Sandra Bernhard vs. Bette Midler (rematch) by titfreak
Scene: Bette Midler’s bedroom several days after her catfight in Jim’s apartment with dirty bitch Sandra Bernhardt. Both women had finally passed out from the orgasms caused by the dildos each had driven into the other. It had taken more than an hour for Jim to get them into separate taxis and send them home to recover in their own apartments!

Several days later…
(ring ring, ring ring…)

“Hello?” Bette Midler said as she picked up the phone.

“Fuck you, bitch!” Sandra screamed. “How’s your smelly twat feeling after the other night? Mine feels GREAT! I just got off a really hard one remembering how you shrieked when I jammed that dildo in that filthy gash you call a cunt and almost tore through your cervix. You dopey fucker, I could feel it jamming against that thing and nearly getting my tool up into your uterus to get a few more screams out of you. I’ll bet that crappy singing voice is even worse than it was before all this!”

“You dirty bitch!” Bette fired back. “My pussy is fine, but I’ll bet you bled for two days after I yanked those rubber spikes around inside that vehicular tunnel you call a vagina. And I’d do it again in a minute if I had you here with me! You have the crappiest looking tits in the whole city!”

Sandra sneered, “At least my tits aren’t floppy and always in need of a fortified bra to keep them off the floors. Big deal, you’re safe right now. I was talking to Jim and he told me that the mechanism in the dildo I had in your cunt was so corroded and rusty that he had to rebuild the whole dildo. This was a new one too, so it must have been your jism that did it! I know that when some of your rotten juices squirted out of your cunt when you orgasmed onto my hands, all my fingernail polish curled up and fell off! Boy, am I glad I didn’t try to go down and bite your cunt! Probably need a lot of dental work if I had! Kee-rist, your jism is so corrosive, and it smells so bad! Maybe when you can’t get any more jobs after they’ve caught on to what a lousy singer and actress you are, you can get a job in the chemical industry squirting that corrosive stuff into the wax-lined bottles they use for industrial cleaning fluids!”

Bette growled, “You two-bit whore, Jim never said anything to me about that, but he did say he’d forward my challenge for another catfight and I asked him to recommend a funeral home for your ripped-up and smelly body!”

“Any time bitch,” Sandra snapped angrily. “But your fat ass will need lots more pall-bearers! (Laughing when she heard Bette’s cursing response and the phone breaking as she slammed it down. Bette has always been quite sensitive about her weight!”

Sandra’s call to Jim elicited the information that he had tried to give her earlier that consisted of another catfight over the coming weekend that would probably last that long. “Come Friday evening and we’ll all have a bite to eat, watch some dirty fight videos to get you two horny bitches in the mood, then Frankie can set up some fun-fighting so you two can decide who’s the BETTER WOMAN!”

Sandra was a little taken aback. “Frankie? Do you know this guy? Is he some kind of pervert. We don’t want to end up in the river!”

It seemed a reasonable question. Jim laughed and said, “Not at all! Actually, Frankie’s a dyke bitch who often presides over catfights like yours and Sandra’s. She’ll probably want to coach you both during your ‘tussle.’ Hell, we can make a whole weekend out of settling your argument. Oh, and she doesn’t know either of you, so the fight will be fair - as far as that goes.”

“Sounds good to me,” Sandra laughed. “As long as she doesn’t interfere with me de-feminizing that phony blonde-brunette-redheaded (whatever) bitch Midler!” Sandra sneered, establishing her projection of what was to happen to her pretty, big-breasted, red-haired (currently) opponent, Bette Midler in this very dirty catfight.

Friday afternoon came with both women in her separate facilities rinsing their pussies with solutions containing alum, a technique for reducing pain. Sandra used some of the paste to rub on her thick nipples, knowing that the other bitch would try to bite them again, as she had the previous time they fought.

