Jessica Biel vs. Katherine “Kat” Heigl by The Walkin’ Dude

Standing patiently in their respective corners in the makeshift ring on the shore of Darkscore Lake, it suddenly occurred to Kat and Jess that there was no timekeeper to ring the bell; in fact, there was no bell at all. Staring at one another through the predawn gloom, an almost imperceptible nod passed between the statuesque blondes and - in their heads - they heard a bell. Exhaling a long, slow breath, Kat rolled her shoulders before padding out of her corner to the center of the sandy-floored arena.

Watching carefully as Kat approached, Jessica turned to her right, grabbed the top rope in both hands and went into a low crouch to stretch, not just her legs, but the cable as well. Satisfied, she straightened up and stepped out to meet Kat’s challenge. As Jessica closed the distance, Kat brought her hands chest high as she began circling left. Knowing full well Jess would start to circle as well, Kat kept her eyes locked on her face, yet she couldn’t keep her gaze from traveling up and down the other blonde’s frame. Kat wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but she wanted to find out all she could about how her opponent moved in the sand; how she planted her feet; how she moved one way or another; even something as mundane as how she shifted her weight could give her the advantage she needed to take Jessica to the sand and begin the grueling task of subjugating her.

The feeling-out process continued for over a minute with nothing but the whispers of the sands and the lapping of the lake water to break the silence. Then just when Kat settled on her first attack, Jessica surprised her by stepping back and planting her hands on her hips. Startled, Kat raised out of her crouch to see what her adversary had planned.

Enjoying the look of surprise on Kat’s face, Jessica said, “You won’t find one.”

Kat cocked her head to the side and arched an eyebrow, “One what?”

Jessica’s smile gleamed dimly in the low light. “A weakness. You’re sizing me up, but I don’t have an Achilles Heel, Kat. If you want to win, you’re going to do it the old school way.”

Kat’s reply was colder than the breeze off the lake, “I didn’t know there WAS another way. But now you mention it, I would like to get something out of the way right now…” Her voice trailed off as she reached up to the base of her neck and deftly released the knot of her sky-blue bikini top, peeled away the fabric and tossed it on the sand beside the ring. Naked to the waist, Katherine glared at Jessica, “When the sun comes up, I’ll pull your face away from my tits just long enough for you to enjoy the sunrise on the water. Fannin tells me it’s lovely this time of year!”

Not intimidated in the slightest, Jessica reached behind her back to undo the knot holding her top in place. As she tossed the garment aside, she answered firmly, “When the sun comes up, you’ll already be unconscious. I’m sure your face will make a comfortable seat though, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a sunrise.”

Kat’s lips set in a grim, determined line, she hissed, “You won’t see this one either.”

Tiring of the verbal sparring, Kat resumed her crouch as she stalked forward, making a beeline for her blonde opponent. Taken off guard by the suddenness of Kat’s charge, Jessica took a half step back to set her feet but her hesitation cost her in this opening salvo of the match. Kat bulled into Jess while she was still backing up and their combined momentum made it easy for Kat to trap her in a simple Collar and Elbow Tie-Up as she began marching her back into the corner.

Growling low in the back of her throat, Jess dug her toes in the sand and surged forward, her powerful legs putting up strong, but ultimately brief, resistance to Kat’s shoving. Shortly, Jessica found herself backpedaling through the damp sand until her butt and bare shoulders hit the padded steel of the corner turnbuckles. Savoring what she knew would be just the first of many victories over Jessica that morning, Kat shifted her hands under Jessica’s chin and surged forward as hard as she could, cranking the other blonde’s neck backward at a terrible angle.

Digging her fingers into the other blonde’s jaw, Kat applied more pressure and asked pleasantly, “Aren’t you going to ask for a break?”

Hating the smug tone she heard in Kat’s voice, Jess tugged futilely at her captive’s wrists before she panted, “BREAK!”

Jiggling Jessica’s head from side to side, Kat replied, “Sure thing Jessie.”

Kat released her grip on Jessica’s chin, but before Jessica could clear her head, Kat shot back in, smearing her body against Jessica’s to keep her trapped in the corner. Rubbing her full breasts on Jess’s, Kat leaned into her and planted a quick, insolent kiss on Jessica’s flushed cheek. When she grunted in indignation, Kat purred, “Just remember, it won’t be so easy to ask for mercy when your face is buried deep between my tits!” Before Jess could reply, Kat pulled back. She was already at mid-ring when Jessica stopped wiping her face and glared balefully in her direction. Still smiling sweetly, Kat asked, “What’s wrong Jessikins; hoping for a little more sweat in the clinch? Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty soon enough.”

Scowling, Jessica didn’t bother with a verbal answer, instead she surged out of the corner and caught Kat in a Lock-Up of her own before Kat could summon her defenses. This time it was Kat that found her feet digging into the sand, her thighs and backside quivering with exertion as she fought to hold her ground, but Jessica wasn’t going to be denied and she simply overpowered Kat, a feat that very few women could claim. When Kat’s backwards progress was stopped by the buckles, Jessica gave her long-time adversary a single, hard shove and then broke her grip. Startled by the swiftness of the break, Kat straightened her head to look as Jess and had just enough time to register a blur of movement when, WHAP, Jessica’s open hand caught Kat flush across the cheek and snapped her head to the side.

Kat’s vision went white for a second and in that brief span, she felt Jessica’s lips brush her ear to deliver a message, “Don’t even bother begging for mercy Kitty Kat; you haven’t earned it.”

Then the blonde was gone, leaving nothing but the sting of her slap and her words as reminders of her existence. Clearing her head, Kat glared at Jessica, then nodded to acknowledge that, yes, she understood how the game was going to be played. Bringing up her hands in a loose boxing stance, Kat waited just long enough for Jess to raise her own fists before coming forward to meet the other blonde. Closing the distance slowly, they watched one another over their raised fists; no reason to rush; no audience to satisfy, no twenty minute time limit; no demands from the dopes in the office to get in all their signature spots in an allotted time - just the lake and the two of them, and that’s how they liked it.

After a few flicking jabs brushed harmlessly off the other’s guard, Kat’s makes the first big move, feigning a left to Jessica’s chin only to lunge in and drive a deep, spanking right hook to her ribs. Feeling rather than seeing the quiver in Jessica’s legs, Kat hammers another pair of rapid fire shots to Jessica’s ribs before Jess responds with a straight left to Kat’s chin. Her head whiplashes backward as she’s rocked back on her heels - a condition Jessica doesn’t help by adding an Uppercut that finds out Kat’s chin like a laser-guided missile.

“UGH!” Kat lets out a wounded grunt and drops to one knee. She’s in the process of pushing up from the sand when Jess buries a hand in her hair and jerks her head back at a harsh angle. Measuring carefully, Jessica lines up her knuckles with Kat’s forehead and then drives it down, THWACK, cracking her knuckles on Kat’s skull. Kat winces in pain but doesn’t try to free her hand from Jessica’s grasp, instead, she balls both fists and fires a brisk One-Two Combination to Jess’s toned abs with a brisk, PAK PAK!

The grip tugging her hair loosens noticeably, so Kat starts to rise. That’s when Jessica storms forward and BURIES her right fist deep in Kat’s belly. Kat would do anything to have back the sound she made, but she can’t help the pained ”UNNGHH!” that escapes her lips as she drops back to both knees.

Doubled over and gasping, Kat’s struggling to get her breath back when Jessica tugs her hair for a second time. Kat’s eyes widen as she tries to twist away from the incoming blow but Jessica’s Backhand catches her flush on the cheek with a meaty THWAP that’s still echoing across the water when Kat goes sprawling on her side. Savoring the way the moonlight plays over the rippling peaks and valleys of Kat’s splayed form, Jess cracks her knuckles and whispers, “Can’t out-wrestle me Kat. And now we know you can’t out-punch me. You’re only hope is to out moan me…but it’s not going to help win this!”

As Kat starts to rise to her hands and knees, Jessica strides forward and kneel beside her, securing a tight grip on Kat’s left wrist and hoisting Kat to her feet, then digging her feet into the soft, wet sand, Jessica tries to Irish Whip her dazed opponent toward the far side of the ring…but Kat clamped down on her wrist before she could release and, capitalizing on the shift in momentum, Kat pulled Jessica into her. As the staggering blonde came forward, Kat snapped her right knee up and twisted her hips into Jessica, catching her across the belly with the meatiest part of her thigh.

