Halle Berry vs. Gina Gershon by Scott

Gina Gershon was upset! She'd just been turned down for a plum role in a major motion picture; a wonderful part in which she would've played a high-class prostitute with the heart of gold. Instead of Gina, however, the part went to Oscar-winner Halle Berry! The producers felt Gina's 'image' was a little too trashy and, frankly, they needed a bigger name to help the box office. Gina couldn't deny the part about her 'image' was true but it had been both a blessing and a curse in her career. Steady work was never a problem, she had 45 films to her credit including head-turning appearances in "Showgirls" and "Bound" that sealed her image as a tough girl who wasn't shy about nudity or playing love scenes with men or women. That image gave her opportunities for steady work but it also held her back from juicy roles opposite top stars like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Instead, Gina counted among her costars bscure actors like Phillip Rhee and Rory Cochran. Most films of the "B" type like "Demon Lover" and "Best of the Best III"; the kind of movies that used to be the 3rd bill at drive-ins that now-a-days went straight to video.

Her career might have been so much different if her scene in "Jungle Fever," where Halle Berry got her big break, hadn't been cut out completely. Gina heard rumors that Halle persuaded Spike Lee to cut Gina's scene so Halle would have more screen time. Now, missing out on this latest part to Halle was the last straw. Word got out that Halle was going to have a birthday party and on the night of the party, Gina decided to crash the party and have it out with the beautiful actress. Being fairly well-known, Gina had no trouble getting into the private club where the party was held. Gina spotted Halle in the crowd and kept an eye on her, waiting for her to go to the powder room. An hour went by but then Halle excused herself and Gina followed. Halle was checking her makeup in the plush ladies room when she saw Gina's reflection in the mirror.

"What are you doing here? How'd you get in?" the startled Halle gasped as she spun around.

"Look bitch, you've stole the last role from me that you are ever going to," Gina hissed. "You may have a pretty face but there ain't no way you are hotter than me!"

Well, for this night at least, both women looked incredible. Halle had on a slinky, red silk dress with a high slit that showed off sexy legs in nude stockings. Gina had a black dress with black stockings and both had hair and makeup that highlighted the best features of their gorgeous faces.

"Look I'm going to kick your ass right now if you don't bow out of that part," Gina demanded

"I've got a better idea. Let's see who can get the other one off first," Halle countered. "If you win, the role is yours," she offered, not wanting to fight Gina who is known in Hollywood as a tough customer - especially in her current demeanor.

"You're on swee' pea," Gina said, not thinking about the consequences if Halle won.

Both slipped out of their dresses and bras leaving them in just panties and stockings. They walked up to each other until their nipples brushed against the other, then pressed their breasts into their rival's as if trying to devour the other's pair to establish dominance. Both sets of nipples were already erect with excitement by the time they put their hands in the other one's hair and started softy kissing. Then Halle reached for Gina's breasts and started fondling and Gina responded in kind. Each explored the other's breasts until Gina broke her kiss and lowered her head, kissing and licking Halle's breasts and causing Halle to pant.

In response, Halle softly massaged Gina's breasts but she was losing the battle, so she lifted Gina's head and both women started sucking face again. As their kisses grew more passionately, each explored the other's mouth with her tongue, orally assaulting each other and trying to engulf the other woman's tongue while penetrating her own deep into the mouth of her opponent. As the kissing continued, they eased themselves to the sofa not breaking their passionate kiss which was when Gina reached down to Halle's panties and began rubbing her hand hard on Halle's pubic mound.

"Ooooh.....bitch!" Halle moaned as she quickly reached her own hand onto Gina's crotch. After a few minutes of kissing and rubbing pussy, Halle angrily said, "Enough of this foreplay. Let's get to it skank!"

They both lay on the carpeted floor across from each other, positioned in scissors position, legs spread, maneuvering until their crotches were pressed tigt against the others. Then they each dropped a leg and began to hump and grind. Both soon began to grunt with the effort as they forcefully thrust their womanhood into the other; their swollen pussy wet and making squishy sounds that could clearly be heard as each humped her sex into the others.

