Eliza Dushku vs. Jessica Biel by The Walkin' Dude

It was a gray, chilly day in the small town of Crystal Lake New Jersey when women's wrestling returned to Voorhees' Roadhouse, the only decent place to get a beer and burger in the isolated little village. As always, the size and star power of the card belied the small size of the venue and location, it was stacked from top to bottom with A list match-ups, seemingly more suited for Madison Square Garden than a town nestled in the heart of the Jersey Pine Barrens. Not that the how or the why really matters at all, it 's just another example of things not being what they seem. And regardless of your narrator's rambling, it was time for the main event, a match which the beer soaked regulars of Voorhees had been screaming for all night. Tonight, blonde goddess Jessica Biel would wage war against brunette bombshell Eliza Dushku. Both had built up phenomenal win loss ratios and with the exception of Jessica losing a very close match to Jessica Alba a few months back, each had spent the entire summer unbeaten. Tonight at Voorhees', Biel and Dushku would meet for the first time to determine who was the superior grappler. The winner would see her winning streak extended for another week, while the loser would face the unenviable task of having to rebuild her momentum.

At ringside, the Announcer steps to the center of the ring and brings the mike to his lips. "Ladies and gentleman, it's time for out main event. Introducing first, she stands at five feet eight inches. She is....Jessica.....Biel!" Slither roars to life in the little roadhouse as the beautiful blonde sweeps through the curtain and toward the ring. For her battle with the brunette Jessica chose her typical ensemble of a beige two piece bikini that clung, stretched and bulged in all the right places. Her pads and boots were also brown, but it was the deep mahogany color. The earth tones complimented her tanned skin and blonde hair wonderfully, and the crowd let her know it, cheering appreciatively as she strode down the aisle. When she reached ringside, the blonde made a slow circuit of the outside, slapping hands with her supporters and generally working the spectators into frenzy. Finally, she rolled under the bottom rope and stood up. Walking regally to her corner, she posed for the fans a final time before fixing her glance on the entryway, eagerly awaiting the arrival of her intended victim.

As the applause for Jessica died down, the announcer brought the mic bake to head level and resumed his spiel. "And introducing her opponent, she stands at five feet, five inches tall. Ladies and gentleman I give you....Eliza......Dushku!" Jet's Cold Hard bitch blares through the sound system as the brunette is given her chance to impress the locals. And as always, Eliza did not disappoint. She swept through the flimsy curtain like a force of nature before pausing at the top of the ramp, drinking in the adulation of the crowd and letting the crowd do the same to her. For the match, Eliza was clad in an electric blue two piece bikini, that much like her rival's defied the term nudity by the slimmest of margins. The rest of ring gear, consisting of boots, pads and fingerless gloves were a simple black. Her dark hair hung past her shoulders and it almost seemed to glow dark blue under the house lights. Grinning widely, Eliza broke into a quick stride and headed for ringside, slapping hands and jawing with the fans who were eager to simply be in her presence. Reaching the ring, she slid quickly under the bottom ropes and popped to her feet, heading to the corner and posing on the turnbuckles. As the wave of cheers died down. The brunette left her perch and turned to face her opposition.

When the bell sounded, each lady pushed out of their corners and moved confidently toward the center of the ring, each with a look of cool sureness on their faces. Amidst the roar of the battle crazed crowd, the blonde and the brunette faced off, Eliza's dark brown eyes locking with Jessica's green gaze. Taking a small step forward (so that her chest just barely brushed her opponent's) Jessica said "So you're the famous Eliza Dushku I've been hearing so much about? You don't look too special. Truth be told you like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag." The blonde delivered her barb with a cruel ease and stepped forward just the tiniest bit, making sure Eliza felt the strength in her chest.

But Eliza was not a fighter who was easily intimidated. Not impressed by Jessica's cutting remark in the least, the brunette's face broke into an acidic smirk as she leaned forward to fire her retort. "Well that's good at least you know who I am. Let me see if I can guess who YOU are." She appeared to think for a minute before speaking again "Oh right, you're Jessica Alba! Oh wait, she's the girl who took your face for a joyride. That must mean you're the pathetic joke known as Jessica Biel." Eliza finished her tirade by leaning into Jessica as hard as she could, intent on letting her blonde rival know that her assets could compete with anyone the squared circle had to offer.

Though Eliza's comments had driven Jessica nearly insane with rage, to her credit the blonde's expression did not betray her inner turmoil. Smiling coldly at the brunette, she leaned her face down to meet Eliza's until their noses were practically brushing.

Whispering, she laid out her first challenge, "Well Lizzie if you think I'm such a pathetic joke, that would obviously make you stronger than me. I'm sure you wouldn't mind a little Test of Strength to prove it to everyone. And to me."

As she said this last part, Jessica raised both arms over her head and curled her fingers in Eliza's direction, an unmistakable challenge.

