Elizabeth Berkeley Vs. Liv Tyler by Scott (March 5, 2000)

Ever since "Showgirls" Elizabeth Berkeley's acting career was going nowhere fast. She heard about a league of Celebrity wrestlers and each match paid $25,000 to the loser and $100,000 to the winner. Elizabeth signed up right away even though her opponent would be picked at random. Liz was confident she could whip almost anyone. Liv Tyler was young, athletic and was a good size girl. She thought with these attributes she would fare well with most of the other wrestlers. However, a match with Elizabeth Berkeley who had a reputation of being brutal was not what Liv had in mind for a fun match.

On fight night Elizabeth came out first. When she took off her robe she revealed a trim but buffed body. Elizabeth had been working out. She wasn't muscular but had a toned figure and little fat. She was wearing a black bra with black panties with a garter belt holding up black stockings. She was a beautiful site. Liv came out next. Although just a inch or two shorter than Elizabeth and a few pounds lighter, Liv was very much a girl. She was fit but did not have the work-out regimen that Elizabeth had. Liv had curves in all the right places.

Underneath her robe Liv was wearing nothing but sheer suntan pantyhose. The jaws just dropped on all those spectators who were privileged to watch this spectacle. Then they just started cheering wildly. Liv played to the crowed by lifting one leg on the top turnbuckle and running her hands up and down her beautiful nylon covered leg. Then she decided to pull up her pantyhose inch by inch as she wanted a tight feel. All the men and some of the women were struggling not to cum right then and there. Elizabeth watching all this did not seem angry at all. In fact she was smiling. As if she was thinking what fun she could have with Liv after dominating her in the ring.

Finally the bell rang. Liv and Elizabeth locked up their arms each trying to gain the upper hand. Berkeley being the stronger of the two was able to push Liv against the ropes. Liv immediately raised her hands fearing that Elizabeth would not give a clean break. Surprisingly Berkeley backed off and bowed to her opponent. The two combatants locked again and again Berkeley was able to push Liv against the ropes and again she backed off and bowed to her opponent. Liv was shocked. She was expecting Elizabeth to come out punching and here she was acting like a good sport. Once again they locked up arms and this time Liv was able to push Elizabeth back to the ropes. Liv then returned the earlier favor and gave a clean break and bowed to her opponent.


Elizabeth let Liv back her against the ropes and knew after she gave two clean breaks Liv would do the same. When Liv bowed her head Berkeley kicked her right between the legs.


Liv's air went out as she bent over protecting her crotch. Elizabeth quickly gave Liv a forearm to the face lifting her back up and threw her in the ropes. On the rebound Elizabeth was waiting to give Liv a clothesline but Liv was able to duck that, hit the ropes again for some momentum and came flying back at Berkeley and landed right on top of her. Elizabeth fell to the mat with Liv on top. Liv tried for the quick pin but Elizabeth was able to throw Liv off, with authority.

Now a little pissed Elizabeth got up and raked Liv in the eyes. Then she gave Liv another swift kick and threw her into the ropes. This time Liv could not see what Elizabeth was up to, so when Berkeley threw an elbow to Liv's neck as she was coming off the ropes Liv could not get out of the way and fell to the mat. Elizabeth picked Liv back up and body slammed her back down. Then Elizabeth ran to the ropes and came down with an elbow to the neck of Liv but Liv moved out just in time. When Elizabeth came back up she was greeted with a kick to the groin by Liv. Liv then went for a body slam.


She was not near strong enough to be lifting Elizabeth and after trying twice with no success, Elizabeth reversed the situation and body slammed Liv followed by a knee drop to Liv's head.


Liv was now dazed. Berkeley helped Liv up and gave her a quick punch to the head and then threw her hard into the turnbuckle. Liv came bouncing off the turnbuckle and was met with a devastating clothesline. Elizabeth picked Liv back up and body slammed her back down to the mat. Liv was now starting to feel the fight go from her. Elizabeth picked Liv back up and threw her down across her knee in a vicious back breaker. She held her victim by pushing down on her beautiful nylon cover legs with one hand and Liv's chin with the other. She Held this position for a few moments causing Liv to scream out. Finally Elizabeth broke the hold by slamming her fists down on Liv's trim tummy, knocking all the air out of her.

Next Elizabeth picks Liv up and is face to face with Liv. She grabs her around the waist in a bear hug. Liv tried to return the hug and surprised Berkeley by having some strength left. They each hold on to each other in this hold for several minutes when Berkeley lets go of the bear hug and grabs Liv by the head and headbutts Liv. Liv still held on to her bearhug but then Elizabeth headbutted Liv right on her cute nose.

"AAEEEE my nose" Liv shrieked.