Gina was into the lesbian scene far more than Halle and had already become aroused by Halle's kisses. Now, Gina began moaning in low, breathy groans. Indeed, what bi- woman couldn't get turned on by Halle for there weren't many who looked better than this talented actress! She'd been runner-up in the Miss USA contest and her body was still flawless; a hard flat stomach, curvy hips and ass and a pair of large firm breasts. All that, plus Halle's bronze skin was smooth as glass and the perfume of her body was intoxicating!

For her part Halle wasn't turned on nearly as much and although Gina she was certainly attractive, she wasn't in the league of the few women Halle had 'gotten down with' as she furthered her career. Gina wore an acrid fragrance and her body, while toned and trim, was a little softer than Halle's. Not to mention plentiful tattoos that gave Gina a cheap, tawdry look that some women found irresistable, but Halle wasn't one of them - at least, not yet!

Soon, Gina's moans and groans of pleasure are coming nonstop which only makes Halle pound her pussy harder and harder into the wilting woman. Gina desperately holding on, not wanting her body to give into the wonderful sensation of Halle's clit banging hers. For several minutes they continued humping, both strong-willed women refusing to give in to her bodies desire for the sweet sensatioin of orgasmic release. But for Gina, her climax looms ever-so-close and her hip thrusts began to slow dramatically as she closes her eyes and arches her back, firm nipples jutting upward as she 'feels it'. Halle, grinning smugly, continues driving her groin fullspeed on Gina's, her thigh muscles burning from the strain and stress.

Gina could feel the warm fluid flowing down, ready to burst free of her body but she gritted her teeth, grunting with each thrust of Halle's hips, struggling to hold out for just another minute...then another. But the pressure building up to the boiling point in her proved too much and Gina couldn't hold back pending eruption any longer! She threw back her head, arched her body with a contorted pained expression on her face as she let out a series of short, staccatto gasps.

"AHHHHHH...GAWWWD!" Gina finally screamed out in pleasure and frustration as her climax arrived.

As Gina wilted after her release, Halle kept thrusting her pelvis, pumping away at a frantic pace as she watched Gina's panties fill with her sweet nectar.

"Looks like someone's been naughty," Halle chided as she slowed her pace. She got to her knees between Gina's legs and pulled off Gina's panties. Gina offered no resistance as she hadn't recovered from her orgasm. Then she sat back down and began massaging Gina's pussy with a nylon covered foot. After a few minutes of Halle's foot massage, Gina's fluids were again building up pressure toward another orgasm. Sensing Gina was close, Halle removed her foot and knelt between Gina's legs where she began darting her tongue in and out, swirling it around and flicking Gina's hard clit as Halle worked her index finger in, then followed it with two fingers and finally she had all three middle fingers stuffed in Gina's box.

"Ohhhh... stop!" Gina pleaded but Halle just grinned and accelerated the pace of her plunging fingers, driving them a bit deeper as she continued to violate the gasping brunette.

Already in heat, Gina began thrusting her hips in unison with Halle's sensual mouth and magic fingers; totally giving in to the beautiful actress, surrendering, letting Halle have her way with her until, unable to hold out any longer, Gina exploded with a throaty scream as her love juices burst forth and squirted out of the narrow valley like flood water from a burst dam, the silky liquid coating and lubricating Halle's pumping hand. Halle slowly withdrew her fingers, giving Gina's stiff clit a final flick, then sat back on her heels and slowly wiped her hands on Gina's trembling legs.

Standing up, Halle walked over to the sink and picked up Gina's handbag, rummaging around, then pulling out a familiar item and holding it up, "What do we have here?" she laughed, turning to brandish the strap-on dildo at a red-faced and panting Gina.

Halle grew incensed as she examined the phallus; furious that Gina had interrupted her night's festivities but also that the actress had clearly come 'armed' and intended to do far worse to her. Plus, all the trib action had left Halle hot yet unsatisfied and that always brought out the beast in her - as Charlize Theron could testify! Halle was filled with a sexual rage that needed release!

