Best Damn Catfight Period! by Irish
Karen McDougal was in the middle of planning how she could advance her career. The Playmates Vs Supermodels Tournament had come to a successful conclusion and gotten her a good deal of exposure in Hollywood. She’d received several calls with job offers ranging from opening a shopping mall to a small part in a daytime soap opera. She planned on taking just about any job offer that came her way. One afternoon she received a call that immediately peaked her interest.

“Hi my name’s Julie,” the caller started. “I’m producer of The Best Damn Sports Show Period! We’re on Fox Sports Network all over the country. We’d love to have you as a guest.”

Karen was bubbling with excitement. This is just what she was looking for; she’d be seen in every market in the country and she knew her big break was waiting just around the corner.

Julie went on to explain that Karen would do a one-on-one interview with one of the show’s cast, then move to an area just off the set were the guests showed off their talent.

When Karen asked what talent she’d be showing, Julie answered, “Maybe you can show how you learned to sword fight, like in “The Arena.”

All the details were worked out and Julie gave Karen the appointed time and place. She was even told to wear something that you won’t feel uncomfortable in for the sporting event. When the cast members from the show heard of their future guest, Tom, John, Chris, and Demarco all fought over who’d be the lucky guy to host the segment. All the boys were disappointed when they were told the details had already been worked out and none of them had been selected.

The big day arrived and Karen had butterflies. This would be a very important opportunity and she wanted to be on top of her game. She arrived at the studio an hour before the scheduled time for the taping and Julie showed her to the green room.

“The lights in the studio are very bright and very hot,” Julie told Karen. “We provide our guests a large pitcher of Iced Tea and encouraged them to drink plenty of fluids before you go on. Otherwise, you might get lightheaded and make a fool of yourself. You wouldn’t be the first one who’s done that on THIS show. Other than that, just make yourself comfortable,” Julie told her. “I’ll be back shortly to take you to the set.”

Karen drank a glass or two of the Iced Tea and found that the more she drank the thirstier she became. There was something about the Tea that knocked the edge off and helped her to relax.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think they put something in the drink,” she thought.

Julie came back to the green room to get Karen and had seen that she had drank about half the pitcher of Iced Tea.

“What’d you think off our special brew? Like it?” she asked. “If so, I’ll see the sponsor sends you a sample.”

“That had to be the best ice tea I’ve ever had, what kind is it?” Karen asked.

“We just call it the Best Damn Iced Tea Period!”

Both women had a laugh and Julie took Karen’s arm to lead her to the set.

“Why don’t you bring it on the set with you,” Julie suggested. “The air conditioning’s not working right and you can sip away during the interview,” Julie said as she picked up the pitcher and Karen’s glass. “Follow me,” she said as she started down the hallway.

Karen had watched the show several times before today to get a feel for it so she would know what to expect. When they made it out to the set, she said she thought the show was filmed live, but there was no studio audience. Again, Julie blamed the air conditioning.

“The more people we stuff in here the hotter it gets. It will just be you and Ms. Tweeden, I’ll work the camera myself to try to keep things from heating up to badly.”

Leeann Tweeden came onto the set from her dressing room and they began the interview with an informal chat. Both women were former Playmates and they spoke of old friends and mutual acquaintances.

Karen continued to drink the ice tea but suddenly she didn’t feel like herself. Leeann waited till she saw that the drink was having the desired affect, they went to a commercial break but signaled Julie to keep the camera rolling.

During the break Leeann began, “You know Karen, you’re really a nice person. Under other circumstances we might be friends.”

Julie zoomed in on the puzzled look that crossed Karen’s face as Leeann continued, “Don’t get cute with me bimbo, Cindy Crawford called last week and warned me you were after my job.”

Before Karen could answer, Julie yelled, “We’re back in 3..2..1..”

Leeann said, “OK, so Karen let’s go over to the Arena and you can show me how tough you are. Leeann grabbed Karen by the hand and yanked her out of her chair. She led her to an area just off the set that was enclosed with chain link fencing. By this time, both women were perspiring under the hot lights and their T-shirts clung to their curves as if painted on. Leeann picked up two toy prop swords, tossed them out the gate and closed it behind her.

“Let’s make this interesting,” she hissed. “No weapons and after each fall, the girl whose on her ass loses an piece of clothing. I want to win the time slot this week!” She took a boxer’s stance and snarled, “Let’s go!”

Karen tried to raise her hands, but her arms wouldn’t respond to her commands. She took her eye off Leeann for a moment to try and figure out what was wrong and just then Leeann stepped in a blasted her with a right to the chin. Karen was jolted upright just as Leeann spun and connected with a spinning heel kick that flattened her left breast on her rib cage.

The force sent Karen flying back into the chain link fence that gave and then acted like a catapult, sending her flying right back to Leeann who was waiting with a right knee to the stomach that folded Karen over double and expelled the air from her lungs.

