Halle Berry vs. Jaime Pressly Copyright 2001 (c) by John J. All rights reserved

Jaime and Halle stood at opposite sides of a room set up as the arena for their catfight. Jaime stretched and limbered up in a powder blue crop top and short-shorts outfit. The lovely blonde leaned against the wall seductively, her long legs accented by blue high heels. It was clear Jaime wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples poked through the flimsy material of her crop top.

On the opposite side of the room, Halle matched Jaime with her stretching as the lovely Ebony actress extended a long leg over the back of a chair. Her outfit was similar to Jaime's, crop top and short-shorts only her color was white. Halle also wore white high heels, showing off a pair of stunning tan legs.

This fight was not set up to settle a grudge or because of some feud. No, the reason for the fight was simple. Money! Jaime and Halle were the final two actresses on a short list for the female lead for an upcoming movie. Being an action movie, the producers wanted the lead to handle her own stunts and fights, so they decided to allow the two to fight it out to see who won the role.

The two beauties waited impatiently, ready to get started until the producer called the two gorgeous battlers to the middle of the room and told them, "There are no rules. I don't want to hear any shit from anyone that the other cheated and that's why you lost. There is NO cheating, no disqualification, and no rules so fight as hard and as dirty as you need to, in order to win. The fight ends when one of you is completely out cold or gives up. Now shake hands and come out fighting at the bell."

Jaime and Halle met in the center of the room and shook hands in a friendly, but cautious, manner. The two beauties separated and the familiar "DING!" sounded to start the fight. Jaime went for a lockup, but Halle avoided her and ran to the wall, braced herself against it and sprang off. Halle flew across the short distance between them and caught Jaime with a cross-body splash that took her down. Halle pinned the blonde and tried to hold her down but Jaime bucked hard and knocked Halle off her.

The two beauties both scrambled to their feet, but Halle was a bit faster so she grabbed Jaime's hair and pulled her into a side headlock. Halle muscled Jaime to the wall and banged her head against the wall. When Halle tried to repeat the move, Jaime blocked it and reversed, sending Halle's forehead cracking into the solid wall.

Halle saw stars as she staggered back slightly dazed. Jaime took advantage of Halle's disorientation, scooping her up and power slamming her. Jaime continued her attack as she dropped a leg across Halle's throat. With Halle coughing and gagging, Jaime grabbed a handful of long black hair and pulled Halle to her feet. She whipped her across the room against the sofa, doubling her over.

Jaime set herself for a clothesline as she charged at Halle who looked up just in time to duck under Jaime's arm. The blonde crashed into the sofa and Halle flipped her over the back and down to the floor behind it. While Jaime shook her head and slowly got up to her feet, Halle climbed onto a chair and got ready to spring. Halle launched herself off the chair and put the blonde on her back with a nasty dropkick to the chest. Jaime flew back against the sofa and went down gain.

Halle used that to her advantage as she put an elbow drop to Jaime's sore boobs, then grabbed Jaime's flimsy crop top and tore it off. She wrapped the torn top around Jaime's neck and pulled hard as she maneuvered herself behind Jaime who had her hands full as she struggled with the top digging into her throat and cutting off her air. With each pull from Halle, Jaime gasped and coughed.

Jaime hammered two hard elbow smashes into Halle's gut before Halle loosened her grip a bit. A third and fourth elbow connected to Halle's tits, forcing her to step back and giving Jaime room to turn on the Ebony beauty and tear her top off leaving them both bare-chested. Jaime sank her nails in Halle's round, perky tits, squeezing and mauling viciously. After the initial shock of pain, Halle snapped back into the fight and retaliated, squeezing and scratching Jaime's tits in retaliation.

The two beautiful actresses let out an occasional grunt or moan as they both fought the pain rising from their boobs while trying to increase the pain to the other woman's ravaged globes. Soon trickles of blood became visible around Jaime's fingernails where they dug into Halle's tits. Halle moaned, but twisted her wrists with more urgency and it wasn't long before the scratches in Jaime's tits began to bleed as well. Then, in a sudden shift of attack, Jaime shot out with her leg and kicked Halle in the pussy. She pulled back with a yelp of pain which ended the boob mauling battle.

Jaime moved fast, charging with fists clenched. She pounded a solid right to Halle's jaw, snapping her head to side and giving her a bloody lip. Halle staggered back from the blow and Jaime hammered another punch to Halle's face, snapping her head the other direction. Halle continued to backpedal desperately while Jaime pursued her swinging wildly.

Jaime threw another punch at Halle's head, but Halle ducked under the fist and countered. Jaime gasped as Halle's fist landed hard in her belly and knocked the wind out of her. Halle quickly followed up with a solid left to the jaw that turned the blonde's head and brought a flow of blood from Jaime's nose. Halle went for another punch, but Jaime wrapped her arms around Halle's chest and tied her up.

Both beauties pushed and shoved as each tried to gain control of the fight. Jaime finally won out after a long struggle when she lifted Halle into the air, held her momentarily and then slammed her to the floor. Halle winced in pain as her back hit the hard floor and knocked the breath out of her. Jaime went for a leg drop across Halle's heaving bosom, but Halle rolled over when Jaime was in mid-air and Jaime's bottom hit nothing but Berber carpet.

Halle rolled to the side and slid in behind Jaime, grabbing the blonde in a choke. Jaime broke free by raking her nails across Halle's arm and the Ebony actress shrieked in pain as she quickly pulled her arm out of harms way. Jaime snapped her head back and caught Halle flush on the nose with the headbutt. Halle fell over backward clutching her bleeding nose and moaning as she writhed in pain.