Still not fazed by Jessica’s venom, the brunette replied" I wouldn't mind at all Jessie." She raised her own arms in response, before slowly laying her palms along her opponent's and entwining their fingers. Always one to get the last word in, Eliza said "Please, be my guest." Jessica's smile dropped away and for a moment there was nothing. Then the powerful blonde started pushing down on her shorter rival. Jessica bore down on Eliza with crushing force but the dark-haired girl pushed back with equal strength, maintaining her position despite Jessica’s considerable height advantage. The two women held this position for quite a while, arms held high over head, legs planted firmly behind, chests pressed tightly together as each looked for the smallest crack in her rival's defenses. Moments later, the first opening presented itself when Eliza relaxed just a bit to take a deep breath. Instantly, Jessica rose up on the balls of her feet and shoved down hard. The sudden movement caught Eliza off guard and the brunette cursed loudly as Jessica forced a prominent bend into her legs. Eliza gritted her teeth and tried to push back up, but now Jessica had an even greater advantage than before. The blonde pushed down even harder and forced Eliza first to one knee and then another. The proud brunette couldn't stand being forced to kneel before her foe but try as she might Jessica held her firm. As Eliza knelt penitent before her, Jessica decided it was time to up the ante a bit. Squeezing even tighter on Eliza's hands, Jessica looked down into her foe's upturned face and asked rather pertly "Do you remember the game Mercy? You know the one everybody played when they were kids? I was always really good at that. I could make anybody ask for mercy."

Eliza tired of listening to her foe's taunting and interrupted her. "Well with a voice like that, of course you always won. No one wants to hear you talk."

Jessica responded to Eliza's impertinence with another squeeze. "You're not going to just ask for my mercy Lizzie. You're going to BEG for it. Hell you might SCREAM for it." With that she gave her grip a titanic twist, bending Eliza's wrists painfully inward. Eliza groaned at the pain creeping up her arms but she actually welcomed it. The hurt gave her the motivation to shove herself off her knees and shove up with a renewed vigor. Her act of rebellion threw Jessica off her game and the blonde was unable to keep Eliza from regaining her vertical base. Moments later they were face to face again and the brunette wasted no time in letting her nemesis know it.

"Aww what's the matter Jessie, couldn't keep me down? Looks like you start strong but it seems ya got a stamina problem. I would've thought a twat like you could go for hours." Another insult was forming on her lips when Jessica hurtled forward and smashed herself chest first into Eliza. The brunette gasped as the blonde hit her like a medicine ball. Winded, she released her grip and staggered a step back, clutching her chest. Jessica gave her no rest however, seeing that Eliza was wounded, the blonde snuck behind Eliza and wrapped one strong, tanned arm around her rival's windpipe. Before Eliza could muster a counter, Jessica cinched in the Sleeper Hold, cutting off Eliza's oxygen and forcing a whistling cry from her throat.

Sneering at Eliza's gasping, Jessica wrenched the hold as she cooed in her captive's ear, "Time to sleep Eliza, you fucking overrated slut!"

She followed that, however, with an action not conducive to sleep, biting down hard on the brunette's earlobe! Eliza shrieked in pain and doubled her efforts to escape, but Jessica weathered the storm and modified her hold, changing it to a tight Side Headlock, the wriggling brunette's head forced against the bony point of Jessica's superb hip. Her grin growing even wider, Jessica squeezed Eliza's head like a grape, exacerbating the pain of the hold with a tiny hop every now and then.

Her vision growing dim in the clutches of Jessica's withering hold, Eliza realized she had to do something fast. Going with the first thing that came to mind, she brought her hands up and forming them into claws, raked them as deeply as she could into the meat of Jessica's thighs.

Jessica’s reaction was an instantaneous, "AAARGGGHHH! You filthy bitch!"

But Eliza's plan had worked, another vicious rake of her claws resulted in Jessica finally breaking her hold. But just as the brunette had gotten her breath back and raised her head, Jessica lunged again, driving a knee hard into her gut, just above the navel. Eliza bent double and was helpless as Jessica reached arm between her legs and scooped her off the mat holding the brunette prone for a ring shaking Body Slam.

"I'm gonna drive you through the fucking ring!" she screamed before initiating her downward toss.

Unfortunately for her, milliseconds before, Eliza wriggled free and landed quietly behind the unsuspecting blonde. Making the most of her brief opportunity, Eliza brought both arms up and out before snapping them together, each chop drilling into the tendons at the base of Jessica's neck. The blonde let out a pained groan and fell to her knees, clutching her assaulted anatomy. Not waiting a second, Eliza grabbed a handful of golden hair and leapt forward, landing with her shapely butt in the canvas while smashing Jessica's nose into the mat with a brutally simple modified Bulldog. Getting quickly to her feet, Eliza bent and pulled Jessica up by the hair.

With the blonde still dazed from her last move, Eliza had an easy time of locking Jessica in a tight Front Face-Lock and securing a snug grip on the blonde's beige bikini bottoms with her free hands. Taking just a second to savor her sudden shift in the momentum of the match, Eliza shouted to the crowd "Time to show her why I'm the best and she's just a bitch!" Tensing for just a moment, Eliza surged upward, hauling Jessica off her feet and bringing her directly over the brunette's head. Eliza held her captive inverted for just a second before falling backwards, smashing the entire length of Jessica's back into the canvas with a textbook Vertical Suplex. As Jessica lay on the mat, back spasming from the impact of the suplex, Eliza simply sat nonchalantly beside her, hands on her own knees, a big smile plastered on her pretty face.

When Jessica began to show signs of life, Eliza rose off the canvas and grabbed a hold of her rival's wrist before yanking her fully to her feet. Smiling at the blonde's little wince of pain, Eliza twisted the captive limb in a full circle, as slowly and painfully as she could. Jessica rose up on her toes trying to alleviate some of the pressure from the Arm Wringer but Eliza changed tactics on her yet again. Releasing half of her grip on the blonde, Eliza stepped away, pulling Jessica's arm out to its full length. Faster than most people blink, Eliza started firing high, tight Martial Arts kicks into Jessica's exposed chest and shoulder. After about 10 of these scintillating blows (the audience had begun to count along at 3) Eliza dropped the blonde's arm and leapt off the canvas. In one smooth turn, she smashed a hard Spinning Roundhouse into Jessica’s temple. The blonde let out a quiet gasp and fell backward, landing with an undignified thud in the center of the ring.

