Halle Berry vs. Nicole Kidman by Jackflash

One of the perks of being a star is privacy in certain situations. One such instance is an elite fitness facility in Beverly Hills, where many of the 'Beautiful People' can work out without being ogled by the public.

Although several days had passed since Halle won the Academy Award for Best Actress, she was still on an adrenaline high. What better way to burn off that energy than at the gym. It was relatively late in the evening, but the facility was open 24 hours a day, so that wasn't a problem. However, even at that hour, there were several people working out and as she tried to do a circuit on the resistance machines, Halle found herself continually approached by well-wishers. Talking about the Oscar wasn't helping her relax, so she opted to head over to the kick-boxing room which was empty. At least, there she'd have some solitude as she worked out on the bag.

But Halle wasn't the only woman seeking solitude that night. Nicole Kidman, humiliated and enraged after being slighted at the Academy Awards was trying to work off some of her anger at the gym that evening. Not wanting to have to put up with any more condolences over her loss, Nicole decided taking out her aggression on the bag was better than sitting and brooding.

How didn't she win? That's the question the Aussie asked herself a thousand times since Sunday night. She was ten times the actress Halle was, she knew that. Growing conspiracy-minded, she couldn't help wondering if her ex-, Tom Cruise, had somehow influenced the final vote out of spite. She also couldn't dismiss a rumor making the rounds, that presenter Russell Crowe purposely announced Berry as the winner though it had been Nicole's name on the card. This was really nothing more than a twist on the old Marisa Tomei urban legend, but Nicole refused to discount it as easily as most, partly because she'd heard the notoriously lascivious Crowe later hit on Berry at an after-ceremony party. It wasn't to imagine he'd done Halle a "favor" simply to entice her into his bed. Quid pro quo and all.

In the locker room, Nicole donned an electric blue spandex unitard, threw a towel over her shoulder, grabbed her bottle of imported spring water and headed for the kick-boxing room. Barefooted, she padded down the near-deserted hallway, opened the door and walked in only to come face-to-face with the bane of her existence!

Halle was standing there in a black and yellow spandex halter and shorts about to work out on the bag. At the sound of the door opening, she turned and caught sight of Nicole. The two women locked eyes and shot daggers at one another. They'd never liked each other very much before the Academy Awards and since the Hollywood grapevine was infamously speedy, Halle had soon heard how bitter Nicole was at losing. She'd heard quite a few of the uncomplimentary things the Aussie actress was saying about her.

After a long, tension-filled silence, Nicole finally spoke, "So, I see you're not at home masturbating with the Oscar any longer."

The redhead still couldn't bring herself to refer to the award as Halle's Oscar because in her own mind she had no legitimate claim to it.

"No need for that," Halle replied with an icy coolness that couldn't mask her seething anger. "I have a husband who keeps me plenty satisfied. You remember what that's like.....don't you?"

The redhead's eyes blazed with fury and she snapped, "It amazes me how debauched America truly is. Let's face it, you winning for a movie that maybe three people saw is a joke. I heard it was waving your titties in 'Swordfish' that did the trick. Speaking of which, I'm told you're awfully good at turning tricks like you did in 'Monsters Ball'."

"Well," the brunette said, her voice quivering with anger, "You're Hollywood's expert on turning tricks, so you tell me. That IS how you got the part in 'Moulin Rouge', isn't it? If you wanna talk about jokes...!"

As the insults flew back and forth, they moved closer until they stood chest to chest, hands defiantly planted on their hips, neither willing to back down.

"On my worst day," Nicole hissed, "I can act rings around you! You don't deserve that Oscar...it's MINE!"

"Seems to me everyone else disagrees with you, sugah," Halle cooed. "They voted for me!"

Nicole's eyes blazed with hatred, then narrowed to angry slits. In a blur of motion, her right hand swept up, her open palm catching Halle flush on the cheek. The startled brunette's head snapped violently to the side, her eyes wide and mouth open in a tiny 'o' of shock. Halle put her hand to her stinging cheek, feeling the heat rising from her soft skin. Then her face twisted into a mask of fury as she swung her own right hand, intent on returning the blow to her nemesis.

But Nicole was quick and she blocked the blow with her arm while using her other hand to grab Halle's hair. Yanking her short mane back and forth, Nicole sent Halle stumbling and squealing, leaving the Oscar winner momentarily confused and off-balance. Nicole shot her knee up, driving it into Halle's lower abdomen. Halle gasped and winced, but her firm abs took the blow well. But a second kneelift left her doubled over gasping for breath. Nicole had no clear strategy in mind for the impromptu brawl other than to take advantage of whatever opportunities presented themselves.

Therefore, she drilled her elbow hard into the unprotected back of Halle's neck, dropping her to her knees with a pained cry. Halle desperately needed to gather her wits and mount a counterattack of her own but Nicole was relentless, never giving her a chance to regroup. Nicole punched, slapped, kicked and stomped Halle until the beleaguered brunette lay flat on her back, her eyes glazed as pitiful whimpers escaped between gasps of air.

