Neve Campbell vs Jessica Biel by bbb4 10-Oct-00

Neve climbs through the ropes after the short walk from the locker room. The warm, musty smell of the old arena invades her nose, as she takes a deep breath, anxious to get on with the evening. She climbs the steps up to the canvas floored ring and peels off her warmups, revealing a barely tanned skin, barely covered by a dark, flowery bikini. Her Canadian background had always left her looking pale, even in the heat of summer.

The high cut briefs of her swim suit show off her trim, athletic hips and behind, shaped by years of gymnastics. The strapless top lets her strong shoulders show while covering her modest breasts. Shorter, dark brown hair almost trickles to the tops of her shoulder blades as she slips of her eye glasses and places them on the canvas beside her warm ups. She leans against the ropes with all her well proportioned weight, stretching her long, lean frame against one of the ropes, feeling the pleasant burn in her shoulders and butt as she holds the stretch. Switching to the other side, she stretches her opposite shoulder and feels a bead of sweat work its way down the furrow of her spine.

Bending at the waist, she stretches her calves and long, muscular legs, until her workout is interrupted by the sound of a door slamming across the arena. A form is momentarily highlighted by the light in the weight room before the door closes plunging the end of the arena back into semi darkness. Under the light of the ring, Neve can barely make out the shape of her opponent crossing the dusty floor. She looks to be nearly her own height with full hips and an athletic gait, but very curvy.

"That you, bitch?" Neve asks the darkened forms as her opponent walks down the aisle, between the long deserted seats.

"Who'd you think it was? Is someone else coming to kick your ass tonight?" asks Jessica as she steps out of the darkness, into the bright lights surrounding the old ring.

Jessica's womanly shape sails out the darkness to, as she grabs the lower rope and hauls her teen aged frame into the ring. Neve shudders as she gets a glimpse at Jessica's powerful thighs as her shorts hike up her legs. Biel's devastating face sit is legendary among those that have seen her fight and win.

Turning attention back to the nearby threat, she watches as Jessica struggles to pull her tight fitting shorts down over her pale buns and hips. The maroon thong Biel wears exposes her large, fleshy buns, and has only a narrow strip of cloth covering her womanhood. She tugs at the strip, widening and spreading it, adjusting it to cover herself better. Biel smiles as she sees the fear grow in Neve's eyes. Jessica stands her full height and turns to face the older woman. She peels off her sweat shirt, revealing a small pair of very firm, perky breasts, with small nipples, pressing against the matching maroon triangles of her maroon bikini top. Only about an inch of height separates the two girls. Jessica fluffs her dirty blonde hair where the sweatshirt pressed it against her damp temples.

The two meet in the center of the ring, staring each other down. Neve fixates her eyes, unblinking at the younger girl, waiting for her to flinch. The two girls nipples gently meet, and stiffen through the thin layers of lycra and spandex. Suddenly, Jessica turns and drops her sweat shirt and shorts over the tops rope to the concrete floor waiting below.

"Almost ready...let me stretch a little."

She grabs both ropes in the corner and leans back, pointing her trim butt at Neve. She murmurs slightly as she bends at the waist, stretching her hamstrings and lower back. She spreads her thighs and reaches down to touch the mat, lowering herself, but keeping her ass pointed straight in the air as she loosens up.

Looking back at Neve between her knees, she smiles and asks, "You like what you see?"

Neve is getting steamed at Jessica's efforts to intimidate her, and responds angrily, "Your fat ass doesn't interest me in the slightest, especially after I kick it up between your shoulder blades."

Jessica smiles as she sees Neve's ire increasing, knowing she is getting to her.

"You'll get a much better look later, when I sit on your face...."

That breaks it for Neve and she charges across the ring, grabbing the still bent over Biel by the hair. She stands the younger girl up and runs her face first into the turnbuckle, ramming her face over and over again into the thinly padded metal buckle. Jessica grunts in pain with each face smashing blow, until Neve finally relents and allows her opponent to stagger backward and fall flat on her ass in the middle of the ring. Biel's eyes are glazed from the pounding blows to her forehead, and she is forced to lean back on her elbows. Neve follows her, bending down to grab underneath her stunned opponent to take a handful of the back of Jessica's thong.

"Upsy Daisy....we're not even close to finished here."