After a couple of orgasms, Gina's mood was substantially more tranquil compared to her earlier angry state of mind and she was spent and utterly exhausted. In Gina's condition, even Tara Reid could have had her way with her and Halle knew it. She couldn't pass this golden opportunity to nail the vixen once and for all. Halle took the dildo over to Gina who lay curled up in a fetal position, panting, out of breath and quietly sobbing.

"Look up sweetie," Halle purred. "You wanted a piece of me, now you're gonna get it!"

Seeing Halle holding her own dildo sobered Gina up real fast and she lashed out her foot, hitting Halle in the side of her knee. Halle dropped to one knee as Gina scurried to her knees and grabbed a handful of hair. Halle quickly did the same and they scuffled on the floor until Halle managed to wrap her legs around Gina's waist and began to scissor her.

"AAAHHH!" Gina screamed as she reached for Halle's hair again, but the sultry actress planted her forearm under Gina's chin and powered her head back, keeping her grasping hands away from her hair as she reinforced her scissors, forcing precious air from Gina's already burning lungs.

But applying all that pressure was tough on Halle too and she finally released the scissors and got to her feet as Gina rolled around on the floor gasping, wheezing and slowly regaining her wind. By the time Gina got to her knees Halle was ready for her and locked on a standing headscissors. The blood flow to Gina's head was immediately shut off and although she tried prying Halle's legs apart, she couldn't squirm free.

Halle grunted as she tried to crush Gina's neck while Gina continued to push and slap Halle's thighs, unable to break free. She was starting to feel lightheaded and her body began to sag, giving Halle another cause to snicker. But Halle's celebration proved premature because Gina got her hand up and dug into Halle's groin. The agonizing pain of the crotch claw forced Halle to open her legs as she wrenched herself free of Gina's grasp. Gina was too exhausted to mount an offensive and Halle stumbled backward, massaging away the pain in her groin while Gina sat slumped on her knees slowly shaking her head.

As Halle approached her once more, Gina managed to sit up, then lunged at Halle as she approached, wrapping her arms around her waist. Halle twisted and turned, trying to break free but Gina clasped her hands just above Halle's fine ass and held on tight. Halle managed to put Gina in a reverse headlock as she forced Gina to the floor on her back. Halle, now on top, lifted her butt and drove it down on Gina's stomach several times knocking the wind out of her. Then Halle added a couple of hard slaps between ass drops which finally broke Gina's hold.

Halle stood up and backed off, urging the reeling Gina, "Get up and fight tough girl. Come on kick my ass," Halle taunted.

But she didn't give Gina a chance to get to her feet, for as Gina began to rise, Halle kicked her in the head knocking her forward on her belly, then stomped on her back as she tried to push herself up again. Still, Gina managed to get to her hands and knees and as Halle moved in again, she drove her head forward, driving her forehead into Halle's stomach. The spearing slowed Halle's attack but wasn't a solid enough hit and Halle managed to throw Gina on her back again where Halle drove her knees into Gina's shoulders, numbing the muscles and making her arms go numb briefly.

With Gina unable to defend herself with her hands, Halle dragged her back to her feet, having to hold Gina up when her knees buckled to keep her from collapsing. Halle dragged Gina over to the wall and banged her head on it until the plasterboard shattered and Gina's head went through the hole that was created. Gina collapsed on her back between Halle's straddling legs, her feet on either side of Gina's head. Gina stared up between Halle's legs and weakly raised her arms over her face for protection but Halle bent over and brushed her hands aside, then slapped her over and over!

Tiring of slapping her, Halle stepped aside and staring kicking Gina who rolled away and scrambled to get to her feet. Halle walked after her and kicked her in the groin and when Gina doubled over moaning, Halle gave her another low kick. Then, before Gina collapsed, Halle again clamped her legs onto Gina's head in a standing headcissors, pounding on Gina's back and driving her down to her knees on the floor. Gina could only slap the back of Halle's legs which did no damage at all.

"Don't you fucking DARE slap me!" Halle screamed as she grabbed Gina's head and pulled her up by the hair and flipped her over and back down. Gina hit hard on her back and lay there stunned. When she was too slow to rise, Halle used a handful of hair to pull Gina to her knees so she could reapply the standing headscissors.

