Jessica Biel vs. Katherine “The Great” Heigl by The Walkin’ Dude

It was getting on towards Halloween and in the small town of Jerusalem’s Lot Maine, the citizenry of the picturesque little burg were getting into the spirit of the season. All over the Lot, folks were putting up decorations; crepe paper ghosts and witches hung from every door or shop window. Stylized vampires and werewolves hung from the streetlights and of course, there were pumpkins everywhere, carved into menacing faces of every shape and size. And if the impending arrival of All Hallows Eve wasn’t enough to get the locals pumped up, the return of Women’s Wrestling to Tookey’s Bar on the outskirts of town was more than enough to bring a smile to even the most jaded Lot-goer’s face. And on this crisp fall evening there was a lot for fans of great wrestling to smile about.

The card at Tookey’s had been explosive from the opening bell and the audience had rewarded the warring Amazons with throat rending cheers all night long. But all the previous bouts on the card paled to the battle that was about to take place. Tonight, the two strongest wrestlers in the league would meet for the very first time when Katherine Heigl locked horns with Jessica Biel. The tension had been building between these two for the better part of three months when Jessica had interrupted Kat’s post match celebration of her win over Shannen Elizabeth. The former Darkness enforcer wasted no time in throwing down Katherine The Great’s punk card and the two had engaged in a brief skirmish before the meddling referees had managed to pull them apart. After that, it was only a matter of Kat going to Fannin and demanding a one on one confrontation with Jessica to put the two blondes on a collision course.

Now, after months of verbal baiting and heartless insults being exchanged, Katherine and Jessica were going to settle their differences; the question of just which blonde could claim the title of ‘most powerful’ would finally be settled. So there’s the back-story adequately explained. What say we go to the ring announcer?

Standing in the mellow light of the bar’s spotlight, the Announcer brought the mic up and broadcast, “Ladies and gentleman, its time for our Main Event! Introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 9 inches, they call her Katherine the Great, allow me to introduce…. Katherine Heigl!”

Marilyn Manson’s version of ‘Sweet Dreams’ pulses to life as Kat strides through the curtain. Surveying her loyal subjects from the ramp, Kat cut a glorious figure; it was easy to see why she was one of the most popular women in the promotion. Breaking her pose, Kat makes her way toward the ring, slapping hands and smiling at her fans the entire way. For her war with Jessica, she wore her typical two-piece powder blue bikini with matching boots and pads. Her long blonde hair has been tied back in a tight battle braid and she climbs the steel steps and makes her way through the ropes. Climbing the ropes in her corner, Kat flexes her biceps for the roaring fans, flashing a confidant grin before hopping back the canvas, turning to face the ramp and her incoming opposition.

“And introducing her opponent, she stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall, she is Jessica Biel!”

‘Slither’ hits the speakers as Jessica makes her way through the curtain and stalks quickly toward the ring. As per usual, Jessica’s wearing a two-piece bikini that’s the color of a Caribbean bay. Her pads, boots and wristbands are the same bright blue, and her shiny blonde mane hangs loose on her toned shoulders. Reaching the edge of the ring, Jessica hops up on the apron and stands there a moment before slipping under the top rope. Standing in the center of the ring, Jessica raises her arms over head and poses, rewarding her fans with a rather smug grin The blonde’s expression and poise speak of total confidence as she struts to her corner and awaits the start.

The bell sounded its typical hollow clang and the months of waiting were over. Kat and Jessica were finally going to find out who was the better grappler. Pushing out from her corner, Jessica stalked across the ring, her eyes not leaving Kat’s for a microsecond. Moments later, the two statuesque beauties were standing in the middle of the ring, toe to toe, nose to nose, eye to eye. Tuning out the ravenous roar of the crowd, Kat focused the whole of her attention on the steady sound of her rival’s breathing.

Several seconds passed in this fashion before Kat broke the silence by whispering, “You’re gonna regret getting in my face Jessica Biel. I’m gonna OWN you tonight and it’ll become common knowledge that you just don’t stack up to me… in any way.” She punctuated her statement by pushing forward a step, pressing her nearly mythic rack against Jessica’s equally impressive assets.

Jessica soaked up the threat and readied a hissed retort of her own, “Not tonight Kat. Maybe last year, maybe even a month ago, but not now. I’m through being this company’s ‘almost there’ girl. All I have to do is put you down and everyone’s gonna know that I am a FORCE to be reckoned with.” Jess returned Kat’s favor, rudely shoving forward into the slightly bigger blonde and grinding slowly back and forth.

With their noses almost brushing, Kat’s lip curled up in a dismissive little snarl and she said, “…FARCE to toyed with is more like it. You’re a tool Jess. A mindless tool of a second rate lackey and you always will”

CRACK! Kat’s statement was truncated when Jessica’s right palm hit home, the brutal forehand slap snapping the blonde’s head hard to the left. The blow took Kat off guard and she staggered back, trying to clear the fireworks in her skull. Nearly growling with fury (she absolutely LOATHED being called a lackey) Jessica streaked forward and threaded a hand through Kat’s thighs while the other slipped over Kat’s right shoulder. With no discernible effort, Jess hauled Kat off her feet and inverted her, holding the big blonde up for a simple Body Slam. Not bothering with any preamble, Jess hurled Kat down, the force of the impact actually bouncing the ring ever so slightly. Kat grunted in pain but she had taken harder slams than that throughout her career and she was on her feet in an instant, dark eyes flashing as she faced off with Jessica again.

Clearing her head, Kat fixed a withering glare on Jessica, who returned the look with equal contempt. Face twisted in anger, Jess spat, “Who’s the farce now you overrated douche…eerrrgghhhh!”

Jessica’s taunt was never finished as Kat blistered the other blonde with a teeth rattling, lip splitting backhand slap. Seizing the opportunity as Jessica reeled back on her heels, Kat shot forward and scooped Jessica over her shoulder. Rising up on her toes, Kat introduced Jessica to her version of the Body Slam, hurling the other blonde to the canvas in one deliriously smooth arc. But much like her foe, Jessica was used to overcoming great amounts of pain and she recovered from the slam almost immediately. Fixing her glare on Kat, Jess brought her hands up in a brawling stance and waded into her opposition with fists flying. Defense and finesse were totally absent as the two blondes tore into each other with jabs, crosses and hooks, each quivering shot aimed at something vulnerable, whether it be ribs, kidney, jaw or jug. This mindless barroom brawling continued for the next thirty seconds or so until Kat blocked a looping Biel Haymaker and sent an Uppercut caroming off her exposed chin. Jessica grunted and staggered back, eyes going glassy for a moment thanks to Kat’s punch.

