Jessica Biel vs. Maria Grazia Cucinotta by Boeing666

Backstage at the Hollywood Female Wrestling Association, Jessica Biel walks into Sharon Stone’s office and Sharon says, “You know why I called you here?”

Jessica, “Why is that?”

Sharon, “Monica Bellucci is getting a title shot at Women’s world title holder Kat Heigl next week so I can’t arrange for a match between you and her right now. ”

Jessica, “OK, so what? And why the hell does Bellucci get a title shot? Has she EVER won a match without one of her Bellucci Family cronies helping her?”

Sharon, “That I do not know, no. But it’s the ref’s decision whether she won. She’s still undefeated in singles competition.”

Jessica, “If I faced her without Cucinotta, Arcuri or someone else interfering I’D be undefeated in singles competition too.”

Sharon, “I am sorry Jess, but right now Bellucci gets the title shot…but speaking of Cucinotta….”

Jessica, “What about that big hairy ape?”

Sharon, “I have arranged for a match for you against Cucinotta.”

Jessica, “That’s fine. I won’t mind kicking her ass. She caused me to lose to Bellucci last time!”

Sharon, “You’ll like this even more. If you beat Cucinotta, you get the first title shot against the Bellucci-Heigl winner.”

Jessica, “Sounds like a deal. One thing though…”

Sharon, “What’s that?”

Jessica, “Keep Bellucci away from ringside. I want Cucinotta all to myself and I want to beat her so bad she’ll never, ever, interfere in one of my matches again!”

Sharon, “I already talked to them about it.”

Jessica, “They know?”

Sharon, “Monica’s the one who arranged for Cucinotta to face you tonight.”

Jessica, “They’re up to something.”

Sharon, “I already warned them; if Bellucci comes to ringside or gets involved in your match; she kisses her title shot against Kat Heigl bye-bye.”

Jessica, “Sounds fair…”

Sharon, “Oh and Jessica?

Jessica, “What?”

Sharon, “Good luck…”
Backstage in the Italian dressing room, Monica Bellucci is pacing in a pinstripe halter and matching mini-skirt while Maria Grazia Cucinotta sits on the couch nearby wearing a matching outfit.

Maria, “Look Monica, I can handle Biel myself… besides, you heard what Stone said? ‘If you come to ringside you lose your title shot against Heigl next week.’ I don’t want that to happen.”

Monica, “I don’t give a fuck what that cunt Stone says… she’s gonna wind up at the bottom of a river soon.”

Maria, “I can handle Biel. That is why you put me in charge of this, right? Look, I’d be glad to kick Biel’s ass every day.”

Monica, “I don’t want you to do it EVERY day…just this one final time…for her to not walk out of the ring afterward… for her to NOT be around for a title shot against me after I destroy Heigl next week!”

Maria, “Consider it done…”

‘Oh Fortuna’ plays over the speakers as boos go around the crowd and green, white and red spotlights shine in the ring as the towering brunette beauty, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, strides purposefully out from behind the curtain and heads down to the ring. She walks slowly, a pair of black sunglasses low on her nose, a fedora pulled down over her brow and her voluptuous figure hidden beneath a leather trench coat. She enters into the ring, takes off her fedora and sunglasses, then flips off the fans yelling, “VAFANCULO!!!” at them. Maria removes her trench coat to reveal a black shiny vinyl top cut low to expose most of her ample cleavage. It has stenciled lettering “FBI” on it the front in green white and red (Full Breasted Italian) and she wears a skin tight shiny black vinyl pair of micro-shorts with a small Italian flag on her right ass cheek. The tall - 5’11” 148 lb. - Sicilian stretches as she leans on the ropes as she waits for Jessica Biel’s entry.

The theme from ‘Blade Trinity’ sounds and Jessica Biel comes toward the ring to loud cheers in a black halter top with black leather pants. Still sporting the muscular build she developed for “Blade Trinity” she walks out into the ring and flexes her well defined biceps as the fans cheer. Despite giving up 3” to Maria, who stands across from her not looking impressed, Jessica is close to Maria in weight thanks to her muscle gain.

DING! DING! DING! Maria and Jessica meet in the center of the ring where they lock up, both struggling to gain control of the other. Eventually, it’s the bigger Maria who backs Jessica into the ropes where the referee orders a break. Maria breaks the hold and backs up, but then takes a quick swipe at Jessica who ducks. Maria and Jessica lock up again - and again Maria shows her strength by forcing Jessica back into a corner. Suddenly, Maria lets loose an Overhand Chop to Jessica’s ample chest. Despite the protection of her top, the SMACK of a bare hand on skin echoes in the arena!

