Elizabeth Berkley vs. Jamie Pressly by Scott

Do any of you remember the film "Being John Malkovich?" In it John Cuzack discovers a portal in a business office that leads him directly in the mind of the actor John Malkovich. He can control what Malkovich does and say for a couple of hours before he is kicked out and drops from the sky onto a city street. Cameron Diaz and her girlfriend use the portal so they can make love to each other while in one is in Malkovich's body.

Well in real life a gypsy woman has told me that such a portal exists but she explained that the body you inhabit is chosen randomly and you never know who it might be, except that it would be a female celebrity. The thought of inhabiting an actress's body for a few hours sounded terribly exciting to me. As a non-celebrity I couldn't get close to most of these actresses and having physical contact was out of the question. But what if I was in the body of one of their own? I could be invited to their home and wrestle them into submission and force them to service me. There would be no threat of prosecution. The embarrassment of being forced to service another actress would ruin their careers. This was an incredible opportunity and I just had to take a chance.

A week later the night came to enter into the unknown. The gypsy informed me I would be able to feel everything the celebrity felt, be it pain or pleasure, and I would have complete control of her mind. I was salivating about being in control of Catherine Bell, Charlize Theron or Beyonce Knowles. With their popularity and size I could approach the female of my choice and dominate her.

"Guess it's time to go" I said nervously.

"Good Luck" the gypsy said and gave me a friendly shove down the tunnel. Faster and faster I went speeding through the tunnel at hundreds of miles an hour. As the seconds ticked by I felt myself get dizzy then everything went black. All of a sudden I was awake again. There I was in a woman's body, but whose body? I looked down and noticed the lady had an impressive rack, the legs were fit but kind of thin, as was the waist. This was a small woman. The hair was blonde.

“Oh shit!” I gasped. “Please don't let this be Tara Reid!”

I scrambled around the room looking for a mirror. I breathe a sigh of relief when I saw my reflection. I was in Jamie Pressly's body.

“Hey, this isn't so bad!” I thought. I'm a bit small, only 5'5" and maybe 110 pounds, but at least I have a reputation as a bad ass! Plus a lot of actresses are afraid of Jamie, instilling fear in an opponent is half the battle. Hopefully, I’ll run into Sarah Michelle Gellar or one of the Hilton sisters! Yeah, Paris Hilton under my ass sucking my clit, now that’d be sweet!. I could pick a fight and dominate them and they wouldn't dare tell anyone about it. I was in Fat City!

As I looked around my surroundings I began to realize I was in a business office, probably one of some Hollywood producer.

"Knock, Knock. You decent Jamie?" a voice said, a split-second before Tiffani Thiessen came walking in the door.

That's when I recalled Jamie had guest starred on Tiffani's short-lived series ‘Fastlane’ and apparently they’d developed a “friendship.”

"OK Jamie, We got you the part, but it starts shooting tomorrow so the producers asked 'Berks' to come in so you guys can go over your lines today. Good Luck, I'll see you later."

Who the hell is ‘Berks’ I wondered? My question was answered a couple of seconds later when in walked the beautiful and statuesque Elizabeth Berkley. Wow, was she gorgeous! Beautiful skin, eyes, small but perky breasts and what a set of legs, nearly as long as my entire frame. She had her hair bleached and curly as it was in "Showgirls" which gave her a more erotic and slightly frightening appearance - certainly not someone you’d want to pick a fight with. She came over and shook my hand. She had a firm handshake, damn near crushed my fingers and she dwarfed me. I'm in a 5'5" body and Berkley stood at least 5' 10." She was thinner than I imaged but so was Jamie, so in addition to be shorter I was also lighter. I was thinking it would be a mistake to tangle with her. I knew her reputation; a bad attitude and enough muscle to back it up! Still, I’d only be in Jamie's body for a limited time and I may never have the opportunity again. Time for Plan B; instead of picking a fight with Elizabeth I’d seduce her. That way at least I can say I had crazy lesbian sex with a true goddess.

Our roles called for us to be high-class escorts and we were both already dressed for the part. Elizabeth was smokin'. I reached for my Johnson when I realized I didn't have one but I noticed Jamie's pussy was already wet. After an hour of going over the lines and drinking a few glasses of wine we were both giggling and just crashed on the couch half drunk. I (Jamie) was wearing a black merry widow with a matching thong and white thigh-high nylons. Elizabeth wore scarlet colored panties and matching bra that made the most of her modest breasts. She wore black stockings. Elizabeth was really sweet despite her tough reputation. This might be easier than I thought. After a few more drinks I decided to make my move on Elizabeth.