"OHHHHhhhhh...." Gina squealed, pounding the floor with her fists in frustration.

Halle punched down on Gina's back and raked her nails from her ass to her shoulders as Gina tried to crawl forward, using her muscular leges to force Halle to backup, but with Gina's head still wedged tight between her knees. When Gina made a quickl lunge, Halle lost her balance and toppled to the floor, her hold at last broken. Gina was lightheaded and couldn't scurry away before Halle recovered and once more clamped her long legs around Gina's head, this time in a reverse headscissors. Gina grunted as she tried prying Halle's legs apart, laboring just to get to her knees pulling her head and trying to escape her vice-like trap.

"I'll break your fucking neck," Gina hissed, an ironic threat since she was the one in danger of suffering severe neck injury.

"Whose neck is gonna break?" Halle chuckled as she reached across Gina's body and pulled her bra down.

"Ohhh-Ohhh....OHHH!" Gina cried as Halle flexed her legs several times tenderizing her neck.

When Halle's legs started to tire, she opened her legs and got to her feet, again kicking and stomping Gina to keep her from rising.

"You piece of shit!" Halle yelled, literally kicking Gina's ass as she lay sprawled facedown on the floor. She put a foot on Gina's back and grabbed Gina's left arm and left leg, then began to pull, painfully stretching and straining the actress's ligaments and tendons.

"OH GAWD!" Gina screamed. Her pain only eased when Halle relaxed for a second, only to haul back on Gina's limbs even harder. When Halle let go of Gina's leg, she kicked her in the back of the head as Gina tried to push herself up, then Halle grabbed Gina's other arm and stomped her foot down into Gina's lower back as she pulled both arms up and back in a surfboard. "AHHHHHH..." Gina screamed bloody murder as her arms felt like they were beeing pulled out of their sockets. Halle released one arm, then dropped to one knee and twisted Gina's other arm up behind her back. "You piece of shit!" Gina scowled, unable to show her displeasure through action.

Halle released Gina's arm and dragged the actress to her feet, then swung her around and banged her head into the wall a few times until her knees buckled. Halle tossed her to the floor and then kicked her around the room as Gina tried rolling away. "Get down! Get down!" Halle demanded, kicking and pounding Gina's back whenever she managed to rise to her knees.

When Gina fell back down, Halle dove on her knocking more air out her, then wriggled around behind Gina and secured another headscissors. Halle stretched out her body, locking her ankles as she tightened her thighs around Gina's vulnerable neck. With Gina trapped, Halle would sit up and slap the actress in the ears several times as Gina thrashed from side to side trying to break free. But Halle held firm, switching the headscissors into a figure-four when she wrapped her left leg around Gina's neck choking her as she reached down with one arm, pulling her leg back to increase the pressure.

Gina's face turned bright red as her eyes began to glaze over, "I...can't...breed..."

"Good, that's the whole point," Halle laughed, changing her legs back to a straight scissors as Gina frantically flailed her arms, reaching back in hopes of finding something, anything, to grab onto. Halle fended off her grasping fingers for a while before she released her and got to her feet, again to kick and stomp Gina to keep her down.

"You fucking piece of shit. I'm going to fuckin'...OOFFFFFfffffff..." Gina began, but she didn't get to finish the threat as Halle dropped knees-first on her stomach and chest.

Halle choked Gina briefly, then slammed her head on the floor five or six times using two handfuls of hair. With Gina all but out, she raised her ass up, then dropped her booty on Gina's belly several times, further softening her up and leaving her breathless..

"Come on, get up!" Halle said as she got to her feet. More kicks and stomps followed before Halle allowed Gina to get to her knees. But as Gina slowly, painfully struggled just to kneel, Halle stepped around behind her and when Gina raised her head looking around for Halle, she clamped on a full nelson on her, further softening up her up and putting terrific pressure on her neck and arms. Halle was just toying with Gina now, securing a hold only to release it after a minute just to put her in yet another hold. "Come on," Halle hissed. "C'mon an' fight me! she ordered, pushing Gina over backward when she tried to stand up.