As Karen doubled over holding her belly, Leeann connected with a vicious elbow to the back of the head that drove Karen face first into the floor. Karen rolled over and lay on her back, staring wide-eyed at the grinning Leeann and holding her heaving belly as she desperately tried to get her breath. The first fall to Leeann!

Just as they returned from a commercial break for Advil, the camera caught Leeann kicking Karen in the belly to roll her onto her back. Grabbing her by the hair, Leeann pulled Karen to a sitting position and knelt behind her.

Leeann whispered, “Looks like you got a headache, hon. Would you like to try our sponsor’s product?”

Then she tore Karen’s blouse off over her head leaving her in full breasts bouncing in her bra.

Karen crawled to the fence and used it to pull herself up to a standing position. Just as she got to her feet, Leeann slammed her roughly against the chain link and began working over her back with a series of brutal kidney punches. If it hadn’t been for the fence, Karen would have gone flat on her face again. When Leeann was satisfied with her handiwork, she grabbed Karen’s hair and yanked back as hard as she could, slamming her on her back to the floor. When she hit, Karen smacked the back of her head on the floor hard….THUNK! Second fall to Tweeden!

Karen was pulled to a sitting position again. This time Leeann knelt behind her as she unfastened her bra. Then Leeann stood up and whipped it off, sending Karen tumbling onto her side with her bare breasts bouncing. Leeann rammed her knee into the small of Karen’s injured back, reached around her chest and sank her long fingernails deep into Karen’s tits. She pulled then outward as if trying to pull Karen’s breasts under her armpits so she could tie them together behind her back.

Julie could barely be heard counting down, “We’re back in 3..2..1…” over Karen’s pained screams. As they returned from this commercial break it seemed Leeann was being a good sport, holding Karen from behind as she tried to help her to her feet.

“You look hot and thirsty Karen, would you like more of our special brewed ice tea?” she asked.

Karen had sweated out enough of the drug from the spiked tea to realize she’d been set up but she was still limp as a rag doll in the clutches of her foe. As Leeann pulled Karen to her feet, she held her in place as she whispered taunts in her ear while she raked her fingernails over Karen’s breasts, leaving a trail of angry red scratches on the pale flesh.

As she screamed in pain, Karen snapped her head back, smashing Leeann’s nose on her face, causing her eyes to tear and a trickle of warm blood to began running down her upper lip into her mouth. Karen spun around to face Leeann and buried her knee in her gut, then pulled her head down by the hair and slammed her knee twice more to her head.

When Karen released Leeann’s hair, she collapsed to the floor at Karen’s feet. Karen quickly kicked her over and ripped off Leeann’s blouse. Julie could see through the camera viewfinder that both women’s soft bodies were glistening with sweat from their exertion, their clinging clothing enhancing every curve of their well-developed bodies. Now, when it was time for a commercial, Julie came out from behind the camera to make sure there’d be no further action until she was ready.

As soon as Julie signaled they were back from the commercial, Karen, trying to keep the advantage, charged Leeann and swung wildly at her head with a roundhouse right. Leeann ducked the telegraphed punch easily and blasted Karen in the gut doubling her over. This time, Leeann grabbed Karen’s hair and pulled her head down between her thighs and put her in a standing leg scissors. Once more, Leeann attacked Karen’s breasts and quickly had the Playmate howling in pain.

Enjoying her dominance, Leeann didn’t feel Karen reach around and grab her behind the knees until she pushed forward and dumped her on her ass. But Karen didn’t let go of Leeann’s legs when she fell, she slid her hands down to her ankles and twisted Leean’s legs, rolling her over into the ‘Walls of Jericho’. Fall to McDougal; now both were topless!

Leeann wasn’t worried about her blouse; it certainly wasn’t the first time she’d been half-naked in front of a camera. After eyeing Karen’s angry red breasts, it was clear although Leeann lost the latest battle, she was winning the war.

Once again Karen charged Leeann and once again Leeann ducked her attack. It was an exact repeat of the previous fall until Leeann’s standing leg scissors. Leeann began beating Karen’s lower back with viscous kidney punches and Karen could feel her strength being drained. She dropped to her knees but that didn’t stop Leeann’s hammering away at her. Finally, Karen fell face down on the floor. Leeann grabbed both her wrists and savagely pulled back on her arms while stomping on her back, placing her in a surfboard hold.

Leeann kept the hold on for almost a minute before allowing Karen’s arms to drop. Stepping over her, Leeann pulled Karen’s shoes off, then immediately dragged Karen to her feet by her hair and again went to work on her. The next fall had already begun.

Leeann twisted Karen’s right arm behind her back and jerked up as if trying to rip it from her body. She started blasting blow after blow into Karen’s biceps giving her a dead arm. Her onslaught continued until she was confident Karen no longer had any feeling in the arm, then she whipped Karen face first into the chain link fence while still holding the wrist.