"Do you feel like doing anything?" I asked moving a little closer to Elizabeth on the couch.

"I could go for a movie or out to eat, I'm starving," Elizabeth had not yet caught on to my intentions even as I placed my hand on her shoulder.

"I thought we could pull out the couch and practice our love scene," I responded hoping that Elizabeth would get the message that I wanted to get romantic.

"We don't have any love scenes together," Elizabeth pointed out as I moved my hand down her leg

"Come on stay with me here sweetie," I said pouting like a child

"What are you talking about? Let's just go out for a bite to eat," Elizabeth was wondering what was going on as Jamie wasn't known to be so frisky around women.

"Elizabeth, you're hot and I'm hot. We are both single so lets have some fun"

"What are you saying, get off of me," Elizabeth said as she pushed my hand away from her body.

"I saw you in ‘Showgirls’ with Gershon. You telling me you don't like girls?"

"It was a movie, I'm an actress. I'm not like that. I like guys, and if I did like girls it wouldn't be short bleached blonde whores from dirt farms," Elizabeth said backing away with a crazy look in her eyes.

"Come on Liz don't be that way," I said moving toward her.

"Are you serious? Just keep your distance!" Elizabeth was obviously uncomfortable with Jamie's advances. "I have a boyfriend, I'm not interested in girls!"

"Please, Please" I said moving towards Elizabeth putting my hand on her shoulder and trying to kiss her.

"Stop it!" Elizabeth shouted getting off the couch. I stood up and followed her. "If you don't stop it you are going to be sorry," she said as she tried to put distance between us. "Don't make me have to hurt you Jamie," Elizabeth warned.

She didn’t want a fight but I was giving her no choice. In fact my response was, "Come on, hurt me."

Since it looked like I wasn't going to get any sex then I would have to fight her. I thought 'I can beat her. And what if she beat me? Would that be so bad? I'd still get to eat pussy. I stalked Elizabeth as she kept walking away from me. Elizabeth pushed me away and then turned her back on me but I reached for her shoulder and she turned around. I stood on my tiptoe toes stretching my 5'5" frame and planted a big kiss on her ruby red lips. Elizabeth reacted negatively and shoved me away. I tumbled to the carpet.

"Look keep your distance from me or you will be fired!"

Well, that set me off. I don't care if this was a glamorous actress or not. No one talks to me like that. I got up and charged a startled Liz and rammed my shoulder in her mid-section, slamming her back against the wall. I started throwing punches in her tight abs but my blows were having little affect. Damn this small body. Jamie's arms didn't pack much wallop and I couldn't reach Elizabeth's face. The small ‘oof’ sounds coming from Elizabeth's mouth confirmed that I wasn't doing much damage to her flat stomach. In fact I was grunting louder than Berkley.

After 6 or 7 uncontested punches Elizabeth pushed me back a few feet but I charged back in without hesitation. She expected it and lifted her long leg bending it at the knee and connected under my chin, jarring my head. I staggered backwards. Liz followed up with a roundhouse snap kick that struck me under the nose loosening a couple of teeth and knocking me flat on my back. My head was ringing and I bit my tongue. The fight was less than a minute old and it was already turning out to be an unpleasant experience.

"That's it bitch if you want a fight you're going to get one." A now angry Elizabeth then moved menacing towards me lifting up her big foot ready to stomp on me but I struck out my leg towards her and made solid contact nailing her just below the knee. The tall girl's leg gave in and she tumbled to the floor. This was my chance. Down on the floor Berkley's size couldn't help her. I couldn't let her get back up. I dove towards her landing on top of her body. I began slapping her wildly. Elizabeth put up her arms in defense and blocked me from further attacking her face. Then she grabbed my arms and got her legs underneath my stomach. She coiled backwards and thrust them forward sending me flying off her.

We both got to our feet at the same time. I remembered that Jamie was a gymnast in her school days. So I took a few steps back and did a series of flips moving towards Elizabeth. I landed on her chest and my momentum forced her down with me on top of her. I wrapped Jamie's trim legs around Liz's neck and squeezed for all I was worth. Elizabeth let out a cry of pain and immediately started pushing at Jamie's thighs trying to break free. Berkley's face was just inches from Jamie's crotch; so close I could feel her hot breath against Jamie's body.