Not wasting a second. Kat grabbed Jessica’s wrist and backed her into the ropes. Pressing into the other blonde for a bit of added momentum, Kat planted her feet and hurled Jessica across the squared circle, waiting for Jessica to bounce off the opposite side before streaking forward to meet her charge. Bracing for impact, Kat lowered her shoulder and surged forward. The two ladies collided a second later, but the result was something neither had expected. A bone-jarring shudder passed through both of them, but neither Kat nor Jessica was taken off their feet. Cursing silently, Kat glared daggers at the smirking Jessica.

Seeing Kat’s rage, Jess cooed insincerely, “What’s the matter Kitty? Can’t knock me down? Maybe you’re more Pussycat than Big Kat.”

Snarling, Kat hissed, “Lets see if you can take two.”

She was already in motion as she spoke, bouncing off the ropes as Jessica did the same thing. This time both blonde’s put all their strength into the Shoulder Block, but the outcome was the same. Both were rocked back on wobbly legs, but neither would go down.

Cocking a knowing eyebrow at her rival, Jess asked, “Once more… with feeling this time.”

Kat rolled her eyes and went to the ropes a third time, more eager than ever to knock Jess off her feet and through the canvas. As she reached the point of no return, Katherine started to lower her shoulder when she caught a bit of motion at the top of her vision. She realized what was going on to late to stop it and she had just a second to curse her own gullibility when Jessica nearly decapitated her with a Clothesline.

Kat was knocked off her feet only to land on the canvas in an undignified sprawl, legs splayed awkwardly and one arm thrown over her abused face. She was groaning quietly when Jessica buried both hands in her battle braid and yanked her to stand on wavering legs.

Wrapping both hands around Kat’s neck, Jessica pulled Kat in close and threatened, “This is just the beginning Kat. I’m going to tear you apart with my bare hands if that’s what it takes.”

Jess twisted her hips and tossed Kat across the ring by her neck, letting the bigger blonde hit the canvas with an undignified THUD! Feeling very much in control of the situation flipped a bit of blonde hair from her face as she strolled over to where Kat was laid out on the canvas. Nudging Kat onto her back with a prodding boot, Jess knelt at her foe’s head and pulled her to a sitting position. Dropping to one knee, she planted the posted joint between Kat’s shoulders and reached forward, grabbing a wrist in each hand. Taking a breath, she leaned forward for just a second before she yanked back with all her might, putting insidious pressure on Kat’s arms and shoulders with the Kneeling Surfboard. The pain roaring through her joints finally brought Kat around and she started thrashing, trying to wrench her way free, but all her attempts at escape were thwarted as Jess worked the hold by grinding her knee forward and simultaneously pulling back on Kat’s captive arms. After shaking her head ‘no’ to the ref’s inquiry re: her submission, Kat knew she’d have to use a different route to free herself.

Gritting her teeth, Kat hissed at her captor, “Now you’re going to see just why they call me The Great!”

She drew both her feet towards her and managed to get one knee under her. After encountering a bit of resistance from Jessica, Kat was able to shove off the mat and regain her vertical base, although she was still dealing with the notable handicap of having Jessica clinging to her. Feeding off her own confidence and the roar of the crowd, Kat put her exquisite arms and shoulders to work, ever so slowly twisting herself around to reverse the pressure of the Surfboard.

She had almost turned the hold back on her tormentor when Jess released her left wrist and rudely jerked her the rest of the way around and yanked her forward. Caught off balance, Kat staggered into Jessica’s waiting arms and quickly found herself wrapped up in a tight Bear Hug. Grimacing as Jessica squeezed her midsection, Kat was forced to endure another round of the blonde’s taunts.

“Good try Kittykat, but I’ve been watching you and I know what you’re capable of. Too bad you can’t say the same to me.”

Jessica tensed her frame and then torqued her hips, yanking Kat off her feet and sending her crashing back first to the canvas with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. If the meeting with the ground wasn’t bad enough, Kat had all the air driven from her lungs when Jessica landed on top of her, the other blonde using her own weight and force to exacerbate the crushing power of the throw. Pushing off of Kat’s crumpled form with a decided air of arrogance, Jessica rose to her feet and summarily hauled the wounded blonde up by her roots. Looking toward the corner, Jessica’s lips curled up in a devious smile and she marched her prey towards the buckles, heaving her into them with very little ceremony when they were in range.

Gripping the rope to Kat’s left with both hands, Jessica smile was arctic as she said, “Helpless is a state you better get used to Kat. I have no plans to let you do anything other than be my training dummy.”

Jess leaned back and brought her foot up placing the sole of her boot right across Katherine’s throat. Using the ropes for extra leverage, she pushed forward, blatantly choking the other blonde with the tactic. Kat thrashed and bucked, trying to pull free, but for all her strength she had to rely on the ref’s five count to make Jessica break the illegal choke. Gasping for air, Kat stumbled out of the corner only to be scooped up by Jessica, the helpless blonde being held with her back parallel to the canvas a few feet below. With one arm wrapped around Kat’s middle and the other encircling her legs, Jessica took a moment to parade around the ring, eagerly displaying her hapless captive to the redlining audience.

Breaking into a smug smile, she yelled, “Kat sure hasn’t offered much resistance so far! Maybe after I’m done with her, she can change her nickname to Katherine The Great-ful To Still Be Walking!”

Receiving a raucous cheer for her slight, Jessica’s grin only grew wider as she pulled off her next move. Still holding Kat tight, she rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, bending Kat’s back painfully over her knee. Not releasing her grip, she powered back up to both feet and held Kat prone for another second before she dropped all the way to the canvas; landing easily on her butt while Kat was driven viciously into the mat by the Sidewalk Slam. Knowing she wasn’t getting paid by the hour (if she was, she mused, she’d torture Kat all night long) Jess hooked both her opponent’s legs and leaned into the cover, managing to hold Kat down for a strong two count before the downed girl was able to get a shoulder up.

Getting to her feet, Jess took a deep breath and said, “All right Kat, I knew you wouldn’t go down easy. I just wanted to offer you an easy way out so no one could accuse me of running up the score later.”