Yanking upward, Neve hauls Biel to her feet, wedging the thin thong far up Jessica's ass and crotch. Biel whimpers in pain as the cloth of the swimsuit climbs her privates, biting into her tender crotch. Neve yanks upward, exposing Jessica's patch of pubes in the front as the thong becomes fully wedged between her opponent's legs. Jessica groans and clenches her fists in frustration as she is dragged across the canvas by her under garments, crying in agony the whole way.

"You shut up, you little whore!"

Neve plants her feet and whips Jessica to the ropes, waiting for the younger girl with a brutal chop to her breasts, that almost makes Jessica forget the bikini thong wedged between her legs. Neve grabs her by the thong again and lifts her up again. Neve stands behind Jessica and grabs both sides of the thong's waist band and lifts her off the mat, using the thong as a handle. She than falls backward, giving Biel a noggin knocking belly to back suplex. Biel rolls to her side, one hand wedged between her thighs and one hand holding the back of her neck. Neve again lifts the younger girl to her feet with a handful of hair and places her gently in front face lock, cinching her arms around her opponent's head, crushing her skull with her strong arms.

Jessica grunts with effort, and tries to fight her way out of the deadly grip, but Neve answers with a knee lift to her small breasts. She then unties the thin string holding up Biel's bra. With her opponent distracted, trying to cover her naked assets, Neve delivers a textbook swinging neck breaker, leaving Biel lying flat on her back, spread-eagled on the mat, her small breasts gently heaving.

Neve doesn't let her opponent rest for a moment, quickly collecting another handful of her opponent's hair and lifting her into another front facelock. Neve delivers two quick knee lifts to Jessica's breasts again, but Neve has visited the proverbial well, once to often. Cursing as her mammaries are treated to a third knee lift, Biel reaches up and jabs her fingers between Neve's thighs, into the triangle of blue material protecting her womanhood. Neve gasps in pain, but Biel is able to poke her in the genitals again before she staggers back into the ropes, covering herself.

Instead of pursuing the stunned brunette, Jessica bends at the waist, her chest heaving as she fills her lungs with air. She reaches down and delicately extracts her thong from between her legs, slowly peeling the sweat soaked bikini brief from between the stands of her dark pubic pelt. She lets out a squeaky gasp as the maroon cloth finally emerges from between her legs. Breathing a sigh of relief, she pulls them down and drops the on the canvas before pursuing Neve, who is still reeling on the ropes, one hand still rubbing her stinging groin.

As Jessica approaches the older woman slowly, Neve suddenly lashes out vengefully, aiming a toe kick straight for Biel's twat. Youth and a healthy dose of suspicion help Biel though, as she catches Neve's leg in midair, hooking her fingers under the heel of her opponent's boot and lifting. Neve looks at Jessica, shaking her head violently from side to side. Neve is forced to lean back into the ropes to maintain her balance, giving Jessica a clean shot a her split. Jessica laughs evilly as she watches Neve hop helplessly on one foot, her womanhood exposed to Jessica's wiles. After a fake kick and a good laugh, Biel buries the laces of her boot into Neve's crotch, smashing her opponent's womanhood with a crippling cunt punt. She holds onto her opponent's boot as she collapses onto the ropes in agony, kicking her in the cunt again and again, until Campbell is able to yank her foot out of Jessica's grasp.

Neve rolls around on the top rope cupping her womanhood and groaning. Now facing away from Jessica, she slowly drops to the mat, one rope at a time before thumping unceremoniously onto the dirty canvas. Jessica takes a few seconds to collect herself after the beating administered by the older woman. She rubs down her now naked form with the palms of her hands, rubbing away some of the sweat building up in the unpleasant heat and humidity of the arena. She knows she can't let Neve recover from her dastardly low blows, so she takes a handful of her opponent's now damp hair and flips her into the center of the ring. Neve lands like a limp ragdoll, skidding across the canvas, her earlier energy drained by the blows to her crotch. Jessica rolls her over onto her stomach and sits near Neve's head, quickly stripping away the brunette's bikini bra.

Jessica fills her hands greedily with Neve's pasty breasts and dark oblong nipples, gives her a good groping tit squeeze, "White breast meat huh? I always preferred dark meat on the breasts."

This doesn't keep Jessica from mauling the sensitive breasts, paying special attention to nipples, pinching them until Neve's eyes begin to water.

