Jessica Biel vs. Neve Campbell by The Walkin' Dude

The capacity crowd at Pickman's Studio had just started to settle when the Announcer stepped into the center of the ring and began, "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for our Main Event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a one hour time limit and the winner will be declared the number one contender for the World Championship. Introducing first, she stands at 5’8”…she is JESSICA BIEL!"

'Slither' hits the speakers as Jessica makes her way through the curtain and stalks quickly toward the ring. For her match tonight Jessica’s taken wearing a camouflage bikini with matching pads, boots and wristbands. Her blonde mane hangs loose on her toned shoulders, looking just as ready for battle as the rest of her. Reaching the edge of the ring, Jessica hops up on the apron and stands there a moment before slipping under the middle rope. Going to her corner, Jess raises both arms overhead and turns her eyes towards the entryway.

When the furor for Jessica died down, the Announcer continued, "And her opponent…she stands 5’6” and she is ‘The Scream Queen’…Ladies and Gentlemen Neve Campbell!"

‘Black Hole Sun’ rolls through the Studio and Neve comes through the curtain shortly thereafter. Standing calmly at the top of the ramp, Neve waits for just a moment before starting the walk to the squared circle. As usual, the brunette is clad in a simple two piece black tankini with matching pads. Reaching the ring apron, Neve slides under the bottom rope and comes to her feet all in one motion. Standing in the center of the ring, she stared coolly at Jessica before backing to her corner to await the start of the match.

The bell rang and Jessica knew that it was now or never. Her performance in this match tonight was going to be the turning point of her career. Depending on how she did against Neve, the fans would either see her as a bona fide Main Event wrestler or as the girl that never quite made it. Bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet, Jessica glanced across the ring at the ivory-skinned brunette and murmured, "After that bell rings again, I'm going to be the number one contender. And with you out of my way, there's only the Slayer between me and the World Title." Taking in a deep breath, the blonde grappler let it out in a long slow exhalation and made her way towards the Scream Queen.

On the other side of the ring, Neve went through a few last minute stretches and thought about the match ahead. She knew the Biel she was facing tonight was much different than the one she had faced two years ago at the end of the Summer of Darkness. For one thing, Jess was no one's lackey anymore and in learning to stand on her own, Jessica had become a much more dangerous adversary. And perhaps even more importantly, the future of Fannin's promotion!

The fans might not have figured it out yet - Jessica herself might only now be figuring it out - but the brunette had a scary eye for talent and in the last year, she had come to understand that very soon now, Jessica would be as close to unstoppable as any wrestler of her generation would ever be. It was because of that insight that Neve had so willingly accepted the blonde's challenge. She wanted, no, she needed to show the fans and the locker room that she could take Jessica down when she was going all out. More than anything, she wanted to beat Jessica on her own terms so there wouldn't be any questions after... well, that could wait til after the match was over. Straightening up, the Scream Queen saw the blonde moving towards her and that old competitive jolt ran down her spine. Rolling her shoulders, Neve gave the tape on her wrists a final check before heading out to meet her adversary.

Approaching the brunette in a cautious stalk, Jessica extended her right hand and Neve shook it readily. "Good luck." Jessica said.

Nodding once, Neve replied, "Same to you!"

Pulling away, Jessica circled to her left and after a few questing feints, the blonde straightened up and extended both hands over her head. Fully aware that taking Jessica head on in a Test of Strength was not the smartest way to start the contest, Neve was also aware that there was no way she would turn down the challenge. Lifting her arms, Neve placed her palms against Jessica's and let their fingers lock. As soon as their grips were secured, Jessica and Neve surged into one another, putting their considerable strength into dominating this opening skirmish. This arm trembling, thigh quivering, glute-clenching stalemate went on for about fifteen seconds before Jessica's innate height and power advantage took over and she began forcing the brunette's wrists backward.

Pretty features frozen in stoic determination, Jessica slowly forced Neve to bend backwards, forcing the Scream Queen into a bridge. Undaunted by this impressive display of flexibility, the camo-clad blonde continued to press forward, not stopping until the crown of Neve's skull was balanced against the canvas. Keeping her grip locked tight, Jessica said, "Give up?"

Unable to shake her head without breaking the bridge, Neve fired back, "Not a chance!"

Before Jess could reply, Neve surged up out of the bridge; she had made it to a rough forty-five degree angle when she left her feet in a short hop that got her back to a vertical base. Moving fast, Neve lowered her head and thrust it under Jessica's left armpit. Bending her knees, the Scream Queen bridged up and back, taking Jessica up and over with an improvised Northern Lights Suplex.

Hitting the mat with a grunt, it took Jessica a second to realize that her shoulders were on the mat, but when the ref slapped the mat 'ONE...' the powerful blonde rolled her shoulders off the canvas and twisted to her feet.

Much to Jessica's surprise, Neve maintained her grip on Jessica's hands and when the two wrestlers resumed their verticality, they were still locked in the Test of Strength. Or at least they were until Neve tugged her hands free, dropped to one knee and took hold of the blonde's right ankle. Jerking the taller girl's legs out from under her, Neve waited for the THUD of Jessica's landing, then pounced across Jessica's chest. Hooking her foe's far leg in a tight Cradle, Neve bore down on the cover as the official counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Jess kicked free of the pin and shoved Neve off of her.

Rolling to her feet, Jessica sank back into her crouch and immediately lashed out at the Scream Queen with a Clothesline. But Neve saw the strike coming and nimbly dipped under the blow. Swinging around behind her opponent, Neve went into another crouch, hooked both of Jessica's ankles this time and YANKED the blonde flat on her face. Ignoring the stunned 'Unnnghhh' that escaped her opponent's lips, Neve wrapped her arms around Jessica's waist, locked her hands and rolled onto her back. Bridging up again, the brunette held Jessica's shoulders to the mat as the official swooped in to count, 'ONE... TWO...' Jessica wrenched out of the bridge and scrambled to her feet.

Breathing hard, the blonde grappler took a moment to collect her senses as Neve watched her from across the ring. Infuriated that Neve had been able to so convincingly out-wrestle her in the early going, Jessica locked eyes with the brunette and said, "I'm not going to let you embarrass me tonight Neve."

Tucking a few stray hairs behind her ears, Neve answered, "And I'm not going to lay down so you can get a shot at Sarah. YOU challenged ME, remember that Jessica."

Curling her fingers at the Scream Queen, Jessica settled into tense crouch, "You're right, I did. Now I'm challenging you to try that shit again."

Lips curling in an expectant smile, Neve said, "Done."

She stormed forward and Neve, ducking under Jessica's groping arms, slipped around behind the blonde again and went for another Waist Lock. But this time Jessica was ready for her and before Neve could pop her hips, Jessica dropped to one knee, hooked Neve's right ankle and pulled hard, sending the brunette tumbling to the canvas. Keeping hold of Neve's ankle, Jess spun around in a half circle and dropped onto the brunette's chest in a tight straddle. Leaning all her weight into the pin, Jessica held Neve in her impromptu matchbook just long enough for the ref to count 'ONE... TWO...' Neve kicked her way free of the predicament, shoving Jessica off her in the process.

Quick as a flash, the blonde and the brunette were on their feet and charging for one another. As they neared the point of no return, Neve snapped up her right leg and drove a hard kick directly into Jessica's ribs. When the blonde Amazon doubled over and clutched at her belly, Neve stepped in close and trapped her opponent in a crunching Front Facelock.

Slinging Jessica's near arm over her shoulders, Neve had just grabbed a handful of Jessica's camo briefs when the other girl shot out her free arm, hooked Neve behind the knee and fell backwards, rolling the surprised Scream Queen onto her shoulders with a quick Small Package. Ignoring the panic gnawing at her insides, Neve went completely limp for an instant and then pistoned out her legs as hard as she could, breaking the pin just as the ref counted 'TWO!'

Rather irked that Jessica had almost stolen the match from her, Neve popped to her feet and intercepted the rising blonde with another stiff kick to the belly. Helping herself to a double handful of Jessica's hair, Neve tugged her opponent into a Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around Jessica's svelte waist.

Ready to shatter Jessica's head with the Sit-Out Piledriver, Neve tightened her grip and sneered, "You wanna try to end this fast Jess? Then let's end it fasAAHHHHHHH!"

Neve's taunt never got finished as Jessica wrapped her arms behind the brunette's knees and dumped her onto her back with a Double Leg Takedown.

Holding the squirming Scream Queen by the gams, Jess flipped hair out of her face and growled, "Is three seconds fast enough for you sweetheart?"

Somersaulting forward, Jessica landed with her feet flat on the canvas and pushed up hard, trapping her in a Jackknife Pin. Forcing all her weight down across Neve's wriggling chest, Jessica held on for dear life and nodded along with the official as he counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Neve brought up both arms and smashed her fists into the blonde's ribs to bring the cover to a screeching halt.

The grapplers rolled to their feet again and amidst the enthusiastic cheering of the audience, Jessica flicked a smile at Neve and asked, "What's the matter Neve? Not used to being pinned so easily?"

Refusing to let the blonde see how irritated she really was, Neve snapped her bottoms back into place and snorted, "Just surprised you had it in you Jessica."

