Sandra Bernhard & Bette Midler by titfreak (20-Aug-99)

"Fat cow," Sandra Bernhard spat at Bette Midler as the big blonde bumped into her chair at the Fantasy Club.

"Watch where you're going," angry when Bette deliberately bumped into her chair as she walked behind the slender, big-mouthed brunette.

"Move in closer to the table you skinny whore!" the bigger Bette snapped back.

These two bitchy women were in the same group and had been sniping at each other all evening. Sandra, always fast with a nasty comment, had been giving it good to the blondified Bette Midler and she was getting angrier and angrier at the slender brunette's 'big-mouth' whose comments were cutting the blonde up very badly - much to everyone else's delight! This was working up to a good fight between these two bitchy women and everyone wanted it to happen soon!

"Fuck you, you dirty tramp," Sandra snapped back, then to add to the insults she smiled, "I see you haven't had a bleaching recently - black roots are showing, but they look better than that rotten red hair you had before you thought being blonde would distract from your ugly face."

"Stupid cunt, when are you going to grow some tits, you flat-chested bitch," Bette grated into Sandra's reddening face. The insults were adding up to a good fight and the rest of the party was anxious for it to start.

"Dirty, bottle-blonde bitch, how much silicone did they put in those big floppers this time, your bras must be stretched out of shape by now and that silicone leaking out of your nipples!"

Sandra growled. really angry about the flat-chested comment.

"Piss all over your ugly face, you titless bitch," Bette's face was now matching Sandra's - red and ugly. "I don't know why you couldn't get closer to the table - your no-tit chest certainly didn't need that much space."

This was really an unfair comment because Sandra has a good pair of tits, B+ cups and with large thick nipples. Bette did have bigger breasts, but they were soft and fluid, jiggling whenever she moved. Sandra's beauties were firm and jutting - she hardly needed a bra. Bette needed hammocks for her huge and floppy mammaries, although she always wore tight tops to accentuate her 38DDs. Now Sandra was staring at them inside her jersey top, wondering how they'd feel in her teeth.

"At least my tits don't flop all over the place - those soggy bags aren't anything to compare to real tits on a slender woman!" then adding more to the insults, "You fat slob, those tits ought to be in a barn getting rid of the milk you make!" Adding with a sneer, "It's probably sour anyway!"

Bette angrily slapped the still-seated Sandra, who returned the slap with a quick fist into the standing blonde's groin, trying for a painful cunt punch that would have Bette weeping in pain as she sank to her knees, moaning while she clutched her aching pussy with both hands - Sandra laughing at her pain.

But Bette's corset saved her - the elastic patch over her crotch absorbing most of Sandra's dirty punch, the other diners disappointed that the big blonde didn't get it good in the cunt as she deserved. The blonde had backed away from the almost-cunt punch and was ready for a fight right there in the restaurant.

"Dirty bitch," Bette snarled, aiming another blow at Sandra's face, but held back by her escort. Jim quickly said quietly, "C'mon ladies, better to have this out in my gym, then we can find out who's really the better woman with a good fight!" Jim failed to add the word "dirty" to his fighting suggestion for what he hoped to see that evening between these two bitches.

"Right now," Sandra grated as she excused herself from the table, adding, "I really want to mess up those floppy tits and ream out your smelly cunt with my nails, you dirty would-be blonde bitch," her teeth gritting.

Her cab followed Bette and Jim's cab to his apartment and she waited until they got upstairs, then took the elevator up to his penthouse.

Bette was already in her bra and panties when Sandra came in. She was holding a martini and after Sandra had gotten down to her bra (Sandra never wore panties) laughed at Sandra's shaven cunt as the brunette accepted a
martini from their host and referee.

"Shaving your cunt like that doesn't get rid of the smell, you stinking whore," Bette sneered as she saw the purple tip of Sandra's erected clitoris poking out from between her already slimy labia. In truth, Bette's crotch was also shaven (to disguise her real brunette coloring) and she knew that her own vagina was leaking out into her panties as was Sandra's. Both women were anxious to get this fight going and the 'dirty' part of it was exciting their sexual tendencies, each woman dreaming of mauling the other's breasts and pussy badly and getting screams and shrieks from her.

Knowing what the cunt juices meant, Jim was shaking with excitement at the idea of these two having a dirty catfight in his small exercise room. And just to make the fight more violent he had loaded the martinis with an alkaloid that would insure aggressiveness in both women. This was really going to be a good fight! His hard-on was nearly bursting from his underpants, the pre-coital gism already showing, although the chances for a fucking were not all that certain.

"Those tits and cunts getting it good from their teeth and nails," Jim was thinking as his dong got harder and harder as he gazed at the two women's sexual assets. Jim was a wild titfreak and wanted to see them at each other's breasts while they rolled around clamped together, mouths tight over the soft glands, sucking and biting as their muffled screams came through the masses of mammary gland in their mouths.