Jessica spreads her thighs, still smarting from the brutal thong wedgie, and forces Neve's face into her pelt. Biel quickly locks her thighs around Neve's head as her opponent begins to struggle, trying to push herself away from Biel's maw. Feeling Neve's face against her womanhood, Jessica smiles, and locks her knee around her ankle making a combination figure four headlock and facesit. Jessica flexes her legs, pressing Neve's face pleasantly against her crotch, feeling rather than hearing Neve's muff muffled cries of panic. Neve's hands shoot up, pushing and shoving, trying to escape the devastating hold, but Biel just grabs her hands and holds them at bay, letting her legs and womanhood suffocate Neve out.

Neve rolls to her side, trying to escape the choking grip of Jessica's calves and free her face from the dark, wet, smelly pocket between Jessica's thighs. Neve vainly tries to free her hands from Biel's grip or roll to the ropes, but Jessica is too powerful and her balance too good. Neve's vision begins to tunnel as she is unable to draw a breath, her face totally sealed between Biel's overwhelming thighs. The experienced veteran knows only one way to break the hold.

With her face firmly planted against Biel's cunt, Neve sticks out her tongue and begins probing the warm, salty depths of Jessica's crotch. Moving her tongue from side to side, she easily locates Biel's opening and begins to tickle and tease her. Jessica throws her head back and lets out a girlish giggle as she feels Neve's soft tongue begin to delve into her. Neve's affectionate tongue flicks left and right, up and down, quickly and with great experience, as she nears the foggy stage of asphyxia, where the lights begin to dim and the world begins to spin. Biel giggles again, relaxing her legs ever so slightly, her eyes fluttering closed as Neve continues to explore her.

"Oooooohhh.....mmmmmmm," murmurs Jessica as Neve makes a final push into her sweet depths, probing and penetrating her.

With a sudden jerk, Neve snaps her hands out of Jessica's grip and puts both hands against Biel's firm, sweaty rump. She presses against the solid cheeks, using all her might to slip her head from between Biel's sweat slick thighs. Her head pops out from between the squeezing thighs like BB squeezed between the thumb and forefinger.

Coughing and spitting, glad only to have a lungful of cool air, Neve immediately rolls over and away from the star struck Biel, who is still feeling the effects of the expert tongue workings. The air feels cold against Neve's face as she tries to wipe some of Jessica's juices from her face and get the nasty taste of bush out of her mouth. She gently pulls a brown pube from her mouth with a disgusting scowl on her face. She looks up only to see Jessica, lying on her back with her knees up and spread, looking at her from between her knees and over her now ripe womanhood.

A looping, goofy grin on her face, Jessica adds, "That was the best I've had for weeks. You're so good that I'm gonna make you my bitch."

Jessica climbs to her feet before the still groggy and dizzied brunette can manage to get much further than all fours. Grabbing a hold of the older woman's hair, Jessica lifts her up, only to lay her out with a knee lift to the breasts. Neve collapses back to mat, cradling her bare tits as Jessica leans down and straddles her again, obviously aiming to facesit her and finish the match. As Jessica slides forward, smiling a barbarous smile, her pelt quickly invades Neve's face, smothering Neve with her womanhood again. She quickly begins rocking back and forth, moving her hips in small circles while she thrusts back and forth on the bigger girls face. She grins as she feels Neve's screams reverberate uselessly against her twat as her hip thrusts grow longer and longer, with more and more vigor invested in each energetic lunge.

In another shocker to Biel, Neve grabs her buns and shoves with all her might, tossing the younger girl off her in a quick show of her powerful upper body. Not wasting a second, Neve quickly slides under the bottom rope, and out onto the concrete floor, gasping for breath, hacking and coughing. Jessica is wary, not immediately following the practiced catfighter out side the ring.

After a few seconds, she realizes that Neve has no intention of climbing back into the ring until she has cleared her head of the asphyxia induced haze. Dropping down on her naked butt she begins to slide under the bottom rope when Neve attacks her.

Not even allowing Jessica completely under the ropes, Neve pounds her in the stomach with a fist. With a fury burning in her heart, she slam fist after fist into Jessica's lower abdomen, pounding the sweaty flesh with her knuckles. She continues her assault on Biel, blindly throwing fists into her midsection and lower body.

Neve finally stands back and surveys the damage, taking a moment to gather herself. Rolling Jessica onto her stomach, half on the apron half in the ring, she grabs her opponent's knee, drapes it over the edge of the apron and bends it downward. Biel screams in agony as her leg is tortured, nearly passing out as Neve lifts her leg and slams it downward on the ring apron. Jessica lies on the mat, gently sobbing as Neve leans against the apron, still huffing from the pounding administered by the younger girl. After a few seconds, she grabs Biel's injured leg as she lies face down on the edge of the apron, and gently threads it over the bottom, rope, leaving the other leg under the rope.

