Halle Berry vs. Angie Harmon, Denise Richards and Kelly Hu by TNT

(Whoosh) CRASH (Whoosh) WHAM!! (Tinkle. Tinkle)


"OK, I think it's safe to get up now they've finally locked up," the timid bartender shouted to his crouched and cowering customers. The half dozen patrons slowly rose to their feet, sighing with relief, their eyes wide as they took in the exciting erotic sight that awaited them.

"Uhhhhhhh, I'm gonna kill you!" a tall slender gorgeous brunette snarled as she tightened her grip on her shorter rival's fingers and strained mightily to win the test of strength.

"You haven't the slightest chance girl, you'd better give up before you get hurt," a drop-dead, lovelier-than-lovely woman said as she took a sudden step back, twisted her upper body hard and caught her opponent off balance. With a lusty savage growl she wrenched two hands painfully and heard the surprised screams.

"YEOWWWWWWWCH!!" Angie yelped as Halle applied pressure to her long fingers; the brunette's beautiful face grimacing as her lovely eyes rolled. "Argggggh!" Angie groaned as she took a step backward and jerked her arms hard hoping to free them from Halle's determined painful grasp.

No such luck! The gorgeous dark dynamo smiled, licked her full sensuous lips and planted her feet solidly then redoubled her strong grip as she wrenched Angie's hands, jerking her to the side and relished another yelp passing Angie's beautiful lips.

"Stupid broads almost destroyed the place," the bartender grumbled as he motioned his patrons to follow him as he made a dash across the large party room. The sound of their shoes crunching shattered glass from broken bottles mingled with the erotic groans, grunts and squeals of the two babes engaging in intense mutual disagreement.

"You cowards, why are you actin' so scared?" a busty beauty shouted as she nudged her friend and pointed at the fleeing patrons.

"Yeah, imagine being scared of those two hotties," her friend snickered.

"They’re not scared of Angie; its that hellcat Halle who's real trouble!" the bartender bellowed.

"Oh you mean the lovely 'Ms Foxy Brown'?" Denise chirped as she sipped her drink.

"Shouldn't even blink an eye; she's nothin' but a cute, and yes a rather foxy, smartass," her attractive petite Asian beauty cohort Kelly said, turning to Denise and raising her drink to clink glasses before gulping down the delicious concoction in three big gulps.

"Think we should go egg 'em on?" Denise asked with a mischievous smile.

"Of course! Let's watch Halle take down that tall brunette princess, then lets have some fun of our own with the great Mz Foxy. And since she's gonna be 'Cat' next month! What say we see just how sharp her claws are, 'kay girlfriend?" Kelly said with a smirk as she put down her empty glass, swiveled out of her chair and headed towards the action.

"ARGGGGGH!" Angie groaned as Halle slowly forced her arms wide apart, then violently turned them upward.

Halle's smooth mocha skin glistened as the muscles in her shoulders, upper back and arms bulged and strained, looking incredibly hot in her low-cut, backless elegant evening gown. As she jerked Angie around, Halle kicked off her heels for better traction; grinning as she watched Angie wince as she struggled against her power. Angie's tight low-cut black evening gown seemed to cling to her small, shapely breasts but with each violent push or pull, her dress seemed to shift a bit more, exposing the side of one luscious, firm breast.

"You're slippin' out girl," Halle giggled as she looked down and caught a fleeting glimpse of her rival's small treasure. Angie blushed and glanced down. POW! As soon as her eyes glanced down, Halle instantly released her fingerlock and ripped her fist into Angie's head. As the brunette's knees buckled briefly, Halle grabbed her hair, twisted her around and stepped up behind her to clamped a choke hold around her throat. "You really are as dumb as you are pretty, aren't you sugah?" Halle rasped as she jerked Angie backward which, to the delight of the onlookers, as Halle shook the tall beauty from side to side, caused Angie's loose gown to shift even more. "Oh my, my; look what just escaped," Halle laughed as she reached down and clamped her fist over Angie's beautiful exposed breast.