Relishing the shallow rising and falling of Jessica's chest, Eliza hurled her earlier words back in her face, "So I'm going to beg for YOUR mercy Jes? OK let me try. Oh please stop! My foot can't take kicking your slutty face in any more!"

Laughing, she ran the ropes and bounced off before jumping high into air and dropping her knee dead center between the blonde's breasts. Jessica flopped drunkenly on the mat and rolled to her side, grasping at her wounded chest. The blonde drew in a shaky breath and slowly began pushing herself to her feet.

Eliza on the other hand wasn't feeling any ill effects and proved it by executing a beautiful Nip Up, landing daintily on her feet, intent on continuing the dismantling of the wounded blonde. The brunette stalked the rising blonde, positioning herself behind Jessica so that she would have to turn around to see Eliza coming. Jessica had just turned to face the brunette when Eliza charged her at a dead run. Across the ring in the blink of an eye, Eliza left her feet again, extending her legs and wrapping them around Jessica's head in a beautiful Hurricanrana. Eliza had just started the backwards twist of her hips when Jessica’s arms closed around her thighs like a Bear-trap. In the same motion, Jessica shoved down with all her might. The effect was to turn Eliza's Hurricanrana into a makeshift Powerbomb. The brunette was absolutely spiked against the canvas, her head and shoulders taking the full brunt of the slam. The impact was so great that for a moment she hung inverted on the mat, looking like some bizarre human exclamation point before falling backwards and landing rudely on her stomach. Resting on her knees besides the suddenly halted Eliza, Jessica grabbed a handful of her rival's hair and slowly pulled the limp girl to her feet.

Looking into Eliza’s glassy eyes, the blonde couldn't help but taunt her nemesis, "You run your mouth too fucking much Eliza. When this match is over, I'm gonna shut your mouth the best way I know how.... by sitting on your face and letting you scream yourself hoarse!"

When Eliza offered no reply, Jessica scooped her up and held the brunette over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. The blonde moved toward the corner with a purpose and many in the audience believed she was about to tie Eliza to the Tree of Woe, but when she reached the corner, Jessica turned around, facing the opposite corner. Taking a deep breath, the domineering blonde took off at top speed toward the buckles, Eliza still draped over her shoulder. At the other corner, Jessica didn't even slow down, ramming Eliza's exposed back into the top turnbuckle. In the same motion she pivoted quickly on one foot and slammed herself and her victim down, driving Eliza into the canvas with a brutal Over the Shoulder Running Power-Slam.

The audience ‘oohhed and ahhed’ at the brutal maneuver as Jessica went for the first cover of the match. The referee bent to count and had just reached two when Eliza pistoned a shoulder off the mat. Fans of the brunette cheered when they discovered she still had some fight left in her while Jessica's fans urged their champion to bring Eliza up and finish her off. With Eliza doing nothing but moaning beside her, Jessica leisurely pulled herself off Eliza's chest and stood, moving to her opponent's legs. Grasping an ankle in both hands, Jessica flipped the weakly protesting brunette onto her stomach. Still seeing no opposition from her opposition, the blonde stepped on Eliza's left leg below the knee while gripping the brunette's ankle in both hands. Wasting no time, Jessica pulled up hard, taking Eliza's leg a few feet off the canvas. When gravity began to do it's thing, Jessica turned her pull into a push, slamming Eliza's knee down into the canvas, Jessica's boot not doing anything to soften the impact. Eliza cried out and tried to pull away, but Jessica was relentless, repeating the knee smashing maneuver several times. When she believed Eliza's knee had been suitably softened up, Jessica changed her position, seating herself so that she was sitting on the brunette's lower back. Injured limb still in hand, she pulled back on it with all her considerable strength, a hideous variant on the Single Leg Boston Crab. As Eliza began to howl in agony, Jessica intensified the pain of the hold by bouncing her ass up and down on Eliza's lower back. Every few bounces, she'd change it up a bit, grinding her derriere from side to side. Jessica's cruel smile told the whole story. She relished Eliza's helplessness just as much as she relished the brunette's pain. This feeling was put into words moments later. "C'mon Eliza, break my hold if you can! If you can't you could always start to beg me. But make sure to beg real loud otherwise I might not hear you."

Humiliated by Jessica's taunts, Eliza grunted through clenched teeth, "FUCK YOU BITCH! I'LL NEVER BEG A CUNT LIKE YOU FOR ANYTHING!"

"Oh I think I can change your mind about that!" the blonde said slyly, changing her grip so she was holding Eliza's leg with only one arm as she raised her free hand over her head, her fingers curled into a crude claw.

She held her pose for just a moment so the audience could see what she was going to do, but keeping it a mystery for Eliza. Breaking her self imposed stillness, she brought her hand down and dug it deep into the thin blue material over Eliza's groin. The brunette yelped and shrieked as Jessica pinched and worried at her snatch. Tears formed in the corners of Eliza's eyes as she tried to fight off the urge to submit.

"What's worse?" Eliza thought. "If this dumb bitch beats me, I won't live it down for a long while. Time to do something about this!"

Calming herself, Eliza lay her free leg as flat on the mat as she could get it. When Jessica took a break from her crotch assault, Eliza brought her free leg up, smashing her booted heel into the Jessica's forehead.