“Dirty bitch wanted to really mess up my love-life, but this time I won’t try to get away, but only go back to rip off her whole tit - maybe even both of ‘em while I’m there!” Sandra was getting herself spiked or the battle and really planned to maul her enemy to unconsciousness. “We’ll see how I feel about all this - as an ending!”

Sandra Bernhard was just as anxious to tear Bette Midler nto ‘tiny pieces’ as Bette was to do to her! Jim and his dyke friend Frankie were in for some very violent hassles between these two sexy women.

‘Frankie’ was actually a well-known actress - Patti Lupone - who often catfought would-be stars in NY over parts in Broadway shows! Patti usually won these ‘casting catfights’ and as a tribute to her weeping victim, offered her a spot in the same cast - getting the girl’s allegiance for later triumphs when there were too many other women onto her squirming body during an ‘Actor’s Equity party’ that had already hosted a very rough catfight between two other dirty-fighting actresses!

On top of all this, Patti’s earlier victims were mostly all won during her dominant dyke catfights and she really enjoyed watching the losers of her fight mauling each other to be able to give herself sexual pleasure, augmenting that which she got from watchng their ‘sissy-catfighting’ and trying to coach them into more violent forms of ‘tearing-up-your-opponent’s stuff’ the formats of really dirty catfighting.

Patti latched onto the ‘handle’ of ‘Frankie’ and during her extra activities always use that anonymous name to hide her real identity, which would only attract other young bitchy catfighters who would want to ‘take-on-the-top-gun’ and then end up on the mats clutching a bleeding pussy after Patti bit it as she let the excited young girl mount her face for pussy-sucking sex - and Patti demurring by biting into her engorged pussy lips and tightly ripping the girl’s buttocks to be able to secure that bite on her victim’s soft, trembling vulva and getting a shrieked surrender from her young screaming, shrieking bitch! The young would-be-actress would always agree to Patti’s dominating her life for months, hoping it would help get her further into the B’way stage presence.

Patti had a big ‘stable’ of girls who would fight each other at her command and then have wild sex with Patti when the girl won the dirty fight with her ‘sister submissive’ as they catfought at Patti’s command! To make things more exciting, Frankie would scream suggestions to her catfighting submissives. Suggestions including, “C’mon Fay, get up into her cunt and rip it hard on the way out!” and “Penny, go back and bite her tits even harder, Don’t lay there and weep about that!”

All of her exhortations designed to enhance Frankie’s own violent orgasms over these young stage-struck bitches mauling each other as she watched them fight for her support to be in the B’way theater!

Now on this wild weekend of violent catfighting, Frankie would be (sort-of) in charge of how Sandra Bernhard and Bette Midler were going to rip each other into ‘tiny pieces’ as their predictions had stated. Jim had prepared for the facilities, Frankie being the major domo. Jim’s breast-clamps and vibrating dildos were already primed and could continue operating inside a squirming vagina for up to four hours! Frankie was enthusiastic about the two catfighters from Jim’s earlier video of their first fight, after the restaurant confrontation. “These two pussies need some dirty-fight-coaching Frankie had assessed, her word being ‘gospel’ to Jim’s experiences in really bad catfighting.

Besides, Frankie had insisted on bringing her latest conquest to ‘service’ her while she watched Bette and Sandra trying to destroy each other! The little twat with long blonde hair was named Alicia and she’d already been well-trained to service Frankie when there was a dirty female sex-fight happening. Frankie had promised Jim Alicia would not get into his scenario, even though he got another notch on his erection once he got a look at the pretty blonde submissive’s big breasts!

“What else should I get for this?” Jim asked his mentor, Frankie, who had already recommended some really dirty videos. “I want them to use dildos coated with this stuff smeared on the heads!” Frankie grinned, offering a prescription that Jim’s pharmacist’s eyes bulged out over - knowing how it was normally used in medical practice!