Gina actually staggered to her feet barely able to stand, but then only briefly! Halle shoved her up against the wall, moved in, put her in a headlock and forced Gina back down to the floor where she put her into a forward headscissors - with the added benefit of leaving little air for Gina to breathe with her nose and mouth scant inches from Halle's excited crotch.

"I know you like THIS!" Halle teased, though Gina's gagging, bucking and struggles to breathe seemed to indicate otherwise!

Gina had no hope of prying Halle's legs apart so she tried squirming free but every time she inched her way down to Halle's knees, the Oscar winner grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her back, then resecured her head between her thighs. Still, Gina kept stubbornly thrashing so Halle sat up keeping Gina trapped in her legs and clamped another figure-four on the struggling actress.

"Can't get out, can you?" Halle taunted as Gina tried pushing Halle's legs apart in vain.

Still, Gina's thrashing about bothered Halle so she again released her and quickly scrambled on top of Gina who had rolled onto her stomach. Halle put her in another full nelson but this time she also wrapped her legs around Gina's in a grapevine, slowly spreading the rapidly weakening brunette’s legs painfully wide and then wider apart.

"Oh stop…please,” Gina wailed at last. “Y…you can have the role…I…don't care anymore, just let me go," she pleaded

"Ummmmm, NO! I don't think so," Halle laughed, not feeling in a forgiving mood after finding the strap-on dildo Gina had intended to use on her and she continued rubbing Gina's face on the carpet as she held her in the full nelson, spreading her legs.

"I give….I give…." Gina kept babbling. Then, Gina suddely felt herself free as Halle released the full nelson, gave her face a couple of slaps and rose to her feet. Still, Halle wasn't done yet and she used her toe ro roll Gina over to her stomach where she lay with her flushed face buried in her folded arms, her body trembling as she cried. "Pleeez….just let me out of here,” Gina begged, but Halle straddled her chest and dropped her ass down, then scooted up with her legs spread, pulling Gina's head up and wedging her face into her groin. Halle rolled onto her side, pulling Gina's trapped head with her while Gina howled in displeasure. So, to quit her protests, Halle slapped her ass a half dozen times, turning the taut skin a nice, rosy hue. "I…. can't…. breathe,” Gina gulped. “Let me up….I'll go away," she implored Halle who did let her go, but only so she could try something different.

"Get up! Get up!" Halle barked, but Gina couldn't make it, she tried but slumped back down. Halle even tried helping her up, but Gina just didn't have the strength. Finally, Halle grabbed Gina under the arms and hauled her to her feet.

"Oh no….NO!" Gina said, breathlessly desperately wanting the one-sided brawl to end. When Gina slumped to her knees again, Halle clamped on another standing headscissors. "OH STOP…PUHLEEEEEEZ…" Gina sobbed as she dropped to her elbows and knees, her abused neck being crushed between Halle's legs and her pink butt waving in the air as Halle eased herself to the floor with Gina's head still between her legs in a reverse headscissors. She’d contract her leg muscles every few seconds, squeezing Gina’s neck like she wanted to pop it off her shoulders. "Ohh...ahhh....ohhh...kay...I give," Gina sobbed as Halle's pulsating thighs continued to punish her aching neck.

Gina was given another reason to scream when Halle grabbed one of her legs and pulled it to her, then tried to take a bite of it.

"Ha-Ha-Ha!" Halle laughed as Gina screamed in terror.

With Gina well softened up, Halle let loose and plumped her ass down on Gina's waist, stretching her legs around Gina's head as she pulled her face into her groin squeezing hard. She open and shut her thighs swiftly, crushing Gina's neck and any leftover resistance out of her. Halle rolled her over and lay on Gina’s back, her breasts flattened against Gina’s back as she applied a full nelson, stretching her legs wide at the same time and pumping her pussy on Gina’s ass. Gina tried pushing up but she collapsed back down to the floor under Halle's weight. Halle then got her arms under Gina's chin and lifted her in a classic camel clutch.

"No more…" Gina whined in agonizing pain, her arms flailing uselessly.