"Nice boob. Kinda small, but then it's appropriate to your brain power, isn't it Angie my girl?" Halle teased as she squeezed the captured breast hard like she was crushing a ripe tomato.

Angie shrieked again in agony, this time as Halle treated her erect nipple to a nasty pinch. Halle raised her leg and slammed her knee into Angie's' lovely derriere' throwing her forward and as Angie was propelled away from her Halle grabbed a double handful of luxurious dark hair and wrenched her lovely head to the side. Halle pulled Angie forward several fast strides before she introduced her head to the wall. THUNK! Angie grunted, staggered and dropped to one knee as Halle stood over her smiling. Then Angie slowly got up, rubbing her head and groaning; her long legs wobbly. WHAAACK! Halle stood and smirked at her dazed rival only a second before leaping at her once again and giving Angie's face a blistering backhand. As Angie reeled sideways, Halle grabbed the thin straps of her gown and pulled down!

"Oooooh. Ohhhhh! Myyyyyy..." Exclamations about the lovely scenery revealed filled the room...as did several not so nice comments such as, "Look at little bitty puppies. How cute and pretty, anybody got a magnifyin' glass?"

Angie's' face was beet red and wore a mixed expression of embarrassment and sizzling anger as she crossed her arms over her chest to shield her treasures from unwelcome prying eyes and darted away from the attacking Halle. Unfortunately, Halle's determined, rapid-fire slaps and punches made self-protection impossible and Angie shouted a loud angry yell as she was forced to drop her hands and come out swinging!

"Me, I give Halle sixty seconds, tops," Denise said.

"Naaah, I say she's still standing in three; Halle's not that good," Kelly replied. "Maybe, but when 'legs' does go down, I get first dibs on Halle, understand?"

CRAAAAACK. "Uhhhhhhhh."

Halle grabbed the side of her head as she stopped in stunned surprise just staring dumbly at her snickering, topless rival. Angie childishly stuck out her tongue at her dazed opponent as she held up the large heavy bowl that only one second before was filled with nuts.

"So sorry, but I thought you being a chimp you might want a few nuts; I apologize sincerely for my clumsiness."

Angie tossed the bowl aside as she sauntered toward Halle her beautiful bare breasts jiggling with each step. All observers seemed delighted that she no longer seemed to care about pulling her torn gown back up into place.

"C'mon and fight me Ms Berry; you're supposed to know how; I mean, being a Bond Girl, and oh soooo catty."

Halle just stared intently at the approaching brunette but remained motionless, leaning back with her ass against a table.

"OK bitch!" Angie snarled. "Then I'll just pound your ugly defenseless bag o' bones where you stand," Angie moved in fast, swinging her long arms.

(Whooosh.) THUNK! "Ungggggh..." Angie's lovely face blanched white and she grimaced as her long legs buckled, then she slowly dropped to her knees with both hands holding her crotch as she groaned in agony.

"Stupid broad," Halle rasped as she lowered her foot, flexing her leg. She taunted Angie, muttering a plaintive "Ow, that hurt me as much as it did you, Sweet Princess." Halle laughed aloud as she zipped in, grabbed Angie by the hair and yanked the groaning woman up onto a pair of trembling legs. She reached out, grabbed Angie's torn gown and dropped to her knees, tearing the gown all the way down to Angie's ankles! "And now it gets good!"

"I bet Halle takes her down easy now," Denise continued as she watched Angie now clad only in sexy silk panties, hose and heels try desperately to block her attackers fast and furious slaps and punches.

"Uhhhhh. Ooooooh. Ungggggh.." the tall brunette groaned with each blow that smacked into her beautiful face, shapely breasts, ribs and stomach.

"Get her. Take her down! Strip her naked," the excited bartender and the customers cheered Halle on.

"What ya say, we join the fun?" Kelly asked as she started across the room. Denise flashed a look of surprise, then smiled as she quickly followed. Both new contenders anticipated great fun, but had two different plans of erotic and effective attack.

"Take this you stupid bitch!"


