What About Betty? - An Illustrated Cartoon Catfight by Ginny

Two pretty high school students, blonde Betty and brunette Veronica, were each eagerly anticipating the end of summer vacation. They were about to start their senior year in high school and each had eyes for cute Archie, the prize catch of the school. As usual, Archie spent the summer working at the beach as a lifeguard with his mentally challenged sidekick, Jughead.

So, Betty and Veronica both spent the summer at the beach. Betty in her red bikini and Veronica in her black one. They weren't lifeguards, but they spend more time at the lifeguard stands than the paid guards did. Betty and Veronica were both hanging around to be sure the other didn't get an edge in the "Archie Sweepstakes." Sooner or later Archie was going to have to ask one of them to the Senior Prom and neither could show her face at school after Archie asked the other.

Veronica's dark Mediterranean tanned skin was a striking contrast to Betty's pale flesh; the result of her slathering gallons of SPF 50 sun block on her sensitive Northern European skin. Still, there was little to choose between them for the untrained eye. Each stood a trim, firm 5' 6" and tipped the scales (frequently in Veronica's case) at somewhere between 110-115. Each stretched the tape to a 34-22-34. While Betty's cup size varied between 'C" and "D" (depending on the time of the month) Veronica had inhaled deeply to get up to a full "C."

While Archie was turning in his lifeguard "stuff" (a term of art for the things lifeguards have) Betty and Ronni, each in her chosen uniform, paced nervously back and forth on the grass behind the hot dog stand. Betty tilted her head back and drained a large icy Coca-Cola and Veronica sipped daintily on a Pepsi.

"Less filling," Betty sneered, holding aloft her empty-except-for-ice Coca-Cola cup and burping.

"Tastes great," Veronica snapped angrily, shaking her half-empty icy Pepsi Cola cup at her blonde adversary.

"That's the wrong commercial," Archie laughed as he came around the corner of the "dog shack" and put a long, fat, hot dog into his mouth. "You two are so damn competitive you don't even care you've got the wrong script. What's up anyway?"

"This bitch called me out," Veronica said, tossing her hair and posing with her manicured fingers on her firm hips. She pushed out her chest to emphasize the curves of her body. Her eyes flashed as she eyed Archie and licked her full, lush lips with a long, pink tongue that promised hours of erotic pleasure.

Archie's knees turned to Jell-o as he though how Veronica could pleasure him on prom night in the back seat of the "Andrews Love-mobile."

"Archie Andrews!" Betty screamed. "Wipe that silly smirk off your face. I can read you like a book. How dare you fantasize about getting into this bimbo panties in that damn old car of yours!"

Archie blushed as Betty stepped up and put a soft, exquisitely manicured hand on his hairless chest. She pressed her belly against his, leaned on him and rubbed her full breasts against his chest.

"You better not even be *thinking* about asking that skank to the prom Archiekins," Betty purred and Veronica did a slow burn. "Just imagine what terrible diseases you could get from being in the same room with her, let alone if you let her in your car. I mean, I heard she's been with the whole football team and school doesn't start for another week. Put the whore out of her misery, Archie. Tell you you're taking me to the prom. Let her go find some big fat ol' biker who'll make her his 'momma' or just let her die like the bitch she is."

Veronica's mouth fell open. She couldn't believe what Betty was saying about her - and in front of Archie at that! She and Betty had plenty of problems in the past but they'd only made catty comments within a small circle of joint friends. Neither had been willing to 'go public' with the negative comments or dare to tell Archie what they thought of the other for fear of turning him off by looking 'catty.' Apparently, those days had ended with Betty's bitchy remarks. Veronica knew she had to say something to put this uppity, rich-bitch, tart in her place and show Archie she wasn't going to concede prom night ecstasy to her hated "blonde bimbo" rival.

"Oh yeah?"

Veronica's face turned crimson as she realized she'd blurted that out. What was wrong with her? "Oh yeah?" That's all she could think of to say? No wonder Archie had a silly, stupid smile on his face and Betty was struggling to keep from bursting out laughing. Veronica was like, soooooo mad at herself! She angrily stamped her foot in the sand and marched right over to Betty, pushed her away from Archie and snuggled up to him herself.

"Now Archie," she pouted in her sexiest pout, "You KNOW I can give you things that blonde wannabe Barbie can't (or won't) give you. A good time for one. Plus, you won't get a frostbite from THESE!"

Veronica bent over and pulled her top down to give Archie a good look at her bosom while Betty stood open-mouthed - unable to believe what she was seeing.

"That common whore," Betty thought to herself as she jumped over, grabbed the front of Veronica's suit and spun her around. She screamed and tried to hold on to her top but Betty dumped her Coke cup full of ice down in Veronica's bikini top. Veronica backed up trying to fish the ice out of her cups while Betty doubled over laughing and Archie's eyes bulged.