She reached down and pulled the other blonde to her feet and tossed her rudely towards corner, letting her land in an undignified sprawl on her hands and knees. Turning her back on Kat for a moment, Jessica sauntered over to the opposite corner and turned back to face the slowly recovering Kat. Dropping low, Jess adopted a classic three point stance and waited just long enough for Kat to get to her feet before exploding forward with her shoulder lowered, obviously intent of cutting Katherine in half with the Spear. Well, Jessica had good intentions, but we all know they’re what paves the road to hell and that’s just where her path was leading her! For as Jess sprinted toward her, Kat’s vision cleared and she took a step forward before shooting her right foot up in a wicked arc. Kat’s size 10 caught Jessica right in the forehead and the charging girl was stopped dead in her tracks, knocked head over heels by the simple strike. Still wincing in pain at Jessica’s prolonged assault, Kat allowed herself a weary smile as she stalked over to Jessica’s mewling form. Looking to take a physical as well as psychological advantage in this war, Kat placed her boot on Jess’ throat and pressed down gently.

Gazing coldly at her gagging rival, Kat sneered, “Let this be a lesson to you. Never lower your head to me or I’ll cut it the fuck off.” She relinquished her perch only to pull Jessica to her feet. Getting in the dazed girl’s face, she continued, “And that was just Lesson One; I’ve got a whole chapter on ‘Reasons not to screw with Kat Heigl’! You’ll know chapter and verse by the time we’re done.”

Sinking her talons into Jessica’s damp blonde mane, Katherine doubled her opponent over and began her teachings with a simple series of Knee Lifts that thudded dully against Jessica’s face and chest. After she was convinced Jessica understood her meaning, Kat began teaching in earnest, by hooking both of Jessica’s arms up and behind her back. With Jessica’s limbs secured, Kat clasped her own hands together and pulled up hard, hauling Jessica off her feet and holding her inverted, with both arms still pinned behind her. Demonstrating the strength that had made her famous, Kat held Jessica in this awkward position for several seconds, turning to each side of the ring so that her subjects could witness the power that Katherine The Great wielded over this pretender to the throne. Finally, Jessica’s weight began to wear on her and she fell backwards, driving Jessica’s back into the mat to complete the Double Underhook Suplex.

Getting to her feet, Kat looked down at Jessica’s pan wracked form and said pertly, “Looks like you’re a quick study. How about another lesson then?”

Jessica was given no say in the matter as Kat quickly ran the ropes and sped back toward her target. Approaching Jessica’s feet, Kat executed a gorgeous leap that brought her down butt first right across Jessica’s defenseless chest. Jess flopped like a speared fish but she was held on her back as Kat maintained her perch. The ref’s hand had just slapped the mat twice when the butt-crushed blonde was able to shove her rival off of her. Not deterred in the slightest by Jessica’s escape from the cover, Kat had the sudden urge to pay Jessica back for her painful stint in the Surfboard. Kneeling behind the other blonde, Kat pulled Jess to a sitting position and pulled both of Jessica’s arms back behind her. But instead of locking on a Surfboard of her own, Katherine simply trapped Jessica’s arms in her own and jerked back, trying to yank the blonde’s shoulders out of socket with what could best be described as a modified Full Nelson. Enjoying the feel of Jessica squirming in her clutches, Kat added some mental torture to go along with the bodily torture.

Resting her chin on Jess’ shoulder, Kat whispered, “Listen carefully slut; this is a one time offer. You scream ‘I GIVE UP’ right now and I won’t tit smother you into dreamland when this is over. But if you persist in being a bitch, I’ll beat you down and then put you out over and over ‘til I’m satisfied you’ll never forget the feel and taste of my breasts on your lips. Whaddya say?”

Growling in helpless rage, Jess wasn’t cowed by the threat. “I say fuck you and the offer you rode in on! You’re the one getting smothered Kat. And you sure as hell won’t get any kind of deal from me. All you’ll get from me is few gasping breaths and a little bit of tit sweat to go along with them.”

Kat was angry that Jessica could remain so confidant in her current situation and she was about to set the other blonde straight when the ref demanded that she release her hold. Startled, Kat looked up and was furious to see that during the course of her retort, Jess had managed to drag herself to the ropes and wrap her feet around them. Extremely pissed that she’d been taken by the ruse, Kat released the hold only to immediately drag Jess back toward the center of the ring.

Pulling Jess to her feet, Kat looped both hands around Jessica’s throat and hissed, “That was cute Jess. You do cute very well. But I do brutal very well and brutal trumps cute every day of the week!

Her last few words came out as a snarl and they were still leaving her mouth as she lifted Jessica off her feet and simply held her in the air, throttling the suspended blonde with a choke that was just as blatant as the one Jessica had used on her. Growling up into Jessica’s face, Kat maintained the Two-Handed Choke until the ref reached four on his count.

She was in the process of tossing Jess down when the gasping blonde got a hand up and jabbed a thumb into Kat’s eye. Startled and hurt, Kat released the choke and staggered back, rubbing quickly at her assaulted eye while Jessica tended to her constricted throat. A moment later, Kat’s vision cleared and she looked up with hate in her eyes. Seeing that Jessica was still distracted by her own afflictions, Kat roared and charged forward, flattening the distracted blonde with a stiff Clothesline across the chin. Jessica’s head bounced nastily off the canvas, but she barely had time to moan before Kat was grabbing her ankles and lifting her legs off the mat.

Tucking the hapless limbs under her armpits, Kat made sure her grip was tight, before she said, “I know this move is a little silly looking but I figure it’s a suitable demonstration of my strength and it won’t do anything for your well being. That’s win-win in my book.”

She pulled up just enough to lift Jessica off the canvas. Then Kat began to spin in a slow circle, picking up more and more speed with every revolution. Watching the Giant Swing being administered, the crowd cheered Kat’s domineering performance and they only got louder when she released her victim and hurled her across the ring. Jess slammed into the mat and rolled onto her side, breathing heavily and trying not to hurl up her lunch. The move was not without consequence for Kat either. The big blonde had to close her eyes and take a few staggering steps backwards before she succeeded in steadying herself. Regaining her equilibrium, Kat smiled gamely at the audience as she advanced on the slowly recovering Jessica.

Yanking the disoriented blonde to her feet, Kat seized Jessica’s wrist in a manacle like claw and hurled her towards the corner. Waiting to hear the satisfyingly meaty thud of Jessica’s back against the steel buckles, Kat took off at top speed and leapt toward the corner prepared to use her whole body to crush her victim into submission. Unfortunately for Kat, Jessica ducked aside at the last second and the Great One was sent crashing into empty space, her forehead striking the top of the steel post with a resounding CRACK! Seeing nothing but stars and a swirling fog, Kat staggered back a few steps and was mowed down by the oncoming freight train that was Jessica Biel! As soon as she escaped the corner, Jess had charged the ropes and bounced off them, streaking back just as Kat wandered into her path. Seeing Kat was defenseless, Jess extended her arm and nearly snapped Kat’s neck with a Lariat that left Kat spread-eagled on the mat; easy pickings. The ref’s count had passed two and was going for three when the wounded girl barely managed to roll a shoulder up. Peeling off her victim, Jess kneeled on the canvas for a second to get her breath back.