SPLAT! The sound was like a lead pipe hitting wet clay as Jess spun forward over Kat’s knee and crashed to the sand. There weren’t many strikes that can take Jessica Biel off her feet with a single application (so far, Allison Mack’s Running Double Sledge had been the only other maneuver to have accomplished it) but Kat’s Knee Lift would drop just about anyone with no real trouble and Jessica proved she was no exception.

Breathing hard, Kat tucked loose hair behind her ears as she dug into Jessica’s blonde mane, Hair-hauling her to her feet, Kat immediately forced her to bend over, then staring down at the exposed curve of Jessica’s back, Kat raised her free arm high overhead and said, “I can’t out-punch you? Jessie, by the time I’m done, you’re gonna WISH I’d been kind enough to tit smother you first thing.” The words were still hanging in the air when Kat brought the Forearm Smash down across Jessica’s broad back. Jessica grunted as she was driven to one knee. But Kat wasn’t nearly satisfied and raised her arm again, hammering back down and powering Jessica to all fours! Licking her lips, Kat snarled, “Almost done.”

Releasing her grip on Jessica’s hair, Kat clasped her hands into a Double Ax-Handle and raised it high above her head. Rising up on her toes, Kat stretched out as long as she could and then brought her hands whistling down between Jessica’s shoulder-blades with a malevolent WHUMP Jessica’s normally strong arms and legs gave way as the force of Kat’s sledgehammer blow slammed her flat on the sand. Sinking to her knees, Kat rested her hands on Jessica’s back as she took a moment to catch her back.

Then insolently groping Jess’s back, Kat cooed, “I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before. Since we’re fighting on a beach, I can actually pound you into the ground!”

Kat dragged Jessica back to her feet and stepped around behind her, threading her arms under Jessica’s and locking her hands behind Jessica’s neck. She started pouring pressure into a Full Nelson which, with most opponents, she would have been able to rag-doll into submission; whipping her captive back and forth until unconsciousness claimed her. But, much as it galled Kat to admit it, Jessica was too big and too strong to handle easily, so she had to settle for rearing back and then leaning forward, applying hellacious pressure to Jess’s neck and shoulders. Resting her cheek on Biel’s back, Kat snarled with effort as she lifted her feet off the ground, letting Jessica’s toes just barely brush the sand.

Panting, Kat clamped down even tighter and grunted, “Give?”

Unable to nod yes or no thanks to the power of the Full Nelson, and barely able to speak, Jessica grunted, “Nuh-ever!” Closing her eyes tight against the pain, Jessica pulled down hard, getting her feet back on the sand. Still supporting Kat’s weight on her back, Jessica bent over, nearly double, before straightening up and, with Kat still riding her back, stumbling and staggering, scrambled backward as rapidly as she could until she slammed Kat into the corner. Incredibly, while Kat’s grip didn’t fall away, it did loosen quite a bit. Smiling for the first time in minutes, Jessica snarled, “Get off my back bitch!”

Taking a few steps forward, Jess flung herself backward and pancaked Kat between herself and the turnbuckles. The second collision broke Kat’s grip and Jess peeled away, staggering to the ropes to catch her breath, leaving Kat hanging limp against the buckles. Trying to dull the pain in her neck, Jess flicked hair out of her eyes and turned her attention back to Kat. Grabbing hre hair, Jessica marched Kat to the middle of the ropes, raised Kat’s arms and spread them out to the sides in a ‘T’, laying them over the top ropes before she jogged out to center ring.

Jessica muttered, “We both hit pretty hard Kat, but the difference between us is…I can TAKE your best shots. You can’t say the same.” Dropping into a crouch, Jessica exploded forward and extended her right arm, SMACK, catching Kat across the chest with a hard-hearted Clothesline. Kat flipped backward over the top rope and crashed to the sand in a heap. Despite there being no audience, Jessica still flashed a winning grin and flexed a theatrical double-bicep pose before leaning nonchalantly against the top rope. She smirked, “Get up Kat. Don’t make me come and get you.”

Kat groaned and started to rise to her hands and knees, but not nearly quick enough for Jessica’s liking. Stepping through the ropes, Jessica hopped down behind Kat and hooked a hand in the waistband of her blue trunks. Jerking Kat to her feet with a taunting Wedgie, Jessica spun the curvy blonde around and pulled her into an embrace. Looping a hand over Kat’s shoulder, Jess bent and forced her other hand up between Kat’s thighs. Grabbing her butt in a lewd grope, Jessica picked Kat straight up off her feet and held the stunned blonde at chest level.

Gripping Kat tight, Jessica smirked, “Normally I wouldn’t put trash BACK in my ring, but I’m not done with you!”

Grunting with exertion, Jessica heaved Kat up over the top rope, tossing her flat on her back in a breathless heap. Admiring her handiwork, Jessica paused to snap her bottom before stepping over the middle rope. But her brief hesitation proved a big mistake because as she was halfway in and still between the middle and top ropes, Kat sat up, grabbed the middle rope and yanked the cable up into Jessica’s groin!

“URK!” Jessica’s jaw dropped as she let out a low, gasping wheeze; temporarily reduced from powerful Amazon to quivering victim.

Grinning vindictively, Kat snarled, “You think you’re gonna toss ME around? Bitch, you can’t slam shit!”

Rising to her feet, Kat got both hands in Jessica’s hair and dragged her out from between the ropes to the middle of the ring. Pulling the other blonde to her full height, Kat couldn’t resist driving a hateful little Punch into Jessica’s left breast, flattening it against her chest, before moving to her next bit of nastiness. Intent on domination, Kat reached through Jessica’s legs and wrapped her other arm over Jessica’s shoulder, lifting her up onto her left shoulder. Holding Jessica belly down across her shoulder, Kat wrapped one arm around Jessica’s waist and the other across the back of her neck. Taking a deep breath, Kat backed up a few steps, ran and leapt forward, slamming Jessica flat in the wet sand with a Running Power Slam.

Resting on her knees, Kat slapped both hands down on Jessica’s belly and grinned as she dug into a Stomach Claw on the other blonde’s defenseless paunch. “I’ve waited SO LONG to toss your ass around a ring. Sorry there’s no capacity crowd but, you know what, it doesn’t matter if anyone else knows. I’LL know! And more important, YOU’LL know!” Giving Jessica’s stomach a final dig, Kat pulled her up and bent her over, locking on a rough Front Face Lock.

Her eyes blazing cruelly, Kat brought her free arm up and then smashing down, driving another clubbing Forearm across Jessica’s lower back. Not satisfied with one, Kat repeated Forearm Smash, drilling shot after shot to Jessica’s sweating, helpless back. After a final clubbing shot drove Jess to her knees, Kat switched gears, grabbing a handful of Jessica’s tights and snapped the blonde to her feet, then hoisted her high overhead, holding Jessica inverted overhead.

Focusing her attention on maintaining her grip, Kat hissed, “I’m gonna bury you on this beach, bitch. But not before I break you and make you worship my tits!” She tightened her grip on Jessica’s tights and yanked down, giving the upside-down blonde to an ass-bisecting Wedgie. Not liking the slow tremble that was developing in her shoulders, Kat fell backward, completing a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Jessica hit the beach with a dull THUMP and as Kat hoped, the impact of the Suplex actually drove her a half inch or more into the sand. Allowing herself the luxury of brushing the sand from her arms and legs, Kat got to her feet and planted her heel on Jessica’s heaving bosom as she dusted the sand off her shoulders and breasts. Smirking down at Jessica, Kat purred, “Got you down in the sand baby. Now I can do whatever I want. Right now, what I want to do is grind you underfoot!”

Kat raised her right foot and held it aloft for a moment. Smirk growing in response to Jessica’s frightened eyes, Kat Stomped down on Jessica’s right thigh, one, two, three times. After the third time, she ground her heel into the toned meat of Jessica’s thigh, Leaving her foot on Jess’s thigh, Kat fluffed her hair and said, “Now for the left!” Lifting her foot off Jess’s thigh and planting it in the sand, Kat raised her left foot and Stomped down into Jessica’s left thigh. Jess shrieked into the night and tried to squirm away from the punishment, but Kat Sstalked after her and repeated the punishment, stomping on Jessica’s thighs in an attempt to cut the other blonde down to size. After nearly a dozen stomps to each thigh, Kat moved to Jessica’s side, not by walking around her, but OVER her, stomping Jessica’s belly as she spun around and stepped off her impaled tummy.