Jaime rolled over, got to one knee and dove on top of Halle, slamming a knee down hard on the mound in Halle's short-shorts between her soft thighs. Halle howled in pain as Jaime's knee hit her intended target full force. Jaime wrapped her hands around Halle's neck and started to choke her and Halle responded in kind. But Halle didn't have the leverage that Jaime had in the top position so Halle had to give up that tactic very quickly. She clawed at Jaime's hands and arms, scratching up the blonde's arms. Jaime released her choke soon after Halle started to scratch her but she didn't want to give Halle a chance to regain control.

Before Jaime could attack her again, Halle kicked the blonde away with a high heel to the midriff. As they got to their feet, Halle put Jaime in a side headlock and drove her face into the floor with a bulldog, leaving Jaime with a busted nose too. Halle quickly spun into position and caught Jaime in a camel clutch hold. Jaime refused to give up though and after several minutes of pulling and tugging, Halle released the hold and moved to attack again.

Still undaunted, Jaime kicked Halle away and then swept her legs out from under her as she tried to get up. Jaime grabbed Halle's legs and flipped her over, applying a double-toed leglock. Halle yelped in pain, but she too refused to give up even though Jaime poured on the pressure and nearly squeezed hard enough to break her leg.

Jaime tried to switch to a bow-and-arrow hold, but Halle kicked her away before she could apply the hold. Halle scrambled to her feet and tried to set herself as Jaime came at her again. Halle dodged out of the way and tripped Jaime as the blonde sailed past her. Halle set herself again as Jaime got up, then jumped and caught Jaime with another dropkick to the tits. This time Jaime was slammed back against the wall and almost fell. Halle charged in and splashed into Jaime belly-to-belly and chest-to-chest. Halle monkey flipped Jaime back into the middle of the room and she landed on top of a coffee table. Jaime groaned as her back hit the table hard enough that it collapsed under the impact.

Halle moved in and wrapped her hands around the blonde's neck and started to choke her. Jaime managed to swing her legs around and kick Halle in the head, knocking her backward. Jaime pulled herself up while Halle climbed onto a chair. Halle set herself and flew off the chair trying to splash Jaime, but Jaime had anticipated Halle would repeat herself and she dodged, letting Halle crash to the floor and knock the wind out of herself.

Jaime up quickly, stomped at Halle's back and ass numerous times to soften her up before she grabbed one of Halle's arms and one of her legs and put her into a nasty bow-and-arrow. Halle yelping in pain, still refused to give up. Then Jaime switched holds and straddled the brunette's back to clamp Halle in a wicked camel clutch. Still stubborn, Halle refused to give up, forcing Jaime to switch gears yet again, this time to a surfboard.

It seemed that Jaime released that hold just moments before Halle was ready to give up as she hauled Halle to her feet, whipped her to the wall and then charged into her, splashing Halle's body between herself and the solid wall. Halle slowly slid down the wall and flopped on the floor when Jaime backed off. Jaime climbed onto a lamp table and splashed the hapless Halle into the floor, mashing her soft tits against her aching ribs. Jaime went for a full body press but Halle had just enough left to dislodge the blonde before she got a submission.

Jaime hauled Halle to her feet with a rough yank on her hair and once she had Halle's slumping body on it's feet, Jaime pulled up on Halle's short shorts, forcing the gasping Halle up onto her toes while giving the Ebony skinned beauty a nasty wedgie. Jaime kept tugging as hard as she could, carving Halle's shorts deep into her curvy butt. Jaime refused to release the hold on Halle's shorts until they tore in two and came off in her hands. As Jaime staggered back holding the two halves of her shorts, Halle collapsed on the floor in tears clutching her aching pussy in both hands. Jaime snatched Halle by her swollen nipples and pulled her to her feet. With Halle swaying unsteadily, Jaime put her in a bearhug, which she then turned into an atomic drop as she lifted Halle and slammed her crotch down on her knee. Halle cried, tears flowed down her flushed cheeks as her pussy was split by Jaime's bony knee. Jaime disdainfully threw Halle off her knee to fall on the floor in a disheveled heap.

After studying Halle for a few moments, Jaime kicked Halle in the ribs to roll her over, then caught her legs and pulled them over her back. Halle howled as Jaime secured the Boston Crab. Halle fought against the pain as she wriggled, clawed the carpet and beat her fists on the floor in frustration while she tried in vain to break free.

But Jaime had her and although Halle knew it, she still refused to give up the role. Jaime leaned back a little further but although Halle screamed in pain she still held out. Then Jaime threw her body backward, putting incredible pressure on Halle's lower back and Halle screamed out her surrender.

"STOP! I give! Please quit! No more!"

As soon as he heard those words, the producer gave a signal and the bell rang, "DING! DING! DING!"

He walked over, took Jaime's right hand and held it up and said, "The winner of this incredibly well fought catfight, JAIME PRESSLY!"

The primarily male audience screamed, hollered and whistled for the victorious blonde actress while Jaime smiled, waved and wiggled as she slowly made her way back to the dressing room.

After Jaime had made her victorious exit, Halle painfully dragged pulled herself to her feet and trudged disconsolately from the ring without a word, nearly in tears. She passed Jaime's victory celebration glumly, not even looking over to acknowledge her blonde conqueror. After her victory celebration, the contract was drawn up for Jaime's signature, giving her a very nice package for the starring role in the new movie and a couple of sequels.

The end.