'I'm going to put Berkley to sleep' I thought to myself, but within seconds I was losing my grip on her and she was slowing sliding down my thighs where the pressure would be substantially less and it would be easier for her to break free. I tried pulling her back in place by the hair but she resisted like a mule. She was as strong as a mule too. She maintained a distance between her head and Jamie's crotch. Then she reached up with her hands and started searching around between the blonde's legs. I let go of her hair and tried keeping her hands from reaching their desired target. When I did Elizabeth's head slip further down Jamie's legs. She was nearly free. 'Oh no!' I can't let her get free. She'll kill me. I reached for her hair again, got a good grip and pulled as hard as I could!

But I couldn't budge her and she managed to reach down into Jamie's panties where she got her fingers around Jamie's pussy lips and pinched hard. I muffled a scream not wanting her to think she was hurting me but this hurt nearly as much as having your balls squeezed. I hastily reached for her hands trying to pry them away but that caused me to loosen my legs just enough for Elizabeth to pop her head free.

"You bitch!" she scowled diving towards me but I reacted quickly by swinging out a leg catching her in the mouth and knocking her to her side.

We both hurried to our feet and circled each other cautiously looking for an opening. I saw this as an encouraging sign as normally Elizabeth was used to overpowering her foes and attacking without hesitation. After some seconds we rushed each other smacking together. I stumbled backward but recovered quickly and we exchanged slaps. Berkley was connecting on my head ringing my bell with regularity. Giving up 5 inches my face was staring at her chest so I concentrated my attack there. By far I was getting the worst of this so I changed tactics and reached a hand down placing it near the tall girl's snatch.

Before Berkley knew what I was up to, I applied the crotch claw. When I saw the agonizing look on her face I placed my other hand around her crotch for extra strength. Liz immediately stopped smacking my head. She was doubled over in pain and reached down to her crotch trying to pry my hands away. This time it was me who got hold of her pussy lips through her panties. I managed to force a finger inside her pushing it past her labia and twisting at her insides. Liz screamed and she began slumping down. But she was a battler. She grabbed my head and head-butted me. The blow shook me but I held firm. Another head-butt ensued and I staggered back. The hold was broken and my head was throbbing.

I looked up and saw Berkley still doubled over massaging her aching pussy. That left her face unprotected and within my reach. I shook off the blows to my head and moved towards her. I wound back and landed a solid right fist to the side of her face. Even with the clear shot the blow didn't knock the woman down. She stumbled back a couple of steps but regained her balance. I approached her again and wound back with another solid right hand. Berkley stumbled back like a drunken sailor but she waved her arms and stayed on her feet. I had to shake the side of Jamie's hand as the punches hurt me more than it did Elizabeth. I knew I wasn't going to win going toe-to-toe with this woman.

Still I had the actress reeling so I charged her again driving my shoulder into her midsection spearing her like a middle-linebacker would a unknowing wide receiver coming into is territory. What a great tackle I made; freakin’ Vince Lombardi would’ve been proud of me! Berkley hit the floor on her back with me on top and her head hit the floor, dazing her! With the wind knocked out of her, I quickly got to my feet and began kicking and stomping her chest. Knowing I had her in trouble, I dropped down on her, straddled her chest and started choking her.

"I've got you!" I was confident I would choke the big girl out and for a moment it looked that way as terror was evident in the big woman's eyes, but that look soon changed into one of confidence when she reached up with her arms pressing them against mine. My hands were slowly being forced away from Liz's neck inch by inch. I looked at her in disbelief. I threw everything I had at her and couldn't wear her down. Even with my spirit in her Jamie just could not overpower the bigger woman. Why couldn't I have been in a bigger woman's body?

Knowing I was in danger of losing control I tried to pry my arms free from Liz's embrace but she had a solid unbreakable grip. Before I knew it my hands were several feet away from her neck and she rolled me over to my back. She was on top of me now pressing her body on mine. She maneuvered up so she was straddling my chest and she began choking me. In Presley's body I just didn't have the strength to pry her arms apart. I began coughing and knew the end would be soon if I didn't think of a way out of this. I began scratching my attacker's long arms. That bought me a few seconds as Berkley let loose of my throat but she still had me in a schoolgirl pin so I couldn't squirm free. From the angry look in her eyes I feared what was coming next.

"You stupid cunt!" she screamed "You scratched me." Then she grabbed my head with one hand and walloped me in the jaw with a wicked right fist. She repeated this again knocking me silly. I lay still totally stunned, and she and went back to choking me. In a few seconds I began coughing again and I could feel Jamie's tongue protruding. She let up for a second and asked me if I had enough. There was no way I was going to give this tramp any satisfaction.