Keeping her feet at a rough 45-degree angle, Kat dipped in a deep crouch and then exploded up in a vertical leap, at the apex of which she flattened herself out and came crashing down across Jessica’s chest in a Splash. Laughing haughtily as Jess flopped around like a gutted fish, Kat pushed up off of Jessica, loving the feel of her victim’s sweat–tacky middle peeling away from her own. Biting her lower lip in a coy smile, Kat SMACK treated Jessica to a casually Crotch Slap that doubled her over in woozy agony. Not liking the thought of Jess on her side, Kat grabbed her shoulder and hip and rolled her onto her back.

Rising to her feet, Kat traced a nonsense pattern on her own belly as she muttered, “I love hearing you gasp for breath. Actually, what I really love is FEELING you gasp for breath.” With that clarification made, Kat delivered another Standing Splash, pounding Jess even deeper into the sand. Finally content to move onto the next stage of Jessica’s punishment, Kat rose off Jessica’s belly and hauled the gut-shot blonde to her feet. Smiling insolently into Jessica’s sweating, stunned face, Kat said sincerely, “Now that I’ve flattened you, it’s time to start breaking you.”

Gripping Jessica over the shoulder and behind the neck with one hand, Kat the Great threaded the other hand through Jessica’s legs and grabbed a hold of her butt. With very little effort, Kat hauled Jessica off her feet and held her perpendicular across her chest. Making a slow circuit of the squared circle, Kat allowed every spectator in the invisible audience to get a glimpse of her decimated adversary before she rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, nearly smashing Jessica’s spine with an Over the Knee Backbreaker. Jessica let out a wavering, whimpering scream as Kat pressed down on her thigh and chin exacerbating the pain on her sweat-shined back even after the move had connected. Nearly bending her rival in half, Kat moved her hand from Jessica’s chin down and dug her fingers deep into the other blonde’s bulging bounty, adding a Breast Claw to the already debilitating Backbreaker.

Beaming with satisfaction as she kneaded Jessica’s tits and contorted her spine, Kat cooed, “Scream for me Jessica, scream for yourself and scream for the people across the lake; scream for whatever you like, but most of all…SCREAM!”

Nearly delirious with hurt, Jessica shook her head weakly and spat, “Nev-evvvvver.”

Letting out a deep breath, Kat merely looked contemplative as she replied, “You will…”

Perhaps in an attempt to hasten Jessica’s complicity, Kat pressed down even harder on Jessica’s chin and thigh while simultaneously rocking her planted knee up and down; forcing her victim’s back to bend along the torturously smooth plane of Kat’s thigh. Casting her gaze along the full length of Jessica’s frame, Kat noted with some interest that Jessica’s head was less than an inch from the sand floor of the ring. Gritting her teeth, Kat applied insidious force to Jessica’s chin, as evidenced by the sudden definition of nearly ever muscle in her arms and shoulders. After a few endless seconds, Kat saw her rival’s forehead press into the sand and took it as her next cue.

Releasing her grip with nothing more than a quiet murmur of approval, Kat balled her hands into a single fist, raised them up and brought the sledge hacking down across her victim’s navel. What little air left in Jessica’s lungs was expelled in a violent gasp and the other blonde retched piteously; actually trying to sit up while she was still posted across Kat’s thigh. Reacting instinctively to Jessica’s spasm, Kat kept her hands together and swept them forward, clapping Jesse across the mouth with a second sledge that FINALLY knocked the other blonde off Kat’s thigh and back onto the sand.

Getting to her knees, Kat resisted the urge to immediately go after Jessica. So far, the slow, grinding approach had worked wonderfully and had allowed her the time to regain her energy in-between attacks. Because as much as she hated to admit it, even when she was owning Jessica (such as she was now) just muscling the other blonde around the ring was a taxing effort after several minutes. Besides, there was no rush. There was still plenty of time before he sun came up and Kat wanted to make sure that Jess felt every single drop of punishment she was dealing out. Forcing Jess to suffer helplessly while Kat worked up a good sweat would be just as rewarding as finally snuffing out her nemesis with the Breast Smother. Well… almost as good! Turning her face into the breeze off the lake, Kat ran both hands through her hair before turning back to Jessica, her face lighting in an anticipatory grin.

Kat sauntered over to her bruised opponent and pulled her to her knees with a handful of hair. Holding Jessica prone in this penitent pose, Kat looked down into her foe’s cramped face and said, “Since I’ve already worked on your back, I’m going to have my way with that overrated gut!”

Fuming at the dismissive way Kat was speaking to her; Jessica got a knee under her and replied, “This match isn’t even close to over yeUNNGGHHH!”

Kat slammed a thick, short, Punch into Jessica’s belly, stopping her in her tracks. With one hand in Jessica’s hair, Kat turned toward the nearest set of corners and started towards them, forcing Jessica to trail along behind her. Steeping aside, Kat muscled Jessica into the buckles and chested up against her. Forcing Jessica to stand upright with nothing more than the closeness of her own body, Kat pressed her lips to Jessica’s ear and whispered, “I know this isn’t over yet Jessica. It won’t be over until I decide to end it.”

Ignoring Jessica’s possible response, Kat gripped the middle rope on either side of her opponent and took a step back. Lining up her shot, Kat lowered her shoulder and aimed it at Jessica’s exposed navel. Planting her feet in the sand for leverage, Kat dove forward.

WHUMP! Jessica sobbed in indignant hurt as Kat’s shoulder compacted her middle.

WHUMP! Jessica pushed weakly at Kat’s perfectly-defined shoulders, trying to peel the other vixen away from her torso.

WHUMP! Jessica’s knees buckled and she puddled forward, lying exhausted across Kat’s broad back.

Satisfied with the trio of Shoulder Blocks, Kat releases the rope and stands up, dumping a shopworn Jessica into the sand with a makeshift Back Body Drop. Fully expecting her prey to stay down until she says otherwise, Kat was more than a little irritated when Jessica flopped over onto her stomach and started the process of getting to her hands and knees. Shaking her head ‘no’ in a silent denial of her foe’s efforts, Kat slipped around behind Jessica and sank to her knees. Crawling in close, Kat buried both hands in Jessica’s lank hair and yanked back, forcing the other blonde to her knees and drawing a startled little ‘ooffh’ from her lips in the process.

Now that she had Jess where she wanted her, Kat released Jessica’s hair and looped her arms around Jessica’s torso, effectively pinning her arms to her sides. Locking her hands together in a fist just below Jessica’s breasts, Kat leaned heavily on her rival’s back and squeezed very hard. The Kneeling Bear Hug forced a breathy gasp of pain from Jessica’s lips and her eyes bulged open as Kat bore down even tighter. From her position draped across Jessica’s back, Kat pushed up and leaned forward as far as she dared, forcing Jessica to carry more and more of her weight. Digging her knotted hands into Jessica’s sternum, she placed all her weight on Jessica’s back, forcing her to bend so far forward that her face pressed into the wet sand. Enjoying the feel of Jessica spooning in her lap, Kat bounced up and down on Jessica’s shiny back, cruelly amplifying the pressure on her chest and ribs by the Bearhug.

Rubbing her bare chest on the back of Jessica’s shoulders, Kat nuzzled her cheek against the nape of Jessica’s neck and purred, “I can feel the quit oozing out of your pores. Why don’t you give up and let me end this? I promise you won’t suffer… long.”

Pretty face crimped in agony, Jess shook her head ‘no’ as best she could (which wasn’t very much, given her position) and gasped, “You shouldn’t… entice me… with… mercy. It won’t save you later on.”

Digging down deep, Jessica snapped her head back, catching Kat smartly across the left cheek. Kat grunted and straightened up, pulling them both back to their knees. Still trapped in the Great One’s clutches, Jess felt the coils ensnaring her loosen just a bit and it was all she needed to wrench her left arm free of the Bearhug. Looking over her shoulder, Jess wasted no time in blasting her elbow back into Kat’s chin. This time, Kat’s grunt was more of a shriek and she lost her grip as she scrambled across the sand to attend to her face. Feeling better than she had in minutes, Jessica surged to her feet and noted with satisfaction the smear of Kat’s blood on her elbow. Wiping it on her fingers, she glared at the other blonde and waited until Kat got her feet under her.

Holding the bloodied fingers up, Jessica said plainly, “I believe this is yours?”

