Halle Berry vs. Mariah Carey by Freddy Roberts

There is no love lost between the two ever since it was rumored that Halle had been with P. DIDDY when he was supposedly dating Mariah. But payback is a bitch and Mariah supposedly had a fling with Lenny Kravitz when he was Halle’s. There have been several polls and surveys published discussing which woman will prevail but now it comes down to reality as they’ve finally been signed for a match.

Halle's second is legendary ‘bad girl’ Naomi Campbell and Mariah comes to the ring accompanied by her second, Shakira and a ‘posse’ of a half-dozen women led by Whitney Houston and Queen Latifah. The fight is held in an abandoned warehouse in Los Angeles in a special ring. Two hundred special invited guests are on hand to witness the event and the match will be taped and sold at auction to the highest bidder. Each seat to the event costs $1,000 dollars and there will be a cash prize of $250.000 to the winner although these two would have fought for free just to get their claws on the other.

After a year of back/forth negotiation, Berry and Carey’s people finally agree to these terms and conditions:
The loser must submit both physically by tapping out AND verbally by admitting her defeat.
Both contestants will start in bikini's, but the loser must be stripped nude by the end of the fight.
No holds barred (reportedly one of Mariah’s many demands!)
There will be a pre-match beauty contest.
After the fight, the winner gets 20 minutes to humiliate the loser with no restrictions.

Apparently the length of the post-fight humiliation was the big sticking point, Carey wanting 24 hours and Berry sniffing “Just beating that puffed up egomaniac will humiliate her enough for me!” Finding a common ground for this one condition held up the fight for over a year. Eventually both signed off after they each put five numbers in a bowl and the promoter drew one which is how they arrived at twenty minutes.

The pre-fight contest.

Both women will be judged on seven features: ass, tits, legs, face, overall shape, mid-section and sexiness by three judges:

Jennifer Lopez. J-Lo’s fought both women more than once; she was recently Berry’s house guest for a long weekend!
Janet Jackson, rumored to have once been Mariah’s lover (while never confirmed, the rumor persists)
Angelina Jolie, avowed enemy of Carey, but no friend of Berry either. They fought over film roles twice.

The voting would be by secret ballot; nobody will know who voted for whom. The voting is done sequentially with the secret ballot scores announced after each judging.

Halle appears in a stunning black string bikini while Mariah wears a tiny white bikini with her breasts and ass overflowing.

The secret vote results in the following:

Legs: 2-1. Win for Halle. Not a huge surprise, Mariah’s thighs are better, but Halle wins on “overall appeal.”
Face: 3-0. Win for Mariah. Big shock as Halle is a world famous beauty whose high cheekbones and fantastic eyes are legendary. While there’s nothing wrong with Mariah’s face, Halle is clearly shaken by her whitewash loss!
Tits:.3-0.Win for Mariah. No surprise here as even Halle would probably have voted for Mariah’s humongous hooters.
Midsection: 3-0. Win for Halle. Great body; no disgrace for Mariah here.
Overall shape: 2-1. Win for Mariah in a mild surprise as Halle’s body, while not as voluptuous, looks perfectly proportioned.
Ass: 2-1 Win for Halle is another shock as Mariah’s butt is one of her two most outstanding features.

The contest is all knotted after 6 rounds with only “sexiness” left to judge. The judges vote is announced. It’s a 2-1 win for Mariah who paraded before the judges and then took off her top and shook her mammoth mammaries at the judges. Halle tried to compete, taking off her top too, but her breasts were no competition for Mariah’s. Afterward, J-Lo revealed she had voted for Berry. If true, that meant Jackson and Jolie had voted for Mariah as she won.

The Fight:

Both women are pissed and cursing as they head for their corners for last minute advice before the match begins.
This is a much-anticipated match and the audience cheers as Halle and Mariah circle as the bell rings.

They meet in the middle of the ring and quickly punches and kicks are thrown with neither woman able to get a clear advantage. A SLAP by Halle stuns Mariah briefly but she quickly knees Halle in the groin and Halle howls in pain as Mariah pushes her back into the corner where she pins her arms to the ropes. Halle is then hit with several straight punches from Mariah followed by a knee directly to her twat that lifts Halle up onto her tip-toes.