Halle got tired of her shrieks and released the hold allowing Gina's head to thud to the carpet. She rose to her feet slapping Gina's face a couple of times before she standing over the beaten woman contemplating her next move. She forced her to her back and lay on top of her facing her feet and wrapping her legs around her head flexing them causing Gina's head to rise as she did.

"Stop! I'll leave!" Gina screamed but Halle kept punishing her. Halle let go but only to reverse positions and take a seat on Gina's chest. She scooted up, took Gina firmly by the hair for leverage and forced the brunette's face into her panty covered crotch.

"Can you breathe?" Halle purred showing her enjoyment of the moment by running her fingers through her hair, then unfastening her bra and slipping it off. Halle began playfully bouncing on Gina's face, letting her have brief gulps of air before settling her pussy down and spreading it over Gina’s nose and mouth, grinding on her with her full weight as she again smothered her. Gina reached up trying to grab Halle's breasts but Halle powered them back down as she kept bouncing on Gina's face, only allowing her brief chances for air and adding in some hard grinding action every now and then.

"Ah….cunt…brief," Gina mumbled into Halle's pussy, the tingling sensation it caused bringing a tight smile to Halle’s face.

"You're not supposed too! You stupid bitch!" Halle hissed.

Gina’s feet began to tattoo the floor as she kicked and flailed her legs like mad as Halle covered her nose and didn’t let up. It was now obvious Halle was turned on and determined to take her pleasure at Gina’s expense! After several minutes of smothering, Halle stood over the vanquished woman and pivoted around, stopping with her bottom looming over Gina's face like threatening black rain cloud. Gina could only flicker her eyes and look up helplessly, too weak to escape as Halle eased down her shapely ass, enveloping Gina's face until only her hair was visible. Halle would lift up briefly every now and then to let Gina get a breath, prolong her pleasure while not allowing Gina the relief of passing out. But Halle sat longer and longer between breaks giving Gina less time to gulp a breath of air and she was weakening fast.

"Oh-hay, I gimm," Gina babbled incoherently trying to surrender.

Halle lifted off, but then covered her face again before Gina could inhale and finish the sentence. Halle was completely enjoying herself throwing back her hair; playfully slapping Gina's boobs watching them jiggle as she smothered her under her dank bottom. Halle inserted a couple of fingers in Gina's pussy penetrating her in yet another method. She then noticed Gina's dildo and slowly worked that in her pussy. At this time Gina was easy pickings for another orgasm. After a few minutes of debasement a thoroughly whipped Gina muffled moans into Halle's ass. A smile crossed Berry's face when she noticed the fluids leaking out of Gina's love hole greasing the dildo.

Suffering lack of oxygen with her breathing passages encased in Halle's soft suffocating bottom, Gina instinctively tried bridging her way free from her world of darkness but Halle's pussy was on fever and she pressed down harder crushing the beautiful features below her. A punch in the stomach knocked Gina flat and spread eagle ending her feeble attempt for freedom.

"You like that don't you? I know you want it," Halle spoke softly referring to her sex on the brunette's face. Her former rage now became a burning desire for pleasure. "Tell me you love it!" Halle insisted, lifting her ass and waiting several seconds for the appropriate response.

"Nuh-oh," Gina finally whispered.

Gina was a beaten woman, but she still had too much pride to give Halle the satisfaction of submitting so Halle sat back with her full weight for a minute before easing up again and allowing Gina a rare breath; keeping her hovering in that helpless state between consciousness and unconsciousness. Halle reached back and snapped her panties, getting comfortable on her seat as Gina still flapped and waved her arms and legs slowly, unable to unseat her. Halle continued to press her ass down, burying Gina's face by moving her ass back to allow her a quick breath before moving forward to re-establishing a tight seal. After another few minutes, Gina's thrashing about slowed dramatically. Her elbows would bend up now and then, only to flop back down. Her knees would bend up, one foot or the other lifting briefly, then her legs would slide back down flat on the floor..

"You like it don't you? Tell me you love it!" Halle demanded, plucking Gina’s nipples playfully, stretching them and letting the rubbery flesh snap back, setting the soft flesh rolling on Gina’s heaving chest.

