Elizabeth Berkeley vs. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen by maverik

They met in Liz's apartment almost a decade after their "Saved By the Bell" days. Tiffani Amber was now Tiffani Thiessen. She'd added some weight, mostly in the wrong places, but could still carry a "Got Milk?" ad naturally, unlike many of her busty competition. Tiff stood 5'5" still perky with short brunette hair. Her 35D bosom was awesome to look at, but her once mesmerizing smile had turned bitchy. Still, she was a legitimate 130 lbs., albeit with a soft, round belly that fairly begged to be punched like the Pillsbury Doughboy's.

Elizabeth Berkeley also had short blond hair now, cut in her new style to help people forget her 'star turn' in the unlamented "Showgirls." Yet she still had the innocence in a radiant smile as charming as ever. Liz stood a legit 5'9" and was a lean, fit 130 lbs. that was all muscle. Her legs were thick, even more muscular than the rest of her, as Charlize Theron learned to her sorrow as Liz beat her out for the role in "Showgirls." Liz' perky 34B bust seemed just right for her perfect figure, riding on her chest above a firm belly. Overall, Liz looked very much her usual "Jesse" self.

They hugged when they met, then immediately burst into conversation; reminiscing about errant career choices, the fickleness of fate and some of the bitches they'd met in the past. Memories of the times they'd been together made Tiffani blush as she smiled her trademark smile, causing her now thicker cheeks to dimple. Both were the same age, just as when they first met as teens (something unusual in a town where some actresses age much more slowly than their contemporaries!)

Tiffani recalled being in awe of the graceful blonde dancer with the firm, toned legs, even back then…..and how their arguments almost invariably ended up with Tiffani pleading for mercy as she stared up into Elizabeth's smiling eyes of triumph. But that was then and this was a different time.

After a few drinks together, the conversation turned to their past fights with the women and girls they'd "met" since the show. The chat continued for hours with each regaling the other with her stories, including the usual exaggerations no doubt, of foes conquered and challenges accepted and won. So it wasn't surprising that after more than a few drinks, Tiffani challenged Elizabeth. To test themselves once more now that Tiffani was a big girl and had learned how to fight.

Elizabeth smiled, "Okay, but don't expect to be 'saved by the bell' this time."

Tiffani expanded her bosom and replied with a confident, "Come on, Showgirl!"

The silence was broken by the rustle of their clothes as they stood up to face each other. Tiffani quietly removed her gold, knee length evening dress and slipped it off to reveal a white bra and white lace panties wedged tight into both cracks. As she stood up, Tiffani self-consciously hooked her thumbs in the elastic and picked her wedgie free, giving her hips a little shake in the process.

Liz tossed her denim shirt aside to reveal she was wearing nothing beneath it. Her pink nipples began to rise almost instantly at the thought of the impending conflict as she took a deep breath to inflate her chest while mentally comparing her own 'limited' assets to Tiffani's grander ones. Then Liz kicked off her shoes and, bending at the waist, slid down her jeans to expose a pair of "Showgirl" logo black thong panties.

Tiffani commented with a tight grin, "You haven't changed much in all those years, have you?"

Liz simply glared back, gritting her teeth as she fought the urge to mention Tiffani's new girth.

Suddenly, without a warning, Tiffani flung herself on Liz, grabbing her hair as her thick body slammed against Liz's hard midsection. Liz staggered backward under the impact. Before Liz could react to that, Tiffani was pulling her hair, jerking her head back with one hand while her other hand clawed into Liz's left breast.

Tiffani dug her nails in and raked downward as Liz cried out and tried to step back. But Tiffani maintained her grip and squeezed hard, crushing Liz's breast in her fist. The soft,. pale white flesh oozed out between Tiffani's fingers as she squeezed harder with one hand while she pulled hair with the other.

Then Tiffani kicked her right knee into Liz, striking her on the left thigh and buckling her leg briefly.

Tiffani finally gasped, "So, does this ring a bell yet? Wait till you see what happens when I get to your washed out pussy!"