He had already been prepping Bette about what she and Sandra would use as rules during this wild battle. Bette wanted a no-rules fight - as dirty as it could get and ending only when one woman was unconscious (Sandra, in Bette's mind). He broached the idea to Sandra as she drank down her martini and then had a second along with Bette. Sandra agreed to a no-rules fight and remarked about how much blonde hair Jim would have to sweep up when Bette passed out from what Sandra was going to do to her tits and cunt after she had ripped out most of Bette's hair. "Dirty cunt, you'll be bald and your lousy tits and smelly cunt will be bleeding!" Sandra promised.

"Maybe you'd both like to see some dirty fights to get a few ideas," Jim ventured, knowing his VCR had a tape with a fight like that in it. The restaurant drinks and Jim's big martinis helped and the two duelists sat back glaring at each other as a blonde and a redhead went at each other in an unimaginably dirty fight, with biting, cunt clawing, fist fucking and for a short rest period, vicious hairpulling, but mixed with cunt kicks and kneeings as they both smashed each other until they could no longer stand up, but fell to their knees - the cunt crushing ended, with blood running down the inside of both women's thighs.

Jim would put the video into hold during each halt in the fight and make up more martinis, now loading them with the droplets from the blue bottle that would insure a really angry pair of women fighting on his gym floor, hopefully, learning the dirty fighting 'lessons' they were watching.

Actually, these two women had a lot of dirty fighting experiences and were anxious to get at each others' assets and hear her shrieks. But there a few tricks that the video actresses did to each other that spiked their interests and would be used when the fighting got close-in.

Several martinis later the video ended with the redhead on her knees next to the prone blonde, both women clasping their bleeding cunts with both hands and the fight over by mutual consent.

Bette sneered over at her opponent, "You won't even be conscious to get to check your bleeding cunt when I'm finished with you!"

Jim seized on this quickly.

"You girls want to have a real cunt fight - with big long dildos to jam into each other?"

Sandra snarled, "I'll use mine to shove her uterus up out of her mouth!" already to have that kind of fight with her blonde enemy.

Jim laughed, "They're not quite that long, but if you got the handle and your arm up inside of her, it might get that far!"

Sneering at the brunette, Bette offered that Sandra's cunt was probably big enough to get a whole arm into it.

"You stinking cunt," Sandra glared back at the blonde, "I could probably lose my foot and my whole leg in that subway tunnel you call a vagina!"

This sort of talk didn't faze either of them and when Jim got Bette to take off the panties and bra so that they could have equal access to their opponent's breasts - for biting as they jammed the dildos up into each other's lubricated vaginas. Then he brought out their 'weapons', each about 18 inches long, plus a molded handle. The heads of each dildo were about two inches across and the shaft surfaces were gnarled and lumped so as to roil up vaginal linings as they were viciously shoved and twisted inside the slippery organs.

"You might want to check what happens when the handles are squeezed tightly," he laughed as he handed each girl her weapon.

Both women's eyes widened as they saw the many rounded spurs push out about 3/4 of an inch from the 'cock-head' and the shaft . "Think what that'll do to her cunt!" Jim nearly croaked, his excitement building up as he gazed at the tits and swelling nipples of his two sexy guests. Adding to this stimulation, he could see the juices oozing out of both women's shaven cunts and running down their thighs.

And both women became excited about the prospect of really tearing up the other girl's cunt with these weapons. Their nipples began to itch and swell up and the gism drooled down their thighs from their excited vaginas.

"What a fight this was going to be", Jim thought as he took in all this and brought in containers of lubricant for their oozing vaginas.

"Just to cut back on the pain when they go into you," he smiled at both women.

"This brunette bitch won't last when I get into her," Bette boasted.

Jim suggested that they start on their knees and hairpull first, the dildos hanging from their wrists, then when they had gotten enough screams of pain, they could go for, "…the places that really count! Remember, she has to be unconscious for you to win," he reminded them both.

"I'm going after your tits, too, you stinking bitch," Sandra gasped.

Already near an orgasm over what she imagined Bette's shrieks would sound like.

Jim gasped, near a splattering himself, "Good idea girls, one hand for her hair and the other at her tits!" Then adding, "Rip them off her chest and then bite what's left while you ream out her pussy!!"

His further suggestions were drowned out by their screams as brown and blonde hair was ripped loose and breasts were clawed bloody at the same time.

"Fucking bitch, how does this feel!" and "Dirty whore, your tits are going to be dog food in a minute!"

Then shrieks of real pain as Bette's face went down and she got in the first breast-bite in this dirty battle.

The best thing about this fight was that both women would build up their sexual appetites during a fight and would have violent, mind-blowing orgasms over an opponent's shrieks of pain and when the opponent was nearly finished off, each of them would orgasm nearly continuously as they mauled their victims mercilessly until she fell limp and silent. These things were uppermost in their minds as this battle progressed.

Sandra's tits weren't as large as Bette's but the blonde got her teeth into one of them as Sandra's nails clawed at Bette's hardened nipple, digging under it trying to rip it loose and have Bette's glands ooze out. But now Bette's teeth were doing the same thing to Sandra's nipple, and Sandra began tearing at the blonde's face to get her tit free of the painful biting she was enduring.