Jim was in awe of Frankie’s earlier performances and didn’t question her orders, knowing that she was capable of organizing a classic catfight. Sandra Bernhard and Bette Midler would be lucky to be able to breathe air when this fight had its ending. What happened when the two women had each other alone was none of her affair - although she would have like to seen it! As her honorarium, Jim promised a copy of the all their catfights on tape to pay for Frankie’s advice and assistance with these two horny cunts!

The big Friday evening arrived and Jim had arranged a small party for this extravaganza. His male friend Hank (straight, sortof) was in attendance to assist the dyke-domme Frankie (in case she needed help with the two catfighters - possibly if they were angry enough) Hank also operated the hidden video cameras to record this classic catfight.

Bette arived first and seeing Frankie’s status of disrobe, stripped down to her firmly packed bra and her tight panties, all this getting an ogling eye from from the dominant dyke, her clit swelling at the sight of Bette’s overfilled bra!

When Sandra arrived she immediately stripped completely nude in the hallway, Frankie began squirming in her chair at Sandra’s small firm breasts and tight body - quite turned on by the brunette! Jim whispered a warning to her about ring neutrality during the upcoming fight as Frankie clasped her uninvited submissive Alicia’s head tighter into her thrusting crotch at viewing Sandra’s very attractive, although a trifle immature breast glands that were really quite attractive, even though only into B+ cup size!

Seeing Bette across the room in her overflowing bra and bikini panties, Sandra got in her jabs again with, “Ho, look at the henna-whore, she’s a redhead again! How much do you pay for this semi-weekly hair change, you dog-humping twat?” She added fuel to Bette’s anger with, “Shaved off those new black cunt hairs for this bleach job, too you phony blonde-redhead bitch!” referring to Bette’s newly shaved groin, visible through her skimpy panties which vividly outlined her red labia and verified that she was already oozing jism!

To verify Sandra’s accusations, Bette stood up, finished her martini and pulled down her panties to show her smooth-shaven pussy. “Fucking, brunette cock-sucker!” addressing Sandra, “Your lousy singing voice always sounds like you have several wads of semen in your throat!” adding to Sandra’s embarrassment, “You could swallow it, or at least wash it out before you try to perform on the stage!” This really angered Sandra because of a review she got from a woman newspaper reviewer who had commented similarly to Bette - - and after Sandra had “been VERY NICE to her earlier in her hotel room bed!”

All this was adding up to a monstrous catfight and Frankie put on her favorite video to get the two bitch’s attention to ‘business’ - a four way fight starring Suzanne Somers, Demi Moore, Linda Evans and Joan Collins. It featured much hair pulling and frequent breast biting, each recorded lovingly with close-ups of mouths clamped on soft glands, fingers clawing the soft glands into the gaping mouths and the sound up very loud to get every shriek of the bitten women and the eager shouts and orgiastic screams of their biting opponents.

Suzanne and Demi went at it for several minutes before the two mature catfighters appeared behind Demi and Suzanne, rolling about on the mats, Linda Evans tearing at Joan Collins high and pouffed-up hairdo while her own blonde bangs were being ripped away by the brutal brunette who was also busily kneeing Linda’s crotch!

The video switched back and forth between the two pairs of fighting women, but suddenly Demi got her entire hand into Suzanne’s cunt and when she applied crushing pressure, the blonde beauty fainted dead away! When Linda saw that, she shrieked, “You dirty bitch!” Linda kicked Joan hard in her crotch to immobilize her, then dove on Demi to retaliate for her partner, clawing into Demi’s pussy as the lovely brunette tried to extract her hand from the unconscious Suzanne’s clamped-hard cunt.

Linda went to work on the entrapped Demi’s breasts, screaming imprecations about how the brunette bitch had really hurt Suzanne Somers and that Linda Evans was going to revenge Suzanne’s bloody and badly mauled defeat. Suzanne had awakened while Linda was clawing up into the screaming Demi’s cunt and screamed, “That’s it Linda! Get further up into that bitch and rip up her stinking vagina, she really hurt my pussy!”