"So glad, we're having this little talk, aren't you?" Halle laughed as she put Angie in a reverse headlock, jerked down on her head and forced her to arch her back to the painful max and thrust her chest skyward.

"Why you nasty mean bitch!" Denise snarled as she lunged at Halle. She grabbed her around the throat, zipped in and slammed her fist into Halle's' lower back. Halle grunted, but refused to let go of Angie. Instead she tightened her painful hold on the whimpering brunette and tried to ignore the growing pain in her back emanating from Denise's hard knuckles that seemed to be superglued to her spine.

"Such nice little boobies, Angie girl, mind if I have a feel?" Kelly asked with a giggle as she slipped up to the struggling brunette and cupped her small firm perfectly shaped breasts. Two nipples stiffened instantly to the Asians' firm expert touch. Angie groaned as her nipples doubled in length and hardness, her face turning several shades of pink as she struggled against her two tormentors.

"Any money as to who wins this brawl?" the bartender asked as his eyeballs seemed to go in three different directions at once trying to take in each babes' beauty and moves against her assumed rival.

"Brawl? Ain't no brawl yet. But my money's on that hot Asian. Them babes' can fight," one patron cackled as he watched Kelly suddenly release a luscious breast, make a tight fist and smack it into Angie's' hard flat stomach.

"Argggggh!!" Angie bucked and twisted her torso as Kelly's fist slammed into her. Halle yelped as the tall slender brunettes' flailing hand caught her full in the face. She twisted her head to the side, felt Denise's' grip loosen a bit, then in an angry burst of action fired her elbow back hard catching Denise full in the left breast. "Uhhhhhhh," the brunette gasped as she released Halle. Angie broke free and was now fully upright, swinging her fists in wild reckless roundhouse punches. Kelly and Halle easily ducked the brunettes' flying fists.

Whoosh. A fist carved through the air next to Kelly's' cheek as she ducked low, then came up firing a punch. THUNK! Angie gasped, sucking air for a second before another punch slammed into her ribs.

"Lets get her!" Halle shouted as she fired a second punch. Luckily, Angie turned just in time. She swung angrily but weakly, then screamed as her hand was caught by none other than Denise. "So ya wanna help? We're sooooo privileged," Halle said as she watched Denise pull Angie's arm to jerk her off balance. Halle clamped a face claw on the beautiful brunette as Denise put her in a painful armbar.

"Lets see whatcha got girl," Kelly chirped as she reached out and grabbed Angie's' crotch.

The brunette screamed, her lovely eyes widened and rolled as she felt her panties slowly being pulled off and down to her knees. "NoooooOOOOOOHHH," the surprised gasp of embarrassment and anger turned quickly to reluctant pleasure as Kelly smiled and administered her ‘special touch.’ "OUCH! AIEEEEEEEEE!" Angie shrieked as pleasure turned into as the gentle welcoming touch turned directions and was accompanied by both Denise's' and Halle's' contributions.

"Such a pretty face," Halle snipped as she worked her fingers over the beautiful skin with one hand and began to twist and pull her lustrous dark hair with the other. "Just which makeup and shampoo do you use sugar?" Halle asked sarcastically.

"Only the best for this luscious full figured body; ever considered modeling bras? Would have to be training bras, I betcha," Denise teased as she released her arm bar and began fondling, squeezing and pinching Angie's' small wonders.

"Always figured you for that kinda gal!" Halle giggled to Denise who had leaned forward, bowed her head and began hungrily licking and kissing Angie's breasts. Her lips suddenly engulfed a swollen nipple, causing the brunette captive to gasp with reluctant pleasure. Kelly's and Halle's minds both flashed back to the scene with Denise and Neve Campbell in "Wild Things."

"Is she better than Neve, Denise?" Halle giggled as she reached out, grabbed the back of Denise's head and pushed her down further into Angie.

"Grrrrrarggggh. Why you bitch, I oughta kick your ass!" Denise snarled as she suddenly twisted her head and looked up into Halle's face shining with smugness.