Bette hung on to her biting advantage until Sandra went at her eyes with her nails and as the blonde backed off somewhat, Sandra's mouth clamped down on Bette's left tit and new screams of pain got Jim off in a blasting spurt of semen inside his underpants. Sandra was really after Bette's nipple and was biting hard to tear it off the big mammary gland while Bette was tearing at Sandra's hair and face with both hands to free up her badly mauled, puffy and reddened nipple.

Sandra pushed hard with her hands and face and Bette fell backwards, Sandra now screaming with excitement. She had the blonde bitch down on her back and was biting into one of her big tits - a huge goal in this dirty fight. But it wasn't all rosy for the brunette - a monstrous orgasm was building up in her thrusting cunt and the blonde bitch realized it and slid one hand down into Sandra's pussy to get at her extended clitoris to stimulate it further and momentarily immobilize the brunette when she came in a huge orgasm.

Jim knew that the fight had shifted when he heard Sandra's gagged, "Oh no, oh god, no -- I can't stop it - aaaiiiiii!"

A huge orgasm burst and Bette was able to pull her tortured tit out of the gasping mouth as she rolled Sandra over on her back and began on her tits with both hands.

Sandra began to shriek, "Oh god, no, no, please - please. I give up don't bite my tits - oh please!"

But Bette wanted revenge and her teeth sunk into first, Sandra's left breast, then quickly into the right breast as the brunette shrieked for mercy and Jim's cock burst out with one wad after another at this wild tit-biting fight.

Bette kept up the biting as she squirmed around to get at Sandra's cunt with her dildo. Sandra had been oozing cunt juice for a long time and the blonde had no trouble getting in to the first six inches. Sandra was still conscious and now she knew what Bette had in mind for her and when her breasts were no longer being bitten, she began to fight back, clawing at Bette's pretty face and ripping her nails down over her big breasts, intent on clawing off a nipple.

But now Bette was intent upon the raping and was thrusting hard into the shaven cunt, her thumb now pressing against Sandra's clitoris. The dildos full length was inside Sandra and Bette was already forcing her other hand
into Sandra's cunt to claw at her swollen clitoris, while pushing her hand past Sandra's vaginal entrance. The device head was now crushing against Sandra's cervix and working its way into her uterus as Bette's eyes lit up at Sandra's shrieks. Bette was really raping this bitch and was coming close to letting go with a huge spasm at her expected victory over the big-mouthed brunette Sandra.

Sandra understood how she had gotten into this fix and determined to make Bette also burst into orgasm and then have her thrashing body for revenge.

It was going to take a lot of screaming though and Sandra shrieked, "You bitch, you dirty bitch you're wrecking my box --- oowwwwww!"

Her long shriek had the effect of exciting Bette and, shoving her clit hard against Sandra's thrusting thigh started her huge orgasm. Sandra could see Bette's face getting redder and redder and screamed and shrieked as she rubbed her thigh against the hard purple knob that was now extending out from Bette's livid labia and enhancing Bette's wild pleasure at what she was doing to the screaming victim under her.

Jim knew when Bette burst into the uncontrollable spasm and he shouted, "OK Sandra, you've got her now. Give it to her good - GET HER, GET HER!"

His voice was nearly at a scream as the brunette squirmed out from under the gasping blonde and rolled her onto her back, pulling Bette's limp hand away from the dildo handle that was now deep in her own cunt. Bette was gasping for air, her lower body thrusting up and down from the huge spasm she was having - Sandra's screams and shrieks had done their job on her.

Wild with sex and rage, Sandra ignored the tool deep in her cunt and grabbed one of Bette's big breasts for the first of many bites, having her own orgasms as her teeth sunk into the blonde's soft glands, enjoying Bette's screams at the biting she was getting.

Between bites, Sandra screamed, "Now you dirty blonde bitch, how about this thing up your smelly cunt."

She thrust her dildo into Bette's vagina and squeezed the handle so that the popped-out knobs announced the dildos
arrival inside Bette's spasming vagina. Sandra squeezed the handle very tightly and was rewarded with Bette's shrieks as the prods dug into her vagina and mauled the tender lining as Sandra twisted and thrust the dildo back and forth with one hand as the other gripped the tit she was biting on Bette's chest.

But the blonde had a tough pussy and she was able to return the favor to Sandra's cunt and they both lay on their sides jerking the dildos in and out of each other for an hour, the wild orgasms flushing their contorted faces and their tongues licking off the semen that Jim squirted at their thrashing bodies every few minutes.

But all good things have to end and both women finally passed out and Jim staggered over to the hidden camera and assured himself that this fantastic fight between these beautiful women had been completely recorded.

He pulled the dildos out of them and quietly cleaned them up, dragging them into separate rooms. Bette awakened first and he got her dressed and into a taxi before she was able to find the still unconscious Sandra and finish her off.

Jim was completely sated and Sandra was in no condition anyway, but Jim did have the hours-long video and spent many evenings enjoying the replay of this fantastic fight between these two beautiful women.