Linda and Demi went at it harder than they did with their original opponents (if you ignore that Suzanne and Joan Collins were both lying half-conscious to one side)! Their very dirty catfight got even dirtier as Linda concentrated her mauling on Demi’s slimy vaginal passage while delivering several bites to Demi’s attractive breasts, the little brunette shrieking wildly as Linda really bit hard to win their catfight!

Linda’s index finger was joined by two more, all three searching up inside the screaming Demi’s squirming pussy to locate her G-spot and claw it up badly so as to ruin her orgiastic pleasures from being normally fucked by a good-looking male. For her sweet and innocent appearance, Linda Evans was a real bitch-on-wheels when it came to jealous catfighting and Demi soon joined Joan Collins in ‘slumber’ as Linda and Suzanne giggled at each other and began a kissing duel to enhance the ‘blond victory orgasms’ they were working up to!

While all five occupants were viewing the extremely dirty catfight video that Frankie had provided, the protagonists, Bette and Sandra glared at each other during the many clawing, biting and otherwise bad mauling two new brunette fighters were doing to each other, and nodding in agreement that this was going to happen to Sandra or Bette when they got at each other.

“You fucking whore!” Bette spat at Sandra, “What happened there was only a sample of what you’re going to get!”

When the first catfight was ended with the losing woman, thrashing around on the mats, their hands tightly clamped over their bleeding pussies, Frankie grinned at Jim and said, “Time for some stimulation!”

She handed him a black hood to slip over Bette’s head while she covered Sandra’s, both women being yanked to their feet and held by Jim and Frankie from behind with tight hammerlocks to forestall their fighting back and trying to get at each other, thinking this was a start to their own dirty fighting!

Bette screamed, “What are you bastards doing to me?”

Jim slipped the hood over her pretty head and then pushed her toward Sandra who was also hooded and screaming in anger as Frankie pushed her over to slam her against Bette’s squirming body. Frankie nodded to Jim who held the two women tight against each other, Frankie transferring her hammerlock hold on Sandra for Jim to maintain as he also held Bette’s thrashing body to keep them pressed tightly together, both women realizing that they were being held tight against the other ‘dirty bitch’!

In a few seconds, Frankie had bound the two hooded women tightly together inside a tight canvas ‘corset’, wrapping it around them both so that Bette’s huge tits were crushed hard against Sandra’s smaller glands, both women’s bellies and crotches crushed together, the two excited and angry clits out far enough to touch ends to announce their challenge to the other clit.

Both women’s threats of mayhem had stirred these sensitive sex organs to attention and they had swollen out from their fleshy coverings, anxious to receive and angrily deliver some sex action that would bring the other woman to a debilitating orgasm so that her opponent could easily maul her in unconsciousness! Frankie pulled the laces on the canvas shroud as hard as she could so that Bette and Sandra were now crushed tightly together, but realizing that their soft tits were against another pair!

After Frankie was assured that Bette and Sandra were ‘united’ she pulled off their hoods and told them, “Get that bitch good - rip out all her hair and make her scream as loud as you can - Do it to her good!”

Bette and Sandra now realized whose tits were tight against their own and grabbed the masses of red and black hair for many minutes of vicious pulling as they stumbled back and forth, each trying desperately to knee her opponent’s cunt, but with the tight canvas ‘corset’ frustrating their attempts at this dirty catfight technique!

Their screams and shrieks filled the room as hair clumps fell to the mats, and finally Sandra lost her balance and fell backwards with Bette crashing into her as Sandra hit the mats beneath her body. Bette’s fall knocked her breath out of her and Sandra’s clutching fingers got out more clumps of Bette’s red hair, the victim screaming with pain at this terrible, torturing hair loss she was enduring.