With that, Tiffani released Liz's hair and raked her hand down her torso until she caught the waistband of her black thong. As the thong was pulled down on one side, it exposed the top of Liz's golden-brown pelt. Tiffani yanked again and the thong was down around Liz's knees.

Liz was really mad now. She gritted her teeth as she punched Tiffani in her soft, rounded belly just above her navel. The wind rushed out of Tiffani, who raised her left arm to protect herself, still squeezing Liz's breast with her right.

Tiffani's eyes saw it coming, but she felt it more. Liz's other fist swung across over Tiffani's right arm and caught her on the temple. Stunned, Tiffani lost her grip on Liz's breast. Another punch buried itself deep in Tiffani's belly, doubling her up.

Liz grabbed Tiffani by the hair and flung her to the floor. Tiffani landed on her side and rolled over with her face away from Liz. Good thing because Liz had already launched her kick! Liz's foot smacked right into Tiffani's fanny, eliciting a loud cry from Tiffani as her back arched. More kicks landed to the back of Tiffani's thighs, butt and lower back before Liz stopped kicking, bent down and unfastened Tiffani's bra, knowing full well Tiffani would try to grab it.

Tiffani pulled her arms from under her, a reflex to try to avoid Liz's breast torture. Just what Liz wanted her to do. With Tiffani's hands clutching her breasts to hold her bra in place, Liz calmly took Tiffani's panties in both hands and roughly tore them away, exposing her thick, dark bush. As Tiffani tried to kick at her, Liz shoved her hand between Tiffani's flailing legs and latched onto her pussy, pinching her labia HARD, her sharp nails digging into the crevice.

Tiffani screamed, "Oooooh!! OOOOOhhh!! Aaaagh!" as Liz went to work.

There was no stopping Liz now. She was furious with Tiffani over the unexpected fight she had put up and with her "Showgirl" remark. Liz jumped on Tiffani's back, folding her legs so she landed with her knee first. Liz could FEEL the wind knocked out of Tiffani, though all she could hear was loud cries of pain as her knee drilled into Tiffani's back.

Grabbing Tiffani under the chin, Liz pulled her head back. Tiffani's arms had to go forward to support her torso and when she did, her bra was free to fall. Liz flipped Tiffani over quickly, then pressed her back down on the floor before sitting down with her butt on Tiffani's belly with her long legs folded under her and her knees pinning Tiffani's arms.

Tiffani was helpless, her huge udders now heaving in plain sight. Liz's eyes widened as she licked her lips in anticipation. The dark, thick nipples and well rounded breasts were prime targets for the outraged Berkeley. Both her hands flashed out, grabbing and firmly squeezing Tiffani's melons.

Liz hissed through clenched teeth, "You stupid little girl, now you're in REAL trouble!"

Tiffani's eyes filled with tears as she started crying out loud. Her breasts already feeling the pain imparted by Liz's muscular hands and forearms with their squeezing. Liz's big hands clenched harder and harder and her fingers dug into the soft flesh. As Liz twisted her hands from side to side, Tiffani's cries grew louder and louder. Finally releasing her breasts, Liz slapped the weeping Tiffani across the face, first one way then backhand the other way.

"Attacking ME!!"




"Showgirl, eh!" (Backhand!)




"You're in for it now, Tiff, and I MEAN IT!"

(A flurry of slaps using both hands!)

Tiffani was crying like she hadn't cried in a long, long time, not since her last attempt to beat Liz. Not only was Tiffani hurting badly now, she was getting scared of what Liz might do to her.

"Please! Please stop! I won't do it again!" was all Tiffani could say between gasps for air as streams of tears rolled down her cheeks and dripped onto the floor.

Tiffani hoped Liz would let her go but when Liz got up, tired of slapping Tiffani, she was still mad and not yet done with her.

"Get up!" Liz snapped.

Tiffani remained on the floor, one knee raised slightly to ease the pain in her pussy; her hands covering her face; her battered body still absorbing the punishment it had received.

"UP!!!!" roared Liz again, adding a kick in the butt for emphasis.