Halle is hurting as Mariah continues to pound her face until Halle falls to the mat - only to have her hair pulled as she’s hauled across the mat to center ring. There, Mariah pounces and pins Halle’s arms under her knees as she straddles her chest with her cunt just inches from Halle's face. Mariah presses the crotch of her bikini in Halle's face as she holds her pinned.

Then Halle uses her athletic legs , raising them to ensnare Mariah in a Leg Scissors. Once Halle has Mariah in her grip, her thighs squeeze Mariah’s head and neck as Halle punches her exposed belly and legs. Halle quickly reverses position, sitting on Mariah’s face; pinning her arms as she squats on her face!

Halle goes for Mariah's bikini top and pulls it off. Mariah’s very ample tits are exposed and Halle wastes no time in attacking Mariah's famous breasts. She squeezes and slaps them and pulls them up as she plies her nipples with her fingers. Mariah, stunned and hurt is under Halle’s ass and her plan for a breast smother is in danger as her sore tits are slapped silly by Halle. Her tits turn red as Mariah twists and turns under Halle only to have Halle mount her back as she gets to her hands and knees. Halle continues to pull on Mariah's tits in an effort to humiliate her and destroy her greatest weapon. Halle pulls on her tits like she’s milking a cow. Halle calls her a cow as she has two handfuls of Carey's tits. Mariah falls to her belly to cover up and then raises her back and knifes out of the hold. Halle tries to grab them as they are both on their knees, but Mariah pokes Halle in the eyes with two fingers. This causes Halle to cover her face and Mariah grabs her hair and knees her in the cunt! Halle is out of air as she drops to the mat on her stomach and is pinned by Mariah who sits on her back, pinning her arms as she sits on the back of Halle’s head.

“Hmmm,” says Mariah. “Let’s undo this bra.”

She unclasps Halle’s bra and throws it to the crowd. In a surprise move, she slides down to sit across Halle's lower back and rips off Halle’s bikini bottom, leaving her naked! Mariah has to punish Berry for what she did to her chest. She turns the stunned Halle over and proceeds to bite her exposed tits. Halle screams as Mariah's teeth attack each tit. Halle's brown nipples are bitten by Mariah as the stunned audience watches. This is a wild fight as Mariah then sticks her tits into Halle's face, hoping to smother her out. Halle in a surprise move, stuns Mariah who was not careful and Halle bites her tits.

“ARRRRRRRRGH!” Mariah screams as she rolls off of Halle. But her massive left tit is still trapped between Halle’s teeth and she has to slap Halle a couple of times to free it. Mariah breaks free and tries to scramble away to the corner on all fours.

“Not so fast!” screams Halle as she jumps on Mariah and slams her to the mat. Halle has her head between her legs and is over her back, the same hold she had before. Halle's naked ass is seen by the crowd and Mariah is under her. In this position Halle, equals the score and pulls Mariah's bottoms to her knees, baring her ass.

Halle makes Mariah lay flat on her belly as she pins her shoulders and then pulls her bottoms all the way off. Both women are now naked. Mariah’s ass is being brutally spanked as it’s clear Halle wants to end the match right here and now. Halle tries to end it with a torture move to force a submission as she forces Mariah to her knees, then again pulls her sore tits. Next, Halle flips Mariah over and drops her ass directly on Carey's face. Halle’s naked , shapely black bottom covers Mariah's face as she presses it down and grinds her hips.

But Mariah doesn’t tap out, and Halle lays over her, pinning Mariah with her pussy covering Mariah’s nose and mouth with her hairy twat. Halle reaches down and “AIIIEEEEEEEEEE!” rips out a handful of Mariah’s pubic hair. Mariah sobs and beats her feet on the floor in anguish as Halle playfully sends Mariah’s ripped out pubic hair fluttering down into her tear-streaked face.

