Sharon Stone vs. Halle Berry (2 fights from Jeff's Fight Tournament)

These two women should have met in the finals, not the semi-finals. Everyone agreed they're the most accomplished and dedicated women in the tournament. Both won their matches using professional moves and an economy of effort. Both are relatively injury free and as rested as possible. Odds-makers agree, the odds fluctuated between 6:5 either way.

Halle came out first in a brilliant white t-back thong. Her muscular thighs rippled as she moved and her firm breasts rose and fell evenly with her breathing. Her hard, flat stomach seemed to be invulnerable. They wondered if Sharon would be the third white girl to fall to the "Black Tornado," the nickname Halle had adopted. She usually spoke in the third person, a habit some say she picked up from watching to too many Bob Dole campaign speeches on CNN instead of training.

"This is the only white you rednecks will see on top tonight," she crowed to the panting men as she stretched the front of her suit to give them a teasing glimpse of her hard nipples and large, dark aureoles.

Sharon kept Halle waiting a long time, a questionable tactic given the black woman's volatile temper. She paced angrily as Sharon remained in the dressing room listening to two woman making love in the next room, touching up her make-up so she'd look "just so" for the audience and more importantly, changing into a different suit. When she appeared, it was worth the wait for she had chosen the tiniest of bikini's with a white top and black bottom.

"Tonight," she taunted Halle, turning the woman's racist rhetoric against her, "it's going to be white over black. Sorry."

Halle's eyes widened in shock and she was so outraged she could only sputter indignantly as the bell rang. She charged out, planning to show Sharon who was the top dog, but her attack was stopped in it's tracks when Sharon dropped to the floor just as Halle reached her and trapped the black actresses legs with her own. Halle fell heavily, only able to partially break her fall.

Sharon rolled over and twisted Halle's legs into a figure four scissors so fast that many of those watching missed it. She leaned into it, really cranking the pressure on Halle's joints as the Black woman moaned in pain and tried to reach a handful of Sharon's blonde hair. Excited by her early success, Sharon got careless, and Halle eventually got her hands in the blonde's mane, dragging her off of her and breaking the hold.

Sharon rolled easily to her feet but Halle had some trouble for her left leg was throbbing from Sharon's' figure 4 leg-lock. They circled, Sharon wary of making a mistake and Halle taking her time to let her leg recover some feeling. Suddenly, with an animal growl, Halle lunged forward and grabbed the front of Sharon's suit. When Sharon tried to pry her hands away, however, Halle raised her knee and drove it hard between Sharon's legs. The blonde grunted and clutched her womanhood as she staggered. Smiling, Halle ripped away the thin fabric that covered Sharon's breasts and bared them for all to enjoy. Sharon was clearly worried, for the angry Black woman was on a roll and she quickly drove her open hand into Sharon's belly three consecutive times.

Sharon gasped and her knees buckled as she pitched forward, grabbing at Halle to keep from toppling over. The Black actress grabbed Sharon's breasts and dug her nails into the soft, yielding flesh. Sharon moaned as Halle forced her onto her back, twisting her hands and gouging the blonde's sensitive flesh.

"Nooooo," Sharon moaned as Halle straddled her waist and leaned over, increasing the pressure to the point where the blonde must surely submit.

Her eyes rolling back, Sharon gave one last effort to stave off defeat. Looking almost like a lesbian caressing her lover, Sharon's hand roamed up Halle's ribs and disappeared beneath her suit top. Halle began to scream and writhe in pain as Sharon dug her long nails into Halle's sensitive nipple. The Black woman let go of Sharon's breasts and tried to pry her hands from her own breasts. When Sharon managed to throw Halle off, both women's breasts were bleeding freely. Then, it got nasty!

As Sharon tried to rise, Halle began to deliver a series of karate kicks to the blonde's left leg. It was the same kind of attack that had broken Cheryl Bachmann's leg and the audience knew Sharon was doomed. But Halle's legs were weakened by Sharon's early attack and her kicks lacked power. Sharon was hurt, but still on her feet. Both women charged and when they smacked together breast-to-breast, their hands went to the other's throat. Their hands closed around their opponents windpipe as they tried to choke the very life from their hated rival. The women's faces were flushed as they slowly slumped to their knees without releasing their hold. Sharon rocked back and Halle tried to force her onto her back, a move that would at this point in the fight almost surely mean victory. But the blonde steadied herself and suddenly it was she forcing Halle back.