Licking the blood off her bottom lip, Kat’s dark eyes blazed with anger and she snarled, “I’ll get it back. And take a few pints of yours for good measure.” Dropping into a low, feline crouch, she exploded forward only to find herself nearly decapitated when Jessica roared out to meet her with a fully extended right arm across the throat. The Clothesline sent Kat down hard; her landing not helped out any as her head banged off the sand.

Resting with both hands on the top rope, Jessica took several deep breaths before she looked over her shoulder to see Kat pushing to her feet. Both hands clenching in involuntary fists, Jessica whispered, “I knew you’d want more.”

Pressing her weight against the cables, Jessica suddenly lunged forward and shot out her right arm. The result of her second Lariat was virtually identical to the first. There was a loud THWAP followed by an agonized groan as Kat was torn from her moorings and deposited tits-up in the sand.

Wincing gingerly as she shook the ache from her arm, Jess quickly rubbed the sweat off her brow and refocused on the task at hand. Stalking over to the dazed blonde, Jessica placed one bare foot on the swell of Kat’s breasts and ground her heel in deep, reveling not so much in the pain, but the symbolism of the act. Laughing quietly after Kat angrily slapped her foot away, Jessica’s smile faded as she knelt down and hoisted the curvy blonde to her knees.

Their faces only inches apart, Jessica said, “There’s only one question you need to be asking yourself at this point Kat. Just how much blood are you willing to leave in the sand to win this fight?”

Nearly breathless after the vicious pair of Clotheslines, Kat still managed to open her eyes and sneer, “As much as it takes.”

Jessica’s reply was heartless. “Then I’ll bleed you dry.”

Backing up a step or two, the vindictive blonde took the time to brush the sand off her knees and thighs before sprinting forward and absolutely DRILLING her left knee into Kat’s cheek. What sounded like a knockout punch echoed across the lake as Kat was momentarily lifted up off her knees and then dropped face down on the sand in a dead sprawl. Still working through the momentum of the Knee Lift, Jessica jogged to the most convenient corner and slumped on the turnbuckles. The ache in her knee would go away quickly enough, she knew that; it was the dull burning in her ribs that worried her. She had a feeling that particular pain was here for the duration of the fight and she’d have to be careful not to let Kat squeeze her any more than absolutely necessary. After several seconds, Jessica shoved her aches and pains aside and padded over to the wreckage of Kat.

Forcing her bare foot into the sand under Kat’s tummy, Jess nudged the downed girl over onto her back and lined up next to Kat’s head. Resting her hands on her hips, Jess sighed and said, “You wanna know how to break a girl down Kitty? You should try using these; that is if you think your legs are capable of doing so.” Jessica extended her right leg over Kat’s face, held the pose for a minute and then sat out, administering a brutal Guillotine Leg Drop onto Kat’s nose. Sitting on her butt in the sand, Jessica grinned at Kat’s spasm of pain quickly dissolved into a breathless moan of shock. In no particular hurry, Jess planted her feet in the sand and lifted her leg up off Kat’s face, then WHAM slammed it back down, drawing another violent shudder of pain. Getting back to work, Jessica rolled onto her left knee and slowly got to her feet.

Lining up for another go-round, Jess sinks into a crouch and says, “I wonder if I can break your nose with another one of these.” Leaping straight up, Jess threw both legs out in front of her and let gravity do its thing; her thigh hammered down on Kat’s face, wrenching a muffled cry from the battered blonde. Content to let her thigh lay draped over Kat’s face, Jess brushed hair off her forehead and grinned, bouncing her hips ever so slightly, as she said, “That’s enough ground for now. Let’s get to some pound.”

Rolling to her knees, Jessica grabbed Kat by the hair and wearily pulled both of them to their feet. Releasing Kat’s blonde locks, Jess scooped the Great One up, holding her perpendicular across her chest. Turning around, Jessica kept a good grip on Kat’s shoulder and butt as she strutted around the ring. Tired of the anticipation, Jessica rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, slamming Kat’s ribs painfully into her knee with a Rib Breaker. Holding the position for only a moment, Jessica stood up again and wasted no time delivering a second Rib Breaker to Kat’s beleaguered middle. Jessica bounced ever so slightly, jamming her knee deeper into Kat’s side. Lips curling in a cold smile, Jessica panted, “And loser makes three.” Huffing with the effort, Jessica powered to her feet, rose up on her toes and slammed down to one knee a third time, savagely forcing Kat’s ribs to bend along the unforgiving plane of her thigh. Relishing the feel of Kat’s ribcage grinding against her knee, Jessica sneered, “Get off me you piece of shit!”

The words were still hanging in the air when she flipped Kat off her knee, sending the other blonde flopping and rolling to the edge of the sandy arena. Pushing to her feet, Jessica snapped her bottoms back into place and strutted over to Kat’s decimated form. Still recovering from the trio of Rib Breakers, Jessica hugged her arms across her chest and snarled, “You tried to gut me in the corner a few minutes ago Kat. But you didn’t finish the job. All you did was piss me off. Now, I’ll show you how to use the ropes.”

Suppressing a chuckle as Kat tried to push to her feet; Jess buried her hands in Kat’s tangled mane and hauled her to her feet. Smearing Kat along the ropes, Jessica stayed close to her victim, using her weight to keep the other blonde upright and in place. Grabbing Kat’s wrists, Jessica threaded her victim’s arms across the top rope and then yanked the middle rope up, effectively trapping Kat in the cables. Cupping her left hand under Kat’s chin, Jess pulled the other blonde’s face up to hers and whispered, “When I’m through, those saggy tits of yours will be nothing but a fading image on your already too short highlight reel.”

Smiling through the pain, Kat growled, “But I’ll still have the memory of grinding them on your sobbing face.”

Leaning in close enough to go nose-to-nose with her rival, Jessica purred, “Talk all you want Kat, but I am going to FUCK YOU UP!” Jessica took Kat’s upper lip in her teeth and bit down gently, just to prove she could. Then pulling back, Jessica straightened up and extended her right arm straight out.

WHUMP! Her arm slammed across Kat’s rack, making the busty blond gasp in pain.

WHUMP! Kat’s breasts absorbed a second crushing blow.

WHUMP! After the third one, Kat’s legs gave out, but the ropes kept her from falling.

Watching avidly as Kat’s chin sank into the top of her cleavage; Jessica grabbed the other blonde’s hair and yanked her head up as her hatred for Kat finally come roaring to the surface.

“Don’t you dare hang your head. I WANT you to see this coming!” Releasing Kat’s scalp, Jessica backed up to the other side of the ring and set her feet in the sand. Never letting her gaze leave Kat’s, Jessica loped forward and shot out her arm once more, catching the exposed blonde with a Clothesline stiff enough to untangle Kat from the ropes and send her flipping over the top rope to the sand outside. Breathing hard through her mouth, Jessica mopped the sweat off her brow and slipped through the middle rope. Standing to Kat’s left; Jessica secured a tight grip on Kat’s trunks and an equally sharp hold on her hair. Yanking Kat to her knees, Jessica growled, “Get your bitch ass back in MY ring!”

She tossed Kat through the ropes without a word of protest from the other blonde. Joining her crippled adversary on the inside of the ring, Jessica moved into position behind Kat and adopted a loose Three-Point Stance. Eyes glittering in the dark, Jess waited impatiently as Kat rolled onto her belly and slowly pushed to her feet. The second Kat started to turn in her direction, Jessica sprinted forward and went low, aiming her shoulder at Kat’s belly for a potentially feud-ending Spear.

But that potential was nipped in the bud when Kat snapped her foot up and kicked Jessica right in the jaw with an eye-crossing CRACK! Jessica’s strong legs turned to jelly as she collapsed on the sand with a burning, blinding light in her skull.

Still suffering the effects of the hell Jessica had put her through, Kat merely added the dull throb in her toes to the lengthy tab of punishments she was going to visit upon Jessica. Panting, Kat took a step toward her rival and was about to hurl an insult when a small gust of breeze off the lake enveloped her in its whispering embrace. Shivering briefly, Kat rubbed her arms and noticed that the goose bumps vanished almost as quickly as they appeared. Despite the brisk temperatures, things in the ring were still heating up as evidenced by the thin sheen of sweat that coated both Amazons bodies.

Still massaging her arms, Kat looked down at Jessica and grinned lecherously and said, “Told ya I was going to work up a good sweat. That’ll just make it easier to keep my tits molded to you face. And it’s not going to be long now Jessie. Just a little more tenderization and you’ll be ready to worship me properly.”