Again, Leeann levered Karen’s arm high up her back between her shoulders, then gave her a few more shots to her arm for good measure. Grabbing a handful of hair and leaning on her back, Leeann forced Karen’s erect nipples into the spaces in the fencing. Then Leeann began dragging Karen’s upper body along the metal fence using it to maul Karen’s already damaged breasts as Julie shivered with excitement as she recorded Karen’s shrieks for prosperity.

“Why are you doing this?” sobbed Karen.

Leeann just laughed, “It’s really pretty simple. One copy of the tape is mine so I can be sure to keep my job. Crawford’s giving me $200,000 for a copy and another $50,000 for any footage we film afterward at the LBI.”

Before Karen could straighten up, Leeann swung her off the fence and slammed her flat on her back. The next thing Karen knew, Leeann was tearing off her pants leaving her in just her sweaty panties.

Not giving Karen any chance to get a breath, Leeann whipped pulled her up and whipped her into the metal fence again. The breast mauling was back on once more. With her right arm again hammerlocked behind her, Karen was finally able to get her left hand up between her breast and the fence, momentarily easing her suffering. She tried to push off the fence, but was barely able to push her hips back a foot or so.

Seizing the opportunity the space created, Leeann shoved a hand down the front of Karen’s panties. With Julie and her camera just feet away recording every movement, Leeann curled her fingers under and up into Karen’s pussy. Julie was panting as she rapidly panned back and forth between Karen’s face and Leeann’s pumping fingers. Every once in while, Julie’s lens paused to roam over Karen’s war damaged breasts as they were being pureed through the chain link fencing.

Both women were standing, or rather leaning into the fence in just their panties. With the next fall deciding the winner of the match, Julie realized she’d better take a more active role if she wanted to ensure her share of the $250,000 she and Leeann had been promised.

As the two fighters once again began the ritual dance of circling looking for an opening, Julie left the camera running on its tripod as Karen circled to a point directly in front of her. She grabbed a handful of Karen’s hair and drove her knee into the small of her back. Keeping her knee in place, Julie pulled both of Karen’s arms back as she turned her body so she was facing the camera head on.

Leeann just smiled as she did her best Muhammad Ali rope-a-dope, then drove her fists piston fashion into Karen’s bare, undefended breasts. They bounced and jiggled in all directions as Leeann’s hard fists flashed out, her knuckles SPLATing into the soft flesh.

“You like low blows don’t you?” Leeann asked as she snapped her right knee up into the wet crotch of her panties repeatedly.

As Karen’s beaten and battered body slumped, Leeann grabbed a handful of hair and told Julie, “I got her from here. Get your ass back on the camera.”

When Julie signaled she was ready, Leeann walked Karen back into a corner of the fenced area. Grabbing the support rails on either side of the corner, Leeann pulled herself up and placed the heel of each foot solidly on Karen’s breasts, then straightened her legs, mashing Karen’s tits down on her breastbone.

“You fucking whore!” Leeann screamed. “Not only will you NOT get my job, I’m going to make sure you and yourr plastic tits never work in this town again!”

Leeann kept it up until her legs began to tremble from the strain, then she dropped down from her perch but still kept Karen trapped in the corner. She grabbed the front and back of Karen’s panties and yanked up until the fabric disappeared in both cracks. Then she began to saw the bunched material back and forth as tears rolled down Karen’s red face. Leeann kept Karen trapped in the corner, leaning on her with her shoulder as she sawed away.

Karen prayed for something, anything, to stop the pain. Then, as if in answer to her prayers, the fabric tore and broke and her body dropped straight down. She would have hit the mat, but her body was wedged between Leeann and the chain link fence.

“Now, it’s time to increase the torture on her,” thought Leeann as she hauled Karen’s rag-dolling body out of the corner by her hair.

“Hey Julie, check this out babe!”

Using the torn fabric of Karen’s own panties, Leeann wrapped them tightly around Karen’s neck, then turned and bent forward, pulling Karen’s feet off the floor - hanging her by the fabric that was choking her. Julie was able to get some great close-up shots of Karen as her spread-wide legs opened as she kicked and flailed trying to escape from being strangled.

In her desperation, Karen reached back behind her head with both hands and grabbed Leeann’s hair. With her fading strength she worked her hands down till she locked her fingers under Leeann’s chin. Finally able to gain some leverage, Karen gave a mighty heave and pulled Leeann’s head backward. When Karen’s feet touched the floor, she snapped Leeann’s head over her shoulder and dropped to the floor on her ass!

The neck breaker knocked Leeann out cold! Karen staggered to her feet and stripped off Leeann’s panties for the win as Julie scrambled into the ring and cradled Leeann’s unconscious head in her lap, stroking her cheek and sobbing as much for her lost share of the money as concern for the woman who had seduced her into the risky venture in the first place.

Just before she left the arena, Karen thought to herself, “Oh what the hell!” and kicked Julie in the face, knocking her out cold as well. She lift Julie’s limp body draped across Leeann’s. They deserved each other, after all!