The blonde had been so preoccupied with her attack that she never saw Eliza's coming. Consequently, she released her grip and fell forward, landing sprawled on her face. Both ladies took a while to recover from their various ailments, taking up a good half of the ref's count before pushing themselves to their feet. Standing just feet away from each other, both ladies let out almost primal hisses of anger lunged forward, each focused on the utter annihilation of the other. But unfortunately for Eliza, Jessica had a plan for this little encounter and just before the two collided, she lashed a boot out, kicking Eliza hard in her injured knee. The brunette let out a loud scream and hurtled forward, but the blonde didn't let her fall. Instead she held the brunette up for a second before securing a two handed grip on Eliza's wounded leg, holding it bent at the knee. Knowing that Eliza was completely focused on the pain.

Jessica smirked at her helpless rival, "Your little counter back there was pretty good Lizzie, but you and I both know that I'm going to win this match. I'll break your fucking leg if I have to!"

With that threat completed, she lifted Eliza off the mat by her leg before bringing the injured knee down on the blonde's own bent knee, a sadistic Shin Breaker. Eliza's shriek would have inspired pity in a more compassionate foe, but Jessica was not impressed and she shoved the quivering brunette off her, letting Eliza roll across the canvas while she contemplated her next attack. Tired of working over Eliza's knee, Jessica decided a new course of attack was in order. Walking over to the brunette's quietly trembling form, the blonde bent and pulled Eliza up by the hair. Jessica smiled when she realized that the supposed "tough girl" was heavily favoring her injured leg. Grabbing a double handful of dark hair, Jessica forced her opponent's head between her thighs, momentarily locking in a Standing Headscissors. Seconds later, she wrapped her arms around Eliza's slick waist and hauled the girl overhead, bringing the small of her back to rest on the point of Jessica's shoulder. Cinching her grip tighter, Jessica began to bounce up and down, bending Eliza painfully with the Canadian Backbreaker. Eliza's cries only inspired the blonde to bounce harder, walking around the ring to display the brunette's helplessness to the reveling spectators. A huge grin transfixed Jessica's pretty face as she really worked the hold.

Addressing the crowd, she said, "Lookit this little bitch! She's supposed to be so tough and here I am breaking her in half! What a load of sh…EEERRRRGHHH!"

Jessica never got her expletive finished because Eliza had brought her hands up and dug viciously into Jessica's face. Unable to deal with the pain in her face, Jessica relinquished her grip, letting Eliza slide down her back, landing shakily on her feet behind the blonde. Clearing her vision, Jessica turned around and found Eliza standing distracted behind her, the brunette trying to massage some of the pain from her back and knee. Angry that Eliza had been able to escape the Backbreaker, Jessica sprinted toward her foe and extended her arm, set on taking Eliza’s head off with a Clothesline. Fortunately for Eliza, she heard Jessica's noisy approach and at the last second she ducked under the Clothesline, leaving Jessica to hit nothing but air. The blonde was not deterred however and she kept running, bouncing of the ropes and coming back for a second pass her arm still aimed directly at Eliza's throat. On the second pass, Eliza had gotten her breath back and used Jessica's turnaround time to prepare a counter. Moments before the blonde could take her down, Eliza lunged forward and brought her knee up, burying it in Jessica's midriff. The blonde was impaled on Eliza's knee and her plan of attack was immediately forgotten, she could do nothing but clutch at her stomach.

Looking to dish out some serious hurt, Eliza pulled Jessica fully erect and pulled her close, wrapping one arm over the blondes shoulder and another under her other arm, the brunette's hands clasping together where they met between Jessica's shoulder blades. Holding the blonde immobile for just a moment, Eliza whispered cruelly in her ear. " We both talk a lot of trash Jessica, but the difference between us is that I back mine up. And you can bet I'll be talking a lot of it when I'm sitting on your whimpering, tear soaked face!" Finisher her threat, the brunette jumped and fell forward, taking her captive with her. The modified Neckbreaker drove the back of the blonde's head and shoulders hard into the canvas and for a moment she saw nothing but stars. Eliza on the other hand saw an opportunity to take Jessica down another peg and she gladly took it.

Standing up, she backed away from her opponent, allowing Jessica to slowly get to her feet. When the blonde had regained her footing, Eliza sprinted forward, trapping Jessica in a tight Front Face-lock for a millisecond before pushing hard off the canvas, launching herself into the air while still holding Jessica's head. At the apex of her leap, Eliza swung her whole frame to the right and fell back hard, bringing Jessica off her feet and driving the girl forehead first into the canvas with a skull crushing Tornado DDT. Jessica uttered a muffled sort of groan when her head made contact with the mat before simply laying spread-eagled face down. Unfortunately, her brunette torture wasn't done with her yet. Standing at Jessica's side, Eliza grabbed Jessica's right wrist and pulled it up, holding it in both hands.

Enjoying being in control again, Eliza spoke to all her faithful fans,. "So Jessie wants to break my leg? What say I pay her back by tearing off her arm?"

The crowd agreed that this proposition was both fair and just. Motivated by the roar of the crowd, Eliza held Jessica's arm fully extended before twisting the limb in a violent circle, the brunette falling to the canvas to put even more pressure on Jessica’s arm and shoulder. Jessica cried out as her shoulder felt like it was on the verge of being dislocated but her cries did nothing to prevent Eliza from repeating the Spinning Arm Wringer twice more. Still with the blonde's wrist in her grip, Eliza laid perpendicular to her victim, Eliza’s healthy shoulder laying on Jessica's tortured one. Planting her feet, Eliza pushed up with all her strength putting intense pressure on Jessica's elbow and shoulder with the Fujiwara Arm-Bar. Eliza's eyes were squeezed shut with determination as she tried her damnedest to break Jessica's arm. The blonde's expression wasn't much different, with the exception that her eyes were closed in pain and she was screaming quite loudly.

