not feeling frightened anymore; she made me feel very warm and secure even though I knew she would soon put me in a cage of my own."

"So you were living in the tree house with her other captives when you awoke?"

"Yes, I spent...I think, two days there in my dream. I know Charlize was leading me and Demi into Sharon's cage. She sat me on Sharon's bed and lay down with Demi and Sharon. Demi had forced Sharon into a very submissive position and Sharon was crying; pleading for Charlize to help her. Charlize winked at Demi and smileed as her brunette slave continued to dominate her blond slave. Then, just as Charlize turned and looked at me....I woke up."

The session had run out of time and Dr. Bergson gazed at the image of Charlize while Teri got dressed. Ingrid returned Teri to her normal state of consciousness and led her to the door. "I must say, Teri, your dream is fascinating. Please let me know if you remember anything else, will you?"

"Yes, I will, Doctor."

"By the way, do you know how to get in touch with that sexy lioness... I mean... Charlize Theron, of course! Perhaps, your recovery will be greatly advanced if you were to share your dream with her in my office."

"Well,...uh maybe, Dr. I'll think about it."

"Please do. Good night, Teri."

"Good night, Dr. Bergson."

Ingrid took a deep breath. She poured herself a drink, gazed again at the image of Charlize, then let out a deep sigh. She picked up her phone and called one of her patients, a highly ranked official at the telephone company. When the woman answered, Dr. Bergson said a single word that triggered a post-hypnotic suggestion she'd planted years before. When the woman answered, "Yesssss Doctor?" Ingrid told her what she wanted. Within minutes, Dr. Ingrid Bergsom had Charlize Theron's private, unlisted number. Then she sat back, sipped her drink and began to formulate her plan.

Coming soon: "Caging A Big Cat"