"What the hell? YEOUCHHH..... THUNK! AIEEEEEEE!" Angie cursed, then grunted out an angry yell as she found herself dropping to the floor; suddenly released from her captors. As she landed hard, she heard Halle scream in stunned surprise.

"Gonna pound you silly, bitch," Denise shouted as she attacked Halle with hard and fast slaps to her neck and face.

Kelly had instantly decided to join in the attack; a two on one seemed rather delicious and the Asian beauty couldn't think of anyone more beautiful or deserving than Halle.

"Yeah get her, ladies!" the eager onlookers began to shout as the two went to work on their gorgeous newly pegged rival.

"Ugggggh. Ouccch," Angie groaned as she twisted, turned and pulled herself out of the way from the angry feet that had slammed into her several times. She heard Halle scream and was quite thankful that her attackers had turned on each other.

"Gonna pound you good Halle," Denise snarled as she switched from slaps to punches, determined to pay Halle back for her comment on her sexual tastes. The brunettes' blushing and fury only confirmed to Halle that she had most likely made an accurate statement.

"Argggggh!" Halle grunted as a fist slammed into her full right breast.

Denise laughed and chirped, "Nice tit, Halle, lets' check out the other," as she aimed a second punch but Halle shot her arm out fast and blocked the incoming.

"Unnnhhhhhh," Halle groaned as her ribs felt pain from Denise's fist followed by a tug at the front of her dress and an ominous RIIIPPPPPPPPPP! The top of her lace bra saw daylight as Halle treated Kelly to a hard backhand in partial payback.

"OUCH! Hey, that hurt! Now, that was rather stupid Berry. Because, now I'm gonna kick your ass good; real good," Kelly said as she stepped back, raised her foot and snapped a kick. Halle turned to the side with lightning speed, watched Kelly's heel drop to the floor a split second before it slammed into her thigh.

Gasping in pain from the blow, Halle shouted to herself, "You'd best move and move fast; fight hard and show no mercy."

"Gonna finish the rippin' and strippin'," Denise shouted with a smile as she grabbed for the torn part of Halle's dress. Her other hand latched onto a bra strap. Halle could feel the brunettes' sweet hot breath as she balled her fist.

(whoosh) THUNK! "Ooooooooh," Denise grunted, her sensuous lips pursing into an erotic circle that seemed all the more hot because it expressed exquisite pain.

Her midsection felt throbs of pain that turned into numbness made evident by her series of rapid grunts. Her only satisfaction was the fact that she somehow hung onto the bra strap and the dress and ripped down hard. The dress now hung at Halle's waist; the bra had yielded the upper half of its luscious cargo; the top of Halle's areola was exposed, bringing a delightful smile to Kelly.

"You are a nasty girl, a dirty fighter aren't you Berry?" Kelly rasped as she fired a punch to Halle's jaw, watched her head snap back and grabbed the other side of the torn dress.

She yanked down hard catching the thin bra strap as well. Halle grunted and gasped as she realized the Asian beauty had accomplished much more than she had probably intended. Both bra and dress had yielded and Halle's delicious full breasts had found freedom. The torn bra hung uselessly and the dress dangled at Halle's waist.

THUNK! "Umpppppfh..." Kelly's head snapped to the side and felt like it was literally gonna leave her instantly sore neck.

Halle kept her senses and had instinctively switched to full survival and annihilation mode. She gasped a soft gasp as she felt her knuckles feel pain, but smiled broadly as she watched Kelly's head sway and bob like a fisherman's bobber on a windy farm pond. "Now its your turn, bitch!" The words failed to pass Halle's lips but the intention came through loud and clear as she fired a hard kick into Denise's kneecap. As the brunette shrieked her screams became muffled as Halle clamped on a perfectly painful face claw. "Got somethin' ta say smartass?" Halle chirped as she reached up, grabbed the brunettes' full firm left breast and squeezed the pleasure mound as hard as she could.


"So you like to play with boobs, huh? So do I," Halle laughed as she squeezed Denise's captured breast viciously, digging her nails in deep; the bra and blouse offering little protection.