Shaking out the tingle from her Lariat arm, Jessica got to her feet and sneered, “Not feeling so great now are ya you cunt? Betcha don’t like being in the ring with somebody who’s just as strong as you are.” She pulled Kat to her feet and proceeded to drag her into the center of the ring. Standing face to face with her foe, Jessica slipped both arms around Kat’s body, making sure to pin Kat’s arms to her sides. Clenching her hands across the small of Kat’s back, Jess amended her previous statement, “What am I saying, just as strong as you are? I’m a hell of a lot stronger than you’ll ever be. Now I get to prove it.”

She proved her claim by squeezing as hard as she could, crushing Kat’s midsection against her own with a rib cracking Bear Hug. Sweat was dripping off both ladies as Jess worked the hold, but Jessica wasn’t content to merely wear Kat out. She wanted to grind down the other blonde’s resistance and then snuff her out. Focusing on her goal, Jess began to jerk her torso violently from left to right, shaking Kat like a terrier might shake its favorite toy. With her ribs and arms in agony, Kat threw her head back but refused to give voice to the scream trapped behind her teeth. Instead, she focused on escape, and to do that she needed to free her arms.

Closing her eyes tight, Kat centered her thoughts and then jerked upwards as quickly and violently as she could. The tactic worked and her arms popped free from the tortuous loop of Jessica’s arms. Knowing freedom was in her grasp, Kat reached up and dug both hands into either side of Jessica’s head. Ignoring the other blonde’s surprised squawk, Kat pulled Jessica’s head forward as she did the same, Head Butting her tormentor across the bridge of the nose. Jessica roared in pain and released her grip, staggering back to tend to her battered face. With a furnace still burning in her ribs, Kat stalked forward and gripped the sides of Jessica’s head once more before delivering another skull cracking Head Butt. This one drove Jess to her knees but Kat wasn’t going to let her stay there long.

Sinking her claws into Jessica’s hair, Kat yanked her to her feet and snarled, “You think you’re stronger than me? Honey, you’re about to get a taste of what REAL power can do.”

Kat gripped Jessica by the shoulder with one hand while the other gripped the dazed blonde’s crotch in groping squeeze. Setting her feet, Kat hauled upward and lifted Jessica right over her head with a classic Military Press. Holding Jessica high over her head, Katherine stopped to display her victim’s helplessness to the capacity crowd. This proved to be a mistake as Jessica started to wriggle in Kat’s grasp and was able to slip free, landing easily behind her opponent. Before Kat could turn around, Jessica lashed a leg out and clipped Kat behind the right knee. Kat screamed in pain and surprise as she went down, the bigger blonde immediately tending to the injured joint. Shaking off the vertigo that sometimes accompanied being trapped in the Military Press, Jess regained control of her senses and hauled Kat to her feet; holding the tottering girl in front of her.

Jessica purred, “Looks like you’re weren’t strong enough to hold me Kittykat; perhaps I should show them how it’s done.”

She gripped Katherine’s throat while she reached her other hand down between the blonde’s thighs where, with little visible effort, she muscled Kat off her feet over her head in an awesome example of a Military Press. Grinning from ear to ear, Jess turned in a full circle before Body Slamming Kat down on her back from a height of nearly seven feet. Jessica preened for a moment while Kat lay groaning on the mat, but their respective respites ended when Jessica hauled Kat to her feet and walked her towards the corner. With a swagger in her step, Jessica tossed Kat face-first into the corner before gripping the middle rope on either side of the incapacitated blonde.

Lowering her shoulder, Jessica pulled back as she whispered, “Time to go to work!”

She lunged forward, ramming the point of her shoulder into Kat’s exposed back. Kat shuddered and moaned, but Jessica wasn’t to be denied and she repeated the brutal maneuver over and over, tenderizing the helpless muscles with bludgeoning, cudgel-like shots. Finally the ref threatened disqualification and Jess pulled back allowing Katherine to pull back from the buckles before dropping to her knees. Standing arrogantly over her kneeling rival, Jessica drew a thumb across her throat, signaling for the Biel Bomb.

Securing a two handed grip on Kat’s hair, Jess said, “Time to put you to sleep Kitty Kat.”

Jess dragged Kat to her feet, then spun the battered blonde around to face her. Releasing Kat’s hair, Jess shifted her grip to her victim’s throat and clasped her fingers tight. Tensing, she lifted Kat into the air and held her aloft, a mere second away from ending the match. But that second was all Kat needed to get her right hand up and drive a fist into Jessica’s nose, forcing her to release the death grip on her throat. Kat fell to the canvas, landing on her knees; content for the moment to simply draw a breath in peace; her lungs filled with the rejuvenating oxygen and her heart filled with a burning desire to finish Jessica off right then and there.

Pushing up to her feet, the big blonde took a step toward her dazed foe and drove a heinous boot into Jessica’s gut, doubling the other blonde over instantly. Reaching forward, Kat grabbed a dual handful of Jessica’s locks and jerked her forward, ramming the gasping girl’s head between her thighs. With Jess’ butt on display for the audience, Kat made the sight memorable by yanking her victim’s tights up in a backside bisecting Wedgie. Jessica yelped and tried to pull free but she was held fast in Kat’s Headscissors for the moment. Her lip curling in an expression that was part snarl and part smile, Kat released the Wedgie only to wrap both arms around Jessica’s waist.

Looking down at the curve of Jessica’s back, Kat roared, “Time to drive you right through the fucking’ canvas Biel!”

Then she hoisted Jessica into the air, bringing her to a stop in the stall position for a Powerbomb, with Jessica’s crotch uncomfortably close to Katherine’s face. Kat didn’t hold her there long though. With a little push down, she hurled Jess back towards the canvas, smiling wickedly as Jessica nearly folded in half when she slammed into the mat. Looking to add a little dominance to her cover, Kat moved forward and sat down on Jessica’s upturned butt, keeping her nemesis folded up in makeshift matchbook pin. As the ref began to count Kat raised her arms and bellowed her triumph only to be denied when Jessica kicked out shortly after the two.

Recovering her balance, Kat sighed and pulled Jessica to her feet. Leading her opponent towards the center of the ring, Katherine the Great pulled Jess close and wrapped her arms around the woozy blonde’s midsection.