"Is that all you got?" I said contemptuously

She placed her knees over my arms immobilizing them and began choking me again. When I began wheezing and fluttering my eyes she let up again for moment. She took off her bra and I saw her titties jiggle around above me, drops of perspiration dropping onto my face. Again she asked me if I had enough. I refused to give her the satisfaction. Although I could barely whisper out a response, I repeated, "Is that all you got?" laughing, referring to the modest size of her breasts. That really got her enraged and she began reining a flurry of savage punches on Jamie's face. The small face of Jamie's was not meant to absorb these types of blows.

Jamie’s jaw was sore and I felt light-headed. After a half dozen punches she adjusted her position apparently going for a breast smother but I was able to lift a knee and make just enough contact with Berkley's crotch that she forgot about the smother. She was still on top of me but was situated on my mid-section, which allowed me to lift my upper body up. I was still in bad shape but had to do something quick before Berkley recovered. I grabbed her hair and head-butted her in the nose. She screamed and fell off me rubbing her nose. I couldn't take advantage though as I was still recovering from the choke. We both were sitting down a few feet from each other when the door opened then slammed shut.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Tiffani gasped as she walked in the room.

"This bitch is nuts!" Elizabeth said. "She tried making out with me and when I refused she attacked me. Look what she did to my nose. It's bleeding"

"Come on Tiffani, lets get her" I said getting to my feet hoping Tiffani had an old score to settle with Elizabeth and would join me in her destruction.

With her help I knew it would be a matter of minutes before I was rubbing Jamie's pussy over Berkley's beautiful features making her lick pussy. Tiffani walked towards me and I noticed Elizabeth looked nervous as she slowly rose to her feet.

"You're finish Elizabeth!" I laughed

"Wait a minute. Tiffani what are you doing?" Berkley asked with a confused look.

Tiffani didn't say anything she just walked over to me not taking her eyes off me. I was still breathing heavy and grateful for the break when Thiessen suddenly kneed me in the cunt!

"You stupid whore. Berks and me have been friends for years. You think I am going to disregard that friendship for a tramp like you?"

I found myself gasping for breath again, down on my knees, tears in my eyes from the searing pain running through my body. Tiffani's blow was unexpected and caught me solid. It wasn't as bad as being kicked in the balls but it still took the wind out of me. Worse, I knew in Presley's body my chances of beating both of these hellcats at once would be slim and none, and Slim just left town.

After Thiessen kneed me she took a few moments to take off her shoes, slacks and blouse leaving her in a rose-colored bra and panties with thigh high tan colored stockings. Elizabeth helped take off her clothes allowing me a few moments to catch my breath. I just got into an upright position when the two women march towards me. They each took a swing at my head but I duck their swings and went down to my knees. I punched them both in their crotch. I got em' good. Both doubled over and I know I should have made a hasty exit but the excitement of the fight clouded my judgment. I wanted to beat them both.

I howled like a warrior and went crazy punching Tiffani in the stomach multiple times and scratching her tits. I saw Berkley coming towards me out of the corner of my eye. She was about to lay a double ax-handle on my back when I lashed out my leg nailing her between her mound. I lowered my head and charged Thiessen crushing her in the stomach and forcing her against the wall stunning the attractive young woman and began biting her on the neck. Tiffani was trying to push me back when Berkley came up from behind and started punching me on the back. I felt Jamie’s body lose its balance, then Elizabeth grabbed me from behind. She had me by the hair and rammed my head into the wall four or five times. She stopped when my head made a hole in the plaster. I was dazed and didn't realize she pulled down my panties until I felt a sharp pain of my ass. Berkley stuck one of her fingers in my asshole.

"AHHHHHGGG!" She pressed her body against mine and kept me pinned against the wall as she poked around my hole, while occasionally slamming my head into the wall dulling my senses. I was flying my arms all over the place desperate to get out of this predicament and when Liz bent forward to whisper that she was going to make me suffer. I got a sudden rush of energy and swung my elbows with force. One flying elbow connected to her sore nose knocking her off me for a moment. The blows to the head really had me dizzy, and now my asshole hurt. In addition the adrenaline I felt from the start of the fight was starting to wear off. I shook off the cobwebs and my two adversaries did the same. Tiffani and Elizabeth were checking the welfare of the other. They both looked at with their eyes full of scorn. They no longer resembled the lovely women we all see on TV. They just looked scary. At 5'5" and 110 pounds I was in trouble and scared for my safety.

"Come on Liz lets teach this bitch some manners" Tiffani stated.