After an especially vicious wrench on the captive limb, Eliza demanded surrender, "Give up Biel, unless you want your arm to have a second elbow." She punctuated the statement with another hand jerk.

Through the pain soaked fog of her mind, Jessica was able to form a coherent enough response, "Go to hell Eliza, I won't ever tap to you."

She punctuated her statement by gamely reaching her free arm towards the ropes, hoping against hope that she might be able to drag both herself and Eliza to the haven they offered. And to her credit, the strong blonde had come within a hands length of freedom when Eliza suddenly released her grip and pulled Jessica back toward the center of the ring. Pulling Jessica to a sitting position, Eliza knelt behind her and planted a knee between Jessica's shoulder blades. Eliza pulled Jessica's weakened arm up and across the blonde's own throat before grabbing her wrist in both hands and pulling back hard. Jessica gagged as she was choked by her own arm, forced to suffer in the grasp of the brunette's modified Straightjacket choke. As the blonde's struggles became less and less, Eliza leaned forward to repay an indignity Jessica had visited on her much earlier in the match.

Her mouth centimeters from Jessica’s ear, Eliza spoke softly, " I know you're about to go to sleep Jessie, but I couldn't let the match end without paying you back for that little stunt earlier. Let's see how you like it!"

That said, she leaned her head forward a little further and then bit down hard on the blonde's earlobe, pinching the soft cartilage viciously in her teeth. Jessica cried out in pain and anger at this last affront, but she had just learned something that Eliza had picked up on earlier: having someone bite down hard on your ear did wonders for clearing your head. The mental fog breaking up quickly, Jessica balled up her free left hand and brought it up hard into Eliza's unguarded face. Her fist caught the brunette flush across the nose and Eliza immediately released both her holds, sitting awkwardly on her ass, nursing her nose. Jessica used the brief reprieve as best she could, getting groggily to her feet, wincing at the pain in her right arm when she put even the slightest pressure on it.

She had just turned to find Eliza when she was faced with a disturbing fact. Eliza was no longer sitting on the canvas behind her. Jessica's green eyes widened in fear, warning bells going off in her head. She had just started to spin around to survey the ring behind her when the bridge of Eliza's boot covered foot smashed against her cheek. The weary blonde uttered a single groan before falling to her knees, then to her side. Believing the Standing Ensugiri had finished off Jessica, Eliza pushed the unresisting blonde onto her back and hooked a leg, going for the match ending cover. The referee was bringing his hand down for the third time when Jessica was able to bring a shoulder slightly off the canvas. Surprise and dismay flashed across Eliza's features in equal quantities when Jessica broke the pin

"Damn!" she thought "How much more do I have to hit her with before she stays down?"

Pushing off the canvas, Eliza backed up and let Jessica stand. While it wasn't exactly sound wrestling logic to give an injured opponent time to recover it was important to Eliza that everyone (including Jessica) know that she could put the blonde down at any time. And she wanted nothing more than for Jessica to pick herself up so Eliza could take her right back down and finish her off.

The injured blonde goddess finally regained her feet and after a brief massage of her injured joints, she stared coldly at the silently watching Eliza. "Breathing hard, Jessica spoke clearly "Nice try Eliza. But I won't need my arms when I'm grinding your nose into my ass."

Surprised that Jessica was still able to muster such defiance, Eliza growled back, "You're not ever going to sit on my face bitch. You won't even get the chance."

"Let's find out!" Jessica hissed as she lunged at the brunette.

Eliza responded to Jessica's charge in kind, the two ladies meeting in the center of the ring in a sweating, cursing clinch. Taking advantage of Jessica's bad arm, Eliza grabbed the injured limb and twisted it hard, forcing a yelp of agony from Jessica.

Smiling sadistically as she put more pressure on the arm, Eliza started to taunt, "Well Jessie if you don't need your arm, I'm sure you won't mind if I ....UUUUNNNGH!"

Eliza’s threat was cut off when Jessica pulled her forward and brought her good arm up, smashing it across Eliza's jaw with a desperation Clothesline. The move caught Eliza totally unaware and the brunette did a crazy looking half spin in the air before landing on her back, the air knocked out of her. Wary of giving Eliza even the littlest opportunity to recover, Jessica Jessica hauled the dazed girl to her feet, holding her bent double. Taking a deep breath, Jessica began to rocket her knee up, smashing it against Eliza's forehead and chest over and over. With each blow, the brunette seemed to deflate a little ore until finally she fell to her knees, held up only be Jessica's death grip on her hair.

Pulling Eliza to her feet, Jessica placed one hand on the brunette's chest and shoved the other one roughly between Eliza's thighs. Ignoring the protests of her weakened arm, Jessica lifted for all she worth, muscling Eliza up over her head, holding her up in a beautiful Military Press Slam. The crowd marveled at the blonde's phenomenal strength as she paraded her victim around the ring, Jessica resembling some pagan high priestess getting ready to sacrifice her beaten nemesis. Looking to emphasize her dominance, Jessica began doing reps with Eliza, lifting the brunette up, then down, then up again. As she was doing this she shouted to the crowd "Let's see if I can slam this bitch right through the ring!" As the crowd roared, Jessica gave one final thrust up, tossing Eliza free and letting her fall to the mat from a good nine feet up. She hit the mat with a wet slap and was flipped onto her back from the impact. The slam had taken so much out of her that she could do nothing but moan and draw herself into the fetal position.

