Halle Berry vs. Paula Trickey by regular visitor

Halle purred into the phone, "Up from last night already, sugar?"

Paula moaned, "What time is it, you relentless bitch?"

Looking at the clock, she slowly got up. The ring had awakened her but she still felt her body aching, especially the insides of her thighs and her bosom, after last night at TNT's when Halle and Darlene Vogel had taken turns destroying her.

"Want some more, sugar?" Halle cooed "It's a gorgeous day outside and Darlene's coming over for a picnic at my seaside mansion. Why don't you join us?"

Paula's head throbbed with grogginess, but she was alert and up by now. "If you let me decide how to fight you, I just may get a win over you. And as for Darlene, well, blondie will regret siding with you last night. I'll BURY that bitch in sand." Paula still hurt remembering her sore breasts getting crushed in Darlene's iron grip.

"Well, SURE, sugar!" Halle chuckled into the phone "Anything for my little plum. You can have Darlene all to yourself. And I'll fight you the way you want." Halle certainly sounded sincere.

"Okay, what time?" Paula asked brusquely.

"Oh, anytime after 12 noon. I guess you'd need a good scrubbing and a hot bath to shrug off last night's effects, dear!" Halle said, then hung up laughing.

Paula had planned to do just that - get into a long hot bath and heal her body, still sore from last night at TNT's place, where the two bitches had had their way with her. She got up and started to get ready, thinking of how she wanted to fight Halle. Two hours later, wearing a red mini and sunglasses, Paula was driving down the coast road toward Halle's mansion. Her legs shone through her red miniskirt, her thigh muscles rippling as her feet worked the pedals. After parking her car, Paula got out, took off her sunglasses and checked herself, picking at the wedgie the ride had given her favorite red thong bikini. Smoothening her dress, she walked up to the mansion but even before she touched the doorbell, Halle opened the door and stood, barefoot, suckling an orange slice with one hand: her usual Queen-like presence intact. She hugged Paula as they pecked each other's cheeks, then closing the door behind her.

Paula trailed Halle into the huge living room, dropped her handbag on the mantle and asked, "So, where's blondie?"

"She's running late," Halle shrugged. "She'll be here for lunch in an hour or so. Time enough to settle things between us?"

Halle glanced at Paula as she finished her fruit snack, wiped her hands on her white sports underwear and said, "Let's hit the deck."

Paula quietly followed Halle outside, through the rear kitchen garden down to her private beach. The sand was nice and comfortable, still too early in the day to warm up much. Paula kicked her shoes off and walked barefoot at Halle's side. The two beauties were both 5'6" tall, but the similarity ended there. Halle was slimmer, more athletic and model-like in appearance while Paula was thicker in her legs, rear and bosom; more a hard-bodied woman.

"So how do you want to fight?" Halle asked.

Then she grabbed Paula jokingly into a headlock, pulling her down and in front of her. Paula's legs crossed to maintain balance, while she laughed at their jostling.

"Halle, I hope to win at least once after all these years, so I'd like to wrestle you in the sand."

"Clever, my little sugar plum!" Halle echoed. "Still, I'll beat you. Lets wrestle until the winner declares the loser's had enough. No hair pulling, scratching, punching or slapping. OK?"

"Of course," Paula agreed.

Paula wanted to escape all of Halle's advantages over her since Halle routinely tortured her with throbbing hair pulls not to mention the kicks, slaps and punches. Halle's athleticism had always gotten Paula in trouble and, after some semblance of a fight, led to scratching and squeezing followed by a one-sided beating. Paula wanted to win this time! They circled each other in the sand, arms up, hands ready with their fingers beckoning the other for action. Their eyes locked, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Finally, Halle did, faking a forward rush but delaying it until Paula reacted. When Paula went to her side, placing one leg behind the other, her arms bent to her knees, expecting Halle to charge, Halle shoved her in the chest, HARD, with both hands slamming into Paula's tender breasts. Surprised, Paula was forced back and another shove made her stagger.