Delivering a receipt from earlier, Kat whispered softly, “You’re a rank amateur when it comes to Bear Hugs Jess. Here’s what happens when you’re trapped in a truly inescapable one.” She lifted Jessica up and back, pulling her off her feet while in the same instant, she squeezed with all the force she could muster, (which was still quite a lot) bending Jess’ back in a wicked curve that made the other blonde howl in pain. Resting her head on the pillows of Jessica’s chest, Kat added to her rival’s misery by shaking her side-to-side; doing her best to wrench all the fight out of her prey right there. Smiling cruelly, Kat hissed to her writhing foe, “Whatcha gonna do Jesse? There’s no way out unless you submit and you’re too proud to do that. If it’s any consolation, I’m sure you’ll be the toughest girl in the ICU.”

Through eyes that were blurred with sweat and tears, Jessica glared down at blonde that was snapping her in two. Narrowing her focus to nothing but escape, Jess fought against Kat’s coil for a moment and was able to yank her right arm free. Balling her hand into a fist, Jess reared back and drove the punch home, delivering a brain rattling shot to Kat’s cheek. Heigl grunted and her grip loosened considerably. This gave Jess some extra motivation and she pulled her arm back to administer another blow when Kat tightened up again and lifted her up even higher. Before Jess understood what was happening to her, Kat dropped to one knee, impaling Jessica’s groin with a sadistic Inverted Atomic Drop. Jessica’s strong legs turned to water and she uttered a low, pathetic moan as Kat released her grip. She immediately fell to her knees, hands going to her wounded center but Kat wasn’t one to offer long reprieves and Jess was yanked to her feet just as soon as Katherine had taken a breath.

Holding Jessica by the throat, Kat glared at Jessica and purred, “You’ve got a pretty good Press Slam Jessica, but there’s an old song lyric that proclaims, ‘Anything you can do, I can do better.’ In this case, I’d be inclined to agree. But don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself.” Kat tightened her grip on Kat’s throat and planted her other hand on the blonde’s belly for extra leverage. Then with a soft grunt of exertion, she hauled Jessica off the mat and held her over her head, giving the audience a rare glimpse of Jessica being held aloft by an equally powerful foe.

Sauntering around the ring with Jess in tow, Kat looked at her subjects and yelled, “What say we reacquaint Jess with the ground?”

The crowd seconded this idea and roared approvingly when Kat pushed straight up, tossing Jess a bit higher into the air before gravity could reclaim her. As soon as Jessica left her grasp, Kat whirled to her right, making sure she was facing the same direction as her victim. A second later, Jessica landed gut first on Heigl’s right shoulder with an audible ’oof!’ In the same instant Kat drove herself forward, falling to the canvas and slamming Jessica down with all of Kat’s weight landing on top of her opponent. The ingeniously applied Over the Shoulder Power Slam flattened Jess out and she was barely able to shoot an arm off the mat before the ref reached three. Getting to her feet, Kat smoothed out her braid and adjusted her ring gear slightly before pulling Jessica up. With no preamble, she wedged Jessica’s head between her thighs and wrapped her arms around the other blonde’s waist.

Sneering down at Jessica Kat said, “Well if you don’t like the canvas, I’d be happy to hold you off of it until you decide to surrender.”

Kat hauled Jess up onto her the point of her shoulder, then securing her grip, she squeezed as tight as she could while simultaneously rising up on her toes, then dropping back down, bending Jessica’s spine in an ungodly ‘/\ with the Canadian Backbreaker. Feeling Jessica writhe in her grip and hearing her moans, Kat was sorely tempted to parade around the ring showing off her prize, but she knew if she stayed in the middle there would be no way for Jess to grab the ropes and force a break. Smiling happily, Kat worked the sadistic Backbreaker for several more seconds, every bounce and jerk drawing another yelp of anguished protest from her captive. She was just about to demand submission when Jessica tried to claw Kat’s face!

Jessica’s talon was sharp but ill-placed and Kat was able to turn her face away. Still, it was an imposition Kat didn’t want to deal with so, deciding on a new course of action, she began to spin while holding Jessica in the Backbreaker. Picking up speed, Kat completed almost ten revolutions before she hurled Jess off! Biel landed hard, flat on her back, the powerful blonde a victim of a uniquely modified old school Airplane Spin. With a bit of a dizzied stumble to her step, Kat walked over to Jessica’s quivering ruin and yanked the other blonde to her feet.

Grabbing Jessica’s wrist in one hand, Kat stepped back and spat, “Just stay down you stubborn bitch! I’m not above making sure you leave this ring on a stretcher.”

When Jess didn’t reply, Kat yanked her forward as she extended her free arm, clubbing her rival’s chest with a Short Arm Clothesline. Jessica was slammed back to the canvas, but Kat didn’t release the blonde’s wrist and while still holding her tight, Kat pulled Jess back up on spaghetti legs and yanked her forward for another bone jarring Clothesline. This time, Jess was knocked for a loop but still Kat didn’t release her. She hauled Jessica back to her feet but this time Kat stepped back, putting as much distance between them as she could before lunging forward to complete the trifecta!

But as Kat pulled Jess toward her this time, Jessica jerked her wrist out of Kat’s grip and she lunged forward to meet Kat’s startled charge. Ducking slightly, Jessica avoided Kat’s Clothesline and used her own to club Kat’s hulking chest, her fist ending up under Heigl’s opposite armpit. Standing off to Jessica’s side, Jess wasted no time…lifting Kat off the mat and then falling forward. Jessica landed on her knees but Kat was slammed down hard on the back of her shoulders, driven wickedly to the canvas by the quick application of the Rock Bottom style counter. Hoping the vicious slam would be enough to hold Kat down for a three, Jess draped herself across the downed blonde and hooked a leg…only to be disappointed when Kat easily tossed her off after “TWO!” Clearing her head, Jessica rose to her feet and brought Kat along for the ride, holding Kat’s wrist as she pushed her stunned nemesis back into the ropes.

Jess hissed, “You’re the one leaving the ring on a stretcher, bitch! And if I do my job correctly, we won’t EVER have to see you again.”

Transitioning from talk to action, Jess Irish Whipped Kat across the ring and stepped to the center of the ring as the other blonde came reeling and stumbling back to her. As Kat came within range, Jess lowered her shoulder and drove it into Kat’s solar plexus, lifting her into a Fireman’s Carry. Jessica rose to her full height and immediately fell backwards, squashing Kat between the canvas and Jessica’s Body. The Samoan Drop had been delivered perfectly and in most cases Jess would have gone for the cover, but in this instance, she wasn’t done punishing Heigl yet.

Getting up, Jess hoisted Kat to her feet and stood behind the limp-kneed blonde. Snuggling in close to her prey, Jessica snaked an arm across Kat’s throat and tucked the other behind Kat’s skull. Squeezing down on the Sleeper Hold, Jessica ground slowly against Kat’s thrashing body, totally relishing the feel of the strong young woman struggling against her.