Neve pulls back wickedly, threading one leg on each side of the rope and ramming Jessica's unprotected crotch into the bottom the rope, like an arrow knocked on the bow string. Jessica's gentle sobs turn to convulsive screams as Neve tries to split her in two. Grabbing one of her opponent's wrestling boots in each hand, she leans back with all her remaining strength driving Jessica's womanhood against the plastic sheathed steel cable. The rigid rope bites into her lowermost regions, like a thermonuclear wedgie. Biel tries in vain to protect her cunt, but the rope cuts into her womanhood until one of Neve's hand slips off Jessica's wrestling boot, sending her stumbling back onto the concrete floor.

Jessica immediately draws her leg into her chest and gently rolls back into the ring. Curling into the fetal position she cradles her crotch, which had been, just moments ago, riding Neve's face to an orgasmic victory. She watches as Neve climbs slowly into the ring, but is unable to move as Neve sidles up next to her. With a gentle touch, Neve rolls Jessica onto her back and flattens her out, although Biel's hand remain wedged between her burning thighs.

Neve straddles Biel's legs, facing up, toward the torso. She gently moves Jessica's finger aside, exposing her womanhood. When Jessica resists, Neve becomes more insistent, in a slow, but unrelenting quest to open Jessica's thighs. When she finally does expose the muff, Neve slides her middle and ring fingers into Jessica's sweet depths. Biel stiffens and slightly arches her back as she feels Campbell's touch, letting out a controlled gasp.

Slowly at first, Neve begins pushing and withdrawing her intruding fingers, titillating the younger girls twat. Galvanized by the warm feeling in her crotch, Jessica pushes Neve away, trying to stop herself from climbing the slow, steep trail to orgasm.

"Ohhhhh....Stop..." Jessica drawls, her voice already liquid.

Ignoring Jessica's pleading voice, Neve picks up the pace a bit, driving her fingers a bit deeper to arouse the younger girl.

"You say stop.... but I think you want me to keep going......right?"

Neve's question goes unanswered as Biel reaches up and roughly grasps Neve's tit, squeezing the soft flesh in her hands. Neve grits her teeth and plunges her finger especially deep between Jessica's warm lips. Jessica lets out a less controlled gasp, and futilely grabs at Neve wrists, hoping to pry her hand out from between her legs, but Neve's thrusts are quickly becoming too much for the inexperienced girl to handle.

Even her past use of the facesit can't prepare her for the workout that Neve is giving, bringing her up to near orgasm before slowly letting her slide back, and starting again. The rest between each near experience is less and less as Neve expertly finds her opponent's G-spot again and again. Sensing that Biel is about to explode, Neve drives her fingers into her opponent's twat, smiling as she notices that, instead of resisting, Biel's hips are now rising to meet each of her drives. With a volcanic scream, Biel arrives. Warm fluids are unleashed as she is finally allowed to come, finally allowed to peak. She ends with a few exaggerated hips thrusts, milking the last of the adrenaline from the experience, before collapsing back onto the mat, utterly exhausted.

Without withdrawing her fingers, Neve looks at the younger girl, now completely at her mercy.

"Give?" she asks.

"Fuck you , bit.....uuuuHHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaaahhhhhhh."

Biel's hips again thrust forward, as Neve probes her again.

"If two fingers wasn't enough, maybe three is the magic number."

Quickly inserting her pinkie with her ring and middle fingers, Neve again begins to drag Jessica, kicking and screaming, moaning and wailing, toward another climax. Using her larger probe, Neve quickly brings Jessica up to speed, stabbing her fingers into the wetness between Jessica's thighs. Before even reaching the peak, Jessica is begging Neve to release her. She grabs at Neve's arm, digging her finger nails into the soft flesh of her underarm as she nears the peak again.

"Give! Godamnit, I give, I ....uuuuhhhHHHHhhhhahahaaa,"

Jessica never finishes her sentence as Neve climaxes her for a second time, and Jessica passes out. Her arms fall to her side, limp, as Neve gives her a few more thrusts to determine if Jessica has really slipped away into blissful darkness. Neve slowly withdraws her three fingers, smiling.

She rises to her feet, leaving the devastated blonde lying on her back, her sweat drenched chest barely moving. Neve goes to the corner and wipes her hands on a towel, and takes an ice cold bottled water from her bag.

Speaking to no one in particular, Neve announces, "I know what you're thinking.....At least she didn't sit on my face....."