Halle swept one foot behind Paula to trip her, but Paula swung into action before Halle could shove her again. Grabbing Halle between her shoulder blades and locking her hands behind Halle's neck, Paula forced Halle's head down, then spun her around. Halle's arms were locked, her body off balance. Paula had moved too swiftly. Halle spun around, moving her legs to stay upright but she couldn't get out of Paula's locked grasp. After three spins, Paula pulled Halle hard and released her hold, throwing Halle to the sand on her belly. Quickly, Paula stepped forward and sat on Halle's back, putting her in a chinlock. Halle thrashed in the sand but couldn't get Paula off her back. She could feel Paula's grip yanking her chin back, arching her neck. Pain shot up, adding color to her cheeks. Both women were grunting, but otherwise silent. Halle had her hands on the sand, her palms flat, raising her elbows trying to ease the pressure on the chinlock. Paula pulled harder, then suddenly grabbed Halle's forearms, pulling them back.

Halle's upper body couldn't resist Paula's strength and Halle screamed in pain, her shoulders in agony, as her arms were being forced around her back. Paula secured both Halle's wrists with her hands and kept pressing Halle down. For an instant, Paula gripped both Halle's wrists with one hand and scuffed Halle's face down and rubbed it in the sand. Shifting to one side, Paula eased her other leg straight from under her knee and rolled over until Halle's torso was on top of her upper thigh. As she rolled, Paula straightened her other leg and secured the scissors; then flipped sideways, resting her elbow in the sand as she twisted Halle and applied pressure. Clenching her thighs, Paula gritted her teeth as she squeezed the life out of the coughing, panting Halle who could see Paula's bulging thighs, but with her arms around her back, could do little. She felt her breath shortening each time Paula squeezed, and other than spitting sand she was helpless. Halle thrashed around to free herself, but to no avail.

Paula was enjoying herself. After all these years, now she who was the tormentor and Halle the victim! She placed her free arm around Halle's throat, pulling her back while continuing to grit her teeth as she applied the crushing body scissors. Halle coughed as she was pulled towards Paula but dominating as the move appeared, it turned out to be Paula's undoing. Halle's arms had more room now, and she managed to wriggle them out from between their bodies. Her hands grabbed Paula's ankles, loosening the scissors as she tried to pry them apart! Paula was shocked but before she could react, Halle's hands broke her ankle lock and Paula's hold slipped away. Trying to reassert the scissors, Paula got another shock when Halle grabbed her forearm from around her throat and pulled it forward. Paula's head jerked forward and her chin hit the back of Halle's head.

"Owww!" Both screamed aloud as their struggle continued, but now more evenly. Halle worked on Paula's ankles, prying them open, and swiftly twisting her slender body out of the hold. Halle rolled over in the sand, trying to get as far away as she could, to buy time to regroup. Paula saw Halle slipping away from a certain defeat and, angry with herself, slapped the beach sand as she got up to go after the rolling Halle. Paula jumped on Halle, but Halle was too quick; simply rolling over again and Paula landed face first on an empty stretch of sand! Halle had regained her breath while rolling and now she was ready to attack!

Keeping Paula's face pressed down in the sand, Halle swung around, spreading her legs wide open and pulling Paula's body between them. Halle grabbed Paula under the armpits and dragged her forward till she had Paula's face resting on her left thigh, then crossed her other leg over Paula's throat in a classic figure four leg lock! She squeezed as Paula bucked and thrashed in the sand, her breasts straining to burst out of her red bikini top, her legs twisting around in the sand trying in vain to escape the suffocating hold. Paula realized her thong was wedging deeper into her pussy from this thrashing as she looked up, seeing Halle clenching her teeth as she rested leaning back on both hands. Paula felt Halle's rippling thighs clasped on her neck as she tried to claw Halle's thighs, but it had no effect! Halle just reached down and caught Paula's wrists, twisting her arms behind her back. Paula knew she was in trouble!

"Now I'll teach you how to wrestle, sugar plum!" Halle hissed.

Flipping Paula onto her back, Halle mounted Paula's belly for a pin. Paula struggled, thrashing her legs, trying to get free, but she couldn't stop Halle from sitting on her. Paula's legs were free but her arms were still twisted behind her back! She tried to raise her legs, bridging up with her hips to get out of the hold, but Halle rode her like a jockey taming a wild horse! Then Halle moved higher, pinning Paula's shoulders and causing them to throb in pain as her hands were still trapped under her body.

"Oh my God, Halle! Please don't!!" Paula pleaded between wails of pain as Halle moved her knees to Paula's head, pressing on her ears.

