Halle Berry vs. Jennifer Lopez by Freddy Roberts

Talk of a catfight between Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez sparks much interest and it's an interesting pairing. Lopez outweighs Halle substantially, but their height is about the same and both have shown in several roles that they're athletic and tough - Halle as 'Catwoman' and Lopez in roles like 'Enough' have proven they can fight. J-Lo is known worldwide for her famous "Ass Smother" while Halle has a great body in its own right, often using her magnificent mammaries to snuff out opposition - although she's used an awesome ass on the odd occasion too.

The women have heard the talk and the Hollywood catfight world seemed to be in agreement that the fight should be held. After negotiations, they agreed to meet at the home of a well-known Hollywood producer where a special ring was set up in the large indoor gym! The rules called for a submission match; the loser must quit. She would then be stripped nude and the winner given 20 minutes to further humiliate the loser.

When Berry appeared for the fight she was accompanied by her friend Janet Jackson who would serve as her second while Lopez was accompanied by Salma Hayek’s girlfriend, and her ‘Bandidas’ costar, Penelope Cruz!

Lopez takes off her robe to display her body in a black thong bikini. The audience applauds her sexy shape as her famous ass is nearly completely exposed in the outfit. J-Lo's is in great shape with a tight tummy and lean, strong legs. Then Berry drops her robe to show her white string bikini which, much as Lopez's, has little material so her very ample tits and ass are nearly totally bare. They exchange very nasty looks until referee Serena Williams calls for the bout to begin.

They fight immediately in the center of the ring, exchanging punches and hair pulling. Lopez curses Berry and calls her a whore when Halle grabs J-Lo by the hair and pulls her to the canvas. Lopez gets up quickly, but the crowd is already amazed at the intense fighting and action.

As they face each other again, Lopez lands a good right to the chin of Berry, knocking her back into the corner. Lopez stalks Berry and throws several body shots, sending ripples through Berry's firm belly. The first decisive blow of the match is then struck as Lopez knees Berry hard in the groin. Halle's facial expression shows the knee lift hurt and she doubles over in the corner. Jen grabs her by the hair and slams her face-first to the mat. As Halle rolls over holding her nose, J-Lo drops a knee on Halle's groin again! With Halle writhing in agony, Lopez straddles her, pinning her arms under her knees with her ass pressing down on the back of Halle's head.

Berry is trapped! She squirms, her legs kicking and her body pulsating in agony. Lopez grabs Halle's legs and folds them up in a reverse Boston Crab. As Halle screams in pain, Lopez keeps the pressure on until she finally drops Berry's legs. Halle is still trapped and now Jen has an easy target as she rains punches down onto Berry's back, ribs, butt and the back of her thighs!

Halle is hurt but still fighting back! She struggles to get out from under Lopez as she twists and turns her body until she's laying on her back, facing up at Lopez. Berry's face is now under the bikini clad, huge, shapely ass of Jennifer Lopez as Jen sits across Halle's chest. Jen secures her leg hold again, but Berry reaches up with a free hand and rakes J-Lo's eyes!

Jen is momentarily blinded and Halle breaks free! Both sit on the mat with Lopez holding her injured face. Halle spins around on her butt and kicks Lopez in the stomach; and then another kick to her face! Jen sprawls on the mat on her back and Halle stomps her, then drops sitting on her tummy. Like J-Lo had earlier, Halle pins Lopez' arms at her sides, then proceeds to open hand SLAP Jen's face.

"There pretty face!" yells Berry as the Catwoman star unloads punches and slaps to Jen's red face.

Jen is hurt by a right to her jaw and with her arms still trapped, Halle makes the first overtly sexual move as she pulls Jen's bikini top off and tosses it aside. Jen's tits are outed and her erect nipples are pulled, pinched and twisted by the irate Berry. She assaults Jen's tits as the crowd watches in silent appreciation as Jen's ample tits and perfect brown nips get tugged and smacked.

Jen is in deep trouble as her arms are still pinned and Berry, now very confidently, moves up to bounce on Jen's tits, flashing her pussy just inches from Jen's face. Halle moves higher, then sits on Jen's face, her ass covering Lopez' nose and mouth!

"How's my twat smell, bitch? You'll get a good long whiff of it tonight!"

Jen is trapped but not hurt so badly that Berry is in full control. Berry quickly reverses positions on Jen's face, her ass covering her face as she sits atop her facing her belly and legs. Halle drives her fists down into Jen's belly until red welts and dark bruises start to show on her tummy.

Then Halle then goes for another vice move as she leans over and lays on top of Lopez with her face in Lopez' groin as she locks her thighs on Jen's face. Jen is well and truly trapped, but - in the best move so far - she manages to roll them both over and now she has Halle under her!