Denise squealed as Halle fired a hard punch to her other breast, "Stop. Leggo please?" Denise bawled as her fingers pawed at Halle's hands and wrists but Halle's smirk only added fuel to the fire burning in the brunettes' chest.

"Let her go you jerk!" Kelly shouted as she rubbed her head, blinked her eyes and slowly moved to help her friend.

"Shut off before I really take your head off!" Halle warned, adding a few choice expletives that made Kelly furious.

"Heiyahhhh!" Kelly shouted as she aimed a kick at Halle.

Halle laughed as Kelly's foot whizzed by her harmlessly. Halle's laugh turned serious however as the back of her leg burst into pain and she felt herself falling backward. Kelly's move was a feint; the real blow came afterwards. Denise gasped a sigh of relief and rubbed her sore breasts. Her bra was almost completely exposed. Kelly took a quick admiring glance of the two large beautiful breasts; though they were pink with scratches, Kelly still admired such large treasures.

WHUMP! "Ungggggggh...AIEEEEEEEE!" Halle had fallen hard!

In slow motion it would have been quite the erotic sign. Such a lush beauty, twisting, turning, falling backward, from a perfect kick executed by a gorgeous beauty like Kelly. Halle's perfectly shaped, rounded breasts bounced as she landed. The loveliness and vulnerability of the luscious actress not lost on the audience or her two rivals.

"Lets get her!" Kelly shouted and Denise needed no encouragement.

"Get your pretty ass up, Halle honey," Denise snarled sarcastically as she ran over, leaned down, wrapped her arm tightly around Halle's lovely throat, latched onto a full breast and jerked her to her feet.

"Argggggh. Uhhhhhh...my boob!" Halle bawled, her voice stifled slightly by Denise's arm against her throat.

One firm luscious breast was being squeezed and twisted mercilessly in the brunettes' angry powerful grip. Denise delighted in raking her nails against the long thick rock hard nipple as Halle screamed and struggled.

"Yeah, go ahead, scream, squirm and struggle; lets see if anybody helps you sweetie," Kelly taunted as she reached out, spread her fingers wide and clamped a painful stomach claw on Halle's tight abs, digging in through the thin dress. Her free hand latched onto her victims' other breast, her fingers captured the erect nipple and pinched, twisted and pulled the erect nub between her forefinger and thumb.

"Yeah girl, face it, no one's gonna help you; think, think fast and act. No mercy!" Halle reminded herself, as she tried desperately to ignore the pain, the humiliation.

"You sure are pretty. And sooooo much fun," Denise chirped as she tightened her grip on Halle's throat. She heard Halle groan and smiled at Kelly. The brunette loved to catfight and this two on one was a special treat. She wondered how Angie was doing. She had enjoyed humiliating the tall slender brunette a lot.

"You'll pay big time for this," Halle threatened. Kelly giggled and Denise smiled. She pulled her victims' nipple a bit harder, tweaked it, then whispered, "Ever had a woman do this to you before, huh, Berry; do you like it? Hey Kelly, why don't you give her a little kiss, or something a bit more fun?"

"Why, of course," Kelly snickered. She released the stomach claw hold, turned her tormenting touch into a bit gentler touch and leaned down. She smiled as she licked her lips, stuck out her tongue and flicked Halle's erect nipple.

"Ungggggh. Damn you slut."

"Why Halle hon, aren't you the ungrateful bitc...Uhhhhhhh."

"I didn't even hear the THUNK!" At least that was Denise would have written had she taken notes. Her mind went blank as her forehead felt an earthquake. An excruciating earthquake.

Denise reeled backwards, released her rebellious prey and grunted in agony, her vision filling with a thousand and one brilliant flashing stars. Halle smiled, grabbed a handful of Kelly's dark hair, jerked her head up hard, fired a punch to her jaw, then yanked her off balance.

"How's this feel, sweetie?" Halle cooed as she raised her knee and introduced her incredibly hard kneecap to Kelly's pubic mound. Crunch. Kelly's sickening grunt sent chills down the toughest observers' spines as everyone realized the fights' previous assumed outcome had turned on a dime.

