The Dr. Bergson Chronicles: Angie Harmon vs. Claudia Schiffer by Tank

What really hurt was...she wouldn't let me go. I had to beg and plead with her". Claudia Schiffer sat restlessly on the lap of Dr. Ingrid Bergson(Anita Ekberg). Both topless, Claudia wore pink satin panties while Ingrid sported panties of black. A life size image of Claudia's tormentor, Naomi Campbell stood next to the couch. Naomi looked very intimidating to Claudia in her tiger striped bra and thong, an arrogant sneer on her face.

"So, Claudia, you explained she attacked you for no reason?"

"We were dressed just as we are now. We were privately modeling lingerie in my penthouse apartment. I had just removed my matching pink bra when I joked she should lose some weight to fit into her tiger striped bikini. All of a sudden, she stalks toward me and begins slapping me around."

"What happened next?"

"I was shocked and very frightened at first. But then I got angry and started slapping her back. I wanted to gain her respect."

"Did you, Claudia?"

"She got angry and punched me in my face. I ducked down and threw my body into hers. We struggled and tumbled to the floor. She tried to force herself on top of me. I grabbed her hair and began yanking it. Then, from out of nowhere, she struck me in my ribs with her fist.OOWWWW! It hurt so much!" Claudia's lovely face had a painful expression as she related the details of her fight with Naomi.

"I was hurt already and tried to roll away from her. She reached out and grabbed my braided hair. Then she yanked me closer to her. I was screaming for her to let me go but she just sneered at me." Tears welled up in the blue eyes of the beautiful blond Supermodel. Ingrid placed her arms gently around her.

"What happened next, Dear?"

"I tried desperately to escape from her clutches but could not. She pulled me closer to her by my hair. Then....then she began striking my belly and ribs with her free fist. I was wincing in pain. I kept gasping for her to stop...but she wouldn't. Then before I knew it, she slithered her sleek, muscular thighs around my thighs. She yanked my head back and all I could see as I looked up were her breasts breathing out from her bra. I strained my thighs but to no avail. I heard her laughing....mocking me. I was frightened and begged her to stop. Then she began flexing her thigh muscles around the waistband of my panties. She yanked my braid back further so she could look into my eyes."

"Poor Claudia. You must have felt like a young doe trapped in the clutches of a jungle tigress. What did you do?" Ingrid asked as she glanced at the image of her predator.

"What could I do? I squirmed and struggled but most off all, I begged her to let me go. She just sneered at me. Then I felt her steely thigh muscles flexing around my panties. My mouth opened and tears began to stream down my cheeks as I looked up at her gazing down at me. She tore off her own bra and threw it on the floor so we would both be topless. She continued to yank my hair back by my braid. Then she punches me in the ribs again. I began bawling like a schoolgirl. Still, she would not let me go." Ingrid slipped her fingers up and down Claudia's ample breasts as she encouraged her to continue.

"I was able to scream, 'Please, Noami, please stop! I can't take any more!' But all the naked-assed, bare breasted bully bitch wanted to do was flex her python thigh muscles around my panties with even greater strength than before! OOOHHHH...DR.BERGSON....SHE WAS SOOOOO STRONG!" Claudia threw herself into Ingrid's arms and began sobbing.

"Now Claudia, it must have have been very difficult for a sassy and fluffy house pussy like yourself to find yourself at such close quarters with a savage jungle tigress like Naomi." Ingrid slowly slipped her fingers under Claudia's panties. Then she added, "You must have been so hurt and frightened. Did you continue to beg her to let you go?"

"Yes....for almost half an hour I pleaded and cried...but she was so cruel. My little pink panties were twisted around my waist by her muscular thighs. She wrapped her free arm around my breasts and kept flexing her bicep into my nipples. I was sobbing.....gasping....begging(sniff). Finally, when she relaxed her grip, I threw myself in her arms. 'NAOMI..PLEASE....PLEASE....NO MORE!' I begged. I was soaking her breasts with my tears as she allowed me to get to my knees. Her tiger striped thong felt lodged in my panties as I trembled while we knelt against each other. I was sobbing pitifully, my chin on her shoulder. She had released my hair and breasts...then her agonizing leg scissors. I thought it was over. But then she wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me into a crushing embrace. I felt her body crushing mine. I just wanted her to accept my submission but she refused to. Finally, she released me and got to her feet. She left me on the floor crying while she retrieved her clothes and left."