The ref backs Maria up, wagging his finger in warning, but Maria angrily shoves him aside knocking him on his keister, grabs Jessica and Irish Whips her across the ring to the corner, but Jessica reverses and sends Maria slamming back first into the corner. Jessica charges after Maria who comes charging out and plows right through Jessica with a hard Clothesline that spins Jessica 270 degees as it sends her crashing to the mat where she writhes holding her throat, coughing and gagging, struggling to breathe after the hit that got her right across the trachea.

Maria pulls Jessica to her feet by her hair, reaches up between Jessica’s legs and lifts her onto her shoulder, then WHAM, slams her to the mat with a big Body Slam. Maria runs to the ropes and prepares for a Leg Drop but Jessica rolls aside, leaving Maria nothing but mat. Wide-eyed, Maria grabs her aching ass as she struggles to her feet.

Jessica helps her up with a handful of long, lush, black hair, then Irish Whips her to the ropes. Jessica charges and hits Maria with a Shoulder Block, but although shaken, Maria remains upright. Jessica with a look of shock on her face, can’t believe she didn’t take the big woman off of her feet. She’s been able to outmuscle almost every woman she’s faced in the ring - including the mighty Monica Bellucci - and never had anyone not fallen to one of her Running Shoulder Blocks!

Jessica charges her again, but Maria scoops her up and Power Slams her to the mat, then quickly follows that with an Elbow Drop. With Jessica hurt, Maria goes for an early pin…


Kickout by Jessica! Maria picks Jessica up by her hair and gives her a Snap Suplex, then follows it up with a Vertical Suplex after holding Jessica upside down for a good 10 seconds! Jessica is frustrated - she’s never been woman-handled like this by anyone!. Maria whips Jessica to the ropes as it looks as if she’s going for a Clothesline, but Jessica does some quick thinking and knows she better do something if she wants a chance of beating Monica’s nearly six foot Sicilian hit woman/bodyguard. Jessica leaps and takes Maria down with a Flying Clothesline, then Jessica goes for a pin…

TWO…Kickout with authority!

Jessica is frustrated as Maria gets to her feet. Jessica reaches between Maria’s long legs and hoists her up and bodyslams her to the mat causing the ring to shake. Jessica lets out a yell and grabs Maria by the hair and hoists Maria up a second time and slams her hard to the mat shaking the ring. As Maria stumbles to her feet Jessica grabs Maria around her neck and prepares to lift her for the “Biel Bomb” - a two handed Choke Powerbomb.

But Maria is wise to it and kicks Jessica in the stomach and as Jessica doubles over, Maria gives her a DDT and goes for a cocky pin without even hooking Biel’s legs and Jessica kicks out of it. Of course Maria has to yell at the ref anyway blaming him for a slow count. Maria places Jessica’s head between her thighs and prepares for a Powerbomb, but Jessica stands up, flipping Maria over her back in a big Back Body Drop!

Jessica whips Maria to the ropes and on the rebound gives Maria an Arn Anderson style 180 Spinebuster shaking the mat. Maria rolls to her side holding her back as Jessica gets to her feet waiting for Maria to struggle up to hers. When Maria stands, Jessica signals in the air for the Biel Bomb again, wraps her hands around Maria’s neck and lifts Maria about a foot off of the mat - but Maria desperately stabs Jessica in the eyes with her two fingers, a Three Stooges Eye Poke.

Maria hoists Jessica up on her back in a Torture Rack and holds Jessica across her back as the ref waits for Jessica to give her submission. Jessica has other ideas and manages to readjust her body on Maria’s back so she can reach up with her muscular arm around Maria’s head and hit a Reverse Neckbreaker on her!

Maria’s eyes roll to the back of her head as she slowly falls back on the mat. Jessica doesn’t waste any time and picks Maria up by the back of her skintight vinyl shorts, giving her a little bit of a Wedgie as she pulls Maria’s head between her thighs. She grabs Maria’s waist and heaves her up so Maria is sitting on her shoulders facing Jessica who stalls for a few seconds - showing her great strength with her face buried in Maria’s, hot, vinyl-clad, aromatic, sweaty crotch.

Maria’s shock is visible on her face; no one has ever put her in this position - at least not in the HFWA. Jessica suddenly sits out, giving Maria a Sit Down Powerbomb. Maria hits the mat hard, the ring shaking. She lands flat on the mat, her arms at her sides; eyes closed, legs in the air in front of Jessica who is sitting in front of her.

Jessica gathers her senses to for a second then holds her nose mockingly. “They don’t believe in showers where you come from?” Then she tries to pin Maria again.

TWO… Kickout!

Maria gets up dazed, only to be knocked back down to the mat with a Clothesline. This time it is Jessica who lifts Maria into a stalling vertical suplex. Holding Maria’s vinyl shorts, Jessica turns around a complete circle before finishing the suplex bouncing Maria off of the mat. Jessica bends Maria over and double underhooks her arms and falls back giving Maria a Release Double Underhook Suplex. Jessica then goes behind Maria and grabs her at the waist and falls back tossing Maria behind her with Maria ending up landing on her stomach in a Release German Suplex. Jessica points to the air preparing for another Biel Bomb. However, Jessica stands Maria up and reaches with one hand between her thighs and the other at her chest and attempts to do the impossible; Gorilla Press this giantess over her head. Jessica gets her up head high, but her shoulders give out and she drops Maria who lands on her feet.