I was still dizzy and standing only because I could lean against the wall for support as the two angry women moved menacingly towards me. I tried kicking Berkley but she brushed my leg away like it was a feather. Both ladies grabbed one of my arms and forced me against the wall. They proceeded lifting knee after knee into my stomach and crotch. A sick-to-my-stomach feeling arrived quickly and I just wanted to fall to the carpet and curl up in a ball but the witches kept me up. After softening me up with dozen or so knee lifts both connected with knife-edge chops landing just under my chest. The pounding chops echoed through the room. With their long arms they were able to wind several feet behind them and landed several damaging blows.

As Berkley continued to land one viscous chop after another Thiessen went downstairs driving her shoulder into Jamie's abdomen numerous times. I couldn't breathe, my ribs hurt and Jamie's legs felt like wet noodles. Jamie's body became limp and began to slump but I was being pulled back up by Berkley who grabbed me by the hair. Tiffani joined in the fun with more chops of her own. Her slaps weren't as powerful as Berkley's wicked blows but in my condition they were plenty potent. All this was too much for a tiny body like Jamie's to absorb. Everything became a blur to me, my eyes were filled with tears and my entire body ached. A couple of their chops landed on my neck. I was choking and couldn't breathe in any air. The women stood back and I collapsed in a heap to the carpet. They both started stomping on my back and head and upper legs. I couldn't move and I felt Jamie's body spasm upon impact of each stomp.

I then felt myself being turned over and dragged to the middle of the room. Tiffani and Berkley each took one of Jamie's legs and spread them apart. Then they drove elbows and knees down into my thighs bringing me back to life. My body ached terribly, my head hurt and I felt sick to my stomach all I could do was scream.

"Ahhhhh!" My screams didn't discourage them at all and they continued their assault. Tiffani got hold of my right leg and twisted it, then took my left leg and interlocked my legs with hers in a figure-four leg lock. She was painfully stretching my tendons and muscles from their joints. I felt like my legs were going to separate from my hips. I shrieked suffering an unbearable pain. I lifted my torso trying to reach for Thiessen's hair but she eluded me and increased the pressure.

"EEEEEEEH!" This wasn't at all a turn-on, being beat up by a beautiful woman, not in this manner. Having your head slammed into a wall, finger up your ass, tendons and muscles being rip from their bones were not pleasurable feelings no matter who was doing them to you. I was sorry I tried this stunt. Besides with their faces full of rage and without make-up, Berkley and Thiessen weren't all that pretty anyway. This was as bad as being beaten on the street by a gang of ugly dyke biker chicks. This wasn't heaven. This was hell!

"Shut her up!" Tiffani instructed Elizabeth. "I can't stand that shrill voice."

Elizabeth knelt behind me and got me in some type of cobra clutch. She had an arm under my neck and tied up one of my arm with hers and squeezed by neck. The pain in my legs was subsiding but only because the blood flow to my head was being restricted and I couldn't feel my legs. I only had one free arm and was waving it around frantically. I searched for her face trying to scratch it but she eluded me. I felt myself being pulled backward as I was losing consciousness.

I saw Jamie's delicate little hand wave before falling limp. The other hand twitch a little and that's the last thing I remember. I was awakened when the two friends poured water over my face. I looked through glassy eyes as the two women stood over me egging me to get to my feet so they could dish out more punishment. On one hand I wanted to take it to these two bitches but I was also afraid of them. My body felt like it had been run over by a truck. I just laid down hoping they would leave me alone.

"We will kick a girl when she's down," Berkley warned. "So you better get up/"

Knowing that both women would carry out their threat I tried to get to my feet. The spirit was willing but I was still dizzy from being pounded in the head and when I staggered to my feet I took a half step before I collapsed back to the floor. I had no feeling in my legs from Tiffani's figure-four. Berkley sauntered towards me and hauled me to my feet holding me up with her hands under my chin so I wouldn't fall. Thiessen positioned herself right in front of me and kicked me in the stomach doubling me over. Before I could fall Berkley put her arms around my head and executed a wraparound neck-breaker.

Now I could add Pressly's aching neck to my list of ailments. I remember landing on my back sobbing on the inside not wanting to show these women my tears. I just stayed down unwilling and unable to move and fearing Jamie's neck might be broke, but the women lifted me up. Thiessen held me up this time and Berkley kicked me in the stomach. Thiessen then connected with a reverse neck-breaker. I was spread-eagled, awake but feeling paralyzed. Not quite in the literal sense but the muscles in Jamie's body were not responding to my commands to move. I think her body and my spirit were in shock.