Bristling at the smoothly modulated contempt she heard in the Scream Queen's voice, Jessica growled, "You're going to see EVERYTHING I've got in me before I'm done with you Neve."

Snorting, Neve chided, "Now you're sounding like Jessica Alba. Are you SURE you're ready to be a Main Eventer?"

Sucking in her breath in a stung hiss, Jessica snarled, "Oh baby, I am gonna HURT you for that."

Neve rolled her eyes. "Yep, that's Alba all right. I think she said that a few minutes before I made her my bitch. Not the greatest playbook to be working from."

Teeth gnashing and eyes flashing, Jessica didn't bother with anything as polite as words. She simply raised her claws and exploded towards the brunette. Unfortunately for her, that was exactly what Neve wanted and as soon as Jessica was close enough, Neve went low and ripped a murderous left hook into her adversary's liver. Stopped in her tracks by the force of the blow, Jessica doubled over in wounded agony and tried to get her breath back. And while this position might have been helpful in settling her punctured gut, it left her head terribly exposed, a fact Neve let her in on by blasting a Toe Kick right into the blonde's forehead.

Blinded by the stars exploding behind her eyes, Jessica was knocked up on her toes and sent stumbling back in a drunken lurch that gave Neve and even bigger target to work with. Patiently lining up her next shot, the Scream Queen ran the ropes, bounced off them and roared towards her victim. When she was only a few feet from the blonde, Neve left her feet in a high leap that ended with her driving the point of her right knee into Jessica's forehead to hit a Leaping Kneelift that would've done Harley Race proud!

Taking a moment to regain her bearings, Neve surveyed the sprawled form of her dazed adversary and said to herself, "You better suck it up get back on your feet Jess. Because if I have to pull you up, you aren't going to like what comes next."

Hands on her hips, Neve gave Jessica a good five seconds to respond to the command and when Jess just groaned and flopped over onto her side, Neve muttered, "Fine. Have it your way."

Stalking over to her wounded prey, Neve helped herself to a handful of Jessica's briefs and hauled her to her feet. Staying behind the blonde, the alabaster beauty cinched Jessica in a tight Waistlock and pulled her close. Digging her knotted hands into the blonde's paunch, Neve bent her knees and asked, "Remember what this feels like?"

Speaking no more she bridged up and back, ripping Jessica off her feet to deposit the powerful blonde almost directly on her head and shoulders with a Release German Suplex. Initially the crowd was cheering the successful application of the throw (no one in the promotion could hit a German Suplex like the Scream Queen) but shortly thereafter those roars of appreciation turned to gasps of admiration as Jessica rolled onto her belly and pushed to her feet less than three seconds after Neve had slammed her into the canvas.

Unaware of Jessica's stunning recovery, Neve was still getting to her feet when she realized that something was wrong. Instinctively whirling to face her opponent, Neve's dark eyes went wide and Jessica had a split second to savor the beautiful 'what the hell?' incredulity on the brunette's face before she charged forward and nearly decapitated her with a stiff Lariat.

Rising up in a blur of motion, Jessica stormed to the nearest corner, climbed onto the second turnbuckle and roared, "YOU ALL SEE THAT? THIS IS MY NIGHT! IT'S MY NIGHT AND NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!"

As the mob started to chant her name, Jessica hopped down from the buckles, spinning to face her opponent as she did. Shaking the tingle out of her Lariating arm, Jessica added, "That includes you Neve!"

Looking to keep up the pressure on the shell-shocked brunette, Jessica bent down, grabbed a double handful of dark hair and yanked the lithe grappler to her feet. Demonstrating the power that most folks simply described as 'phenomenal' Jessica took Neve by the shoulders, jerked her off the canvas and simply tossed her into the nearest convenient corner.

Moving in quickly, the blonde powerhouse cracked her knuckles ominously and said, "You wanna punch people in the liver Neve? I can play that game too."

Taking her victim's right wrist in her right hand, Jessica pulled Neve's arm up and held it full length so she could ball up her left hand and PIK, PAK, PEK drilled a rapid fire trifecta of blows into the brunette's liver. Beaming happily as tears filled Neve's eyes, Jesse strung her foe's arms out across the top rope, leaving her ribs, chest and belly open for anyone who might want a shot. And believe me when I tell you, Jessica wanted a shot! The legalized mugging went on for about ten seconds before the official stepped in and started his count.

Content with the damage she'd already done, Jessica patted Neve's quivering paunch and said, "Not soft yet. But definitely getting tender."

The blonde backed away just long enough for the official to stop the count, then she lowered her shoulder and charged forward, folding Neve into a breathless U. Taking hold of the middle rope for more support, Jessica pulled back, dug in her feet and lunged forward again. This process played out more than a dozen times before the ref grabbed her shoulder and demanded, "Take it out of the corner Jess!"

Smiling sweetly at the innocuous little man, Jessica said, "My pleasure." Thrusting her hands into Neve's armpits, Jessica took a single step back, torqued her hips and then FLUNG Neve out of the corner into a high, delirious arc that ended when the discombobulated Scream Queen landed flat on her back nearly three-quarters of the way across the ring. Giving the crowd a quick bicep flex, Jessica mused, "That move may not be named after me right now, but I bet that'll change by year's end."

Breaking out of her reverie, the statuesque beauty jogged to mid-ring and dropped into an expectant crouch. Never letting her eyes leave the brunette, Jessica waited patiently as Neve scraped herself off the canvas and got to her hands and knees. It was only when Neve pushed up and started to turn towards her did Jessica lunge to meet her. Moving faster over short distances than most cruiserweights, Jessica shredded the gap between her and Neve in a heartbeat and when she was sure the Scream Queen wasn't going to dodge or weave, she brought her left boot arcing up and THWACK off the brunette's chin.

Grinning from ear-to-ear as Neve collapsed at her feet, Jessica thought about going for the pin right there but decided against it. Even though there was a minute possibility that the brunette was out cold, Jessica didn't want a win that way. The quicker this match ended, the greater the possibility there was that someone might call her victory a fluke. No, she wanted Neve to fire into her with both barrels. She wanted the Scream Queen to pull out all the stops and still come up short. That way, when Jessica Biel-Bombed her pale ass through the center of this ring, there would be no denying that she was the new measuring stick of the promotion.

With those happy thoughts in mind, Jessica pulled Neve with a handful of black togs and scooped her up onto her shoulder for a Body Slam. But instead of simply tossing her captive to the mat, Jessica made a slow circuit of the ring, letting everyone see that Neve's resting place was ultimately where ever she wanted it to be. When she got tired of the theatrics, Jessica strode to the middle of the ring and asked the crowd, "READY FOR ME TO PUT HER DOWN?"

"YEAAHHHH!" came the cacophonous reply.

Indicating a spot several feet away, Jess followed up with, "HOW 'BOUT THERE?"

"THAT WOULD BE OK I GUESS!" replied a voice out of the din of the multitude.

Bending her knees, Jessica pushed up and tossed her opponent across the ring; proving that in her hands, even the most basic offense had the potential to be devastating. With Neve starfished on the mat, Jessica indulged in a happy little strut as she snapped her battle-disheveled briefs back into place across her butt. Looming over her fallen foe, Jessica bent double, grabbed a double handful of Neve's hair and Hair-hauled the brunette to her feet. Circling around behind her prey, Jessica shooed Neve into the middle of the ring and easily wrapped her left arm around the Scream Queen's throat. Forcing Neve's chin into the crook of her elbow, Jessica placed her free hand against the back of Neve's skull and pushed forward, cutting off her air compliments of the Sleeper.

Molding herself to Neve's back, Jess let Neve scramble and jerk all she wanted, she just didn't let the brunette create any space between them. Grimacing a little when Neve dug her nails into her bicep, Jessica squeezed harder as she nuzzled her lips into Neve's ear and hissed, "Tap out or go to sleep Neve. Your choice."

Fighting off the black cracks and sworls that were filling her vision, Neve grunted back, "I was actually thinking about escape."

Jessica smiled and shook her head. "Not an option."

She planted her feet and leaning back hard, using her superior strength to actually lift Neve off the canvas while she was still trapped in the Sleeper. Kicking her legs wildly, the brunette was able to get back to the mat a few seconds later, but she was still locked in the Sleeper and that was becoming a match-ending problem. Breathing as little as possible, Neve made microadjustments to her position and when she was satisfied with her placement, she folded up her right arm and slammed the point of her elbow back into Jessica's belly. The blonde gaped in surprise, but the blow wasn't enough to make her relinquish her grip.

Clamping down tighter she asked, "That all you got NevUNNNGGGHHH!"

The Scream Queen repeated the elbowing tactic again and this time Jessica's grip did falter, but she recovered fast enough and before Neve could get too far, she snagged her by the wrist and whipped her hard into the ropes. Using those brief seconds to catch her breath, Jessica remained motionless until Neve was within grasping distance. That's when she reached out with both arms and wrapped one around the brunette midsection and the other around her thighs.