Getting her lips next to Heigl’s ear, Jess purred, “I thought you were supposed to be tough. Well how tough are you going to look if I can make you take a nap right here in the ring?” Go ahead baby, it’s OK to try and answer.”

Running out of options, Kat growled a response and tried to fight her way free. Twisting to her right, Heigl wrapped her arms around Jessica’s waist and tried to upend the other blonde with a Back Drop Suplex, but Jess held her perch and Kat remained trapped in the Sleeper. Angry that Kat wouldn’t simply go quietly, Jess released the Sleeper suddenly and grabbed a handful of Kat’s blue briefs. Setting her feet, she reeled Kat in as she used her free hand to deliver an absolutely skull-crushing Clothesline to the back of her head. Kat went down like a sack ‘o’ spuds, landing hard on her belly and face.

Still Jessica wouldn’t stop her assault! Slowly pulling Kat to her feet, Jess stood behind her and bent Kat over, then reaching down Jess threaded her hand between Kat’s legs, grabbed her right wrist in her right hand and pulled it tight. Jess forced Kat to stay bent over in the awkward position while she reached her left arm to hook Kat’s left. Holding Katherine tight, Jess looked down and sneered, “Katherine the Great…meet Jessica the Usurper…now - get the hell out of my court!”

Adding a final indignity, Jess humped her hips forward, grinding her pelvis suggestively into Kat’s defenseless ass. Getting the wild reaction she had hoped for, Jess stopped playing games and lifted Kat up in one brutally smooth arc before Slamming her to the mat on her back. The Pump Handle Drop left Kat prostrate but Jessica wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass to deliver another dose of humiliation. Hands on her hips, she placed a boot on Kat’s heaving chest and waited for the ref to count. She didn’t wait long for the two, but the three was a lot longer coming seeing because Kat was able to break Jessica’s nonchalant cover.

Beginning to get irritated by Kat’s obnoxious refusal to stay down, Jess stalked over to Heigl’s feet and grabbed an ankle in each hand. Pulling the captive limbs off the mat, Jess tucked them into her armpits, turned over and sat down wrenching Kat’s legs and lower back with a simple but by no means ineffectual Boston Crab. Bouncing saucily on Kat’s helpless backside, Jess flipped some hair out of her face and demanded, “Give it up Heigl, or I’ll snap you in two! And you know damn well I’m one of the few girls who can make good on that threat.”

She added to the claims veracity by pulling back even harder on her victim’s legs. Slapping the mat in agonized frustration, Kat turned her head to the side and snarled back at Jessica, “You ain’t got shit Jesse! I’ll be damned if I’ll let you talk me into submission. You may be good with your mouth, but you’re not that good!”

Blocking out Jessica’s enraged reply, Kat placed both palms on the mat and shoved up, managing to push herself off the mat. Biting her tongue to keep from screaming, Kat clawed and scraped her way across the ring, the short journey seeming to take an eternity to her pain fogged brain. But at last the ropes were in sight and Kat grasped wildly at the closest one, instantly demanding that the ref make Jess break her hold. Looking over her shoulder, Jess was furious to see that Kat had engineered an escape. Smiling sweetly at the hovering official, Jessica leaned back as far as gravity would allow, drawing out the count as best she could. Finally the zebra threatened DQ and Jessica tossed the sweat drenched limbs aside with an exaggerated air of disinterest.

Slowly regaining her vertical base, Jessica zeroed in on Kat trying to use the ropes to get to her feet, then whispering maliciously, Jessica said, “I’ll help you up Kitty, all you had to do was ask!”

Speaking no more, she stalked forward and buried both hands in Kat’s quickly fraying battle braid. With a spiteful tug, she pulled the other blonde to her feet and marched her towards the middle of the ring. Standing beside her weary rival, Jessica sprang into action. Bending down, the blonde looped one hand between Kat’s legs while the other threaded its way around her captive’s chin. Breathing hard, Jessica lifted Katherine off the mat, the bigger blonde draped parallel across her shoulders, trapped in the legendary Torture Rack. Wrenching the hold as hard as she could, Jessica walked around the ring with the mewling Heigl on her shoulders. Bouncing the hold up and down, Jessica understood that she could simply maintain the hold and eventually Kat would just pass out from the pain. But Jess didn‘t just want a submission by KO. She wanted to BREAK Kat Heigl tonight, and she wanted to do it in a big way.

Looking to impress her fan base with a signature maneuver, Jessica called coyly, “SIT! WATCH! LEARN!”

When the crowd roared, she bent her knees slightly and then pushed up, twisting her torso hard to the right. In the same moment she released her grip on Katherine’s legs, sensing rather than feeling the blonde’s lower half go sailing out behind her. With Kat’s chin still in her grasp and the rest of the blonde stretched out behind her, Jessica simply fell to her back, landing easily on the mat. Kat’s landing wasn’t nearly so pleasant unfortunately. Jessica had ingeniously turned the Torture Rack into an Elevated Neckbreaker, and the devastated blonde smashed hard into the mat, her neck and shoulders taking the brunt of the move’s devastating impact. Believing the move had finally put Kat down for good, Jess went for the win, hooking both legs as she did so. And though everyone else may have been convinced the match was over, Kat was a bit of a heretic in that regard! Kat rotated her shoulder off the mat microseconds before the final slap of the mat.

When Kat was able to extricate herself from that last move, Jessica really got pissed! Slamming her fist on the mat in frustration, she got to her feet and hauled Kat up along with her. Going nose to nose with the other blonde, Jessica spat, “If you’re not even going to give me the courtesy of a good fight, the least you could do is just STAY DOWN!”

Katherine’s glazed eyes seemed to clear at the statement and she spat back, “Pardon my rudeness. How’s this?”

BLAM! Kat crashed a Haymaker off Jess’ jaw that sent the smaller blonde reeling back. Shaking off the punch, Jess roared back at her revitalized foe with fists flying. For the next several moments, all semblance of a wrestling match vanished as the two powerful beauties simply bludgeoned one another hammer and tong with the vilest punches imaginable. As she had earlier in the contest, Kat was able to stun Jess with an Uppercut! Before Jessica could protest, Kat grabbed her wrist, Irish Whipped her towards the rope. Jessica headed towards the cables, but she never made it!