Getting nothing but a groan from her fallen victim, Kat let her fingers play along the slope of her breasts as she sauntered over to where Jessica was cradling her face and trying to ascertain how many teeth Kat had knocked loose. Enjoying the almost surreal quality of her shadow playing across Jessica’s body, Kat brushed the sand off her hands and knelt down only to immediately place her right hand palm down in the sand. Using her other hand to grab Jessica by the hair, Kat got to her feet and pulled Jessica along for the ride.

Holding Jessica up on spaghetti legs, Kat went nose-to nose with the other blonde and purred, “Popular culture tells us that bullies at the beach usually kick sand into their victim’s faces, but I’ve always preferred the grinding method myself.”

Jessica’s eyes widened and that made Kat laugh as she reached up with her sandy right hand and jammed it against her foe’s features. Holding the back of Jessica’s head in her other hand, Kat forced her forward as she mashed her palm against Jessica’s lips and nose, forcing her to take a small part of their battleground home as a souvenir. Tiring of her game after a few seconds, Kat quickly pulled her hands away and let Jessica try to brush the grit from her face.

While Jessica was preoccupied, Kat lowered her right shoulder and nuzzled it into Jessica’s belly. Moving a shade slower than earlier, Kat again heaved Jessica across her shoulders and rose up, completing the Fireman’s Carry. Listening to the imaginary fans roar as she treated the might Jessica like a sobbing jobber, Kat made a few circuits around the ring before strutting back to dead center.

Ecstatic over the feel of Jessica’s sand dusted, sweat-tacky body molded across her shoulders, Kat joked, “If you puke on my shoulders, I swear to God I’ll bash your face into the dirt until you beg to apologize.”

Having made the threat, Kat began to spin in a circle, picking up speed with every revolution as an imaginary mob cheered her on. No matter the reality, every wrestling fan loved an Airplane Spin and, let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of girls who can muscle Jessica Biel into an Airplane Spin with anything resembling authority, so to see this strong vixen treated so dismissively was a reason to cheer - even if there were no one there to do so. Kat completed several nauseating circles, each a little faster than the one before, but after nearly twenty revolutions, the burning ache in Kat’s shoulders and chest began to intensify so she stopped suddenly and flung Jessica off her shoulders, letting the disoriented blonde crashing face-first to the sand. With Jessica’s weight finally off her shoulders, Kat put both hands over her face and covered her eyes in an attempt to quell the dizziness that threatened to overtake her. After several deep breaths, Kat opened her eyes and was pleased to see the world had stopped spinning.

Finding Jessica splattered on the sand in the shadow of one of the turnbuckles, Kat stalked over to her nemesis and spat, “I’ve seen you helpless, now I want to see you hurt.”

Dropping down, she grabbed Jessica by the waistband of her teal briefs and yanked the other blonde to her feet. Changing her tactics for this outing, Kat didn’t bother to spin Jessica around before depositing her in the corner, she just tossed her forward and let her sprawl face-first into the buckles. Brushing the hair away from Jessica’s neck, Kat stepped in very close, breasts against shoulders, belly against back, crotch against butt. She was all over Jessica, allowing herself the luxury of lounging against her prey; her cheek against the back of Jessica’s skull.

“You made a mistake earlier Jess,” she whispered. “You said I didn’t succeed in gutting you in the corner. That’s not true. I just didn’t FINISH the job then. Now I will.”

Waiting for the minute shift in Jessica’s weight that would tell Kat that Jess understood her, Kat felt the tremor and went to work. For the next minute, there were only two noises to compete with the sounds of early morning nature. The first was a rhythmic THUP, THUP, THUP as Kat lathered her opponent’s kidneys with the kinds of lefts and rights that would have a ref scrambling to call for a TKO. The other sound was a low, moaning sob that came whining out of Jessica’s mouth as she was forced to soak up the worst drubbing of her career. This uncontested mugging continued until the cramps in Kat’s fists and arms became too much for her to bear. Panting evilly into Jessica’s ear, Kat reached up with both hands and sunk the left into Jessica’s hair while the right merely balled itself in a fist.

Yanking Jessica’s head back, Kat extended her thumb and slowly drew it across the other blonde’s throat in a brutally symbolic gesture which, were there an audience, would have been greeted with ear-shattering cheers. Confident she had Jessica at her mercy, Kat pulled back a little harder on her hair and sneered, “Fuck you Jessica!” The taunt was still drifting out over the lake when Kat fired her right knee up and slammed it between Jessica’s thighs with a callous WHUMP! Jessica’s face flooded with mindless ‘how could you?’ agony as her legs buckled and she slithered down the turnbuckles to her butt with her legs spread in a wide “V” in front of her.

Barely able to move, let alone think, Jessica flopped into a slightly better position with the back of her head on the middle turnbuckle. At least, she thought it would be more comfortable until Kat proved how wrong she was when she dropped into a deep crouch and cooed, “There’s nowhere in this ring that’s safe from me Jessica. I don’t know what it’ll take, but you will learn that lesson by the time I leave this beach.”

Kat grabbed Jessica’s legs and hoisted them up until the back of her knees were resting on her shoulders. Wrapping her arms around Jessica’s thighs, Kat stood up straight, took two steps back and sat down, ruthlessly driving her into the sand with an ingenious application of a Sit-Out Powerbomb. In most scenarios, Kat would have held this position and gone for the cover, but since this affair was ‘zebra free’, she tossed Jessica’s legs aside and sat in the sand trying to catch her breath and fight off the increasingly painful cramps in her arms and shoulders.

After resting for several moments, Kat finally felt ready to continue so she rolled to one knee and pushed to her feet. Wiping sand off her bottoms, Kat snapped the sky-blue togs back into their proper position and proceeded with the dissection of Jessica. Sinking a hand in Jessica’s sweaty, sandy mane, Kat peeled her off the beach and stood her up. Holding Jess at arms length, Kat wearily grabbed Jessica’s left arm and twisted it around behind her back. Keeping her grip tight, Kat worked the Hammerlock with one hand while she threaded the other up between Jessica’s legs.

Pausing for a merciless pinch of the other blonde’s left butt-cheek, Kat scooped Jess up for a Body Slam and held her with the Hammerlock still in place as she stalked over to an appropriately undisturbed patch of sand, rose up on her toes and WHAM slammed Jessica down with all the bitterness and acrimony she could muster. Despite all the tortures she’d suffered, Jessica still found the energy to scream as lightning again raced up the full length of her arm. Trying her best to blot out the pain, Jessica choked off the rest of her sobs as she scrambled to her knees. She was in the process of getting to her feet when Kat drove her heel into Jessica’s shoulder and sent her flopping back to the sand.

An ugly snarl on her pretty face, Kat grabbed hold of Jessica’s arm and spat, “You don’t leave the sand until I give you permission; understand bitch?”

Cradling her injured arm across her chest, Jessica gasped, “I’m not in the habit of getting permission from no talent whores.”

Incensed that Jessica still had the gall to talk back to her, Kat snarled, “You’re the only whore on this beach Jessica. And I have no problem using you up and throwing you away.”

Kat pulled Jess to her feet and continued her assault. Standing to the front and slightly to her side, Kat bent down, looped one hand between Jessica’s legs while the other threaded its way around her captive’s chin. Bracing herself with nearly half a dozen deep breaths, Kat let out a triumphant roar as she lifted Jessica off the beach and draped her across her shoulder in the vicious Torture Rack. Wrenching the hold as hard as she could, Kat walked around the ring with the Jessica on her shoulders.

Bouncing the hold up and down, Kat snarled, “GIVE IT UP JESSICA! WE BOTH KNOW I’VE BEATEN YOU, JUST LIKE WE BOTH KNOW THAT I’LL HAVE NO PROBLEM BREAKING YOU. SO SCREAM MY NAME RIGHT NOW YOU MISERABLE BITCH!” Shaking her head frantically ‘no’ Jessica ignored the shimmer of tears blurring her vision as she squinted up into the uncaring stars.

Her voice little better than a shriek, Jessica squawled, “FUCK YOU! YOU COULD BARELY PIN ME! I’LL SURE AS HELL NEVER BEG FOR ANYTHING!”