Nicole knew she could finish her rival off at will now. But simply beating her wasn't enough. She needed to crush Halle, to humiliate her, to destroy her! An impish grin crossed the Australian's lips as a perfect idea came to mind. Straddling Halle's chest, Nicole looked into her victim's eyes, silently sending her the message there would be no mercy. She slid her body up, burying Halle's mouth and nose under her crotch! The brunette's eyes were large as saucers as she found herself being smothered so shamefully beneath her arch rival.

"When I tell everyone about this," the redhead purred as she arched her back and slowly ran her fingers over her erect nipples, "I'll call this 'Eyes Wide Shut'."

Her sinister laugh would have been enough to send shivers down the spines of onlookers had there been any. She was enjoying this far more than she dared hope she would. Not only was she thrashing Halle but the sense of dominance she was feeling was almost intoxicating! Halle squirmed desperately and bridged her body, but she was unable to throw her tormentor off. She began to panic, the worst thing she could do in the circumstances; hyperventilating, she couldn't get a fraction of the precious oxygen she needed. Tears began to run from her eyes.

But although Halle was down, she wasn’t yet out. The indomitable willpower that had propelled her to the top of her profession wouldn’t let her surrender. If she couldn’t get Kidman off of her, she could still take advantage of having the redhead in such a vulnerable position.

In a heartbeat, the look of pure satisfaction across Nicole's lovely face turned to one of agony, as Halle sunk her teeth in Nicole’s groin! The thin spandex suit offered no protection as Halle bit down with all of her might, making the Aussie redhead howl like a banshee. Nicole tried to get up, but Halle’s jaw was clenched tight and all she could do was fall on her side as she frantically beat Halle in the head with her fists.

Finally, Halle released her vicious bite but although she desperately needed a moment's rest she knew she couldn't afford to lose the advantage so she threw herself on Nicole. Halle landed on the redhead, but their momentum gave Nicole the chance to roll them both over and the two beauties grabbed and clawed at one another, their sculpted legs intertwined, as they rolled across the padded workout room floor as profane threats hissed between clenched teeth.

As the battle raged the advantage seesawed back and forth. At one point, Nicole planted her knee in the small of the prostrate Halle’s back and, grabbing her by the wrists, bent Halle back until the brunette thought her spine would snap! Yet she withstood the punishment and it wasn't long before she regained the upper hand as she held Nicole’s ankles and spread her legs wide! If Nicole hadn’t been in such great physical condition, her hamstrings may have torn from the torture.

Savage minutes dragged by and both women knew they couldn't continue apace much longer. Their chests heaved as they gulped in precious air; their sweat-slick torso’s became scratched and mottled; their hair disheveled. Halle was limping from a severely twisted left knee while the redhead could feel her cheek swelling from a series of punches. Both women knew she'd be sporting bruises for days to come.

Back on their feet, they eyed each other wearily then, almost as one, they charged! Their glistening bodies smacked together as, with a grunt, they fell to the floor, arms and legs flailing, desperate to overpower their opponent. All pretense at stoic obstinacy faded as they sobbed and moaned from the pain they were suffering. Both wanted her own torment to end...but more then that, they wanted to beat their hated opponent - so on they battled.

It may well have continued until one or both actresses simply succumbed to blissful unconsciousness but the advantage suddenly tilted toward one of them in the blink of an eye. As they convulsed together, Halle inadvertently rammed her forehead into Nicole's temple and the redhead suddenly saw stars. Nicole’s long, lean body momentarily went slack which was all Halle needed to launch a final onslaught!

She knew what she needed to do and that was to end the fight once and for all - to humble and demean Nicole so thoroughly and completely that she’d spend the rest of her life trembling at the mere mention of the name Halle Berry! Positioning herself on Nicole’s chest facing her legs, the sepia-skinned beauty gave Nicole a taste of her own medicine as she slid backward and planted her delicious derriere on Nicole's flushed face!

Now it was the redhead's turn to be smothered - and in the most humiliating way possible. Nicole bucked her hips and kicked her long legs, frantically trying every trick she knew to escape; her fingernails clawing at Halle’s hips and thighs. But all to no avail!

As Nicole’s breath came harder and she felt the dark gray cloud of unconsciousness filling her brain, she heard the taunting voice of Halle ringing in her ears, "Y'know, when I tell people about this moment, I'm gonna call this move my 'BAPS'. That’s ‘Beautiful Ass Power’, Sweetie!"

After that, Nicole heard nothing more.

Slowly, her every movement wracked with pain, Halle crawled off of the pale body of the unconscious redhead. For long minutes, she sat on the floor, marshaling whatever strength she had to make her way back to the locker room and soothe her aching body in a whirlpool and hot shower.

And as she sat on the floor beside Nicole’s slowly breathing body, Halle thought about how she had believed she’d never feel a greater sensation than having her name called at the Oscars and being handed the coveted gold statuette. But now, in the afterglow of this primitive triumph, she realized it wasn't true. There WAS something even more pridefully satisfying than winning an Oscar. Nicole Kidman, who’d made both victories possible for Halle, sadly wouldn't appreciate the irony.