But before Maria can recover Jessica locks her hands around Maria’s neck and hoists her high up into the air and hits the Biel Bomb- a 2 handed Choke Powerbomb. The crowd pops after the move is done and Jessica smiles and goes to pin Maria, who lies motionless on the mat.


The crowd gasps and Jessica had a look of total shock on her face as she got up and looked around, unable to believe that someone just kicked out of the Biel Bomb. It had never happened before! Jessica waited for Maria to get to her feet, then clamped her hands around Maria’s neck and started to lift her again. Maria suddenly pulled Jessica’s hands from her throat and kicked her in the stomach. The crowd sits shocked, unbelieving that Maria had kicked out of the Biel Bomb - and less than a minute later had taken control of the match again!

Maria picks Jessica up and bodyslams her to the mat. She then gives Jessica a German Suplex before hoisting her up in a Side Suplex. Maria doesn’t bother to pin Jessica, knowing she won’t be able to put Jessica away this easily. Instead, she sends Jessica to the ropes, bends over and lifts Jessica across her shoulders, hitting a Death Valley Driver on her. Maria signals to the crowd by rubbing her hands on each other in a sort of stereotyped Sicilian gesture as if Maria is going to “wash her hands” of Jessica. She lifts Jessica in a Fireman’s Carry and carries her to the corner and sits her on the top rope. Maria does a throat slit gesture and starts to climb the turnbuckle appearing to get ready to hit the “Concrete Overcoat” a Tombstone Piledriver off of the Turnbuckle. As Maria positions her, Jessica punches Maria in the head. Not expecting it, she falls back on the mat, landing on her back before flopping over onto her stomach.

Maria gets back to her feet just as Jessica positions herself on the turnbuckle and charges the turnbuckle just as Jessica launches off with a Flying Clothesline that almost decapitates Maria who nevertheless gets up and again charges Jessica. This time, Jessica scoops her up and Powerslams her to the mat. Then Jessica hauls her up and sends Maria to the ropes, but Maria promptly reverses, sending Jessica flying to the ropes. Maria waits for Jessica to rebound and then shows some great agility for a big girl as she jumps high in the air with a Leg Split for a Leap Frog - thinking Jessica is going to run right under her.

But Jessica counters Maria’s size and agility with her great strength, catching Maria in mid-air by the thighs and holding her aloft as Maria looks wide eyed and shocked. Before she can react, Jessica drops Maria’s pussy down onto her knee and while Maria tries to comfort her sore crotch, Jessica lifts her by the neck and hits another Biel Bomb on her!

Jessica quickly hooks the leg…

Three… NO!
Kickout at the last second!

Jessica starts screaming at the ref saying that it is a slow count. She cannot believe it as she pulls at her hair in frustration. She is so frustrated, she doesn’t realize Maria has gotten to her feet again. She charges Jessica with a Clothesline, hoists Jessica up and hits a Back Suplex, then a Snap Suplex on her. With an evil smile, Maria walks Jessica back into the corner, mounts the turnbuckle and begins raining down punches on Jessica as the crowd counts along...


Suddenly, Jessica reaches up and grabs Maria’s neck with both hands, walks out and hits another Biel Bomb on her! ‘This should do it,’ Jessica thinks as the ref counts…

Jessica gets up smiling thinking she is victorious and raises her hands in the air as the fans cheer but the ref taps Jessica on her shoulder and points to Maria’s foot on the rope…stopping the count. Jessica is beside herself and pulls her hair in frustration. She kicks the ropes and is about to snap. The normally calm, cool and collected Jessica Biel has NEVER had anyone kick out of the Biel Bomb three times. What can she do now that the move is ineffective?

Jessica decides the right thing to do right now is not to take it out on the referee, or herself, but on Maria. Jessica sees Maria getting to her feet and smiles a mischievous smile. She gives Maria a Boot in the Belly, reaches between Maria’s legs with her one hand and hoists her up horizontally across her chest. Jessica walks around the ring and finally over to the corner where she slams Maria down onto the turnbuckle upside down. With Maria’s knees folded over the top rope and a quick tuck of the feet around the post, Jessica has the big Sicilian Maria Grazia Cucinotta in a very helpless predicament – tied upside down in the corner to the Tree of Woe.