Neve pauses, drinking from the now glazed water bottle, pouring a little of the low temperature fluid over her sweaty chest.

"I bet you're saying, sure, she fucked my brains out....more than once, in fact....but at least my face wasn't her bicycle seat. At least my nose was never wedged up her ass. At least my mouth never tasted her juices."

Neve walks idly over to Biel, and tugs at the front of her tight fitting bikini bottom with her thumbs..... "Well, guess what?"

Campbell gently pulls the front of her bikini bottom down, exposing a triangle of lighter colored flesh, with another triangle of dark pubic pelt inside. Neve strips the bikini off slowly, savoring the feel of the slight breeze against her bare womanhood. An identical patch of less tanned flesh is exposed that backside of her bikini drops too, exposing her fleshy ass. Neve rubs her hand across her ass, over her hips and then down her valley, groaning gently as her fingers pass over her promised land.

"Feel that?" she asks. "Of course you don't, but you will."

Neve rolls the nearly unconscious blonde onto her back, positioning her for her most feared finisher, the buttsmother face sit. She scoots across the scuffed canvas to Jessica's head, squatting on her knees, just above her opponent, looking down her long, naked, sweaty torso. She lightly pushes Biel's lolling head so that she is face up, waiting for the ride of her life. Neve smiles broadly as she brushes a few sweaty strands of hair out her opponent's face, clearing the way for her bottom.

Campbell sits up on her knees slightly and slowly parts her knees, creating a cave for Jessica's face. Neve drags her self forward, so that her muff is just above Jessica's unknowing face, her naked womanhood hovering inches over her opponent's face. She reaches down and lightly slaps the younger girl a few times on her breasts, and then splashes some cold water on her face. Jessica groans as her eyes flutter and then open, looking right into Neve's sweaty snatch and ass.

"What's the matter? Little sleepy?" she asks.

In a sudden panic, Jessica tries to maneuver herself out from under the impending face sit, but she is far too tired from the beating and suffocating she has endured. Neve leans forward, placing all her upper body weight on Jessica's breasts, flattening the mammaries painfully.

"Where you going? The fun's just beginning...?"

With that snide remark, Neve slowly lowers her ass onto Biel's face. The soft, lighter triangle of flesh of Neve's ample butt easily covers and then envelops Jessica's face. Like a bather first putting her toe in a hot bath, Neve gasps and lets out a little squeal as her tenderness first touches the cold water on Biel's face. After only a few seconds, Neve settles, snuggling her buns over Jessica's face. The younger girl struggles for a second, but soon her nose is wedged into Neve's privates, and her powerful thighs have closed together, locking her head in place under Neve's hips.

Neve leans forward, closes her eyes and begins her slow grinding motion on Biel, letting out an extended low groan as she begins to work her magic on the brunette's face. Her hips work back and forth with a slight side to side motion as she slowly grinds her way toward an eruption of pleasure. As the warm glow of joy spreads from her hips, radiating up into her center, the grinding becomes a little easier as her juices add to Jessica's sweat, lubricating her sliding motion.

Back and forth, back and forth, she humps her opponents face, feeling the pleasant pressure of Jessica's face against her crotch. Sweat pours off the older woman as she works herself into a face humping frenzy, rubbing her twat on Jessica's face. Neve's breathing becomes deeper and a little more labored and her grunts become a little louder as the pace increases incrementally, until her head flops back and she lets out a panting, lurid howl. Her powerful thighs, already tightened over Jessica's mug, clamp even tighter over Jessica's face as she summits.

After climbing the peak, Neve lets herself down slowly, thrusting her hips forward a few final times in an effort to wring the last few drops of orgasmic gratification out of her opponent's face.

"Ahhhhhhh gawd....I could do that all day long."

Parting her thighs for the first time she looks down on Jessica's somnambulant face, covered in her fluids and sweat.

Nodding her head negatively, she adds, "Pathetic."

She slaps Jessica's face from side to side, but the brunette is out cold in the stifling heat of Neve's ass smother.

Neve climbs to her feet, her knees still a bit wobbly from the face grinder, and walks away, leaving Jessica spread eagle on the canvas. Neve bends over and picks up Biel's bikini thong and walks back over to the unconscious girl, gently stuffing the sodden, reeking cloth into her opponent's mouth.

Gently, she eases her own bikini bottoms over her hips and collects her bra from the mat.

Quietly, she slips under the bottom, rope and leaves the arena.