Their squirming, thrashing hair pulling action had them rolling around, although the tight binding prevented much leg and thigh action, even though they had both managed to get one thigh into the others’ crotch and were stimulating those hardening clits and augmenting their wild anger with even-wilder female sex!

The hair pulling was having a noisy effect as both women tore and ripped out clumps to go back against her opponent’s scalp for another handful, the shrieks of pain turning into angry screams as retaliation after retaliation set in, with occasional face scratching tossed in as a new hurt!

“You fucking whore!” Bette screamed as Sandra dragged her nails across on of Bette’s cheeks.

Sandra screamed back, “You big slob, I made your ugly face bleed!”

That was followed by an anguished shriek as Bette retaliated in kind against Sandra’s angry countenance!

Soon, Frankie decided that a different catfight mode would really extend this fight further out for Jim’s video capture time. Jim wanted several days long of breast and cunt mauling where he could select out the ‘juiciest’ parts and Frankie’s ultra-horny ideas would help.

The big blonde dyke said, “I have the blinders in that big bag - we just have to get them onto these two cunts and I’ll tell them what to do to each other!”

Jim found two cloth hoods with mouth openings and breathing holes with neck ties to prevent their removal. Bette and Sandra were now going into a ‘blind’ catfight that would be ‘choreographed’ by the dyke Frankie - taking advantage of each woman when she was most vulnerable!

Ripping the hair-clutching hands out of the two bedraggled hair-does, Jim and Frankie released the body binding, canvas corset that had held the screaming fighters tight together while they pulled out enemy hair, and ripped at each others’ breasts with their sharp nails!

It took several minutes to convince Bette and Sandra that this was part of their ‘better-woman’ catfight, but finally Jim and Frankie were securing the blinder hoods on both women and leading them over to two chairs in Jim’s fight room.

“We know you can’t see each other, but neither can SHE claw out your eyes when she wants to.” Frankie spelled out. “When you get together, go for her hair first, we’ll put on some restrictions that save your tits and keep her knees out of your crotch when she tries that on you!” predicting the level that these two beautiful actresses would go to in becoming the ‘better-woman’ over her dirty-bitch enemy!

Bette spat through the mouth aperture in her hood that Jim was securing behind her neck, “I can still bite off her nipples and suck out her glands through this hole!” as Sandra laughed at that one, retaliating with, “Your smelly cunt is still available too, you phony-whore - you can kiss that clit goodbye, because I’m going to bite it off if I can get past the smell and that corrosive jism emanating from your overstretched cunt!”

Another log onto Bette’s angry fire! It got a muted giggle from Jim as he finished securing Bette’s ‘helmet’ at the collar around her neck.

“She really is trying to get you mad, Bette!” Jim whispered, “You can pay her back when you get at her cunt later, it’s still sore from what you did to it the last time. Get that big-mouthed bitch good and make her bleed again!” He was doing his best to make this fight as wildly dirty as possible!

Frankie’s blinder helmets were designed to keep both women from seeing each other and - the situation during their catfight. But provision was made for breathing and speech through the small holes over the fighter’s mouth and nose, although the mouth accesses tended to restrict some levels of biting. This was designed to make the fights last longer and in this case was quite effective until both women found later that they could bite through the material in the hoods while they were at the tender parts of their opponents and hasten her desire to end the continuation of this bad mauling her breast or her pussy was getting.

All of this was picked up by Sandra and Bette and after the third martini, they didn’t object to the hoods that Frankie and Jim slipped over their pretty heads, the hood tops now protecting their torn and bleeding scalps where they had lost masses of red and black hair. Jim had rubbed some astringent on their scalps before the hoods were secured and that form of hurt was soon forgotten and new violent hurting was about to begin!

Tying Sandra’s hood so that the brunette bitch was unable to remove it, Frankie stood back and told them both that they would have to fight this way. Neither woman was aware of the speaker next to her ear, the other ear open to her opponent’s shrieks and screams. Not mentioning the speaker next to one ear for both hooded catfighters, Frankie listed the few holds that were not allowed, really quite few!