Lifting Neve, Jessica turned her foe so that she was parallel to the mat and then dropped to one knee, nearly snapping the Scream Queen across her muscular thigh with a Backbreaker. Barely allowing Neve enough time to shudder, Jessica powered to her feet, swung around in a looping half circle and dropped straight to the mat, giving Neve's spine another jolt, this time with a Sidewalk Slam. Leaning with all her weight across Neve's chest, the domineering blonde trapped both of the brunette's legs in a snug Cradle and waited impatiently as the official swooped in to count, 'ONE... TWO...' Neve ripped her legs free of Jessica's clutches and flopped over onto her side to break the count.

Shaking her head, Jessica pushed up off her adversary and got to her feet. Helping Neve up with a handful of hair, Jessica took a step back and slammed the point of her left boot into the brunette's abdomen. As Neve doubled up, Jessica ran the ropes and came storming back in. Just as it appeared she was about to run through her target, Jess brought her right knee up in a short, brutal journey that ended at Neve's cheek. The Scream Queen groaned and was stood up on her toes by the force of the blow, which was exactly what Jessica had intended. As soon as the Knee Trembler hit home, Jessica stepped to her right so she was just behind the brunette.

When Neve offered her head, Jess gratefully accepted it by lacing both hands across her girl's chin. Locking her fingers, Jess pulled Neve's head back, bending it painfully across the point of her shoulder. Less than a second later, the blonde sat out, landing flat on her back while she yanked Neve off her feet and stapled her to the mat with a stinging Reverse Neckbreaker.

Feeling like she was really starting to fire on all cylinders, Jessica popped to her feet and slapped her left shoulder with her right hand a few times, in a sort of 'Yeah, you know THAT'S right' gesture. Returning her attention to Neve, Jessica pulled the woozy brunette to her feet only to wrap her arms around the Scream Queen's waist and slap on a Bear Hug.

Hoisting Neve off the mat, Jess muscled the other wrestler's thighs against her hips to make sure Neve couldn't use her feet for leverage. Crushing in close, the muscles in Jessica's arms, shoulders and back stood out beautifully as she worked the simple maneuver.

Resting her cheek against the brunette's shoulder, Jessica nuzzled in close and asked, "Pretty good Bear Hug huh?"

Doing her best to ignore the vise that was crushing her ribs, Neve nodded and gasped, "Yeah.... Allison's is better though."

Mouth hanging open in surprise, Jessica muttered, "Oh you did not just say UNNNGHHHH!"

Taking advantage of Jessica's questioning, Neve grabbed a savage handful of hair and used her free hand to hammer fists into the blonde's forehead. It took more than a dozen punches and a few elbow thrusts, but Neve was finally able to tear her way free of her rival's grip. Unfortunately her own breathless condition didn't allow her to get very far before Jessica lunged after her and snagged a handful of hair. Bending the brunette backward, Jessica forced Neve's chin under her right armpit to secure the Inverted Facelock.

In the same instant, she shot out her other hand and grabbed a handful of the Scream Queen's waistband. Tightening both grips, Jess bent her knees and growled, "Let's see your ribs survive this..."

She lifted up and back, hauling Neve off her feet in a graceful arc that brought her directly over the blonde's head. But before Jessica could fall back to complete the Inverted Suplex, Neve wriggled free of her grip and landed roughly on her feet behind the startled Amazon. As fast as Jess had applied her Inverted Facelock, Neve did it just a little faster and she didn't bother to grab a handful of tights either. She just yanked Jessica's chin into her left armpit and locked her hands. Planting her feet, Neve jostled her hold up and down, putting intense pressure on Jessica's neck and back with the Dragon Sleeper.

Staring down the defenseless curve of the blonde's midsection, Neve bore down on the submission and challenged, "You wanna risk a broken neck Jess? Or do you wanna give it up?"

Neve wrenched back on the hold again, forcing a pained gasp from Jessica’s lips. Fighting desperately to keep her balance, Jessica tried slapping or punching at Neve's face, but her position made it almost impossible for her to accurately plan her shots. Refusing to waste any more energy on a pointless endeavor, Jessica snarled, "You're not gonna make me quit Neve. If you want a submission you're gonna have to break something."

Neve smiled. "Now you're starting to sound like a Champion. But even Champions have to tap now and AAHHHH!"

To Neve's surprise, Jessica had been making adjustments of her own and when she had just enough room to act, she TWISTED into the Dragon Sleeper, reversing her place so that while Neve still had her head trapped, it was now in nothing more dangerous than a Front Facelock. However, she should have remembered that ANY hold, even the most basic of set-ups was dangerous when applied by the Scream Queen and Neve reminded her of this fact by rising up on her toes and then dropping down to the mat. A started Jessica was yanked off her feet and spiked face-first into the canvas thanks to Neve's well timed DDT.

Deciding that a prolonged assault on the blonde's head and neck would be the best way to set up the Sit-Out Piledriver later in the match, Neve scooted in next to her opponent and wrapped her legs around Jessica's neck. Locking her ankles, the Scream Queen started to squuueeeze and Jessica started to squirm. Placing her hands flat on the mat, Neve pushed up and down, adding more pressure to the Headscissors. After about ten seconds of this treatment, she flipped hair out of her face and asked, "Not a bad Scissors, right Jessica?"

Digging her fingers into Neve's constricting thighs, the blonde muttered, "Not bad.... but Charlize's is better."

Rolling her eyes, Neve said, "All right, I've obviously been taking it too easy on ERRRGGHHH!"

While Neve was reacting to the blonde's insult, Jessica was busy worming her way into a position that would allow her to escape. Planting her hands on the mat, Jessica struggled around until the crown of her skull was also flat against the canvas. Displaying remarkable grace for a wrestler her size, Jessica floated up into a quick headstand, pushed down and then pushed UP, popping her head free of Neve's grip just before she landed on her feet. With Neve still seated in front of her, it was easy for Jess to shoot forward and drop low, wrapping up the Scream Queen in a skull-grinding Headlock.

Mashing the brunette's face into the side of her right breast, Jessica locked eyes with Neve and smiled, "Been working on my chain-wrestling as you can probably guess. Whaddaya think?"

Grunting as the blonde squeezed her head like a grape, the brunette replied, "You're doing very well Jess. Just one thing though, you've got to remember to neutralize my arms."

The words were still coming out of Neve's mouth when she shot both hands up and grabbed hold of Jessica's wrists. In a startling blur of motion, Neve twisted out of the Headlock, rolled onto Jessica's back in a tight straddle and tied up both of the blonde's arms in a Double Hammerlock.

Pressing down with all her weight on the trapped limbs, Neve added, "You should really learn to play to your strengths Jessica. Namely, your strength. We keep this fight vertical, you'll look like a first ballot hall of famer. But if you insist on taking it to the mat, you'll just look shabby."

Fuming over the Scream Queen's use of the ‘S word’ Jessica replied, "I haven't really proved anything if I can't beat you everywhere in this ring, that includes on the canvas. Just know I'm gonna grind your face into the mat first chance I get." She tried to jerk her way out of trouble, but Neve pushed down harder on the Hammerlocks and she stayed pinned down.

Adjusting her position, Neve replied coolly, "Well I guess I better not give you another chance should I?"

She released Jessica's wrists and pushed to her feet. Before the downed grappler could begin to appreciate her freedom, Neve moved into position next to Jessica's head, leapt into the air and came down with the back of her left thigh slicing across the back of Jessica's skull. Hoping the Leg Drop had stunned her foe enough for what she was planning next, Neve scrambled to her feet and pulled Jessica to hers. Whirling around behind the taller girl, Neve tied her blonde up with a Full Nelson and pushed down hard.

With the point of Jessica's chin digging into the top of her cleavage, Neve said, "Bet you don't shrug this one off baby."

Calming her nerves, Neve bent her knees and bridged up and back, lifting Jessica off the canvas only to drop her on her head and shoulders a second later. Maintaining the Full Nelson, Neve bridged up on her toes and waited in silence as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO...' Jessica rolled onto her side, breaking the Full Nelson and the pin with a second to spare.

Sighing, Neve rolled to her knees and pulled Jess to a seated position. If the blonde really wanted to test her mat-wrestling skills, Neve would be more than happy to show her what she was capable of. Neve reached forward and took hold of Jessica’s wrists, grabbing one in each hand. Pulling the blonde's arms out behind her, Neve lay back on the canvas and brought her legs up around Jessica's arms, making sure the insides of her knees were roughly level with Jessica’s armpits. Almost done now, Neve crossed her ankles at the base of the blonde's neck and pressed down, cinching the Lotus Lock in tight.

Despite the bizarre set-up, the Lotus was really nothing more than a Full Nelson applied with the legs, but given the power of the limber brunette's gams, it didn’t need any other gimmicks attached. Letting go of Jessica’s wrists, Neve put her hands palms down on the mat and rose up, adding even more pressure to the hold. Watching Jessica's struggles with a detached smile, Neve slowly increased the pressure on the Lotus to see if she could find Jessica's breaking point.

Impressed that Jessica didn't start howling her surrender, Neve bounced the hold a little harder and said, "Don't just sit there Jess. Either find a way out or give up. I can make this a lot more painful than it already is."

Settling onto her butt, she reached forward and gave the blonde's breasts a single squeeze just to illustrate her point. Shaking her head 'no' in response to Neve and the referee, Jessica banged her heels against the mat and snarled, "I wouldn't do that if I were you Neve. You may be pretty damned good when it comes to wrestling, but if you make this a catfight, YOU'RE the one that's gonna end up looking shabby."