Growling furiously, Kat snarled, “Yes you will…”

Bouncing and jostling her victim as much as she possibly could, Kat limped to the edge of the ring, slowly turned her back to the ropes and then dumped Jessica over the cables, letting her hit the sand like a discarded sack of garbage. Gasping for air, Kat sank into the ropes and stayed there for nearly a minute as she fought a valiant battle to get her breath back. After running both hands over her face and through her hair, she started to feel more like her old self and her urge to hurt Jessica returned full force. Glancing over her shoulder, Kat saw Jessica rise to her knees and grab the middle rope for support. Turning to face her nemesis, Kat took the same rope in both hands and pulled up, allowing Jess room to get back in the ring.

Smiling snidely at the kneeling vixen, Kat purred, “C’mon tramp, crawl your disgusting ass back into the queen’s ring.”

Panting, Jess fired back, “Screw…you.”

Still smiling, Kat sneered, “I’m sure you’d like to.”

Kat released the rope and shoved Jessica hard, sending the other blonde tumbling back to the sand in an awkward sprawl. Following her victim outside the confines of the squared circle, Kat put her right foot on Jessica’s right breast and used her toes to savagely tweak Jessica’s nipple. Laughing heartily as Jess sobbed in indignant outrage, Kat sank to her knees, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back to a vertical base. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Kat knew she should be pacing her attacks more evenly, but she couldn’t resist the urge to keep tossing Jessica around like a broken toy.

Standing in front of her victim, Kat used one hand to grip Jessica’s throat and the other to rudely grab her crotch. Groaning with exhaustion, Kat lifted her captive high over her head in a gorgeous Military Press. Demonstrating the strength that had made her a star in Richard Fannin’s promotion, Kat executed a perfect 180-degree turn with Jessica still held aloft above her head.

Unable to keep the smile off her face, Kat glanced from Jessica to the ring and said, “If your stupid ass can’t find your way back into the ring, I’ll be glad to show you UNNNGH!” The final portion of her phrase got cut off by meaningless groan as Jessica somehow wriggled free from Kat’s grasp and landed behind the startled blonde.

Acting on instinct more than anything else, Jessica took a step back and then launched forward, banging a sadistic Haymaker off Kat’s left ear! Kat’s legs that gave way and she dropped to her knees in an unceremonious prayer, with her arms and neck draped unpleasantly across the middle rope. More than a little woozy from Kat’s Torture Rack, Jessica shook her head briskly and took deep breaths to calm her frayed nerves. Still not a hundred percent, she turned her attention to Kat and noticed just how precariously the other blonde had landed.

Smiling fiendishly in the starlight, Jessica murmured, “Perfect.” Stepping in right behind her captive, Jessica slapped the back of Kat’s head, then nudged Kat’s butt with the toe of her boot. Getting very little in the way of reply, Jessica commented, “I already told you that I was going to sit on your face this morning, but I forgot to mention that I’ll be building up to it by sitting on your neck.”

Jessica turned and trotted a short ways down the beach, stopped and turned back facing the ring where Kat lay. Flipping the hair out of her eyes, Jess charged forward, hurling down the short spit of sand like a runaway truck. Drawing to within feet of the incapacitated blonde, Jessica jumped into the air and came down with her butt on Kat’s shoulders, driving all her weight down on Kat’s back and forcing her throat violently against the rope.

Smiling confidently as Kat gagged and thrashed beneath her, Jessica indulged her inner Rodeo Queen as she bounced up and down on Kat’s back, riding the breathless girl like a bronco what needs breaking. After a few seconds though, she remembered there were other amusements to be had, so she pulled away from Kat’s shoulders and limped back into the ring where she leaned against the top rope to steady herself while her thighs brushed gently against the crown of Kat’s defenseless skull. Seeing an opportunity to really pile on punishment, Jessica bit her bottom lip in a coy, knowing smile as she wedged Kat’s head between her thighs.

Making sure the other blonde’s neck was still fitted snugly against the middle rope, Jessica put her hands on Kat’s back and chided, “Just remember Kat, as bad as you think THIS feels, the Facesit I finish you off with will be infinitely worse.” Ignoring Kat’s muffled reply, Jessica began squeezing her thighs together, crushing Kat’s head in a Standing Headscissors.

Kat’s pretty face began to turn red as Jessica methodically worked the hold, clenching and unclenching her flawless thighs for maximum effectiveness. Remembering the heartless way Kat had gone after her in the corner; Jessica decided to pay her back - with interest. Resting her hands on Kat’s back, Jessica began slowly grinding her hips, rubbing her ass along the back of Kat’s head. Continuing the humiliation, Jessica gripped Kat’s frantic wrists in one hand, leaving the other free to do as it pleased.

Savoring the anticipation, Jessica slowly ran her palm across Kat’s prone rear. In the arena of her mind, the crowd went wild. Grinning, Jessica told her victim “You know, you are great Kat, at least when it comes to being an ass warmer!” She then delivered several sharp, stinging SLAPS to Kat’s rump, each one causing a ripple to run through the taut, sweat-slicked flesh.

Kat yelped at the embarrassing spanking of her behind. “YOU FUCKING CUNT! I’LL KILL YOU WHEN I GET OUTTA THIS!”

Jessica rewarded this brazen threat with a titanic squeeze of her shredded thighs. Yelling back at her trapped foe, Jessica said “You won’t do a goddam thing Kat! Unless I tell you to do it of course, then you’ll do it with the greatest of pleasure. Take now for example. Scream as loud as you can or this is only going to get worse.”

Showing Kat what exactly THIS meant, Jessica began SPANKING and PINCHING her defenseless butt. Working with a cruelty she didn’t know she was capable of, Jessica spanked, twisted and plied the flesh on Kat’s cheeks; paying special attention to the crease where Kat’s legs met her asscheeks. In her weakened state, the proud blonde could only fume and shriek as Jessica carried out a ruthless scorched earth campaign on the contours of her buttocks.

After one particularly vile slap forced a wavering, anguished cry from her foe’s lips, Jessica paused in her work and said, “Sounds like you’ve had just about all you can handle. But just in case you’re faking…” she grabbed Kat’s bottom with both hands and jerked up as hard as she could. Kat’s already skimpy briefs virtually disappeared into the crack of her ass and the Great One sobbed in outrage and pain as Jess continued to saw the Wedgie up and down, the material carving into her rump. Eventually, Jessica released Kat’s tights and resumed her grip around her waist; slowly raking her nails on Kat’s back.

“You want back in MY RING, you sleazy twat? Then you better start crawling!”

Hating to do anything Jessica told her to, Kat knew she had no other choice, so she raised her head as best she could and trudged her way over the middle rope, trying her best to keep the taunt cable from brushing against her tenderized crotch. Loosely maintaining the Headscissors while Kat scrambled back into the squared circle, Jessica remained silent until Kat’s momentum brought them to mid-ring, then she told Kat, “STOP” ensuring her obedience by driving a fist into Kat’s liver!

Kat sobbed aloud and nearly went limp in Jessica’s clutches; she wasn’t conceding the fight, but Jess kept pouring on the hurt and even the strongest of Amazons had a limit. Hoping to force Kat past hers, Jessica bent down, reached under Kat’s middle and, instead of wrapping her arms around the other blonde’s sweaty waist, she reached across her torso to grab Kat’s right wrist in her right hand and her left wrist with her left. Once her grip was secured, Jessica pulled tight, crossing Kat’s own arms over her breasts. Taking a breath to steady herself, Jessica then bent her knees and grunted as she lifted Kat up into position for a Powerbomb in one deliciously smooth arc. Not daring to let this play out any longer than she had to, Jess held Kat aloft for a split second before she drove her down, neatly folding Kat in two as she hit a Cross-Arm Powerbomb!

Resting on one knee while still holding Kat’s wrists, Jess bore down on the unnecessary cover for nearly five seconds before she remembered no one was there to count. Shaking her head in disgust at her lapse, Jess released Kat’s wrists and pushed her over onto her side. Resting in her knees, Jess brushed the hair out of her eyes and decided it might be a good idea to shift to a less demanding offense for a few minutes. Crawling to Kat’s side, Jessica rolled the softly sobbing sweetheart onto her belly and pushed Kat’s red face down into the sand.

Sneering as Kat squirmed, Jess panted, “Don’t fight it Kat; in the dirt’s where you fucking belong.”