Smiling at Eliza's helplessness, Jessica approached her foe's legs and gripped an ankle in each hand. Pulling them off the mat, she executed a spin and then fell back, locking Eliza's previously injured leg in the diabolical Figure Four Leg-lock. Pushing herself off the canvas so she could watch the brunette suffer, Jessica rocked up and down on her palms, increasing the pain of the hold. Intermittently, she would raise her ass off the canvas as well, bending Eliza's knee to the breaking point. Though Eliza did cry out in agony as Jessica's hold shredded her knee, she did not tap out. It was a testament to her strength of will that she didn't submit immediately, given that her knee wasn't 100% in the first place. Looking up, the tortured brunette locked eyes with her pitiless conqueror.

When Eliza fixed her with a hate filled gaze, Jessica bounced the hold even harder and demanded submission, "Tap out Lizzie or I'll snap your fucking knee. And if that happens you'll be helpless to stop me from wedging your nose deep in my ass."


The brunette's angry tirade quickly became another round of pained screaming when Jessica wrenched the hold again. Tiring of the Figure Four, Jessica released the hold and dragged Eliza to the center of the ring. Moving slowly, she luxuriantly straddled the brunette's waist and grabbed a dual handful of Eliza's midnight locks.

Smiling sweetly at the crippled girl beneath her, Jessica pulled Eliza's torso up off the mat and cooed in her face. "You're not going to do anything Eliza, in fact this is the beginning of the end. And while I AM going to ride your face, I'd hate to leave my tits out of the action. So consider this a little preview of what's to come." Finishing her proclamation, Jessica pulled Eliza's face into her chest and wrapped her arms around the back of the brunette's head. As soon as her breathing was restricted, Eliza began to thrash wildly in Jessica’s grip, punching at clawing at her opponent's side. But Jessica dealt with her foe's panicked assault admirably, squeezing Eliza's face deeper into her cleavage and grinding her sweating breasts across delicate features. As Eliza expelled hot breath onto Jessica's chest, the blonde flipped damp hair from her eyes and smiled victoriously.

Giving the brunette's head another squeeze, Jessica said haughtily, "Go ahead and kiss my tits Lizzie. If you kiss 'em right now, maybe I'll do you the favor of crushing you unconscious before I ride your face."

Eliza's reply was more weak punches and a muffled cry which did nothing to better her position. Deciding it was time to end this war, Jessica ground her breasts into Eliza's face one more time before releasing her hold and roughly shoving the brunette back to the mat. The moment she was free, Eliza began to gasp in deep, wavering breaths. The normally humid air of the club felt wonderfully cool on her face after suffering the furnace of Jessica's smother. But her relief was short lived because as Eliza was busy sucking wind, her blonde rival had scrambled around to sit at Eliza's head. Just as Eliza took another breath, Jessica scooted forward and dropped the full weight of her sweating ass right on Eliza's upturned face!

If it was possible, Eliza's reaction to this smother was even more violent than her previous antics. When Jessica's butt blotted out the light, the brunette thrashed madly, trying to force her tormentor off of her. She was distracted from her escape attempts when her chest exploded in pain. Eliza screamed angrily into her attackers rear as Jessica pinched and clawed her exposed breasts. On the opposite end of the pain spectrum, Jessica was relishing the feel of her ass slapping and grinding against Eliza's impertinent face.

When the brunette started thrashing, Jessica began her grind in earnest, moving her hips in tight little circles, making sure to keep Eliza's airways blocked by her cheeks. She added insult to injury by pulling away her rival's top and clawing at Eliza's chest, paying special attention to her foe's nipples. As she was enjoying herself, it finally dawned on the ref that Eliza’s shoulders had been on the mat for a good ten seconds and he had forgotten to count. Cursing his inattention (or in this case, attention to the wrong thing) he dropped to his knees and began to administer the final count. His hand was coming down for the final time when Eliza bit down hard on Jessica's smothering cheek and forced the surprised blonde to break her hold. Infuriated that Eliza had been able to escape her smother, Jessica pulled the dazed girl to her feet and again forced her into a Standing Headscissors. In the same breath, she wrapped her arms around Eliza's waist and lifted the helpless girl up, holding her inverted; in position for the Pile-Driver. But instead of simply dropping Eliza in her head, Jessica slowly spun around, displaying her captive for the audience to see.

As she held Eliza helpless, Jessica shouted to the audience, "Take a good look at her face now, ‘cuz after this I'm gonna sit on it for a good long while!"

Having made a complete circle, Jessica fell back, spiking Eliza's head into the mat. The brunette moaned once and then fell over onto her back. Jessica wasted no time in slapping on the Reverse Face Sit again and this time the ref went for the count immediately, everyone sure that the match was over. Imagine their surprise when Eliza kicked out moments before the three.

Incredulously, Jessica got to her feet and stood over her downed rival. "STAY DOWN BITCH! STAY DOWN OR I'LL CRIPPLE YOU!"

Seemingly in direct defiance of the blonde's words, Eliza wearily pushed herself to her hands and knees, facing away from Jessica. The brunette's resilience only infuriated Jessica more and she knelt beside Eliza, one hand grabbing a handful of hair, the other digging into the thin material covering Eliza’s crotch. Despite the tears streaming down her face, Eliza was able to force her way slowly to her feet, all the while with Jessica maintaining the death grip on her snatch. Digging deep into her reserves, the brunette fired an elbow over her shoulder, slamming it hard into the blonde's mouth. Jessica voiced a cry of combined surprise and pain as she released her grip and stumbled away from her wounded foe.