A little blood started pouring from Liv's nose and she immediately let go of Elizabeth, and put her hands up to cover her nose. The Site of blood enraged Liv. Instead of crying as Elizabeth expected, Liv seemed to get an adrenaline rush and regained some energy. When Elizabeth step towards her Liv gave her a quick left jab to her face. The blow wasn't that strong but it stunned Elizabeth as she wasn't expecting it. Liv followed up with another jab and then a hard right knocking Elizabeth to the mat. Liv picked Berkeley up and threw her against the ropes. When Elizabeth bounced off Liv met her with a clothesline.

She quickly picks Elizabeth back up throws her again off the ropes and flips her up and over her own back so Elizabeth falls right on her back and hard to the mat. Liv again throws Berkeley against the robes and this time grabs her head in a sleeper hold. Liv does not have it on tight though and Elizabeth fights it. First Elizabeth throws an elbow to the side of Liv's head and then another weakening the hold. Then Elizabeth starts backing up and forces Liv to the robes. As Liv feels she is falling through the robes she lets go of the sleeper as she does not want to fall to the floor with Elizabeth landing on top of her.

After Liv breaks the hold she gets up and the now groggy Elizabeth is laying on the mat with her head against the bottom rope. Liv checks her nose and most of the blood has dried but she still is mad. Liv looks down at Elizabeth and puts her sexy nylon covered foot on Elizabeth's neck, choking her. She then takes her other foot and puts it over Elizabeth's nose- rubbing hard against it. By this time Liv had been sweating profusely and her foot although attractive in nylon really had a rotten smell to it. Elizabeth was getting a great view of Liv's nylon covered pussy but at this time is not getting a lot of enjoyment out of it as she is being choked and smothered out.

"Payback time bitch" Liv hissed.

Elizabeth was now fearful of losing to this pretty girl. Then Liv starts to pull up her hose inch by inch as she had done before the match while standing on Elizabeth's head. What a site! The spectators were enjoying this but not Elizabeth. Those close to the ring could hear the nylon rubbing against Liv's leg and then the little snap sound as she adjusted top of her pantyhose. Liv then decides to kick Elizabeth's nose so she too can experience that pain. Liv brings her left foot to the left of Elizabeth's head and swings her heal to the side of Elizabeth's nose. Liv goes for the move again but this causes her to lose some balance and Elizabeth has enough strength to push Liv off of her.

Liv comes back to the Elizabeth looking to finish the fight. She hauls her back up and again throws her to the ropes. This time Liv lands a drop kick with both her heals landing on Elizabeth's face. Elizabeth goes down and looks to be nearly out of it. Liv goes to pick Elizabeth up for her next move and Elizabeth now clearly stunned in desperation throws an arm right between Liv's nylon covered legs. Liv's knees immediately buckle. This buys Elizabeth a few seconds and she uses her remaining strength to give Liv a clothesline knocking her to the mat. Elizabeth also falls making that move and rolled away trying to catch her breath. Elizabeth was now really upset and wanted to humiliate Liv.

After a few moments both wrestlers struggled to their feet and again they locked arms but this time Elizabeth rakes Liv's eyes and then throws her against the ropes. When Liv comes off the ropes she is met with the bottom of Elizabeth's foot. Liv drops to the mat in a heap. Elizabeth picks her back up and throws her again against the ropes. Elizabeth hits Liv with her elbow right on her aching nose. This time Elizabeth broke Liv's nose. Liv went down on the mat and starting crying.

"Please no more, I quit, you win"

Elizabeth didn't care, she picked Liv up and kicked Liv again between the legs and bodyslammed the girl. She the picks Liv up -this time by the waist and lifts her up and over her back so her body was over Elizabeth's head, legs behind Elizabeth's body and Liv's upper body in front of Elizabeth. Then Elizabeth jackknife powerslams Liv to the mat in a style reminiscent of SID Viscous.

Liv was nearly out. Elizabeth again picks the beaten girl up and lifts Liv up over her head and places Liv between her shoulders and puts her in a torture rack across her back. Elizabeth is holding Liv's neck with one hand and upper thighs with the other and is stretching her across her shoulders. Liv starts screaming in pain, as her back is being brutalized. Soon Liv just moans and then goes limp and only moves when Elizabeth moves her. After a few moments of this Elizabeth just drops Liv so she falls about 7 feet down to the mat. Elizabeth was careful to make sure Liv fell on her stomach so her face and nose would hit the mat first. Liv gave out a powerful scream when her nose hit the mat but could only move into the fetal position and hope Elizabeth would leave her alone. No such luck.