"Oooooh, did that hurt Kelly hon? Dontcha wanna try some karate or kung-fu on me precious?" Halle continued as she grabbed Kelly by the hair, treated her lovely stunned face to three stinging slaps; backhand, forehand, backhand, then grabbed the front of her dress and tore down.

"No bra? How hot?" she giggled as she fired a punch into each luscious perfectly shaped small breast. She latched onto the two stiffening nipples and pinched as hard as she could as she slammed her knee repeatedly in the gasping Asians' groin.

"Noooooo. Uhhhhhh. Ungggggh," Kelly protested and groaned as Halle spun her around by a vicious hair pull, knocking her into tables and chairs.

"Enjoyin' the ride girl?" Halle chirped as she pulled her up close and personal one last time before she peppered her stomach and ribs with several incredibly fast punches. A punch to the jaw brought a listless glaze to the Asians' eyes; a vicious hair pull, a full body swing and a last second "cut 'em loose and let her fly" move sent Kelly flying to the nearest wall chest and face first. She hit full force, grunted, took two steps backward, swayed and went down hard.

"Nice, really nic...unggggggh," Halle's delighted and smug observation stopped short of a full blown taunt and victory dance as a fist slammed into her lower back.

"Yeowwwww!" Halle gasped as her right kidney felt intense painful pressure but stopped short of full blown excruciating. She turned and instinctively grabbed the offending arm.

"You again, huh?" the beautiful black woman snarled with frustration. She raised her arms, slapped her hands together making an instant double fist and with a mighty shout slammed down hard. THUNK!

"AIEEEEEEE!" Denise screamed as her upper back exploded.

"You stupid dumbass broa...urrrrrrk!" Once more Halle's observation was cut short as her ribs felt a light but searing pain. She spun around as she fired a kick into the downward falling Denise's stomach. "Why you silly broad..." But, "You silly, stupid, pretty, skinny stringbean of questionable intelligence," may have been a more accurate description if Halle had ample time to ponder. Her caustic remarks did make Angie turn red with anger as she stepped back and admired her quick smart attack on Halle.

"Hmpppfh," Halle snorted as she lunged forward; she feigned a punch at Angie's surprised face. Angie yelped, tripped over her own feet as she backed away. "Whoops. Upsey-Daisey, Miss Priss," Halle snickered as she grabbed a double handful of the stumbling, tumbling slender brunettes' long silky hair. She pulled Angie to her feet, spun her around, slapped her lovely face hard, once, twice, punched her in the nose, put her in a reverse headlock and took off running.

"Noooooo. AWWWWWCK! Help please. AIEEEEEE!" THUNK! Angie's somewhat erotic, plaintive crybaby cries were squelched silent as her head smacked into the rock solid hard-wood bar.

"Ouch, betcha that hurt," several onlookers noted as quickly as Halle voiced their thoughts out loud. She pinned Angie's lovely topless upper body to the bar, slammed her knee into her crotch and gave her small breasts a good painful squeezing, applying extra twisting, pinching attention to her sore tender rock-hard nipples.

"Please pass the beer," Halle cackled pointing to a big pitcher of icy cold foamy beer. She slowly drizzled the golden liquid over her rival's face, hair, and breasts, making not so nice observations of the further stiffening lengthening nipples. The cold refreshment seemed to refresh Angie, at least to the point of helping her realize what dire predicament she was in.

"Pleaseeee, no more stoppppp!" Angie groaned.

"Well, OK; if you so eagerly insist," Halle chirped as she grabbed Angie's wet hair, jerked her to her feet, and treated her to several dizzying spins before sending her flying towards a nearby table.


"One more down and one to gooooo...YEOOOOOWW!"

WANGGTHUNKK. "The sound of a heavy tray made for carrying delicious drinks always makes a unique sound when it hits a lovely feminine skull," the bartender said as he shook his head. He had heard the sound many, many times before. After all, how else do cocktail waitresses split their hard-earned tips.