Acting purely on instinct now, Eliza spun on her heel and followed the retreating Jessica. Drawing within striking distance, Eliza shot her good leg up and drove her boot into Jessica's womanhood. The blonde shrieked at the impact and fell forward. But this time it was Eliza's turn to catch her foe and that's just what she did, supporting Jessica's dead weight for a moment before rudely shoving her foe into the Standing Headscissors.

Her mind a raging tempest of fury, Eliza screamed at her incapacitated foe, "NO ONE HUMILIATES ME AND GETS AWAY WITH IT! YOU LIKE YOUR ASS A LOT DON'T YA SLUT? WELL WHY DON'T YOU SHARE IT WITH THE WHOLE AUDIENCE?"

The crowd cheered uproariously as Eliza secured a two fisted grip Jessica's beige bottoms and pulled them up viciously, the material all but disappearing into Jessica's beleaguered rear. Not satisfied with a mere wedgie, Eliza let the tights go and wrapped her arms around Jessica's waist. Taking a deep breath to center herself, Eliza lifted Jessica off the mat, into position foe a Powerbomb. She held Jessica aloft for just a moment before falling to the canvas, landing on her butt while driving the blonde's back, head, neck and shoulders full force into the mat. Eliza held her position upon landing and the referee went down to count Jessica down. He had just passed “two” when the blonde rolled a shoulder free. Despite the tremendous pain she was in, Eliza was actually glad Jessica had kicked out. She wasn't done teaching that disrespectful bitch her place. Not by a long shot!

Taking a moment to adjust her disheveled top, she knelt by Jessica's sweat slicked form and pushed the injured girl over onto her stomach. Seeing her plan fall into place, Eliza scooted so that she was sitting right at Jessica's head. Grabbing two handfuls of damp blonde hair, Eliza pulled Jessica’s head up and extended her long legs around the blonde's head before scissoring them tightly shut. When Jessica began to struggle in the throes of the Headscissors, Eliza grabbed her hair again and shoved Jessica’s face into Eliza's groin, furiously grinding Jessica's squirming face against her snatch.

Over Jessica's muffled cries, Eliza raked her claws down her victims' back and taunted her, "How do you like snatch in YOUR face bitch? This is what you call Twat for Tat, so you can just keep your face down there until I'm satisfied!"

She pressed Jessica's face even harder against her mound, really loving the feel of Jessica’s once haughty mouth screaming against her crotch. But as bad a position as Jessica was in, she wasn't done yet. Gathering all her strength, she pulled herself and Eliza backward until her questing foot found the bottom rope and groped at it like a lifeline. The ref quickly made Eliza break her debilitating hold, much against the brunette's wishes. Reluctantly she let Jessica go and got to her feet, waiting for the blonde to do the same. Moments later her wish was granted when Jessica stood up, albeit using the ropes for support. Glaring daggers at Eliza, Jessica wiped a hand across her face, trying to wipe away the smell of Eliza's smother.

Eliza watched the display with a small, cruel smile mocking the blonde in the process, "What's the matter? Ya love to dish it out but ya can't take it?"

Jessica responded to the barb in a tone that would've froze the blood of a lesser adversary "You're about to find out just how much I can dish out." Instantly, she lunged at Eliza, meaning to put the brunette away for good. But Eliza was more than ready for Jessica's charge, raising a knee and burying it in the blonde's belly. As Jessica gasped for breath, Eliza grabbed her injured arm and drew it across her own chest. In the same movement, she fell back, driving Jessica face first into the canvas with a Single Arm DDT. The DDT variant had the added bonus of tweaking Jessica's injured arm even more, in fact the blonde paid more attention to her tortured arm than the fireworks blooming behind her eyes.

Taking stock of the situation, Eliza dragged Jessica to the center of the ring and then headed toward the corner, climbed to the top rope and waited for Jessica to get up. Eventually the blonde rose to her feet and that's when Eliza leapt. She soared through the air towards Jessica, delivering a horrendous Back Elbow to Jessica's jaw. The force of the shot drove Jessica head over heels across the ring, resembling nothing more than a lifelike mannequin some cruel child had spent hours abusing. Rolling up from the mat, Eliza ran over to where Jessica lay and covered her, hooking both legs. As impossible as it would seem, Jessica still managed to get a shoulder up, microseconds before the three count. Eliza and the crowd roared simultaneously, one in disbelief, the other in admiration for Jessica’s tenacity.

Realizing that the blonde was probably the toughest woman she had ever faced off with, Eliza realized it was now or never. With an exhausted sigh, she pulled Jessica to her feet and led her toward the center of the ring. Forcing Jessica into yet another Front Face-Lock, the brunette slung Jessica’s free arm over her shoulder and gathered her breath before attempting her final move. Bending her knees, she hauled Jessica up and over her head, planning to fall straight down and obliterate Jessica with a Falling Brainbuster. Her plan was great in theory but was lacking in execution. Because she had only gotten Jessica three quarters of the way up when her injured knee turned traitor and gave way. Eliza fell awkwardly to the mat, Jessica landing full force on top of her, the impact doing nothing for either of their well-beings. Although it could be considered a mercy that they rolled free of each other and thus the audience was spared seeing a battle as epic as this one end with such a whimper. The referee saw that both combatants were on the verge of total exhaustion and began his count, believing he would reach ten with no interference, It would be a shame for the match to end with a count out but it was his job to keep the ladies safe. So he was actually quite pleased when both ladies were able to gingerly push themselves off the canvas by the nine count. Both ladies stood on wobbly legs and faced off for the last time, the hate and malice between the two rivals a living breathing thing.