Jess suddenly put on the brakes to Reverse the Whip, sending Kat into the ropes in her place. Measuring the distance between them, Jessica raised a foot, aiming for the point of Heigl’s chin. In this she was unsuccessful because Kat ducked under her boot and slipped quickly around behind her. With Jessica off balance, Kat sidled up behind her and cinched on a Full Nelson. But instead maintaining the simple submission, Kat lifted Jessica off her feet and then slammed her down, drilling Jessica’s spine into the canvas with a ring shaking Full Nelson Slam. Standing beside her opponent’s quivering midsection, Kat did a little measuring of her own and then leapt into the air, coming down hard on Jessica’s chest with a Splash.

The force jackknifed Jessica’s body but she remained pinned under Heigl as the Great One went for the pin. Kat was a second from victory when Jess was able to buck free. Sitting beside her squashed opponent, it was Kat’s turn to experience the frustration of not being able to finish. Deciding to follow a baser route to end the match, Kat straddled Jessica’s waist facing her head. Cracking her knuckles, Kat then ran her hands up Jessica’s belly until they reached the curve of her breasts.

Laying her hands lightly across the damaged blonde’s orbs, Kat looked down at Jessica’s face and purred, “I’d suggest holding off on the Wonder Bra a few days Jess; it might be uncomfortable.”

The words were barely out of her mouth before she clenched her hands shut, wrenching and tearing at Jess’ unguarded bounty. A scream rose in Jessica’s throat and she arched her back violently as Kat worked and kneaded her breasts in a Double Breast Claw. Hating herself for the tears she felt forming at the corners of her eyes, Jess tried to pull Kat’s hands off her boobs but Heigl was relentless, and the mauling only got worse. Kat pinched Jessica’s nipples through the thin material of her top and twisted nastily, grinning in delight as the supposedly iron will of Jessica crumbled under her experienced talons. Pulling her own hair to avoid tapping out, Jessica pulled a rabbit out of her hat to try and escape. Releasing her grip on her hair, Jess flattened her palms out and clapped them on both sides of Kat’s head, Boxing her Ears!

The move caught Kat flat-footed and she was forced to relinquish her Breast Claws, rolling off of Jessica in the process. Jessica rolled to her side, trying to massage some of the agony out of her chest. but Kat didn’t give Jess time to do any good as she hauled her to her feet seconds after she released the Claw.

Grabbing Jess’ wrist, Kat cooed, “You’re going to wish you’d tapped out when I gave you the chance. I promise there won’t be any more.”

Ominous statement concluded, Kat sent Jessica streaking towards the corner where the breathless blonde hit with a painfully satisfying THUNK! Knowing that Jess wasn’t playing opossum this time, Heigl exploded towards her foe and leapt into the air, her beautiful arc culminating in a sternum shattering chest-to-chest Splash in the corner. Jessica deflated and tried to fall forward, but Kat grabbed her wrist once more and callously tossed her into the opposite corner. Setting her feet, Kat repeated her previous maneuver in a new location, absolutely demolishing Jessica’s body between the post and her own ample frame. After the second Splash connected, Kat pulled back a little, but only so she could stand on the bottom ropes, one leg on either side of Jessica’s limp-legged body. Grabbing a huge handful of hair, Kat yanked Jessica’s head backward, forcing the other blonde to not only look up at her, but also to rest her cheek on the vaunted rise of Katherine’s assets.

Brushing some hair off Jess’ forehead, Kat said quietly, “No more asking.”

She pulled Jessica’s face into the canyon of her cleavage, cutting off the blonde’s air with the perfectly applied Breast Smother. Grinning haughtily as Jessica slapped uselessly at her hips and back, Katherine ground her tits back and forth across her victim’s face, making sure the would be usurper knew that she wasn’t going to take Kat’s throne without first suffering every torment and indignity the Great One could muster. She had just thrust her chest forward yet again when the ref began that aggravating five count. Pretending she didn’t hear it, Kat continued her grind up until four when she finally peeled Jess’ head out of her cleavage.

Glaring down with a look of abject disdain, Kat held her grip on Jessica’s matted locks and slowly pulled the blonde’s face one more time across the dual curves of her rack. Sated for now, Heigl stepped off her perch and let Jessica stagger drunkenly toward her. Knowing that Jessica was little better than helpless in her oxygen deprived state; Kat sauntered behind the staggering girl and trapped her in a tight Waist Lock. Bending down, she forced her head between Jess’ torso and her right arm, setting the smaller blonde up for a Back Drop Suplex. Indeed it appeared to be the case as Kat hauled Jess into the air, holding her across her shoulder with her back parallel to the mat. But instead of simply falling backward, Kat went for something a bit more visually impressive. Releasing half of her grip on Jessica’s waist, Kat swung Jessica around in front of her so that the other blonde’s legs were now stretched out behind Kat. In the same instant, Kat dropped down to the mat, nearly driving Jessica through the ring with the Swinging Back Drop Powerbomb she’d dubbed the Kill Switch.

Hoping to put the blonde down so she could get to the business of smothering her out, Kat went for the win only to have the ever-resilient Jessica kick out at two and a half. Snarling in impotent fury, Kat got to her feet and yanked Jessica to her knees, pulling the battered blonde’s head between her thighs as Kat wrapped her arms around Jessica’s waist and cried, “THIS ENDS NOW!”

Ignoring the potentially distracting roar of the crowd, Kat lifted Jessica up for another Powerbomb and sat out this time, landing on her butt, legs spread at a 45-degree angle. Jess landed hard on the canvas pinned firmly right between Katherine’s splayed gams. Keeping her grip on Jessica’s thighs, Kat bore down with everything she had left, only to shriek in rage and incredulity when Jessica twisted free with only an inch between the ref’s hand and the final count. Unable to comprehend the diabolical amount of punishment her foe was soaking up, Kat knew there were only a few moves left in her arsenal that would have the potency needed to keep Jess down. Getting to her feet, Kat wearily pulled Jessica to hers and stood face to face with her nemesis.

In a breathless whisper, Kat said, “You’re tougher than I thought, I’ll give you that. But it won’t be enough to keep me from owning your sorry ass tonight. Remember that the next time you want to pick a fight with someone.”

Getting only a mindless groan in reply, Kat reached between Jessica’s legs and hoisted the blonde onto her shoulders with a lack of ceremony usually reserved for hauling sacks of potatoes. Shifting her grip, Kat wrapped her arms around Jessica’s waist and positioned Jessica’s head in front of her crotch. Heigl was moments away from completing the Tombstone Pile-Driver when Jessica began to kick and thrash her legs. One of her knees struck Kat in the forehead and the big blonde was knocked off balance, falling slowly backwards only to realize that Jess was landing on her feet and now held Kat in position for a Tombstone of her own.

Acting on instinct now, Jess still had time to snarl, “Don’t you get it Kat? I OWN you. You’ll find that out soon enough though.”