Licking her lips, Neve's eyes were glittering as she said, "Oh Jesse... that sounded like a challenge."

"That wasn't a challenge, just facAAARRGGGHHHHH!" Jess shrieked in surprise and pain as Neve sank her claws into the blonde's rack and began to knead the defenseless jugs without mercy.

Now fighting a war on two fronts, Jessica had nothing but her legs to help drag her across the canvas to the safety of the ropes but luckily for her, that was all she needed. After several more agonizing seconds, Jess wrapped her ankles around the bottom rope and demanded, "BREAK!"

Listening to the ref's count with one ear, Neve gave Jessica's nubs a final tweak and said, "If you don't start fighting back, I won't look shabby, I'll look cruel. So do me a favor and make this worth my time."

Breaking the hold, Neve scraped the panting blonde off the mat, then scooped her up and held her across her shoulder as if for a Body Slam. But instead of the simple slam, Neve turned and marched Jessica into the nearest corner where she folded her victim's flailing legs over the top rope and tucked them under the turnbuckle to tie her to the Tree of Woe.

Satisfied with her preparation, Neve sat down on her butt and spread her legs at a forty-five degree angle. Biting her bottom lip in a coy smile, Neve scooted forward until her crotch was millimeters from Jessica's face. Jessica's eyes went wide as she realized Neve's plan and she managed to grab a single deep breath before the brunette's thighs clamped shut around her head like a bear trap, locking the blonde in a vicious Head Scissors while she was still trapped in the Tree of Woe.

Hands flat against the mat, the Scream Queen thrust her hips forward again and again, mashing Jessica's features against her center. Throwing her head back, Neve added a massive squeeze to her hip thrusts, wedging the blonde's inverted nose in even tighter against her womanhood. For her part, Jessica tried to fight off Neve's legs, but she was disoriented from being hung upside down and with her blood rushing to her head, she was already beginning to get lightheaded.

Holding Jessica's wrists in one hand, Neve casually punched at the blonde's exposed belly as she said, "Word of advice Jess. If you want to be considered for the Main Event, you should try to not end many matches with your face snugged up against your opponent's crotch."

Neve was about to say something else when the ref started his 'FIVE' count. Milking the hold until 'FOUR' Neve finally released the Scissors and got to her feet. Ignoring the drone of the official, she took hold of Jessica's shins and prized her loose from the corner, allowing the blonde to land flat on her face with a wet SPLAT.

Sinking her hands into Jessica's hair, Neve dragged her opponent to the middle of the ring, rolled her over onto her belly and pounced. Throwing all her weight across Jessica's chest, Neve hooked Jessica's far leg in a Cradle and held her helpless as the ref slapped off, 'ONE... TWO...' The blonde shrugged free of Neve's grip, proving that she wasn't exactly helpless just yet.

Knowing she could break anyone if she stretched them long enough, Neve grabbed a handful of Jessica's top and pulled her up. Switching her grip to the blonde's wrist, Neve pointed her towards the ropes and whipped her away. As the blonde stumbled back to meet her, Neve spun around behind her and threaded her left leg around Jessica's left to begin setting up the Abdominal Stretch. Much to her surprise and chagrin, Jessica slipped out of Neve's trap and whirled around behind her.

Before Neve could prepare a counter to the counter, Jessica trapped her in a hard Full Nelson of her own. Standing a bit to Neve's left, the blonde planted her right foot just inside the brunette's left foot and shoved forward hard. The result saw the Scream Queen swept off her feet and driven face and chest-first into the mat with the Full Nelson Facebuster Jessica called the ‘Seventh Sin.’

Breaking her hold on the brunette's neck, Jessica leaned down and taunted, "You wanna make this about showing off Neve? Then I'll turn you into a fuckin' spectacle!" Tearing Neve off the mat, Jessica doubled her over with a heartless Knee Lift and asked the crowd, "YOU WANNA SEE NEVE'S ASS?" After an overwhelmingly positive response, Jessica smiled and told her opponent, "You heard the people Neve. Let's show em those pasty glutes."

Reaching down with both hands, Jessica grabbed the bottom of Neve's briefs and TUGGED them up, yanking the black material deep into the crack of the Scream Queen's ass. After jiggling her thong handle back and forth for a few seconds, Jessica released her hold only to wrap both arms around the brunette's waist. Locking her hands, Jessica lifted Neve off her feet and slowly paraded her around the ring, giving everyone in attendance a good look at her recently bared butt. Smiling wickedly, Jess asked the mob, "YA KNOW WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO?"

"WHAT?" replied the fans.


Looking to cross this particular entry off her life list, Jessica adjusted her grip so that she was only holding Neve with her left arm. Balancing the helpless girl's weight against her hip, Jessica brought her free hand to her lips, licked her palm and then SMACK brought it whistling down on Neve's butt. Ignoring her captive's bleat of protest, Jessica said, "Oh I liked that!" and proceeded to light up Neve's ivory posterior with a withering barrage of Spanks. After more than a dozen of these cheek-blistering blows, carrying Neve's weight with one-arm began to wear on the blonde, so she resumed her two-handed Waist Lock, rose up on her toes and hurled Neve across the squared circle with a Gutwrench Suplex.

Jogging over to her flattened foe, Jessica took Neve's ankles and lifted them up, folding the helpless brunette into a Matchbook. Flipping around, Jessica sat with all her weight across the Scream Queen's upturned thighs. With both hands free, Jessica was able to Spank Neve's ass in time with the ref's count of 'ONE... TWO... THR…NO!'

Neve shoved her off at the last second, avoiding a humiliating defeat by the slimmest of margins. Picking herself up, Jessica stalked back over to where Neve was sprawled out and continued her assault. After Kicking the prone brunette in the ribs a few times, Jessica raised her right arm over her head, lined up her shot and dropped a short, sharp Elbow on Neve's sternum.

Grinding the bony joint home, the blonde lowered her face to the Scream Queen's and cooed, "This is the kind of fight I was hoping for Neve. You start with something, I up the ante and trump you every single time. So keep fighting, keep trying to out-do me 'cuz I brought my A-game tonight and I'm not leaving the ring a loser."

Pushing away from her breathless foe, Jessica moved to Neve's feet, dropped down and grabbed both of her ankles. Standing up, she tucked the captive limbs into her armpits and added, "Now that I've spanked your ass, I think I'll break your back!"

She started to turn over but she hadn't made it more than halfway when Neve shot out her arms and wrapped them around the blonde's left leg in a death-grip. Grunting in annoyance, Jessica kept trying to turn over into the Boston Crab, but with Neve clinging to her shin, it just wasn't happening. Determined to stretch the brunette one way or another, Jessica changed her strategy and actually started dragging her rival toward the ropes.

Unable to believe the apparent cluelessness of the blonde's tactic, the crowd roared for her to get Neve back into the middle of the ring, but Jess didn't listen and a few seconds later, Neve broke her grip on Jessica's leg and reached for the rope. The distance wasn't much so Neve didn't have a hard time getting hold of the cables, but when the official started his 'FIVE' count, Jessica didn't let go. Instead, she pushed forward even more, forcing Neve's head under the bottom rope. The instant she had the other wrestler in position, Jessica dropped straight back, using her momentum to yank Neve throat-throat first into the bottom rope in an ingenious catapult-like maneuver.

When her windpipe slammed into the rope, Neve forgot all about everything else and that made it easy for her opponent to get back to her feet and draaaaaag her deep into the center of the squared circle. Flipping some hair from her face, Jessica snarled, "As I was saying, I think it's time to break your back!"

Jessica flipped Neve over onto her belly and sat down hard on the small of the brunette's butt, bending her into a heinous C of the Boston Crab.

Bouncing all of her weight on Neve's tortured spine, Jessica added a few taunting back and forth grinds of her butt across Neve's quivering cheeks. Speaking through gritted teeth, Jessica looked over her shoulder and demanded, "SUBMIT!" Shaking her head frantically 'no' Neve dug her hands into the canvas and tried to crawl forward, but with Jessica's bulk on her, her progress was almost non-existent. Not getting a concession fast enough for her liking, Jessica leaned back even further and repeated, "SUBMIT!"

"FUCK YOU!" howled Neve, the pain in her voice clearly evident.

Snorting, Jessica replied, "No way Neve. You're the one who's fucked!"

Releasing her grip on Neve's right leg, Jessica tossed the limb aside and curled her recently freed hand into a vicious looking claw. Holding it over her head just long enough to let the crowd see what was coming, she plunged the talon down and latched it onto the center of Neve's trunks, adding a Crotch Claw to the already considerable pain of the Single Leg Crab. Mauling the brunette's groin with sadistic little corkscrew twists of her hand, Jessica pulled Neve's leg back so far that the sole of her foot was less than six inches from the back of her head. Digging deep into her opponent's center, Jessica screamed, "YOU'RE BEATEN! GIVE IT UP!"