Seconds before the final charge, Eliza brushed some hair from her eyes and said softly, "This ends now."

Jessica rolled her shoulders and responded "One way or another." Instantly they charged, looking for the match ending blow. Eliza screamed an inarticulate battle cry and fired a punch towards Jessica's jaw, but the savvy blonde avoided the blow and shot her right arm up, cinching a death grip on Eliza's throat. Placing her other hand in the pit of Eliza's arm, Jessica muttered "Checkmate before she lifted the brunette high off the canvas, intent on planting her with the Choke Slam. But this time it was Jessica's body who betrayed her. At the apex of the Choke Slam, her arm gave out and Eliza broke the grip landing heavily in front of the distracted blonde.

Seizing the opportunity, Eliza kicked Jessica in the gut doubling her over. Without a word, she leapt into the air, extending her good leg so it would catch Jessica on the way down and drive her face into the mat. This modified leg drop (the "Crisis of Faith" her fans called it) had put away everyone she'd ever faced. Until today. Moments before Eliza's leg smashed into her head, Jessica pulled back, leaving Eliza to crash ass first into the canvas. The brunette gasped and massaged her tailbone, and was helpless as Jessica pulled her to her feet. Taking no chances this time, Jessica wrapped both hands around Eliza's throat and lifted her high into the air. In a moment she would sit out, hitting the modified Sit-Out Powerbomb, that was aptly (but somewhat uncreatively) titled, ‘The Biel Bomb’.

But before she could sit out, Eliza brought up her good arm and snapped it hard into Jessica’s injured shoulder. The blonde's grimace of hate turned to a mask of pain and she released Eliza again. But when the brunette landed this time, she slipped around behind the distracted blonde. Standing with her stomach against Jessica's back, Eliza reached forward and hooked both of her rival's arms at the elbows, pulling them roughly behind her. Milliseconds later, Eliza twisted her entire body around, while still holding Jessica's arms. Both ladies were still standing but now Jessica was bent double, her arms pulled out in front of her, her head resting above the small of Eliza's back.

Right before delivering the finishing blow she whispered, "NOW it's over."

Then she fell straight down, taking Jessica with her, driving the weakened blonde face first into the mat. Jessica lay sprawled on the mat as the crown cheered the successful application of Eliza's other finisher, the "Face Eraser." It was merely a formality when Eliza flipped Jessica onto her back and slowly covered her. Three seconds later, the bell was ringing and Eliza was being helped to her feet. She'd just won the hardest fought battle of her career.

As she basked in the thunderous cheers of the audience, she remembered the heated war of words with Jessica and her promise to make sure the blonde's senses were dominated by her after she was victorious. Licking her lips, the battered, but victorious brunette looked to make good on her word. Moving over to where the ref was trying to revive Jessica, Eliza shoved him away and stood over her beaten foe. The zebra grabbed Eliza's arm and tried to pull her away, saying "C'mon Eliza. You've done enough."

She was not to be denied however and she pushed the ref away saying coldly as she did, "Back off stripes. Or I'll wipe you out after I'm done with her."

Realizing she meant it, the official backed away and let events take their course. Ever so slowly, the brunette lowered herself down until the crotch of her bikini was resting ever so softly against Jessica's chin. Sighing to herself, the brunette reached back and took gentle hold of Jessica's breasts.

"Wake up Jessie..." she whispered before cruelly digging into Jessica’s impressive chest.

The harsh treatment of her chest brought Jessica around, but when she realized her situation, she wished she had stayed asleep. Looking up into Eliza's triumphant face, Jessica did something she never wanted to do again. She begged. "Please Eliza......don't......Don't sit on my face.....I'll do anything you want."

Eliza considered the offer of her beaten foe for a second before voicing her counter offer, "All I want is to watch your eyes close as I smother you out. You're about to experience the best kind of sensory overload Jessie. Better luck next time."

Jessica's last protest was cut of as Eliza moved forward and lowered her crotch onto Jessica’s mouth and nose. The blonde tried to struggle but Eliza held her in place, all the while delivering a thorough, sensuous grind to her opponent's features. The crowd worked itself into a frenzy along with her as the brunette continued her victory ride, keeping her pace just slow enough to maximize her pleasure and let Jessica maintain consciousness. Looking down at her beaten foe, Eliza drank in the agonizing look of sick fear, nauseated disgust and utter humiliation that Jessica was radiating. Seeing that look gave Eliza new stamina and she renewed her grind, trying for all the world to engulf the blonde's face in her womanhood.

Right as she felt the first twinges of climax tickle her, Eliza rose up just enough to let Jessica draw a few deep breaths. But seconds later she lowered herself again and began thrusting even more violently against Jessica’s sobbing face. After what seemed an eternity to the blonde, Eliza finally reached her limits and erupted, her juices soaking through the thin material of her bottoms and dousing Jessica’s face. The blonde gagged and wretched, but still Eliza would not relent, now rubbing her sopping groin up and down Jessica's face, thoroughly coating it before finally placing all her weight on Jessica's face. It was not long after that that the blonde finally lost consciousness. Letting the last of the wave course through her, Eliza finally stood up and headed toward the edge of the ring.

Right before she went through the ropes and into the back, she turned to face Jessica a final time and hissed, "Just so you know Jessica, you make for a hell of an opponent. But you make for an even better plaything."

With that she slipped under the bottom rope and headed up the ramp, enjoying the aftereffects of a viciously close battle.