Although I was barely shuffling my feet and turning my head Elizabeth and Tiffani kicked and stomped Jamie's body. It was all I could do to curl up in a ball trying to protect Jamie's soft areas but the women were relentless. Berkley then got behind me and got me in a full nelson. She clamped it on tight lifting me to my feet. My head was being pressed down to my chest putting more pressure on my already aching neck. I felt Jamie's feet leave the floor as I was lifted into the air. I flailed my legs about but couldn't move my arms as they were held secure by Berkley. My hands waived about uselessly but this soon stopped when Berkley carried me to the wall and bounced my noggin against it creating another hole through the plaster.

Berkley then placed my feet back on solid ground but increased the pressure on my neck. My arms and legs soon became limp and Berkley released the pressure but held me up. Thiessen stood in front of me and landed a kick right in my chin and I fell like a rock to the floor spread eagle and just barely conscious. Berkley grabbed hold of my legs and spread them apart then she drove a knee into my crotch. My torso bounced up in reaction but Thiessen kicked me in the face knocking me back down. When Berkley got to her feet I called on my last reserves turning myself over to my stomach and tried to crawling away but the actresses landed knee drops to my head and back. After a few knee drops to the back, and back of my neck I couldn't move and Jamie's body only shook upon impact.

After the women rolled me over to my back and stood over me, Tiffani landed an elbow across my chest. When Tiffani moved out of the way Berkley landed an elbow of her own. They kept alternating, each one dropping elbows all over my upper body hitting Jamie's bosom, upper chest and neck. After about a dozen elbow drops Jamie's body began spasming but they continued to drop a few more elbows before stopping. As I lay helpless, Tiffani stood over me and butt-dropped herself on me landing just below Jamie's breasts. Whatever air I had left was flushed out of Jamie's lungs. When Thiessen rolled out of the way Elizabeth butt-dropped me causing my upper body to bounce upward. Berkley got me by the hair and let loose with a right fist into my face knocking me down and nearly out. Tiffani landed a third cruel and totally unnecessary final butt-drop. Besides having the air knocked out of me I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I think Jamie's ribs might have been broken. I was nearly passed out. The only movement was a slight rolling of Jamie's head side to side.

Both women now took off the rest of their clothing. The two vixens were standing over me. Each placed a foot on my throat choking me. They were cutting off my air supply and my legs and arms pounded the mat in frustration. When my thrashing slowed, my face turned blue and my eyes bugged out they eased up.

Elizabeth sat down and straddled me and as I looked up through blurry eyes, I saw her bushy crotch only inches from my face. The strong and pungent aroma saturated the air. She pinched my nose shut and placed her palm over her mouth. My eyes grew wide filled with tears. I couldn't breathe. I screamed into her sweaty hands adding my own saliva to her palm. She just grunted pressing harder. My eyes began to flutter. I felt myself blacking out when she released her suffocating hands. Then Elizabeth licked her hands before placed them over my mouth and nose again. The smell was awful and overwhelming. It didn't take long before the lack of air made me lightheaded. Again, as my eyes began to flutter Elizabeth removed her hands from my breathing passages.

"Stick out your tongue and lick me and we’ll let you live," Berkley ordered.

She may have me beaten but I wasn't going to surrender to her and I muttered, "Go screw yourself!"

For some reason, that sent Elizabeth into a rage! She began to rein punch after punch into my face, then placed her clammy palms over my breathing passages again. I felt Jamie's legs flopping about uselessly; her eyes wide as I tried to catch my breath between Berkley's fingers. My eyes grew heavy as they fluttered trying to stay awake. In sheer exhaustion I closed my eyes and Jamie's body shut down. I still was awake but wanted to drift away.

I was in a semi-conscious state when Elizabeth got to her feet and scooped me up in the air and body-slammed me. I lay on the mat barely moving. Elizabeth scooped me up again but instead of slamming Jamie on the mat she jutted out her knee and Jamie's back landed with enough force that cracking noises could be heard. I awoke from my semi-slumber screaming as another body part took abuse. Thiessen was standing on top of a table when she jumped off and landed on my neck elbow first knocking me off Liz and leaving me lying on the floor withering in pain.

Next Berkley lowered herself on down to the floor and straddled Jamie's stomach then inching her way up to her chest. She began slapping me rather hard. I didn't have the energy to speak the words so I looked at her pleading with my eyes as if to say

'Don't hurt me anymore'

"You fucked with the wrong gals!" Elizabeth said looking down at me with disgust "You like my cunny do you? Well, now you’ll get a close-up look!"