Tearing at her hair to keep from conceding to Jessica's demand, Neve managed to twist around and grab hold of Jessica's ankle again. Pulling herself as close as she could, Neve darted her head forward and BURIED her teeth in Jessica's calf, just above the top of her boots. The sudden flair of anguish in her leg loosened Jessica's cruel pair of holds for a moment, but she didn't let go. It was only when Neve kept chewing that Jess decided she didn't want to leave any part of herself inside Neve's gullet tonight and released the Claw and the Crab. Limping away, the hobbled blonde checked to make sure she was OK (Neve had managed to draw blood, but it wasn't much and the pain was already starting to fade) and when she was satisfied with her assessment, Jessica trudged back towards the brunette and dragged her to her feet.

Burying one hand in Neve's damp mane, Jessica reared back to SLAP the taste out of Neve's mouth with a shot that echoed through the arena. Going nose-to-nose with her glassy-eyed nemesis, Jessica hissed, "You try that again and I'll make sure you the next time you bite anything it'll be with a brand new pair of dentures."

The infuriated blonde took Neve by the wrist and whipped her into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Jogging to the ropes at her back, Jessica bounced off the cables for a boost of momentum and charged at her incoming opponent. When there was still several feet left between them, Jessica leapt off her feet and soared through the air to drive the point of her shoulder into Neve's chest with a Flying Shoulderblock that tore Neve off her feet like she was nothing more than a ninety pound rookie.

Rolling the gutshot brunette over onto her back straddled Neve's waist and placed her hands on the Scream Queen's shoulders in a pin that was remarkably sexy, but also a little arrogant. Haughty or not, that didn't stop the official from swooping in to count, 'ONE... TWO...' Neve shoved Jessica's hands aside and slapped the blonde across the face, brining the pin to an end.

Still occupying the mount position, Jessica growled, "That is it!" and brought both hands CRACK down on Neve's chest. As Neve's back arched, Jessica gave her something else to cry about by digging her strong fingers deep into the meat of the Scream Queen's rack. Tugging and jerking on the sensitive flesh, Jessica stood up and pulled Neve along with nothing more than a handful of breast meat. Sinking her tines in as deep as they would go, Jessica drank in her opponent's anguish and panted, "C'mon Neve, look me in the eye and tell me you can't take any more painUNNNGHHHHH!"

Roaring through the fog that had taken up residence in her brain, Neve wrenched Jessica's hands from her tits, booted the blonde in the gut and stepped in close. Wrapping her arms around Jessica's gulping waist, Neve sneered, "I can take more than you could EVER hope to dish ERRGGHHH!"

Realizing that Neve was about a second away from dumping her on her head with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Jessica straightened up and smashed an elbow strike down onto the crown of the brunette's head. Neve's grip fell away and it allowed Jess to shove the Scream Queen back a few feet. Given the proper amount of room to work, Jessica stabbed her right hand out and wrapped it around Neve's throat while her other hand took a healthy handful of black tights. Remembering Neve's last words, Jessica snarled, "Then take THIS bitch!"

Lifting straight up, Jessica hauled Neve several feet into the air and flung her right back down, sending her crashing back-first to the mat with a ring-rattling Choke Slam. Falling to her knees in exhaustion, Jessica hooked Neve's far leg while simultaneously placing her forearm across the brunette's jaw. Leaning her weight into the cover, Jessica counted along with the zebra as he intoned, 'ONE... TWO... THRNO!' Neve rolled a shoulder clear and forced Jessica off of her.

Finally beginning to understand that she'd have to totally decimate Neve before she could beat her, Jessica rolled her shoulders and muttered, "So be it."

Hoisting the Scream Queen up by the roots, Jessica gripped Neve by the neck while she reached her free hand down between the brunette's thighs and lifted Neve off her feet over her head in an awesome example of a Military Press. Relishing the pleasant burn in her arms and shoulders as Neve's weight bore down on her, Jessica found her voice and shouted, “THE NEXT GIRL I DO THIS TO WILL BE A SLAYER!"

Holding the lift for another few seconds Jessica suddenly jerked her hands away without warning. In the split second that the wounded brunette started to fall, Jess executed a perfect ninety degree turn so that Neve landed belly-first on the point of her right shoulder. Just as fast, the blonde snaked her arms across Neve's back and dropped herself forward and down, just FLATTENING the slender brunette against the mat with a beautiful Over-the-Shoulder Powerslam.

Truly believing that the powerful maneuver had taken the last of the fight out of Neve, Jessica pulled the crippled beauty to her feet and whipped her into the corner, just to make it official. Loping after her adversary, Jessica approached the corner and wasted no time in climbing onto the second rope. Sinking her left hand into Neve's sweaty mane, the blonde pulled her foe's head back at a sharp angle and began to bang a series of Punches on the brunette's porcelain forehead.

The audience had just counted off 'EIGHT' on their way to 'TEN' when the Scream Queen brought her arms swinging up and grabbed hold of Jessica's throat. Before the Amazon could even react, Neve shoved out of the corner, took three giant steps forward and sat-out HARD pasting Jess to the canvas with an improvised version of the blonde's own Biel Bomb finisher.

Now if Jess had been the one to hit the Biel Bomb, she’d have wrapped her arms around her foe's legs and leaned forward to go for the pin, but this was Neve's take on the move and as such, she added her own special twist. Tossing the blonde's legs aside, the Scream Queen scrambled up to Jessica's head, swung around quick and dropped the full weight of her ass onto Jessica's nose in a Reverse Face-Sit Pin. Tucking her boots in against the sides of Jessica's face, Neve ground her rump back and forth across Jessica's features as the ref counted 'ONE... TWO... THR…NO!'

Blinded and stunned, Jessica still realized what was happening to her so was able to get her hands against Neve's ass and shove her off a second before the match could end. Getting her feet under her, Neve took a moment to pull her distended togs back into place before returning her attention to Jessica. Watching the humiliation blossom on the blonde's face, Neve smiled and asked, "What's wrong Jesse? According to Lopez you LIKE ass on your face."

Trying to wipe the last of Neve's scent off of her face, Jessica glared black murder at the brunette and panted, "I'll KILL you for that."

The Scream Queen put her hands on her hips. "Your words say I'll kill you, but your eyes say grind my nose. Which is it Jesse?"

Hissing like an enraged demon, Jessica barreled towards Neve and brought her right foot arcing up in an attempt to send the brunette's head soaring into the last row. But Jessica's anger had made her reckless and against an opponent like Neve, being reckless was tantamount to suicide. As Jessica's leg shot toward Neve’s face, the brunette shot forward to meet the limb, snaking her arm under the leg and pulling up, trapping it in a position that was nearly directly above Jessica‘s head. In the same instant, Neve shot her free hand behind Jessica’s neck and clasped her hands shut. Holding Jessica in this painful position, Neve turned in a circle so that her back was facing the center of the ring. Looking into Jessica’s helpless but fearless visage, Neve cooed, "Hey Jess... Kiss my ass."

She tossed Jessica up and over her head, depositing the blonde on her back several feet away courtesy of the rarely seen and extremely dangerous Capture Suplex.

Rising off the canvas, Neve thought about finishing Jessica right then and there but decided against it. Even though she knew it was probably a mistake to taunt someone with the explosive power and terrible resiliency of Jessica Biel, the blonde had paddled her ass like an unruly brat several minutes ago and Neve could not, would not let that go unavenged! With her next move already picked out, Neve nudged her foe onto her side and stalked over to her feet. Brushing the ref aside, Neve grabbed hold of an ankle in each hand and pulled them off the canvas, holding Jessica’s lovely gams at a rough forty-five degree angle.

Holding the blonde’s legs prone, she really wanted to taunt her opponent, but decided to hold off until there was no way Jess could do anything about it. Smiling grimly, Neve held her barb in for another moment and went to work on making Jessica suffer. Pulling her left hand away from Jessica’s right ankle, Neve leaned forward and grabbed hold of the blonde’s right wrist.

Pulling the captive limb towards her, Neve threaded Jessica’s arm through the V of Jessica’s legs and pulled it tightly across the back of the blonde’s knee. Making sure Jessica’s hand was palmed roughly against her own shin; Neve shifted her grip and repeated the arm-threading tactic on Jessica’s left arm. Taking possession of Jessica’s ankles she quickly crossed them over one another, effectively pinning Jessica’s hands in place. Almost ready to go now, Neve dropped to her knees and rolled Jessica over onto her knees, leaving the blonde with butt thrust into the air while her face and knees were pressed firmly against the canvas.

Taking a position by Jessica's head, Neve flicked out her boot and mashed the sole against Jessica's face. "You spanked my ass a few minutes ago Jessica. You had to know I was gonna get you back for that."

Struggling against the knot Neve had tied her in, Jessica growled, "Kinda hard to be intimidating when your ass is burning isn't it?"

"It is." Neve agreed. "But who knows, maybe you'll be the exception to the rule." She stood up, moved into position and then sat down on Jessica's lower back, facing her upturned butt.

Dreading what she knew was coming, the blonde still managed to sound threatening as she growled, "Don't you dare."

"Don't dare do what?" Neve asked. "All I see is camouflage, there's obviously no ass here. Unless...." she reached down with both hands, grabbed the bottom of Jessica's briefs and RIPPED upwards, tearing an indignant howl from her opponent with the ass-bisecting Wedgie. Smiling as the crowd egged her on, Neve patted Jessica's freshly bared cheeks and said, "There it is!"