Now hearing semi-consciousness, Gina finally had a change of attitude. "I….love…it…" Gina barely whispered the words that made Halle smile widely. Then she demanded Gina say it again! "I… love…" But Gina couldn't finish before the impatient Halle slapped her wet pussy back down on her face.


"I…LOVE…IT!" Gina shouted with the last of her remaining energy the next time Halle raised up.

Even that didn't help as Halle pressed back down full weight suffocating Gina who pounded the carpet with her fists as she was unable to breathe. Halle got off Gina and kicked her over onto her stomach, then straddled her back and demanded a pony ride. Unable to fight back and fearing what would happen to her if she refused, Gina struggled to her hands and knees. She’d only crawled a few feet before she collapsed under Halle's weight. Halle stood up and kicked Gina in the ass, disgusted that her ‘victory ride’ was so short. Then Halle took off her panties and rolled Gina onto her back and sat down on her, maneuvering into a front facesit. Halle picked up her wet panties and rubbed them cruelly in Gina's face, spreading her scent over Gina's red flushed face.

"Like it? Uh?" Halle asked, but Gina only gave her muffled screams in reply. Halle tossed the panties away and scooted back onto Gina's face. She lifted up for a mini-second before slamming her crotch back on Gina's face trying to get a good seal. "Bitch!" Halle softy spoke as she slapped Gina while suffocating her.

Gina thrashed about but she wasn't going to get out and only caught a breath whenever Halle let her. Halle did scoot back a bit, then began slowly seesawing back and forth on Gina's face as pleasure swelled in her as she starred blankly off into space, her firm breasts bouncing, sending small droplets of sweat from the tips down onto Gina's forehead. Moment's later, Halle gave Gina a break of sorts, when she changed position onto her side scissoring Gina’s neck. Gina caught a breath but her sore neck was now being further punished and caught as she was in Halle’s sweaty thighs, it wasn’t much of a relief.

"Get your face in there!" Halle said forcing Gina's face into her pussy.

Gina screams echoed throughout the room as Halle continued to crush her neck and aside from a few scratch marks on Halle's butt cheeks and upper thighs, there were few signs that Gina had put up much of a fight! After a few final hard pulsating thrusts, Halle rolled Gina over on her back still trapped in the torturous hold, then moved back into a forward facesit again, pouncing on Gina's mouth and moving without delay to cover her nose as well, grinding her cunt on her face. She soon began a steady rhythmic rocking back and forth while maintaining her seal. Halle kept running her hands through her hair as she continued to rock on Gina's face.

Unfortunately for Gina, she couldn't mercifully just pass out, because Halle left part of her mouth uncovered as she concentrated on crunching down on her nose pushing it deep into her butt. Always the battler, Gina kept arching her back which, combined with her incessant moaning, irritated Halle to the point she finally covered Gina's face completely. Now it was Halle beginning to breathe rapidly as she humped Gina's face.

"You like it? You love it?

"Yes...I..." Gina didn't have enough air to finish the sentence!

Halle continued to grind and pump away, then suddenly stopped and eased up allowing Gina's mouth to come uncovered.

"Tell me you love it!" Halle demanded.

"I love it," Gina spoke softly

"What baby? I couldn't hear you. Come in where it's warm," Halle laughed as she covered Gina's breathing passages with her malodorous snatch, suffocating her with its slimy, wet, warm folds of puffy flesh. "Louder!" Halle demanded, lifting slightly

"I LOVE IT!" Gina screamed using all her breath.

Halle then lifted up her ass few inches, "You love it so much, look at it!"

Gina could just barely squint, her tear-swollen eyes opening just in time to see Halle's groin come down on her.

KABOOM! "It's going to crush you!” Halle crowed triumphantly as she lifted up driving her crotch back down on Gina's neck and face. KABOOM! Halle repeated it four times, lifting and crashing back down to her seat below; scrubbing her sex roughly on Gina's face each time like she was attempting to erase her features - then lifting up and slamming down, raucously rubbing her muff and scratching the brunette's face with her bush like it was a scouring pad.

"You're breathing. You're not supposed to be breathing!" Halle screamed, although Gina wasn't moving and was nearly semi-conscious. Still, Halle ground down full weight growing aroused by her domination and demanding, "Tell me you love it!"