She pressed her naked cunny over Jamie's mouth. I somehow got my arms on Elizabeth's thighs but the actress quickly grabbed them and brushed them off her. When I tried to bring Jamie's legs up Thiessen got hold of them and dropped her body weight onto them securing them on the floor. I could barely breath with my mouth covered and my nose was now pressed against Berkley's crotch. In desperation I tried to bite Liz's cunny but the earlier blows to Jamie's face must have broken Jamie's jaw and I could not bite down.

"Oooohhh, that feels good!” Liz purred as my attempt to bite her just tickled her and made her tingle inside. She began grinding harder and moving up a little covering Jamie's nose. The actress was rubbing slowly grounding her sex down on the blonde's features as I fruitlessly continued trying to bite her. I had no idea that my futile attempts to bite her were turning on the woman on top of me. "Oooooh" Liz gasped as she felt my teeth pressed against her clitoris. She grabbed the back of Jamie's' head pushing it deeper in her. This allowed me to have use of Jamie's arms and I began pounding Liz's thighs, albeit weakly.

" I gimbmmmmfff! Gimbff ofmmmm mi fammmmff," I screamed up into Berkley's gushing snatch.

Elizabeth set my head back down and began thrusting her sex faster and faster against Jamie. I was fast running out of air. Soon my arms fell limply to the floor. I can hear Berkley's cooing sounds and then her high pitch screams as she gets closer and closer to climax. Moments later I feel the explosion of juices flow on Jamie's face. With no panties on the fluids soaked Jamie's face going into her nostrils and into her mouth. Berkley kept Jamie's head up pressed against her crotch smearing the juice over her face for several seconds before dropping Jamie's head to the floor where she continued to rub herself over the actress as if she were an animal spreading her scent over it's prey. When she did get up Jamie's face was swollen and smeared with her juice.

Thiessen who was fingering herself as this was going on was already wet when she took a seat on Jamie's chest. Elizabeth proceeded to Jamie's lower body and began massaging the blonde's pussy. Amazingly and unfortunately I was still awake for all this abuse. At least, I thought, these bitches would not get the satisfaction of knocking me out. When I felt Elizabeth's probing fingers in Jamie's love hole I began to make jerking movements. Elizabeth not wanting Jamie to enjoy this launched several hard punches that landed squarely on Jamie's mound. That stopped my jerking about and nearly knocked me out.

Tiffani had to shake my head to keep me awake and when my eyes flickered open I didn't know where I was. My eyes darted left and right before I realized her Tiffani was sitting on my chest. I made a feeble effort to buck her off but with Tiffani on Jamie's chest and Berkley lying on my legs I could barely move. I knew Thiessen was going to rub her muff on my face but I could do nothing to stop it. I began crying. I HATED being in a helpless position to the likes of these two foul smelling wenches. It was pure hell!

Tiffani massaged her clit spreading her lips apart making sure I could see what awaited me. I got a good view as well as smell of Thiessen's sex. I began balling like a baby which made Thiessen burst out in hysterical laughter.

"Here it comes," she said before covering Jamie's face.

"Om nob pleammmmfff!" I couldn't even cry out my surrender before the merciless woman slammed her sex down on me.

Slowly she rubbed her sex over Jamie's face. My scream was muffled and it merely vibrated through Thiessen's naked cunny sending a chill up her spine. I slapped furiously at Tiffani's legs and ass. My weak slaps had no effect but were annoying so Elizabeth stopped what she was doing and grabbed Jamie's arms and folded them across her chest. I looked up through my tear stained eyes and noticed Berkley stretching her long neck forward to see what was happening.

I saw Tiffani look back and the two women shared a passionate kiss. It was a sickening site seeing these two lesbian bitches enjoy themselves while I lay helpless below them being used and abused as their personal plaything. For several minutes Thiessen rubbed back and forth coming up to the tip of Jamie's nose and slithered back to just below Jamie's lower lip. Then she began covering Jamie's lips before ending up to just below the nose. This served the purpose of a little foreplay for Tiffani and she also knew that it was torture for Jamie (and me)

Tiffani grabbed the back of Jamie's head pushing it up against her naked cunny. If I could have bitten her I may have been able to do damage but my jaw was terribly swollen and I had no energy. Besides that Tiffani's pink flesh was all wet and slippery and totally suffocating. My mouth was open trying to get in some air but all I could breathe was the foul fragrance of Tiffani's slimy snatch. That alone was enough to put a normal person under. With my gums and teeth massaging her pussy, Tiffani was getting the same tingling feeling Elizabeth had. I was drifting back into unconsciousness allowing Elizabeth to let go of Jamie's arms and concentrate on her pussy.