Combating the pain with an all consuming fury, Jessica snarled, "Neve if you don't let me go I'm gonna UNNNGHHH!"

The Scream Queen slapped her foe's ass as hard as she could. Jiggling the defenseless flesh back and forth, the brunette challenged, "You'll what? Bawl and sob? Scream my name? Tell me you like it? WHAT (SPANK!) EXACTLY (SPANK!) WILL (SPANK!) YOU (SPANK!) DO (SPANK!) JESSICA?!" (SPANK!)

Hating the feel of the tears burning down her cheeks, Jessica replied, "I'll... I'll... I'll fucking BREAK YOUR NECK!"

Nodding appreciatively, Neve said, "That's what I like to hear. Now, before we continue, there's one more thing I owe you."

Curling her fingers into a Claw, Neve sank her talons into Jessica's center for the better part of fifteen seconds before finally letting go. Wiping her clawing hand off on Jessica's back, Neve strutted away, then whirled around and sprinted towards her trapped adversary. Waiting til the last second, Neve went low and slammed both boots into the side of Jessica's head in a low Dropkick that finally untangled the blonde from her ignominious position.

Lifting Jessica to her feet with a handful of hair, Neve grabbed her by the wrist and whipped her into the corner, doing it from such a distance that the blonde didn't have time to turn around before slamming her THUD sternum-first into the top turnbuckle.

Not letting Jess get a breath, Neve tore off after her, left her feet and drilled the point of both knees right between her shoulder blades. Jessica sagged and would have dropped to her knees if Neve hadn't been there to catch her and while that sounds nice enough on the surface, given what the Scream Queen had planned next, it might have been kinder to let Jessica fall!

Pulling Jess in close, Neve applied a Half Nelson with one arm and a Waist Lock with the other. Still wincing thanks to the damage Jessica had done to her ribs and lower back, Neve's voice was rather vindictive as she whispered, “I don't need to paddle your ass to embarrass you Jess. I just need stuff like this..."

Neve bent her knees and then bridged up and back, dropping Jessica almost directly on the top of her head with the Half Nelson Suplex, another of her more vicious throws.

Figuring that Jessica's skull couldn't take too much more pounding, Neve hauled Jessica to her feet and trapped Jessica in a Front Facelock. Slinging the tanned blonde’s near arm over her shoulders while reaching down to hook Jessica’s left leg with her right arm, Neve pulled Jessica up and off her feet, bringing Jessica crashing down hard with a Fisherman’s Suplex.

Looking to finish Jess for good, Neve bridged up on her toes in an effort to keep her adversary’s shoulders flat on the canvas. Prepared as he ever was, the ref dropped to both knees and counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THRNO!'

Despite the Suplex assault she'd suffered the last few minutes, Jessica was able to drive her fist into Neve's midriff, breaking the bridge at the last second. Smacking her fist against the mat, Neve grumbled, "It'd be easier to come back from a pin Jessica, but if you're set on tapping out, I'm not gonna stop you."

Moving around so she was kneeling near the blonde's feet, Neve crossed her opponent’s ankles on top of one another and then pressed down on the inside of her knees, forcing Jessica into a position that was like an extremely relaxed version of Indian style. Encountering no resistance from the toned blonde, Neve moved forward, placed her shins against Jessica thighs and bore down with all her weight, forcing the trapped limbs flat against the mat at an unpleasant angle. Making sure to stay clear of her opponent's claws, Neve rested her hands on her thighs and said, “Ya know, another Jessica thought she was going to make her name at my expense. As I recall, she screamed herself hoarse before I was finished using her up. You might want to think about that before I do anything else.”

Balancing on both hands, Jessica locked eyes with the Scream Queen and said, "Alba's got NOTHING on me! What has she done since the Darkness? Shit, that's what! If you're gonna threaten me, you better use an example that might actually impress UNNNGHHH!"

Neve rolled her hand into a fist and snapped a wicked punch into Jessica's tummy, directly over her navel. Unprepared for the blow, the blonde collapsed onto her back and tried to protect her gut, but Neve just brushed her hands aside. Resetting her stance, Neve locked eyes with her foe and mused, "I suppose you're right. But even if her fate doesn't frighten you, that doesn't mean I don't have other ways to humble you."


THWAP! Neve slammed her fist down again, a bit further south now. Mashing her knuckles against the solid strength of Jessica’s belly, Neve threatened, “You SURE you know what you're asking for?"

Grinning through the pain, Jessica taunted, "What's the matter Neve? Afraid your best isn't enou AARRGGHHHH YOUU BITCCHHH!"

Neve pulled back her hand and HAMMERED it down into the blonde's crotch, sending a firestorm of pain roaring out from her center. In a bad turn for Jessica, Neve wasn’t just satisfied with one blow either. Happy to acquiesce Jessica's demand, Neve fired a brutal barrage of short, undefendable shots into her opponent's womanhood! When she got tired of punching, she jabbed her claws into the thick muscles of Jessica's thighs and twisted as hard as she could.

Continuing to work the Thigh Claw, Neve glanced up to make sure Jess was still squirming and twitching only to find that the blonde had SOMEHOW pulled herself up and was ever so slowly dragging herself towards the ropes. Choosing brutal nastiness over her usual finesse, Neve muttered, “No way Jesse, there's no easy way out of this." and immediately moved her claw from Jessica's thighs to her groin.

Working the hold like a corkscrew through an exceptionally stubborn cork, Neve crushed down on her vile grip and roared, “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED JESSICA?"

Digging her hands into the canvas, Jessica just moaned and groaned but that didn't stop her progress towards the ropes. When she FINALLY reached sanctuary, she grabbed the bottom rope but instead of demanding 'BREAK!' she lifted her head, locked eyes with Neve and panted, "That's EXACTLY what I wanted. Now fuckin' lemme go."

Annoyed that Jessica was still aware enough to form a cogent sentence, Neve dug her nails into the blonde's trunks until the ref reached 'FOUR' on his count. Pulling her hands away, Neve lifted them to her shoulders to indicate that she had broken the hold and then THWOCK! she caromed a pistoning right off Jessica's chin. As the taller girl sprawled out on her back, the brunette popped to her feet, grabbed Jess around the ankles and draagggged her to the middle of the ring. Tossing Jessica's feet aside, Neve stormed over to the blonde's head, grabbed a handful of hair and tugged her to her knees.

Trapping the semi-coherent beauty in a Standing Headscissors, Neve wrapped her arms around Jessica's waist, squeezed down as tight as she could and lifted her into position for a Piledriver. The moment Jessica's upward momentum ceased, Neve dropped to the mat, punching her foe's head into the canvas with her ruthless Sit-Out Piledriver.

Ignoring the happy roar of the crowd, Neve shoved Jessica over onto her back, flung herself across the battered Amazon's waist and waited desperately for the crowd and official to count off, 'ONE... TWO... THRNO!" Defying all logic, Jessica shot her left arm into the air, getting her shoulder off the mat to break the count.

Eyes going wide, Neve divided her attention between Jessica and the ref. The Scream Queen couldn't remember the last time (if there had ever been one at all) someone had kicked out of her finisher, but Jessica had done it and so the match continued.

Digging into her reserves, Neve took a deep breath and muttered, "If at first you don't succeed...."

She trailed off and buried her hands in Jessica's hair again. Reefing the crippled vixen to her knees, Neve applied the Standing Headscissors a second time and treated Jesse's neck to a few hard squeezes before she hooked her waist and lifted her up for another Sit-Out Piledriver. The second time around, Neve held Jessica inverted for nearly ten seconds; not because she wanted the blonde to think about it, but because she wanted the blood to rush to her head.

Acting on some secret, silent alarm, Neve rose up on her toes and pulled her legs out from under her, treating Jessica's abused skull to its second Sit-Out Piledriver in as many minutes. Jessica's head hit the mat with a meaty THUD and after a single electric spasm wracked her tawny frame, the blonde slumped over onto her side, unmoving save for the shallowest rising and falling of her ribs.

Neve noted these details only in passing, she could relish Jessica's defeat once she'd actually been defeated. Rolling the boneless girl over onto her back, Neve hooked both legs and leaned ALL her weight down across Jessica's chest. Cringing at all the abuse Jessica was soaking up, the ref dropped to his knees and counted, 'ONE... TWO... THRENOOOOO!'

When Jess kicked out of the second Piledriver anyone who hadn't been on their feet got on them real fast as the whole place cheered in appreciation for the blonde's tenacity. It didn't matter if you were a Jessica fan or not, no one could deny that she was turning in the gutsiest performance of her burgeoning career and that meant she deserved to be cheered.

One person who wasn't cheering was Neve! Though actually impressed with the blonde's resilience, she was incredibly pissed that TWO applications of her finisher hadn't been enough to put her away! Knowing there was no way that ANYONE could kick out of three in a row, Neve hoisted Jess up with a handful of shoulder straps, looked at the audience and roared, "READY FOR THREEEERRGGHHH!"

Some how, some way, Jessica straightened up, wrapped both hands around Neve's throat and lifted the incredulous brunette high off the canvas. Too weary to hold the position for more than a second, Jessica did some sitting-out of her own and nearly drove Neve through the mat with the stiffest Biel Bomb on record. Eschewing her normal cover, Jessica pushed to her knees, flopped across Neve's chest and prayed the blitzkrieg counter would be enough to fell the Scream Queen. Shocked silent at the reversal of fortunes, the zebra swooped in and counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THRENOOOOO!'