Suddenly releasing the pressure on Kat’s head, Jessica cracked her knuckles ominously, then placed a hand on Kat’s upper back where the strap of her top would have been if it hadn’t been discarded long ago. Her other hand took a firm purchase on the seat of Kat’s abused trunks; her two-handed grip ensuring she couldn’t wriggle free before Jess’s assault got underway.

Breathing deeply, Jessica tightened her grip and said menacingly, “I’ll give you one chance Kat; give up right now or I PROMISE you’ll be out of action for at least a month.”

With nothing more than a mumbled curse in reply, Jessica shook her head in disgust, then planted her right knee in the sand and pulled her left knee up and drew it back. She steadied herself, then drove her knee down on Kat’s kidney. “UNGH!” Kat grunted and tried to wriggle away, but Jessica pulled her back and repeated the Knee Strike, this one ramming the bony joint into Kat’s ribs. “WHUUF! Ohhhhh….” The trapped blond sobbed openly as her ribs were battered, but she was still a prisoner of Jessica’s iron grip - and her own superhuman resolve not to submit.

Motivated by Kat’s desperate attempts to escape, Jessica rained down another half dozen knee shots, each callously delivered blow drawing a quiver from Kat’s body and a sobbing cry from her trembling lips. Stopping to rest, Jessica rested with her knees on the sweat-slick expanse of Kat’s lower back and asked, “So, surrender?”

Battered, but not fried, Kat shook her head and groaned, “You ARE gonna…worship… my… tits.”

“Not gonna happen!” Jessica said. “But I’m sure you’ll be able to find some sad loser in the infirmary who’ll do it for ya while you’re getting lots of bed rest.”

WHAM! “Unnnnnnnn…” Jessica punctuated the threat with another knee to Kat’s exposed left side ribs.

Ignoring the wounded blonde’s pained gasp, Jessica buried both hands in Kat’s hair and ever so slowly pulled them both to her feet. With her fingers still entwined in Kat’s mane, Jessica slowly, painfully wedged Kat’s head between her thighs and wrapped her arms around her victim’s waist. With another breathless howl of pain, Jessica hoisted Kat up and onto her the point of her shoulder. Panting as she adjusted her grip, Jessica squeezed as tight as she could while simultaneously rising up on her heels, then dropping back down, wrenching Kat’s spine into the satanically inverted ‘U’, the hallmark of the Canadian Backbreaker! Holding Kat over her shoulder, Jessica put as much bounce and vigor into the hold as she could, but her war with the Great One had so depleted her reserves that she had to settle for an occasional bouncing jolt

If an observer had been able to see both girls’ faces at this point, they would have been hard pressed to say which blonde was in more pain. While it couldn’t be denied that Kat was hurting something fierce, the grimace of agonized resolve on Jessica’s pretty face made it perfectly clear that she was suffering almost as much as her victim. Squeezing as tight as she could, Jessica snarled, “GIVE UP KAT! GIVE UP OR I WILL FUCKING BREAK YOU!”

Closing her eyes trying to staunch the tears streaming down her ruddy cheeks, Kat screamed, “GO TO HELL!”

Absolutely hating the quaking tremor that was passing through her arms, Jess sighed, “Fine, but I’m taking you with me.”

Unclasping her fingers, Jessica let Kat go drop from her shoulder to the sand. Doubled over in agony, Jess huffed and puffed in a vain attempt to get her wind back. Breathing in great tearing gasps, she at last straightened to glare down at Kat’s ruined body. Finding her voice, she panted, “I’m going to end this, right fucking now…”

Digging Kat out of the sand, Jessica trapped her victim in a tight Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around Kat’s waist. But before Jessica could invert her, Kat grabbed the domineering diva behind the knees and lifted Jessica off her feet. Folded gut down over Kat’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes, Jessica’s face hovered against Kat’s abused ass…but she wasn’t there long, because Kat snapped her forward and slammed the full length of Jessica’s back down on the sand in a diabolical variation on the Spinebuster. Jessica’s head whiplashed and she saw stars (whether they were in the sky or her head is a question open to debate).

Standing on legs that felt like twigs, Kat found it required a conscious effort to keep from sinking to her knees as, steadying her trembling gams, she glared down at Jess and whispered, “You’re going to suffer, Jessi; and I’m the girl what’s gonna make it happen for ya!”

Staggering over to Jessica’s decimated form; Kat bent down, took possession of Jessica’s wrist and scraped her off the sand. Aiming for the nearest corner turnbuckles, Kat whipped Jess toward the corner as hard as she could. Waiting to see Jess’s back slam into the thinly padded steel buckles, Kat dropped into a low crouch and sprinted forward, leaving her feet in a leap that ended with her absolutely CRUSHing her body into Jessica’s with an Avalanche Splash.

Breathing hotly on Jessica’s perspiration-drenched face; Kat ground her breasts slowly back and forth across Jessica’s as she cooed, “You are going to sob into my cleavage Jessikins, and THAT’S gonna make this struggle worthwhile.”

Peeling away from Jessica, Kat let the other blonde take two staggering steps out of the corner before she planted both hands in the middle of Jessica’s chest and SLAMMED her back into the buckles. Stepping in close, Kat pushed her left knee under Jessica’s right thigh and lifted the sinewy limb just high enough to thread it over the middle rope. Blatantly chesting into Jessica, Kat wrapped her left hand in Jessica’s hair and yanked her head back at a painful angle. Balling her right hand into a fist, Kat brought her lips to within an inch of Jessica’s and whispered, “Beg!”

Opening her eyes, Jessica replied weakly, “Fuck you.”

Smiling sadistically, Kat shrugged, “OK!”

THUMP! “ARRRGGGggggg…..” Kat pistoned a short, brutal right to Jessica’s crotch, drawing a strangled cry from her captive. Grinding her knuckles into the crease of Jessica’s wounded womanhood, she repeated, “Beg!”

“Kuh-iss my ahhh…ss.”

THUMP! Kat’s knuckles reacquainted themselves with Jessica’s crotch. Then slowly running her tongue over Jessica’s tear-streaked cheek, Kat smacked her lips as she tasted Biel’s tears and growled, “Beg for my mercy, you whore.”

Pulling away from Kat’s embrace, Jess panted, “I…will…kill…you...”

THUMP! Kat drove her fist a third time deep into the front of Jessica’s briefs, then slowly scraped the crippled blonde out of the corner. Working hard just to keep Jessica up on her feet, Kat took Jessica’s left arm and folded it up behind her back, applying a simple, but effective, Hammerlock. Keeping her right balled up in a fist, Kat drew back and aimed at Jessica’s exposed chest. Pausing to enjoy the cool breeze off the lake, Kat whispered, “Here’s where I break your heart Jess.”

Kat pulled her arm back a little further and then fired it forward, SPLAT, her hard knuckles mushrooming Jessica’s left breast beneath her fist as she unleashed a devastating Heart Punch.

Jessica’s face went several shades paler and her legs buckled, dropping her on her knees. Smirking down at Jessica’s teary face, Kat yanked up on the Hammerlock, forcing Jessica back to her feet. Flexing the fingers on her punching hand, Kat reformed her fist and said, “Come on bitch…lemme hear you cry!” She drew back and…

THWAP, nearly caved in Jessica’s left breast with a second Heart Punch.

Jessica’s legs gave out again, but before her knees hit the sand, Kat released her hammerlock and cuddled up close, wrapping both arms around Jessica’s beleaguered waist. With her Bearhug locked in, Kat knew it was just a matter of time and she wanted to make sure Jess knew it too. Sweat was pouring off both women’s bodies as Kat tightened the hold and ground her massive breasts into Jessica‘s, flattening them under the steadily increasing pressure. Wrenching back on the hold, Kat stared disdainfully into Jessica’s face and sneered, “When the match started, I wasn’t sure if I could rag-doll your lumpy ass but now, seeing how pathetic you look, I don’t think it’s out of the question.”

Bouncing Jessica as she adjusted her grip, Kat reared back and torqued her hips left and right, shaking Jessica like a terrier with a rat. Unable to bite back a scream as Kat tore the life out of her, Jessica’s flagging consciousness settled on the only tactic she hoped would save her. Digging her hands into Kat’s lank curls, Jessica snapped her head forward and BIT Kat’s nose!

“AIIIIEEEEEEEE!” Kat shrieked in pain and surprise, but she released the Bearhug and shoved Jessica away from her. Massaging her masticated proboscis, Kat stalked up behind Jessica and roared, “That was your last gasp, you devious bitch!”