"It's rare to hear of a woman being so dominated as you were, Claudia", Ingrid told her as she finally slipped her active fingers from under her lovely client's panties. Then she asked, 'How about challenging Naomi to a rematch'?"

"NOOOOOOO....." Claudia was holding on to her doctor tightly and would not let her go. Ingrid looked at the clock. It was time for her next client.

"You're making very rapid progress, Claudia, I'm happy to say," Ingrid smiled as she walked her toward the door.

"That's nice to hear, Dr. Bergson", Claudia beamed. "I'll look forward to seeing you next week. Good Bye!"

Dr. Bergson's next scheduled client was Angie Harmon. The tall brunette beauty was trying to come to terms with her loss to Gena Lee Nolin. Ingrid soon had her hypnotized and sitting snug on her lap. Both topless, Angie wearing red panties, found it difficult to look upon the image of Gena in her blue bikini. Ingrid wasted no time nudging the slender brunette's upper body till her little breasts were touching her massive pair.

"So, Angie, you began to explain in your last session that you had a nightmare about Gena?"

"Yes, Dr. I dreamed we were walking through a scorching desert. We were both bare breasted. I was wearing white panties and she was wearing just a black thong. We were both chained together and sweating profusely. She was leading me through the desert taunting and slapping me. I felt like her slave girl. Every time I would challenge her or fight back she would yank the chain and sweep my breasts into hers. Her big bare sweat- glistened breasts would press into my much smaller breasts. She would look me in the eyes as she exhaled her bigger breasts and hard nipples into mine. My knees would feel weak and I would tremble. Her big breasts frightened me and she threatened to lay me onto the sand and squash my smaller breasts with hers if I gave her any resistance. She was acting very cruel toward me like a wicked queen would act toward her lowest servant girl."

"So how did Gena impose her breasts on yours, like this?" Ingrid asked as she wrapped her arms around her client's back and pressed Angie's breasts into hers more tightly.

"OOOHHHHH!" Angie groaned. "Yesssss.... except she was more forceful. I felt afraid of her. Our legs nudged against each others as we walked and I knew if she wanted to she could crush me in a leg war as well."

"Where was she taking you?"

"I asked her and she told me we were to meet my husband, Jason. She said he told her he would love to watch her dominate me in front of him. I felt so angry with him. He bet $100,000 on Gena before our fight. Imagine that! My husband!"

"Maybe he felt the big breasted blond beauty was just too much woman for a slender, less endowed girl like yourself, Angie. You can't blame him for betting on Gena, can you? She's stronger, more athletic, and more womanly than you are. After all, he did win the bet, didn't he?" Angie cringed to hear those words from her doctor. Then Ingrid asked, "So did your lovely blond Queen lead you to your husband?"

"Yes, but I put up a struggle. I refused to advance another step. We wrestled on the sand. She overpowered me and lay on top of me. Just like in our fight, her breasts dominated mine. I felt my breath taken away and I submitted to her. She threw me over her shoulder and continued to lead me through the scorching heat. My breasts were undulating as I lay over her. My face was nudged against her skimpy black thong and I found myself dizzy and drooling on her ass as she carried me. I felt conquered and humiliated. When we finally met my husband, she forced me over her lap and gave me a long spanking as he watched. She was doing all sorts of naughty things to me(sniff) as he edged her on. I felt helpless against her and it was absolutely demoralizing." Angie was sobbing, her arms around her physician.

"Poor Angie!" Ingrid glanced at the image of Gena and smirked. "Now, Dear, My advice to you is to invite Gena to your home and challenge her to a rematch in front of your husband".

"But....but....I'm afraid I'll lose again. What if I lose?" Angie was trembling on her doctor's lap.

"Maybe you're right, Dear. We wouldn't want your lovely blond rival humiliating you in front of your husband again, now would we?"

"No.....of course not!" Angie responded. Ingrid looked at the clock and realised the session was over. She gently coaxed the sexy brunette off of her lap.

Fully dressed and returned to her normal state of consciousness, Angie was led to the door by Dr. Bergson. Ingrid had taken a moment to write on a piece of paper: "needs a great deal of compassion from a big breasted woman". The sexy psychiatrist firmly believed she was the woman to provide it. Already, she couldn't wait for her next session with the tall raven- haired beauty.

"You're coming along much faster than I originally anticipated, Angie", she was pleased to tell her client.

"That's wonderful, Doctor Bergson. Goodnight!" Angie smiled.

Though she'll never admit it, Dr. Bergson needs a long, long vacation. Her last one for awhile.