Mariah is in great pain and pinned by Halle and the crowd gasps with awe as she applies pressure to Mariah’s neck. Mariah needs to escape or tap out as her face has disappeared under Halle's pussy and her breathing is difficult. Mariah tires to kick out and in a swift motion, somehow lifts her right leg and captures Halle’s head between her powerful thighs. Mariah applies crushing pressure to Halle’s head and gives a twist of her hips. Mariah’s out of the pin and now it’s Halle who is in trouble as Mariah has her head trapped. Mariah gives another powerful twist and comes up sitting on Halle's chest, pinning her arms with her legs and moving her butt up onto Halle’s chest.

Mariah stands over Halle and, THUNK, knees her in the head, almost knocking Halle out!

BONK! Another Knee Drop leaves Halle dazed and writhing on the mat. Mariah now drops her ass on Halle's face, her cheeks covering Halle's face. Mariah is a sight as is Halle!

The naked Mariah grinds her ass into Halle, and then reaches down, picks up the groggy Halle's legs and pulls her into a matchbox pin. Mariah has Halle's legs bent over, her ass in front of Mariah's face and Mariah's ass on Halle's face.

“Tap out, bitch!” screams Mariah as Halle suffers. No tap out yet, so Mariah , with Halle, totally immobile slides her fingers into Halle's exposed and trapped cunt. Halle, her ass trapped feels Mariah stick two fingers into her anus as she covers Halle's face with her own ass. After Mariah begins to wiggle her fingers, Halle tearfully taps out and gives up.

But Mariah doesn’t get off her face and continues her pussy torture. Halle struggles for several minutes, then her movements slow and finally Halle passes out. Only then does Mariah get up and stand over Halle’s limp body, posing with her foot on Halle's stomach. Naomi Campbell stood in Halle’s corner watching for a few minutes, being verbally harassed and taunted by a dozen or more of Mariah’s friends. Finally, with a disgusted look on her cruel face, Naomi stormed angrily out of the warehouse behind a fusillade of curses and disappeared into the night in her chauffeured limo.

The Postfight:

Mariah went to her corner to talk to Shakira while she waited for Halle to wake up. When Halle begins to stir, Mariah announces, “I’ve decided not to use my twenty minute humiliation…” (groans of disappointment of the spectators) Mariah continues, “…at this time. I want Halle to have to wait and wonder when…or even if…I’m going to claim my right as victor. Whenever it is, I expect her to honor the contract, no matter what!”

Then Mariah grabs Halle by the hair, shoves the mic in her face and forces her to admit that Mariah not only “has a better ass than me” but “better tits and she’s sexier too.”

Not only is Halle forced to admit it publicly, but the entire ‘confession’ is caught on tape! Then for her finale, Mariah forces Halle to sexually satisfy her orally. Mariah lays on the mat, the sight of her awesome her nude figure stunning the audience. She orders Halle to lick her pussy which Halle tearfully does. Mariah clearly enjoys it and as Halle continues, Mariah comes on her face. After Mariah wipes her pussy with a fistful of Halle’s hair and stands up, a disgraced Halle curls up and hides her face with her hands. A minute later, two members of Mariah’s entourage collect her from the ring and, holding her up between them, take her back to Mariah’s locker room.

The sweaty, victorious, diva pulls on a robe, grabs a bottle of champagne and a glass and mingles with the celebrities, laughing, joking and telling everyone who will listen how carefully she has orchestrated her “twenty minutes of up-close and personal time” with Halle which will, apparently, begin later that night in an undisclosed location. Mariah adds cryptically, “Of course, one we have her there, I don’t know how she’s going to leave until we’re done with her. Besides, there’s no clocks where we’re taking ol’ Halle’s ass.”

At the end of the evening, Mariah is seen in a hot and very loud discussion with Charlize Theron. Everyone speculates it’s over the terms for Mariah’s next match; one which will almost certainly be with either Charlize or someone who’s a close friend of Theron’s. The other possibility is that Charlize is trying to get Mariah to fight a hand-picked opponent before she gets in with her herself. Whatever, it should be interesting because Theron is no stranger to having a busty black woman shove their tits in her face…it’s a regular occurrence whenever Theron visits the Porn Star Fight Club!