It went like that for what seemed forever, each woman choking the life from her opponent, each seeming to gain, and then lose the advantage. They fell to the canvas, still holding on to her hated rival's neck. The lay wrapped in one anothers arms, looking like two lover embracing as neither would, or could, release her grip. Finally, one woman's hands slipped from the other's neck and that woman gulped in a great mouthful of revitalizing oxygen. She held her own grip on the other woman for another few seconds and then let go. They lay side by side for several minutes, one catching her breath and the other hovering at deaths door. Finally, the victor rose to her knees and then to her feet. Looking down at her defeated opponent, she nodded as if there had never been any doubt in the outcome. "I told you tonight it would be white over black," Sharon said as she staggered back to the dressing room.

Sharon Stone vs Halle Berry

Both of these superb felines had taken lessons in hand-to-hand combat for their movie roles and it showed in their performance, but this was the first time either faced someone whose experience was anywhere near their own. Sharon came out in a tiny silver bikini that complemented her platinum hair. She paced nervously as Halle was introduced and the Black woman reinforced her image as the champion of African-American women everywhere by wearing a yellow and black tiger stripe thong. Her oiled body looked even more muscular than it had in her last bout if that were possible.

The women met in the center of the ring and began to circle, each wary of making a crucial mistake in the opening moments of the most important fight of their career. Sharon struck first, landing a side-heel kick to Halle's left thigh that numbed the Black woman's leg and permitted Sharon to dance around her and land a series of sharp, stinging kicks to Halle's back, sides and stomach which the dark-skinned actress had difficulty countering. Stone got careless when she came too close, however, and Berry used a backhand fist to the face to stagger the blonde. Sharon stopped in her tracks, giving Halle the chance to dig a couple of fists to the white woman's mid-section.

Sharon grunted as the powerful blows backed her away from Berry who paused to massage her aching leg. Stone shook off the effects of Berry's punches and renewed her attack, but Halle had also recovered and they stood face to face and threw punches at each other. Their left and right hands landed most of the time, and the hard fists inflicted heavy damage as both women suffered shattered noses and split lips. Halle's eyes were both blackened and Sharon had a terrific cut above her left eye that gushed blood into her eyes. After several minutes of toe-to-toe punching, it was Stone backed up. Berry smiled and shuffled forward, keeping her "attack" foot in front and poised to strike whenever an opening presented itself as she stalked the blond actress.

Stone circled warily, snapping out a quick jab whenever it looked like Berry was setting herself. Both women were huffing and puffing from the exertion of the fight and when it came, the end came suddenly. Berry faked to her right and as Stone reacted, she left herself open momentarily. Halle snapped her leg out and caught Sharon in the pit of the stomach. The actress's knees buckled and Halle leaped into the air and delivered a powerful spinning kick to Sharon's temple. The blonde's body shook as she went flying backwards and landed heavily on her back. She moaned and tried to rise as Halle closed in for the kill, but Sharon wasn't as badly injured as Halle thought. Her tremendous conditioning had given her neck muscles the strength to withstand the kick and let her remain conscious.

As Halle bent down to finish her, Sharon grabbed Halle by the hair and using it to keep Halle's head in position, she drove her open hand into Halle's throat. The big black actress grabbed her neck and fell to her knees, unable to breath through a windpipe that had nearly been closed by the karate chop. Sharon rose to her knees and chopped Halle at the base of her neck which shocked the nerves and made her entire left side go numb. With Halle unable to raise her left arm, Sharon's right hand had an unimpeded path to it's target as she hit Halle with three straight fists to the side of her jaw. Halle went sprawling and lay with her arms and legs outspread. Her right leg twitched grotesquely but other than that, she lay without moving. Sharon, her nose and mouth covered with blood and nearly blinded by the blood from the cut over her eyes, posed with her foot on Halle's chest as she received a standing ovation from the crowd.