"I love it," Gina barely could murmur; her pouting lips barely moving as she used the last of her fading energy.

Halle continued to grind Gina into oblivion for several minutes, then lifted her ass and fell back, slamming it down on Gina's breasts. Instinctively Gina tried to bridge but a second ass slam ended all movement save for her spasming after impact. Even with Gina no longer moving, Halle still viscously ground her ass on Gina's chest and neck a good half dozen more times with Gina letting out low 'oof' sounds each time Halle dropped on her.

When Gina lay completely still, Halle planted her pussy on Gina's nose again and ground down hard, loving the sensation of Gina’s cartridge pressing against her clit as she pumped up and down slowly and sensually, lifting her ass just slightly above her seat once in a while. Moments later she pressed down harder hastening her pace and pumping in a frenzied rhythm until her groin was burning with passion; her legs tightening as she gasped and her steaming fluids rushed to their freedom as Halle’s body relaxed and she came in a slow, shuddering orgasm; her fluids freely lubricating Gina's unconscous face. She’d been out for several minutes and only her hands and feet twitched a little as her body struggled for oxygen.

Halle's orgasm continued for several minutes as she rubbed her pussy on Gina's face; up from her chin to her nose, then back down again, smearing her juices all over Gina's face as she gently rocked back and forth. Halle cooed like a baby as she continued to rock for several minutes until the throbbing and twitching in her clitoris subsided, then she slapped Gina's face trying to bring her around, but she was out cold from the power of Halle’s suffocating sex. The tired actress wiped the sweat from her forehead, gathering herself as she slithered off her foe ready to get on with the rest of the evening.

Then she remembered the strap-on!

Halle regained her strength as picked up the tool and penetrated her own soaking pussy with it, greasing it up. Then she buckled it on and straddled Gina with her knees on Gina's shoulders to prevent any movement. She gently began twisting and pinching the brunette's tits and slapping her face until the beaten woman's eyes fluttered open.

"Open wide sweetie," Halle said as she brushed a few strands of Gina's sticky hair back out of her eyes. Gina's eyes quickly open wide with terror and she stubbornly closed her mouth, shaking her head, "NO" but Halle simply pinched her nose shut and waited until Gina opened up to breathe. That’s when Halle rammed the dildo down her throat. "Now, go ahead lick my honey," Halle said easing back a little to allow Gina to lick her toy.

Gina began to gag but each time she slowed her licking, Halle would just force the dildo deeper in her mouth and Gina had to suck like mad or be choked out. Tears were streaming from Gina's eyes as her cheeks puffed in and out rapidly as she struggled to please her conqueror. After a few minutes, Halle began thrusting harder into Gina's mouth as she pressed the instrument deeper in. She had nearly the entire shaft in Gina's mouth, gagging the sultry actress when she stopped.

Halle's muff was less than an inch from Gina's lips and the base of the strap-on was pressed against her pubic mound. A few drops of her nectar slowly dribbled from her bush onto Gina's chin. After pumping a few more times, Halle stopped and left the dildo in Gina’s throat as she pinched her nostrils shut again. Gina couldn’t breathe and her body bucked wildly for a few seconds, then slowed to the occasional spasm before it stopped as she drifted off into unconsciousness again.

Halle dismounted the inanimate woman and rolled her over on her stomach and tied her arms behind her back with her own bra, then she got behind Gina and pushed the dildo up into her ass. The sharp pain awakened Gina who screamed in agony as the tool entering her entrails. She was totally immobilized with her arms tied behind her and Halle laying on top of her so all Gina could do was wiggle her hips - which made it easier for Halle to work the dildo in even deeper. After Halle rammed her ass for several minutes, Gina’s cries faded into whimpers as her eyes closed and her body went limp. Once again Halle had sent Gina to dreamland!

Halle unbuckled the dildo and left it waving above Gina's throbbing ass like the flag a triumphant climber plants on top of a mountain they’ve conquerored. She rose to her feet put on her party clothes back on and rejoined her party with a big, proud grin on her face and nary a hair out of place!