Best of Seven Face-sit Challenge: Halle Berry vs. Neve Campbell by The Walkin’ Dude

The women agree to a best of seven ‘ass in the face grind’ contest. The winner would get $10,000 from the loser. The contest was held in one of the ‘small’ rooms at the newly renovated “Porn Star Fight Club” in Los Angeles California, in front of several hundred members and guests on a Thursday night in January, 2006.

Fall #1:

Halle's eyes glittered with malicious joy as she ground her crotch down against her foe’s mouth and nose. Running her hands over her butt, she wiggled her hips back and forth and purred down at her captive. “Are you ready to give up and concede this round Neve?” Berry raised up off her foe, letting the winded beauty beneath her draw her first full breath in nearly a minute.

Breathing in hitches and gasps, Neve Campbell was still defiant. “Piss off bitch! As soon as I get outta here I’m gonna crush your face with my ass.” Neve punctuated her resistance by pushing fruitlessly at Berry’s strong thighs.

A sneer forming on her pretty face, Halle brushed her center back and forth just above Neve's squirming features. “You’re not going anywhere baby. You and your lily-white ass are about to learn what it’s like to suffer under a real woman. With that she lowered herself onto Campbell's face and began to rock back and forth, really nuzzling the slick orange material of her thong bikini briefs against her rival’s nose. Not content with her attack, Berry grabbed hold of the other brunette’s hair and pulled her head roughly up, while simultaneously bucking her hips violently forward, the ebony skinned beauty doing her best to break her victim’s nose.

After a little more of this torture, Neve finally cracked! She began slapping Halle's pumping thighs and babbling, “MYYYH FFFPHHHHUBMMIT!” over and over.

Smirking triumphantly, Berry released her victim and reached behind her. In one quick jerk, she administered a brutally mean-spirited Front Wedgie. Standing over her panting foe, Halle smiled and cooed, “First blood goes to ME wimp.” She left the defeated brunette shuddering on the carpet in the brief interval between rounds

Fall #2:

Pinned under her Canadian foe, Halle turned her head to the side and gasped, “Get…OFF…my FACE!” Halle tried to bridge up on her long legs to escape her predicament but her rival slapped a hand down on Halle's taut belly, driving the wind from her. With a little gasp, Halle slumped back to the carpet, gasping and breathing hard.

Secure in her perch, Neve brushed the hair from her eyes while running her other hand over the heaving swell of Halle's chest. Taking a small breath she asked her captive almost conversationally “Ready to surrender Halle?”

“Not on your life! Get off me Neve and I’ll give you a second face full of the sweet ass that’s going to win this series.”

Halle resumed trying to free her arms from under Neve’s planted shins. Rubbing her rear up and down the length of Berry's flushed cheek, Neve cupped her opponent’s breasts and jiggled them lightly. Maintaining her butt rub, Neve replied “No need to introduce me Halle, I’m quite familiar with the ass that wins this series. It’s in your face right now, if you haven’t caught on yet.”

Infuriated by the brunette’s condescending tone (and the humbling ordeal of having Neve’s butt nuzzling her cheek) Halle hissed, “Get your flabby ass off me you second rate hack!”

Smiling coldly, Neve traced her hands over the edges of her bottoms and snapped them tightly against her rear. Putting her hands on her hips, Neve looked over her shoulder and purred, “Second rate? Let’s see if you can say that with your nose wedged in the crack of my ass.”

Before Halle could protest, Neve grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Berry's head to the side forcing her face first into Neve’s smothering backside. Sitting down heavily, Neve began to grind in slow circles, a satisfied smile on her face as Halle breathed her last.

Eventually the pinned woman realized the hopelessness of her situation, and she groaned, “MYPHHHH GEEEEHHHVEE HHUPPPHH!”

Stopping her grind, Neve reached down and raked her claws across the crotch of Halle's orange bottom. Getting in the last word, she bounced once more on Halle's face and said, “Hope you liked the feel of my ass Halle. You're gonna be kissing it three more times before the night is over."