Tiffani looked up, pleadingly, "I'm sorry! Please let me go!! Stop now!! PLEASE……"

Tiffani could only hope Liz would spare her more punishment. Instead, Liz bent down and pulled Tiffani up by her arms, forcing her to stand. Once she was on her feet, Liz twisted Tiffani's arm up behind her back, slowly pressuring her head downward. With her body bent forward and her knees flexed, Tiffani sank with loud moans as her arm was twisted.

Tiffani cried, "Stop! Please Stop!!"

"QUIET!" Liz shouted and Tiffani was reduced to muffled sobbing.

Tiffani was half standing, still on her feet but with her knees bent, her breasts dangling beneath her, her free arm swinging limp at her side. Liz pressed her body in close and wrapped the arm that was holding Tiffani in the hammerlock around Tiffani's torso, latching onto her right breast.

Liz squeezed, telling Tiffani, "Don't you even THINK about falling down. Stay still!"

Liz's free hand slipped between Tiffani's thighs, slowly crawling into her thick dark bush. Liz closed her fist and roughly tugged at the luxuriant, thick bush, drawing a loud, "Ooooooohhh!! STOP!!" from Tiffani.

Liz chuckled as she started squeezing Tiffani's breast and stroking her pussy at the same time, watching the weeping Tiffani blush deeper and deeper as Liz's magical mixture of pleasure and pain began to work on her as it had on so many other young women in the last several years. Tiffani's body jerked and twitched as she stood quivering, her eyes downcast and her cute dimple now firmly fixed in place.

Tiffani spoke gasped, "Please, oh! Please! Liz, let me go!! Please!!!"

"Uh-uh," Liz murmured. "First, I want you to show me how sorry you are, for that 'Showgirl' comment. Some of you girls just never learn not to bring that up to my face."

"OK," Tiffani gasped quickly. "Okay…I'll…do….as you say."

Tiffani had a lot of trouble just speaking, what with the strain of holding her body upright in the position she was in and with Liz's hands pulling and squeezing her breast while the other was thrusting between her legs.

"I said, I want YOU (squeeze-scratch) to SHOW (squeeze-scratch) me," Liz corrected Tiffani.

Then Liz released Tiffani who collapsed on the floor at Liz's feet. Tiffani's breasts heaved in respite, while her belly pumped in and out rapidly. Tiffani was totally devastated and she was completely disappointed with herself as well.

Tiffani slowly rolled over onto her stomach, raised up on her elbows and began to crawl toward the waiting, smiling Liz.

Placing her mouth on Liz's long, bony toes, Tiffani kissed her feet, murmuring, "I'm sorry!… I'm sorry … I didn't mean to upset you," between kisses.

Tiffani moved higher, clasping her arms around those marvelous, strong dancer calves and used them to pull herself up to her knees, looking up at Liz's bush glistened with sweat. Tiffani's eyes traveled further, past Liz's breasts hung out firmly from her rising and falling chest. Between the peaks of her breasts, Tiffani saw Liz's face bearing the confident smile of her conqueror. Only a few strands of blonde hair were even out of place after the brief struggle.

"I'm not another Christina Applegate, you know!" Liz spoke calmly now, her meaning crystal clear.

Tiffani raised herself along Liz's body, her arms wrapping around Liz's waist until her hands rested on her firm, round, tight buttocks. Tiffani raised her face, then pushed forward until her lips reached Liz's snatch.

Tiffani kissed it and said, "Please Liz! I'm really sorry! About everything."

"Now does that ring a bell?" Liz said, laughing as she bent to pull Tiffani up by her shoulders, pleased with her apology.

They stood with bodies touching, Tiffani's head tilted back to look Liz in the eye.

Liz put her arms around Tiffani and picked her up, showing surprising strength. Squeezing her in a mild, body crushing bear hug, Liz stared into Tiffani's eyes as they widened in fear, her ruby lips slightly parted.

"No! No!!" Tiffani gasped.

"Don't mess with me ever again, little girl!" Liz said forcefully, then she dropped Tiffani on the floor in a heap. "Now, go fix me something to eat before I change my mind"

Instead of fixing Liz a meal, Tiffani took the opportunity to escape out the back door and run back to her apartment.