Veronica stood shaking with anger as she stared at Betty who was pointing at her and holding her tummy as she laughed at the sight of the brunette's shocked expression. Veronica lunged at Betty, but Archie grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back. She could feel his excited erection against her bottom and it only made her more eager to put Betty in her place. Archie was getting off on her being humiliated and that was something she wouldn't stand for. "Betty's gonna be sorry she started this," Veronica swore under her breath as she kicked and squirmed in Archie's arms.

"Let 'er go Archie," Betty said as she jumped around with her fists raised trying to look like a boxer. "I've been waiting since Jr. High to teach this back-stabbing, man-stealing, low-life, sleep-around, cunt a lesson. It's long past time she got what's coming to her. Put her down right this minute and wash your hands while I tear that black hair outta the whore's head a handful at a time until she begs me to stop."

Archie said something to Veronica and she nodded vigorously.

"Let go Archie. I want this as much as 'Barbie' does. I'm sick and tired of her talking behind my back. I'm gonna make her sorry she opened her mouth. You just step aside and don't interfere. I want to finish this once and for all, not have you pull me off her so there's some doubt about the outcome. I don't want her saying she 'coulda, woulda, shoulda won' if it hadn't been stopped. She's gonna squeal like the pig she is before I leave here today."

Archie asked both girls again if they were sure and when they said they were, he stepped aside and leaned back against the dog shack, adjusted himself and crossed his arms over his chest. He had been waiting years for this moment and now he was going to get to see it firsthand. He couldn't believe his luck!

Veronica crouched with her fingers curled like claws as she circled slowly. Betty stood more upright but, like the brunette her long nails flashed in the afternoon sunlight as she flexed her hands nervously. Both teenagers had long manicured nails and they fully intended to use them on their rival. As he watched them, Archie shuddered. He suddenly realized how serious they were and he knew that at least the loser would need a long recuperation before she went back to school. The other girls were going to make fun of whichever lost this fight, for neither girl was overly popular. They both had streaks of "mean" and had, at one time or another, offended almost every other girl in the school.

Betty moved first, reaching out to grab a handful of Veronica's hair and pull her forward. Veronica yelped and her first reaction was to reach up and try to pry Betty's hands from her hair. This left her body open so Betty brought her knee up into Veronica's stomach so hard it lifted her feet off the ground. Veronica dropped to her knees holding her stomach and losing a handful of long black hair in the process. Betty stumbled back clutching Veronica's hair and kicked off her shoes to get better traction in the slippery grass since Veronica was already barefooted.

Veronica got up rubbing her firm, flat stomach and circled warily, making sure not to get her hair in reach of Betty's hands again if she could help it. Veronica kicked at Betty's knees, but she just laughed as she easily dodged the flying foot and stuck out her tongue at her hated rival.

Angrily, Veronica ducked her head and charged right into Betty. Her head struck Betty right between the breasts as she wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist and slammed her to the ground flat on her back. Veronica fell on top and the loud "whoosh" of air from Betty was music to her ears. Veronica sat up astride Betty's narrow waist, grabbed a handful of golden hair and slapped her back and forth across the face as Betty screamed and clawed at Veronica's arm.

"How you doin' Bet? We havin' fun yet?" Veronica cackled cheerily as her open hand came down with a loud "CRACK!" on Betty's already red cheek.

Archie shifted his weight uncomfortably from one foot to the other as he leaned on the back wall of the dog shack as Veronica leaned into the slaps. He'd promised not to interfere, but he didn't like seeing one of his girlfriends hurting the other - although of the two, Veronica seemed to be enjoying herself tremendously at the moment.

Betty finally managed to get her fingers down the top of Veronica's suit top and used it to pull her over and onto the ground beside her. Instead of escaping, Betty held on to Veronica's top as she slammed her hard little fist into Veronica's side, twice. The second one hurt the brunette and Veronica kicked at Betty as she tried to pull away. She escaped, but lost her top and got her breasts scratched in the process. Betty got up and triumphantly brandished Veronica's top as the dark haired co-ed bashfully covered her bare bosom from Archie's lecherous leering.

"Come and get it Ronni," Betty taunted as she waved the top just out of Veronica's grasp.

With one arm across her bare breasts, Veronica repeatedly grabbed at it, and missed as Betty would pull it away at the last second. Finally, Veronica gave up and lowered her hands, cupping her own breasts and shaking them in Archie's direction as Betty did a slow burn at seeing her rival turn her embarrassment into an opportunity to suggestively display her charms to Archie. In a snit, she threw the top to Archie and grinned.

"Here Archiekins, hold onto this. I'll have the rest in a minute, then you'll have the whole suit. Later, I'll model it for you although I think the top's going to be a couple of sizes too small for me."