Lopez' body is on top of Halle and as she's trying to clamp her thighs on Halle's head, Berry releases her hold and they roll away from each other. Halle, stunned, gets to her feet and as she straightens up, Lopez guts her with an uppercut right under the cunt!

Halle howls as the punch stuns her and she drops gasping to her knees. Jen quickly knees her in the face, knocking Berry back on her back, holding her bleeding nose in pain. Lopez, drops a knee in Berry's belly, completely taking her breath away. As Jen stands over her, Halle's eyes are glazed and her chest and belly are rapidly pumping up and down as she struggles to catch her breath.

Jen swings her leg over and drops her ass on Halle's belly, then goes to work with a vengeance! First she rips open Halle's top, baring her beautiful breasts. She cups them in her hands, closes her fists and pulls up, stretching the supple tits as Halle screams. Jen repays Halle for what was done to her; pulling Halle's gorgeous tits like chocolate taffy and crushing them in her clenched fists.

The crowd watches intently as Jen, like a possessed wildcat, has her way with Berry's bounty. Her arms pinned and trapped at her sides, Halle can do nothing but suffer. Then Jen leans down whispers something in her ear. Halle shakes her head in response and then - in an unexpected move - Jen bites Halle's left breast! Halle is still screaming when Jen turns and bites her right breast, leaving a ring of red teeth marks on Berry's titties.

The action quickens as Lopez turns around to sit across Halle's chest, but as Lopez turns around, Halle lifts her head and sinks her teeth into Jen's ass! Lopez screams as Halle digs in. Jen rolls to the side and Halle and Jen on their knees face off again. Both girls tits have been mauled and they now slap each others faces and Lopez uppercuts Halle under the chin. Halle returns fire with a hard belly shot that rocks Lopez back.

This is an even match as the topless ladies struggle to their feet. Halle lifts her foot and delivers a hard kick to Jen's groin. Jen's face goes pale as the kick was directly into her cunt and knocks the wind out of her. She struggles to stand as Halle swings her into the ropes and as Lopez comes off the ropes , Halle elbows her to the mouth. Down goes Lopez on her back. Halle stomps her face with blow after blow, as Lopez covers up and Halle knees her to the head, almost knocking Jen out.

Halle sennses victory! A submission or KO is imminent as Halle stands over a very woozy J-Lo. Halle goes for the submission as she stands and goes for a strip job! she sits on Jen's belly and unties her thong, pulling it off and exposing Jen’s hairy mound and entire pussy. The crowd is on their feet when Halle grabs a clump of pussy hair and yanks it out!

The nearly unconscious Lopez’ body barely reacts.

Halle says, “You’re the so-called ‘Smother Queen’? Well, Jen smother THIS!!!”

Halle pulls off her bikini and drops her naked, sweaty, ass on Jen's face. Halle's ass completely engulfs Jen's face as her nose is driven directly up into Jen's asshole. Jen can’t breathe as Halle grinds her magnificent, tight, ass on Jen's face until Jen passes out; her arms go limp and Halle is declared the winner!!!

The crowd cheers as Halle stands over Lopez. The “SPANK HER! SPANK HER!” chant is heard as the audience wants to see Halle dominate her unconscious foe. Lopez had a 2-0 record against Halle before this fight and now this is Halle’s moment! She kicks the naked Lopez over; her huge, shapely ass a very inviting target. Halle asks Janet Jackson for a paddle and Jackson hands her a wood sorority paddle. Halle swings it overhead then sweeps down.

For most of the allotted 20 minutes, Halle delivers SMACK after SWAT after SPLAT to J-Lo’s luscious glutes, sending huge ripples rolling through Jen's asscheeks as they’re turned pink, then bright red, then dark red and finally a deep blue from the cruel, brutal and seemingly endless paddling.

Halle is about finished when she remembers her tits - earlier bitten by Lopez. “Hmmmm, that famous ass,” mutters Halle. “Teeth marks to remember me by!!”

Halle sits across J-Lo's legs facing her legendary ass, bends down and SINKS her teeth into Jen's ass cheeks! She bites her several times as Lopez, slowly returning to consciousness, gyrates in pain. Finally, after Serena Williams grabs her by the arm and easily lifts her onto one foot, Halle agrees to stop. She gets up and struts away the victor, leaving Lopez lying face down in the ring; her formerly fabulous ass soundly paddled, chewed and beaten!

As Penelope Cruz helps J-Lo to her feet and supports her as she hobbles from the room, Jen hisses in her ear, “I will get that little cunt and when I do…”