Halle Berry vs. Cameron Diaz by Rob on 12/25/00

It was a hot night in Las Vegas and Halle Berry was down on the strip taking in the sights. One of the casinos had a new display and she stopped in to see it. Inside was a giant display of gambling machines, including a slot machine, a blackjack table and a roulette wheel. Halle was taking it all in when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Well, well, if it isn't little Miss Perfect!"

Halle turned to see tall blonde Cameron Diaz glaring at her. Ms. Berry knew the reason for Cameron being so catty. She'd just beat the blonde out of a lucrative Revlon contract.

"I'm sorry, Cameron!" Halle said sweetly. "I didn't recognize you for a second. I thought you were one of the hookers!"

Cameron wore a silver lame dress, cut very short to show off her long, shapely legs. Halle looked very hot herself in a black, low-cut dress.

The "hooker" remark really set Cameron off and she immediately took a swing at the smiling brunette. The slap caught Halle by surprise as it cracked against her cheek. She staggered back, more shocked than hurt.

The tall blonde followed up her advantage by sinking both hands into Halle's hair and jerking her around the floor, to the delight of onlookers. "You'll do your commercials bald when I finish with you, you black slut!" Cameron hissed.

The two women stumble about the room, Cameron still holding tightly to Halle's hair. Tears came to the black woman's eyes as Cammie really poured on the pressure. After a minute Cameron finally let go and Halle slipped and fell. One of her breasts had popped out of her top and her dark brown nipple was erect. The blonde laughed and pointed at her foe, thinking the fight was over.

"Take a good look, everybody!" Cameron giggled. "Miss Revlon here is finally showing everyone where her brains are!"

Halle looked up at her with a cold stare. "All right, b###h, that's it! You want some of this, you got it!"

The black woman sprang to her feet and put up her dukes. She landed two quick left jabs to the face of a startled Ms. Diaz, then followed them up with a solid right. The blonde stumbled backwards. She couldn't believe what was happening.

Halle didn't let her get the momentum back. She kept after her, throwing rights and lefts to the face. Cammie's head snapped back and forth and she couldn't seem to block the savage attack.

"W-wait! Ow! Ooof! St-stop!" she whimpered. "Ugh! My nose! Ow! D-d-don't!"

Halle began tearing at Cameron's dress and soon the cheering crowd was treated to the sight of Diaz wearing nothing but a pair of thong panties and high heels. The poor blubbering blonde was almost out and Halle pounded her across the floor. She backed her up until her ass hit the display of the giant roulette wheel.

Halle grabbed Cameron's panties with both hands and hoisted her up to sit on the edge of the wheel. The tall blonde squealed with pain.

"Oooo, that cuts into my cunny!" Cammie shrieked.

Halle sank her left hand into Cameron's tangled hair and raised her battered face. The blonde stared dully at her conqueror.

"Here's a little tip my friend Wesley Snipes once told me," Halle said. "Always bet on black!"

With that, she landed a resounding punch to Cameron's chin.

"OH! MY! GODDDDdddd...." Cameron gasped.

She swayed for a second, then fell back on the wheel as it slowly turned.

The front page of the Enquirer ran a picture the following week of an almost nude, completely limp and beaten Cameron, sprawling helplessly on the giant roulette wheel. But the best part of the shot was a smiling Halle Berry in the background, holding both fist in the air in a victory gesture.