Veronica couldn't stand it! There was Betty putting her down while she was topless and Archie was about to explode out of the front of his shorts staring at her boobs. She ran across the grassy patch and leaped at Betty with her claws out. Betty had been playing up to Archie and Veronica's all-out mad charge caught her off balance. Veronica slammed into Betty and the two of them went sprawling on the grass. They rolled over and over onto the patch of gravel behind the dog shack at Archie's feet with Betty on Veronica's back and the brunette on her belly in the loose stones.

Betty used Veronica's hair to hold her down as she dragged her torso back and forth across the gravel, tearing up her soft breasts and belly and bringing screams of pain. Betty beamed proudly up at Archie who pushed his hand into his shorts and adjusted his swelling manhood as he watched his girls fighting over him.

Veronica held Betty's wrists as she flailed her legs and struggled to avoid the sharp stones beneath her chest. Finally, she managed to twist her body around and use her feet to trip Betty who tumbled over backward landing hard on her butt. Betty's fall made her lose her hold on Veronica's hair and the brunette got to her feet with her bikini bottom around the tops of her thighs. While she pulled it back up, Betty scrambled to her feet and charged.

Veronica looked up just as Betty tackled her around the waist. They went back down on the grass with Betty on top. Veronica reached up as they fell, however, and her long red nails furrowed Betty's pale breasts and jerked off her top leaving her topless as well as they once more rolled on the ground. Betty elbowed Veronica in the chin and the brunette's body suddenly went limp. Betty hopped up and jabbed her groggy rival in the ass with her toe as she walked around her with her chest puffed out for Archie's benefit.

"You won't be needing this any longer," Betty hissed as she grabbed the waist of Veronica's bikini and pulled.

As Betty walked down Veronica's body tugging at her suit, Veronica's legs were lifted off the ground until, when Betty reached her feet, they were at Betty's waist height. Betty held Veronica under the heels as she pulled the bikini off and then she dropped Veronica's legs, kicked them apart so they were spread in a wide and suggestive "V" and walked over to Archie. She twirled the bikini under Archie's nose.

"Take a whiff Archiekins," she sneered. "'Cause a whiff's as close as you're ever gonna get to the whore's pussy. When I get through using these," she held up her hands and her well-manicured nails flashed in the sunlight, "nobody's gonna want to touch it."

Betty went back to Veronica who was holding her jaw and moaning. The blonde dropped to her knees between Veronica's open legs and leaned forward, hunched her shoulders and plunged her talons into Veronica's bare groin. Veronica's body spasmed in pain as her head and shoulders jerked upward off the grass - her hands flew to her crotch grabbing at Betty's wrists to stop the attack. Betty backhanded Veronica across the face and laughed at her pain.

Her laughter was cut short by Veronica suddenly reaching up and grabbing the hair above her ears, pulling her forward and slamming her forehead into Betty's face. Betty fell backward with her hands covering her bleeding nose. Veronica crab-walked backward to get some space between them as Archie stood open-mouthed holding both halves of Veronica's bikini in his hands limp at his sides.

Both women got to their knees, Veronica shaking her head trying to stop the buzzing and Betty dabbing at her bloody nose with one hand. Simultaneously, they both let out an animal growl and lunged at the other. They crashed together, sweaty bare breast to sweaty bare breast. With their arms around each others shoulders, each grabbed the hair at the back of her opponents head and pulled her head back. Knees wide apart, breasts rubbing up-and-down and side-to-side, they swayed and wobbled until, finally, they fell on their sides still pulling hair.

Over they rolled, each using her legs, hips and handfuls of hair to tug, twist and roll the other off whenever she got on top. Every time one was upright, she'd punch or scratch the one on the bottom who'd pull her over and they'd repeat the procedure with her opposite number on top.

When they finally came to a stop, Veronica had the advantage. She punched Betty in the side of the jaw and Betty lost her grip on the brunette's hair. Veronica straddled Betty's thighs and pounded her fist into Betty's stomach. The blonde grunted from the hard punch so Veronica did it again. She landed a third belly busting blow before Betty could grab her wrist to put a stop to the barrage of fists. Veronica got up and kicked Betty in the ribs and she wrapped her hands protectively around her.

Veronica knelt and started to pull at Betty's suit bottom, working it down over her hips in spite of her holding on as tightly as she could. Despite Betty's squeals of protests and calls for Archie to stop it, he stood aside and watched as Veronica complete stripped Betty and pulled her bottom off over her feet, twirled it merrily over her head and walked over and give it to Archie.

"Now," she chirped merrily, "I have to show this blonde Barbie wannabe the penalty for starting something she can't finish. Be right back Archie my love."