"Gotcha now, didn't I?" Denise said with a chuckle as she watched Halle's legs buckle.

"You're not so smart after all huh, you big-boobed black bitch?" the brunette hissed. She raised the tray once again.

"Smile pret...UNNNNGGGGGH!" Denise's face blanched white as a sheet; her legs were the ones buckling now. Halle stayed down on her knees, reached out and grabbed her rival's ankles. She pulled with all her might. Denise screamed as she landed hard on her lovely derriere, her long sexy legs kicking out wildly.

Halle leaped on her rival. A lovely blended feminine tangle of long luscious legs, long arms melted together as the two rolled over and over crashing against tables and chairs. The two hell cats pulled hair, scratched, punched, pinched, cursed and cussed as they tried to annihilate each other.

"Ouch, my boobs, leggo a my boobs," Halle screamed as Denise went for her rival's "pride and joys." Halle returned the favor, her strong fingers digging in through her rival's thin sheer bra cups.

"Arggggh! Unnnnnhhhhhh!" Denise moaned and shrieked. She wrapped her legs around Halle and after a furious struggle came out on top. Grabbing Halle by the throat she pressed her thumbs in deep trying to crush the air out of her lovely opponents.

"Uhhhhhh! Unnngggggh!" Halle gasped. The room began to spin as Halle struggled frantically, gasping for precious air. Denise leaned forward.

WHAM!! "Uhhhhhh…" Denise grunted as Halle's fist suddenly shot upward slamming into her face. A slight trickle of blood appeared on her lip. The brunette shook her head to shake off the hurt when her chest exploded in fire.

"Arggggggh. Ooooooooh," Denise grunted as her arms flailed, her hands flying instantly to her tormented breasts. Halle smiled as she gripped her rival's captured bra-clad treasures. Her strong fingers flexed and squeezed with all her might. Denise shrieked and tried desperately to pry angry determined fingers away. She twisted and turned to either side, leaned backwards so hard she even lifted Halle up with her; all to no avail.

"Enjoyin' our little tussle?" Halle smirked as she hooked her thumbs into the two lace bra cups and pulled down. The onlookers went wild as Denise's breasts slowly found freedom. Halle was quick to rake her sharp nails over the swollen nipples and tender areola.

"Nawwwhuyaiiahh," Denise suddenly let out a most savage survival, do-or-die, desperate jungle-cat cry and lurched to the side. Halle tried to hang on and went with her. Four longs kicked wildly. One set struggling for survival; the other conquering. Denise grunted and gasped as Halle wrapped her long legs around her waist and tightened a most sensual devastating wind steeling, rib crushing scissors. In the earlier fight, Halle's gain had all but disintegrated leaving her in a most hot pair of sheer pantyhose.

"Ungggggh, please, I give up," Denise grunted.

"Like hell you do honey," Halle rasped as she jerked Denise's head back with a vicious hair pull. She forced the brunette to stick out her magnificent chest to the max. With a giggle she unsnapped the brunettes' bra and slowly pulled it off. The eager onlookers collectively gasped as two huge beautiful scratched and mauled twins kissed full daylight.

"Uhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. Unnggggh." Denise grunted and groaned with each angry slap and punch as Halle weakened her further with blows to her stomach ribs and breasts. In a most erotic and efficient move Halle wrestled Denise onto her back, jumped on her stomach and straddled her. She leaned forward cupped her lovely breasts and began a slow painful squeeze.

"Nice tits honey," Halle laughed as she suddenly switched tactics and began treating Denise's beautiful jugs with lightning fast stinging open palmed slaps.

"Please, I do surrender," Denise exclaimed.

"OK, I believe you," Halle mocked, then with a smile jumped to her feet, looked around at her defeated enemies, held up her hands in victory and with a smile of feminine catfight smugness winked at her elated fans.

As she made her exit, the bartender turned and said, "Now THAT’S ‘Foxy Brown’!"

"I disagree, another said, she's much more like 'COFFY'!"

All smiled....well, except for the three laid out on the floor!!