Jessica begins pounding her fists into Maria’s stomach and the sound of the air being driven out of her lungs is audible. She begins kicking Maria in the chest with stomps as fast as she can and, in the process, Maria’s huge 39DDs spill out of the top that says “Full Breasted Italian” on it. Jessica backs up for a second, taking in the sight of the upside down Maria with her heavy breasts still jiggling from the kicks. The ref tries to free Maria from the Tree of Woe, but Jessica shoves him away, then grabs Maria’s tight black vinyl shorts and undoes them, pulling them down (or in this case – up) around Maria’s knees. She’d have removed them, but couldn’t due to the turnbuckle being in the way. Still, it leaves Maria in just her black cotton thong.

Jessica backs up and mockingly waves her hand in front of her nose and yells “That was a big mistake!!!”

Jessica climbs up the turnbuckle where Maria hangs upside down from and plants her right foot on Maria’s panty clad crotch, then jumps up and down giving her a Crotch Squash. Maria moans and tries to reach her aching crotch for relief. Jessica jumps down as Maria tries to rub the pain out of her pussy, takes the heel of her boot and scrubs it on Maria’s face.

“Here, you can have your smell back!” She grabs Maria by her hair and pulls her up until Maria’s body is parallel to the mat with the back of her knees still hooked over the top rope. Jessica puts Maria in a Dragon Sleeper, then twists Maria’s upper body part way. Jessica points in the air and hits a Sit Out Inverted DDT on Maria whose head hits the mat as her whole big body does a headstand before she flops over onto her stomach.

As her body goes flying down, Maria’s vinyl shorts fly off her legs into the air during the Inverted DDT from the Tree of Woe. The ref catches the shorts and looks at them for a few seconds. Jessica snorts, “Come on Ref!! You got a match to ref! Sniff her panties later!” The ref throws the shorts down as Jessica turns to Maria who is lying on her stomach; the black thong bisected butt pointing up. She still hasn’t moved.

Jessica grabs the very dazed Maria by her hair and stands her up. Flash bulbs start going off as the crowd senses what she is about to do as Jessica reaches between Maria’s legs with one hand and between her bare breasts with her other, then begins to lifts her. As she tries to straighten up, Jessica’s legs strain and shudder under the stress. Almost dropping Maria, Jessica balances Maria’s belly on her head and the crowd cheers Jessica on and chants her name. Jessica’s muscular shoulders flex as she slowly extends her arms. As her elbows lock in place, flashbulbs go off like lightning in a Florida summer thunderstorm when Jessica Gorilla Presses the nearly 150 lb Maria Grazia Cucinotta overhead with her arms fully extended.

Maria now realizes her predicament and the shock is visible on her face and she tries to get out, but it is all futile at this point. Jessica walks around the ring, her arms fully extended before she lowers Maria once, then pumps up, tossing Maria into the air and stepping out from under her, letting Maria drop a good 7 to 8 feet. She slams into the mat large tits first, and bounces, the impact shaking the whole ring!

Maria rolls onto her back and lays motionless - except for her hands which caress her bare breasts trying to assuage the pain of the landing from them. Jessica yanks Maria’s hands aside and hair-hauls Maria to her feet. Suddenly, Jessica clasps her hands around each of Maria’s heavy DD-breasts and squeezes. Maria’s eyes open wide as she starts screaming in pain. Jessica lifts Maria’s Amazon body by her breasts, holding her suspended in the air with Maria’s feet a good three feet off of the mat.

Then Jessica sits out in a modified Breast Squeeze Biel Bomb slamming Maria into the mat. She lays motionless and it looks like the match is all over when suddenly there is commotion ringside. Jessica looks up and sees Manuela Arcuri standing on the apron, she’s saying something in Italian to the ref who can’t understand her and gestures for her to leave the ring.

But unbeknownst to him or to Jessica, on the other side of the ring Cristina Scabbia climbs the steps carrying a folding metal chair. She throws it at Biel, but Jessica -sensing trouble - turns and catches the chair in front of her. Then before she can use it on Cristina, the nimble little Italian vaults over the ropes and kicks the chair, slamming it back into Jessica’s face; knocking her onto her back.

Cristina leaves the ring and runs back up the ramp while, Maria gets to her feet and kicks the chair out of the ring before the ref, who is still preoccupied with Manuela, realizes what has happened. Manuela jumps off the apron and runs to join Cristina in the back. When the ref turns around, Maria is hoisting the dazed Jessica up onto her shoulder, then drops her headfirst in a Tombstone Piledriver - a variation on the “Concrete Overcoat” (since it wasn’t done off the ropes). Still, it should be enough, and Maria goes for the pin…


The Winner of the match…Maria Grazia Cucinotta!

Maria gets up and raises her arms in victory, straddling Jessica who slowly rolls over onto her stomach, still stunned from the Tombstone Piledriver. She looks up at the ramp where Cristina Scabbia and Manuela Arcuri have been joined by Monica Bellucci. They give Jessica an evil grin. She glares at the trio as she mutters something about ‘Revenge will come’.