Fall #3:

“Lemme tell ya Neve, you may got the legs, but you ain’t got the ass to beat me!” grinned Halle Berry as she bounced up and down on the upturned face beneath her.

Moving her head to the side, Neve was able to draw a gasping breath. Getting back a bit of her equilibrium she spat, “I take comfort in knowing most zoo animals don’t have the ass to beat you bitch! NOW GET OFF ME!”

The pinned brunette bucked her long legs up, trying to toss her foe off, but the ebony skinned girl caught the flailing limbs at the knees and pulled them close, trapping Neve in a tight Matchbook Pin.

Deciding it was time to show Neve just who was in control of the situation, Halle rose up on her knees before sitting down hard, slamming the full weight of her derriere on Campbell's prone face. The leggy brunette gave a pained (yet somewhat muffled) cry as her nose was mashed painfully against her face. Repeating the battering ram like maneuver over and over again, Halle taunted her victim as she crushed the fight out of her.

“Not so tough now are you baby? Pretty little face doesn’t hold up so well when I’m using it like a bicycle seat.” Pressing her ass down with all her considerable strength, Halle tried to grind Neve's head into the carpet, adding a final insult as she completed her conquest. “Tell you what bitch, I’ll let you keep those slutty briefs if you kiss my ass. Just plant those pretty lips right on my ass.” Smirking down at the brunette, she wiggled her hips and said, “Whaddaya say?”

Hating to admit she was beaten, but hating the thought of kissing her opponent’s ass even more, Neve whimpered quietly “EWWHHHH WHHHINN.”

Shaking her head, Halle muttered “Pussy.” as she deftly drove a fist into Neve’s crotch. Getting off the used up brunette, she slapped a hand against her own ass and said to Neve “In round 4, the kiss won’t be optional bitch!” Halle swaggered back to her corner to await the start of the next round, leaving Neve writhing in pain in the middle of the ring.

Fall #4:

Pulling her opponent’s panicked features into the cleft between her cheeks, Halle cooed triumphantly. “Looks like it's gonna be two in a row for me Neve.” As her brunette foe tried to mumble a retort, Halle sat down hard, crushing her victim’s head painfully between her ass and the carpet. Wiping a bead of sweat off her stomach, Berry laughed cattily as Neve Campbell frantically clawed at her tormentor’s tawny rump. Pulling the hands away from her backside, Halle pulled them in front of her and gripped them both with her right hand. Using her left, she tweaked playfully at Neve's exposed breasts, drawing an angry moan from the helpless Canadian beneath her.

Eyes lighting up at Neve’s squirming, Halle rocked her hips back and forth and joked, “Why are you so upset Neve? You’ve got a wonderful view of a perfect full moon!” She laughed again as Neve cried out, buffing Campbell's cheeks to a sobbing, flushed finish with her own set of cheeks. Knowing Neve must be running low on air, Halle rose up just a bit. Feeling rather than hearing the desperate gasp Neve filled her lungs with, Berry asked callously, “Ready to go down three to one Neve? Or do you need some more time to think it over?” She punctuated this statement by lightly bouncing her ass against the brunette's nose and mouth.

Sputtering for air, Neve was nonetheless defiant, “Screw you cunt! You’re never gonna win!”

Neve tried to continue her diatribe, but Halle sat back down, silencing her. Making sure she sealed Neve's features in her cleft, Halle began to grind relentlessly, taunting her foe all the while. “Give up slut! You’re a mouse in the clutches of a python! Give it up or I’ll break your nose!”

Increasing the pace of her face grinder, Halle was rewarded seconds later when Neve slapped her ass weakly and mumbled “CAMMMPH BREAFFHHH! MYYYHFFF PHHHHUBMMIT…”

Highly pleased with herself, Halle smirked down into Neve's face and said, “I thought you'd put up more of a fight. Guess you're starting to like the taste of my ass."