With Jessica still off balance, Kat tugged her to her feet and cinched on a Full Nelson. Lacing her fingers tight, Kat bent her knees and was preparing to lift Jess off her feet when Jessica raised her foot and STOMP brought it down on Kat’s upper foot. Sobbing in pain, Kat released the Full Nelson but she didn’t back off. Instead, she grabbed Jessica’s shoulder, whirled her around and stabbed out with her right hand, grasping her by the throat. Without so much as a growl, Kat picked Jessica up off her feet with one hand on her throat and her other holding the front of her teal tights. At the apex, when Kat stopped Jessica’s momentum, Jessica felt a brief sensation of weightlessness before Kat and gravity brought her crashing back down; driving her back into the sand with a Choke Slam. The impact left Jessica spread-eagled, starfished and defenseless, on the sandy beach.

Exhaustion finally overcoming her, Kat stumbled over Jessica and fell to her knees, trapping the other blonde in a loose straddle. Her bare breasts heaving as she fought to catch her breath, Kat was about to say something when she realized it was getting lighter. Looking over the lake, Kat saw the first vestiges of sunrise as light appeared over the tree-lined horizon.

Kat looked back at Jess and taunted, “I told ya you weren’t gonna see the sunrise.” Sighing luxuriantly as the cool wind blew across her chest, the sensation bringing her already hard-with-excitement nipples to full erection, Kat leaned over and grabbed a double handful of Jessica’s hair. Jess was only semi-conscious, but cutting off someone’s air was an effective way of bringing them around! Looking arrogantly down at Jessica’s blank face, Kat whispered, “You’re pathetic Jessica. All you’re good for is keeping my tits warm”

She pulled Jessica’s face into the sweaty canyon of her cleavage and the busty blonde’s haughty smile grew wider as her Breastsmother molded itself on Jessica’s mouth and nose, cutting off her air. Kat was right, having your air removed does bring one around and Jessica began thrashing wildly, struggling to escape the inescapable. Tightening her grip, Kat continued to grind, scrubbing her massive mammary mounds back and forth over Jessica’s face, her task made easier by her increasingly weak struggles.

Seconds from victory, Kat suddenly threw her head back and shrieked, “OH MIGAWD!” when Jessica bit down on her right breast. Fighting with every bit of strength she had left, Jessica wrapped her arms around Kat’s waist and lunged to her right, rolling Kat onto her back. Still trapped in the Smothering furnace of Kat’s awesome rack, Jessica dug her toes into the sand as she gave up her last breath to roar savagely as she powered Kat up off the sand and lifted her in the air. Then Jess slammed forward and down, smashing Kat’s back into the sand. “UNNHHH! Uhhhhhhh…” Kat let out grunt and a gasp, her hands fell away from Jessica’s head.

“AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa…” Jessica inhaled deeply, her first unimpeded breath in what seemed like forever. Filling her lungs with life giving oxygen, she rested her forehead on Kat’s pumping belly for nearly a minute before she pushed herself back on her haunches, then struggled to her feet. Ignoring the glorious sunrise, she swallowed hard as she glared at her still-stunned and breathless opponent. Panting deep, labored breaths, Jessica wiped her forearm across her forehead and gasped, “I…OWE you…this…Pussy Kat!” Jessica brought her left foot up and then, CRUNCH, stomped on Kat’s undefended groin. Grinding her heel in, Jessica added, “And now here’s where I bomb you back to the Stone fucking Age.”

Hair-hauling the whimpering Kat to her feet, Jess drew both hands back, then shot them forward, slamming into Kat’s throat and tightening her grip with a Two Hand Choke. Using strength she didn’t know she had, she lifted Kat in the air and held her with her legs thrashing before sitting out, dropping on her butt with her legs spread 45-degrees as Kat was smashed wickedly into the sand. Kay lay on her belly, groaning and quivering, her body folded in a heap between Jess’s V’d legs.
Releasing her Choke, Jess got to her feet and screamed in triumph at the brightening sky. But her joy turned to fury when Kat rolled onto her side and then pushed herself up to her hands and knees.

Not believing her eyes, Jessica shrieked, “STAY THE FUCK DOWN!” Lunging forward, she dragged Kat to her feet with another Two Hand Choke. Bending her knees, Jess again picked Kat up off the sand and delivered another Jessica Bomb.

Jess rolled over and got to her knees, then straightened up and stood over Kat with her hands on her hips and asked, “So, you got any more KittyKat?”

Incredibly, Kat groaned, then sat up and made a desperate attempt to crawl towards Jessica. Shaking her head in disbelief, Jess whispered, “Un-be-fuckin’-lievable!” Limping forward, she hair-hauled the dazed Kat to her feet, then applied an unprecedented THIRD Two Hand Choke! Glaring into Kat’s blank face, Jessica wanted to say something, but she couldn’t think of a word; so she simply lifted Kat and buried her with a third Jessica Bomb. Refusing to take any more chances, Jessica hauled Kat back to her feet, draped her across her shoulders in a weary Fireman’s Carry and, moving like an invalid, Jessica staggered and stumlbed to the edge of the ring and stepped through the ropes, still carrying Kat across her shoulders.

Grinning weakly at the rising sun, Jessica panted, “Let’s get closer to nature Kat.” Jessica padded down the beach until she felt the water lapping at her ankles. Knowing she needed her remaining energy for what came next, Jessica heaved Kat up off her shoulders and sent her tumbling into the water on her back (splash).

Positioning herself over Kat’s face, Jessica dropped to her knees, her thighs framing Kat’s face. Settling onto her perch, Jessica casually tucked her hair behind her ears, then placed her hands on her damp, sandy thighs with a slight (smack). Dark eyes glowing with triumph, she moved her hands from her thighs to her hips, gingerly hooking her thumbs in the waist of her sweat-soaked briefs. Running her hands in opposite directions, Jessica's grin grew wider as she stretched the slick material tight over her groin, relishing the quiet (snap) the material made when she pulled her thumbs free.

With her clothing properly adjusted, Jessica put her hands back on her butt and scooted her hips forward before settling down with the slight indentation line at the crotch of her suit against Kat's mouth. Looking down at the flushed expanse of her opponent's forehead, Jessica teasingly walked her fingers from Kat's hairline to the tip of her nose, then pinched her nostrils shut. The sudden lack of air brought the crippled blonde back to life and her eyes fluttered open weakly, then bulged in terror as she realized that Jessica was straddling her face. Kat began to thrash frantically, hips writhing, legs thrashing the sand in a last ditch attempt to save herself from the impending indignity.

Jessica held her place doggedly; letting Kat tire herself out before she spoke, “This is the end Kat. I knew I was better than you, but I had to prove it before moving onto bigger and better things.”

Kat wanted to protest, but her words were muffled when Jessica grabbed a double handful of hair and jerked brutally, forcing her red face into her steaming center. Mashing Kat's face energetically, Jessica added to the blonde's misery by slamming her hips forward, adding her pubic mound battering ram to the Facesit. Hearing Kat sobbing in shame and rage merely motivated Jessica to increase the pace of her ride, totally lost in the savage pleasure of the blonde's nose and mouth rubbing her groin.

With the end rapidly approaching; Jessica kicked her Face Ride into overdrive and, microseconds before it claimed her, she pulled Kat's face as tight as she could against her and squeezed her thighs on her head, ensuring there was no way Kat could escape the incoming tide of her ‘love lava.’. As Jessica’s climax soared, she flung her head back and gasped out loud.

Opening her eyes, Jessica continued to slowly rock her hips back and forth on Kat’s now slumbering face as she savored the spectacular sunrise over the lake. With Kat panting into her groin, Jess carefully pulled her hair back and tied it in a loose ponytail before she rose slowly to her feet. Glancing around, Jessica took in her surroundings; the shimmering blue lake the crisp green trees, the golden glow of the morning sun. Then she looked down at the pink expanse of skin on the body of the devastated blond at her feet.

“I think I like it here,” Jessica mused aloud. “You know, my feet in the sand, down here by the water…this is my new arena…no one’s ever gonna beat me on this beach!”

The words had barely made it out of her mouth before she slumped to one knee, overcome by emotion and the exertion of her hard-fought and dearly-won victory. Holding her aching ribs, she struggled to her feet and began limping toward the gap in the tree line where she’d take the path that led to Fannin’s mansion. For Jessica, it was going to be a very good day; while for Kat - once she awoke - a very sad and lonely one.