“You two twats can get at her cunt, even with both hands and penetrate as far as your wrists. Clawing her breasts is also allowed - and encouraged, but if we see any gland protruding from a tear in her skin, we will pull your hand away!” then a warning, “If you go back to rip the glands out of her breast skin, we’ll have a little surprise for your unfair transgression!”

Both Frankie and Jim had electric cattle prods set on very LOW and touched them to both fighters’ thighs as Frankie warned, “One of these will be up inside your pussy FULL BLAST if you try to rip out her breast glands and WE MEAN IT!”

Then, she told them both to find each other and “Rip the dirty bitch apart, before she does it to you!” adding those sensitive breasts and vulnerable cunts as possible targets for “ Violent mauling!” Frankie’s instructions to the two fighters were individually radioed to the speakers over one ear in their hoods.

Frankie words were spoken into a soundproofed microphone that eliminated any possibility of the other unaddressed fighter hearing what her opponent was receiving over her earpiece. Two pushbuttons on the mike would transmit Frankie’s coaching to each girl, separately, and with them both being blinded by their hoods, the dyke bitch could set one girl up for a bad mauling by giving her the wrong instructions as to what her opponent was about to do. Right at this moment, both girls knew where the other had been before being hooded and the two sets of glands were now being ripped and scratched with ten fingers each while crotches were also getting it from violently kneeing, muffled screams of pain from both forms of attack coming from inside the hoods.

Bette heard, “Bette: You beautiful redheaded bitch! You can take that skinny cunt this time - I’ll tell you where she is and how far away and how to get her tits so she screams as your fingers claw into them!”

And so it would still be fair, Sandra heard, “Sandra, that phony redheaded whore is already bleeding from her cunt where you kicked her! That was a good one and she’s still holding it in one hand, so go after her tits - try to bite them when you get a hold!”

Frankie and Jim moved about to control this mauling match and would distract either woman while she was not being mauled by her opponent. Both Bette and Sandra were shrieking in anger as they swatted at each other’s breasts with their sharpened finger nails - almost every swipe leaving several gouges in the tender breast skins as shrieked curses accompanied the screams of pain, although Frankie and Jim would pull them away far enough that the claws would miss their targets and the woman would scream in frustration.

After many minutes of tit-swatting, Bette managed to get a lucky kick that drove her bare toes directly up into Sandra’s pussy as the brunette responded with a gurgled gasp, really hurt by this vicious kick. Normally, this would have been Sandra’s finishing when a ‘sighted’ Bette dove on her as the brunette sank to her knees, silently gasping from the effective cunt-kick. But Bette never knew how her kick nearly won the fight, (too early for Jim’s video effort) so Frankie had to intercede and distract Bette by reaching over for a quick breast grabbing so that Sandra would have a few moments to recover.

Bette thought Frankie’s fingers burying into her breast were really Sandra’s and tore at them with both hands as the sighted Jim took advantage of Bette’s ‘blindness’ and danced backwards, Jim pushing Bette’s shoulder to get her away from the kneeling Sandra, as she bent down and clamped her oozing pussy with tight hands, still gasping in pain, “Dirty fucking redheaded bitch really hurt me!” Sandra quietly gasped into Jim’s ear so as to not let Bette know of her advantage!

Frankie, relieved from offsetting Bette, dropped down next to Sandra and whispered that he had a spray can of anesthetic for her aching pussy and gently pulled her hands aside to null the pain.

Within a minute, Sandra was gasping, “Where is that dirty cunt, I’m going to kill her for that!” this being the kind of rough fighting Jim and Frankie were anxious for. Frankie’s advice to Sandra was to “Stay on your knees, she’s coming this way and you can get her pussy good!”