Elizabeth then picks Liv up and places Liv's head between her knees-she lifts Liv up and gives her a devastating piledriver knocking the pretty girl unconscious. Not satisfied Elizabeth picks up the now limp body of the beautiful girl and again put Liv in pile driver position. Before dropping her Elizabeth could not help but rub her face in Liv's nylon covered crotch and getting a taste of Liv's womanhood Then she slammed her harder than before in another devastating piledriver. Now Liv's legs were shaking uncontrollably and although basically unconscious.

Berkeley lifts Liv's head and clamps on a viscous sleeper hold, although in Elizabeth's version she grabbed Liv under her left armpit and actually was squeezing near the heart area while her other arm wrapped around Liv's neck and head. She got it on tight. Liv could not even move her left arm and her right arm flailed for a few seconds but quickly went limp. Liv's eyes went wide, her legs still trembling from the piledriver quivered a few moments more and then too went limp. Liv's eyes were now closing and then her eyelashes fluttered a little and then her eyes went back into her head. Liv was done. Elizabeth let go of the beautiful girl and let her body slump to the floor. Liv was laid out spread-eagle and with those gorgeous legs covered in hosiery look liked an erotic Snow White.

By this time, Berkeley's old co-star from "Saved by the Bell", Tiffani-Amber Thiesson was walking up to ringside. Elizabeth motioned to Tiffani to set up the scorer's table against the guardrail and ring apron. Elizabeth woke up Liv, who instinctively threw punches in the air, but hit nothing. Elizabeth gave her a hard punch to the side of the head to quiet her, then gorilla pressed her up and threw her over the top rope and on to the outside table. Liv hit with such great impact that the table broke in half. Liv was again knocked out. All anyone could see were the bottoms of her nylon covered legs twitching a little and then not moving at all.

Elizabeth went out to retrieve Liv and tossed her back in the ring.

"Hey Tiff want to join in on the fun?"

Tiffini did and came in the ring and handed Elizabeth a dildo. This did not look good for Liv. Elizabeth could not help herself. Laying on the mat was of the most beautiful girls looking sexy as hell in those sheer nylon pantyhose even though she was unconscious. Elizabeth went between Liv 's legs and lifted her legs so that they laid over Elizabeth's strong shoulders and Elizabeth started to lick Liv's cunt! She tore out a little hole and feverishly worked her tongue in and out of Liv. Tiffani meanwhile removed her shorts and sat down right on Liv's face and started a slow rocking motion. Liv had started to come to but with Tiffani on her face and Elizabeth controlling the bottom half of her body Liv could not move and although not unconscious was helpless.

Elizabeth start to insert fingers into Liv's cunt and Liv was started to moan although it was muffled by Tiffani ass. Elizabeth now took the dildo and rammed Liv up her cunt first slowly then harder and faster. Tiffani started to grind away harder and faster on Liv's face. In minutes Liv suffered a tremendous orgasm and if not for the great weight on her face and lower body she would have thrashed around a great deal. As it was her body shook a little and her pantyhose were now soaked with her own juices. Seconds later Tiffany drained herself on Liv soaking her face. The combination of having an orgasm and being the victim of one on her face rendered Liv unconscious again.

Tiffani continued to hump away for several minutes draining every last drop on Liv's pretty features, then relaxed on the prone girl. Elizabeth meanwhile got up and offered Tiffani a hand to help her up. Tiffani took Elizabeth's hand and Elizabeth jerked her up and gave her a quick clothesline. Tiffany laid stunned on the mat.

"You little cheap whore" hissed Elizabeth. "I'm twice the actress you are! You got all the attention on Saved by the Bell because of your looks and you only got the part on Beverly Hills 90210 because of who sucked old man Spelling's cock."

She then picked Tiffani up by the throat with one hand and choked slammed her to the mat. She then picks Tiffani up, like she had Liv earlier, waist first and flips her up and over her head and jackknife powerslams Tiffani to the mat. Tiffani is out cold.

Satisfied Elizabeth then went back to Liv. She again woke Liv up, took off her panties and front facesat Liv and grounded her womanhood against Liv. She had her pussy right on Liv's broken nose grinding hard. Liv cried a little but her air was cut off and in her weaken state passed out again. Elizabeth the slowed down the pace and grounded away slowly. The feeling of the loose cartridge of Liv's nose moving as Elizabeth's pussy rubbed against it was making Elizabeth hotter and hotter.

"Ohhhhh, Yesssss, Yesssss" screamed Elizabeth.

Finally after several minutes of erotic grinding Elizabeth burst into a tremendous orgasm drowning Liv's face in her love juices as they poured all over Liv. Once again Liv's legs spasmed a little but this was just an unconscious reaction as she was totally out. Finally Elizabeth was satisfied and left the two broken actresses laying unconscious in the ring.

The End