This time it was Neve who defied her opponent's finisher, though she certainly waited long enough to do it. Powerful shoulders heaving with exhaustion, Jessica mopped her brow and murmured, "If I can't pin you, I’ll gladly break you."

Getting nothing but a quiet sob from her opponent, Jessica trudged to her feet and pulled Neve to her knees. Engaging in a bit of a reprisal, Jessica forced the brunette's head between her thighs and squeezed down tight when she applied the Standing Headscissors. After several seconds it became clear that Neve wasn't going to tap out that easily, so Jess went on to what she had had in mind in the first place. Snaking her arms around Neve's taut midsection, she locked her hands and lifted the smaller girl up so that the small of her back was resting against Jessica's left shoulder.

Jessica pushed up on her toes, then dropped back down into a squat to bend Neve's spine in the terrible inverted U - the hallmark of a Canadian Backbreaker.

Tightening her grip on Neve's torso even as she repeated the torturous rocking, Jessica closed her eyes against the sweat pouring down her face and growled, "Give it up Neve, bigger girls than you have tapped when I got them up on my shoulder."

Shaking her head 'no' Neve gaped and shot back, "Bigger girls than you have put me in this hold. Better girls for that matter!"

Snarling low in the back of her throat, Jessica ignored Neve's mindlessly clawing hands and made a trouncing, jouncing circuit around the ring. And while this made for great theater, it wasn't the soundest strategy as it allowed the ever-aware brunette an opportunity to grab the top rope when she passed by.

Holding on for dear life, the Scream Queen groaned, "BREAK!"

Cursing her mistake, the blonde waited until the ref reached 'FOUR' and then she let Neve go, though she did it in her own special way. Bending her knees one more time, Jess pushed up and unclasped her hands, shoving Neve off her shoulder only to dump her over the top rope to the barely covered concrete floor. Barely able to hear the SPLAT of Neve's landing over the jubilant cheering in her head, Jessica allowed herself several seconds to catch her wind before she slipped out under the bottom rope and went after Neve. Looming over the devastated brunette, Jessica scraped her off the mat with a haughty handful of tights and quickly spun her opponent around to face her.

Taking possession of Neve's left wrist, Jessica leaned in close and whispered, "I DESTROYED Jennifer Lopez on the outside of this ring and I'll do the same to you. That should serve as an adequate warning to Sarah don't you think?"

Not letting her foe reply, Jessica stepped away and HURLED Neve towards the steel steps down at the other end of the aisle. Despite the beating she had taken, the Scream Queen was still aware enough to turn her back into the collision, but even that was a small comfort as the BWANNG of her landing knocked the top half of the steps off their base with Neve tumbling down on top of it. Pulling her bottoms back into place with a crisp little 'snap' Jessica quickly rolled under the bottom rope to break the ref's count, then rolled right back out. Stalking over to what remained of the Scream Queen, Jessica let out a weary sigh and said, "You gave it your best shot Neve and that's all I wanted. I promise to end this quick..." The blonde peeled her girl off the floor and trapped her in yet another Standing Headscissors.

Securing her grip around Neve' waist, Jessica hauled her opponent up into position for a Powerbomb then dropped her straight down, nearly folding Neve in half with the dreaded Jack-Knife variant of the classic maneuver. Only vaguely aware of the 'HOLY SHIT' chants that were deafening everyone else, Jessica grabbed Neve by the hair and tights, hoisted her off the mat and rolled her under the bottom rope in a jiggling, boneless tangle of limbs.

Sliding in after her victim, Jessica pushed Neve well out of reach of any ropes before she poured herself across the brunette's chest and hooked the far leg. Hair hanging lankly in her face, Jess waited in silence as the ref and the fans chanted, 'ONE... TWO... THRENOOOO!'

Neve rolled onto her left side, forcing Jessica to punish her some more. Unable to believe that the brunette was still in this thing, Jessica wanted to snarl something at the official, but it just seemed like too much effort. Better to marshal whatever reserves she had left to finish off the Scream Queen. Using that thought to spur her on, Jessica settled her hands into Neve's hair and seconds later, the two ruined warriors were on their feet again.

Trapping the docile beauty in a Front Facelock, Jessica shrugged Neve's near arm over her shoulders while her free hand took hold of Neve's tights. She was just about to lift the brunette over her head when Neve reached down with her unencumbered hand, grabbed Jessica's ankle and tugged it out from under her, sending the tall blonde to her back in stunned sprawl.

Almost as quickly as Jessica set up the Biel Bomb on her, Neve snatched Jessica's other leg and stretched the captured limbs out in a loose V. Moving faster than she had any right to, Neve placed her right leg between them, and then executed a one hundred and eighty degree turn to her left over the helpless blonde's left leg. Completing the revolution, Neve grabbed Jessica's free leg and fell backwards. Landing hard on the canvas, Neve laced her free leg over Jessica's bent ankle and pressed down to cinch in the Figure Four Leglock.

Pushing up on her hands, Neve rocked wildly up and down, using every bit of strength she had left to rip the submission from Jessica's throat. Eyes blazing with savage intent, the brunette glared into Jessica's pain-shocked face and roared, "GIVE UP!"

Sweat flying off her hair in sheets, Jessica emphatically denied Neve's command and replied, "NEVER!"

Not deterred that easily, Neve eased the pressure a little as she sneered, "I can keep this up til morning Jessica, trust me, I've done it before. So unless you want to spend the rest of your career wearing a knee brace, GIVE UP RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!"

She pushed up on her hands again and Jessica shrieked in absolute agony as the joint lock stole one of her biggest advantages in the battle. Suddenly, near her left shoulder, she heard the ref counting, 'ONE... TWO...' frantic, Jessica lifted her left shoulder off the mat. In her delirium, she hadn't realized her shoulders were down and it nearly cost her the match!

Steadfastly refusing to let this match end with her legs submitting to Neve's, Jessica calmed her nerves as best she could and after a count of five, she TORQUED her hips to the right as hard as she could. The surge caught Neve off guard and the brunette was helpless to stop Jess from rolling them onto their stomachs, a move that reversed the pressure on the Figure Four.

Remembering Neve's own tactics, Jessica planted her hands on the mat and pushed up hard, adding as much pressure to the impromptu Indian Deathlock as she could. Looking over her shoulder, she tried to locate Neve as she screamed, "HOW'DJA LIKE THAT BABY? HUH? LEMME HEAR YA SCREAM!!!"

Unable to keep from complying with the demand, Neve shrieked so loud the back row could hear her, but the brunette would not quit. Just as determined as her opponent to make sure she didn't end this night with a submission loss, Neve pulled her hands from her hair and gouged them into the mat. Pulling for all she was worth, the Scream Queen made her way to the ropes inch by inch, foot by foot. After what seemed like years, the brunette felt her fingers brushing the cables and she immediately grabbed it in both hands.

Unable to do anything but murmur, "Break..." Neve endured the last four seconds of Jessica's torture and then curled her knees up against her chest as she tried to will the worst of the pain away. Sadly, she hadn't even begun to take the edge off when Jessica snatched her trunks and tugged her to her feet.

Thrusting her face in close to the brunette's, Jessica panted, "I'm gonna.... pin.... pin you clean Neve....Right in the middle.... of this...ring."

Prophecy complete, Jessica whipped Neve off the far side of the ring and bounded off the cables at her back. Speeding towards the brunette at a breakneck gallop, Jessica waited until there was less than two feet between them before she extended her right arm and THWAP nearly took Neve's head off with a Lariat that turned Neve inside out and dropped the blonde to her knees. The moment after Neve landed THUD on the canvas, Jessica shoved her onto her back, hooked the far leg and mouthed along with several hundred other voices, 'ONE... TWO... THRENO!!!'

Neve pounded an Elbow into the side of Jessica's jaw, forcing the Amazon to pull back before the count was complete. Quickly shaking off the blow, Jessica's eyes narrowed as she whispered, "Only one way to end this..."

Going with what had got her this far, she wrapped both hands around Neve's throat and trudged to her feet. Holding the Scream Queen at arm's length, Jess bent her knees and thrust up, lifting Neve into the air for another Biel Bomb!

What Jessica didn't know is that when she pushed off, Neve pushed off too, thus the brunette had more momentum behind her lift-off than Jessica was expecting. This added burst was enough to jerk Neve free of the blonde's grip and as she continued her short assent, the brunette Scissored out both legs and instantly clamped them shut around Jessica's head and right arm.

Grabbing hold of the blonde's trapped wrist as she started to fall, Neve leaned back, braced for impact and let out a wounded 'unnnghh!' as she landed flat against the mat. Jessica's plunge to the canvas might have been shorter and a little more pleasant, but the aftermath was hellish to say the least because as soon as she was on the mat, Neve crushed down with her Triangle Choke instantly turning her opponent's face a frightening shade of crimson.