Veronica went over to Betty who was still on the ground. She looked up with tears in her eyes and shook her head, begging to stop the fight. Giving up, in effect. Veronica, having been challenged and then stripped naked in front of the object of her affections wasn't in any mood to be generous in victory. She has a reputation as a bitch and now Betty was about to learn it was well-earned.

Veronica reached down and dragged Betty up with a handful of her disheveled blonde hair. Betty put her hands up to protect her face, but Veronica's uppercut was already on it's way. The fist smashed up under the point of Betty's chin with a loud "KRAK!" Her torso bent backward, her arms flew out, her legs went stiff. Betty's body arched over in a graceful reverse swan dive and came crashing to the ground. She was out cold before she hit the ground!

Veronica rubbed her knuckles on her bare tummy, raised her hand and blew on her fist as she leered at Archie, the prize for the winner of this set-to. She went over and turned her back to Archie, bent from the waist with her long legs slightly spread, giving the panting teenaged male a perfect picture of her up-turned heart-shaped bottom and the dark hair between her thighs as she bent down and plucked Betty's bikini top from the grass.

Veronica swaggered over to Betty who lay on her back as if crucified, put a foot under the unconscious blonde's hip, and rolled her over onto her belly. Squatting on Betty's firm ass, Veronica pulled Betty's hands behind her and used her own bikini to bind them at the wrists. Reversing her position, Veronica lifted Betty's feet up and tied them to her wrists. She stood up, stepped back and posed with her foot on Betty's bottom and her hands raised triumphantly in the air flexing and grinning at Archie.

"Archie," Veronica sighed as she walked up to Archie and held out her hand, "I'll take my bikini back. I don't think you want to take me home without any clothing on. Do you?"

Archie mumbled something and handed her the suit. As Veronica pulled it on, Archie wistfully eyed Betty's nude body as she started to stir. He felt Veronica's hand tapping him insistently on the shoulder and looked up at her. Veronica's face was set in a ferocious scowl.

"Don't even think about it. I better not ever see you talking to her again. If I do, she's going to get a worse beating than this. Now, come on and take me home. On the way, we can make plans for the Prom."

"What about Betty?" Archie asked, sorry as soon as the words left his mouth.

"Oh, don't worry about that slut. Some beach bum will come along and deal with her. Who knows, she may even like it. Now, put that bimbo out of your mind forever and come with me." Then she said to Betty who had regained consciousness, "You can scream for help all you want dearie. I'm sure someone will wander by sooner or later. It could be some horny wino or maybe one of those motorcycle types you like. Hell, maybe it'll be some dyke out looking for a good time. You could get lucky and it'll be someone nice. Good luck."

Veronica slipped her arm into Archie's and pulled him toward the parking lot, leaving Betty hog-tied behind the Dog Shack with tears rolling down her cheeks as she struggled futilely against the expert knots Veronica had tied her in.


About an hour later, Archie's lifeguard buddy Jughead came shuffling along, killing time until the end of his shift. He spied the bound beauty whose eyes widened in terror when she saw the woodie in his trunks. The huge size of the member was something neither she nor Veronica had ever bothered to check out. Now, Betty had it quite literally in her face when he squatted in front of her to untie her. Say what you will about her, Betty was one girl who rarely missed a man's God-given ability to please a girl.

As you might expect, Jughead went to the Senior Prom with Betty. In fact, they went steady through the year and when they graduated, announced their engagement. Sadly, Veronica and Archie were never meant to be. Veronica thought her victory in their beach fight had settled matters, but barely two weeks later disaster struck!

Archie had been driving home from football practice through the canyon in his SUV. There was a torrential downpour that night, but with his SUV he kept driving with no difficulty. Then, he came across an expensive sports car that was stuck in the ditch. A wall of brown mud was rolling down the hill toward the small vehicle and the gorgeous blonde inside. Archie drove his powerful SUV alongside the car just in time for the buxom blonde to climb in and Archie drove her back to the Andrews house to safety where she could call the auto club.

At his house, she gushed gratefully, "You saved my life with that . . . what did you call it?"

"It's an SUV, a sports utility vehicle."

"Well, I don't know how to thank you," she sighed, nervously fingering the neck her low-cut blouse.

Archie, All-American boy that he is, had no hesitation about telling the buxom blonde - who turned out to be a famous actress - how she could show her gratitude. And that's how Archie Andrews ended up taking Pamela Anderson Lee to the prom instead of Veronica.

Don't believe me? Watch Pam's TV commercial and see for yourself! Today, Betty and Jughead are (sadly) divorced. Veronica never married. She claimed, "Archie's betrayal put me off guys forever."

Betty and Veronica DID get back together, however. They have an "adult" web site that shows them getting "personal" on a live vidcam ($3.95 a minute). They wanted us to let all their fans know, "We've never been happier."

The End