Paula was in tears, the pain too much to bear. She could only thrash her legs in the air, trying to unseat Halle. Then Halle lifted Paula and released her arms from beneath her, and grabbing both Paula's wrists, stretched her arms wide. Paula resisted briefly, but Halle was just too strong. Then Halle shifted downward, laying full length on top of Paula, spreading her legs around Paula's and locked her ankles under Paula's calves. They struggled - Paula for breath and Halle for total control! In less than a minute of grunting, bucking and trashing, Halle had Paula trapped in a grapevine pin. Lying atop her, their arms stretched wide, Halle's smack on top of Paula's, Halle finally had Paula just the way she wanted her - helpless and spent; their breasts mashing into each other, Paula's jugs being crushed under the weight of Halle's fine pair. Halle could feel Paula's pussy heat through her panties and Paula could feel the rough krinkle of Halle's bush through her red bikini. With her arms pinned and stretched, Paula looked up into Halle's eyes, both women sweating from the grapple in the afternoon sun and she knew she was done. The thought of losing, and after specifying her rules, brought tears welling up in Paula's lovely large eyes.

"Had enough, sugar!" Halle whispered softly, keeping up her pressure. "Now what, Paula?"

Paula frowned in anger (or was it anguish?) as she gave a final buck. Halle clenched her teeth as, in a show of her superiority, muscled her body down to pressure all points she held Paula from. Halle's legs arched, forcing Paula's legs to spread wide in a slightly pornographic spread-eagle. Halle's grip on Paula's wrists tightened, eliciting a piercing moan from the beaten Paula. Halle lifted her torso slightly, slamming her breasts down into Paula's; her own grunts and Paula's moans growing louder as Halle showed her total domination of poor Paula. As Halle's breasts smashed hers repeatedly, Paula bit her lip in pain. Her nipples burned from the impact of Halle's smaller - but firmer breasts - simply squashing her melons with each collision.

After a few times, Paula wailed out her surrender, begging Halle to stop, "Please Halle! Oh, pleeeease stop!" Paula panted, her voice shrill, her body beaten and bettered yet again by her formidable foe.

"Remember the rules, sugar? I decide when you've had enough. Shut up; enjoy the pain and pay some RESPECT!" Halle screamed.

Paula's body softened as her muscles relaxed in submission. She lay still, all resistance drained from her; she knew she couldn't escape Halle's grapevine - she never had before! Paula looked into Halle's smiling eyes, their faces so close they feel each others breath on their cheeks; Paula could feel Halle's sweat dropping on her flushed face. Halle smiled, flashing her immaculate teeth through her thin lips as she slowly, deliberately, writhed on top of Paula; their breasts rubbing against each other - and their pussies - oh their pussies!!

Grinding herself into Paula's private parts, Halle hissed, "You're warm down there, you know!"

Paula could only close her eyes and nod, acknowledging Halle's superior pussy grinding hers into submission through her bikini; Halle's breasts overwhelming hers, Halle's nipples twisting hers into bent splits. After some more grinding, Halle decided Paula had had enough and she sat up and snatched Paula's bikini top off.

Winking, Halle nodded, "All right, sugar, you're done for today!"

They lay there on the sand, side by side, Paula staring up at the clear sky as her breasts heaved unfettered in the cool ocean breeze, while Halle lay on her stomach, her chin on her hands watching Paula intently with a crooked smile on her lips.

"Well, well, well!" Darlene clapped out loud, finally approaching. "Poor, poor Paula - just can't seem to get enough, can you?" Darlene chuckled aloud as she bent down to take a close look at Paula. "Oh my! Is that your thong? I couldn't make it out from the distance - it...it's almost INSIDE you!!"

Paula glared back at Darlene, "You'd be in same position if you fought HER, so chill out .... Just you wait 'til I bury YOU in this sand."

Darlene was ready to pounce on Paula right there and then, but Halle intervened, "BEHAVE, you two! Once you decide today who's the better woman, I don't want to see any more squabbling...not unless you both want your asses whipped into shape!" Halle snapped.

Darlene backed off, and Paula was silent too. Both were sobered by Halle's words, realizing that she could, and would, surely kick their ass if they misbehaved. Silently, the three women stood up and Halle led them back into her house.