Halle got up and walked to her corner, wiggling her hips seductively.

Fall #5:

A cold grin crossed the Scream Queen’s face as she rudely shoved Halle onto her back, the black beauty only semi conscious after Neve’s vicious attack. Prepared to take the round, Neve scrambled around so that she was sitting on Berry's heaving chest, facing her rival’s dazed face. Keeping Halle’s arms securely pinned under her knees, Neve slid forward ever so slowly until her crotch was resting on Halle’s chin.

Wanting to inflict a little more embarrassment before she put her foe to sleep to sleep, Neve clamped her fingers around the Halle's nose and pinched them shut, cutting off her air. The painful twist brought Berry around immediately and the trapped brunette began thrashing wildly when she realized her situation. Hoping to power free of the situation, Halle scissored her legs up and forward, trying to get Neve off of her. But she had fallen into the Scream Queen’s trap and Neve easily caught the flailing limbs, then hooked them under her elbows. Pulling forward, Neve trapped Halle helplessly in a beautiful Matchbook Pin. Bouncing on Halle’s red face Neve looked down and said, “Did I tell you that I hate being butt smothered?”

Furious, Halle roared, “That’s too damned bad. I love the feel of your face snuggled up under my butt! And I’m going to do it again as soon as I get outta here!”

Neve ignored Berry’s vitriol and continued, “I hate being butt smothered, but I love giving one! Facesits are like presents; it’s better to give than to receive. It’ll be a pleasure to watch your eyes dim as you choke on my scent. Enjoy your up close and personal examination of my ass - you whiny twat!”

As Halle started to protest, Neve slid forward and sat down, bringing her womanhood heavily down, covering both her mouth and nose. Halle immediately began to thrash and squirm, but Neve held the matchbook tightly. Her eyes never leaving Berry’s, Neve begins to slowly rub her center back and forth, then up and down on Halle’s mouth and nose. The trapped woman let out a furious, humiliated cry that was almost completely muffled by the tight seal of Neve’s groin. Taking vindictive pleasure in her helplessness, Neve increases her pace, grinding down on Halle’s face as hard as she can while not once breaking eye contact.

After about 40 seconds of this treatment, the woman reaches her limits and sobs, “AYYE MRRPPHHENNDERR. GHHEDD OFFA MYHHH FAAAIFFFHHH!”

Neve released the smother and then did as she was told, but not before tweaking Halle's orange briefs. Closing the gap between her and her rival, Neve said, “That's two falls for me Halle. I guess it means you get two more chances to worship my sweet ass."

Fall #6:

“Unghhhhh!” was the sound that came from Halle's lips when Neve Campbell brutally slammed her to the carpet. The exhausted woman tried to curl into the fetal position, but Neve smelled blood in the water and she gave Berry no reprieve. Sitting by her victim’s head, Neve grabbed Halle's wrists and pulled them over her head before scooting forward and sitting down, pinning her foe's arms under her shins. The crotch of her black bikini bottoms resting just above Halle's head; Neve lightly slapped Halle's sweaty face from side to side, bringing her back to reality.

When she recognized her predicament, she tried to fight free, but Neve held her in place, bouncing up and down on Berry's arms to elicit pained grunts from the dark skinned beauty. Not through humiliating her rival, Neve traced a finger across Halle's face, then down her throat to the swell of her breasts. Finding her foe’s nipples, she took them in thumb and forefinger and pinched them hard, drawing a pained cry from her captive. “Ready to kiss my ass like the unworthy bitch you are?” Campbell said nastily as she teased and twisted Halle's areolas.

“Fuck you!” Halle panted breathlessly as she fought to escape.