Perhaps subconsciously, I began thrusting Jamie's hips to meet Elizabeth's violation of her pussy. Elizabeth would have none of it and maliciously pinched and squeezed her labia and jammed her finger in her cunt scratching the insides of Jamie's sex. The pain brought me back to my senses and I screamed into Thiessen's suffocating pussy but was too far gone to offer any counterattack. I kicked my legs and slapped at Tiffani's legs but did no damage. Tiffani simply pressed her sex down more forcefully on Jamie's face, not so much to muffle the screams but because she liked how the vibration felt. Soon the small woman's arms dropped off Thiessen's legs to the floor and Jamie's legs flopped about uselessly as the combination of the abuse Elizabeth was dishing out along with lack of air was taking its toll.

In short time Tiffani was gyrating her sex back and forth in rapid fashion against Jamie's face smashing it with tremendous force only to slow down occasionally rotating her hips in small circular motions, rubbing her snatch against Jamie in a sensuous manner. Then she would bang her cunny against Jamie's face a few times before slowly rubbing side to side spreading her wet pussy across Jamie's face and finally she slowly slid up and down Jamie's face. As the minutes passed her juices rushed towards her pussy like an overflowing river rushes towards a vulnerable dam that can barley contain the flow. Tiffani was driving herself into ecstasy, ready to burst. Her pussy lips completely covered Jamie's nose and mouth sending me into a world of damp and steamy darkness. She began rocking herself faster and faster.

Tiffani's eyes closed now she began panting in pleasure, "Oooh, oooh, oooh"

Seeing this, Elizabeth fingered and jabbed her tongue in Jamie's womanhood in a similar rapid rhythm. The only uncertainly was what would explode first, Jamie's orgasm or Tiffani's. The constant smothering and violation of Jamie's pussy had taken its toll and I felt myself pass out. I could feel my spirit leave Jamie's body but like a ghost I could still see what was happening. Seconds later I saw Jamie's legs shake then stiffen the experience Elizabeth with her knowledge of getting victims off brought Jamie to an orgasm. She kept violating Jamie only pausing to lick the juice off her fingers and rubbing it on her leg. Tiffani was still thrusting her pelvis against Jamie's face but seeing the results her former co-star achieved sent a shot of excitement through her body. She began moaning loudly on the verge of an orgasm. She quickly pushed as hard as she could Jamie's face against her cunny,

"Ummmmph, Ummmmph…" Tiffani grunted as she finally climaxed nearly drowning Jamie as the fluids rushed out of her love hole. "Take that you cunt!" Tiffani screamed as she thrust her hips as if trying to break Jamie's nose, finishing off her orgasm before slowing down to a final few violent thrusts wringing out every last drop she had to offer.

As Berkley did before her Tiffani slowly rubbed herself all over Jamie's face leaving her scent on her before slithering off her. Jamie lie completely still, her arms lay out at her side, her legs were dangled over Berkley's shoulders as the actress continued licking and fingering her. Jamie's mouth was open full of cum; some of it dribbled off the side of her mouth. Tiffani glided over to one of Jamie's breasts sucking it like a starving baby sucks a mother's teat.

As the two ladies continued sucking filling the room with slurping sounds, Jamie unconsciously arrived to another orgasm to Liz's tongue and talent fingers. Elizabeth eagerly sucked her dry, as did Tiffani who drew some tit juice moments later. Jamie didn't even no what was happening to her. And after all the pain I went through I didn't even get the pleasure of enjoying Jamie's orgasms.

The girls finally finished with their mid-day snack. Trickles of Jamie's juice were on their mouths much like the blood that appears after a vampire feeds. They licked each other clean as they stood over Jamie and admired their handiwork as they each placed a foot on her chest and face. I felt bad for Jamie, spread-eagled with fluids dribbling from between her legs and breasts; her swollen face slathered with girl goo; her mouth was still slightly open with sticky honey oozing out the sides.

I was thankful to later hear she only had bruises to her ribs and back. Oh sure, her neck had to be in a brace for a few days, but no *serious* damage was done and that swelling in her jaw went down after only a couple of days with an ice pack on it. I on the other hand, returned to my body and was fine physically but shaken emotionally by the brutality and the humiliating experience I’d been a party to - unsure if I ever wanted to try this experiment again!