Effectively strangled by her own arm while her head was being compressed by Neve's thighs, Jessica tried to beat at Neve's belly with her free hand but could manage nothing more than a few weak slaps. Forcing herself to lock eyes with the brunette, Jessica burned a little more of her precious oxygen to gurgle, "Won't..... quit...."

Ramming her hips forward even as she reefed back on Jessica's wrist, Neve snarled, "Yes you will."

Unwilling and unable to waste any more air on verbiage, Jessica stretched herself out as long as she could and found she was still a few feet away from the ropes. Using up everything she had in one final push for freedom, the blonde Amazon inched her way around in an awkward circle until she was able to lock her ankles around the bottom rope. Unable to say anything, she just waited and hoped the ref would notice before she passed out. And indeed the ref did notice and he started his count immediately.

Running on fumes herself, Neve growled, "Shit...." and released the Triangle Choke just at 'THREE.'

Limping to her feet, the brunette knew there wasn't much left in her arsenal. If she couldn't finish Jess off soon, she probably wouldn't finish her at all. Unable to acknowledge the concept of failure, Neve took in a deep shuddering breath and let it out slowly. Settling on one of the last two aces she had up her sleeve, Neve hoisted Jessica off the mat and muscled the unresisting girl onto her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry.

Shuffling to the nearest corner, Neve turned around to face the ring and ever so sloooowly, climbed the ropes until she was standing on the top turnbuckle. With one arm draped loosely across the back of the blonde’s head, Neve placed her other hand under Jessica’s knee and pushed up hard, sending the blonde flying off her shoulders to swing out in front of her. In the split-second before Jessica started tumbling to the mat, Neve leapt into the void and sat out, accompanying Jessica on her descent where the blonde landed on the back of her head and shoulders with her face framed by Neve’s thighs.

Roaring triumphantly as the top rope Nevastator connected, the brunette scooted forward and sat down on Jessica's chest while hooking Jessica’s right leg in a sort of half-assed Reverse Matchbook pin. With all her weight resting on Jessica's sternum, Neve simply waited for the ref to drop in and count off, ‘ONE… TWO… THRE…NOOOOOOO!’

The blonde shoved her attacker away at the last second and the roof of Pickman's Studio came that much closer to coming off as the whole of the audience exploded in incredulous cheers.

Wiping disbelieving tears from her eyes, Neve got to her feet and realized she'd have to bring her last weapon out of storage. Turning her face to the audience, she found her voice and called, "SPECIAL OPPONENTS CALL FOR SPECIAL MOVES; WATCH VERY CLOSELY!"

Setting her sights on Jessica, Neve pulled the semi-conscious girl to her feet and wedged her head between her thighs. Most everyone thought Neve was going for a Piledriver and while they were sort of right, this wasn't her standard finisher. For when she bent down, she didn't wrap her arms around Jessica's midsection. Instead she laid her arms over the blonde's elbows and clasped her hands across the back of Jessica's thighs, just above the knee. Voicing an exhausted groan, Neve inverted her adversary, breaking her grip as she did so to keep Jess suspended by her arms. With her hands clasping the back of Jessica's gams, Neve spread her opponent's legs wide and turned in a full circle, giving everyone a chance to what she was doing.

After another half revolution, Neve bent her knees, leapt into the air and came down comfortably on her butt. Jessica on the other hand was driven skull-first into the mat like a 5’8” tent spike! She bounced back into the air before dropping flat on her back. The powerful blonde actually sat up for a split second before collapsing back down on her back again. Neve pounced across her chest and hooked the far leg, having used the Package Piledriver for what she hoped would be the first and last time. Neve pressed all her weight across Jessica's innate form as the audience, the ref and a good number of girls in the back chanted in unison, “ONE... TWO... THREE!"

The bell chimed loudly and the place went mad, but Neve couldn't do anything but roll clear of Jessica. Staring up into the lights, the brunette stayed in that position for about ten seconds before pushing to her feet. Giving the crowd the briefest of smiles, Neve looked in the timekeeper's direction and called for a mic. When she was wired for sound, the Scream Queen turned to stare down at her opponent who was just now beginning to get to her hands and knees. Bringing the microphone to her lips, Neve said, "Jessica.…we need to talk."

Shuffling over to the seated blonde, Neve brushed the ref aside and offered Jess her hand. Jessica hesitated for several seconds, then accepted the Scream Queen's offer.

Pulling the taller girl to her feet, Neve said, "There's probably a lot of things running through your head right now. You're probably kicking yourself, thinking of a million things you should have done differently. And there's probably a lot of harsh words banging around in there too, loser being primary among them..." Jessica's eyes sharpened and her hands curled into fists, but Neve held up her hand, imploring the blonde to listen. "But let me ask you this Biel...." she extended her hand toward the audience. "…do losers get standing ovations?"

Jessica opened her mouth to reply but she was drowned out by a chorus of voices screaming 'JESS-I-CA, JESS-I-CA!'

Going face-to-face with the blonde, Neve continued, "Last week you told me you wanted to prove you could hang with the best talent in this promotion. Well you can do more than hang Jessica Biel. I'm convinced you can beat the best talent in this promotion. For the last forty-seven plus minutes, you took the best I had.... everything I had.... and even some things no one even knew I had. I didn't think I'd EVER have to use the Package Piledriver to finish someone off, but you got up from everything else. So yeah, three seconds gave me the match, but I'm not arrogant enough to say I was better..."

She trailed off for a moment and turned to the crowd again. Breathing raggedly, she said, "There's something you people started chanting at me in the last year and while it's flattering, it's not something I ever wanted. But if you must chant 'Uncrowned Champ' at anyone, you chant it at HER!" She pointed to Jessica and the chant started thundering through the closed space.

Wiping tears from the corners of her eyes, Jessica nodded and whispered, "Thanks."

Neve smiled back, "Thank you." Patting the blonde on the shoulder, she added, "Stick around for a minute, I want you to hear this next part." Catching her breath, she returned her attention to the crowd and said, "Last week I told you all I had an announcement to make so here it is, no bullshit, no hype. My contract with this promotion expires at the end of this year and I wanted everyone to know that I'm not going to renew it. After facing Jess here, there isn't anyone else on my list, so as of this moment, consider me through. Now there are a few names I wouldn't mind facing on a farewell tour of sorts but otherwise.... otherwise, I'm done."

Enjoying the surprised silence, Neve glanced over her shoulder at Jessica and finished, "Title shot's yours if you want it Jessica. You've earned it."

Neve tossed the mic to the referee and turned toward the entryway. She'd gone less than five steps when the speakers crackled into life and 'Man in the Box' roared through Pickman's Studio as Sarah Michelle Gellar pushed through the curtain and came stalking down the ramp. Clad in her street clothes, the Slayer tugged the belt off her shoulder, slung it under the bottom rope and popped to her feet. Grabbing the strap, Sarah grabbed the mic from the ref and made a beeline for Jessica.

Holding the belt up under the taller blonde's nose, Gellar brought the mic to her lips and snarled, "If you ever even want a CHANCE to get closer to this Title, you'll get out of my ring right fucking now!"

A part of Jessica's mind was raging for her to tear into Sarah right then and there, but the rest of her knew she didn't stand a chance against a fresh Slayer. So instead of actions, she settled for words. "Keep it warm Sarah. I'll see you soon."

She turned on her heel, slipped out onto the floor and wandered her way up the ramp. Whirling around to face the brunette, Sarah asked, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Accepting a mic from the silent official, Neve replied, "I was trying to bow out gracefully, but I guess that was too much to ask."

Gellar wasn't smiling. "Don't fuck around with me Neve, you can't just leave. You're the number one contender."

Neve shrugged. "I guess you weren't paying attention Sarah. I already did. As for being number one contender, if I haven't cared the last five years, why would I start caring now?"

"This Title might not mean anything to you, but it's my whole life and I WILL NOT let you just walk out of here without showing you and all these people that you COULDN'T be a Champion."

"I hate to shatter your world view Slayer, but this isn't about you. I've beaten you before and beating you again isn't going to make you feel any better." Neve turned to leave but Sarah grabbed her arm, whirled her around and…

CRAACK! Smacked her across the face with an open-palmed Slap.

Unable to control her fury any longer, Gellar screamed, "THIS IS NOT A FOREGONE CONCLUSION! THIS IS MY LEGACY! I'LL DIE BEFORE I LET YOU SPIT ON IT AGAIN! Before you leave... you WILL fight me... and you’ll lose!"

The brunette sighed, "Be a petulant bitch on your own time Sarah. I'm off the clock." She tossed the mic to the official and turned her back on the Slayer.

Watching the brunette leave, Gellar said, "Neve, wait!"

Neve glanced over her shoulder to see what…

THWAAACCK! Sarah nearly stove in her jaw with a Super Kick. The brunette went down in a boneless heap, the last of her reserves depleted by the blonde's pinpoint strike.

Standing over the fallen warrior, Gellar sank down, placing the point of her knee against the hollow of Neve's throat. Holding the belt over Neve's insensate face, the Slayer taunted, "If you don't want this to be everyone's final image of you, you're gonna have to face me. Let's find out how good you are when something's actually at stake."

Pushing to her feet, the diminutive blonde held the Championship belt over her head, then leapt over the top rope, landed on the floor and strutted up the ramp; leaving the decimated Scream Queen slumbering in her wake!