Frankie signaled her blonde submissive to approach Bette and guide her toward Sandra to follow Frankie’s instruction about cunt clawing. Jim shoved Bette closer to her kneeling opponent as the redhead lifted her arms upward and forward to find Sandra’s chest, her hands just high enough to pass over Sandra’s hooded head, a position that gave Sandra a biting advantage to Bette’s crotch, still being on her knees and Bette on her feet trying to locate Sandra’s soft dairy glands.

Now here was where Frankie’s plan for extending the fight for much longer was effective - the space over Sandra’s mouth in her hood was smaller than her mouth so that her bite was not as effective as it might have been without the restricting hood. But Bette shrieked in surprise and some pain! “You dirty fucking bitch!” as she kicked at the kneeling Sandra, her foot contacting Sandra’s belly while the brunette reached up into Bette’s crotch (at Frankie’s suggestion) and dug into Bette’s partly bitten pussy, her finger sliding up until her thumb jammed into Bette’s extended clit, this causing more discomfort than the pussy bite Bette had just gotten, padded by the hood fabric that was drawn into Sandra’s bite.

Bette leaped back in a panic and Sandra lost her grip on her enemy’s pussy and also got to her feet while Frankie began coaching them both for another violent sortie. This went on for some time, both women getting clawing grips on each others’ breasts and kicks to pussies that often just bounced off thighs, each getting angrier and angrier until Bette screamed, “You bastard, where are those dildos, I want to jerk this bitch off harder than last time!”

Frankie had seen the video of their previous fight and also seen the rubber spikes that emerged for the heads and sides of the two monstrous weapons. She had devised her own version of these for both catfighters and now a new phase of the fight began using what the two of them thought were the same as the first ones.

But not so, Frankie’s weapons were more devious and were not as stimulating, in fact would induce wild shrieks and thrashings when triggered off. It took several minutes of fighting, squirming on the mats before they were both positioned for the thrusts into both of the gaping vaginal slots with the triumphal screams as the triggers were pulled to start the twisting, thrusting and wild orgasmic debilitations that had occurred earlier in their first fight.

But these dildos had a different purpose and were capable of much more! The first action was a strong squirt of an anesthetic that dulled each woman’s cervix and allowed a narrow tube to enter the relaxed set of cervical-sphincter muscles and even a long plastic balloon into that tight female organ just beyond the penetrated cervix.

This plastic tube curled and twisted around inside each uterus, and the special plastic began to lengthen and contract from the warm ‘oven’ it found itself in, the long twisting coils thrashing around wildly to produce a ghastly effect inside each victim’s sex organ.

The fight was over, but both catfighters were now on their backs, hands clutching at their bellies and groins trying to control the wild movements inside their uteruses. Their incoherent shrieks went on for several minutes as Jim, Frankie, her blonde submissive and cameraman Hank gasped with excitement over what these two dirty catfighters had done to each other!

Sandra was the first to pass out, but was quickly followed by Bette, both women’s bellies showing the movement of the devices inside for another few minutes. Frankie reached down and pulled out Sandra’s device first, exhibiting its six feet of still-twisting movement while Jim gingerly retracted Sandra’s weapon from inside Bette, noting that it was still twisting and thrashing around!

“I wonder how this will effect both of these twats” Jim stood up over the two unconscious women. His answer came after they both came to and began smiling at each other. “You lousy bitch, what you just did to me was marvelous - I never felt anything like that in my life!” Bette confessed to the smiling Sandra who replied, “However that happened, I want to wrestle with you forever so we can do it again!”

Frankie glanced at Jim, shrugging her shoulders as he handed her some ointment for the breast bites and scratches to apply to the two women’s wounds while they gasped into their kissing and loving hair pulls, breast bites and clawing in violent female sex-to-orgasm!

“Some catfight!” Frankie complained. “Those damn things made them fall in love with each other!”

The two catfighters lay on the mats kissing and hugging as they ground their thighs into each others’ groins to bring on something more like what they had both just experienced! And it showed up with loud shrieks and gasps!