“Wrong answer bitch.” Neve sneered as she slid forward and sat down, the full weight of her ass pressing down on Berry's squirming features. The pinned woman tried to turn her head to the side, but Neve solved that problem by reaching back and yanking a handful of hair, pulling Halle nose first into the crack of her delectable backside. Smiling like a Cheshire cat, Campbell laughed as she watched Halle's legs flail helplessly against the carpet. Tired of merely sitting on Berry, Campbell decided it was time for a ride and she began to bounce her rear up and down on Halle's face, intent on pulling her victim’s face in as far as she could. Halle held out as long as she could, but she was helpless in Neve's grip. Choking back a sob she says, “EWWWHHHH WINNN UHHH…MYFF GIFF UUPPHHH….”

Neve gave her hips a final domineering grind before getting off Halle's face. Pulling her bottoms back into place on her hips, Neve purred, "Looks like this is gonna go the distance baby! Hope you get your breath back."

Fall #7:

Hands on her damp thighs, Neve Campbell rose up on her knees before slamming down heavily, thrusting and rubbing the groin against the furiously protesting features of Halle Berry. Letting Halle wriggle helplessly underneath her, Neve reached behind her and took hold of Halle’s chest before pinching and twisting at her foe’s breasts. Screeching in pain and indignation, Berry redoubled her efforts, but Neve held fast, riding her sweating captive until she settled down. Pressing down until the whole of her crotch was planted against Halle’s mouth, Neve regarded the trapped brunette with a cold smile.

Wiping a hand across her mouth, Neve said breathlessly, “You can ride a face pretty good Halle, but as you can see, so can I. The only question there is to ask now is how long I have to ride ya before you voice your submission.”

Neve ended by tugging at the sides of her bottoms, pulling the slick material tightly against her center. Clenching her hips, Neve wiggled her butt back and forth, sliding her crotch over Berry's protesting mouth. Feeling she’d given Halle enough time to contemplate a response, Neve rose up slightly, allowing her opponent to answer.

After drawing a shuddering breath, Halle locked her gaze on Neve and roared, “I’LL NEVER GIVE IN TO YOU! YOU WILL LICK THE SWEAT OFF MY ASS BEFORE THIS MATCH IS OVER YOU BITCH!”

Like lightning, she whipped her claws up and sank them into Neve’s chest, tearing and twisting at the brunette’s bounty. Neve grimaced, but did not give up her mount. Instead, she peeled Halle’s claws away and held them far apart. Without a word, she rose up again before sitting down full force, driving the full weight of her pelvis into Halle’s defenseless face. As the Halle cried out in muffled agony, Neve repeated the move over and over again. After several repeats of this maneuver, Neve threw Halle’s hands aside and looked down at her weakened prey.

Grinding furiously down, as well as side to side, Neve addressed her viciously, “You must know that I could easily break your nose and mash your lips with this move, so if you want your pretty face to be the same after this, I suggest you submit. Otherwise, I will grind the nose right off your face.”

Fear growing in her eyes, Halle still refused to surrender, shrieking, “PHHUCCCH YUUUOOHHH!”

Neve only shook her head, “You’ve got it all wrong. YOU’RE the one about to get the Face Fucking of Lifetime. Get ready to scream for me Halle!”

Before Berry could blink, Neve had spun around, getting into position for a Reverse Face Sit. Once again gripping the sides of her bottoms, she hiked the material up high, creating a makeshift thong guaranteeing to crush even more sweaty flesh against her rival’s flushed face. Intent on hearing Halle beg, Neve ground her face relentlessly, making sure to taunt, “How’s the sweat on my ass taste Halle? Huh, how’s it taste? Has it mixed with your tears yet? Answer me!”

Finally Halle reached her limits and she wailed her surrender, a long trembling scream that sounded something like “AYYYY FHUUBMMMITTT!”

“Not just yet!” Neve hissed as she bore down once more, finally taking the last of Halle’s air. Seconds later, Halle went limp under her. Neve stretched, combing her fingers through her sweat-matted hair, then reached down and slowly removed Halle’s thong. Getting to her feet, she scooped up her trophy and looked around, winked at the buxom woman sitting in the front row, grinned and asked, “Well, THAT was fun! Now...who do I have to fuck to collect my ten grand?"