Then Jessica rose up on her toes and dropped to her knees, spiking Katherine’s head into the mat with the nastiest Pile-Driver variant in wrestling history. The crowd went ape shit as Jess went for the cover and they counted along with the ref but the three was only forming on their collective lips when Kat rolled a shoulder clear of the mat. Shaking off the vicious beating Kat had administered over the last several minutes, Jessica got to her feet and saw the Kat was slowly doing the same. Realizing it was time to end this thing for good, Jess pointed one hand at Kat while the other raised up behind her, fingers curling over and over again as she called for the Choke Slam.

A second later, Kat was sufficiently recovered and turned around only to be greeted with Jessica’s right hand wrapped around her throat. Eyes going wide as she realized Jessica’s intent, Heigl drove a pair of elbows into Jessica’s temple that broke the grip on windpipe. Looking for the knockout shot, Kat ran the ropes and sped back towards Jessica, extending her arm for a decapitating Lariat. But Jess saw the move coming and ducked the strike, leaving Kat swiping at empty space. Turning on her heel, Jess waited for Kat to face her and as soon as she could see the whites of Kat’s eyes, she shot her hand out a second time grasped her foe’s throat, trying to secure the Choke Slam once more.

Jess was out of range for Kat to elbow her, but she wasn’t far enough away to avoid the boot Heigl sent flying at her groin. The low blow hit home and Jessica shrieked openly, letting go of Kat’s throat so she could tend to her wounded center. This played right into Kat’s hands and she shoved the crippled blonde into a Standing Headscissors for the final time. With her arms circling Jessica’s waist she called out, “Hangover time!”

The crowd roared with anticipation for her finisher. Taking a deep breath, Kat lifted Jessica over her shoulder and into position for the Heigl Hangover, but before she could drop to her knee and obliterate Jess’ shoulder, Jessica twisted out of her grasp and slid down the big blonde’s back. Hissing in rage, Kat whirled around and found a hand around her throat for the third time in as many minutes but before she could even blink, she was hauled into the air, one hand around her neck, the other rudely grabbing at her hip to keep her steady. Heigl had the briefest sensation of weightlessness and then she was being driven back towards the ground, hitting the mat with a sickening thud as Jess finally connected with the Choke Slam.

Flipping hair out of her eyes, Jess looked to the crowd and roared, “Time to test the Biel Bomb…and this bitch is ground zero!”

Hauling Kat to her feet, Jess pulled both hands back and made a show of snapping them forward to fasten a two handed choke around Heigl’s neck. Using the last bit of her strength, Jess lifted Kat into the air and held her there for only a moment before sitting out, landing on her butt with her legs spread at a 45-degree angle. Kat was smashed wickedly into the mat and she lay groaning and quivering between Jessica’s legs. Releasing her grip on the other blonde’s throat, Jess wrapped them around Heigl’s legs and bore down, while the ref administered his count. 1...2...3!

Kat got a shoulder up an eye blink after the three, but it was an eye blink too late. Jessica had put her down for the count. Ecstatic and exhausted, Jessica tossed her beaten foe’s legs aside and got to her feet. Drinking in the adulation of the crowd, Jess limped over to the corner and climbed the turnbuckles. Flexing in a classic double biceps pose, Jess preened for the mob and shouted, “There’s a new ‘Great One’ in town and you’re looking at her. Everybody get ready, cuz Jessica Biel is back and she’s ready to OWN this place!”

The mob’s roar got louder and Jess continued to pose until a hand snagged her by the back of her briefs and yanked her back to the mat. Whirling around, Jess went face to face with a weary and beaten, but by no stretch of the imagination broken Katherine Heigl. Trying to hide her surprise at the fact that Kat had recovered from her finish so quickly, Jess chested into the other blonde and asked condescendingly, “Can I help you?”

Breathing through her nose, Kat said quietly, “Ya won this round, but if you think this is over, you are sorely mistaken. This doesn’t end until one of us is carried from the ring on a stretcher. In the end…that’s gonna be you Jessica.” She drew another breath and waited tensely to see how Jessica would respond.

Choking back her rage, Jessica answered back, “That’s fine with me. Any time you want your ass whipped again, just look me up. I’ll be glad to wheel your broken down ass to the ambulance myself.” Her fury finally getting the best of her, Jess shot her hands up and snagged Kat by the shoulder straps of her bikini, then with a quick yank, she pulled the blue top away and tossed the garment aside.

Blushing a blazing red, Kat roared, “You miserable, grandstanding bitch!”

Kat lunged forward, snagging Jess’ top between the cups. Yanking it up, Kat whirled around behind Jessica and pulled back, choking the blonde with her own top! Jessica gagged and squirmed, finally managing to escape when she pulled her foot up and slammed it down on Kat’s boot. Kat groaned as she stumbled backward, releasing Jessica’s top. A near feral sounding growl bubbled up from the back of her throat and Jessica pounced on her reeling opponent, knocking Heigl on her back and landing atop her in an awkward sprawl. Scooting up quickly, Jess sank a two handed claw on Kat’s rack and twisted away, berating and demeaning her the whole time. Kat fought valiantly against the brutal hold and was able to switch positions with her tormentor, applying a Breast Claw of her own to Jessica’s tenderized assets.

Now both blonde’s were brutalizing the other’s breasts, but their pain only seemed to spur them to dig deeper into her rival’s bounty. Katherine and Jessica were still screaming and tearing away at one another when a horde of zebras hit the ring and finally pulled the blondes off one another. Struggling against the officials holding them back, Kat and Jess radiated unadulterated hate as they hurled insults back and forth.


Surging against her bonds, Jessica tried to get at Kat but settled for shouting back, “I DON’T NEED LUCK TO FINISH YOU OFF KITTY! YOU’RE NOTHING! YOU’RE PAST TENSE! I’LL PUT MY FOOT ON YOUR THROAT AND STOMP DOWN! I’M GONNA END YOU FOR GOOD!”

Kat wasn’t going to let that stand and she howled a parting shot, but by this point she had been dragged up the ramp and through the curtain, leaving Jessica roaring angrily in the middle of the ring. Watching her nemesis being pulled out of site, Jess took a deep breath and finally pulled free of the officials. Adjusting her top, Jessica stalked around the ring and posed for the audience one more time. Finding her voice, the triumphant Jessica screamed at the top of her lungs, “THIS ISN’T OVER KAT! NOT UNTIL YOU BEG ME TO PUT YOU OUT OF YOUR MISERY!” Lowering her hands, Jessica slipped through the ropes and headed back up the ramp. In a voice so low only she could hear, she whispered, “And you WILL beg…trust me on that.”