Jessica Biel vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by Interac

Just a few short weeks after her marriage to Freddie Prinze, Sarah Michelle hosted Saturday Night Live. After the show she went to a bar with the cast and told them Freddie was waiting for her so this would be a great party. When they arrived, they saw Freddie and he wasn't alone! He was talking to Jessica Biel and Sarah was embarrassed to say the least and she stormed over to where the two were talking.

"Over a year now, I knew you wanted my man,” Sarah huffed. “Now you make a move, AFTER we're married? I'm tired of hearing you in interviews say how much you think of Freddie. It stops now! Let's go outside."

"Sarah dear, you really don't want to do that," Jessica replied calmly, still sitting down.

Sarah grabbed a glass of beer from the table and threw it in Jessica’s face, sneering, "OH, but I do!"

Jessica wiped herself off and stood up. She was seven inches taller than Sarah and about thirty pounds heavier at 120.

"You sure you don't want to call your stunt double first," Jessica sneered with undisguised contempt.

"Let's just go outside!"

Sarah stormed out the back door to the rear parking lot of the bar. There was a chain link fence around the back, a trash dumpster, some garbage cans and wooden palates. There was another building to one side. Sarah shadow boxed as Jessica came out and stood looking at her.

Sarah came up and tried a kick, but Jessica caught her foot easily and Sarah was dumped on the ground. The kick was sloppy because she’d never really tried to do one on a real live person who wasn’t going along with it. Sarah scrambled up and brushed herself off, turned and threw a punch. Jessica caught Sarah’s arm, grabbed her by the throat and heaved her through the air.

Sarah hit the brick wall with her back and she hit hard! As she started to slide down the bricks, Jessica came in hard with a knee that nearly sliced Sarah’s slim body in two. Then she grabbed Sarah by the hair, tossed her through the air and sent her crashing into the opposite brick wall of the bar. Everyone watching knew the fight was already over, but no one stepped forward to stop it.

The word going around; Sarah had picked the fight and now she had gotten what she’d wished. Jessica knelt on Sarah and her two fists started pumping as she was beating the hell out of poor Sarah Michelle. Then Jessica stopped for a second and looked up at the crowd.

"I'd rip her shirt off, but she has no boobs for you to look at."

A voice came from the back, "Well then, take off your shirt and show us yours!"

Jessica just smiled as she ignored the challenge and turned her attention back to the beaten Sarah. Wrapping her hands around Sarah's throat, she lifted her up and rammed her back into the brick wall again. Sarah could barely get up the strength to groan!

Jessica cocked her arm and drove her fist into Sarah's belly, digging it in as deep as she could. Sarah’s body was spasming and jerking as she struggled to get a breath of air but Jessica wouldn’t let her. She ground her fist into Sarah's belly for almost a minute before finally letting go. Sarah just dropped on her butt, then curled into a little ball crying pitiously. Jessica looked down at her and turned to walk away but suddenly, she stopped and shook her head 'no.'

"You know something, NO!" Jessica snapped. "I'm tired of being trashed by you. Look at you! They all talk about Buffy. Well, there's your precious Buffy without her stunt double. Come on 'Buffy'!"

Jessica dragged Sarah to her feet by the hair, lifted her up and then ran her back against the garbage dumpster. Before she could fall, Jessica laid Sarah's limp arms over the top to hold her up as she stepped back, sized her up and then nailed a straight kick to Sarah's belly. Sarah collapsed over Jessica's leg as she stood on one foot, keeping the pressure on Sarah’s belly as she pushed her foot in. When Jessica finally pulled her foot out, Sarah again dropped.

Yet again, Jessica picked her up, this time holding her in a front body slam position. She hoisted Sarah up onto her shoulders, then ran to the chain link fence and threw Sarah like her body was a javelin into the fence. Jessica picked up an empty trash can and threw it at Sarah's prostrate body.

Sarah could barely move, but she tried crawling away as Jessica slowly walked behind her, fixing her hair. Then, as Sarah grabbed hold of the fence to pull herself up, Jessica ran in and kicked her in the belly, lifting her slim body into the air and throwing it against the brick wall. Sarah lay there coughing, gasping and spitting up some blood. Jessica didn’t care in the least.

"All we were doing was talking and you come in like some kind of star. Well now let's break it down shall we," Jessica dragged Sarah up once more and hit her with a punch that slammed Sarah’s face into the chain link fence. "Your show's ratings are dropping, so you say you've had enough," Jessica nails a punch to Sarah's kidneys. "Then you have a successful movie which is, basically, the worst movie of the summer," Jessica punches the other kidney. "But if you look at it, you were out of the theater in five months and early on DVD. Funny isn't it?"

Jessica grabbed Sarah by the back of her hair and walked a few feet with her before spinning and nailing her with a clothesline that knocked poor little Sarah in a full flip. Sarah crashed to the ground on her belly at Jessica’s feet.

"I mean wasn't ‘The Bourne Identity’ released at the same time as your movie and that stayed in theaters longer and still isn’t out in video. Amazing! Now here you are, wanting to fight ME!"

Jessica stood on top of Sarah's little body as she ground her heels in as people asked her to stop the massacre.

Grinning, she reminded them, "Hey I told her she didn’t wanna do this, but she said she did. So let’s do THIS!"

Once more Jessica lifted Sarah off her feet and held her in her arms as she rammed her back against the dumpster. Then Jessica lifted her in the air and brought her down over her outstretched knee.

Freddie was up in front of the crowd, begging Jessica to stop as she threw Sarah's limp body on the pile of wooden palettes. Jessica came over to him, looked at him square in the eye and then turned around to continue beating up Sarah who just lay there badly beaten; her clothes torn and dirty; her limp body draped over the stack of palettes.

Jessica opened the top of the dumpster, climbed on the wooden palettes, picked Sarah up high enough to put Sarah's back over her shoulder and then she power bombed ‘Buffy’ into the dumpster.

Jessica wiped her hands as she started to walk away, but then she stopped and pulled Sarah’s body halfway out of it, then slammed the top down on her chest.

"I took pity on her for you, sweetie," Jessica told Freddie as she strutted away without a scratch on her and only a beer soaked shirt to show she’d even met Sarah Michelle Gellar.